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May 9, 2024 22 mins

In this edition of The Thin Trend Line, Jack and Miles discuss Joe Biden threatening to stop sending bombs to Israel if they "smash" into Rafah, Scott Perry claiming KKK is the 'military wing' of the Democratic Party, the Shohei Ohtani situation, the Eurovision Song Contest (feat. Israel's "October Rain"/"Hurricane")

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello the Internet, and welcome to this episode of the
thin trend line. Because our president has drawn a maybe
a thif red line. I don't know what kind of
bread line he's drawn. He's drawn a line in the sand, folks,
could be according to the mainstream media, my name is Jack.

Speaker 2 (00:17):
That over there is Miles.

Speaker 1 (00:20):
And these are some of the things that are trending
on this Thursday, May nine, twenty twenty four.

Speaker 2 (00:26):
Yeah, let's start off with Joe Biden.

Speaker 3 (00:28):
Yeah, I mean, yesterday we mentioned how he did the
unprecedented pausing a shipment of two thousand pound and five
hundred pound bombs to.

Speaker 2 (00:40):
Israel, so now bomb pounds.

Speaker 3 (00:42):
He's publicly warned Israel that the US, like, we will
stop sending offensive weapons if there is a major assault
on Rafa, which is basically the like one of the
last cities that has not been completely destroyed by the IDEAF.

Speaker 4 (01:01):
And he said to quote, I.

Speaker 3 (01:03):
Made it clear that if they go into Rafa, I'm
not supplying the weapons. And then later on, like when
a sort of you know, a National Security Council spokesperson,
they're like, so, what's the deal is Ben said, It's like, well,
if they smash into RAFA, then we don't want to
be a part of that.

Speaker 4 (01:22):
We're watching very closely what they do.

Speaker 1 (01:25):
If they do a precision knifing movement or pincer in.

Speaker 3 (01:30):
Yeah, it's very vague, and I mean like from everything
you are reading there, there's definitely you know, there's shit
happening in RAFA. So it's not quite clear what he means.
And you know, Net and Yahoo has basically said Israel
can stand alone if they don't want to, if the
United States is not interested in providing any more offensive weapons,

and to be honest, they're the stockpiles that Israel already
has thanks to partners like the United States, billions of
dollars of bombs, like we have bombs. So I'm not
quite sure. I would love a little bit more texture here.
But again, like I said yesterday, it's like for every

fucked up headline, you get one of these things like
I'm not I'm not I'm telling you to go in there, Jack,
We're not sending no more bombs to you. Yeah, and
now it's like, well, if they smash into Rapa, it's like,
this is so vague. Yeah that, yeah, we're yet to
see what exactly that means. And then again many other
spokespeople like this, you know, this Pentagon Press secretary basically said,

it's like this doesn't mean like we're not gonna be
standing by to help defend Israel. So it's just a
very it's a lot of a lot of you know,
many many, many meaning.

Speaker 4 (02:48):
Statements that we get. That's just very fucking confusing.

Speaker 1 (02:51):
Yeah, it's like they're using the same language. Like when
the mainster media will be like, yeah, the blasts have
killed civilians, we don't know who they're from or what
caused the blasts. In this case, they're like, uh, you
can't smash in, which is like an arbitrary word that
they can then choose their own definition for exactly.

Speaker 4 (03:13):
It's like, well, we don't consider that a smash.

Speaker 3 (03:15):
It's like, well, from you know, the earlier reports I read,
you know, they're already you know, civilians already dying.

Speaker 1 (03:22):
There are millions of lives at risk, and they're using
language that wouldn't be precise enough for like could you
imagine if, like the NBA, if their rules were like
you just can't like smash him. You know, it's like
a smash, this isn't a foul if you well you
just like.

Speaker 4 (03:42):
Cut up to the rest. You know you're a fan
of Yeah.

Speaker 1 (03:45):
Yeah, you know a smash when you see it, you
just can't like smash into them. And we feel like
that wasn't quite smashage. It feels like they're like smashage.

Speaker 3 (03:56):
They're like edging with actually fucking doing something to see
like that?

Speaker 4 (04:00):
Is that changing the bowling at all?

Speaker 3 (04:01):
When I said I won't send any more offensive weapon
other ones?

Speaker 4 (04:05):
Yeah, maybe, but just those ones? Did that work? No?
All right, let me let me, let me jack it
up a little bit. They smash into there. Uh but yeah,
it's again, it's.

Speaker 2 (04:18):
All on the plane smashing.

Speaker 3 (04:20):
Yeah, exatly, please define smashing Biden administration, because otherwise it
tends to ring hollow.

Speaker 2 (04:27):
Yeah, all right.

Speaker 1 (04:29):
A Republican lawmaker has claimed that the KKK is the
military wing of the Democratic Party in closed door meetings
ahead of anti semitism hearings. This really feels like we're
headed for just true hell with regards to anti semitism
hearings about protests, like people protesting just it's a rhetorical

high of innocent people.

Speaker 4 (04:56):
Is what's happening? Rhetorical hijacking.

Speaker 3 (04:59):
Yeah, I don't even know stand with the KKK is
the military so oh, because he's trying to say, like,
I mean, as Southern Democrats, is that is that?

Speaker 4 (05:07):
Is that the line that's trying.

Speaker 1 (05:08):
To No, no, no, they're talking modern times, the KKK and
modern times.

Speaker 4 (05:13):
Oh oh.

Speaker 2 (05:13):
A lot of young people.

Speaker 1 (05:15):
Think somehow it's a right wing organization when it is
the military wing of the Democratic Party decidedly, unabashedly racist
and anti Semitic.

Speaker 3 (05:26):
Okay, okay, okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, this is all this
is all horseshit. Obviously, this bill that where they're trying
to codify what anti semitism is and basically saying like, well,
any anti Zionist speech will be anti I mean this yeah,
it's my god, It's like it doesn't help anyone. It

doesn't help anyone to put these like half like hair
brained bills out there just to create the sort of
optics to again be like, yeah, because what you're seeing
out there right now with all these students who are
who are trying to express their their absolute fucking how
sickened they are by being complicit as Americans in this genocide,

that's we're just going to be like, that's.

Speaker 4 (06:10):
Actually hate speech. That's hate So that's bad. Yeah, that's
hate speech, So don't even listen.

Speaker 1 (06:14):
Yeah, yeah, good docular cliches for eight hundred Alec. I
do think it's going to work with a certain portion
of the population, Like it feels like that's the sort.

Speaker 3 (06:23):
Of because you have to really intellectually, like to have
your own analysis and you're this, like what your perspective is,
if you're just going to be like, oh, okay, so
that's anti summon, Okay, Yeah, well I'm that's bad. Don't
do that and not listening to what people are talking
about again. Yeah, well, spectacular failure and not failure. The

media is doing what has to do. It's upholding the
status quo and just doing whatever it has to to
keep people as misinformed as possible when the fucking stakes
couldn't be higher for you know, the one point three
million people that are are trapped right now.

Speaker 1 (06:59):
By the way you did just inadvertently create a better
name for Alex Trebec. I feel like Alec Trebec is
a little bit better.

Speaker 2 (07:05):
Oh yeah, it's like.

Speaker 4 (07:06):
A little class I reverse Jack's dad.

Speaker 2 (07:09):
I took that off.

Speaker 1 (07:11):
My dad calls Brad Pitt Brad pitts and you took
the Alex and Alec Alec Trebec. It was just like
a little bit class here, isn't it than Alex Alec
does feel a little bit it's a little bit more
Jeopardy host ish.

Speaker 2 (07:26):

Speaker 3 (07:27):
I was watching Ken Jennings last night on the Tournament
of still called the Tournament of Masters, which for me,
I was like, oh, what's going? But I knew three things?

Speaker 2 (07:40):
I know them?

Speaker 4 (07:42):
Yeah, yeah, And I impressed the people I was with.

Speaker 3 (07:44):
There like oh wow, I'm like, yeah, Villainius is the
capital of Lithuania.

Speaker 2 (07:48):
Damn. I would not have known that one.

Speaker 4 (07:52):
It was a lucky yes.

Speaker 3 (07:53):
That was also me saying the worst wrong answers out
loud about ten of them before I actually hit one than.

Speaker 4 (07:59):
The right, like almost like hey dude, please stop like
yelling at the TV.

Speaker 1 (08:02):
I'm like yeah yeah, or showing everybody else see.

Speaker 3 (08:06):
Yeah when when they're like what is it the wayne
like correct? I literally did the fucking Leonardo DiCaprio. Once
upon a time, I would pointing at the TV, fucking meme.

Speaker 1 (08:14):
Get in front of the TV, pointing at it, making
eye contact with everybody, or watching it.

Speaker 4 (08:18):
With flexing on them like what are you doing? I'm like, this,
are we doing dance on the West Coast?

Speaker 1 (08:22):
Want to just talk about the show Hao Tani story mane, Yeah,
because it has a very like the details of the
story would seem to suggest one thing when you actually
like do the reading into the investigation that is happening.
And yet everyone I talked to is like, that has

the opposite of painting. So basically have we talked about
it at all that like the best major League Baseball player?

Speaker 3 (08:51):
We did, I think when it first when the story
first came out, and we were like, what the fuck
is going on?

Speaker 4 (08:56):
And we're like, is is.

Speaker 3 (08:57):
Show hey a gambling addict and you this dude is
cover or that the appears.

Speaker 1 (09:05):
Yeah, So basically, his interpreter was found to be like
betting vast major League Baseball star sizes of money and
you know, not interpreter sizes of money and got caught
doing so. And people were like, well, this feels like
it's Otani, and like this dude is just falling on

a sword for him because you know, that's the cool
thing for him to do for Otani and also it's
the you know, would be what major League Baseball would
want him to do. But when you go into the
details of the story which have like subsequently come out,
and like you have these like quotes from the investigation,

like the details of how addicted the translator is or
the interpreter is is just like so yeah, Like there
are quotes from him that are just like, lost another
four hundred thousand, Lol, need you to extend me another
five hundred thousand this time. I'm good for it. I
swear to God, I'm gonna pay you back this time.

Hit keeps fucking God, damn. I'm telling you just Lakers
are going to beat the Nuggets. The Lakers are gonna
beat the fucking Nuggets. I'm telling you yeah. And you
could just like see the process of him going from
being like I'll dip into his account a little bit
to cover this because I'm good for it, and like
I'm just gonna win the money back anyways and just

now being down like tens of millions of dollars.

Speaker 2 (10:39):
Yeah, which, but.

Speaker 1 (10:41):
The public perception is so like that that seems to
be the story as current, like based on the information
we currently know, there could be a cover up happening,
but like the actual texture of it when I when
you read the quotes between the interpreter and like the
bookie who is a Housewives of an Orange County character

for some reason, like he was the person they had
like this like money laundering thing happening, where like he
would pay them money that they would then convert into
I think chips at a casino and then gamble with
those on the tables and then come back and like
that was how you kind of cleared it so that
it wasn't quite as obviously illegal. But it just seems

like somebody getting into more and more. Like it seems
like a gambling addiction PSA and horrifying, like really awful stuff.
But everybody I've talked to about this is like, but
come on, it was definitely Odani, right, Like it's definitely.

Speaker 4 (11:45):
Why they need that to be true.

Speaker 2 (11:49):
I don't.

Speaker 3 (11:49):
I mean, like like I said, like there's a there's
another anecd or not anecdot This is like part of
like the investigation where like he asked Otani for like
sixty thousand dollars for dental work. Yeah, and he just
like wrote him a check. But then the guy pocket
like just a positive the check and then used Otani's
account to pay for whatever this was. I don't know,
I don't know what the fuck you get for sixty

thousand R I know, like, what if you get veneers,
they can be like fifteen hundred.

Speaker 4 (12:16):
Dollars a tooth.

Speaker 3 (12:18):
Yeah, So I don't know if you fucking laced your
whole grill with porcelain veneers. I don't look again, maybe
he got a grill, who fucking knows.

Speaker 2 (12:26):
But yeah, Mill a.

Speaker 1 (12:27):
Major league baseball player who's like been one of the
great players of his generation since he was probably a teenager,
might not be the best person to like gauge what
is a real what is like a reasonable request for money?

Speaker 2 (12:43):
You know?

Speaker 3 (12:44):
Yeah, and also too, like I was saying, when a
lot of these athletes, right, especially like or at least
my experience, like knowing you know, Japanese journalists, and like
when players have come here, like when not like Hideo
Nomo came here, Like you just have an interpreter and
they're sort of like act as a buffer between you
and the American world, so you can focus on your thing,
which is.

Speaker 4 (13:03):
Throw a ball or hit ball, yeah, and just do that.

Speaker 3 (13:06):
And he sort of, I think, you know, really used
that to his advantage to be like, yeah, man, everything
goes through me, and you want to see bank accounts?

Speaker 4 (13:13):
Actually, what was that show?

Speaker 1 (13:15):

Speaker 4 (13:16):
Yeah, he actually just.

Speaker 3 (13:16):
Said he doesn't want anybody looking at that, so yeah,
I'm sorry, And that was actually Miles is with show
hey right now.

Speaker 1 (13:23):
Like I don't know if he has heard that, but yeah,
Miles is now his confidence all right.

Speaker 4 (13:34):
Yeah, Hi, he's hungry. I told him. I was just
I was cooking him some chicken. I'm not I'm fucking
ordering it on Uber eats. Dude with his fucking card,
with his card.

Speaker 2 (13:46):
That's that's when you think you're getting away with something.
It's hard to order on Uber eat. This guy took
him for like eighty million, idiot.

Speaker 4 (13:56):
Yeah, I know, all I can do is like sixty
bucks here and there.

Speaker 2 (13:58):

Speaker 1 (13:59):
Yeah, But like I mean, first of all, this isn't
the first time that we've heard of, you know, celebrity
getting stolen from by people close to them that they trust,
like manage, et cetera. I think it's part of this
pattern that we're seeing where we just like there's a
rumor about someone that like kind of fits into our

overall narrative, and so we just like the Internet just
like kind of goes with it. And I think that's
probably what we're seeing here. I think I also think
this is gonna be a very unpopular take. I think
a lot of people are gonna be like, shut the
fuck up, you don't know what you're talking about.

Speaker 2 (14:39):
It is definitely Otani.

Speaker 4 (14:40):

Speaker 1 (14:42):
Like even everyone from like people I talked to who
are like Dodgers fans who is the team Otani like
just signed with and is playing with, are like yeah,
but Otani's definitely like you're treated kind of like an
idiot for thinking that it's not a conspiracy.

Speaker 2 (14:59):

Speaker 3 (14:59):
We so many athletes too that have like Pete Rose,
Michael Jordan like yeah, yeah, it's not you have enough
to be like that's something I've heard of, So it's
probably that. But either way, it ain't affecting his game.

Speaker 1 (15:13):
So yeah, he's got eleven home runs. Yeah, I think
he's hit some dingers. The cover of The New Yorker
has like Otani with like money coming out of his
back pocket, like the New Yorkers like, we're we're wise,
do you on this one?

Speaker 2 (15:30):

Speaker 3 (15:31):
Is the cover story meant to like cast dispersions over
like him saying he has nothing to do with it,
or they'm like yeah, this guy fucking likes to gamble,
or they'd been like, this guy's a dope with just
money hanging out.

Speaker 2 (15:41):
He's a mark. I think I think it's unclear.

Speaker 1 (15:44):
The illustration is titled showtime just s H O T
I M. But it does seem to suggest that they
think he's.

Speaker 4 (15:56):
What's the opening what's opening graph in there?

Speaker 1 (15:58):
It's not so the cover is not related to usually
on the New Yorkers, like not related to oh right,
right a story. So this is just them editorializing.

Speaker 4 (16:10):
Okay, cool, it's a meme.

Speaker 1 (16:12):
I don't jealous because the LA baseball team is better
than yours.

Speaker 3 (16:16):
Well, look, we'll still manage to fuck it up. Probably, Yeah, sadly, Yes,
the fucking fate of the look of us look we
had twenty twenty was great for LA sports. Yeah, Hey,
I mean is a fucking absolute mad man.

Speaker 4 (16:32):
So what we shall see?

Speaker 2 (16:34):
We should?

Speaker 1 (16:34):
We shall Uh, let's take a quick break, we'll come back,
we'll talk Eurovision and we're back. We're back and uh
the Eurovision song contest. I don't know what the fuck

is your? Yeah, the Eurovision Song contest. Should Yeah sounds
like a description.

Speaker 2 (17:04):
I'll just come up with that. On the fly while
half asleep.

Speaker 1 (17:08):
The Eurovision Song Contest is a mess this year, Like
I guess it's always a mess, but this year it's
even worse. The finals air this weekend, and all anyone's
talking about is Israel's inclusion in the event. There's a
singer Eden Golan who's set to perform at the second

semi final, and even the rehearsal of her performance was
met with a torrent of booze and at least one
person shouting free Palace. Fine, that's I like that, that's
good journalism because they probably watched that one clip of
like from the audience where people are doing and there
is that one like a lot of people are shouting,
but there is one audible.

Speaker 4 (17:49):
Person yelling free Palestine.

Speaker 3 (17:51):
Like at least one, at least one, based on this video,
probably probably more.

Speaker 4 (17:55):
Probably that is.

Speaker 2 (17:55):
What we can confirm.

Speaker 1 (17:57):
Yeah, yeah, but the controversy is even more complicated because
I guess Eurovision is like we so this is like impossible.
They're like this competition between nations is a political okay.
And then Israel's original entry was a song called October

Rain Rain. Yeah no, not a prequel to the Guns
and Roses song, but rather an allegorical song about the
October seventh attack that had the lyrics I'm still wet
from October rain, which is weird, I don't know, okay.

Speaker 4 (18:42):
From the grief or something. Yeah, maybe they didn't translate
well to English.

Speaker 1 (18:45):
Yeah, but instead of like some people are like, well, okay,
so you say that you're going to keep the competition
a political but you're letting this song in that is
about October seventh. And so instead of like coming up
with any other song that swapped some of the lyrics

out and changed October Rain to hurricane, Hurricane.

Speaker 4 (19:13):
Masses is the story of the hurricane.

Speaker 1 (19:18):
Not that one damage, a different one that is basically
October rain, but with hurricane swapped in.

Speaker 4 (19:26):
I'm still wet from the hurricane.

Speaker 1 (19:29):
Okay, exactly, all right, and yeah, so the controversy is
just dominating the event. There are more than one thousand
musicians from this year's host country of Sweden who signed
an open letter calling for Israel to be barred from
competing due to the quote brutal warfare in Gaza. A
Swedish pop star, was a guest performer for one song

and where a kafia around his wrist, which prompted the
European Broadcasting Union to shoot their regrets that the non
political event had been compromised.

Speaker 3 (20:05):
Wow, it was much simpler when that band like Lorthy
was like the fucking main event.

Speaker 4 (20:10):
I don't know if you remember that like two thousand
I think like two thousand and six, like they were
all it was like kind of like Guar style where
they all like motster.

Speaker 3 (20:17):
Makeup, and I think that was like the first time
it hit like mainstream American consciousness, like this band Lorthy
is fucking killing it at Eurovision.

Speaker 4 (20:26):
I was like, what the fuck is that?

Speaker 2 (20:28):
Yeah, I mean that's what there.

Speaker 4 (20:29):
Was, Like America the America one or each state.

Speaker 1 (20:32):
Submitted like a fucking artist that would be a much
better American idol, right.

Speaker 3 (20:37):
Right right truly to be like yeah, and then you're like, oh, man,
Tennessee's got a good one this year.

Speaker 1 (20:43):
Coming one music from Tennessee versus like you know, it's
like grimy Wu Tang ship from Stey versus.

Speaker 3 (20:53):
Yeah, yeah, I mean it's a I mean obviously this
is this is has.

Speaker 4 (20:58):
The whole the whole world.

Speaker 3 (21:01):
Or it has their eyes upon what Israel's doing. And
there's plenty of protesters like it sounds like the final
for Eurovision. They'll be fifteen thousand fans, but there will
also be an anti war protest nearby that is expecting
at least twenty thousand attendees. Esh, so the Eurovision thing,
it's just already we want it to be a political Yeah.

Speaker 1 (21:22):
Yeah, they're so committed they're emitting any references to real
world turmoil that In twenty fifteen, they introduced anti booing
technology that filtered out the sounds of booing during the
Russian entry for the TV broadcast, which one expert is
expecting them to use again this year for Israel.

Speaker 4 (21:39):
Wow, anti booing technology. Yeah, so fucking weird.

Speaker 2 (21:44):
You boo?

Speaker 1 (21:44):
And there's just like a sound laser that's like wow, yeah,
take you out.

Speaker 2 (21:50):
It's actually AI.

Speaker 3 (21:51):
It's actually Ai reaching AI to create anti booming technology.

Speaker 1 (21:56):
Great, great, great, All right, well those are some of
the things that are trending on this Thursday, May Night,
twenty twenty four. We are back tomorrow with a whole
last episode of the show. Until then, be kind to
each other, be kind to yourselves, get the vaccine, don't
do nothing about white supremacy, and we will talk to
you all tomorrow.

Speaker 2 (22:16):

Speaker 4 (22:17):

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