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February 16, 2023 56 mins

It's Jamie and Caitlin's favorite holiday -- the 25th Anniversary of the release of James Cameron's Titanic -- and they're celebrating with an extra special Titanic episode. Here's VHS Tape 1!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
On the Beck doldcast, the questions asked if movies have
women and them, are all their discussions just boyfriends and
husbands or do they have individualism the patriarchy? Zef in
best start changing it with the beck del cast. Hello friends,
Titanic doesn't make that noise. That's noises from SpongeBob SquarePants. Sure,

but Titanic makes like a what yes, yes, now that
you now that you do that, I do remember that? Yes. Welcomecast.
Here we are Titanic Volumes seven. Um, so here's what

has happened listeners. We recorded an episode that is very
long on Titanic, so we are naturally breaking it up
into two episodes. You might even call them to VHS tapes,
kind of like a tape one tape two. And what
I think you're going to find as you listen to

these two episodes over the course of the next two
weeks is some listeners are going to skew a little
more tape one, other listeners are going to skew a
little more tape two. And it just kind of depends
on what your genre preferences are. Do you do you
like a solid recap or do you like unmitigated action? Chaos.
You know, there's this episode has everything, and I really

I mean Caitlin, I'm sure we talked about this in
the episode also, but every single year when we do
this episode again, we always think this is the year
that we will have nothing to talk about and we
will have to sort of start easing off of the
Titanic episodes. But guess what, as if this maybe our
longest yet, we maybe have more to say than ever before,

which is kind of I was honestly kind of shocked.
Not me. I know that our titan episodes show like
exponential growth or like you know, like something about like
compounded interests that one grain of rice. I'm not a
person in stem, but I do understand enough math to

know that our Titanic episodes will always get longer and
longer and longer. And that's just science. There's going to
be more and and as we record this today, not
to shock everyone, but we're going to see Titanic in
a gigantic group tonight. Caitlin spearheaded the operation, and I
think we've just about filled the theater with people that
we know who want to see Titanic because guess what,

everyone wants to see Titanic, not fools exactly. I emailed
all of my friends and I said, treat this as
though it's my wedding. I'm not going to actually have
a wedding. This is the equivalent of the big romantic
event of my life. You don't have to bring me gifts,
but you can if you want, and please just make

sure calm and support me on this day, the best
day of my life. So that's what top in this evening.
I can't wait. I mean, I hope that you're wearing
a gown or a talks I mean, look whatever, I'm
cosplaying as Fabritto, which yes, I mean, and that's that's
a solid fit it really And I would like to

have a wedding some day. But I would also like
to make people watch Titanic at it. Um. Wouldn't that
be a horrific that would be on scale with the
Titanic in terms of an inescapable hostage situation where everyone
is like praying for death. Um, disagree, disagree. I think
that people will be yeah, well you'll be you'll be cheer,

You'll be doing a rocky horror picture show kind of
thing in front, which honestly, I think we've filled this
theater enough that I mean the poor to other people.
But we could do a full rocky horror like Jack
and Rose. We've I mean, we've read, we've done the
script before. We've been wanting to do a live show.
Maybe that's what we'll end up talking about. Next year's

The Titanic from Memory, which would just be a performance
of the movie Titanic from us. It's not like we
lack the chops. Yeah, we we got this anyway. So
what you're about to hear on VHS tape one, the
episode that you're listening to right now, you know, it's
just Jamie and I doing our history with Titanic and

Titanic episodes we've done, which have mostly been on the Matreon,
so don't forget to scoot on over to the Matreon.
We've done a lot of beautiful there's the drunk one,
there's a commentary track. There's the one where we watched
the cartoon based off of the Titanic that was made
in Italy that makes no sense. We've watched everything, We've

done it all. And while I'm plugging stuff, while we're
plugging out here, just a sidebar, we did some live
shows recently in Portland that we also live streamed with
Sarah Marshall and Robert Evans. And guess what if you
missed the live dreams, those shows are now on demand.
You can buy a ticket to access them on demand,

so you can still see them. And if you want
to do that, the tickets to access those on demand
shows are on our link tree, link Tree slash spectel
Cast and you should really check those out because they
were and a holler fun. We're gonna be releasing truncated
versions of those shows. But yeah, that we did the
Goonies with Sarah Marshall so much fun. And then we

did the Handah Montana movie with Robert Evans and you're
really gonna want to the live stream because we do
wear Hannah Montana Wiggs and Robert brought a bunch of
knives and that is not going to come through in
the audio. Um so you can just need needs to
be seen to be believed. A spectacle, much like the
movie Titanic. So yeah, oh we're not. I mean and

have I listened to Titanic just audio walking around? Absolutely,
but it's the same. No, it's not. I wish we
could release our live streams in three d but maybe
you know, in twenty five years we can really and
then you can see me accidentally throw a knife at
the audience. You feel like it's coming at you. Yeah,
I mean, and and just in general, I mean, to

everyone who came to our to our shows in l A,
in San Francisco, in Portland, and in Seattle, thank you
so much. We had such a good time. We haven't
been on like a proper tour in a proper tool
in like three years, and it was like such a
fun kind of I mean, I don't know, our listeners
are the best, so and and and we get you know,

we're just talking on our computers most of the time,
and it's just like, oh yeah, people listen to this
show and it's fun and everyone is so sweet, and
so everyone who came, thank you so much. For everyone
who didn't come because they don't live in those four CDs,
we're gonna be doing more shows soon, so relax. Getting
the lifeboat to chill. Carpathia is on the way. That's us. Wow,

we have big time Carpathia vibes. Do you think I
think I think so. Maybe we're not the biggest boat
in the world, but we come to the rescue. We're
gonna get your home, babe. You're gonna be so thrilled
when we show up, even if we weren't the first choice.
Oh my god, that's so depressing if you're like the

Carpathia in a relationship floppy seconds. Wow, but the Carpathia,
I mean, well, I think what a deep cut Titanic
joke that was. But that's what the listeners are here for. Yes,
so you're about to hear Jamie and I chat about

some Titanic movie history, some current events as they relate
to the movie Titanic, things like that, some trivia we've
never heard of before. And then VHS type number two
is a very long Caitlin's famous recap plus Jamie's fun
facts corner. Yes, I watched every every single available commentary

track for Titanic. It took so many hours. So you
have to listen to the episode because my therapist was like,
you did what until four in the morning, so you know,
so please please support my mental illness. So please validate
us by listening to both VHS tape episodes this weekend

next and without much further ado, well, here's VHS tape
number one. You know, Caitlin, I think you may get
your headlines. Caitlin tape one Do Do Do Do Do

Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Nice. Sorry, I
was doing an impression of someone hearing that song for
the first time and you're just absolutely blown away. That's me.
I feel like that's very like dad energy to be
in the audience for Titanic and hearing the intro to

that song and just nodding approvingly and being like nice, wow,
beautiful music. Sometimes I feel like dad's I mean, this
is dad, and I'm generalizing, but sometimes dads just need
to like vocalize that they're alive and have registered something
in the world. It's like when they slap concrete walls
and they're like, yeah, it's pretty that's pretty strong, and

you're like, can we keep walking? Like can we please
stop hitting surfaces and observing noises quite so actively? If
that's not your dad, maybe you've met this dad. Look,
this is a celebration of that dad. But that's yeah,
when the when when dad's I mean, and and in

this this fictional dad I just made up. He went
to Titanic in theaters, so how bad could he be? He? Yeah,
he went twice. He went twice. Yeah, because this fictional
anecdote takes place in for he's seeing it again and
he's it's like but it's like seeing it for the
first time. So he's going nice. Oh my gosh, So
let's do the main feet episode two, and we're already

acting out what if this becomes another Oh my gosh,
what movie were we trying to talk about for your birthday?
And then we just oh, it was Shape of Water. Okay,
we're about to get off track because I haven't shown you. Yes, yes,
and I know I sent you a picture of it.
I'm pretty sure, yes, But I received this in the

mail the other day. Listeners, this is an audio medium.
But what you're looking at, look at this guy. I
know it's an action figure of the sexy fish from
the Shape of Water. He comes with eggs. Okay, check
that ship out. He comes with eggs and an angrier
face in case you want to in case you wanted
to be mad, in case he's hungry for a cat,

and oh when he comes with swimmy feet in case
you wanted to take him in the bath. Well, look,
I'm wonderful. I really cherished and that and I genuinely.
I haven't chosen a display place for him yet, but
I think I might just have him kind of like
looking at me where I work all day. I think
it's just I'm just that's what I've been doing so far,

and I feel good about it. That's beautiful. Thank you
so much. Um So, this is a reference to if
you're not a matron, First of all, what are you
doing together? Secondly, one time Jamie and I tried to
record an episode on the fish of Water. The fish
of water tee my brain, um, the shape of water,

and we went off the rails because we started talking
about the three eleven crews or something like that. We
can't get back into it. But I was like, and
it's coming up, but okay, look not today. So we
released this very chaotic episode on the Matreon. But today
we are focused because it's another Titanic episode. Or is

this our seventh Titanic episode? I believe so? Yes, which
I can? I may, I may pitch a title for
this episode. Oh of course, Titanic seven seven seven. Yeah, okay,
I'm gonna do it. Okay, I guess we should introduce
the show, Yes we should. This is not your average
episode listeners, just so you know it's turbo, but it's

a yes. Hello. My name is Caitlin Dronte, my name
is Jamie Loftus, and this is the Bettel Cast. It
is a movie podcast that takes a look at your
favorite movies or not using an intersectional feminist lens on
a regular day. Today we're looking at the same movie
that we both like for the seventh time from a

different angle. Now, this is film criticism at its highest level,
because it no longer quite makes sense, but it's it's
more of just like like many good movies, it's more
of a vibe and you either get it or you don't.
That's sort of what a Beckdel Cast Titanic episode is like.

But we're back and we actually have like normally we
would release our Titanic episode in April to line up
with uh. Rather morbidly, it's occurred to me the past
couple of years, the thinking of the ship because it
is an actual event that took place, which not everybody knows,
which is shocking, but to line up with the sinking
of the ship and my dad's birthday. Um, however, this

year you're wondering why now why now? Well, it's because
we recently, we as a culture recently observed the anniversary
of Titanic, which came out in wait what, well, guess
what else came out twenty five years after Titanic. Avatar too,
and you can feel whatever way about that that you

need to. The point is the Titanic rerelease happened Valentine's Day,
and I believe by the time our our treasured listeners
are hearing this up said, will we have been together
in imax? I believe or is it just shy? It
will be within a day or two, if not the day.

I'm not totally sure, because we're releasing this episode a
few days after the re release of Titanic in theaters.
So hot, so horny, yeah, freaking weight, and we will
both have gone probably twenty times by the time you're
hearing this. Yeah, well probably, But when you're listening to this,

if it's sometime in February, it's safe to say that
one of us is a Titanic. I I realized it
was possible for me to see it in three different states,
and I may end up doing that. So that's why
the episode is coming out now. We will not be
observing Titanic in April, as we normally do, But next
year we're back on schedule. It was an emergency though,

and so um. But this year we try to mix
it up in our Titanic episodes every single time. We
do one all six times, and I guess, should we Yeah,
let's let's do a little recap of what we've done
in the past, shall we? Or should we do a
quick like should we stick to the betel cast and

be like, what's our history with the movie Titanic? Really quick? Oh? Yeah?
Is it necessary? Like this might be someone's first episode
and they don't know us at always my fear, it's
my fear. Really, you go first, you don't buy jump
right right? Um? That's my perfect when you know a

DiCaprio in distress compression, flawless. My history was Titanic. It's
the best movie in the whole world. I love it
so much. It was too young to see it in theaters,
brag did end up seeing it on the two VHS
compilation the Iconic. Watched it with my cousin similar to you,
Caitlin spoiler, practically every day for stretches of time. When

I was in middle school, I got self conscious about
how much I loved the movie Titanic, and so then
I masked it by getting really into the boat Titanic.
I was like, it's not that I want to kiss,
it's that I love the ship carpentry Um, which is
an iconic lie that everyone definitely believed. However, to maintain

that lie, I did learn a lot about the historic event.
I watched A Night to Remember, I read A Night
to Remember, whatever, read the Dear America series, all the
Titanic expanded universe that felt history adjacent. I also read,
while still frantically wanting to kiss everyone in the cast
of Titanic. I used to sit on my porch roof
every year from April four pm April fift at twenty am.

My parents did not like this, but they just realized
that it would be easier to let me do it
than to tell me I couldn't. And they were like, Jamie,
there's so many like clear this is not one of them,
but there are so many like clear instances of like
mental illness. I showed as a child that my parents
were just like, um, she's a very precocious girl, like

every single thing, but so like I had speaking to
that my child O c D. I had a binder
full of facts I had learned about the Titanic that
I just sort of had, And when I learned a
new one, well, you know, I would write it down
and I put it right next to my series of
Unfortunate events facts binder that I also had, because I
just had a lot of binders full of information that
we're also written in this like code I had come

up with. So they are it's giving serial killer. It was.
It was a little it was a little frightening um.
And I say that with empathy for my younger self,
but also when I look at these notebooks I still
have them, I I do. It's it's bone chilling to
look at them, because you're like, Wow, what adorable handwriting
that is, Like this could be a threat, like it's

r UM used to go to Titanic the exhibit and
Orlando every time my family would go to Orlando. I've
since been in Vegas. I missed it when it was here.
I have seen all the re releases as they came out,
so I have seen it in theaters before, but I
can't wait to see it again. I even dabbled into
trying to get into Avatar for a long time because
I wanted to just support Jim. Um. Also, my nickname

was Jim in college because I thought James Cameron was
so cool Um, And I still kind of like when
people call me Jim. It makes I know that it's
like there's a weird, little like masculine power itch that
I get when someone hits me with the gym. I'm like,
that's exactly right, and I'm gonna and I'm gonna give

you an instruction there. I have an inner James Cameron
that I'm trying to We all need to kill the
landlord in our head and the James Cameron in our head.
I love this movie so much. It's the perfect movie.
I wrote a part for Billy's ane in the show
that never came out like it just the list goes on, Caitlin,
what's your history with the movie Titanic? Oh? My goodness,

I also deeply, deeply love this movie. I've pretty much
cultivated an entire personality around loving this movie and Paddington's
are the kind of two Oh is there a reference
to Titanic or Paddington's Better Alert Caitlin, because these two

movies are my entire personality, um, like as someone who
receives five hundred j pegs of Alpha Molina a day,
to the point where I'm like, I also, I have
a heart, I have a life, I've interests, I've read
a book stop um. But also I think that I
have a theory that truly like, if you're a public
figure in any way, shape or form, people cannot like

retain more than three things about you. And that is
just kind of like, I don't feel good or bad
about it, but it means I'm going to get a
picture of a hot dog every single day till I die.
And I feel like it's much the same with you
Titanic and Paddington, and sometimes we get some pretty good ship.
People send us good stuff. I'm not complaining keep sending it.
But yes, I love this movie very much. I saw

it for the first time in early it was around
eleven or twelve. I saw it in a a drive in
movie theater and I was like, well, this is the
peak of cinema. It's never getting better than this, And
you were right. I mean, I feel like you could
have to be disproven. It's true. People have gotten close,
people have made some good attempts, but this is really

the peak. And then my mom bought the two vhs
is for me later that year, and I spent every
day for an entire summer, often twice a day, watching
both vhs is and I've just never looked back. And
I watched this movie We've never let Go, and I've
never let go, and I would never let go. I

watched this movie once a month at least, sometimes more often.
I estimate that I've seen it well over a hundred
and twenty times. And that's honestly cool of me. We
talked about this recently. I think I'm closer to like
the hundred mark. Yeah, I probably like get good forty

viewings behind you, but I'm coming for you. I do.
I do have a few years on you, so that tracks.
It's true. There's time, there's time. Um. But yeah, So
this is our now seventh episode on Normally, if you're
a listener of the show, you know that we only
cover each movie once. But Titanic is special. Titanic is

the movie of dreams and it is it really is.
Let's take a quick break and then we will come
right back and we are back. Can we should we
go over? Kind of our our Titanic episodes that we've

done in the past, because we've done quite a few,
I do feel the need to, even though I don't
think she would be. She's upset, but like a partner,
and Trella was our first guest on Titanic episodes, and
I feel like we really came in pretty hot in
that episode. I just remember, I don't remember really anything

we said during the episode. I just remember a frenetic
energy that was coursing through the room in a building
that has since been demolished by the way, unfortunately, and
just catching a glint of panic and a partner's eyes,
if I'm being honest, a glint that said, oh, no,
I thought we were just talking about Titanic. I didn't
know we were yelling about Titanic. Yeah. I guess we

did not adequately prepare her for what we were going
to be like on that episode. Well, also we didn't,
to be fair, we didn't fully know and we had
we'd never done it. And I think that the fact
that we created a seismic kind of energy in that room,
it was impossible to know and that but but well

was for sure is that we really appreciated a partner
tolerating it, and that we had more to say than
could fit in the space of a single episode. That
was for sure, because that episode came out. If I'm
not mistaken in early ishen we've been early okay? Podcast started?

Oh right, okay, So flash forward about a year to
April fourteen. We released another Titanic episode on the Matreon.
Don't remember what we said on that one. I could
be anything. If I'm remembering correctly, that was literally just
like we didn't have enough time to say this and

we were scaring a partner. Um, here's all the extra
thoughts that we had. I'm pretty sure that was basically
an addendum to the first installment. That makes sense. Flash
forward to February twenty nineteen. I don't know why that
date was important or like why we can. I guess
it's like close to Valentine's Day, but kind of an

arbitrary date on our part, kind of chaotic of us. Interesting, Um,
this is the Titanic Colon Sunk and Drunk episode because
one of our worst, one of our worst, I think
one of our worst we've ever released maybe all the
I mean, it was definitely one of the worst ones
we've ever recorded. But thanks to the power of editing, Yes,

it turned out okay, I think. I now that's an
episode I don't remember, like, not because it happened a
long time ago, but because we were so drunk and
crying on the sunken drunk one. I remember the feeling
of it. We did we, I remember that we were in.
That was back when we used to record all of
our Matrion episodes in your bed. Yeah, so we would
have been getting drunk in your bed. Yes, which, look,

it's happened before, it will happen again. But that was Yeah,
that was a wild one. That was a wow. I
don't I don't have I I remember nothing. You cannot
take me to court over it. Later that month, oh
my god, because we've dedicated an entire month to Titanic
episodes on the Matron. So February we released our Titanic

audio commentary. See. I think we had to do it
in two parts because it was so long. This is
I think the peak of our Titanic content, because if
you haven't listened, this is I guess a long ad
for our Matron. But people to this day still still
use that commentary track Every once in a while. I
heard they're like, guess what I did last night, and
it's like, I feel like I should mail them something.

I feel like I should mail everyone who's ever listened
to that in edible arrangement. Um, for sure, i'd cry
a lot I remember that. Yes. So those were the
two episodes from February nineteen. Yes, now we move along
to On September, we released the YouTube link of the

live reading that we did of the script. Yeah, some
of the greats, some of the great Yes, indeed, highly
recommend you gotta check it out. Then on April fourte
so we're back on track as far as the day goes,
we released something called Another Titanic Episode col Edition. Yes,

and that was that was what exactly what if? That was?
What did we do? Well? That was? That was that
was Tentacles. That was when we found was it not?
That was when we found what is the name of
We found an Italian animated rip off of It's a
combination of I think an American tale Titanic and then

what else a little bit of Little Mermaid thrown in there.
But it's not super because basically, if you haven't heard
of that movie, it's about it's it's it's lightly revised
history in which everyone on the Titanic lives due to
a gigantic depressed to Puss named tentacles holding the Titanic
together with his gigantic meaty tentacles while almost crying, and

then he dies, and then he dies, and James Cameron
he wishes it wasn't heard from for many years, you wish.
I think it's very interesting that after that that movie
came out, James Cameron was not heard from for many
years because he was so jealous. He he literally was

so embarrassed that he didn't think of that that he
moved to New Zealand. Yeah, Avatar was not supposed to
take place in New Zealand, but he was like, I
will never recover from this great chance. I would, Oh
my god, how much money would you pay to watch
James Cameron watch that movie? Every cent? I had? Wow,

I I would, I would dump. I would really, I
would really make a big financial mistake for that, because
I do feel like he seems like he's a little
he's he's he's got a reputation of having a very
short fuse, which I think is scary in some cases,
but in this case, Oh what I love to see
him flip a table over this, it would be a treat.
This is also on this episode when we I get

I give a brief overview of Titanic two, which is
the disaster movie that is really bad but fun to
watch because of how bad it is. We also talk
about The six which is a documentary that we still
it's still not widely available from what I've been able to. Yeah. Um,

but it's a documentary about the six Chinese survivors who
were on the Titanic, who were able to escape the shipwreck.
But then we're vilified by the press and then we're
refused entry to the US, and these people were largely
erased from the history books and just like the historical

and popular narratives about Yeah, yes, I would still really
like to see that. Yeah, I've never I mean, if listeners,
if you have a way of watching it, we would
really like to see it. Indeed, and the Titanic six
six six would have been last year, if I'm remembering correctly. Okay, okay, Jamie,
is there another one? No? No, we never actually talked

about Titanic six six six, the full movie. We only
talked about the trailer and then you and I watched
it together. We watched the movie, but what for fun?
For fun made the best time. We had an absolute blast,
but there is no episode dedicated. I also had this thought.
I thought we had covered Titanic six six six on

an episode, but we did not yet do that. I'm
kind of beside myself at that news. I was like,
my my memory has been like really bad lately. But
I was like, surely I'm not wrong about this, and
yet both our brains have cratered in the past year
in a way that has been alarming for both of us.
But but I do, okay, I mean, I guess before

we get into what we're covering this year in preparation,
and I think I did more thorough preparation for this
episode than I have in the last at least last year.
I spent a good nine hours. I watched Titanic twice,
and then I watched three additional hours of featurettes, ETCETERA

very sick behavior. But it occurred to me in sort
of gathering that information, truly, how much we still have
we if we have not talking about talking talked about
Titanic six six six, we have never covered a night
to remember, we've never covered the Catherine's Ada Jones mini
series never covered Titanic the musical. There there is still

a wealth of Titanic content that somehow we have not
yet put to wax on on this damn show. And
so listeners, if you hate this, we've got some bad news.
We're like kind of only cracking the surface. Um, you
might even call it the tip of the iceberg. Oh well, well,

well that would have been the obvious thing to say,
and I just it just whipped past my head. Um
all right. So but but this this year, we have
a couple of things on the agenda. But Kaylie and
I kind of found a way to I I would say,
kind of combine our our superpowers in order to create

a new, robust and thrilling Titanic episode for you this year.
So true, so very true. Shall we start with the poster? Yes? Yes,
So before we get to well can we can we
just like this year, we're doing something we've never done
of Titanic before, which is the mega recap. Yes. So
if you're twenty six minutes into this episode thinking okay,

but what are they going to talk about? It's the
longest and most detailed and elaborate recap I've ever written,
but it's Titanic. What was I gonna do? And I
I know you were working on that for quite some time. Also,
I to try and an attempt to kind of compliment that,
because we've talked a lot about various myths and bits

and bobs surrounding Titanic over the years. I figured this year,
as you recap, I watched two commentary tracks for this movie.
That's why I watched Titanic twice yesterday. The first one
was with of course Mr Jim, of course alone, no one.
The second track has no less than like twelve people

on it. It's interesting because they're not all in the
same room. I think that twelve people recorded commentaries and
then they edited in the most interesting bits to make
a super commentary, which was actually pretty cool. It's like
the two main producers who are m Ray Sancini and
John Landau. It's Kate Winslet, It's Gloria Stewart, It's Francis Fisher,

It's Billy Zane, it's Kathy bates Um. It's basically everyone
except for Leo. And then it's also some like people
that you don't usually hear from on commentary trucks you've
got some stuff from James Horner, the composer, You've got
some stuff from the cinematographer. You even got some fun
stuff from the fully artist, like a very kind of fun, comprehensive.

I feel, I feel as if I live, laugh, learned
quite a bit beautiful, And so I guess I'll just
be piping in. But first we have some Yeah, we
we We've got some business. We've got some updates to
to give you. Indeed, let's take another quick break and
then we'll be back for more. And we are back.

So with the re release in theaters of Titanic, a
new poster was designed. I don't know who was behind
the designing of this poster, but as many people have
already pointed out, it's a little weird. Yes, so it's rose.
So it's kind of like a composite of an existing

Titanic poster that like came out in the initial theatrical run.
But some weird choices were made, maybe most notably with
Kate Winslet's hair. It seems like a composite of Kate
Winslet's head, Yes, for sure, because on one half of
her hair she has a curly updo, and then on

the other side her like soft loose waves are hanging
down and it doesn't make any sense. She's facing to
the left behind her and like clutching her is jack Um,
He's clinging to her for dear life. Also her body
so like the placement and proportion of her arms and

her torso are very strange, and it looks like her
head is on backwards kind of something that's not right.
I couldn't even really place what was not quite right.
I just it gave me like it felt like watching
the Polar Express kind of looking at this poster where
you're just like, that's not quite how people are. It's

just not quite people really not you know. Jack and
Rose also look very just like super imposed together, because
like they're hugging or like he's like clutching her, but
you can tell that they're not that these are just
like two images of these people that were just kind
of like glued together in photoshop. And it looks really bad,

Like the lighting is strange, like the shadows are like
it doesn't match up at all. It looks yeah, and
then here's me being very nitpicky. So Jack is shown
with handcuffs on his wrist, which means that this is
him from the night the ship sinks. On the other hand,

if I'm not mistaken, Rose is wearing the outfit she
wore the night that she and Jack met, which would
have been the iconic reat days before the ship sinks. Right,
Because we used to have an issue with where is April,
we've since figured out where a The poster I will say,

looks like shit, it looks pretty bad. It looks pretty bad.
But I will say, but I also think even though
the original movie poster for Titanic is so iconic, I
have generally preferred fan made posters, the one that you
have hanging in your kitchen, Kalin, I like much better
than any of the Theatrically. That said, if you work
in a movie theater and you have access to the

rerelease posters, I will like, I will Bansheese of inn
a share and mail you my finger like whatever if
if that's what you want. If you don't want that,
I won't do it. Which so it's kind of a
reverse no, actually he didn't want Yeah, only if you
want it. Colin Farrell did not want those fingers, So

it's kind of a reversal of It's a it's a
requested finger It's not as it would be an interesting
movie to cover on this show. It would, I think. Also,
you offering to chop off your fingers and mail them
to someone in exchange for a poster that you can
probably very easily purchase somewhere. No, no, no, it's it's okay, No,

this is this is good, this is good for us. UM.
I saw a tweet. Every time I say I saw
a tweet, I'm like, okay, I'm literally I'm old Rose,
I'm five hundred years old. But I saw a tweet
that said, like when Harry met Sally, women and men
can't be friends. Benche'es of innitiary Ino, men can't be friends.

That's good. So yeah, I I will at the posters
like freaky, we'll we'll post it on our Instagram if
you're interested in checking it out. And then there's one other. Um.
I feel like I was honestly kind of surprised that
there wasn't more Titanic production news that came out in
this last year, because James Cameron was like going on

his first press tour in years for Avatar to Weekly
Weekly Water and and but Titanic, they really only came
up in this in this one story, and it does
concern the door. I will say there are few things

that I'm less interest like, I'm so bored when people
talk when people talk about the door, I tune out,
I shut my brain off. I'm so sick of hearing
about it. I'm really glad we're on the same page
about this. I have always from the minute I watched
this movie for the first time as a twelve year old,
I was like, it's not about the size of the door. Sure,

maybe he could have fit from a surface area standpoint.
It's about the bouency. And that brings us to this
news story. Well, and then the other thing it tells
me before we get into this, right the other when
you tell me I have questions about the door and Titanic,
you're telling me that you have not watched every single
deleted scene. And I don't like you, I don't respect you.

It's literally like, even if it were an interesting thing
to say, which it isn't. Um if you watch the
deleted scenes, there is a very like it made sense
that they got rid of the scene and it adds nothing,
But there is like a little exchange that addresses he
tries to get up. Is like, there, it's addressed. It's

not gonna work. The buoyancy is not there. It's even
addressed in the text, like there's a there's a moment
where like they both try to get on the door
flips over. It's clear to both of them that they
cannot both be on the door. Jack is like, all right,
this is it for me. I'm gonna let her get
on the door to increase her chance of survival. And

I don't If there's one thing Jack Dawson knows, it's
about things in ice water. It's an established element of
his character. They brought it up. But but but Jim,
you know, people have been talking from Jim's ear off
about this for decades, and so he had something to say.

He commissioned a study. This is a really fun way
to know that you just have too much money. Someone
needs to rob him. If he had time and money
to do this. But yes, he was like, let's get
some forensic analysts on the case. And so I'm gonna
um kind of site this. This came up in a

few different publications. There was a Washington Post piece about this,
there was a piece in Deadline, There was a piece
on NPR, like major publications were reporting on this depressing.
But basically, he got really sick of everyone being like
Jack could have fit on the door at the end,
So he commissioned this study where he quote took two

stunt people who were the same body mass of Kate
and Leo and put sensors all over them and inside them. Okay,
and we put them in I watch that. He's like,
let me not get more specific about where did they
eat them? Was it? And we can still stop there?

Did they put little sensors in there? But who can
say I would do that for the right price. Give
someone my fingers that I've chopped up off to be
able to do that. Yeah, I guess I just gave
away that I would do a lot of things with
my body that you aren't necessary. Okay. So we put

sensors all over them and inside them, and we put
them in ice water, and we tested to see whether
they could have survived through a variety of methods, and
the answer was there was no way they both could
have survived. Only one could survive. Unquote. There was already

a MythBusters episode about this. It came to the same conclusion,
like I thought, the MythBusters was like. The MythBusters was like, Oh,
if they had tied Roses life jacket to the door,
it could have been more floaty and then they both
could have been on it. Oh well, I if that's
what they said. Oh yeah, what fucking losers that they

didn't think to do that when they were sinking on
the Titanic. Shut the hell up, MythBusters, bust your ass
right open. This is so I mean, I guess I'm
glad that hopefully this means people can stop talking about it,
although we I think we are very often discussed the
second most annoying thing to talk about with Titanic. But

we're right, and that's debating about the end. But let's
save that for the recap because I have a little
bit of commentary things I've unearthed, okay, that I'm looking
forward to sharing interesting. I think commissioning the door study
is objectively funny. It's really funny. What a gigantic waste

of time, um and and money to pay someone to
put a sensor in there, but to prove that the
movie that you wrote, Uh technically, but I do I will,
like I almost listen to a third Titanic commentary and
then I had to I would have had to go
to the hospital or something like. I couldn't have watched
the third But next year or in a future viewing,

there is a I think it's like it wasn't like
it's not official from Titanic, inc. But there is a
historian commentary track for Titanic, So historians are commenting on
the movie to like talk about it's like historical accuracies
or inaccuracies exactly interesting, which I would be interested in

listening to. It's on I mean, and also if you're
interested in listening to the commentaries, they're they're both just
like on YouTube. I just like sinked it with the
movie on YouTube. All right? Is that is that all
of our all our business? Have we ever I mean
this I I was going to just sort of interrupt
the recap at some point, but have we ever fully
discussed the chowder incident? I don't think in a lot

of detail. And there was a piece on Variety that
came out about them on than a half ago at
the time of this episode's release. That brings up the
So for anyone who doesn't know on the set of Titanic,
when they were filming in Nova Scotia, which is where
the scenes on The Kell Dish take place when like

Bill Paxton and Old Rose are talking about the diamond,
you know, like the framing device scenes. Someone drugged the
clam chowder that was like the cast and crew meal
that night with PCP and a bunch of people ate
it and they were all tripping balls, including James Cameron

and many other members of the crew. And then there's
like this wild story about them at the hospital because
they were in this like tiny hospital in Nova Scotia,
and then all of a sudden, this like these Hollywood
weirdos like PCP out of their fucking skulls running back
and forth between hospital rooms. The poor like staff at

the hospital are desperately trying to keep people apart, but
they're like he he, like I can smell of colors,
and like all the ship and my favorite element there
there is at least one. My friend wrote a pilot
about this, which I think is the best idea of
all time. And then apparently it was investigated by Halifax
Police for over two and a half years, which is uh.

I think a cab includes whatever the funk that is
um because the case is still closed I mean it
was closed due to lack of suspects, so whoever it
was got away. They never solved the case, No, because
their cops, So of course they wasted a ton of
state money and never figured out who with the PCP
and the chowder. Also, no one can even agree with

what the chowder was. Some people say Muscle Paxton says
it was clams, the police report says it was lobster.
What even was there? Bad Detective Work talked about him
James Cameron, of course, being the way that he appears
to be, it feels certain that he knows who did it.
Oh he said this to Vanity Fair, not to Vanity Fair.

Very Fair quoted him, James, I don't have a good
James Cameron impression. He doesn't really have like a distinct
sounding voice, So you can't really you can't do like
a Michael Bay like like. Anyways, we had fired a
crew member the day before because they were creating trouble
with the caterers, whatever that means. So we believe the
poisoning was this idiot's plan to get back at the caterers, whom,

of course we promptly fired the next day. So it worked.
Unquote Wow, I don't know. I mean, James Karen Marin
did have the PCP. Glorious Stewart was on set that day.
Fortunately she did not get the PC. Yeah, but apparently
there's like all these In the commentary, Bill Paxton, I
think really seems to delight in telling this story where

at some point there was a point where one of
the eight, like when James Cameron was realizing everyone was
on PCP, he was like, I'm pissed and he just
like stormed away. Did not make sure people wrote he
just but I mean, to be fair, he was on PCP,
but he stormed away. He bails immediately. Then one of
the A d s is in the cafeteria and it's

like good crew over here, bad crew over here, trying
to like figure out who's on PCP and who isn't.
And so people who are definitely sure they're on PCP
get to one side of the room, people who are
like I'm definitely not on PCP, or on the other
side of the room, and then there's some people in
the middle they're like, I'm not sure, including including And

this is a bizarre connection. But like I always kind
of forget and I feel like it's not fair from
a crediting standpoint, but like how there's like one credited
cinematographer on Titanic, but there's a number of cinematographers who work.
And the cinematographer working on the Kelly dish was Zoe
Deschanelle's father, Caleb de Chanelle, A moment in history. Zoe

Deschanelle's dad was on PCP that day and Bill Paxson said,
some people were laughing, some people were crying, some people
were throwing up. One minute I felt okay. The next minute,
I felt so goddamn anxious. I wanted to breathe in
a paperbag. Cameron was feeling the same way. Eventually, we
all got put in these cubicles with the curtains around us,

but no one wanted to stay in their cubicles. Everyone
was out in the aisles and jumping into other people's cubicles.
People had a lot of energy somewhere in wheelchairs flying
down the hallways. I mean everyone was high. Um, so
it just turned into a wild night. And James Cameron's
takeaway was because I like, I know that he is
no like whatever has a reputation for being tyrannical on set,

not being a fun guy to work for, and this
was like the only time at this entire shoot on
the Calder's that he had given them a lunch break
and this happened, and I think he was just like, well,
I took away from this is no more lunch. That's illegal.
I'm sure to to not look we Yeah, if Oshow

wants to get involved, by all means, someone should make
sure James Cameron is giving his crew lunch. But I
just I feel like the even though the PCP story
was like reported on since it happened, like it the
first story about it was in Entertainment Weekly, but it's
just such a good story that people love to talk

about it, and they're right to. Yeah, the Variety piece,
I don't think I had any new information. It was
just like, hey, it's December two, Titanics being rereleased in
theaters some time of years, so remember about that PCP story,
PCP chowder. I mean, so much of the production of
this movie is like fascinating and great, but that's that's

definitely up there. Yeah, all right, shall we? Yes? I
have a couple just updates Titanic related up to it's
before we get into the recap, as far as like
things I've seen or done, and here they are. I
went to go see Titanique. Oh yes, in New York City.
Ever heard of it? I have, and I've heard of Titanique,

but tell the people, Oh my gosh. It is a
musical parody of James Cameron's Titanic, as told from the
point of view of Selene dion as if she were
a passenger on the Titanic in nineteen twelve and was
hanging out with Jack and Rose and Ruth and fabritching
all the characters. So it's very funny. There's great songs,

it's great fun and I love it. So if you
live in New York or you get a chance to visit,
check out Titanique The Tanique. I also saw a show
called Never Let Go. I saw this at the Edinburgh
Fringe Festival last year. It is a solo show by

Michael Kinnon where he recreates the movie Titanic by himself
playing all of the characters. Unbelievable. I love it. So
I saw the show and a listener alerted me to
the show in the first place, So thank you for
letting me know about it, and so I knew to

like Check it out when I was in Edinburgh. I
saw I loved it. I messaged Michael after the show
and demanded that he be my friend. I was just like, hey,
I'm also an l A based performer who loves Titanic
and we should be best friends. And then he wrote
back and he's like, yeah, let's get a coffee or

drink or something. And then we did and now we're friends.
I love it that Titanic really genuinely does bring people together.
It's just a fact. I'm trying to remember the name
of the one man Titanic show that I do. Remember
when I told you like that I had done like
a show in Boston right after a man's one man

show about Titanic. Kind of I'll find it someday, I know.
I talked about it in one of our five episodes
on Titanicum. And then you went to the l A exhibition,
to the the one that like travels around. Yes, I
went to the Titanic exhibition in l A. It was
great fun. I also got another Titanic tattoo or a tattoonic. Yes.

Shout out to Ash Valentine, the tattoo artist. It's like
a VHS tape that says Titanic Part two on it,
because that's your Titanic. We were talking about this last week.
I think I think I'm a part Water. Yes. Oh,
and shout out to that conversation, which was on Queer Quadrant,
a podcast with hosts Jordan's and Brooke. We guested on

their episode about Titanic. It was so much fun, so
much fun. We talked about quit your undertones in Titanic,
we talked about the queer fan base, just all kinds
of stuff. Um So, listeners of the Battel Cast check
out Queer Quadrant. Well link them, Yeah, and there you
have it. That concludes VHS tape number one. Jamie, I

believe you may get your headlines. Oh, I've got a
feeling I will, Caitlin, I've got a feeling I will
cut to Billy Zane Piste in the doorway. But listeners,
you won't be hearing that until next week when we
begin VHS Tape two. I feel thrilled. I'm a tape

one head, so I hope you enjoyed tape one. Caitlin's
a tape two head. You're gonna love tape to It's
gonna be a blast. So throw this podcast episode. In
those did you ever have one of those like tape rewinders?
We never did. We did not. Sorry to flex ye brag, okay, sorry,
you were a millionaires and we had a tape rewinder.

I just couldn't I think that we got the tape
rewinder because my mom was like, how can I talk
to these children less? Let's just swap them out and then,
you know, get it done. Short, short, there's an investment
in not knowing each other. Let's end the episode. You
can follow us on social media again. Scoot on over

to our Patreon slash Matreon for so much more Titanic content.
You would not believe what we've got over there. And
it's not just Titanic bonus episodes, it's a whole slew
over a hundred episodes of And we're also right now
in the Matreon we're doing to popular requests for Valentine's

Day adjacent stuff. Um, we just did Sweet Home Alabama,
maybe the world's worst movie that we certainly did not
like it devil vibes. It's something that I would When
we posted about it, I was like, Wow, I am
just really that everyone seems to agree. It's it's an
evil movie. It's an evil movie to watch Sinister, And

then we will also be releasing an episode soon on
fifty one dates over on the Matreon, So go to
patreon dot com slash backtel Cast for five dollars a
month and you get to bonus episodes every single month.
And uh, you can buy some merchant t public dot
com slash the becktel Cast and otherwise. Stay tuned for

next week's VHS tape number two of Titanic

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