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May 30, 2024 46 mins

The guys were joined by podcaster and co-owner of 19 Media Group Warren Shaw on the latest episode. They discussed the Celtics and potential matchup thoughts!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Well, well, well, if it isn't, my dear friend, the
Boston Celtics that have already qualified for the finals.

Speaker 2 (00:08):
Qualified technically on a technicality.

Speaker 1 (00:12):
On a technicality, just merely because they won the best
of seven series. I don't know, I don't know.

Speaker 2 (00:17):
Does that mean?

Speaker 1 (00:19):
All right? Look enough of that, But look, meanwhile, the Timberwolves,
we're actually able to extend the series in game four.
As we head into tonight's Game five, backum Minnesota. We'll
get into all of that and plenty more with podcaster
Warren Shaw in today's episode. I'm Miles Gray.

Speaker 2 (00:35):
And I'm Jack O'Brien, and this is Miles Post three.
Got it?

Speaker 1 (00:46):
Looka dot chic hitch tem o K there you go,
driving spinning.

Speaker 2 (00:55):
From black Scott up with five?

Speaker 1 (00:56):
Is gonna try another three, mister.

Speaker 2 (01:00):
James, to be honest with.

Speaker 1 (01:03):
You, be honest, orn Shaw, Shoot to the show, co
host of The Baseline NBA podcast, host of Dope Interviews,
co owner of nineteen.

Speaker 2 (01:13):
Media Group, and Celtics fan, thank you so much for
joining me.

Speaker 1 (01:19):
Well, well, well, if it wasn't time for you to
truly sip on our tiars, dine on our sadness, what
better time to have picked. I mean, at least at
least it's before the final, so we can at least
pretend maybe there's a chance that the Celtics don't win
an eighteenth championship. But hey, a boy can dream. Kenny,
how you been man?

Speaker 3 (01:37):
Listen, it's very big of the both of you to
invite me on this platform, you know, at this time
of the year, after we have clinched our second finals
in the last three years and sixth conference finals in
the last seven years. I do appreciate that. I think
that's very, very big of the two of you. So
I'm looking forward to an exciting conversation with us.

Speaker 2 (01:54):
Yes, well, you sound like you sound like the Celtics
subreddit right now. Something subreddit is disgusting right now, so
they're just like, you know what, what's going to be
the sweetest part? I think it's going to the freedoms
tatum where in the NBA finals MVP ring probably haters.

Speaker 1 (02:14):
Wow, Like there's a finals MVP ring ye for this example, Yes,
yes there are, but yeah, yeah, we will get into
that for sure. There's a lot happening also. I mean, yeah,
you know, on earlier this week or over the weekend,
we lost a legend.

Speaker 2 (02:29):
Bill Walts, the Great Bill Walton passed away at seventy one. Yeah,
far too far, too soon.

Speaker 1 (02:35):
Yeah, I did not realize that he was battling cancer,
so that had any as a bit of a surprise.
You know. One of the great commentators too. I still
think throw down big Man, still like one of my favorites.

Speaker 2 (02:48):
One of the most unique, one of the great commentators.
My dad was friendly with him. My dad coached in
the league and I once overheard them talking to each other.
My grandfather was also really close to him.

Speaker 1 (03:00):
Yeah, said he was one of the greatest human beings.
I think.

Speaker 2 (03:03):
Yeah. But my dad was greeting him and was like,
how have you been billed? And he was like a
terrible I'm horrible at my job about commentating. I was like, yo,
you're like one of the one of the best. What
are you talking about?

Speaker 1 (03:20):
Oh man, Yes, and one of my fellow Bruins. But yeah,
you know, rest in peace to Bill Walton. You will
be greatly missed.

Speaker 2 (03:28):
A lot of great quotes, yeah, a lot of great
quotes from him circulating online too.

Speaker 1 (03:34):
Yeah, yeah, for sure. But I guess let's not waste anytime, huh.
Shall we just dive into.

Speaker 2 (03:42):
I mean, there's nothing wrong with wasting a little time.

Speaker 1 (03:44):
Yeah, let's talk about something else, man, Or what's your thought?
Which which supper.

Speaker 2 (03:48):
League is coming up?

Speaker 1 (03:50):
Who you got who makes your favorite barbecue sauce? I'll
go first. I like blood cells mild. That's just me. Yeah,
but any anything else beside besides the Eastern Conference from.

Speaker 2 (04:03):
Doug McCain favorite Bill Walton quote a California, if the
Pilgrims landed here, the East coast would still be wilderness.
I love that. I love a little shade, intercoastal shade.
I'm an East Coast person, but yeah, there's a lot
at said for California. Anyways, I think that's the episode.

Thanks for coming on.

Speaker 1 (04:30):
But man, that was that was a sweep.

Speaker 2 (04:32):
Uh that was the sweep. That was like a very
entertaining sweep. Though like Game one was wild, one.

Speaker 1 (04:39):
Was wild gave me a bit of false hope, I
must say. I was like, man, maybe no no, no.

Speaker 2 (04:46):
No no no, no, Like how are you as a
sound like what's it like Warren to root for this team?
Like was that in doubt for you? Because for me,
as Halliburt was like looking at his hands like smiling
like we we're gonna do it.

Speaker 1 (05:04):
I was like, poor, poor, unfortunate soul.

Speaker 2 (05:08):
Yeah. Yeah, and then they just like gave the ball
to the Celtics repeatedly, like they were like there was
a witch's curse on them. Did you have a feeling
that was coming?

Speaker 4 (05:19):

Speaker 3 (05:19):

Speaker 4 (05:19):
No, who's going to predict that.

Speaker 3 (05:21):
I think obviously younger team fine, but them losing their
composure the way they did in Game one and then
ultimately again in Game three and again in Game four
like it's and I guess maybe by that time we
should have expected it, and I think the Celtics themselves
obviously did, especially by Game four. But that first game,
you know, I was on edge, you know, like everybody else.

And the Celtics make a lot of people nervous, especially
their own fan base because I have a lot of
bad habits that they can't always get out of their
own way from. But in and is a good team,
so I'm not trying taking anything away from them. But
talent wise, the talent disparity was was fairly vast, and
that was the experience factor, and I think that's where
Boston was able to kind of get through there, especially
you know in that first game as Indiana just kind

of coughed the ball up every single position on the stretch.

Speaker 1 (06:04):
There was crazy. It was crazy.

Speaker 2 (06:05):
Right, there's a shakiness to everybody except the Celtics in
the in the Eastern Conference, the Knicks. Kind of like
if the Knicks had been able to not physically fall apart,
they were a little less shaky than everybody else. But
the Celtics are just, you know, highly competent. We've said

since about halfway into this season, that's the Celtics versus
the field. In my heart, it's always the Celtics versus
the field. There's only one team that I like consistently
rooted against it as the Celtics. But this is much Yeah,
but this is also a historically great team. I feel

like if another team like beats them, I feel like
that's a massive upset, right, Like, that's they're like when
you look at their stats, it's it's kind of bonkers
how good they've been throughout the season, right, Like.

Speaker 1 (07:07):
Warren, do you have confidence as a fan because you're
seeing the same thing like, well, objectively statistically like we
should be winning the championship, But there is there also
a part of you that doesn't want to fully obviously,
because anything can happen. But I know one Celtics fan
personally who is sort of like, I don't know why
this is a foregone conclusion. Not that they're saying like

not as aggressively, but they're like, look at the path here, like,
we're we're just blowing through teams. We're gonna get Chris
Staffs back, and I just don't see. We're probably our
own worst enemy. Do you Are you operating from that
place too? Are you still leaving some objectivity to be like, well, no,
let's not get ahead of ourselves. Just because we're just
beating everybody up like it's nothing, doesn't mean it's nothing like.

Speaker 3 (07:51):
That by nature, I'm you know, a little bit softer
in my approach, you know, and try not to be
like hopefully aggressive. I think ball is talent wise, they're
in position that they should win the NBA Championship. However,
we've seen enough of this team in this organization to
understand that, hey, sometimes they don't always do the right things.

They don't always do the things that they want they're
supposed to do. And I think what a lot of people,
in my opinion, have been mythed about in addition to
not liking them just in general, but it's like they
haven't won with style points, especially in this Eastern Conference finals,
Like with the.

Speaker 4 (08:26):
Talent is spready being what it was.

Speaker 3 (08:27):
It wasn't like all right, they just you know, beat
the dog crap out of Indiana, Like there was close games,
you know, nemhard who most of the NBA public still
had never heard of many people up for thirty points,
and it's like, all right, well this is you know,
this is your king, this is your elite team. So
I understand why, you know, people are bullish, if you will,
on their potential championship aspirations. But the talent is there,

And if I can just be not necessarily nerdy for
a second, but the biggest thing to me about where
the Celtics are this season is they actually believe in
Joe Mozula's message. Like whatever he got, whatever he had
going on last year, wasn't it that that wasn't the vibe,
that wasn't the mojo. They are singing his tune and
they are bought in in a way that I didn't
expect them to be. But I also want to credit
guys on the bench like Sam Pasel and Charles Lee.

They've done a really great job of kind of captaining
that ship, and everybody's really bought into that.

Speaker 4 (09:15):
So this is why they should win. But fans of
being Dallas, you know, and you got the Kyrie stuff
going on there, and that crap never excites me.

Speaker 3 (09:23):
Man, I really don't want to part any of the
Boston crowd and him going back and forth with them
as well too. I'd rather avoid that and keep it basketball.
But there's not a chance to hell that happens.

Speaker 1 (09:32):
Do you think potentially that could work to whose advantage?
Could that work in? Like in terms of yeah, that
would just take him to another level?

Speaker 4 (09:41):
Yeah, Like why would he not play the villain?

Speaker 3 (09:43):
You know, and that while he's been a great soldier
this season for the Dallas Mavericks if you will to,
but that doesn't mean he has to go out there
and stop stump on the Leprechaun and that's simply the villain.
I think it's just like, all right, you know, he'll
he'll die in on the salty booze of the Celtics
fan hitting clutch shots, left hand floaters and all that.
And then yeah, I mean the press conference just like,
you know, those are things that make me nervous. I think,

you know, when it comes to the Celtic faithful, the
team itself should have enough to kind of rack all that.
But some of this time, when it gets when it
gets this far, it's it is the intangible and it's
the little things that can get you over the proverbial hump.
And I wouldn't want to give Dallas Rocarve specifically any
extra motivation or advantage, right.

Speaker 2 (10:22):
Yeah. There were multiple points throughout this series where the
Pacers was like Nemhart would score and I would be like, wow,
I can't believe that went in. Surely that is the
last point that the Pacers for in this game, Like
it just didn't. I don't know. I was always surprised

at how close they were able to keep it.

Speaker 3 (10:46):

Speaker 2 (10:47):
Indiana is an exciting team, I think I stand by.
I think they gave them a better series than we
would have seen from the Knicks, even though it was
a sweep. I just I don't know. They had a
lot of weapons. Some of the losses were really really close,
and again losing Halliburton some injury luck for the Celtics
in the sense of, you know, I guess eight of

the twelve wins they've gotten, the team they're playing has
been playing without their best player.

Speaker 1 (11:17):
How do you look at that warrant because I feel
like that's like a narrative that a lot of fans
are grappled or you know, they're they're like, so what
like it's because.

Speaker 2 (11:24):
We're a lot of Celtics haters.

Speaker 3 (11:26):
Yeah, yeah, I mean, but going by what she All said,
even in the outset, you know, it was they were
supposed to be here, so how they got here is
inconsequential really, but I think it's the aspect, well, we
didn't get to see them sweat enough. And from my
viewpoint pan or otherwise, the biggest knock on Boston has
always been their inability to close close clutch games.

Speaker 4 (11:48):
Now, should they not be.

Speaker 3 (11:49):
In a clutch game against the Indiana Pacers with Harra's
Haliburton out of the lineup, Probably, but nevertheless they were,
and they found ways and essen they were able to
kick it out. So that's the biggest knock that's been
on the team, especially from years past that you've seen
that maturity and that growth, and obviously Goazak, Drew Holliday
had been you know immense in being able to turn
that narrative around in the short time into playoffs. But yeah,

I get I get Riverboy's coming from. And I agree
with you Jack. In terms of Indiana, Jalen Brown said
on multiple occasions, it's like he was like, as if
they didn't play them five other times in the regular
season without playing tournament included the pace and you know,
pun intended, but they were running up and down in
the floor and yeah, for twenty third or twenty fourth
in pace this year, it's almost like they weren't prepared
for Indiana to do that at times, which doesn't make sense,

but you know, anyway, they were able to get back.

Speaker 2 (12:34):
I don't know. I just know if they were physically capable,
like the I don't know if the human body is
physically capable of the number of minutes, and then like,
you know, the number of minutes that everybody's putting in
across that whole postseason, and then you get into a
series against the Pacers, a seven game series against the
Pacers that takes a toll. I would imagine problem people

not me. I would have been fine because I'm in
a amazing shape. But so the one thing that is
giving Celtics haters hope that I think maybe shouldn't at
this point after watching that series. Is the theory that
NBA seven game series, playoff series finals series usually goes

to the best player, the team with the best player
like that. That's sort of an old kind of rule
of thumb in the NBA, and I think some people
I've been guilty of this, been like, well, Luca's better
than Tatum, so maybe maybe they have a shot. However,
I think the reason that that has happened in the

past is because other teams, like you kind of lose
your confidence down the end, or like you need somebody
who's just like Alpha, I'm gonna take the big shot
when things get kind of clogged up in a seven
game series, you need somebody who's just a bucket, who
can just get a bucket no matter what. I don't

see that being a problem for the Celtics. I really don't.
Like they have so many guys who are a clutch
and like Tatum could be clutch, but like he has
been like at various points, but like you know, Derek
White is clutch, like Jalen Brown is clutch, Like they
can get buckets down down the stretch. So I don't know,

I'm having a hard time. More like, as we get
closer to a series to the finals, I'm having a
tough time believing in that theory. But this might be
me reverse jinxing it and try trying to so.

Speaker 1 (14:42):
I just remember, I think, wasn't it the game one
text threat or I was like, look.

Speaker 2 (14:45):
At Tatum, he ain't clutched. Yeah, And then he started
making yeah yeah.

Speaker 1 (14:51):
And I was like, see, I'm trying to motivate the
young man. That's going on, that's right. And then I
post that like crying face guy with the mask on
that's smiling and some clutch.

Speaker 4 (15:03):
He did have ten points in that in that in
that overtime.

Speaker 1 (15:05):
Yeah, definitely absolutely absolutely blew up in my face for sure.

Speaker 2 (15:10):
If I shot that much, I'd have ten points in
the overtime. That's a spare Jack's there, you go.

Speaker 1 (15:17):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean, like, where are you kind
of with the you know, I see a lot of
people too saying like for all the talk about you know,
Mitchell being out or Jimmy being out or Halliburton or whatever,
like no one's talking about Perzingis being out this whole time,
Like and that's also a story. I feel like the
Celtics are just so good that just wasn't necessarily a factor.

But where do you kind of come down on that.
I mean, it's obviously a bonus now because it sounds
like he's he says he'll be ready for the finals.

Speaker 4 (15:43):
Yeah, for sure, I'm not.

Speaker 3 (15:45):
I would have been severely disappointed and you know, tiki
torches and whatever, you know, story Boston had they lost,
you know, in this conference finals or any of the
part of the playoffs just because they didn't have orzingis
like that's like he was brought in for the regular season,
but really to help solidify the championship, but especially with
these other teams on the industries that they have, he
was not needed. So I don't think it needs to

be a story. I understand, you know, I think you know,
the true Boston faithful if you will are gonna plamp
on everything that's that's adverse I think to their narrative,
if you will, I'm just not that.

Speaker 4 (16:17):
Guy, you know, I can't. I can't be that for
the sake of a podcast either.

Speaker 3 (16:21):
But at the end of the day, I think, you know,
porzinc Is coming back is a huge huge bonus. But
you also have to remember, and not that I'm trying
to qualify it, but he's ever been at the damn
Finals before. So five weeks off, your first game back
is NBA Finals, the first time you've ever been there
at that level of intensity, there's going to be a
semblance of Russ there. Whoever that is, whether that's Dallas

or if.

Speaker 4 (16:42):
It ends up being Minnesota.

Speaker 3 (16:43):
They so happened to come back, like you know, I
don't know how many minutes and how productive he'll be
even at that point. Well, hopefully by later stages of
that series, if it goes into later stages, he'd be
able to contribute in a way that he was brought into.

Speaker 2 (16:56):
Yeah, poor Zing gets revenge. Series is going to take
it to Dallas for trading him. That's what's happening.

Speaker 1 (17:04):
Yeah, well look everyone's going to have their own revenge narrative.

Speaker 2 (17:07):
That's my impression of somebody I read it. All right,
let's uh should we take a break and yeah, turn
to the left out west, just making it flick turn.
You're looking at a map, I'm looking I'm facing north.
Uh yeah, no, it actually doesn't really work anyways.

Speaker 5 (17:27):
Uh, we're gonna take a break, We'll be right back,
and we're back.

Speaker 2 (17:39):
We're what I tell you. I told you these MAVs.
These MAVs, man, they were they there, they got something
going on offense right now. Yeah, I was not confident
in Minnesota's offense coming in, and I think that was
the correct thing to be where about because they through

four games. It's it's just you never really feel confident
like where their offense is gonna come from, Like right,
and has amazing moments, but it's not there yet where
he's just like unstoppable. Where's Luca even when his SHOT's
not going down, he's having twenty eight, fifteen and ten,

you know, right, it's in the loss. That's it. That's
the stat line in the one loss. But like Luca's
been incredible.

Speaker 1 (18:32):
Damn that whole duo. I mean, like, what was it
that stat there? Kyrie and Luke are the first starting
backcourt these have at least thirty points in the same
game three times in a postseason in the last fifty years. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
they're doing They're doing something. They're doing something. And man,
Gafford looks fantastic too. I've I I went going in

look because as a Laker fan. I was like, yes,
you beat the Nuggets, be my champion now and do damage.
I was like, oh, yeah, you can't handle them. You
can't handle them, like aunt really needs he needs he
needs help. He needs help beyond what is on that
that bench and on that court at present. But yeah,
it was interesting too because that game four like sort

of like everyone was like, well, you know, Kyrie was
what fourteen and oh at that point and close out
games and this was his first blemish. And then I
guess aunt was saying He's like, I did not want
to be swept. So I took that personally and was
an assist shy of a triple double.

Speaker 4 (19:28):
So I liked what Minnesota did there.

Speaker 3 (19:31):
I think, you know, Ant was talking, you know, being
aunt ish as he does, you know before the series,
like I got Kai that wasn't that wasn't working up
so right, and they put McDaniels on him, you know,
and Kay's he struggled, you know, in that game, and
dal still had a chance to win, and.

Speaker 4 (19:49):
Lucas struggled as well.

Speaker 3 (19:50):
So I think if you're Minnesota, you feel like you
can at least push just the six, especially going back
in your home floor although they haven't been amazing on
their home floor, you know, especially from that against Ednver.

Speaker 4 (20:01):
But ultimately this is this is a spot.

Speaker 3 (20:03):
Where hey, you just got to, as an old cliches,
go one game at a time. But I think you're
a thousand percent correct and what you've alluded to, you know,
with Aunt doesn't have Cat being able to do you know,
a number two type of things.

Speaker 4 (20:16):
That's a problem.

Speaker 3 (20:17):
And I don't I feel like this was I don't
know if this is a real thing on on Twitter
or whatever the case to be, but I damn near
fell out of my chair when Shaq called Cat mister meow,
and I was like, is.

Speaker 4 (20:26):
This a real thing?

Speaker 3 (20:28):
And I was searching for it, but I was like, yo,
he's got he can't be mister meow.

Speaker 4 (20:32):
He's got to be out there, you know.

Speaker 3 (20:33):
With a like a full like roar and and not
me out and like you know, like like like Kitty
in the corner.

Speaker 1 (20:38):

Speaker 3 (20:38):
So that so they need from Carl Anthony Towns, for
Anthony Edwards to and and and company to push this series,
you know, to six or seven games.

Speaker 1 (20:45):
Yeah, oh do we think what do we what do
we think? Six? Ken?

Speaker 2 (20:50):
I mean that sounds like wishful thinking from a Celtics
fan that they're gonna.

Speaker 3 (20:54):
Face listen, hold on And going back to that from
the other side, have the Sics did you see Jason
Tatum or the ghost of Marcus mart Tanya Hardening, you know,
Donovan Mitchell's legs or Jimmy What.

Speaker 1 (21:07):
Are we talking about here?

Speaker 4 (21:10):

Speaker 2 (21:11):
I'm just saying that looks especially like a witch's curse
at the end of that game one man, so that
anybody cursed anybody.

Speaker 1 (21:19):
But I'm not saying it wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald, but wow,
where was Jason? Was he in dey Plaza? Yeah? I man,
six games? Maybe I don't know. I really don't know.
I mean, here's an interesting question because you got MAXI

Kleeber came back in for his first little bit uh
in that game five? Was there game four? You think,
what do you think his impact is going to be
as compared because I feel like, you know, prising is
coming back is one thing, and Kleeber could be potentially that,
but he's been out since May third, so I'm not
sure if it's gonna be.

Speaker 3 (21:58):
And I think that's why Dallscott has got to get
this series over with so he can continue to rest
and rehab whatever. Because he's got like a holster on
his shoulder right now. I know that's what he heard,
but that thing looks crazy, yeah, So I can't imagine
that's comfortable to shoot with. And that's the biggest thing
that he's out there for right is able to space
the floor. So he looked hesitant, you know what we
saw in game four, and then when he did try
to hoist it up because like he just had no choice,

was obviously well short. So I applaud him for being
out there number one, but I think understanding that he's
going to struggle right now and he needs some more
rest in essence to be able to get back into
game shape and be effective in the NBA Finals if
Dolls were to make it there.

Speaker 2 (22:32):
Yeah, Dallas has thirty five allups in this playoff successful valubs.
The remaining teams combined have twenty I guess not remaining
anymore because the Pacers are out. So the Wolves have six,
the Celtics have eight, the MAVs have thirty five.

Speaker 1 (22:53):
There were some what video game esque like lobs and
like in that Series two, I was like, there can't
be somebody on the end of this one, you're like, oh,
and just that one last night with Derek Jones, Yeah, yeah,
I couldn't. I was like where did he come?

Speaker 2 (23:10):

Speaker 3 (23:10):

Speaker 4 (23:11):
And Linz Yeah, eyeing.

Speaker 1 (23:13):
Through the air and like seriously it was it was crazy.
How many so with the Celtics wrapping up their series
Dallas still being in there is how many days of
rest potentially the Celtics going to have by the time game.

Speaker 4 (23:24):
One again to being ten nine or ten days?

Speaker 1 (23:27):
Nine or ten days.

Speaker 2 (23:28):
Okay, that's a lot of rest. That's basically like next season.
So who knows what's going to happen.

Speaker 3 (23:35):
Yeah, what the haters? You can call it rust Maybe
they get rusty in that time as well too, right.

Speaker 1 (23:40):
Yeah, yeah, where are you in this rest or? Rust? Jack?
Are you on rust?

Speaker 2 (23:44):
Oh No, I think it's Yeah, I think they're gonna
be rusty. I think it's I think it's gonna be
a mess out there. They're going to be They're going
to look like they're playing.

Speaker 1 (23:51):
With the Celtics. If the Celtics don't win an eighteenth championship,
everything's a failure.

Speaker 2 (23:55):
That's all I know.

Speaker 1 (23:55):
That's all I know. You know at this point, that's
what that's what has to be Like, that's I'm going
to lean into it that hard now. But yeah, I
mean I have a feeling the rest will only benefit
the Celtics at this point.

Speaker 3 (24:07):
Just can I can I ask a real question like
in this regard so no, is it really just it's
Celtics lore that that everybody is because when I I'd
have to think about this a lot, obviously in the
last few days, and there's not any really bad personalities
or bad people, like do you do you like? Most

people love Drew Holliday, Most people love Derek White Tatum
think maybe but maybe you think they were anointed before
they should have been, or one of the cases.

Speaker 1 (24:39):
Being no, not even that. Like I actually I like
I like them, you know what I mean? I like
Jalen Brown like me, has no left I like that,
like me, Derek White is losing his hair, embrace the
bald and now has found superpowers. I like Jason he
looks like Jason Tatum looks exactly like my cousin I have.

It's for me personally, it's that I'm in the rat
race of counting rings as a Laker fan, like a
lifelong Laker fan. So for me, I'm just fully invested
in not seeing a number eighteen patch on the back
of that jersey. That's it's pretty superficial like that, because
when it comes down to it, like I really like
I kind of you know, there's nothing against them personally,
because I actually do like the players and I can

respect the fact that they're good. But then I have
to process that through my toxic Laker brain and go,
that is bad that the men in green are this good.
We don't like that. That is an existential threat to
our ego. And that's for me just putting it very
you know, bluntly. That's that's that's what it For me.
It all stems from my Laker fandom has really nothing

to do with the players at all.

Speaker 2 (25:45):
Yeah, for me, it's personal. It's I didn't like Danny Ainge,
and then I was like, oh, man, like, maybe maybe
I'll be okay with the Celtics once Danny Ainge leaves,
and then I didn't happened. I still really don't like.
It's also like sick, uh, you know, like with the fact,

you know, I'm a Sixers fan, and like the the
fact that they could have had Tatum and like traded
out of the position to have Tatum is just like
too much for my diseased heart to taste. I just can't.
It's it's pure vitriol. Like I'm a small, small man

on this subject. I am a person. How I feel
about this?

Speaker 4 (26:34):
Was that Colangelo? Who is who? Who did that?

Speaker 2 (26:36):
Yeah? That was Colangelo? And I don't see what everyone thinks.
The big deal is find a new angle. That was
a good trade. Normal, It was a normal trade.

Speaker 1 (26:50):
I mean, like, what are the what are the reasons? Why?
Like I because for me, I get just very narrowly
through my prism of Laker fandom being in LA like
why we don't like this Soltics? But I'm curious, like
I guess for the others, it's just I think for
fans of other teams, they're sort of like why why
do they get the like why are they exalted so quickly?
I'm still trying to understand. I'm like, oh, y'all are

on my team, Like what is it? Because I know
y'all don't like the Lakers either, So where are you
coming from exactly here?

Speaker 2 (27:18):
Does America like the Lakers more than the Celtics? Probably right?

Speaker 4 (27:21):

Speaker 1 (27:22):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, they like but they also have a
but also have a ton of haters. I mean, I
don't know if it's as because I mean, look at
how much they people were the people were sea walking
on our grave, you know what I mean, when when
the Nuggets just clapped us. So I know that that
that energy is definitely out there for the Lakers. And
then yeah, and the Celtics probably like an equal measure.

But I'm I'm curious what everyone, Like, I get why
people don't like the Lakers. They obviously our fans are arrogant,
We are not rooted to reality in any kind of way.
I'm just demanding players who technically cannot be signed to
the Lakers be signed to the Lakers. So I exist
in a different world, and I get that that is
annoying to many other people. But then when I'm like
with the Celtics, I'm like, I don't know, man, like

they they weren't really you know, it's been a while
since they were really really like that team.

Speaker 3 (28:11):
So yeah, I would imagine, like like a lot of teams,
it's the it's the overall fan base that can be
off putting. And so you know I have that and
I said, I Celtic cover if you will. But I
live in South Florida, so me with heat heat fans
like it's I'm sufferable.

Speaker 4 (28:29):
I just I'm like, I just I'm suffocated, and so
I can't. I just can't. So and when I watch
outlets and.

Speaker 3 (28:37):
Things like that too, like no, you're just you're you're
trying to create a narrative that, oh, nobody cares about Miami,
and it's just stop it, stop it.

Speaker 4 (28:45):
Like culture gets shoved down my throat every every other day.

Speaker 3 (28:48):
So honestly, it's the fans and some and and for
some folks it's media. Why there's such these polarizing things
about the Celtics. But I think, as you alluded to,
you know with Boston, this iteration of the Celtics, if
you will, you know, they're mostly decent guys. I mean
even b Brad Stevens in the front office like he's
a mom dude, like he.

Speaker 2 (29:06):
Is like a good guy, good smart guy. Question, Warren,
I don't understand. I don't understand it, Like you know what, personally,
I don't understand. It doesn't make any sense.

Speaker 1 (29:17):
I think it's because some our houses are so chaotic.
You look at the person who's like parents are together
and they're doing like, oh, yeah, I gotta figure out.

Speaker 2 (29:28):
For you.

Speaker 1 (29:31):
But your mom took you in at night, huh.

Speaker 2 (29:34):
While you're under their car cutting their brakes. Yeah, we're
so happy for you.

Speaker 3 (29:38):
Yeah, outside looking at you, outside looking in Brad Stevens
the GM, or Brad Stevens a coach. No, they haven't
obviously won anything yet, but you know, he's better that
you're as Stevens as a GM or Brad Stevens as
a coach from what you can remember.

Speaker 2 (29:54):
I mean, this isn't a fun conversation for me. Better
when he's like a great coach or like an even
better Yeah's like wow, amazing. I mean until this season,
I would have probably said coach. But this, like this
is truly like this is like a dream team level,

like just at the strength of the team across the
board is incredible, Like it's really I'm viewing this as
the Olympic Finals when the Dream Team went to the finals.
And if there's a loss there, I mean I can't
even imagine. And like the level of embarrassment.

Speaker 1 (30:35):
Don't you guys still have like first round picks still
he's been punting those picks he punted I think two
picks to.

Speaker 3 (30:42):
Get Derek White, so you might have I think we
have a first round pick this year that is our
own whatever, but anyway, it's going to be late and so.

Speaker 1 (30:50):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, but either way. But yeah, I mean
because then like like at the you know, like moving
Kemba and getting Al Horford and.

Speaker 2 (30:58):
Just how Yeah, that's what's frustrating. There are times when
like things don't work out. You're like maybe this is
the fall and yeah, and you're like no, what. Al
Horford's going out of his mind. He's like Drew Holiday,
the one Holiday is the one that like I just
can't because I loved him. I loved like what he
did in the finals for the Bucks, and you know
as a Celtics antagonist, I was like, like anyone else,

like anyone else please? Yeah, he's so perfect for them.
He's so perfect for basically anyway. I mean, if you'd
been on the six Ers, I feel like they would
have been pretty good this year.

Speaker 1 (31:33):
And also like I know that there's stuff behind the scenes.
There's a like doctor Lori Santos who's like this like
happiness psychologist person, like she was working like with Brad Stevens,
Like he's like can you come talk to us? Like
the layers of thought that go into this is also
like pretty impressive, like having intellectuals. I know, Jack, Look,
I'm sorry, what am I going to do? Man? I

still guys, I still have to call it as I
see it. This is better.

Speaker 4 (32:00):
And I.

Speaker 1 (32:02):
Hate it. So Yeah, I hope this energizes Warren. I
hope you're able to live for like sixty more years
off the strength of our pain.

Speaker 3 (32:09):
Can it's I am. I am on cloud nine right now.
I know they can't see me, but I am floating.
I appreciate you so much.

Speaker 2 (32:16):
The machines are gonna love you guys. You guys are
gonna make such good batteries once the machines take over,
because you're just so so blowing positive energy.

Speaker 1 (32:26):
I like that in your world. Jack. The happy ending
to this is that we fall to a matrix style
of dystopia and yeah, yeah, it's like, well, the Celtic
Expands will probably be the best batteries and then.

Speaker 2 (32:40):
Get this thing out of here. Yeah, I'm all right. Anyway,
should we take a break and come back and do
the fastest segment of podcasting? Yeah, it's true. Here we go.

Speaker 1 (32:57):
And we're back Warren shot, so, well, well, I think
you're maybe you're you're you're my favorite Celtics fan. I
gotta say, you know, because because.

Speaker 2 (33:09):
Not tough competition. Man. Love.

Speaker 3 (33:11):
Well, yeah, I think you're my favorite child and my
only child.

Speaker 2 (33:17):
You or Donnie Wahlberg.

Speaker 1 (33:22):
Wasn't Donnie at the game the other night?

Speaker 4 (33:23):

Speaker 1 (33:25):
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. But anyway, it is time for
the fourth quarter rapid fire round of questioning. This is
the fastest question answer segment in all sports podcasting history. Warren,
you've done this before. We're going to ask you a question.
Just reply quickly, give us a sinct answer. Don't nothing
too long because we're trying to maintain our titles the
fastest question answer segment and populastnstry And if you take
too long, we will be rude to you and we

will take our anger out as Sixers and Lakers fans
on you in a way that is disproportionate and maybe inappropriate.
But you're a brave person. You're stand up man, so
we expect nothing less from you. Are you ready?

Speaker 4 (34:00):
Lets it get it popping right, start the clock.

Speaker 1 (34:05):
Don't do any easy ones, Jack, but we gotta we
gotta make Warren look, I'm.

Speaker 2 (34:09):
Crossing the ones out right now.

Speaker 1 (34:12):
Yeah, good ones. Pull up, pull up his phone records,
pull up his phone records to that one. Yeah, the
ones from June twenty thirteen.

Speaker 3 (34:19):
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, old Warren.

Speaker 1 (34:23):
Oh you made a lot of calls to this number.

Speaker 2 (34:26):
Okay, here we go.

Speaker 1 (34:27):
Uh. First question, this is from the Discord and shout
out to everybody that goes on the discord. What what
What will the crowd reaction be like in Boston if
it's Kyrie and the MAVs rolling into town. Will the
turned up crowd get guys like Luca and Kyrie going,
Will it be an atmosphere that will just be terrible
for everyone? What are your what's your thoughts on the
atmosphere when they come to town?

Speaker 4 (34:48):
Crash negative? So I think no chill, no chill.

Speaker 3 (34:52):
So it's gonna be awful. And that's the one part
I don't want. Any part of Kyrie is gonna rains
of booze. And I just they don't throw stuff at him,
That's all I can say. Just it's not a great
fan base when it comes to Kyrie.

Speaker 1 (35:04):
Sure, sure, sure, And like much of the way that
you're powered by the tiers of Laker fans. Kyrie is
powered by the booze of Boston fans, So yeah, that could,
that could. Yeah, that's a battery for him for sure.

Speaker 2 (35:14):
There's been a lot of talk about how the home
court advantage has gone away. People aren't like doing that
much better at home, if better at all at home.
What do you think? What's your theory on that?

Speaker 3 (35:24):
Funny I listening to a show talking about that earlier today,
and rest has a lot to do with it, you know.
I think so the visiting team can kind of come
in and you know, the travel is better, et cetera,
et cetera. But I just think teams are better proportionately
matched in general from what we've seen more recently in
recent years. So I don't think home court avenge is
what it once was, but you know, I'd still rather

have it than not, but it doesn't hold the same
weight that I think it did fifteen ten years ago.

Speaker 2 (35:52):
Also, there's something we've talked about in the past about
NBA players being sort of SPIKEE fueled and like feeling
like everybody it's them against the world. I wonder if
like there's a part of it where like they react
better to people like hating on them, like, yeah, right, exactly,

Like a lot of it is like, you know, just
made up hate, but like you know, you have to
motivate yourself somehow. But like it when you're on the road,
you actually get to like hear it and feel it.
And it's like the type of person who becomes a
great player these days has to do it in the
face of just torrents of you know, hate on social media.

I just wonder if, like, for a modern player, that
is a more effective way to get going than like
the adulation of the home crowd is like curing booze
and anger. Right, that's my that's my loose, uh, soft brained.

Speaker 1 (36:51):
You're like yeah, And then like people like MJ and
then Kobe kind of really made it that thing where
it's like, yeah, go ahead, I want it and then
you stick that jaw out and you're like you're in trouble.
But that was a long time ago.

Speaker 2 (37:04):
Yeah, But like, I feel like the feeling of quieting
a crowd something that I have a lot of experience
with in our live shows. I feel like that's got
to be one of the more powerful feelings that you
can get.

Speaker 4 (37:19):
I can give you a terrible example, I played intramural.

Speaker 3 (37:22):
Yeah basketball when I did, and we played against those
frats and yeah, you know, they brought their sorority girls
out and they and my little pickup team you beat them.

Speaker 4 (37:33):
I felt some type of way.

Speaker 1 (37:35):
That's true motivation.

Speaker 4 (37:36):
So yeah, translates all levels.

Speaker 2 (37:39):
That is the experience of playing against the Boston Celtics,
by the way, is playing against a fraternity with a
bunch of thro.

Speaker 1 (37:46):
We're playing siapp baby mine was Pike, so okay, yeah,
oh and gammified Beta coming. Don't worry, don't worry, I
will I'd hit airball or two in that game. All right?
Was that a question? Or are you getting sure?

Speaker 2 (38:05):
Let's school say that was a question.

Speaker 1 (38:06):
Okay, that was a question. All right. Ward, you can
go back in time to personally witness any finals matchup
from history. However, many games the series went, you get
courtside tickets to each game. What series are you sitting
court with?

Speaker 2 (38:18):
Heat series are you choosing?

Speaker 4 (38:20):
God, I'd go back into I can't remember what year.

Speaker 3 (38:26):
I'm going to get it wrong, but obviously one of
the ones Bird beat Magic, so you know, I don't.

Speaker 4 (38:32):
Know if that's four fives. One of those one of
those years.

Speaker 3 (38:38):
So I was, you know, a fledgling individual at that
at that time of my life and wasn't really following
basketball in that but I think just understanding what that
rivalry was like, not the first, but the most.

Speaker 4 (38:50):
I don't only say how, I want to say this, right.

Speaker 3 (38:52):
One of the more iconic rivalries in NBA history, you know,
Bird versus Magic and Yeah, for something that I can definitely.

Speaker 1 (38:57):
Relate to, it's the year of my birth nineteen eighty.

Speaker 2 (39:00):
For sweet the amount of second an smoke you're gonna
have to deal with back there though, man.

Speaker 3 (39:05):
Oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah, and Rady and cigars.

Speaker 4 (39:08):
Yeah, I'm good.

Speaker 2 (39:08):
Yeah, saying eighty seven better maybe?

Speaker 1 (39:14):
Why? Okay?

Speaker 2 (39:16):
Places of the NBA for the next five years?

Speaker 4 (39:19):
Uh? Shaye? Aunt Wemby shat Webby?

Speaker 1 (39:24):
Okay, who's Aunt Wemby? That's my aunt Wenby?

Speaker 2 (39:30):
Is it not Luca? Because of how bad his forearm
tattoo is, Like, that's that's one of the worst professional
athlete tattoos, right, Like I say, sometimes I'm like, what
did he smear on there? What is going on with
Like there's like a you know what I mean, It's
like kind of what he what's he smearing on it,

like smeared a little bit.

Speaker 1 (39:54):
It's uh, it's hard to know, isn't it? Like an
eye like all seeing eye kind of thing, And I
think like a hawk flying into the moon.

Speaker 2 (40:05):
Hey, I can't hate, all right, I can't hate. You've
seen the little sun rise I have at the base
of my back, so yeah, exactly, I can't. I can't complain.

Speaker 1 (40:14):
I'm oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah, he does front and back,
so warrant.

Speaker 2 (40:20):
We've seen teams around my belly button.

Speaker 1 (40:23):
Yeah, rod in the style you got away?

Speaker 4 (40:25):
Is it?

Speaker 1 (40:25):
Reggie? Who is it?

Speaker 3 (40:27):

Speaker 1 (40:27):
We got teams like the Grizzlies, thunder Magic taking steps
you know, to the next level over the last few years.
Who are Can you give us two teams you think
we can also expect something similar from that are going
to be in the conversation that previously wasn't because we're.

Speaker 4 (40:41):
Seeing that is not those teams you just mentioned.

Speaker 1 (40:44):
Yeah, he's the ones that fully encapsulate what I've just said,
go outside the bounds and give us a prediction.

Speaker 3 (40:52):
So listen, I think Houston's closer than people want to admit. Yeah,
coaching is a real situation there, and I love Shanghu,
and I think jelling green is is going to be
a dude, So I I'd pick Houston there, you know,
try and think from an Eastern conference standpoint.

Speaker 4 (41:08):
There's not a lot like.

Speaker 3 (41:11):
Right now you have mentioned, right, so yeah, you know,
I would hope Detroit gets rocked together, but they're nowhere
near where they be. So I guess I'll go with
the safe pick care and then in your conference finals
and I.

Speaker 4 (41:26):
Guess the Pacers we'll see them again.

Speaker 1 (41:29):
They should be so good, So I mean, man like
them hard.

Speaker 4 (41:33):
Yeah, you talked about like you thought he would be
the last time, me too.

Speaker 3 (41:36):
You know, yeah, he's not particularly quick, but he's crafty
and you know a little half turns doing the smitty
and you know leanings and decent shot.

Speaker 4 (41:46):
You know, the little goosenack on his threes. Hey, I
could rock with that. I could rock. I think you're
a super producers saying the spurs.

Speaker 3 (41:52):
But until they can get some help someone, right, it's
basically us three run around whether right now, and that's
that's not going to cut.

Speaker 2 (42:01):
It right over under number of seasons until Wemby is
top three MVP voter.

Speaker 3 (42:10):
Uh So over under I'm going to say over one,
but I'd say literally in the year three.

Speaker 2 (42:18):
So wow, that's crazy.

Speaker 3 (42:21):
Yeah, I mean and and I mean, that's that's contradicting
what I just said though in terms of Spurs won't
be a good basketball team, you know, record wise, but
I don't know that we'll be able to deny his
his statistical impact. And if you know, people do say,
you know what, I want to go play with that guy,
you know, the Alien or whatever his logo is.

Speaker 4 (42:37):
Yeah, you know, maybe they will be able to rebuild
a lot faster, but he's ridiculous.

Speaker 1 (42:42):

Speaker 3 (42:42):
Yeah, it's hard to for somebody to live up to
the expectations in that first year that that was put
on him too. And I know, you guys rough a
summer league and.

Speaker 4 (42:51):
I don't, I don't.

Speaker 3 (42:52):
I don't you remember the spectacle that it was, you know,
trying to watch him out there?

Speaker 1 (42:55):
It was actually was he there? I didn't do you
remember the how quiet it got in Thomason Max Center.

Speaker 2 (43:03):
This sec he will touch the ball even everyone's like, yo,
watch yeah.

Speaker 1 (43:08):
And they're like, oh my god, he missed that dunk.
And I was like, this guy is a way strolls.
I'm calling it. I'm out on this webby guy.

Speaker 2 (43:16):
And then he almost hit his head on the rim,
just like walking by, and I was like, oh, oh,
this is gonna be weird.

Speaker 1 (43:22):
He needs special awareness, uh A Warren. Finally, this summer,
you know, we're planning on doing a dive into some
nineties players, some of our favorites of the era. During
the offseason. We're gonna highlight different players, give us a
few recommendations of people that you think, you know, especially
for newer fans, nineties era players that we absolutely they
need to be familiar with.

Speaker 3 (43:41):
Well, I think I spoke about this maybe the last
time I was on, but I'm definitely it's an only
good a bit of goodie for me, the draws and
Petrovitch nets. So what Derek Holeman as well to d
C was a problem. He wasn't always motivated, but yeah,
he was a problem back.

Speaker 4 (43:56):
In the nineties. And then to keep it Boston centric.

Speaker 3 (44:00):
Reggie Lewis, you know, and not to make you know,
not to be morbid about it in any capacity. Obviously
he passed on. Uh, but he was a bucket, you know,
he could he could really hoop. So those are guys
I think, you know, people would love it should should
want to learn more about you know, those those those
three guys.

Speaker 4 (44:13):
If you will.

Speaker 1 (44:14):
Yeah, man, he kept that four four on him. Uh well,
warren Shaw, it has been a pleasure and an honor
having you on Miles and Jack on Matt BOOSTI so
you could sip on our loser tears this episode.

Speaker 2 (44:27):
Yeah, we'd love to have you back on if the
Celtics don't win the title. Man, we got love to
We would love to have you back on if they win.
It's been nice meeting you. Good luck, yeah, good luck
at your future endeavors.

Speaker 1 (44:41):
But we will not be able to look you in
the eye if you have EIGHTEENA just that's just the rules.
Where do the people find you? Follow you, listen to
you and support all your work.

Speaker 4 (44:50):
I appreciate you fellas as always.

Speaker 3 (44:51):
Yeah, can follow me at scheld Sports, NBA, on X,
I can follow my stuff over in nineteen major groups
of Baseline and Bay podcast, and if you like the
Celtics content, you can follow me. I believe in I'll
picks as well too, available on all podcast platforms, and
definitely if you look not so basketball into it, you
can catch out on Dope interviews. While I'm doing stuff
in the entertainment space and the business space as well too. Man,
So a lot of fun in this podcasting world. Happy

to call you guys, colleagues, and I appreciate the platform
so much.

Speaker 1 (45:16):
I appreciate you so thank you for stopping by. You
can follow the show at the hashtag mat Boosty's B
SDI E S on Twitter for show links and updates,
and you can also join the discord too, and also
you can find that on that hashtag and also shout
out to Discord. Remember Paul Garravventa for agreeing to act
as a moderator. All right, BJ, all right, all right,

playoff g. Also you can follow me on Twitter at
Miles of Gray.

Speaker 2 (45:43):
I'm at Jack Underscore O'Brien on Twitter.

Speaker 1 (45:46):
Yeah. That's going to do it for us this week,
and we shall be back where we will be talking
inevitably about the NBA Finals twenty twenty four edition. We'll
talk to you soon. Bye bye.

Speaker 3 (46:00):

Speaker 1 (46:01):
Hirst Music, Hirstimus Heirs Music,

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