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February 11, 2020 66 mins

We all know about Jay Leno’s amazing car collection – he’s a well-known gearhead; but what about some of the other celebrities who are also into cars? They often have the time and money to amass impressive collections, too.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Welcome to Car Stuff, a production of I Heart Radio's
How Stuff Works. Hello, and welcome to Car Stuff. I'm
your host, Scott Benjamin. I'll start again, wait, which I
forget normally. All right, Hello and welcome to Car Stuff.

I'm your host, Scott Benjamin, I'm Ben Bullen, and I'm
Kurt Garren. And today, guys, I think we've got a
treat for our listeners. I hope with you anyways, at
least it's for us anyway. It was fun looking this
stuff up. I think today what we'll talk about is
famous car collectors or or celebrity car collectors are people

that are known to have enormous collections of vehicles that
are unique or or strange or interesting in some way.
And uh, I ran into a few snacks along the
way that we'll probably talk about as we get to them,
because they're full on this listed that I've got. I've
got I've got three or four pages of people here listed, um,
just kind of laundry listed, lots of them that are

credited with having car collections that I'm not so sure about. Yeah,
you know, I may have found something similar while we
were doing some digging on this, but I proposed then
that we additionally consider ranking these car collectors or collections,
uh in an entirely arbitrary fashion, just based on what

we find here. It's so interesting. We've done stuff like
we previously did an episode I believe on the car
collection of the Sultan and Brunei, which we've got at
least given honorable mention. Can I just say something about
this because I looked that up today knowing that we
were going to talk about this, and I figured he
would come up at some point somehow. So the Sultan's
car collection as of two thousand nineteen, the most recent

article I could find, and I don't again, all the
numbers on these are completely not credible. I mean, the
sources that you get this information from is like filtered
through many many people, so you get numbers like this,
His car collection is somewhere between five and seven thousand cars,
five and seven. That's a huge number, a discrepancy between
five and seven thousand. And they're not all ugos, yeah

they're not, definitely not. But you know what, I would
tend to believe the five thousand number maybe close to
that somewhere around there, and of course it could have grown.
But you know, seven thousand, it's awful lot. And of
course the value then you know, someone throws a value
on it, and that gets inflated or deflated along the
way as well. So I've seen numbers as high as
two point three trillion dollars in value for this collection.

Now there's a lot of problems with those numbers. I
know you. I mean, that's a that's a huge number
to begin with. And we've seen photos from inside, right,
and a lot of them were covered in moss. Inside
they were neglected, a lot of them. Um, it wasn't there.
There's also a prince involved in this whole thing who
has an equally impressive car collection that is known as

part of the Sultan's collection. I believe, or there's some
kind of tie into there. I have to go back
to the old car stuff so and check it out
to figure out exactly what is happening there between the
two collections. But there's somehow intertwined. Prince Jeffrey is the
Sultan's brother, that's the one. He's the scar to the Mufasa.
I saw a what do you call it? I saw
an estimated value of three hundred million dollars, which I

thought was high, but I find much more believable than
anything touching a trillion, okay to yeah, yeah, two point
three trillion, and then seven thousand cars. I don't know.
I'm just not buying those numbers. I don't understand how
that math would work. No, I don't. Again. You're gonna
find a variety of numbers and estimated values associated with
this collection along the way, But the ones that we're

talking about today that you're gonna find a couple of
equally wacky claims. I think along. But but you just
have to kind of read between the lines, like there's
somewhere there's some amount of truth to all of these
that you'll read. Some are dead accurate, some down to
the very vehicle um as of the time of this recording,
that you know, we found credible sources, and we found
the exact number of equals, and you know, the estimated

value by the owner and that type of thing. But
for the most part, it's like, yeah, they got a
whole fleet of this type of vehicle, and that's interesting
because of this, And we'll kind of plow through it
that way if you want to simplify this whole thing.
For sure, I'm excited to see where this goes. Who
wants to do the honors? Who's going to kick off
our first collector now that we've now that we've completely
disrespected the legacy of the Sultan of Brunei, by the way,

does have the means to get to us. You know
what I think, do you mind if I if I
start here with a couple of not current, but historical
collectors that I think we should probably mention. And by
historical I mean we've talked about in the past. There
maybe collectors from decades past that we don't necessarily think
about or they don't pop up on these lists that
we search for and and you know, try to find

when we you know, like the most impressive car collections,
the most expensive car collections. You know, a guy like
Bill Harra doesn't come up on the list very often,
although he had an incredible collection that was I think
eventually dispersed recently in a large auction or auctions I
should say somewhere between like a say, around four hundred
cars in his collection. This is a guy that made

his money out of you know, he's a casino magnet
um Reno, Nevada and not Las Vegas like a lot
of people think, but Reno Nevada, there's an also think
about George Barriss. Barris was a builder, but he was
also a car guy, a collector. You know, this is
a car guy. You know, he had an incredible car
collection for himself, not just you know the products that
were coming in and going out of his door. And
the last one I want to mention maybe maybe Elvis.

We don't think of Elvis all that often anymore on
this show. We've we've mentioned him in the years past.
And for a while we were kind of in a
in a in a groove where we were talking about
Elvis many many times just kept coming up he did.
There was there was like the surge of popularity in
Elvis's cars or you know, um Elvis tribute. I don't
remember if it was like an anniversary of his death
or something. I don't remember what happened. But for a

while there were Elvis cars touring and you know, being
like shown at museums and you know, they have bullet
holes in the steering wheel and things, you know, from
Elvis shooting them when he was mad, when he wouldn't start.
But I think he ended up giving a more cars
than he actually kept really, but I've known for his
catillacs of course, so I had an impressive collection. I
know that um Graceland, Graceland, there is a relatively impressive

collection of cars at Graceland still if you want to
go check those out. But of course the King's long
gone unfortunately, and uh, I have to just assume that
his collection isn't really going to grow in the near future.
That's true. Going back to George Barris real quick though,
I can't remember if I told you guys off air.
You know I went out to see the Pierson Museum recently,

which will We'll do it. That's its own episode, I think.
But I saw something that I had never seen before,
and maybe it's because I was a little too young
for it. George Barris, we all know he made the Batmobile.
He also made a car for the Joker. It really is. Yeah,
it's uh the nineteen sixty six Mongrel t Those are

surfboard seats here. It's covered in the most ridiculous dr
susy and kind of ornamentation and garish paint. But we
I want to dive into that. I just didn't know
that Joker had his own car. I don't think I,
you know, realized that either, I mean, Kurt, we didn't
come across that when we were talking about the seventy
top runs. I don't think it, but I honestly don't

think it belongs in that kind of conversation because it
is so ridiculous. But it's the one that stopped me
because you know, a lot of times when you go
to a museum or something, you think you have kind
of a grasp of what sort of stuff you're gonna see,
whether it's an art museum, whether it's, of course, in
our case, an auto museum. Also saw we should probably
also mentioned Bruce Meyer uh, founder of the Peterson Museum.

He has an entire collection of vehicles there. But but
I think the thing is these people that were naming
so far, I feel like everybody expects them to have
a car collection, you know, and I think you're, yeah, yeah,
so there's some unexpected ones along the way as well.
Hey a, Kurt, did you find a car collector that
surprised you? Yeah? Well, I didn't expect Ralph Lauren to

have such a car collection. I wouldn't have associated him
with automobiles, but his collection is very impressive. This is
news to me, does he specialize in certain vehicles, like
you know, some people very nice ones. Is very well curated,
very well taken care of, lots of Ferraris Mercedes. His

collection I believe travels the world, or it has, it
has in the past. Anyway, I don't know if it
still does. It's it's it's based primarily in New York, right.
But his thing, if I'm not mistaken Kurt, is that
he decides and you're right, they're all immaculate vehicles. They're
all works of art to him. And I think I
saw a quote somewhere from him he said he never

even considers himself a collector, which I thought was really weird.
He considers himself what already say, Man, there's a he says.
The cars are more like a part of him. He
comes at it in a different way. There are beautiful though,
I mean, they're they're concourse level vehicles, every one of them.
They're amazing. That raises another point that I think can
go into our rating system for car collectors, which is,

you know, there is I think a bright line drawn
between the people who collect cars as objects or people
who collect cars that they want to use, they want
to take them out they want to drive them themselves.
You know, there there are several collectors will get to
who are famous for, especially with older cars, for actually

knowing how to operate them, which sadly sometimes you know,
people get so carried away with the money that they
just buy these things and they hide them in a
garage and they brought away like new offense. If you're
listening the Sultan and Brunei. I also find that, um,
a lot of these collectors will kind of covet a
certain type of like a model or a make, and
they'll collect many many of that maker model and kind

of forget about the other types of vehicles that are
in that class of vehicle as well. And I don't know.
To me, you know, it's it's an interesting collection to have,
you know, ten or fifteen Ferraris in your collection. Sure,
who wouldn't love that? But um, but also at the
same time, wouldn't it be kind of cool to have
five and then you know, five of something else and
then five of something else that are in a similar fashion.

You know, if it's a sports car, luxury car, whatever
it happens to be a race car, maybe I think
it would be more interesting collection. Maybe if it was
like a little bit, a little bit more variety, I suppose, um,
And you don't find that with too many of the
people that I found on these lists. So if you
don't mind, I'll jump right in one guy that does
have a huge variety. And I feel like we just
have to say this right up front. And I think

we all know who I'm going to mention. I feel
like I do. You feel like you can guess. This
is just this is just to get at this out
of the way, because everybody talks about this guy with
his cars as Jay Leno, of course, right, and as
of okay, this is again the most recent I could
find it as of December two thousand nineteen. It's only
about a month ago, and this is recorded or so.

He has approximately one eighty one cars and one hundred
and sixty motorcycles. Now, I'll be honest with you, I
thought he actually had more than that. Also, well, here
here's the interesting thing, and this is really cool about
Jay Lenos that he likes to drive them. He likes
to make sure that they all operate. He knows the
ins and outs of all of me, knows the mechanics.
He loves to talk about them, loves to to get

them out on the road. Um. The interesting thing about
his collection is that he's continually buying and selling his cars,
so it's always changing. There's always something new, something fresh there,
and he knows how they work. This is the guy
I was talking about. He owns a nineteen o nine
Stanley Steamer and he knows how to operate. Yeah, which
is really cool. That's impressive. I hope that's when he

never gets rid of because that's just such a fascinating
piece of his collection. I know, we've we've seen that
one on video being started and operated, and it's just
it's always interesting to watch someone start a car with
a you know, a fire underneath. It takes thirty minutes
to get that thing ready to go. You know, it's funny.
I Um, I was really gonna digging into this collection

just because you know, we've we've seen it's kind of
a mythical collection, right, I mean everybody you see little
bits and pieces of it on Jay Leno's garage, and
you you've seen him around town on them, and you
know he's got a huge collection. A lot of people
stop by with their vehicle and let him drive, so
that's kind of a what would you call that a
not a I don't know what, a decoy, not a
red flag with red herring whatever. Um so one stops

in and says, hey, here's our product. Why don't you
drive it and tell us what you think? And then
they drive home with it. You know, it's their own car.
But he's he owns a lot of these himself, of course,
and his his estimated value of this collection somewhere around
fifty two million dollars. Again, I said, it's a hundred
eighty one cars, a hundred and sixty motorcycles. Of course
that's an estimate only. But I want to tell you
this about one specific vehicle, because they did ask him

in the DuPont Registry what the most valuable car in
his collection is, and I think he said that it
was his McLaren F one. And that's a car we've
focused on the past, a very specific vehicle that we've
talked about, and that vehicle alone, just that one car
in his collection, valued somewhere between fourteen and seventeen million
dollars for that one vehicle in his collection. And I

found out something kind of interesting about this the F one,
the McClaren F one is so valuable as a collector
vehicle and so rare at this point that even at
McLaren's headquarters, if you were to travel to McLarens headquarters,
you would find that they are unable to keep more
than three examples under the same roof at any one time,
because their insurance company forbids them to do so because

the value of them is so high. So if there
was something to happen to the building, a fire, whatever,
a flood, I don't know, they're not allowed to have
more than three even at McLaren headquarters under the same roof.
They have to store them in separate facilities if they
happen to have more than three. So I thought that
was pretty cool. I I never had learned that about
F one. That's kind of like the It's kind of

like the old rumor about the Coca cola recipe. Right,
three people know it, and they're not allowed on the
same plane at the same time. I didn't know that. Yeah,
that's the rumor. You know, that's kind of a neat
mythology to keep sure. I wouldn't be surprised if their
pr people made that. I like it, though, I do
want to say also that that's not the only McLaren
j Letto owns, right. I think he also has a

P one, I'm sure somewhere in there. Yeah, but even
that hard to believe. That was that's less valuable then,
you know, as far as insurance goes than the F one. Um,
you know another one if if you don't mind my jumping,
lad here and jump in any time here with with
your own but Gordon Ramsey, celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsey quite
the car guy. I had no idea, um, but if

you look around, you can find articles about Gordon Ramsey, Um,
you know, receiving his latest Ferrari at you know some events,
some club event or you know some event that they're
having at a racetrack or you know, a an open
house of some sort. But he's got a lot of
Ferraris in his garage and in fact one of them,
actually a couple of them. He's got one law Ferrari
that he bought. It's a special model. It's valued at

you know, more than three million dollars for just the one.
Um he's got, you know, an eight twelve super Fast.
He's got a McLaren Senna. He's also got a portion
of nine eighteen Spider. He's got something called a B
A C Mono, which is from Briggs Automotor Company. It's
like a two hundred and fifty dollar single seat race
car essentially for the road. I mean, and don't you
say a race car a lot? But when you look

at this car, the b AC model, it's definitely a
race car looking car, looks like it looks like an
open wheel race car. Almost really cool and very very
cool thing to have. But I had no idea that. Um,
I mean, I knew that they've made a lot of money,
but I didn't know that a celebrity chef made enough
money to, you know, be buying a three million dollar Ferrari.
Well doesn't that guy have like six shows on it

an't given time? Yeah, I guess so. I mean, I
don't know why I see him any different than like,
you know, some rock star or something that that makes
just a pile of money for doing what they do.
I mean, that's that's fantastic for him. I mean, and
the guy's a car guy. Um, he loves it. He
really does enjoy what he does. He drives his cars too,
I think, so it's a point for him. You know what, guys,
I'm gonna start keeping score. I'm gonna started keeping scoring

this just all right? Well, I said, I said, rock star.
Do you guys find any rock stars that you found
interesting on this list? Because you know, it seems that
people that are in that rock and roll lifestyle also
like to collect fast cars and sometimes even have cars
custom built for them, right, Like I would say, a
lot of us know that Sammy Hagar has a car collection, right,

that's a very well known one. But if you remember
the band Jamiroquai, no No One, I do. I vaguely remember.
I don't think I could sing a song, but I
remember that furry Dr Seuss esque at well. The frontman
of that outfit, guy named j K, is a big

car collector. He has he has some rare fines too.
He's got a Mercedes Benz s L. It's got the
Porsche eleven. He's got an Aston Martin dB six Mark one.
He's he's got cars where they were you know, just
a very small limited run mad Yeah, yeah, the going Mercedes.

I like those. And yeah, And not to be a jerk,
but um I was just where you are with Gordon Ramson.
I thought, all right, Jamirqui was successful. That did they
make that much money because there were a lot of
people in that band. Maybe maybe Jak has got his
own side business going, you know. I mean he's also
a producer or something. Who knows that? You just never know,
Like he opened a restaurant like the Iron Chic from

wrestling or something. Yeah, you're right, yeah, yeah, that's right
right here in Atlanta, right, yeah, I think so. No, No,
I'm thinking I'm thinking of an Abdullah the butcher here Atlanta.
I might be thinking of Abdullah. Who knows. Maybe they
both went into it. Sounds like it's very lucrative. What
I want to understand, Well, the musician rapper fifty cent
made most of his money off of vitamin water rights millions.

You know that. No, I didn't know that either. How
about this? Any of you guys Pink Floyd fans? Yeah,
Pink Floyd. Yeah you've heard of them, right Kurt? I
mean Kurt's a young guy, right, yeah, of course, Dark
Side of the Moon I believe one of their records.
Did I do pegged as a Pink Floyd fan for
some reason, I don't know why. But Nick Mason, drummer
for Pink Floyd. I he is a huge car collector.

And I know we've talked about Nick Mason in the
past with with his car collection. I believe he has
an airport hangar somewhere loaded with cars, a huge fleet
of Ferraris as they as they like to say, a
fleet of cars. I like to I'd like to have
a fleet of cars someday. And I had three cars
at one time and that was it. Is that a fleet? Though?
How many cars is in a fleet? I don't know.

I don't think it's three, and we'll talk about the
three later. It was nothing impressive like what Nick Mason
has included in his car collection. He has the five
twelve s that came from the Steve McQueen movie The
Lamont So that's kind of a cool one. I mean,
I think most people can picture that car right after bed.
There's also um Jaguar that was a uh you know,

of course raised at Lama with racing history, so that's
kind of a cool thing. I would guess it's a
Type D if I had had to guess, and he's
got a Bugatti. I think it's the racing type. Also
the Type thirty five, which is kind of that old
you know, the one of the horseshoe radiator in the front,
usually painted in a light blue, open wheel that kind
of design. Very cool. Um. But also one other car
that he's got in his collection. He's got many many cars,

by the way. But yeah, he has like two aircraft
hangars too, Okay, more than I thought even, but I
know that he's seen regularly seen it shows around. Yeah,
he has. He has two aircraft hangars, and even with
all that space, they're parked so tight that they have
maybe like approximately a phot apart from each, which just
makes me nervous thinking about it. You know what I mean,

That guy needs another aircraft hangar. I mean really, I
mean we've all run into that before. Well, I sell
one car by another aircraft hangar, get in front of it.
He's not not us his head alright. So one car
in particular collection that I thought was pretty interesting he
owns he owns an original, a real Ferrari to ff
G t O, which there's a lot, there are a

lot of replicas out there, but this is one that
he This is funny because he wrote this about this
car long time ago. This is when he bought it
nineteen seventy seven. So you know, bing Floyd's still touring,
still wildly popular, making a lot of money. But he
said at the time he paid thirty five thousand pounds
for the car, and in uh in nineteen seventy seven,

that car now, Ben and Kurt, can you imagine what
that car is worth now? Thirty million pounds? Thirty million
he went from. It went from thirty five thousand pounds
up to thirty million pounds. You know what I gotta
say too, I think he could get more because that's
the kind of car you don't usually sell directly. You
would auction it. In two thousand, eighteen sixty four g

t O sold for seventy million. Oh gosh, of course,
of course, So how many pounds is that? I normally
do the calculation. But but but the thing is like
initially he also said, oh man, you know, thirty five
thousand pounds. This is a this is a stupid deal.
Why am I spending so much money on this car?
Had no idea that when he hung onto it it
was gonna be worth this much, this much money, I

think initially he also said that he was he liked driving.
He said it was just a fun car drive and
it was always working compared to some of his other
cars in his collection. Even then he had a small collection.
And he said, do you don't mean to take his
kids to school? Drive it through the you know, through
the car pool lane, that kind of thing. And it
was just a fun car to be in, and of
course the kids loved it. When he thought he couldn't
get any cooler, yeah, he did, exactly right, He just

he just topped. Yeah. He also, you know, as you said,
he's a bit of a gearhead himself. You know, his
he was at the Goodwood speed Festival or festival speed
excuse me, as recently as twenties sixteen. And he's not
a super young guy, like I think he's older than that.
Maybe I don't know, it seems it seems like he

would be older than that right at this point, I
think maybe five years maybe ten years older at the most.
But still I'm still still loving his car collection. And man,
I still like it that he brings him out to
because we get to you know, we get to see them.
I guess, we know, otherwise they'd be locked away in
that airport airplane hangar. Another gear head. Well, you know what,

I don't know if he's a gear head or not,
but he's a fan anyway. Jerry SEINFELDT Oh yeah, okay,
so Jerry Seinfeld. He's he's a comedian of course, actor. Um,
also car guy, mainly Porsche. He's a he's a Porsche fan.
And I think we all knew that from his Seinfeld days, right.
You would see the posters in the background, you know,
on the set that you know, they were always por
Porsche posters. But he's kind of associated with that now.

That's that's his thing, that's his his wheelhouse. You know,
he collects him. He had at one point, I think
it was, um, forty six Porsches at some point in
his collection along with you know, like Leno. He had
you know, a staff of people to take care of
them and maintain them. Um. He did sell them off
in sixteen and an auction he sold about eighteen of them,
so I guess, I mean, according into that county has

about twenty eight left. But I would guess that since
you know, since then, he's probably purchased more Porsches if
I had I had to guess, um, But I don't think.
I don't think that his collection is limited to just that.
I mean, he seems to have an appreciation for all cars,
especially with his his comedy show, right the Comedians in
Cars getting Coffee. Yeah, that's right, coffee Comedians something like that. Yeah,

cars is the phrase cars is in the title. But yeah,
that's where you can see, like this surprise some people.
A lot of those cars you see him driving and
those shows, those are his cars. They're not rentals, yeah,
and they're they're not Porsches, every one of them. I
mean there are some here and there, but he's got
some really unusual cars there, um, which I find fast.

I love watching people, uh, you know, kind of check
out that car for the first time, like you expect
me to get into this little tin can or you
know whatever it is that or this behemoth of a
car that we're gonna get into. It's always so funny
to see the reaction of the person who has no
idea what vehicle they're gonna be driving. Always funny. Um.
How about John Senna, Sena Senna, I think, yeah, yeah,

are you wrestling fan? No, okay, I went through a
phase Pink Floyd wrestling what else? I'm just kidding, all right,
So I'm not necessarily wrestling fan, but I have watched wrestling.
Of course, he's he's also an actor. Most people now
probably know him as an actor. I think I would

think at this point the wrestling was a few years ago. Um,
but this guy, he collects American muscle cars. I think
he would guess that right with John Cena. By the way,
he my neighbor, my neighbor, my next door neighbor at home,
looks just like John Cena, like built like John Cena,
looks like John Cina. He isn't John Cina. I've I've
verified that he's a security guard on movie sets here

in town. I think I don't think he's just as secure.
I think he's like a maybe even a partner in
the in the company that rents out security guards too,
you know movie sets, movie um movie productions that are
happening here in town, which is a cool business to
be in. But the guy is just like he's built
like a mountain. This guy, but he looks just like
John Cina. And so every time I see him, I

think of you know, his films are you know, think
of him anyway, But he does collect these American muscle cars.
He's got things like you know, buicks and cougars and
Charters and AMC cars. He's got just a bunch of
really cool old American iron muscle cars, which I think
is a great collection to have. You don't see too
many people collecting those these days. Any anybody, any celebrities
with a lot of money they're collecting typically the exotics.

Zena has an eighty nine Jeep Wrangler in his collection. Yeah, now, okay,
now that sounds like something I might have in my collection.
That's that is oppressive. That's one thing I did love.
I was reading on um for some reason happened with
a lot of musicians too. I was reading about their
collections and you would see these long screeds of stuff

like the Lamborghini, you know, the Aston Martin, the very
rare Porsche or so, and then would be like, and
of course they're nighties six you know, land Rover. Or
it's like and their trusty pick their trusty Ranger pickup truck. Yeah,
you know, that's the one they take to the to
the gym or to the mall. All yeah, and it's
probably their favorite one. It probably is, yeah, because the

most it's the one that works every time you turn
the key. That's the thrust behind having a car like
that in your collection is one that you can always
count on. Right, You've got it. You've got the Toyota
Corolla and you've also got the Ferrari f x X.
How about this one, Floyd Mayweather. Yeah, so pro boxer, champion,
pro boxer. Right. Uh, this guy is said to have

said to own more than one h cars. Now you
typically only see a few of his at a time,
but this is also a person that you know, he'll
go into town in New Vegas for a big fight
and while he's there, he'll pick up you know, Rolls, Royce,
pick up McClaren, pick up whatever, and have you know
the photo shoot outside the casino where he's fighting, you know,
with with the cars, you know, that kind of that
kind of showiness to it. So it's always fascinating to

see what Maybeler has with him, or I have several
of the same vehicle. In fact, he's known to buy
multiples of the same car if he likes the style,
if he likes the design of the car, he'll pick
up several of the same type of vehicles. So if
he likes the Buggatti, which is an incredible card to like,
you know, to want to want have multiples of he
does he has? I I think I want to say

like three he had made of three Buggatti's. I believe
at least three he also has. He also has a
Bugatti Sharon. Now that the Sharon is that special model
that we had had seen and the one that they
showed in the in the photograph in the article that
I was looking for. It's the one that looks almost
like it's coming right out of a game, like a
like a racing game. It's that light blue dark blue combination,

looks like a race car, looks like a cartoon of itself.
Really valued somewhere around three and a half million just
for that one vehicle. Um. He also has you know,
Kona seg which is valued somewhere around five million. I
believe Lamborghini's Rolls Royce from Clarence Bentley's you know a
lot of luxury vehicles as well, So it's not just
sports cars with him. Um, a lot of flash though,

a lot of flash in Floyd Mayweather's collection. Also read
that he uh, he has a color coded car collection
as well, really white cars in Miami, and he has
a garage full of black cars in Los Angeles. Is
interesting problem to have. It's a different world and it

really is. Yeah. I think that's a little too cool
for school. Yeah, that's just one of those things. Uh.
You know who's not too cool for school? Though. I'll
throw a name out there that may be a surprise
to some of us in the audience today. You guys
remember Mr Bean. Yes, Rowan Atkinson like has a car collection.
I guess it's not too surprising because he's been on

top gear and stuff. He is known for his luxury
car collection. He also has enough one uh and he
has an Aston Martin V eight vantage I think, And
these are just two examples. He has some really top end,
very nice cars. But he's also as well known for
wrecking cars as he is for collecting them. Like, the

guy has a two lead feet. I will tell you this.
I remember we're talking about Rowan Atkinson. Rowan Atkinson is
as his name, Rowan Atkinson's car collection only because of
the F one accidents he has crashed. You know that
F one that we were just talking about with Leno's
collection and other people have one as well. Ralph Lauren
I believe as one too. He has crashed that F

one twice, had it rebuilt, so he is he is
definitely a driver of these vehicles, but he's probably you know,
it's funny. Out of all those cars that he has
the best of his collections, he's probably most well known
for the car that he drove as Mr Bean, right,
that Mini, which is so funny. I mean, it's just
it's a great car, don't get me wrong, but but

you know, it's just kind of comical to think of
him in that versus the cars that he actually drives
in real life. Can I mention another one that I
think is just a bit absurd on this list? Right,
So I don't really know about this, and you tell
me what you think. The both of you, um listeners
can chime in on this too. You know how celebrities
show up to you know, red carpet events, they arrive

in some amazing vehicle, you know, Rolls Royce ghost or
you know, a Pink Bentley or you know whatever happened.
How often do you think that that I just wonder
if that's their car, if that's just like a car
I'm borrowing from this producer that I know, this music
producer that I know, or this actor that I know,
or whatever. I wonder if it's really their car or not,
because the next person on this list, she has the

means to get these cars, of course, to buy these cars.
I just don't see her as a car person. Kim Kardashian,
We've been on the air a long time. I don't
think we've ever talked about Kim Kardashian on car stuff.
I don't believe we have territory. It could be, but
but although you know her husband, I could see us
talking about Kanye West. I think maybe we have mentioned

Kanye West. But she has a reality TV star for
those of you don't that don't know. But apparently she has,
you know, a lot of luxury cars, and I don't
know if she's kept all of them. You know, again,
some of these might be on loan from you know,
from dealers in the area. They just want their product
to be seen with Kim Kardashian and that happens a lot.
But um, she's been seen in my Box, Rolls Royce,

you know, Rolls Royce, Ghost and Phantom Models of course Ferraris.
I guess she has this whole fleet of luxury sport
exotics over the years that I don't really know if
she's hanging onto them, if you know, if they they're
keeping them or not, or if she and Kanye own
them together, or what's going on there. But it's kind
of a strange thing. I don't know, what do you
think You think Kim Kardashian is really a car person?

I am very tempted to say no, But that also
feels a little bit unfair because you know, I've never
met Kim, so who knows she might be. She might
be changing the oil right now, she might be dropping
a fuel tank and replacing something. Probably, you know, I
I envisioned that she's probably at like a poll apart
there in Los Angeles, and she's frustrated that someone has

put you know, the differential from the car that she
needs in the in the truck bed of the vehicle
next to it. She's probably like kicking stuff around and angry. Probably, yeah,
she's got that wheelbarrow you know that they give you,
you know, to secure your parts and tools and things,
and she's probably like just super frustrated right now about
that situation. Probably, Yeah, it's a very likely scenario. I think, Yeah,

all right, well are you done with that? Done with that?
You're gonna feel so bad if it turns out that
what she really have, we don't have any idea. But
I just don't picture her as a car person. I
don't know. I've never seen Greece under fingers, and social
media is so performative that if she was a big

car person, it follows by being a social media influencer
that she would be more public about it. I would think,
so right, I would I would think so all right,
here's one Donald Trump. I didn't expect me to say
that name, did you, But Donald Trump, he apparently in
the past has had a fleet, a fleet of Rolls
Royce cars, Limos, luxury cars, that type of thing, as

you might expect with the wealth that he had in
his youth and even now. Of course was born into
a very wealthy family. But he must be a car
guy also because he had a role he Rolls Royce
build him a replica of his favorite car, his first car,
which was a nineteen fifty Rolls Royce Silver Cloud of
all things. I mean, it's a very inornate, beautiful looking car.

I was really really cool. But it's just somebody I
don't picture as being a um a car person. What
a great and weird first car to have. Oh I know,
and at rolls roy, I would not give a sixteen
year old of fifties six anything. Well, as you said before,
it's a different world, isn't It really is a different world.
How about how about, Oh, here's a good one. I

like this one. This one completely out of left field
for me. I had no idea. Another comedian and he
guesses another comedian. I've got a couple of guesses, but
they might all be wrong. Okay, um, okay, people who
know they're comedians, people who know other comedians. Okay, okay.
So Nicholas Cage is out collection he does, We'll get

to that. Tim Allen, Nope, but he's also on the list,
so we'll get to him too. I'm thinking of Gabriel
and Glaciers and yeah, now I had no idea that
he was in the cars either. But his very first
car was a nine VW transporter. And he has, with
his success, you know, on television and you know comedy,

has amassed a fortune and decided to purchase a collection
of Volkswagen busses and beetles of course, a rare collection,
you know, the rarities three million dollar collection of cars
that he owns and he has even built a um
a minivan I guess that's not minivan and beatles, of course,

a museum that is strictly for like his vws, and
it's a it's a huge facility. It's apparently meant to
look a lot like the German factory that they were
originally produced. And so Gabriel and Gleciers has this, this
massive collection of VW bustles and beetles. I had no idea,
and I've seen photos of them. Pretty incredible stuff. And

I don't know if it's open to the public or
or not, if it's just you know, special invite or what.
But fantastic collection. I guess if you get a chance
to see it, why not. That's super cool. And I
gotta say this is just the personal aesthetic of mine,
but I tend to be more drawn to the collections
where someone clearly had this theme or you know, in
the case of in the case of like Seinfeld, something

bordering on an obsession, you know what I mean? And
I understand, you know, if we're collectors, if we have
that wherewithal you know, like Scott when you had your fleet,
we want to vary it so that we we have
some variety, right. Uh So to me, it's even more
kind of opulent and living the high life for someone

to say, yeah, I could buy one of every muscle car.
But I think I'm just gonna buy v W wagons.
Man all wagons. That's all I'm gonna do, you know,
get another hanger because I need some more wagons. I mean,
there's a there's like a true passion. They're true love
at that point. Right. Um, Okay, here's another one that
I question. I I I'm not sure I can't see

this person being a car person, but you never know. Again,
Ellen Degenerous, you see Ellen Degenerous as being a car person. Yeah, Now,
I mean she drives a fantastic car around town. I
guess she's regularly uh seen in a Ferrari California around town,
just kind of that's her commuter car getting you know,
driver getting to and from the studio and you know
wherever she goes. But she also has a love of

Porsche cars. I guess she has several of those right now,
and uh, you know keeps them in a garage, you know,
if you must have a large mansion type home. But
she keeps uh a collection of Porsches there as well.
I don't know what the number of portions that she
has there. Of course, this is a comedian, talk show
host made her money doing that, probably mostly talk show hosts.
But to drive around in a Ferrari California all day,

that's not bad. But I don't think that she's, like,
you know, to the point where she's buying multiple Ferraris either.
I think that, you know, she just decided to like
that one. It's convertible. It's cool car. It's gonna work
when I turned the key and I can get to
you know, my pilates class or wherever she goes. I
don't know. Do you find that, Honey Curd? Sorry, does

that amuse you? I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. But
where would Ellen go beside the studio, second home? She's
a dancer, right station? Yeah, the other beach? I SA,
you're going to beach the mountains to do some skiing. Yeah,
it could be yeah. Yeah. Well, if you're Ellen de

generous and you got a Ferrari imanyway, I guess you
wouldn't go to places with speed bumps. Yeah, yeah, good point.
All right? How about another another rocker, James Headfield frontman

from Metallica. I think a lot of people probably knew
that he has a collection, but he collects classic cars,
hot rods, that type of thing. Um, he's got like
ninet he goes way back the like nineteen thirties Lincoln's. Um,
he's got an Auburn road story. He's got a fifty
three Buick Skylark. Um, he also has a fifty six
four f one fifty. He's got cars like that, you know,

like um, American muscle type cars and also some really
interesting old cars that are customed, you know, customized in
some way you know you would expect a Metallica frontman too. Uh,
the ways that you would expect them to do that,
I guess had that kind of look, that appearance. Yeah, yeah,
kind of like in the same vein of the ZZ top. Yeah. Yeah,
a lot like that, I think probably you know where

there's custom body work and you know, extra fenders and
a lot of chrome and that kind of thing. Um.
Here's one that you mentioned before, Ben tim Allen. Oh yeah,
Tim Allen. He uh, he's the guy who what was
that show he did, the the sitcom that was really
successful Home improvement. Yeah, that's the one. You never saw
his neighbors on The Last Man Standing. He's still got

some cars on that too. Guy. He has muscle cars, right,
he's a muscle car guy. He's mostly cars, yeah, Um,
of all types. I think he's even had some custom
built specifically for him. He's definitely a car guy from
way back and as far as I know, I mean
car as I remember. UM a big forward guy as well.
I don't know if that's specifically the vehicles that he
collects or or not, but UM, I know I know
the Ford is a special place in his art too. Um.

Patrick Dempsey, the actor, he has a collection. I don't
know exactly the details of Patrick Dempsey's collection, but I
did hear that he he's held on to one car
that he's had in particular. Um, I guess when he
arrived in l A. He he had a portion that
he was driving, uh nineteen, I want to say it's
the nineteen sixty three three fifty six. And he has

held onto that car the whole time. He said, you know,
that was the car that I had when you know,
I wasn't successful at all. It's just my getting around
town car and uh, and he's held onto it now
it's probably fairly valuable now at this point, I mean
not only because it's Patrick Dempsey's car, but also because
you know, um, you know, just hold onto something long
enough like that it becomes a classic. Right, it's in
good shape and uh and he said, you know, it's

just something that, you know, is something near and dear
to his heart, and he's going to hang on to
it in addition to all these other supposedly fantastic cars
that he's got in this collection. Not supposedly, you know, fantastic.
I'm sure they are, you know what I mean? Yeah, yeah,
I also heard the guy who plays Captain America in
the Marvel films is a car guy, Chris Evans. He

also gets Ferrari's. He's got a Ferrari to fIF GT
California Spider. And that's the McQueen's Steve, one of Steve
McQueen's real And it's cool. He also used to own
the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car. I don't know
why I find that he might still own it. That's cool.

He tried to sell it in and I don't think
anybody really wanted it. Oh no, that's terrible. Well, you
know I would buy that car. Come on, I remember that.
I remember that from when I was a kid. Chitty
chitty bang bang, flying car? How can you? How can
you not want a flying car? And we haven't talked
about flying cars a long time, Scott, have got news
for you, man, I'm joking. I'm joking. Everybody knows my

you talk to me that. You know. It's one of
the biggest disagreements we've had on this show. But you
you know, I think we got to a reasonable place
for anyone who doesn't remember this long standing uh. Corporate
America would call the healthy conversation, this long standing debate. Uh, Scott,
your very anti flying cars, very uh, and I am

very anti people other than me having flying cars. I
feel like, as long as I'm the only one who
has one, it'll be great. That's perfectly reasonable. Yeah. It's like,
you know, if you're surrounded by defensive drivers and you're
the only jerk being an offensive driver, you're okay, You're okay. Yeah,
why not? And could you imagine how heck nic it

would be up there if everyone had a flying car.
One of my many many points to Brutete, we will
have to you know what, Kurt, we haven't ever brought
you in on this, the flying car conversation, I can
get into it. We are going to have to do
that forward to the future. We we definitely will, because
you know, there's probably have been some advancements or at
least some kind of movement. I wouldn't say advancements. So

you never wish you could just fly over the traffic,
Jamiel I wish that all the time, Kurf. But it's
a terrible idea. It's a terrible even for I mean
for anybody. It's a terrible idea. Here we go, now,
you know what. I'm gonna cut myself off here because
I just want to note also, I just want to
note also point of order, and we can table this

for later episode. But Scott, you have been on record
in favor of things like homemade helicopters. Didn't you see
a guy in a homemade helicopter up like north of town?
I haven't. I don't think I'm on record for liking im.
Don't think I'm on record for disliking the homemade ones.
All right, well, I'm gonna listen back to the table. Well,
you know possible, Okay, here's trying to think of how

I how I stood on this because I was not
in favor of being directly overhead, that's for sure. Uh,
But I would be in favor of having that, you know,
quick transport across town. I mean, they'd be fantastic. So
helicopters are everywhere. What gives We're in a building that
could easily easily have a helipad on top, I mean easy,
along with everything that's already up there right now. All

that crap that's up there, it's ridiculous. There is a
skating rank up there, ben and a slide. There's a slide.
I think that. There is a putt putt golf course.
There's a bar, there's some carnival ride, carnival rides. There's
games like like games of skill which are probably rigged
out of now. There's like a club and three restaurants.

The roof is way cooler that our office easily land
a helicopter up there, you really, I mean there's so
much space up there, So I would be in favor
of that. But man, when it was hovering over my car,
no way, no way, no, that would be something to
dive into. Though. Ultralight aircraft as well. Oh yeah, like
I mean, I used to see one as a kid

flying over and I never never dawned on me how
insane the whole activity. You can note here, make a
note a Kurt is asking for it. Yeah, you came in,
uh Kurt, and you exclamation point. You've come in fairly
recently to a very long long standing debate and conversation.

Why don't we just make them all electric flying cars?
Electric flying cars? That's the very good idea ever. See
what's happening right now is our steamed co host and
I are making like it's like we're playing go or
playing the initial moves of a game of chess. This
is all for another episode. What just happened? I'm gonna
check the tape. Anyway, we were having such fun car collection. Yeah, okay,

I'll get back to it. How about this, Well, let's
talk about another Porsche owner, Porsche collector, Magnus Walker. Magnus Walker,
he's kind of like a counter culture type of guy.
He was a a clothing designer and from what I understand,
this guy was running like just like a T shirt stand.
I don't even know if there's a shop, it's just
a stand, they said, I don't know know that means
a cart or what. But um on Venice Beach or

Venice Boulevard and I decided that, you know, along the
way he got bigger, and you know, he kind of
grew in popularity. Of course with his money, decided that
he was going to start collecting Porsches, and and he's
one to modify them. He's not one to keep them
all pristine and you know from the factory original or
anything like that. But Magnus Walker very interesting guy to
talk to. I mean I've heard I haven't talked to him.

I've I've heard interviews with him, UM and seen some
of his his finished products. Very very cool. UM. Lots
of YouTube material out there about the guy, and he's
just an interesting character. If you want to look into
someone who's a UM, the Porsche collector that has a
lot of heart, I think that's him. He really has
a love for it. Paul Walker Paul Walker, the former

actor deceased. But um, he's of course best known for
those Fast and Furious movies. But as an amazing car collection,
or had an amazing car collection. I don't know what
the current status of that is. I don't know if
they were selling that or if you know if it
was like an auction thing, Orf they're going to open
it up to the public or what. But um had
many many cars that were pretty cool. There's something from

the movie of course, you know that the cars like
in the movie or the actual movie cars themselves. But um,
you know some interesting BMWs he had, um some you know,
a lot of import cars that were tuned of course,
you know, like as you would expect out of you know,
somebody in that film. But just a fascinating car collection.
You should look into it and see if you can
find a good list of what was in there. Um. Okay,

here's another one that I have a questioned about. This
is a another rocker guy. Um, I don't retired, some
I retired maybe Steven Tyler Smith Yeah, Aerroosmith. Yeah, that's right,
front man from Merroo Smith. Um. You know the guy
with the scarfs around the around the mic, kind of
like the scar if you got wrapped around your mic.
Ben ever, Yeah, clearly inspired by Steven Tyler here sole

reasoning guy into podcasting. It's a good look. Like, I
don't know how you read your notes through that there
on the scarf. They're written on the scarf. Actually you
know now you mentioned that that guy our our pal
from Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Joe McCormick. He is
the one who hipped me to Steven Tyler's country album.

Oh and that guy is going into country now, is he? Yeah,
it's not for me, but I didn't know that. I
love country music and I just don't agree with what
he's done to it. Okay, all right, fair enough. But
Aerosmith Solid Band. Yeah, I had no idea he was
a car collector. Yes he is. And I here's the thing.
I'm gonna put this in the questionable category because I

think he I think he likes cars. I think he's
a car guy. I don't know if he necessarily has
a large collection. If he does, I haven't seen anything
written about it. I haven't seen photographs of him with
a large collection. I've only seen him with individual vehicles
that are pretty amazing, and in fact, the most recent one, well,
you know, I'll tell you about a couple others. First,
there's he has a Panas roadster Um. He also has

a couple of turbo Porsches, and I think it's think
he had on the Lotus release, and you know those
type of cars along the way one car that is
his recent his most recent purchase, or at least the
one that's most publicized anyway, was a Hennessy VENOM GT Spider.
And this is a car that was known I think
is the UM it was like a top speed It

was like the top speed production vehicle from a couple
of years back. UM. I don't know if I don't
have exactly all the right words put together in the
right way for that for that record to be true,
like the fastest accelery. I can't remember what it was exactly,
but it's the the Hennessey VN m GT Spider. And
he had a of course a spider version. He had
a spider version made specifically for himself to black vehicle.

You'll see him standing next to it. If you if
you type in in Google do a word search, you
know with uh with his name in that vehicle, you'll
find it. Impressive car, very expensive of course, but man,
it's it's a great vehicle. Not many people have those,
by the way. Alright, one more that's a questionable. And
you know there's a few here that are questionable. I'll
just I'll just laundry list them real quick. Janet Jack

and who is known to have many luxury vehicles. She
has a couple of Lamborghinis, which are sports cars of course,
but she has Bentley and Aston Martin. Um, I don't know.
I haven't seen many more cars listed than that, but
they call her, um like a luxury car collector. But
that's only four cars that I count, So I don't know.
I mean, what do what do you guys think? Do
you think Janet Jackson is likely a car person as well?

I kind of get that same Kim Kardashian feel out
of Janet Jackson. Yeah, if you have the money and
the means, I feel like, why not be seen in
nice cars? Janet Jason, Kim Kardashian, anybody. But but but
is it your doesn't make you a collector? Though? Well? Yeah,
I mean is it your guests? Like, how many do
you have to have to have a collection? Because she's
got four really nice cars that are worth way more

than anything I'll have her own probably, you know, And
and she's got again four of them at a time,
But she doesn't have like fifteen or twenty or fifty
or a hundred like a lot of these other collectors.
To me a collector, I mean you can have a
collection of five cars, four cars, But you would have
to kind of be going for that. I guess you'd
have to have a reason behind it. And maybe to

some of these folks, these cars are just nice things
to have in addition to all the other nice things
one could possibly have. Well, at a certain level, it's
kind of like you're buying art. If you don't care
about cars, if you're not planning to drive them, you
might just say I want this because this feels very
luxurious and beautiful. It's kind of like just because somebody

buys a very expensive oil painting, that doesn't make them
a painter, you know, Yeah, yeah, exactly. I mean I
I was thinking about that too earlier that you know,
with all the money that actors and so you know,
celebrities and like a chefs and rockers and whoever. You know,
they all make so much money at what they do
and they can buy just about anything they want. Some

of them buy jewelry, some of them buy artwork, Like
you said, someone buy clothes. Some of them buy real estate. Yeah,
like Krusty the clown, he brings them against the wall. Um, yeah,
I don't. Yeah, there's there's any number of things that
you can buy. But you could be a car person
or a car guy or car girl and and still
appreciate cars, but maybe only have you know one or

two cars and still enjoy them. But you also have
you know, every other luxury that life. Can you know
that even afford in your life? So, um, I don't know.
That's where I get kind of hung up on this,
Like what is it? What is a true car collection?
What does it take to have a collection versus just
I have an interest in this and I have you know,
three or four or five of them between you know,

there's a big difference between that and someone who you know,
buys an aircraft hangar and parks fifty of them one
ft apart. Well, I was looking up while we're recording,
I was looking up the you know, any hard definition
of a fleet or a collection, and typically the best

definition is that a fleet is at least two or
more cars. So, yes, Scott, and what you did have
a fleet. However, some insurance places have a higher cut off.
They will allow fleet insurance unless you have you know,
like five or maybe ten plus vehicles like that, and
and that depends always shop around with insurance. So I

technically had a fleet of cars at one point a
very short time, very short time. Well, how was it
like an afterwoime? I've had unfortunately, sometimes fortunately, but usually unfortunately,
I've had more than one car at one time. It
ends up being unfortunately at some point. But for a
short time I did have three and they were all,
you know, running driving cars, and they were all I

loved them. They're great, but I also realized I had to,
you know, let one or two of them go at
some point. Um, at the time it's just one. I
let one go and then that's a little sad, and
then you know, something else takes this place, and then
another one goes, so you know, try to try to
maintain two at all time. But right now I'm down
to just one. Yeah, there's three in the family, you know,
my my wife and daughter drive as well. Um, but

I just have the one. And it's uh, I don't know.
I wish I had an extra one. He got rid
of the Newport many Yeah, I mean, I feel you.
I'm about it was about fourteen months ago. Yeah, I'm
about to get get rid of or say goodbye to
my Monte Carlo. I still have it. It's just so
so technically you've got a fleet right now, have two cars? Right?

What it's like at the top, gentleman, the escape after
you know what? We talked about the escape in the
next episode. Yeah, if you want, well, maybe we'll do
that right at the top in the next episode. As
I forgot to ask you in this one, Holy cow,
was I thinking, Oh, yeah, I know, I'm picking up
what you're putting down. No, I haven't wrecked it yet.
I have not Mr Bean into a tree. Mr Bean did. Yeah, okay, um,

all right, here's another one, Lady Gaga. That's probably the
first time Lady Gaga has also been mentioned in car stuff.
But if I had to guess, but apparently she has
a sixty five Lincoln Continental that she absolutely adores, loves
that vehicle, and also drives a Ford Bronco, which is
a choice. But she also has three Rolls Royces that
she drive around town, or at least has driven around town.

I don't know if she drives him herself from or not,
but um, I would guess if those other two cars
or her she probably drives the Rolls Royce as well. Um,
but that's five cars. That's that's getting closer to a
proper collection. I guess someone who does have a proper collection,
Simon Cowell. Simon Call's got a lot, right, And this
is odd because I I just never picked him as

a car guy until one day. This is a while back,
a few years ago, and this is uh right at
the I guess American Idol still on right, It's still there,
but this is fairly early on an American idol. It
was you know, peak popularity still and I'm sure it's
still very popular. But I see this photo of Simon
Call and he's in a Bugatti vern and I had

no idea until that point that he was like a
car guy. So I was really just shocked to see that.
I don't know why, but I just didn't have him
picked as a, um, you know, an upper end exotic
sports car type of guy. I've read about his collection before,
and he definitely only appreciates the vehicles. But you wouldn't know,
you know what I mean. I guess because like most

people in the United States, I only heard of the
guy or experienced any any sort of of any of
his work from those different reality shows, American Idols and
things like that, so I don't really associate him with cars.
Have you ever seen. He's got a car called the
Jaguar Eagle Speedster. Have you ever seen that one? It's

a lot like a Jaguar E type, only have to
imagine it's like a completely updated Jaguar E type and
it's valued somewhere around the approximate value of this car
starts around a million dollars, so you can imagine what
that vehicle is loaded with. But he's got one of
those apparently as well. So the guy definitely likes the
sports cars. He's got a decent collection from what I hear,

maybe the last one on my list here, oh we
you know what, not the last one. Second to last
we talked about Nicolas Cage. Nicolas Cage has a pretty
impressive collection. One car in particular that gets a lot
of attention in his collection is a Ford Mustang. It
was the seven Shelby GT. Five hundred that is, I
guess a a reproduction of Eleanor and it's the it's

the Eleanor Mustang that is from that movie that he
was in Gone in sixty Seconds movie, which is of
course a remake does as well. But um, the Eleanor
Ford Mustang gets a lot of a lot of press
in his collection. He does, however, have a Jaguar D type,
and I found this interesting. He also has Bugattis with
an S at the end. That's multiple Bugatti. Yeah, yeah,

he's he makes it well, I believe you. I'm just like,
come on, oh yeah, I know. I know. Nicholas makes
a pile of money doing his his films though, so yeah,
of course he can afford what he wants, and I
guess he likes Bugattis, like like sports cars, the Jaguar
D type. That's pretty impressive as well. All right, last
one on the list, and this is at least my
list anyway. If you've got any more to throw in there,
please do. This is a surprise to me. But I

don't know why. Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, oh yeah, yeah yeah.
Why does he need to drive? Just just run away? Right?
The only short distances though? I want you know. Just
today I was watching Um watching his record breaking hundred
meter run from back in the and I think it
was two thousand I got it written down here in
two thousand nine. Um, the guy did the hundred meters

in nine point five eight seconds. I think I could
take him. I think I could beat I was just
gonna say that. Yeah, yeah, I have m kind of
like a frame built for quick running, like like a
sprinting like that. You know, he has probably noticed that,
you know here they call you the Cheetah the office.
Yeah I would, I would, I would guess that. And
I don't have the custom plate in my car yet
or anything, but it's probably coming. You know what you

should do. You should start. You should get a vanity
plate that says the Cheetah. And you should start driving
around that gold wrapped car that we saw outside of
the office yesterday. That's a fantastic idea. You need to
start dressing in all yellow. I could do this. I
really couldn't feel like this could be a big move
for you, man, But I mean really, I just I
feel like I haven't. I just haven't made like the

official challenge to the time yet, you know, And and
it's probably coming, so just watch for that. Every It
was just scheduling and emails, that's what it just getting
around to it. I know the Olympics are come up. Um,
I got some things on my schedule already. I'll say.
You see, you're like Bob Dylan dropping out of the
Nobel Literature Price you've got stuff to do, do I do? Um?
But I mean, really, to be honest, he's got a

I guess several Ferraris in his collection, which I'm sure
I never would have guessed this from you saying both,
I don't. I don't know why I wouldn't have, but
it kind of makes sense. Though. The guy likes to
run fast. He likes to drive fast. He's all about
speeds into the speech. So I will I will add
just a couple of more here. Um, Maybe Curt, you
and I can trade off if you've got some too. Uh.

Eric Clapton, when I was when I was younger, I
did not know the extent of his love for cars. Uh.
It's such that in his autobiography that came out in
two thousand seven, he spends a lot of time talking
about how much he loves classic cars, and of course Ferrari's.
He has multiple Ferraris. One of the most unique cars

in his collection is a specially commissioned one off Ferrari. Uh,
and he paid three million pounds for it when he
bought it. I hear that he has troubles shifting his
Ferrari's though. Yeah, Hey, he's got that nickname slowhand right, yes,
So he's not very good at the gears. I mean
it's like, you know, anytime he's beat by an automatic

every time. Yeah, yeah, And that's a that's a great
tragedy that really propels a lot of his work. It is,
I know, I know, um sad, sad. When you get
a collection like that, you just can't really use it
to its advantage, you know. And of course honorable mentioned
to Idris Elba, the actor who you know, I didn't
know this, but growing up his father worked for Ford

and so uh, he kind of grew up in a
in a car culture of sorts, or at Lisa adjacent
to it. And he loves racing so much that he
made a deal with BBC to make a documentary called
Idris Elba, King of Speed and just him going around
the world taking part in different races, which is kind

of living the dream. I was gonna say, it's not
a bad gig if you can get it right, and
that's nice, be pretty cool. Going back to Saint Bolt,
he is apparently a mobility guru. He has scooter company
and an electric car that like his company analyce this
a ten thousand dollar subten thousand dollar electric car very small,
uh called the be Nano and it looks kind of

I don't know why it's so funny banano. Okay, So
did we talk about do we talk about bolt electric
vehicles when we were talking about the scooters? I don't
know if we did or not, but I had no
idea that he was into that. Okay, I'm gonna ask
you one follow up question. Is all this happening in
Jamaica or is this somewhere else? I don't know if
where he currently lives or do you If you don't know,

that's fine. I just I'm just curious where this is
all happening in um France. It looks like at least
right now, just based on my limited research. Sure, Okay,
well that's interesting, man. I had no idea was into
all that stuff neither. I was just running. I forgured
he was just running so fast. We didn't know what
he was up to because we can't. He's an interview.

Why wouldn't you with the last name like both get
into the electric game. It's interesting that you say this,
and I know you're joking, but there's a scientific phenomenon
concerning this, and Scott, I think maybe you and I
have talked about in the past, just because we have
done the show for so long. It's called nominative determinism,
meaning that someone whose name is something like Toothman really

does seem to be statistically more likely to become a
dental highgenist or a dentist. Isn't that why your nickname
is Tinpin? Yep, that is why my nickname is Tinpin,
because I'm a terror of bowling alleys. And I mean
it's terror as in, I am embarrassingly bad. Uh. It's
if you ever want an ego boost, you're filling down
and we happen to be in the same part of

the part of this great country. Just hit me up
via email, l and I will go lose a bowling
game to you, and I promise I'll try. I won't
swing it. I'm just terrible. Last time I bowled, yeah,
which was the first time I bowled pretty much ever
as I was a kid, Yeah, several years ago. My
first role was a strike nice, and then I didn't

hit anything else for the rest of the game. Really not. Yeah,
I could, I couldn't find the couldn't find the magic again.
Came out of the gate hard, but then yeah, because
believe I thought I was going to be a natural
at it though. Bring out the bumpers. Yeah, I'm so
bad that one time a guy in the next lane
over was convinced that I was like sharking people doing

whatever the Bowling Alley version of pool sharking is. I
guess you could be bowling shark, right, Yeah, sure, yeah,
sure that's a Is that film Kingpin about that? Yeah? Yeah,
sure it is, but I guess, well kind of yeah. Yeah. Well,
I'm sorry, I've I've digressed. Um, this is why I
love hundred dollar bills as well. I mean, I'm all
about the Benjamin's that's right, really yeah, But but the

problem is I don't I don't get too many of them,
so I have to hang on to and covet the
ones that I have. I've seen you like legitimately confused
when people give you change, you know, like he's like, what,
I don't I don't touch anything less than a hundred
you know what I mean? Sure, Yeah, that's it's you

like that time you have to like drop it on
the floor and then he still just walks away. He
doesn't even but we're we're just scratching the surface. Of
these amazing car collections. Each one of them, you know,
could be an episode where we just go over each vehicle. Um,

But for now, hopefully we've surprised some people. What else
do you have? Anything else? Kurt is really stuck out
in your head? I don't really. Oh that's right. We
didn't even mention. Yeah, he uh, he doesn't talk too
much about it. People see him around own or uh
they you know, he makes an appearance somewhere with one

of his cars, but apparently as quite a stable. I
think he's one of those guys who has like that
range of fancy cars and then like one that's clearly
this is your car, you know, you you go to
Wednesday soccer practice with. Because like you'll see the list
where it's like a McLaren f one, Bentley Arnage, a
Rolls Royce Phantom, and then a Cadillac Chevy vet Chev.

Finally I can see that happening. All right. Well, I again,
I don't know if we have a whole lot more
to add to this list, but I would love it
if listeners would would chime in with maybe some of
their their favorite car collections that they've seen or you
know that they know of you know, maybe it's Ube,
it's the guy down the street, maybe it's the girl
down the street. Maybe it's you know, somebody that you

know that is a small time actor that is building
a collection, or you know, is sometimes hoping to build
a collection in the near future. But whatever the case
may be, where you can always check in with us
on social medi ideo where we're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
We are car stuff hs W at all three of
those places. Of course, you can search our podcast archives
at iHeart dot com. And you can also well there

was another place you can go. You can go to
um Apple Podcasts right right. You can leave feedback at
either one of those places. Check out our archives there.
And now I will tell you this. I think you've
appointed this all last time you're here, Ben that UM
on Apple podcast you only get the most recent three
hundred episodes. But if you go to iHeart dot com
you can get the full Monty everyone there, right, full Monty.

That's right, That's that's right. You said that. I hope it.
You don't want to get the full Monty there? Um, yeah,
it is it is, no leave it in you know,
I'll don't go there expecting that, but you can go
to iHeart dot com and and check out all what
nine plus episodes we have and hopefully not the full Monty.

And also if you go to our Facebook page, you
could interact with our favorite part of the show, your
fellow listeners. It's a great used to recommend topics that
do you think would be of interest for the future,
and it's a great place to follow up because just
because this episode is over does not mean the conversation
has ended. And hey, I'm just gonna put it out there.

If you are someone who has an amazing car collection,
we want to hear from you. We'd love to get
some picks as well. Absolutely, it'd be great. Thanks for
listening everyone. Car Stuff is a production of I Heart
Radio's How Stuff Works. For more podcasts from my heart Radio,
visit the i heart Radio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever

you listen to your favorite shows.

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