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August 4, 2021 34 mins

Dorrie (Tess Malis Kincaid) reflects on the fateful events of her, and dreams of an opportunity for redemption.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
The control group depicts a nuclear catastrophe and the complete
annihilation of the human race. Listener discretion is advised, Come
in quasar one, can you hear me? Nightingale to Quaisar one,

please respond, Septron. Isn't there anything you can do? When
I'm trying? But the microchip suffered in an adrostatic first,
the circuits could be irreparably damaged. That is, in due time,
I'm sharable by the way to reach her. Nightingale to

Quaisar one, Come in quasar one. Can you hear me?
Nightingale to Quaisar one, Come in quasar one, please respond?
For days, four weeks, four months is a signal unbroken

scent to quays Are one, refusing to accept your daughter's dad.
The queen continues to try and reach her Nightingale, calling
quasar one, Come in quais Are one. Control to Quaisar one,

come in. Can you hear me quais Are one? This
is Nightingale, Come in plaizer one, Nightingale Quaisar one. Can
you hear us? Wait a little okay, right? Yeah? Tell me?

Is up trump anything? We're bombarding Helios three with the
signal moving from up and down the electromagnetic spectrum, so
eventually will sync up with a native frequency of her
microchen she will eventually hear us. I'm sure we don't
even know if she's alive. Yes, you know better than

the hoh. Yes, will the Queen never reach? Ways? Are what?
Or was her communicator damaged when she wasn't tortured by

the bad men of Helios three. Find out the answer
to these questions and more in the next exciting episode
of Ways a Morrow Cooling production. Good morning, ladies, I

helped everyone had a pleasant night's sleep this morning. After
calis clinics in the sun room, will wash up and
walk down to the cafeteria like we always do. After breakfast,
will have our tea in the sun room, and Gina
will open up the signing room. If anyone doesn't feel
like cherry, so let's all get together and have a
good stretch. It's Thursday, July and it's going to be

a glorious day. Who have we not heard from today? Patty?

Do you feel like sharing something with the group today?
You want to at least look up for a second.
That's it. We'd like to see your shining face from
time to time. So if there are no more comments.
It's me, Oh, what's you? That girl on the TV?

I think she's me Dory. Are we not feeling well today?
On the show they erase her memory and she's in
an asylum at the end, and and and so am
I And I heard the radio signals in the real world,
not on TV. And I think it's my story. I

think I'm her Darling Dory crazyur one is make believe.
It's just a story. It's TV. I'll handle this, Irene.
Someone had to have created it. It meant something to someone,
and it means something to me. All right, Well, if

there are no further remarks from the group, I'll speak
to Dr Lothrop tomorrow and we'll raise the is our
one question with him? Um, I have a question. Moving on,
today's music lesson will take place in the sewing room
due to complaints of noise by some patients on the
war noise, I of course begged two different nurse Verder
I wasn't. I wasn't saying noise. I was like, that's

fine what you're calling our music noise? To me, it
is the sweetest of all music because it comes I
don't belong here? Where is here? Dory here, in this room,

in this hospital, on this planet, in this skin, this
is not my world. I really don't belong here. Lights out, ladies.

I hope you had a wonderful day. Now, if you'll
just close your eyes for a moment, say a prayer,
and when you're done, hold a happy thought in your
mind and have wonderful dreams of the blessing you had
hoped for. Good night. H m hm mm hmmm mm

hm m m m m m m m m my

m m m m one night, quais Can you hear us? Please?

Are one? N come in quasar one, Come in quays
are one? Come in wiser one? Can you hear me? H?

This is Nightingale calling quaisar one. Can you hear us?
Quais are one? I hear you, Nightingale. This is quaisar one.
I hear you. Did you get that? I have received

a sign? Keep her talking? Can I hear you? I
don't have a radio, quays are one. You don't need
a radio. I can hear you. Yes, you can hear me. Oh.
We thought we had lost you forever, but we refused
to give up. Why what, my dear, Why because you

are my daughter? Yeah, you are alive. Are you well?
I am being taken care of. Are you coming for me?
I'm afraid that simply isn't possible. We are still separated
by billions of miles, and do you have any last years?

So rather than allow you to have false hope, I
must tell you now we cannot bring you back to
Nightingale with the technology available to you. It is simply impossible.
I'm yes, I don't. I don't want to let the

rest of my opin place. Well, in a way, that
is what we have been wanting to discuss with you. Yeah,
there is a way for you to complete your mission,
my mission. But there is life on that planet. There

is now, but there won't always be unless you take action.
I I don't know what my mission is. I was
able to retrieve the anverness. We will guide you through
the mission, tell you exactly what to do. Are you

willing to finish your mission? Lays Are one? When do
we begin? Tonight? It all begins and it all ends tonight.
M When we last saw quays Are one, she had

just reached Helio's three, a planet doomed to extinction, to
try and change its course. Separated from her space suit,
her memory was erased, and she spent years in a
mental prison, unaware of who she is and what she
had come here to do. But now, through the power

of sub protonic energy, she is awakened from hibernation and
commanded to rise up and complete her mission. On today's
exciting episode of Ways are a moraculic production and close

it behind you, continue straight ahead. My destination was here
all along. I could have completed eight years ago, but

your memory had been erased. You were placed inside this
other person story in order to survive. You probably didn't
know you had a mission until we awakened you. Yes,
it all makes sense now, mother, Yes, my child, I'm

sorry I disobeyed. Oh, my darling, you have nothing to
apologize for. I just pity you being imprisoned on that
planet of thieves and murderers. I don't feel bad about that.
I only regret that I failed in my mission and
failed to honor you well. To night, you shall redeem yourself.

To night, you shall succeed in both. The device should
be five pieces ahead on the right. Look for a
stone inclosure above. The door is assembled three triangles within
a circle. I'm here, it's locked. Can you get inside?

A second, I might be able to Yeah, h what
do you see? Boxes stacked high on both sides of

the room. The box you need to reach is in
the rear. We needed to move the boxes from right
to left so you can borrow your way into the
far right corner. If I had succeeded on that first day,

could I have returned home? Had you modified your capsule
to the specifications they indicated, your arts of survival would
have been nine point five hundred thousands to one. As
far as the ghosts were concerned, this was never anything
but a one way journey. And there is another matter

about which the ghosts were not being entirely transparent. Your
mission on Helios three was not to stop World War three. No, No,
your mission was to trigger it. What your mission was

and is to eradicate all human life from Helios three.
It can't be. I don't understand. If you don't do
something to stop it. Fifteen years from now, an attack
will occur which doesn't just eliminate the human race, but

will destroy the entire planet, which will render it the
lifeless stone upon which you first landed. Okay, Had you
arrived twenty years earlier and you triggered World War three.
There would have been death and destruction. Nations would have

taken over other nations, but the humans of Helios three
would not have been devastated as a species. They would
have survived and immediately begun developing more of the same
type of weaponry that almost wipe them out. But now,

right now, we live in a special moment. The newer
bombs would be too powerful. The old bombs weren't powerful enough.
But the bombs where you are right now, those are
just right there, Mamma bears bombs. That is none of

their bomb. It's an expression they use here. It means
they are just right. Yes, the bombs they have when
you are now are not too weak, not too strong.
They are just right, just powerful enough to annihilate the

humans and leave most of the planet intact. You see,
you are saving life on Helio's three by eradicating those
who would destroy it. According to my calculations, only four
and all mammalian species would become extinct. Insects and finished
will rename virtually unaffected. Unfortunately, foul old fairs so well.

Not to mention the plants, the water, the atmosphere, those
will all be saved is this what the ghosts that
plant and all along it is? And I cursed them
for lying to you, deceiving you. You really were intent

on accomplishing your vision. It has to be now, it
must be tonight. The designation system is being dismantled. In
a few weeks it will be non operational. But now,
right now the system is still lying, but it's not

being monitored. It's a mama there, right, is it? A
mama there? Now is the moment delivery day, And it
is your decision whether to allow everything to die or
only some of them, myself included, yourself included. You once

told me that self sacrifice is the noblest gesture a
person can make. Ah. It seems that you have reached
the container you are looking for. L m o E.
That is the one. Ah, So here we are. Shall

we open it? It's your decision to make Quois are one.
No one will fault you if you choose to allow
the species to live on to its own inevitable DEMISEA

civil depends Audio Instruction series disc L m o E.
Dash B. Please listen to this disc only if you
have already played side one and have taken the necessary
time to consider your decision to launch a retaliatory attack.

To charge the launch device, insert the winding crank into
the hole the right side of the cabin, being sure
that the crank fits tightly over the internal winding shaft
and is pressed internally. Give the crank a risk crank
for six rotations. The red power light will get the blow.

Remove the folded antenna from the rear compartment of this case,
fully extend the length of the antenna and raise the
two arms to form a cross. Remove the cover marked
L M O E device. Switch the indicator dial to

the right to the arm position. The red light will
turn to yellow. If the light is gone out, it
may be necessary to give the unit three or four
additional cranks. Use caution not to overcrank the device or
the internal spring coil could be damaged. Then insert the

base of the antenna into the port marked A and T.
Inside the rear compartment is a sealed envelope with black edges.
You may open the envelope and remove a data punt
card inside. Place the punt card in the slot marked cove,

being careful to orient the card is indicated on the
label with the blue arrow facing toward you. Pointed down.
Now turn the indicator dial to the send position. This
will lock the card in the device. The yellow light

should now be red and flashy. You may then depress
the wide black launch button. When you do so, there
will be an audible click and the transmitter will reset.
Your message has been sent. You will not know if

your launch command was received. We recommend that you wait
five minutes before sending the launch order again. It will
take several minutes, maybe as much as an hour, for
your launch signal to be forwarded through the proper chain
of command. You may reset and repeat the process as

many times as you feel appropriate. Well, thank you for
coming to the defense of this great nation. That God
have mercy upon us. All is that it. If Zebtron's

calculations are correct zeb Tron, we must assume the command
has been sent. So now we just wait. Now we
wait when it's over and done. I don't want you

to grieve. How can I not? It's just I know
how painful it is to lose a daughter. How can
you know that I had a daughter? You had a
child while I was here on Helium is three. Yes,

I had a child. She was fifteen years old when
she died. Oh my dear, I'm so sorry, and I wish,
I wish I could save you from that pain, the
irony you are pitying me right now? Oh Quays are one? Mother?

Yes child? When will it happen, the reformation of Helios three? Yes, well,
theoretically it has already done. It occurred two hundred and
two years ago. You had Shall I describe it to you?

Tell you the story of your life's accomplishment, since you
will not be able to witness it yourself. Is it
a sad story? Oh? No, it is quite beautiful. From
the moment you triggered the launch, it took twelve hours.

What's wrong? I forgot You're on the other side of it.
So permit me to speak in future ten under the
assumption that it will come to pass. From the moment
you triggered the launch, it will take no more than

twelve hours for all the world's nuclear weapons to be detonated.
Some will reach their destinations right, some will be shot
out of the air. Others will be detonated while still

on board the submersible ships that are ferrying them closer
to their targets, vaporizing the water around them. When the
bombs reach their targets, all the physical achievements of the

species will be erased. The cities will be pulverized, flattening
in a moment what had taken centuries to build. And
then there will be lends. The great machines of industry

will cease to turn, the vehicles will remain idle, and
death will move across the land, through the air, and
into the water. Any creature that can burrow into the earth,

descend to the lower depths, or fly away from the
royaling clouds of poison will stand a chance of survival.
Among these animals hiding in the dark will be the
remnants of the murderous race that created the weapons. They

will remain in side caves carved deep into the sides
of mountains until they have consumed all their rations and
can wait no longer. They will crawl out of their
warrens and squint into the warm, welcoming sunlight. They will

congratulate themselves for their ingenuity. They will plant crops, they
will hunt game. They will harvest the bounty of Helios
three renaissance. But they will soon learn that the poison
has a longevity that none could have predicted. It abided

in the land and in the air, patiently waiting for
them to emerge, And with every breath, every morsel of food,
every drop of water, they will poison themselves. The people
of this new Eden will attempt to repopulate the planet,

to reclaim their dominion offer its resources, but they will
soon discover that human fertility has been diminished. The unborn
will seldom be borne, and those that are will survive
no more than a few days. Once they leave the

mother's protective room. Will It will take decades, but they
will succumb until inevitably there is one human remaining incapable

of reproducing without a mate. He will embody the end
of his species. The civilization of Helios three will at
last come to an end. Civilization. There is nothing civil

in what they have done. Civility had vanished from this
planet long before the first bomb exploded. Dory, Yes, is
that you in there? Dory? Dear, patients are not allowed

down here. I apologize just a moment. What is that
you're doing. I'm just sending a message. What kind of message?

It's complicated? Mm hmm, I'm sure it is. You, poor dear,
You've made a mess of this place. I'm surprised they
still keep all this stuff down here. Hardly seems worth
the bother. Should I put it away? Leave it? Let's

get you back to bed. I'll send an attendant down
in the morning. Come with me. Dear, did you finish
sending your message? I think so. Did it go through?
I think so? Yeah. Maybe we'll find out tomorrow. You'll

feel better in the morning. They say it's going to
be a glorious day. I hope so. The Control Group

is a production of My Heart Radio, written and directed
by Brett Wood, recorded and mixed by Rob gal featuring
Tess Malice Kincaid, Alexandra Bicken, Hannah Beerman, Minka Wilts, Mary Crapped,

Tim Habiger and Keith Brooks. Music composed and performed by
Rob Gaal. The executive producer is Ben Bowlen, Supervising producer
Paul Deckett.

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