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May 13, 2023 6 mins

We've teamed up with the podcast On the Job to bring you a preview of episode 2: A Mother to the Rescue. As a thrill seeker and born caretaker, Aysia Bly found her dream job as a pediatric flight nurse — where she performs her duties while soaring above Philly in a helicopter. But the job is inherently dangerous, and as a mom to a young son, Aysia must contend with that risk every day.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hey, brain stuff listeners. Today, instead of a normal episode,
we have for you another preview of the podcast On
the Job now if you miss the first one. We've
teamed up with On the Job to bring you a
few samples of what they do, which is engage with
professionals from all kinds of businesses about what they do,
from running a gig economy business to cleaning up the

streets literally. Through these stories, the team tries to help
explain and explore different aspects of what working means in
our world today. They're sponsoring us to run these samples.
I think it's a good fit because it's a look
into how different jobs work that maybe we've never thought
too much about. In today's episode, they're speaking with a

pediatric flight nurse about what it's like to care for
patients from a helicopter. We'll feature some previews of future
episodes in the future, though. If you want to hear
more or explore their previous six seasons, you can find
On the Job from Express Employment Services wherever you get
your podcasts.

Speaker 2 (01:04):
Oddly enough, and this is gonna sound so funny, I
am a baseball field person. Like I look for a
baseball field every time we take off.

Speaker 3 (01:12):
Oh look, there's a baseball field.

Speaker 2 (01:14):
Maybe it's the softball player in me, but I like
love to see them from up high.

Speaker 3 (01:20):
That's Asia b. She's thirty years old, lives in Maryland,
and technically speaking, she's a critical care transport nurse at
a large pediatric hospital in Philadelphia. But Asia's version of
critical care transport nursing is quite unique because she's what's
referred to in her line of work as a flight nurse.

Speaker 2 (01:41):
Yeah. So, a flight nurse is someone who essentially goes
and picks up patients in aircraft that can either be
a helicopter, it could be a fixed wing or any
of those kind of vehicles that fly.

Speaker 3 (01:54):
In honor of International Nurses Day, I spoke with Asia
about her job as a fly, why she fell in
love with such a risky career, and how she balances
the demands of such an intense job with motherhood and
everything else she's got going on in life. And if
you've never heard of flight nursing, you're not alone, because

prior to taking this job, neither had Asia. But as
an experienced er nurse and a self described thrill seeker,
Asia knew the moment she heard that you could take
care of patients while soaring through the air. That she'd
found the job for her. There was only one little issue.
She'd never been in a helicopter before. Tell me about

that first flight you took. Were you nervous?

Speaker 2 (02:44):
So we got a page and they send you an
alert saying this is dispatch, this is the patient and
they're like, yeah, you guys are going to go up
for a flight today. And I was like what. They're like, Yeah,
you're going to go up in the helicopter today.

Speaker 3 (02:57):
And then, as she explained it, things started getting real.
She and her team take the elevator to the top
floor of the hospital and then walk out to the helipad.
It's cold and it's windy, and her adrenaline is pumping.

Speaker 2 (03:11):
And then the nurse who had came with that crew
is like, oh, is this your first flight.

Speaker 3 (03:16):
I'm like yep.

Speaker 2 (03:17):
She was like, oh okay, Like here's the you know,
I'm gonna show you the parts of the helicopter. Stay
in the front, don't walk towards the back. It's kind
of like when you're having a baby. They're telling you
all these things and you're like, I can't focus, like
and then I must have got too far away. She
was like, stay close, member.

Speaker 3 (03:30):
I was like, oh God, I forgot already for Asia.
That uncertainty, that big question mark at the beginning of
each day is one of the best parts of the job.
But it's a job not without risks. You have a son,
right I do.

Speaker 2 (03:50):
He's a five year old and my son's name is Tate.

Speaker 3 (03:53):
Does your son worry about you going up in the helicopter?

Speaker 2 (03:58):
He's my son is so I don't know if he
actually has grasped the idea that I am like that
it's so dangerous in his mind. You know, when you're
that young, Oh, the beauty of innocence, You just don't understand.

Speaker 3 (04:11):
This is dangerous.

Speaker 2 (04:12):
Mommy's job is dangerous.

Speaker 3 (04:15):
So here's the thing. Well, this episode is about Asia,
it's also about nurses everywhere. It's about those millions of
men and women who put on their nurses scrupts each
day and do their jobs, no matter how difficult or
exhausting or downnight dangerous it might be. At the height
of the pandemic, entire cities came to a standstill as

people banged pots and pans and screamed in praise of nurses.
And doctors and other frontline workers. Maybe you were one
of those people who, at seven o'clock every night shouted
out your window or stomped up and down on your
fire scheme in praise of our frontline workers, in praise
of our heroes. And as things return to a sense

of normalcy, I'm wondering if we can't find some way
to continue thanking those people, people like Asia, who we
turn to in are times of need. If you'd like
to thank Asia, you can check her out on our

website Motheringdemama dot com. For on the job, I'm Avery Thompson.

Speaker 4 (05:33):
A strong work ethic takes pride in a job well done.
This is the kind of person you need. Express Employment
professionals can help because, in good times or bad, we
understand how critical it is to manage your business for
today with the right workforce. We offer hiring solutions to
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Go to Expresspros dot com to find a location near you.

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