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March 20, 2019 3 mins

In this nine-part series Robert Evans will walk listeners through exactly how a second American Civil War could happen. Using hard facts, historical anecdotes and his own experiences reporting from two real civil wars, he’ll leave you believing it COULD happen here.

Each episode reveals more of our possible future, covering the mix of protests and terrorism that might spark such a conflict and walking through how the government would try to stop it. From drone bombs assassinating police officers, to a rural insurgency starving America’s cities, everything he will talk about is backed by real-world examples and the opinions of worried experts.

This is not conspiracy-mongering or a panicked shout into the abyss. This is a sober dissection of the Second American Civil War, before it happens. 

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
You wake up before your alarm. No sunlight peaks through
your window. It's far too early for that. You're confused
for just a moment, and then you hear another explosion.
It echoes in the night, rattling the walls in the
window of your apartment. This is not the first bomb
you've heard, and it sounds far enough away that you
know the danger isn't a minute. That surprises you a
little bit, the fact that you recognized it's not close.

You realize you've now heard enough explosions to have a
pretty good ear for them, and when they're close enough
to worry about. It's weird how quickly life in a
war zone becomes just life. You get up, there's no
sense trying to get back to sleep. As you stumble
over to the kitchen to grind some coffee, you hear
the crack of rifle fire. It's distant, too far enough
away that it sounds almost like firecrackers, but you know

it's not. You feel the grinder, put on the top
and press down. Nothing happens. You realize, belatedly your sleep
fogged brain that the powers out again. You wonder which
of the dozen different rebelent insurgents groups in your state
might be responsible. You don't even bother to get out
your phone and check the news. It doesn't really matter,
and you've got shipped to do. It's still dark outside,
and since you're already up, you might as well take

advantage of the situation and beat the crowd to the
grocery store. As you close and lock your door behind you,
you try to ignore the pop and shatter of not
so distant gunfire. There are days when you do feel
like doing something, maybe even joining your friends, but most days,
like today, you've got shipped to do. It's an election year.
Every candidate is doing their level best to not call
this what it is, a civil war. You heard that

phrase out on the street, though, more and more every day.
You reach a crosswalk and start to step across on
the left. Your eyes are drawn to the massive bulk
of a police bear cat as it trundles across the
street parallel to you. A man sits up top in
the couple up, his hands on a machine gun that
for now has its nose pointed up in the air.
He stares at you, and you try not to stare back.

As you hurry along to the supermarket, you ask yourself
the question you've asked almost every day for the last
three years, How did it get this bad? Did that
seem far fetched? You outlandish? If so, let me try
to show you why the preceding passage might well be
reality for millions of Americans startlingly soon if something isn't done.
The Second American Civil War doesn't sound like a crazy,

distant possibility to me, and it hasn't for a while.
I'm Robert Evans, and it's my job to help you
see what I see. Two thousand sixteen was the first
year I started seriously considering the possibility of a second
American Civil War. It was the year I reported on
the major protests surrounding the most contentious election in modern
American history. I was there at the r n C

in the d n C, and at both I saw
tremendous hatred on display. I also traveled to a Rack
in two thousand sixteen to report on the Siege of Mosel.
But nothing I saw there, nothing I saw anywhere that
year scared me more than watching Alex Jones speak on
the first day of the RNC. These are not liberals

welcome to It could happen here. The podcast where every
season I take some fantastic, unlikely scenario and explain how
it could happen, why it might be closer than you'd think,
and how it will look when or if it comes Listen.
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