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May 1, 2024 34 mins

In this edition of Trendrick Lamar's Euphoria, Miles and special guest host Prop discuss pro-Israel goons attacking peaceful pro-Palestinian protesters at UCLA, RFK Jr. getting a lot of conservative media attention, and a deep dive into the Kendrick vs. Drake beef!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello Internet, and welcome to this afternoon edition of Trendrick
Lamar's Euphoria. Because it's a trending episode. And you know what,
Kendrick Lamar drop the track at eight twenty four am.
If you didn't pick up on all the details there
right after the People's Goat Lebron James was eliminated from

Championship contention, There's a lot in there and we are
going to get into that because I do think that
it's relevant and it is absolutely trending all over Twitter.
And who better to do that with than are very
very most favorite MC from the Zeitgeist universe, from the
podcasting universe. Not just an EMC, just a poet, a father,
a scholar, purveyor of fantastic coffee, mister Prop himself, Jason,

Do I call you Jason better? Can I just call you? Look?

Speaker 2 (00:50):
The government's fine. You know what I'm saying. You can?
You can definitely do that.

Speaker 3 (00:53):
You have crossed that threshold into being able to say.

Speaker 1 (00:56):
Well, look, I'm gonna call you Prop anyway. Please welcome
Prop Prop. Thank you so much.

Speaker 2 (01:00):
How's everybody feeling?

Speaker 1 (01:01):
You know what I'm saying? Man, score Earth right now,
you've scorged Earth. Absolutely, we are going to get to that,
you know, because we have been texting each other NonStop
since the track came out, being I know, what did
he think he could accepted? This guy? What the ones?
So exactly, We're gonna have a bit of a moment
to do that. But first we are going to get
to some trending stories, because there is some pressing news

happening in our world outside of just you know, the
fun rap beefs that we have out here. The first
one is UCLA, my alma mater. It is trending because I,
like I referenced in other episodes, I was proud to
see that the students at UCLA have also created an
encampment in solidarity with the people of Palestine and also
urging the regents of the UC system to divest from

Israel if possible, and you know, on also advocating for
things like a ceasefire, but mostly it's about trying to
cut financial ties with an apartheid state. And it's been
a peaceful protest, uh And things were peaceful until last
night when a group of pro Israel pro Zionists demonstrators,

I guess counter protesters, I don't even know if they're
counter protesters. These people pulled up and just started attacking students,
breaking down the barricades, hitting them with bear mace, throwing
bricks into the encampment, like lobbing bricks over, like the
offences into the encampment, throwing fireworks. People are getting hit
over the head with two by fours, like full on

violent assaults recurring to peaceful student protesters. As the LAPD
and UCLA Campus Safety they did fucking nothing, they Yeah, honestly,
I think as many people were used this were basically
describing it as, you know, just just letting the goons

do the violence that maybe they would do. And they said,
you know what, we're gonna sit this one out. You guys,
go ahead and brutalize these peaceful protesters and guess what,
we'll just look the other way or laugh, which we.

Speaker 2 (02:56):
Saw awesome, Like y'all shouldn't been out here.

Speaker 1 (02:58):
Yeah, yeah, we had, I tell you, yeah exactly. It's
a really really hard to watch man like that. Quad
I had very fond memories of being on the campus
there and to see it turned into this like war
zone and is being reported on as like this sort
of like both sides the thing like on ABC News,

like because of the violence, classes have been canceled, and
it's like you aren't. No one is actually being sincere
in describing what's happening. That's like the most frustrating thing
with how the news has been covering all of this,
whether it's trying to just focus on and I'm not
denying I'm not saying there are no anti Semitic people
that are trying to co opt these There absolutely are.
But when you are focusing and dissengent, like for example

in Colombia, where there are people doing shit outside of
the campus and saying that that's part of the Columbia protest,
that's not accurate, and you're painting it with a different
brush and giving people a different idea of what's actually happening.
We're talking about peaceful protesters who are here, who do
not who are just as in senses most people are,
by seeing the violence unfold there and saying in the

way that they feel they can exert their power and influence,
they're saying, I'm trying to put an end to it,
and they're being attacked by just what fucking goons like
I don't know, somewhere there's just.

Speaker 2 (04:16):
So much, like so many thoughts about that.

Speaker 3 (04:19):
It's like you're just from just knowing, not even deep history,
but just like recent history. It was almost like we
knew this day was coming that, you know, we're told
from elementary school that like, what makes our country different
is you have free speech, and if you don't like

what's going on, you can vote, you can protest, you
can make your voice known. You know, you vote with
your wallet, you vote with your you know, you vote
with your feet. And then you go to college and
you're like, oh, word, okay, well yeah, here's our request
a little bit and I'm gonna spread my wings and
you're met with violence and it's like, well, I mean,

y'all were the ones that said And then the part
that even blows my mind to I'm like, I'm looking
at the faculty and staff, not necessarily the faculty, but
I'm looking at the adults in the room, and I'm like,
ain't you the kids like Vietnam War protesters and we're
theay college kids, Like don't you what's wrong with y'all's memory?

Speaker 1 (05:19):
Like from what I remember, they weren't on the wrong
side of history protesting.

Speaker 2 (05:22):
It seems like they were correct.

Speaker 1 (05:24):
Huh, so that's what we're gonna do. Yeah, it's it's disheartening,
and like I said, you know, like I think it's
it's really troubling for people who are part of any
marginalized or press community because you know, this country, America
is a white supremacist capitalist patriarchy or an imperialist capitalist patriarchy,
however you want to do that. But you go, you

begin to push against any of those tenants, you will
be met with state violence. It just doesn't matter if
you were there to support those tenants, you will be
supported by the state. And it's like it's just very easy,
you know, Yeah, if you're running a drift of what
the true values are of the United States, if the
police are fucking you up or protecting you based on
exercising that right exactly.

Speaker 3 (06:05):
Yeah, just taking a second to reflect to yourself to like, okay,
who's on my side of the fence, and and like
when at some point you should look at the look
down your bench on your side and be like, oh wait,
am I on the wrong team here? Like what's twelve?
Why is my jersey? Why are you wearing the same
jersey as me? You know, like a thin blue line

on my jersey.

Speaker 1 (06:26):
Where that come from?

Speaker 3 (06:28):
Yeah, you know, like that should be your warning sign
and be like wait, hold up, wait are we wait,
are we actually saying the same thing. Yeah, I don't
think we're saying the same thing. Wait, you know you should.
It should make give you pause.

Speaker 1 (06:40):
You know, I just hope that I mean shut out.
At LA Times at least had an accurate description in
their headlines where they were did rightly describing that the
violence was one sided and coming from the supporters of
Israeli government. Uh, and like again we're talking full on.
They're like hitting kids over the head and shit, it's wild.

This is where we're at. And I really encourage everybody
to like, just like in twenty twenty when people wanted
to say fucking weird shit to try and obscure and
distract from what people are actually trying to say. Also,
we like, every time this happens, we have to be
able to articulate what is actually going on and not
letting these people completely change the narrative and try and

you know, completely discredit what is being.

Speaker 3 (07:25):
Done at UCLA and at USC. These are like every
organizer that I know and have seen have been like yeah, no, come, come,
have lunch, come through, and it's like because it's a
camp and I know at USC they was doing like
anti Semitic classes, like inside of the thing they was
teaching like the history of anti Semitism and how.

Speaker 1 (07:47):
We want to make sure that this is not what
we're saying.

Speaker 3 (07:49):
They have to really put people yeah, like you know
they like these and yeah, these protesters were like, look,
this is not what we're saying.

Speaker 2 (07:58):
This is why we're saying, here's the history of this.

Speaker 3 (08:00):
You know, they have to understand, like you know what
I'm saying, Like yeah, yeah, like.

Speaker 1 (08:05):
Many college campuses, because I think that's the other thing too.
We talked about this on yesterday's Trending episode is No
One is also acknowledging the fact that there are also
many Jewish students they also participating in this many Jewish people.
Jewish students are disturbed because they see the aggression of
the IDF and Netanyahu as being like that makes me

unsafe in the long run. If this is this is
the representation of a Jewish state is and people are
going to conflate the two and I don't that's not
what we're about. That's not what this religion is about,
but it's being you. And also by weaponizing anti Semitism,
that's the whole thing where they'd be like, oh, so
you're against the whole Jewish religion. It's like you're not.

Speaker 2 (08:44):
Here, yeah, And now I can't Now I can't point
at it.

Speaker 3 (08:46):
It's like when everything was when everything was human trafficking, right,
like when everything was that, It's like, now I can't
point out or everything's groomy.

Speaker 1 (08:53):
Like everything's grooming, then nothing's grooming. Then nothing's groomy.

Speaker 3 (08:56):
Now I can't actually point at anti Semitism and be like, yeah, no,
that actually is, you know, which.

Speaker 1 (09:02):
Is why I do because then I remember how the
evolution of these sort of protests went too because then
even when you had Jewish voices for peace, they're like, no,
we're if you can call me anti semitic, I'm telling
you I'm against what's happening. And then they go, well
you're not Jewish or whatever, and then it's always a
moving goalpost. And again it's just what if you're in
service of oppression, then the police are there for you.

If you're trying to fight for equity, then the police
will always be against you. So a good, good formula
to just check around. Yeah, next story is RFK Junior.
He's trending now. This is this was sort of like
presented in like ooh, the Trump camp is sweating because RFK.
But a lot of polls show that Trump is comfortably

not comfortably. It's like six points ahead of Biden right now.
I wonder why I can't have anything to do with
these students are screaming about on campuses across the country.
But I guess recently he's starting to pop up. RFK
Junior is starting to pop up more and more on
these right wing outlets, Like he's becoming a main stay
on Fox News, a mainstay on News Max. He's now

starting to be like on Ben Shapiro's podcast talking to
Glenn Beck, he's talking to Megan Kelly, you know, the
just everyday pieces of shit. And while you.

Speaker 4 (10:17):
Know, also while he's out there being like, you know,
fucking Biden, talking shit about Biden, you know, he's he's
definitely he's going after a very specific audience here, Like
especially when you go on these bro podcasts too, Yep,
you're kind of being like, look, you know, I'm not woke,
so why don't you vote for me. And that's where

I guess the Trump co Campaign manager has come in
to say, quote, it's concerning and beyond logic that there
are some conservative platforms that continue to give a voice
to someone that is called the NRA, a terrorist group
who believes in eliminating gas powered engines, believes in a
seventy percent tax bracket, and generally subscribes to the same

school of thought as Carl Marx.

Speaker 1 (11:01):
Oh yeah, in both marks, baby, yeah, yeah, just oh
what exactly what.

Speaker 2 (11:07):
Point at it?

Speaker 1 (11:08):
I'm sorry? Are you? Can you please? Are you a
scholar of Marxist thoughts or no? Yeah? I just know
if I say the word, people are like, fuck that,
And that's just how it goes.

Speaker 2 (11:18):
He's he's interesting to me, dude.

Speaker 3 (11:20):
He's like, have you guys, okay, you guys, have you
watched I just finished it, the uh the Three Body
Problem on.

Speaker 1 (11:28):
I started watching the first episode.

Speaker 2 (11:30):
Yeah, recently.

Speaker 3 (11:31):
I don't want to ruin it, sure, but I'm about
to kind of Okay.

Speaker 1 (11:35):
So all right, spoiler alert, just spoileroiler alert.

Speaker 2 (11:38):
Skip through this.

Speaker 1 (11:39):
If you're sensitive to three Body Problem, you don't hear
nothing about it? Skip ahead one minute.

Speaker 3 (11:43):
Yes, I won't tell you how the movie ends. But ultimately,
if you have the gravitational pulls of three bodies, whether
it's just two stars and a planet or three stars
and whatever they're gravitational pull and rotations are are, you
can't predict them. They're impossible to predict. That's called the

three body problem. So if you're on a planet that
has is too close to three different sons, you're gonna
get pulled into the gravitational pulls in different ways, so
you can't you can't predict whether your planet's going to
be you know what I'm saying. So that's that's a
three body problem. Yes, it's impredictable. You just you just
go wherever the gravity pulls you.

Speaker 2 (12:27):
And to me, you get there problem here, three body problem.

Speaker 3 (12:31):
I'm like, this is so, yes, the third body is
just throwing off the gravitational pull So like to try
to everybody for everybody, so to even try to even
predict what he's trying to do or who he's trying
to talk to. He's like, you can't this just this
guy is going to siphon off wherever he can. And
in some sense its brilliant, you know what I'm saying,

like I go wherever I don't because demand don't care,
Like are like wherever y'all?

Speaker 2 (12:57):
Yeah, I go wherever y'all listen to.

Speaker 1 (12:59):
He's he's like such a weird ass broken clock because
he says like he says ship that. I'm like, no,
that's true, Like you know, regulatory capture is a fucking issue,
like these climate things are an issue. And then he's
like but then you know, COVID was meant Chinese people
were IMMU like shut this, Oh my god. Yeah, it's
like out here.

Speaker 3 (13:17):
Yeah, you was going good for a second. Ere yeah, and.

Speaker 1 (13:20):
Let's not yeah, let's not forget. He was like the
poster child for the whole anti vax movement, like when
it cames, you know what I mean? So whatever RFK,
We'll see where you end up. But honestly, like I
know a lot of people will try and blame you
if Biden loses, But I honestly just with the way
this man is it right now, it's he's making it
very difficult for people to be like, like are you

hearing what people are saying? Like what if a responsive president?
You're not a responsive president right now? And I don't
wantucking Donald Trump to lose or to win. No Freudian slip.
Well no, like I don't want Trump to win. But
it's like but if and because of that, I'm like, motherfucker,
you need to figure out how to get served vote
for you.

Speaker 3 (14:01):
Yes, help me, help you, like I just god damn it, man,
like I just you can't be like you're so frustrated
to where you're like, I mean, it's like, Doug is
the sky blue?

Speaker 1 (14:14):
Like what is the lowest hanging fruit?

Speaker 3 (14:17):
The lowest like this is and I'm like the lowest bro.
Just even if we talked about this on hother politics,
even if you just okay, the kids ain't gonna let
you get away with this. But even if you just
say the two words cease fire, like if you just
say that's the lowest hanging fruit. Right, But you're like, oh,
I'm mad about this.

Speaker 1 (14:37):
I don't want you.

Speaker 3 (14:38):
And you know we you know we really mad. And
you know I'm telling that, y'all. Who I old BB,
I'm not handed, I'm not I'm not going for it. Now,
come on over here to the to the candy store,
pick whatever gun you won't and I'm getting you'll be
careful because I'm mad, right, bro exactly and then take
away his dessert.

Speaker 2 (14:54):
Man, like you're not really mad.

Speaker 1 (14:56):
No, no, it's all it's all just optics. But the
thing is, like people are too tapped in now for
that kind of shit to work, Like the smoking mirrors,
it's not having the same effect. And also to the
point now where other congressmen are like, man, I got
like old little old white ladies also asking me what
the fuck is up with the ceasefire. So it's not
just it's not just like Arab Americans or Muslims. It's

it's like a bro, it's many people. The majority of
Democrats are.

Speaker 3 (15:21):
Like yes, or like yeah, I was with you for
a little bit, you know what I'm saying, Like yeah,
it's like I was with you for a second there.
But I mean I'm all brou y'all. You ain't seeing
what I'm saying, Like you ain't have to you ain't had.

Speaker 1 (15:34):
To kill them all, Like nope, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's
we'll see. Like I said every time, I'm like November,
take your time, take your time, Please take your time.
I don't have I don't have the strength right now.

Speaker 2 (15:47):
Bro, Like that's I'm sorry, I know. We gotta move on.

Speaker 3 (15:50):
But I'm like, again, low hanging fruit, like you can't.
I mean, you just you really finna just let this
abortion thing slip through your fingers, bro, Like yeah, that's
an easy one.

Speaker 1 (15:59):
Well like, yeah, well they were fucking around too long
by being like if I'm president, I will do this
ship cut to your president, and you did not fucking
fire roll versus what like you didn't even you couldn't
even do that. So yeah, because again both parties, they
they're just playing in everybody's faces. They just wanted they
want to angle shit in front of people to get
them to the polls and then just take it out
and then but then something then you get some ship

like the Dobbs decision, and shit gets real and now
all of a sudden, like well it's really complicated, but there,
I mean, there's lives at stake here for.

Speaker 3 (16:29):
Sure, man, Like that's really like you know, go to
state blowing a three to one lead right there?

Speaker 1 (16:35):
Bro, Like, how you how you lo how you lose?

Speaker 3 (16:38):
Dobs guys like this, Yeah, sixty years, don't you lost
the sixty?

Speaker 2 (16:43):
Like how you love did.

Speaker 1 (16:44):
A lot of time? Because again, it's easier to just
h raise the specter of the boogeyman than to actually
take care of shit because that we're not. Yeah, we're
not the we're not in the business of actually solving
problems here. All right, let's take a quick break so
we can regroup, re outher ourselves, center ourselves, so we
can come back and discuss objectively with no West Coast biases,

even though I have my Dodger blue on my four dome.
Right now is Kendrick Lamar and Drake Beef and we'll
be right back. And we're back. So look, I told

you so, but didn't I? Yes, is your.

Speaker 2 (17:33):
Audience like up to speed? Do they know the whole
cheese made?

Speaker 1 (17:36):
I guess here? Well, we'll keep it here. Yeah, for
those it okay. So if you are not interested in
hip hop, I get it. People have different flavors for you.
Let me put you onto something. Right now, we're talking
about the Drake and Kendrick Lamar Beef. Drake is now
like one of the I think the highest selling artists
of all time because he took over Michael Jackson's thing
and now he's like, I'm the king uh and said

he's the greatest ever. He's the goat. Kendrick Lamar has
taken exception to that. This is a very condensed version
because there's also there's like sneak dissing going on for years.
But anyway, for like Kendrick decade, Dave Kendrick has also
been like, you know, he released a track with Metro
Boomin in Future about a month ago, you know, basically
just taking just taking some general shots his way, him

and J Cole's way. J Cole entered the beef and
then he immediately said back, no and yo do yeah man, yeah, no, yeah,
I mean like I don't I don't want this. I
don't want this. I don't want this. I don't want it.
And you know what, I shouldn't. I shouldn't have even
recorded a distrack. He released a distrack to respond to Kendrick,
and then he pulled it because he said it didn't

feel right to him. He didn't believe in it. As
an artist. Then that's your progative as an artist. Fine,
other people.

Speaker 3 (18:43):
He probably could have taken his time, but yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 1 (18:46):
Yeah, I get it. If you weren't feeling it, you
weren't feeling it.

Speaker 2 (18:48):
And it was like Kendrick's line.

Speaker 3 (18:51):
It for y'all that are interested Kendrick's line referencing Cole
was in reference to a song that Cole did with
Drake years ago, but are in that song was kind
of like a throwaway, like that's just one thing towards yeah, Cole.
So Cole could honestly be like, well, the verse ain't
about me, it's it's about you. Yeah, yeah, I really

don't have to because he's not even disn't me yeaheah.

Speaker 1 (19:14):
But a lot of people were like, you know, in
their bag on his back, you do it anyway. So
then Drake basically released two response tracks, one using the
Ai vocals of Tupac Shakor, which did not go over
well with anybody in this part of the country or
even his estate, who were like, the season desist for
that's foolish, foolishness. And then Kendrick, they're like, all the

Drake fans are saying, when's Kendrick gonna drop? It's been
so long. TikTok, TikTok. Kendrick drop a track called Euphoria
six and a half minutes and it is scathing, I
would say, fishes.

Speaker 3 (19:52):
And also yeah, also loving and like teaching, like teachable,
like this is a teachable moment just in the only
way that Kendrick can.

Speaker 2 (20:04):

Speaker 1 (20:04):
Yeah, Because there's a tweet from a rainio Ville for
those of y'all who listen to Victory like Merrow's podcast,
He's on that show. He tweeted basically to sum up, like,
where what the Drake this was versus the Kendrick response.
He said, Drake Colon, you wear small shoes, top makes
you do push ups. That's the person from top Dog,
the label that Kendrick was on, and I make more

money than you. Sort of like the distillation of Drake's
dis Yes, Kendricks would be the distillation to be this.
You have never been secure in your identity. A Canadian
cosplayer could never represent Black American culture. I'm raising my
kids and you can't relate. Yeah, different levels to their responses.
I don't know. I mean like, I don't know what
part you want to talk about specifically, Like for me,

I just I get that there's right now it seems
like most people are so entrenched in their fandom, Like
you have people who can't see past their fandom. Then
there are people who I'm like, I just love to
see this era of like rapp up, Like you say
something then you say something that you say something, you
say something because yeah, whether or not Drake takes an now,
it doesn't change the fact that he is the this

man's soul.

Speaker 3 (21:11):
There's no yeah, yeah, there's yeah. Producer Brian's dropping dropping
stuff in here that I was going to say, like
I think there's there are some things to calibrate here.
First of all, to understand that, like, Okay, the number
one song on Billboard is Taylor Swift. She's also the
number two, three, four, she's she's the top ten. The
top ten songs on Billboard are Taylor Swift. So calibrate

the conversation with that for us, right, you know. And
then secondly, like you said, like overall, it's two grown men,
millionaires writing poems about each other for.

Speaker 2 (21:39):
La guys, you're alive.

Speaker 1 (21:41):
It's a wonderful.

Speaker 3 (21:42):
Yeah, it's so even for us as fans to remember that,
like oh yeah, go cry on a bag of money,
like it's fine, you know, but yeah, but they I think, yeah,
But I was going to say, like there's a history
in hip hop, whether it was you know, ice Cube
and Easy E, whether it's right jay Z and Nas,
whether it's POC and Biggie like there's a history of.

Speaker 1 (22:05):
Rule where.

Speaker 3 (22:08):
Yeah and dis tracks have always been good for the
overall culture of hip hop because it brings out the
best in all of these artists. But I think specifically
with this one, why I think this is so important
is because they represent Kendrick and Drake have always represent
two opposite approaches.

Speaker 1 (22:26):
To being tip hop stars. Yeah yeah, right, And because.

Speaker 3 (22:30):
Kendrick Kendrick gan on Instagram like he don't post memes,
like he don't, he don't pop out, like he don't
do that, you know.

Speaker 1 (22:36):
What I'm saying, and don't walk through none of that.

Speaker 3 (22:39):
I don't do none of that, like I will give
you the bars and I'm going home. And then Drake
is obviously like he's a pop star, yeah.

Speaker 1 (22:46):
And he's a child actor, so he's used to being
in the spotlight in a different way, and you know,
people take that for what it is and people say, well,
this is what Drake's more poping or whatever. Personally, it's
like I don't think you can really, I can't. I
don't compare them because are not the same. They're not
making the same kind of art, you know. I get like, yeah,
there's some like Drake bangers, you're like, oh, yeah, this

is shit's fun. It's a fun track, But is it like,
is it like Kendrick Lamar, like a pe Kendrick Lamar
kind of track? Is has you engaging with in a
different way? And again, this is a matter of taste.
I'm not saying objectively or whatever, but this is how
I relate to the music. And the beef is interesting
too because Kendrick is getting out a lot of other
critiques that people have about Drake, namely one about sort

of always like suddenly you're you're like a roadman from
the UK and you wrap like this or you're doing
this other kind of flavor and you're kind of constantly
sort of shape shifting and using. Yeah, people are like,
you know, you're kind of appropriating the culture without actually
sticking up for black people when things are actually happening,

or speaking about the culture in a way that feels
constructive rather than just being like, let me sort of
curate and cherry pick the things I like to sell
records and then that's it.

Speaker 2 (24:04):
There's a sophistication.

Speaker 3 (24:05):
Yeah, there's a sophistication of this conversation in the sense
that like, you know, I was sexing you the the
the corny analogy of like, you know, the captain of
football team dating the cheerleader, prom king, homecoming queen, homecoming king.
But all you want to do is like just kick
it behind the bungalows and smoke weed with the cool kids.

Speaker 2 (24:25):
That's all that you want.

Speaker 3 (24:26):
But all the cool kids are like you're lame and
it's fine, just go be the prom king, Like stop,
that's fine, Like it's fine, just go be that.

Speaker 1 (24:35):
Like you will never be accepted by us.

Speaker 3 (24:38):
And it's not that it's not that we're not trying
to excommunicate you, it's just that's.

Speaker 2 (24:42):
Not who you are, you know.

Speaker 3 (24:44):
So so so the conversation that Kendrick kicked it up
a notch is the saying the quiet thing out loud,
which is like you can't just put this on and
take it off, and it's and and yeah that insecurity
about like.

Speaker 1 (24:59):
You right, yeah, right, yeah, you want all of this.

Speaker 3 (25:06):
Kendrick is like I'm really from this and it comes
from an authenticity and it's like.

Speaker 2 (25:11):
So stop, like just just stop being with you, not
like you know what I mean.

Speaker 1 (25:16):
He's growing up in Compton, and living growing up in
Compton is a lot different than being a child actor
living in Toronto and the levels of racism are different,
like they're just they's just cultural differences. Yeah, and that's
why anyway, it's interesting again where everyone was like, oh, like,
it's not just going to be like sort of like
a simple you know, because if you think about the

last battle that Drake was in or beef he was
in was with a push of tea yeah, and he
was responding and push the t just basically came back
with like, here's a picture of you in blackface. I
don't know what's going on. Yeah, and you're actually a
terrible father.

Speaker 4 (25:49):
And it was just sort of like like this person
was like oh yeah, but it was.

Speaker 3 (25:53):
Almost like okay, that's okay kind of cheating, but it
definitely ended it like.

Speaker 1 (25:57):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I think a lot of people
are wondering and people know now like Kendrick Lamar is witty,
and they're like all the memes and stuff on the internet,
like dag, you don't know if Kendrick Lamar might not
be the person to be. He's not. That's not the
tree you want to be barking up, no at all.

Speaker 3 (26:13):
Yeah, And I just I appreciate like rappers rapping, and
you know, for y'all that know me and Miles like like,
we like I like my rappers rapping, if we like
throw parties in Long Beach, I want sometimes sometimes it's
been that ass. Oh you know what I'm saying. Sometimes
you want that because that's good these hands, that's great.

But then if it's like when I'm putting in my headphones,
if I want to hear somebody like really like love
the craft and love the art, I'm like, I'm not.

Speaker 2 (26:42):
I'm not putting a Drake album on.

Speaker 1 (26:44):
You know, like started from the bottom, isn't all right? No,
you know what I mean, like exactly the reason why?
And I know you're lying because you didn't start from
the bottom, you know. But then they're Drake fans who
are like his mom had to rent a basement apartment
that they lived in, and then that's what he was
referring to. And I'm like, and that's fine or whatever,
but like when you start talking about gun violence and
shit like that, that's life. Alai A learning past guests

we love on the show, she was like kind of
really stated it very succinctly in saying that, like this
this is a tweet from her because a lot of
Drake fans are like, you know, just up in arms
about people's analysis of what this track was. Quote. The
fact that Drake stands are trying to insist hip hop
a genre of culture created by black people to give
voice to black people and our experiences, shouldn't critique his

exploitation of blackness and people confirms why Kendrick said he's
speaking for the culture with his critiques of Drake. Non
black hip hop fans clearly need to hear this. Black
people and black culture will always be central to any
analysis of hip hop and rap music. Let go of
this colorblind analysis you want us to embrace just so
you feel like your opinion is equally valid when talking
hip hop. And look, I'm not saying people's analysis is

invalid or whatever, but there's a real when people are saying, like,
why are you talking about that, it's because that's that's
what hip hop was coming out of, you know, black
and brown people finding an art form that it's really.

Speaker 3 (28:01):
And and in none of this, you know, Jay Call
is just as life skinned and nobody has any question
about his position and placement in the culture. And yeah, yeah,
it's like no one, no one questions that like, there
so there is a particular way a person carries themselves

that you know, I think any any person that is
remotely somewhat attractive and have been in a club with
drunk people, you know, when someone's complimenting you and when
someone's being slimy, you get and it might be the
same words, right, it might be the same words, Brian,

I see Brian, he brought it up the same thing,
same way like Marlon Kraft.

Speaker 2 (28:46):
That's that's a white boy.

Speaker 3 (28:48):
I've never questioned his place in culture, you know what
I'm saying, like because I'm like, there's there's no question
about who you are, because you carry yourself in a
way that's different, you know, and it it's like you
know what it is when you're looking at it. And
Drake has always been something for me that personally, I've
always had to bite my tongue about because I'm just like,
I feel like this is I don't want a rant here,

but this is the last thing I to say about
trying to get this thought out. It's like, when you're
someone like him who has been considered you know, traditionally attractive, right, successful,
You're like you weren't policed like the rest of us
ugly boys that were taught when stuff was corny, like

we were taught in seventh grade, like, don't do that
as corny, right, right, right?

Speaker 1 (29:38):
He didn't learn that because the girl still giggled and
he was on TV and no matter what he did.

Speaker 3 (29:44):
So then when you warming up, you know, in the
NCAA Finals on the University of the Kentucky team, I'm like, Brett,
did you go to Kentucky? Did you ever live in Kentucky?
Your family go to Kentucky? Like does anybody what connection
do you have to this? That's corny? Don't do that
right The idea of thinking I'm gonna do a AI tupac.

Speaker 1 (30:04):
No one, we would all know.

Speaker 3 (30:07):
Yeah, you would say, no, I'm not gonna do a
AI biggie, No, no, it's untouchable.

Speaker 1 (30:13):
Like you you're again proving you're not really one of us. Man,
like you would know that doesn't understand the sacredness of
certain things and whatever. And that's where I think again,
that's why they're in different lanes. He is a celebrity
and he is able to do things like pull up
to you know, UK's basketball team, things like that because
he's he's a popping you're a star, And it's great,
he's a star, but he's a star and you and

you're not. You're not You're not a bad rapper. No,
but also when you have but these but this, but
this is what this beef has also revealed. It's like here,
there's really levels of this ship though also break like
you you absolutely have the gift of creating like great
hooks and albums that can chart. And Kendrick Lamar is
like just a grind MC who's in the trenches and

is just really takes yeah, take a just taking the
taking a series of people like oh what is like
a quintopole entendre on these things. It's like, man, he
kind of yeah, he's he's messing with that's how he
thinks about his own lyrics. So again, I just like
that again that all these things create the sort of
sequence of back and forth and been like here's a track,
is it fun? We get to talk about it, we
get to analyze it, we get to critique it. Yeah,

And again I think just like as long as it
stays as a music, like just keep it dying. This
is great, keep it keep it that it's every then
it's good. It's good for everybody, and I think getting
caught up. Although look like I was saying I'm a
fan of Kendrick, I'm from la I personally, and I
don't think that has anything to do with why I
believe Kendrick is just a more gift in m see.

I think objectively he is just in a different level lyrically.
But that's my take and that's how I feel. But
that's what I like to see because then you see
what Drake does and you're like, oh, okay, that that
was antagonistic. We'll see where it goes. Yeah, it doesn't
doesn't mean he can't wrap.

Speaker 3 (31:54):
But it's just like in the arena, you're stepping in
the brilliance of it is to be like, I'm going
to go at the one thing you want, because you're right,
I don't have as many hits as you. You're absolutely correct,
So I'm not going to go pound for pound for that.
The one thing you want is our co sign and
you will never get it.

Speaker 1 (32:13):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you are not just a goon. Remember
that you're not a goon. And that's okay. Not everybody's
not a goon. I never claimed goon. I don't like
that life.

Speaker 3 (32:25):
I am a nice boy, which is what Jay Cole did.
He's like, look, man, I'm a college I'm a college
kid that just wanted to smash girls like that's yeah,
that's all.

Speaker 1 (32:35):
I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy.

Speaker 2 (32:37):
I'm a conscious rapper.

Speaker 1 (32:38):
So y'all got y'all have it. But anyway, I'm sure
this will continue and PROP will have to I'm sure
have to have you back as inevitably because I don't
think this is going to end uh with Kendrick. I don't.
I don't. I mean, who knows, but I have a
knowing based on Drake's meming and stuff that's happening right now.
He may be cooking something up.

Speaker 2 (32:58):
My prediction is like this is or akin to This
isn't Biggie and Tupac.

Speaker 3 (33:03):
This is more akin to like jay Z and nas
to where it's like we get ether, we get you
know what I mean, We get these classic songs that
show up and again push the culture forward.

Speaker 2 (33:13):
I will say this though, like if we're talking about making.

Speaker 3 (33:17):
Hits, memorable songs, catchy sing along, move the crowd, move
the club, the Eastern Seaboard in the South.

Speaker 1 (33:26):
You have that.

Speaker 3 (33:27):
I am a I bleed, I bleed California. Everybody knows. Like,
but you're not taking that, You're not. You can't take
that from them. However, if it comes to like taking
the gloves off and like I'm gonna teach your children
like like track, yes, it's it's got to be the
West Coast because I'm like, you have to cite Tupac,
who's I mean the first lyric out his mouth was

first I fucked your wife, Like that's the first bar,
Like that's where you're starting the song. Yeah, So like
like if anything, if it's distracts, like we does this, Yeah, yeah,
we're this is what we do out here. Yeah we
we don't have gloves on, there's no that's but that's
what's all. It's like it's like Game of Thrones. It's

like that's how the West Coast Kingdom is, and.

Speaker 2 (34:12):
That's how the West Coast Kingdom.

Speaker 1 (34:14):
We all have our different strengths and weaknesses, and that's
where we go from. I mean, yeah, look, we had
our we had our little moment too with with the hits,
but look it's it's coming back. We've got a lot
of artists though now I mean to have a lot
of artists now between.

Speaker 2 (34:24):
It's a good time.

Speaker 1 (34:25):
Yeah, it's a good time. We're all we're all winning.
But anyway, that is our old head Wrap Analysis episode
for you all. Thank you so much for listening. We
are going to be back tomorrow with a whole new episode.
Prop Thank you so much for joining me. Definitely check
out Hood Politics because it's a fantastic show and I'd
love to have you back and thanks for having me

of course. All right, well, long live hip hop. We'll
talk to you later. Bye.

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