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May 2, 2024 21 mins

In this edition of We're Rope-Dropping DisneyTrend, Jack and special guest host Andrew Ti catch up on what they've been up to, the arrest of hundreds peaceful pro-Palestinian protesters at UCLA, another Boeing whistleblower dying under mysterious circumstances, Kristi Noem's "too little; too late" apology tour for murdering a puppy, Arizona repealing its Civil War-era abortion ban and much more!


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello the Internet, and welcome to this episode of We're
rope Dropping Disney Trend. My name's Jack O'Brien. I'm thrilled
to be joined by my guest.

Speaker 2 (00:13):
Host, andrewd What.

Speaker 1 (00:17):
I'm still here, and I am still here. I am
back from Disneyland.

Speaker 3 (00:23):
You did it.

Speaker 2 (00:23):
I did it.

Speaker 1 (00:24):
We went to Disneyland for my son's birthday. I got
real into it. I started using the phrase rope drop
as a verb. I was like, all right, we're going
to rope drop the Rise of the Resistance. Then we're
going to head right over to the Millennium Falcon. Then
we're it all worked out. It was it was like
a you know, we were undefeated.

Speaker 4 (00:45):
Just did you get Let's see my two Disneyland things
are corn dogs for some reason, those are my favorite
corn dogs on Earth.

Speaker 2 (00:52):
Really and doll whip? Did they have a doll whip?

Speaker 3 (00:55):
Doll whip in more places?

Speaker 2 (00:56):

Speaker 1 (00:57):
We did the doll whip with the Tiki Room, which
was a good place to take a nap.

Speaker 2 (01:05):
But yeah, there's it's funny.

Speaker 1 (01:07):
There's just like various parts of Disneyland that have not
been updated in decades, and like seal it and those
are some of the better parts, like we went on
Pirates of the Caribbean and that ride feels creaky, like
you can literally hear the creaking of the animatronics in
some instances, and uh.

Speaker 4 (01:30):
Yeah, little nice gears of the Difference engine turn and
the Pirates stare at you so much of it. The fudge,
for some reason always hits the fudge.

Speaker 2 (01:42):
Yeah, I didn't. I didn't do fudge. It did do
dull whip.

Speaker 3 (01:46):
I never consider fudge.

Speaker 1 (01:47):
Yeah, I'm gonna do it next time.

Speaker 2 (01:50):
I didn't realize how close it was. Yeah, how doable.

Speaker 1 (01:54):
Disney Land is from Los Angeles, and now my kids
know that too.

Speaker 4 (01:59):
Yeah, you're gonna you're gonna enjoy the next five to
ten years.

Speaker 2 (02:03):

Speaker 1 (02:04):
Also a pretty small part, like I was, I felt
like we had done everything we came to do by
like two o'clock in the afternoon. May Well, I don't
know about all the stuff, but.

Speaker 4 (02:15):
That's the uh, that's the dark side of the rope drop.
You don't realize. The actual experience at Disneyland is waiting
in line.

Speaker 3 (02:23):
And if you don't wait in line a time, you're
gonna be out of to do.

Speaker 2 (02:26):
Yeah. Yeah, it goes quick.

Speaker 1 (02:28):
Anyways, you know, we talk on tomorrow's episode about Biden's statement,
but you know, on on the subject of the student protest,
we have an update on the UCLA encampment, where there
were over two hundred people students arrested this morning. Overnight

cops came in and arrested hundreds of peaceful protesters after
ignoring violent pro Zionist protesters the night before and letting
them tear the encampment apart and throw old women around
while screaming you stand no chance, old lady, like the

like that that's a literal quote, like.

Speaker 3 (03:12):
These people see themselves as the good guys.

Speaker 4 (03:15):
It's like like this is, yeah, assaulting people in the
middle of the night.

Speaker 2 (03:21):
May stand no chance, old lady is such a fucking
cobra Kai thing to say. It's so wild.

Speaker 4 (03:28):
Yeah, like Baine would be like two on the nose,
chill the fuck out.

Speaker 1 (03:34):
But anyways, those people not only were they like not arrested,
but like I don't think anyone expected them to be,
Like there wasn't even there was no news story about that.
There's no like everyone's just like no, yeah, they're on
the same side as the police, so yeah, yeah, they're
just they're lad.

Speaker 4 (03:51):
I mean, on the off chance anyone listening to this
is on the fence, like when you're on the same
side as the cops.

Speaker 3 (03:59):
Yeah, you're on the wrong side.

Speaker 1 (04:01):
Yeah go Google, you stand no chance, old lady. And
then god, yeah, anyways, let's talk about what have you
been watching anything?

Speaker 2 (04:11):
Andrew anything, I will.

Speaker 4 (04:13):
Say, I guess I've been on a like, not horror kick,
but like a weirdo unpleasant movies kick.

Speaker 3 (04:22):
So not not that.

Speaker 4 (04:24):
They're bad, but like just unpleasant, kind of grimy. So
I watched The People's Joker, Monkey Man, and Abigail in
like kind of quick, like a two week period. Nice,
and yeah, all those movies, they really they all have
a real solid element of like this might be the
new trilogy of you know, It's smell crazy in there,

because like just everything and all those movies just looks
like it fucking stinks, right.

Speaker 2 (04:52):
Civil War also had those the most Recentlyvie. I watched
it and we talked a lot about that.

Speaker 1 (04:57):
I have Civil War has not sat great, Like the
Jesse Plemons scene still continues to I'm like for most
of that scene, I'm like, that's some of the best
moments of movie that I saw. This year, but it's
very brief, and the journalism aspect of it just I

don't know. It is not sat well. The more I've
thought about it, the more I've been like, wait, what what?
Why are I following them around?

Speaker 4 (05:25):
I know people love this movie, and the leg that
people have to stand on with me is that I
have not seen it yet. But from what I've heard
and from what I saw in the marketing, I think
the movie is not for me. And I'm doubly convinced
of this because when I tweeted that like no movie,
some version of like no movie that is called Civil

War that has fewer primary black cast members as captain
American Civil War is really going to do it for me,
people got mad at me, but exclusively white guys got
mad at me.

Speaker 3 (05:58):
So I was like, I still feel like I'm on
the right track.

Speaker 2 (06:01):
Yeah, yeah, I don't.

Speaker 4 (06:02):
Mind being on the opposite side of the white film guys.

Speaker 1 (06:05):
It is, Yeah, I mean it's an abstraction like that.
There is the central point of like we want you
to see war in other countries the way like with
fresh eyes, by showing you what a war like that
would look like in America. But like they've gone through
so many levels of abstraction to do that in a

way that like feels like politically centrict.

Speaker 4 (06:33):
It's like, like, take a stand on that and live
in the real world because we're still living in the
Civil War.

Speaker 1 (06:39):
Or yeah, yeah, and we're still living in the original
American Civil War.

Speaker 4 (06:42):
Yeah, Alex Garland the brit If you just want to
show the horrors of modern warfare in what it would
look like to Americans to make an emotional point, I'm
just saying war of eighteen twelve, baby, just have the
sas bomb Washington.

Speaker 2 (06:58):
There you go.

Speaker 3 (07:00):
Whatever, I don't know jackshit about Britain.

Speaker 2 (07:03):
Yeah, that's that's close enough.

Speaker 1 (07:05):
Anything else you I think you were mentioning off Mike
that you're experimenting with your like mic redosing parenthood.

Speaker 3 (07:15):
Well I was.

Speaker 4 (07:15):
I was with my nephew in Atlanta for the last
week and I watched Listen. It's just a saying where
like where you are in charge of a kids media
or like you have to be party to it. Like
he loves Elmo, but he also loves this guy called Blippy,
which I genuinely would have assumed was like speaking of

people's joker. It also looks like a timon Eric sketch
like where I'm just like, this.

Speaker 3 (07:44):
Is this is a bit right, this.

Speaker 2 (07:45):
Is changed, yeah, unhinged, like.

Speaker 4 (07:50):
It's it is like one of those things that like
if Blippy was around your kids. So Blippy is a
guy who wears like what orange overalls, giant puffy like yeah,
but has like cocaine energy but talking to kids.

Speaker 2 (08:05):
Yeah, yeah, like make glasses.

Speaker 4 (08:07):
You can see his teeth gritting as he's explaining in
the one I watched like trains.

Speaker 2 (08:14):
Yeah, and you're just like, you would.

Speaker 3 (08:15):
Not let this guy near actual children.

Speaker 1 (08:18):
Yeah, like it's too too here it comes to the
train to too, because that's still on my kids playlist.

Speaker 2 (08:28):
It still comes along every once in a while. I
kind of change it fast enough.

Speaker 1 (08:34):
But he also, yeah, Blippy was a constant battle that
I won.

Speaker 2 (08:38):
I ultimately won. Like we didn't.

Speaker 1 (08:40):
I spent very little time watching Blippy. Uh, and my
kids never really got to the stage where they were
like Blippy was a fixture in their life.

Speaker 2 (08:50):
It was a battle. It was a battle, I will say.

Speaker 4 (08:52):
And this is something my sister said that I chose
in the moment not to interrogate, and I'll just repeat
it here because it made no sense to me. But
she was like, we don't let him watch Thomas the
Tank Engine.

Speaker 3 (09:03):
Because it's like fashion.

Speaker 4 (09:05):
She said, yeah, she was like it's fascist, and I
was like, I'm not gonna interrogate this at all.

Speaker 2 (09:11):
Yeah. Yeah, it's all about usefulness.

Speaker 1 (09:14):
It's like fascist in a way that like when you
think about it and like write an essay on it,
you're like, oh, yeah, this is fascist.

Speaker 2 (09:21):
You know.

Speaker 1 (09:22):
It's like if you're very thoughtful, you recognize that it's fascist,
because yeah, they they will, like the characters get depressed
when they can't be useful anymore, and it's.

Speaker 2 (09:34):
Oh yeah, it's it's a little weird.

Speaker 1 (09:38):
Thomas the Tank Engine. It just has a strange vibe
to it. I did not successfully win that battle because
my son was obsessed with trains at that at that
developmental stage.

Speaker 2 (09:50):
But we're through it. He turned out fine for now.

Speaker 3 (09:55):
For now, just wait on gets his first job.

Speaker 1 (09:57):
Yeah, that's right, all right, we should talk about Boeing.
Joshua Dean was fired by Boeing supplier Spirit Aerosystems in
twenty twenty three after flagging safety concerns. He then filed
a complaint with the FAA and now Dean is the

second Boeing linked whistleblower to have died in the last
two months, which is a concerning number of dead Boeing
linked whistleblowers, Like the first one was concerning kind of
reminds me of when like Kevin Spacey's accusers kept mysteriously
dying and.

Speaker 2 (10:38):
It's I don't know.

Speaker 1 (10:40):
He was in good health until two weeks ago when
he went to the hospital complaining of trouble breathing, and
he died of a difficult to treat bacterial infection.

Speaker 2 (10:50):
So I mean, I don't.

Speaker 1 (10:52):
Know, I don't know the specifics of this. It's just
like a young, healthy person the first person allegedly committed suicide.

Speaker 3 (11:07):
It's so fucking dark too.

Speaker 4 (11:09):
That like the thing reading this and thinking about this
most recent stuff and having just flown in a plane
actually is like I'm starting to realize that Boeing's passenger
jet business is just whitewashing the rest of their actual business.
Like right, seven thirty seven's exist to make you think

Boeing just makes passenger planes and that's like everyone's like
primary like primary interaction with the Boeing brand. So because
initially you're like, oh, that seems a little wild that
like whistleblowers would get like could even consider to be like,
you know whatever, conspiracy, conspiracy or whatever because of Boeing.

Speaker 3 (11:56):
What is Boeing do? Boeing just makes those things that
lot like dolphins and this stuff.

Speaker 4 (12:00):
Yeah, and like they're like, oh no, no, there they're an
arms manufacturer.

Speaker 3 (12:07):
And those people probably do murder people allegedly.

Speaker 1 (12:11):
Yeah, but I don't know, I feel like Boeing should
be watching out for the safety of every whistleblower who
has ever said a bad word about them, like their
parents of a toddler at this point, like I'm blaming
them for any.

Speaker 2 (12:24):
Whistleblower deaths going forward regardless.

Speaker 4 (12:27):
I don't, you know, I don't Yeah, they're I just
I think the world today has now led me to
believe that high end evil is working under a no
press as bad press policy because they just don't care.

Speaker 2 (12:45):
Yeah, we talk on tomorrow's episode.

Speaker 1 (12:47):
Miles talked yesterday about the bike lock thing, the NYPD
being like this bike lock is clearly the work of
high level terrorists because look how thick the chain is.
It's just not even trying anymore. Would be the like
phrase that like they're not trying, and I haven't been
for a while, Like I mean, they it's just I

don't know.

Speaker 2 (13:11):
The Boeing thing is scary.

Speaker 1 (13:14):
I don't know how you America steers out of this
one where like the most powerful actors and the most
like legally protected entities are the.

Speaker 2 (13:26):
Same thing, and like corporations, you know.

Speaker 4 (13:30):
So I mean not knowing how America gets out of
this one is I feel like you're gonna be saying.

Speaker 3 (13:36):
That a lot. Bro Yeah, a couple of them.

Speaker 1 (13:39):
That's what makes it so exciting to now that we're
like coming to the end of this season to see
how the writers get it out of this one. It's
gonna be see how America gets out of this pickle. Anyways,
let's take a quick break and we'll come back and
hit another couple of stories. We'll be right back, and

we're back and Christineoam has what a week. I mean
we started off week talking about I mean, we started
the week like on Sunday, the last I had heard
is Christine nom presumptive vice presidential running mate for Donald Trump.
Then comes word of her upcoming memoir having a story

about her killing her dog, and then the backlash murdering
a puppy, I should I should say, like straight up
murdering a puppy. So now you know, she is officially
considered like off limits, not going to be the vice
presidential candidate, and now we're on the like too little,
too late apology tour.

Speaker 4 (14:50):
That's so Honestly, though, one of the more shocking bits
of this is how this would be disqualifying for a
Republican candidate of any kind.

Speaker 3 (15:00):
This is the line is here? People?

Speaker 1 (15:03):
Yeah Jesus, yeah, I mean listen to country songs that's
you know, or watch watch movies and recognize that dogs
are the only thing that can't be killed for the
most part. But she came through to explain we were
her second chance. Uh. The day she was put down

was a day that she massacred livestock that were part
of our neighbors. She attacked me and it was a
hard decision. So like kind of has the tone of
like somebody talking to you after like atbr addressing the
nation after.

Speaker 2 (15:44):
After D Day.

Speaker 3 (15:45):
I had to do it. She was put down.

Speaker 2 (15:49):
Now was a day but yeah, she you know.

Speaker 4 (15:53):
Yeah, the the sociopathic dog murdering allegations are not going
away with this one.

Speaker 2 (15:59):
No, It turns out.

Speaker 1 (16:01):
Yeah, I just like to imagine, like what it's like
what her assistant is putting up with right now, Like
I don't like to imagine. But that's I guess anybody
who is Christy Nomes's assistant them.

Speaker 3 (16:13):
But gets what they deserve. But it is a little like,
you know, no one, no editor was like a A,
I mean.

Speaker 1 (16:24):
That who they're the editor of this book should be
getting a promotion because they fucking like that was It's
about the notes you don't play, Andrew, it's about the
edits you don't make, and they've fucking nailed this one
by not editing that out. They're just like, uh huh
oh wow, we should go into that a little bit more.
What else do you remember about that day? All the

construction crew saw you? Huh wow, And what an interesting
thing to remember, almost like you considered killing every one
of them.

Speaker 4 (16:55):
Also, yeah, I mean I guess the triangulation is this
makes her tough.

Speaker 1 (17:00):
Yeah, it was a political she makes the hard decisions.
Sometimes you got to put the fucking puppy down. Uh
it's yeah, I think that was it. The fact that
she did it and then killed a goat like bloodlust, just.

Speaker 3 (17:15):
Like it wasnated. What else could I kill? What else
could I kill?

Speaker 2 (17:19):
Let's go fucking bleak, fucking bleak world.

Speaker 1 (17:24):
All right, we have some good news at long last,
Arizona has repealed This is like good news in a
very narrow, narrow scope, like don't look too many months
back when just the fact that this had to be
done is bad news. The good news is Arizona is

repealing it's Civil War era abortion ban. The bill was
passed by the Senate and we'll be signed by Governor
Katie Hobbs on Thursday. The not so good news the
repeal only narrowly passed six team to fourteen because two
Republicans sided with Democrats, and it doesn't actually take effect

until ninety days after the end of the legislative session,
which could mean June or July, or if the Republicans
try to extend the session into the fall.

Speaker 2 (18:17):
So you know, and just yea wild wild that this
was even a thing that happened.

Speaker 3 (18:26):
I mean, yeah, it's like.

Speaker 4 (18:32):
We're in such a terrible place with all the political parties, obviously,
but it is probably worth noting that if they got
their choice, Republicans would restore all laws.

Speaker 3 (18:43):
To the Civil War era, right, So yeah, that is
what it is.

Speaker 1 (18:48):
Also, Yeah, not in alex Garlands Civil war. All right,
everyone's cool, We're just We're just there's a.

Speaker 4 (18:57):
Lot of a lot of great points on both sides.

Speaker 1 (19:01):
They're also maybe competing ballot measures for both pro choice
and anti choice groups in the fall.

Speaker 2 (19:07):
So I don't know, it's not over, but at least
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (19:11):
It also feels like this is because Donald Trump had
like the day before this passed, He's like, why don't
we leave it up to the states. States can decide,
and then like a state comes through with the wildest,
most unpopular law passage that you could possibly imagine. So
I think they got some nasty emails from the Trump campaign.

Speaker 2 (19:32):

Speaker 4 (19:33):
I don't envy you having to think about this every
day through the election.

Speaker 3 (19:40):
Yeah, that's what ely here occasionally.

Speaker 1 (19:43):
That is why we invented here on the Daily Zeitgeist,
the hard reset, which is when you take a thera
gun and put it to.

Speaker 2 (19:50):
Your temple and uh oblivion. We do not recommend you
do that at home.

Speaker 1 (19:58):
That's only for people who host the show. Yeah, all right, Andrew,
thank you so much for having me.

Speaker 2 (20:07):
Where can people find you? Follow you? All the good stuff.

Speaker 3 (20:10):
You know, is this racist? You know what? I also
wanted to say.

Speaker 4 (20:14):
This is not directly involved, but Solidarity and Snacks is
a mutual aid group that I work with out here,
and I actually was just looking at our chat. We
are running low on funds, as are many, many, many
mutual aid groups. And I know money's side for everyone,
but Solidarity and Snacks there's venmo links on the Instagram
and stuff, and I don't know every penny you give

gets on on the streets.

Speaker 1 (20:38):
Yeah, we'll link off for that in the footnote. All right,
that is going to do it for us this Thursday afternoon.
We are back tomorrow with the whole last episode of
the show. Until then, be kind to each other, be
kind to yourselves, get the vaccine, don't do nothing about
white supremacy, and we will talk to you tomorrow by

Speaker 3 (21:00):

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