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April 25, 2024 36 mins

Our watch podcast of Sex and the City is back! We open Season 3 with a bang, bringing in our friend and executive producer Maya to discuss the idea of women and rescue, independence, and not so great dudes.

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
Hey, this is Annie and Samantha and welcome to Stephane.
Never told You Abduction, I Heart Radio.

Speaker 2 (00:18):
And y'all, we're celebrating today because not only are we
here for another amazing happy hour, we're joined again by
super executive producer Maya.

Speaker 3 (00:29):
Welcome back, Thank you.

Speaker 1 (00:32):
For having me.

Speaker 4 (00:33):
Yes, also, y'all, we're actually at the studio.

Speaker 5 (00:36):
A little bit of drama, oh no, but we're excited
to be together because we're also coming into season three
of watching Sex and the City.

Speaker 1 (00:47):
Yeah, yeah, we had a little break. I think it
was December was our last one. It's been a minute.

Speaker 4 (00:54):
It's been a long minute. And of course, because it
is the first episode.

Speaker 2 (00:59):
Of season three, we have to have an amazing guest. Yes,
I'm here, and Amaya is here because we've been talking
about having her on for a while and she even
brought us because it is technically a happy hour, she
brought us a non alcoholic hazy ipa from Best Day Brewing,
which I'm gonna open on Mike. So if you don't

want to hear this, pop open, you know, skip over. Yeah, okay,
I'm gonna take it my sip here.

Speaker 6 (01:27):
That was good.

Speaker 1 (01:28):
Yeah, it's tasty.

Speaker 4 (01:32):
It's tasty.

Speaker 2 (01:32):
It's been minutes as I've had to be here because yeah,
I've been staying away from alcoholics, but this is not
an alcoholic, so I'll be fully awake.

Speaker 1 (01:38):
I hope. I hope.

Speaker 6 (01:40):
Well, let's not retell what happened after the last thing.

Speaker 2 (01:43):
We're not going to talk about it. I was not
prepared though. That's the answer to all of that. And yes,
we are back and we're doing something different. I'm so excited.
We are in the studio watching, actually in studio while
we're recording. I was like, how are we going to
do this? Because I don't understand technology. That's what I've discovered.
It's ready for us, and this is pretty pretty sweet.

Speaker 4 (02:06):
And it's all because of super producer Christina.

Speaker 2 (02:08):
Of course, it's always making the magic happen for us
and making us sound much better than we actually do.
But as we have said, this is a happy hour,
So if you are partaking of anything.

Speaker 4 (02:21):
Please do it responsibly.

Speaker 3 (02:23):

Speaker 4 (02:23):
Two we are not currently sponsored by any other things
that we're talking about. Of course, things change. Maybe one
day people will see the potential and decide they want
to sponsor us. So that's that's the you know, hope right,
Oh for sure, always.

Speaker 6 (02:36):
Here for the dollars.

Speaker 1 (02:38):
I need to feed my dogs literally, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah yeah, I need to feed my dog y'all.

Speaker 4 (02:44):

Speaker 2 (02:44):
So we are in a season three, so maya tell
us your experience with Sex and the City. I laugh
because you are significantly younger than me and that you
love this, uh just as much as I do. But
it is so outdated, shocked.

Speaker 7 (03:01):
I think there's a lot of discourse right now actually
about Sex and the City being on Netflix and gen
Z being exposed to it for the first time. Yeah,
it's very interesting because Sex and the City was on
Bravo in the early two thousands like all the time.
Really before like Housewives was on all the time, it
was Sex and the City all the time. So that's

how I was introduced to Sex and the City. And
so I never watched it in like successive order, but
I pretty much saw all the episodes throughout the years,
and I definitely specifically remember my mom being like Sex
and the City.

Speaker 4 (03:36):
What do you know about that? I mean, that is
the question that I have, What do you know about?

Speaker 7 (03:42):
My mom is also like a boomer, so like she
was like pre Sex in the City, and like. But
she knew about it obviously because it was so big
on HBO.

Speaker 6 (03:50):
But she was like, what are you watching this?

Speaker 7 (03:53):
Obviously Bravo didn't have all of the uncuts, you know,
so it was like a little bit tamer than the original,
but it was still, you know, pretty provocative at the
time as well.

Speaker 6 (04:04):
Yeah, so I loved it. I mean I fell in
love with the characters. You know.

Speaker 7 (04:08):
I feel like I'm a Charlotte Okay, okay, in my heart,
in your heart, I think I'm more of a Charlotte.
I'm like a mix of like a Charlotte in a
carry Yeah, a little bit.

Speaker 2 (04:18):
I think I keep forgetting h I try to usually
get our guests to do quick quiz o. Soll you
know what, We're gonna do it as a later I'm
gonna send it to you and then we'll have that
as a result later time.

Speaker 1 (04:29):
Okay. Fun.

Speaker 2 (04:30):
One of the things I think it's hilarious because I
also was introduced to it originally, even though it wasn't
my time timeline, but I was very conservative, was through TBS.

Speaker 4 (04:40):
It came through TVs. Wow, yeah, yes, ma'am.

Speaker 2 (04:46):
But you can imagine how edited it was, so like
the thirty minute episode was like fifteen.

Speaker 4 (04:52):
With lots and lots of ads.

Speaker 1 (04:54):
Do it feel like there was like a lot of plot?

Speaker 2 (04:56):
Well, no, because I don't know if it was just
easy to catch on, or maybe they did an amazing
job in the editing, or maybe it's because after that,
after watching it, I would buy my own copy. So yes,
I have every single DVD, even including the first movie.
I had to stop after the first, but he was
pretty good. Yeah, yeah, least it tracked.

Speaker 7 (05:15):
Jennifer Hudson's character was that second movie the first first movie?

Speaker 2 (05:19):
Yeah, so she it was so bad. She was trying
so hard. This was her like acting debut, so bless
her heart. We still love her character. But yeah, yeah,
so I got that later. So maybe because I have
watched it so much since then, I've forgotten what the
TVs version was and understood it.

Speaker 6 (05:39):
I feel like the sex was not that integral.

Speaker 4 (05:42):
To the No, really, it was just like like throwaway sea.

Speaker 1 (05:46):
Yeah that's true. I guess it's more of a maybe
you don't understand when you're younger. Certainly for me, for
the few episodes I saw, I didn't really get what
was going on, and if I had, so, how was
it on TVs.

Speaker 4 (06:03):
I think it's quite funny.

Speaker 2 (06:04):
But I will say for this one, as I was
trying to remember where we were, I'm like, okay, season three,
episode one, I can't remember what that episode is.

Speaker 4 (06:11):
I'm like, oh, so there are some scenes here.

Speaker 2 (06:13):
So the fact that we get to gather this together
because Samantha is Samantha and she makes it delightfully hilarious.

Speaker 4 (06:22):
But yeah, just a heads up, y'all. If any of
y'all are watching, like, come to watch it and then
come back, just so you know, don't watch it around
children prepared. Yeah, there's some things.

Speaker 2 (06:33):
But yes, with that, we are in season three before
we start Annie, which I did call. I did email
you to remind you, Oh, can you give us a
recap of what has happened up until now.

Speaker 1 (06:46):
I'm very glad you let me know because I was
racking my brain trying to remember. So Carrie broke up
with Big and then was like out in the field again,
and then got back together with him, and then and
they had a lot of conversations around like him moving
and she wanted to leave stuff at his place and
he was like no, and then they like had an

I Love you fight and then they broke up again,
and then she started dating other people and then she
finds out he's engaged I think two a younger women.
And then Miranda met Steve and they broke up over
money I think, but then they had sex later after

they broke Oh my goodness. She also got an apartment.
I remember that. Yes, she got an apartment. Charlotte continued
to date like guys that I was like, Wow, you
met him at a funeral. Yeah, And then she met
she fell in with some power lesbians or something. Yeah. Yeah.

And then Samantha did a bunch of stuff. She was
at the like SNN club and then all kinds of guys.
She had kind of a fight with her like assistant
over a Rolodex or something.

Speaker 2 (08:03):
Yes, the assistant stole the rolodex that had all the
important contacts.

Speaker 1 (08:06):
So yes, and then she got like kicked out of
some society and then some bloody helped her get back.
I knew it was a famous person.

Speaker 4 (08:16):
It wasn't at all like you just had to imagine him.

Speaker 1 (08:20):
He was there and spirit and speaking of I remember
John bon Jovi showed up.

Speaker 4 (08:23):
Yeah yeah.

Speaker 1 (08:24):
And then yeah, there's a lot of talk about all
the kinds of things they always talk about. But one
thing that stuck out to me is I remember Miranda
having that whole I'm tired of talking about guys all
the time. Yes, and she had a lazy ovary. Yes, whoa.

Speaker 4 (08:39):

Speaker 2 (08:40):
Good job, good job. Those are all very important things
later down the road. But yeah, so very good.

Speaker 4 (08:49):
He did a great job.

Speaker 2 (08:50):
So we're coming back with season three, and that's pretty usual.
I usually give Annie the title and get her to
predict what she thinks this episode is about. And we
do have a famous guy start coming in f y I,
but not everybody in my I don't know, Like I say,
he's famous. But then like people are going to go
back and forth because he was up there for like
a like a split second and then he kind of
went away. Oh okay, I know you're welcome. So the

first episode is titled where There's Smoke? So what do
you think this is about?

Speaker 1 (09:20):

Speaker 4 (09:20):
No predictions, please, Where there's.

Speaker 1 (09:23):
Smoke there is a fire. See. Christina taught me such
a valuable lesson when she came on, which is it's
like the obvious thing, but I can't think where there's smoke,
there's fire. Huh. Something is wrong. I think something's wrong
in multiple cases, and perhaps in one case an STI wow.

Speaker 4 (09:48):
That's not a mean I could see where you get.
I could see I can see where we get that.

Speaker 1 (09:53):
It's good. This something. Yeah, I think all of them
are going through a crisis of some sort, and one
of them it might more literal than I'm grasping.

Speaker 4 (10:03):
Okay, okay, we're gonna go with that.

Speaker 2 (10:05):
And because of the beginning of season three, do you
have any predictions for season three?

Speaker 1 (10:11):
I feel like somehow they can care gonna end up
back together. Wait, is this what Aiden shows? I've been
waiting for Aiden?

Speaker 6 (10:21):

Speaker 4 (10:22):
We all love it. I think we're all team Aiden,
aren't we.

Speaker 1 (10:25):
Yeah? Well I don't like Big.

Speaker 4 (10:27):
Well yeah, that's big.

Speaker 2 (10:29):
He dies, So whatever'll not not anytime soon?

Speaker 4 (10:38):
Just okay, anyway, all right, I like the predictions.

Speaker 1 (10:45):
I mean it's very simple.

Speaker 4 (10:46):
Let's get into it.

Speaker 8 (10:47):
Okay, Well, this is good. We're actually crossing water to
meet men.

Speaker 9 (11:05):
Reminder, I am not going to Staten Island to meet men.
I am going to judge them.

Speaker 4 (11:11):
One of the island.

Speaker 6 (11:13):
Have anybody ever been there?

Speaker 2 (11:14):

Speaker 1 (11:14):
Yes, the fairies free I'm like too proud.

Speaker 4 (11:25):
You knew something you're excited.

Speaker 1 (11:27):
It's about time I knew something.

Speaker 2 (11:28):
Oh, I think this is the beginning where Sarahjusica Parker
gets credited as producer and getting more money because it's
becoming more and more successful. I'm all right, this is
where I laugh about like iconic like male and female gaze.

Speaker 7 (11:51):
Yes that's the guest. Maybe it's just the time and
like that was attractive, right, but the firefighters.

Speaker 4 (11:58):
Not my appeal that like all of them are thick shoulder.

Speaker 2 (12:04):
The cutest guy and she gave him five and a
half five and a half. That's rough all the halfs.

Speaker 4 (12:09):
But I think it has something to do with like
or think about the romance covers wave.

Speaker 10 (12:12):
Point with like Fabio and such like he would he
would be that level, like even though like yeah, they
were as defined like today, like we've now acknowledged that
a lot of women are all good with the dad bods.

Speaker 4 (12:26):
We are all good with the.

Speaker 2 (12:27):
Dad bods, but like the six pack is more impressive
with the lean leaner.

Speaker 7 (12:32):
Yes, yeah, what's with all those half points?

Speaker 4 (12:40):
Six and a half, eight and a half.

Speaker 1 (12:43):
What can I say?

Speaker 8 (12:43):
Sometimes a girl needs a.

Speaker 4 (12:45):
Half, Sometimes a girl needs that.

Speaker 6 (12:48):
Means I have no idea what that means?

Speaker 2 (12:50):
You know, you don't want to make a full decision.
You can't give him the high so the in between
can't quite decide.

Speaker 1 (12:56):
Very cious, that was much less sexual than I was thinking.

Speaker 6 (13:02):
That's a very carey answer.

Speaker 1 (13:04):
Officially real.

Speaker 8 (13:07):
Seventy third Street.

Speaker 4 (13:08):
She's giving out her address, Willie Nilly.

Speaker 2 (13:10):
Yeah, I don't know you, bro, You're not getting my address,
even though that you can google me, you.

Speaker 3 (13:15):
Have to work for at least yourself.

Speaker 4 (13:21):
How can I get your phone number?

Speaker 8 (13:23):

Speaker 6 (13:23):
Purpose is only he already has her address?

Speaker 4 (13:25):
I mean, what does he need a number for to
show up?

Speaker 5 (13:28):

Speaker 1 (13:30):
That address comes out first?

Speaker 9 (13:32):
You know what?

Speaker 4 (13:33):

Speaker 2 (13:33):
There it's not quite the can I get your email
or Instagram level, which is the new right?

Speaker 6 (13:38):
I hate that. Yeah, no, I don't like.

Speaker 4 (13:41):
So your boo didn't pick you up that way? Oh
what's your Instagram's?

Speaker 7 (13:44):
Oh my god, this is pre pre Instagram?

Speaker 4 (13:48):
Really yeah? Really?

Speaker 1 (13:50):
M hmm.

Speaker 10 (13:53):
I'm Samana went home with that firefighter to two b Bee.

Speaker 3 (14:00):
I'm Charlotte's around here somewhere.

Speaker 4 (14:02):
Okay, Sam went home with the with the firefighter.

Speaker 3 (14:05):
How many cocktails did she have a couple?

Speaker 8 (14:12):
I love this.

Speaker 1 (14:14):
I mean, she's having a great time.

Speaker 6 (14:16):
She's let loose.

Speaker 2 (14:18):
You know when you hear that song and you just
feel it, it's like it's like a theme and anthem
and you just got to get into it and play
it out in your head.

Speaker 4 (14:27):
With a SATINYLI He's a strong that white jacket. I
love it, tub Top getting it.

Speaker 1 (14:35):
I have to say I understand the appeal of this
show in terms of, like, by the time I was
their age, which is not that old, I wasn't doing
this stuff.

Speaker 2 (14:43):
But like it was this lively show of them not
being moms, yeah, girlfriends, and just living life, like having
that moment outside of college.

Speaker 6 (14:53):
I feel like most young thirties are now.

Speaker 2 (14:57):
Yeah you know, yeah forties for some said we're not going.
But it's more acceptable at their age than it was then.

Speaker 1 (15:07):
I think yes.

Speaker 9 (15:12):
And uptown on dry Land, Samantha and mister July the.

Speaker 4 (15:17):
Miracle again, unrealistic scene.

Speaker 2 (15:21):
Look, how do you not get panicked about having live
flames near you?

Speaker 1 (15:26):
Who does that?

Speaker 6 (15:28):
W was that even like sexy?

Speaker 8 (15:36):
Like? What was that?

Speaker 1 (15:37):
She was losing it?

Speaker 4 (15:39):
At one point You're like, are you okay to stop?

Speaker 9 (15:42):
And the guy was just like, would snow white have
slept in that glass? Coffin forever, or would she have
eventually woken up, spit out the apple, gotten a job,
a healthcare package, and a baby from our local neighborhood
sperm bank.

Speaker 4 (16:02):
I couldn't help, but wonder not anymore. No, No, it
is reality.

Speaker 1 (16:13):

Speaker 9 (16:14):
Do women just want to be rescued?

Speaker 4 (16:19):
Just want to be rescued?

Speaker 7 (16:21):
I think people want to be rescued, like everybody wants
to have someone take care of their worst burdens.

Speaker 2 (16:29):
I don't know if I want to be rescued as
much as I want you to get me food.

Speaker 8 (16:34):
That's it.

Speaker 1 (16:35):
Yeah, that's it.

Speaker 2 (16:36):
I don't necessarily need you to take me anywhere. I
don't necessarily need you to make sure I'm healthy.

Speaker 4 (16:41):
Just give me food.

Speaker 1 (16:42):
Yeah. I think it's nice to have someone to depend on.
I guess the question is more like the stereotypes, but
I think it's nice to have someone to depend on. It. Also,
sometimes you don't want to be in control all the time.

Speaker 7 (16:53):
Yeah, sometimes you just want to like turn your brain off. Yeah,
you know, I think that's the yeah thing.

Speaker 8 (16:59):
Yeah, I'm fine.

Speaker 4 (17:05):
I did not need anyone to hold my hand.

Speaker 6 (17:09):
I love I think he's so like decil most of
the time.

Speaker 2 (17:14):
Oh yeah, he made a mistake and try to try
to gaslight her. Yeah, we won't talk about that later
till till later, But yeah he is the Yeah, I
think I would be with Steve. Yeah, I've always.

Speaker 1 (17:27):
Loved and.

Speaker 2 (17:30):
Well we haven't exactly established that yet.

Speaker 4 (17:32):
No d t R yet.

Speaker 1 (17:34):
Nought what that means.

Speaker 8 (17:37):
Do you know what d t R is?

Speaker 3 (17:38):
I don't think.

Speaker 4 (17:39):
Oh my god, I don't know defining the relationship.

Speaker 6 (17:44):
Like I said, my relationship is pre internet like.

Speaker 1 (17:49):

Speaker 2 (17:51):
So like because this was like online duty thousand and five,
having a d t R girl, you got to remember, bro,
I'm yeah good several years Like this is old schools okay, okay,

So I think this came around like twenty two thousand
and five. It's like when people talking about the DTR.
You know, you gotta put initials to everything, especially time.

Speaker 9 (18:21):
Yeah. I one cab ride and two potent sleeping pills later,
Steve put Miranda to bed.

Speaker 3 (18:32):
All right, okay, give me give me your leg No.

Speaker 7 (18:36):
Yeah, this, like Miranda is like her level of wanting
to be independent is like an actual detriment to her. Yeah,
like thinking that you're gonna leave Lasik eye surgery alone. Yeah, crazy.

Speaker 1 (18:49):
I used to jokingly call this the single Lady Olympics,
or I'd be like, I have.

Speaker 4 (18:53):
To do this by myself.

Speaker 6 (18:55):
What more can I do alone?

Speaker 2 (18:58):
At least you have to do it one time. I'm
to prove to yourself and then after that, okay, you
can help me. Yeah, it's one of those levels. Actually,
this couch is really heavy. My stairs are very dodging.

Speaker 7 (19:09):
What I can't stop thinking about now is that there's
this discourse about like lasick being like terrible. Yeah, people
are havings who never get lasick but give lasick to
other people.

Speaker 1 (19:20):
Yeah, so that made me think about that. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (19:23):
I mean I've heard people talking about the fact that
they've had a lot of problems.

Speaker 4 (19:26):
It doesn't work. It was reversed later on always yeah.

Speaker 1 (19:30):
Yeah, well I had it and it's been a long
time and I think it's good. I loved it.

Speaker 4 (19:35):
Yeah, I still love it.

Speaker 2 (19:37):
I've been told by several that my stigmatism is way
too intense, and they gave me alternatives. It's like, you're
never going to have I'm like, well, then, what's the point.

Speaker 4 (19:49):
I am.

Speaker 3 (19:53):
I don't know what I'm doing.

Speaker 4 (19:55):
Okay, I'm standing here all the cordless phones. Watching that,
I kind of love it.

Speaker 7 (20:02):
Yeah, I feel like we should bring back home phone
so you don't have to give out your cell phone
all the time.

Speaker 2 (20:07):
Yeah, what's so funny to me? I laughed because there
was a TikTok video of like we need to do
something where you just have a phone that's a central
phone for everyone at home, and everybody's like it's called
the hell.

Speaker 9 (20:20):

Speaker 2 (20:23):
Bring back corded phones, the ones that were on the wall.
My grandparents, Yes, my parents still have one parents.

Speaker 3 (20:40):
Nice pole. I want to see it again.

Speaker 5 (20:43):

Speaker 9 (20:46):
Oh, Samantha rode the poll a couple of times that night.

Speaker 2 (20:51):
There's other firefighters in the other room exactly like they're
in a public transport.

Speaker 6 (20:56):
And she's not even trying to be discreet.

Speaker 4 (20:58):
This is hubble, you don't care. I should be a
fireman because I'm always ready to go. Yeah, she's on duty,
like she's fully in someone's clothing.

Speaker 1 (21:20):
Why she she's like, wait, what's happening?

Speaker 4 (21:23):
Like I'm at a fire station, what is happening?

Speaker 2 (21:29):
Obviously they were already set up for emergency situations.

Speaker 1 (21:40):
She's a pretty good job.

Speaker 2 (21:41):
It's like man herself pretty well, She's done this before Yeah,
not her first row.

Speaker 3 (21:50):
You can tell, so you are pretty much wrong.

Speaker 4 (22:13):
You definitely get like an you.

Speaker 7 (22:15):
Did say something about their dealing with their own crisis,
maybe literal or not.

Speaker 2 (22:20):
All right, that's how throwing answer. Well, the one as
that you typically give is the whole they go to
a party or they go to a p which I
was waiting for that because that's also true.

Speaker 3 (22:32):
I'll give you a D.

Speaker 2 (22:33):
Then I'll give you a D. The s C, even
though it was an s C, I, even though it
was a good guess, was way off. And the fact
that there was no mention of fire or firefighters, the firefighters,
I don't think you would have gotten.

Speaker 4 (22:47):
That's that's a big stretch.

Speaker 6 (22:49):
You're sure saying fire.

Speaker 1 (22:51):
You miss the like big piece of Chris.

Speaker 2 (22:57):
Christina's episode was fairly uh more on topic because I
think that this was a little more like em there's
no actual fire, there's no smoke as where because Christina's
was about the batter up or she was the opening
of season two right in which they go to a
baseball game, okay, and so she's like, did they mentioned balls?

And she's like, they're going to talk about baseball or ball?
It's like her Christina, but like it also mentioning of
like the balls and there was so like she was
on it.

Speaker 4 (23:30):
But this one is a little more I guess, metaphorical
than the other. So i'll give you that.

Speaker 6 (23:36):
Which there's smoke.

Speaker 7 (23:37):
What do we think the title was referring to specifically,
other than the fire, maybe.

Speaker 4 (23:41):
The rescuing.

Speaker 6 (23:44):
Where there's smoke, there's like distress.

Speaker 2 (23:46):
Yeah, in general, Like that's what because like there was
a lot of conversation of rescuing, so you would have
thought that would have been like something different in that level.

Speaker 7 (23:55):
Yeah, I mean, I guess all the men in this
episode at some point where attempting to enact some sort
of rescuing or idea of what rescuing looks like. We're
playing into a fantasy and some point yeah, yeah, and
the thing is like.

Speaker 2 (24:13):
Okay, in this point, we do see where there's a
fear of not having a rescuer and then there's a
fear of having a rescuer.

Speaker 4 (24:24):
You have that two very distinct complicated crisis.

Speaker 7 (24:29):
As you would say, Yeah, yeah, I mean, I would
say I think a lot of the conversations that they
were having in this specific episode are pretty relevant to
you today. You know, I think a lot of women
are in this particular place where, you know, it is
more we've gotten to a point where it is more
acceptable to be an independent woman. But then you get

to a point where you're like, oh wait, like if
I want these things companionship or friendship or family with
another person, whatever, it is, like, how am I gonna
get that? Does that mean I have to sacrifice on
my independence or you know, I think this was a
very relevant episode. I would say as far as most

of them go.

Speaker 2 (25:12):
I think we're also having that conversation because the trad
wife thing is coming back really quickly. So you've had
the two extremes because for a minute, for a split second,
there was this understanding that you do want it all
and what does that mean? And it's okay to be
a stay at home mom. That's not a problem. That's

not the problem at all. It's the choices of whether
or not you can and whether you want to. Both
of those are in conversation, and now it's kind of
like back into the extreme of like, well, we have
to combat what tradwives are doing in that level of
like you are telling us that we are wrong for
not wanting to be a mom afore making bread at
home and telling everybody I listened to my husband type

of conversation in a very heteronormative conversation. So like it's
it feels like this was in the moment of like
starting to understand that it's not a bad thing to
want to be a stay at home mom. It's not
a bad thing to not want to be a stay
at home mom, to want to be married, to not
want to be married, to take a last name, to
not take you know, like all these like complicated conversations,

and like the understanding that feminism, or especially when it
comes to intersectionality, is the choice.

Speaker 4 (26:22):
That's that's the conversation.

Speaker 7 (26:23):
Yeah, I mean, I think to your point about trad wives,
I think it's very interesting, especially when you bring in
the intersectional pieces that you know, there's some people who
are being pointed to is like this epitome of tradwife culture,
but they're actually kind of the antithesis because they don't
fall into the white, you know, Anglo saxon, you know,
stereotype of what a trad wife would be. So in

some sense, it is kind of like a rebellion of
sorts to be able to occupy this you know, visual
of what a tradwife might look like, but in a
body that doesn't represent what it would have been. So
it's like they're all of these different rethinking like what
is possible and what that means and what's okay and

what's not. Like I think sometimes we are so in
the point of like we want women to be independent
and be able to take care of themselves that like
seeing someone be reliant on a partner feels aggressive in
the other sense of like you're pushing against my freedom
in some way.

Speaker 4 (27:25):
Yeah, yeah, and definitely.

Speaker 2 (27:26):
The conversation I think again it comes back to like, no,
the bottom line is choosing. Do they have the freedom
to choose in either way. It's like the other conversation
is that with this whole, especially when CIS men come
into play, and having this conversation of like you're not
gonna get married and you're gonna you're gonna regret these things,
and you're not gonna have children, You're gonna regret these things.

No one's gonna want you after this point in time,
and telling women they have a timeline. But then like
having that aloud conversation like yeah, I would love to
be the housewife as you would call it, which is
really outdated. Yeah, in that I say, you actually do
bring all of the money, and then I will be
that you do whatever I want. Like that is that

is a great ideal, but that's no longer what like
is expected. It's like, no, we do fifty to fifty
and then I do eighty percent of the housework, and like.

Speaker 6 (28:15):
That's one hundred.

Speaker 4 (28:18):
Because at the veriliest at least.

Speaker 2 (28:20):
You need to go bow of the yard, like some
ideas in that level. Yeah, but like that's that conversation
of like, okay, but what does this look like? Because
in the end, like for a lot of women who
have and I'm putting this and when I say women,
I'm including all women people marginalized communities, knowing that they

can't rely on anyone else because they've been told or
they've seen an evidence in their life that it's not
going to be that way. And so part of the
thing of not relying is not because they don't want to,
is because they can't they don't trust it, or they've
been burned.

Speaker 4 (28:56):
Yeah, that's a whole different conversation.

Speaker 2 (28:58):
Right in this because like Miranda has that level of
both of those things, and like, I don't completely trust
you because to be fair, Steve walked away because he
was very insecure about not making as much money than her,
because she was all in round one, you know, and
he's the one that left. He felt emasculated when she's like,
I'll just buy you the suit, yeah, to an event,

you know, like this is like that level of like okay,
and then coming back in so she's not fully gonna
invest I wouldn't either. I am one of those two,
like in that I'm a Miranda level, which for the
long time I thought this is not a good thing.
I don't want to be Miranda. I am in Miranda
in that like if you burn me, I'm gonna be
very cautious. I'm gonna be that's very cautious. I'm still

a Libra. So I'll give you a chance until you
until you get her too. So I know, I'll give
you some leeway for a while, but if it gets
too then I shut down.

Speaker 1 (29:55):
I do think it's interesting. One of the things in
watching this show now, so many times things that were
romanticized then are not. Yeah, and so in this case,
like I do feel like Charlotte's violent fellow, Well, at
the end she realized he was bad, but that was
kind of like a romanticize all the guy's gonna protect you,
he's gonna step in. You've got this stalker guy, which

was romanticized for all time. And then like, yeah, Miranda,
on the other side, I did that too, because like
literally with the I thing, because I was afraid, like
saying yes would mean more to him than it meant
to me, even if I was very clear like that's
not what this is about, true that he'd be like, oh, yeah,

to get you. And then they get home and it's like,
can I guess you're not You're like, no.

Speaker 4 (30:42):
What I told you?

Speaker 1 (30:45):
And she did.

Speaker 2 (30:46):
She was like, we don't know what we are the
dt D never forget the DTR because she was like,
you know, we haven't established and she's also saying that
to the front. She was like, there's no having of
the thieve, which is line in that like.

Speaker 6 (31:01):
Yeah, he literally slept in her bed.

Speaker 1 (31:03):
Yeah yeah, but we know.

Speaker 2 (31:05):
And that's the other part in that conversation, like we've
come a long way with women being able to be
sexually free and being like that doesn't mean I have
to commit to you, just like you might not commit
to me.

Speaker 8 (31:15):

Speaker 1 (31:15):
I mean with Stamantha that was nice where she was like,
you know, this is my fantasy, dudes do it all
the time, and the let's go she did.

Speaker 7 (31:23):
Also, that guy was like very like he had nothing
going on, so I don't think he would have caught
on anyway.

Speaker 4 (31:32):
I don't think he cared.

Speaker 2 (31:33):
He was nice, but he's like, hey, all right, so Annie,
we have had what just happened? Do you have any
now do you have any predictions of maybe things to come?

Speaker 8 (31:48):

Speaker 1 (31:49):
Oh, I don't know. I don't know how long the
slattery you guys gonna stay around. I think Steve is
gonna I think Steve is gonna get back into the picture.
I'm now convinced a and will show up, but I
don't know when that might be a mid season reveal.
I do feel bad because I'm doing the thing that
bready complain about, Like I'm assuming guys are going to

come to the fiction.

Speaker 7 (32:13):
I mean fair like the show is kind of a
you know, friendship of course, but also the relationships that
they're right.

Speaker 4 (32:22):
But it's like it's also very heteronormous, like very like
that level.

Speaker 2 (32:28):
Except for one episode that is coming through that's ridiculously problematic,
like you're you're going to be offended.

Speaker 1 (32:34):
It's bad.

Speaker 4 (32:35):
It's like like one of the.

Speaker 2 (32:39):
Yeah, like it'sn't that level, like they're trying to be open,
you can like it is one of those badly placed like.

Speaker 7 (32:47):
Like season three, the critics were probably yeah, I don't know,
maybe not at the time, maybe they weren't like representation.

Speaker 2 (32:55):
No, it wasn't they wanted representation, but it was all
kit cheek, token ish, yeah, citation, and then they were
trying to make it a joke, which is why we've
seen a lot. Like one of the big problematic episodes
I remember from thirty Rock, it's similar to this in
which she talks about like she's giving out love advice
and then they're like, you know he's bisexual.

Speaker 4 (33:14):
She's like, there's no such thing. It's just a layover
to gay town or whatever. That's what she says.

Speaker 2 (33:22):
But like, but like it's so problematic, you're like, oh,
but they're trying to be funny. Yeah, And that's kind
of what Sex and the City does too, from a
very queer from very queer staff, Like we know that
the creator is a queer man, and so it's.

Speaker 4 (33:36):
Kind of like oh you didn't think that went through.

Speaker 7 (33:39):
But also at the time, I think like in the
community there was probably just more acceptance of that as well.

Speaker 2 (33:43):
Right, So there's so many things, But yes, I think
we got the predictions put it in my head.

Speaker 4 (33:52):
Did not forget you had it? What did you think?

Speaker 6 (33:56):
I really liked this episode.

Speaker 7 (33:57):
I think it was kind of it was a soft launch,
is how I feel about for a season opener. It
was like a nice easing in, you know, nothing too crazy,
but I felt like, you know, we really got a
good sense of where everybody is currently, like where there
their consciousness is, where everybody's thinking, and like that lays
the groundwork for the rest of the season.

Speaker 6 (34:19):
Yeah, I mean I loved it.

Speaker 7 (34:20):
I mean I haven't watched the show in so long,
so it was fun to bring it back. Yeah, to
get back in and like maybe I'll watch the rest
of the season.

Speaker 1 (34:28):
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (34:30):
So I do eventually think it's now that we have
had the entire team in at least one episode, we
need to come together maybe the season for Alley or something,
and have a whole like viewing.

Speaker 4 (34:42):
With all of us.

Speaker 1 (34:43):
That would be so good.

Speaker 2 (34:44):
And this is what we've already talked with like trying
to get Joey in on it too, because we were
talking about them bringing bringing them in to watch the
final Twilight.

Speaker 7 (34:54):
Oh oh my god, Okay, I need to I need
to brush up on Twilight because I specifically you recall
falling asleep in the second movie. I was dragged to
the midnight showing, right, so I do not remember anything,
but yeah, that might be even better though.

Speaker 1 (35:12):
Yeah, to have the reaction to be like oh yeah,
oh no, oh yeah, yeah, good mix.

Speaker 2 (35:18):
Well, thank you so much for sitting in with us,
for providing this lovely beverage has allowed me to stay awake.

Speaker 6 (35:24):
Thank you for having me again. Yes for welcoming me back.

Speaker 1 (35:28):
Yes, it was so fun.

Speaker 2 (35:29):

Speaker 1 (35:29):
I have missed these, so I'm excited to get through
the season and see where it goes. Yes, listeners, welcome back.
If you have any thoughts about this, you can let
us know. You can email us a Stephani your mom
Stuff at iHeartMedia dot com. You can find us on
Twitter at mom Stuff podcast, or on Instagram and TikTok
at stuff We never told you. I also forget. We
have YouTube you want if you want to go over there,

you can. We have a tea public store, at a
book you can get wherever you get your books. Thanks,
as always too, our super executive producer a ma Ya
Yes in studio, our super producer Christina Yes Joey who
hopefully will be here eventually into Yes Eventually in studio,
our excellent contributor, And thanks to you for listening. Steffe

never told you, a production of My Heart Radio. For
more podcasts from My Heart Radio, you can check out
the Heart Radio Apple podcast wherever you listen to your
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