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July 3, 2024 24 mins

In this edition of ZeitTrends, Miles and special guest host Blake Wexler discuss Biden proposing new OSHA rules to protect workers from extreme heat, conspiracy theorists thinking Biden was hit with directed-energy weapons during the debate, 4th of July 2024, Kevin Costner's new film "Horizon: An American Saga, Part 1" hitting the box office, Costco bagging their rotisserie chickens now and much more!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
What's up, everybody, and welcome to this July third, Wednesday
edition of ZiT Friends. Like that's a reference to zeit Heads,
which is what our guest host, Paul Viganland was calling
ZiT Gang. Shout out to Johnny Davis for that short
show title with the lob assist from Paul Garaventa, because

apparently you couldn't access discord anyway. That's a lot of
internal stuff you don't need to know about.

Speaker 2 (00:26):
No, no, no, Paul, Paul's the John Stockton of the Daily
Zeitgeist that he racks up.

Speaker 1 (00:31):
Oh yeah yeah. People say like it's like, could be
with a little more flavor. It's like, gets it done?

Speaker 3 (00:36):
No need?

Speaker 1 (00:36):
Who's dish like this? Okay, this is so much you
could be Harvey Levin at tm Z. Here's the deal.
I'm Miles. That's Blake Wexler. Blake Wexler. Hi, Miles Gray.
How are you man?

Speaker 3 (00:50):
I'm doing great. I'm psych only you.

Speaker 1 (00:52):
I'm Sorry'm s gona interrupt you right now about Paul George.
I've so, I'm sorry. I just I just waned into
bath getball Talk listeners this past six ers and Paul George,
Oh you're back.

Speaker 3 (01:03):
I'm back.

Speaker 1 (01:04):
Oh, you're back in, You're back.

Speaker 2 (01:05):
I'm back in. And it's been two years. It's been
two years. Literally, it's been two years. I'm back in.
Would have been nice to have had Paul George h
when he was in his even his late twenties.

Speaker 3 (01:16):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, but Adam in and yeah, I'm in.
I'm in.

Speaker 1 (01:19):
Look, you'll love a set of brittle knees, don't you
know over there in Philadelphia.

Speaker 3 (01:23):
Yeah, it's not.

Speaker 2 (01:25):
We can't get enough of them, and they keep we
keep loose like them, so we have to get more
and more brital knees. Yeah, it's not even on the
fire as if he is like a healthy like like
a Luka Modrich, you know what I mean. Like this
guy keeps going and going. Yeah yeah, yeah, he does
break down.

Speaker 1 (01:42):
But yeah, and iron man, it is what it is.

Speaker 3 (01:44):
And yeah, it is what it is.

Speaker 1 (01:46):
That's what's trending for the hearts and minds of Philadelphia
seventy six ers fans and watchers of the NBA. Like
he just watching the Lakers continue to just absolutely like
disintegrate before my eyes. But it's kind of fun because
in a way, you need you need a collapse to
occur for something new to grow.

Speaker 2 (02:03):
I agree, But at least you got the head coach
that you wanted, so I think that's going to be helpful.

Speaker 1 (02:09):
Yeah, and he's got some there's a lot of interesting
allegations about him too, So our first story that's trending
some good news from the Biden administration. You know, while
there's a lot of talk get him out of here,
Like you know, if you put it on paper, he's
doing good things, for example, because you got a big up.
You got to big up the old guy when you
do some good and in this instance, he's looking out

for the safety of workers, basically proposing new standards for
OSHA that will actually, as they say, have rules that
are designed to prevent heat related illnesses and deaths on
the job, which is a big deal because heat kills
far more people quote in the US than hurricanes, floods, tornadoes,

are any other weather related disaster, and obviously, thanks to
global heating climate change, earth death. However, you want to
describe the situation we're in right now, that makes this, yeah,
it makes it. Yeah. I think that's like for the
most cynical of us, like dying, and we're just kind
of like living on living on it and it just

falls apart.

Speaker 2 (03:14):
I thought you were categorizing natural disaster fatalities calling them
earth death.

Speaker 3 (03:20):
No hurricane came through. There were three deaths, deaths.

Speaker 1 (03:25):
That would be something that like Republicans would say to
talk about climate change, like, well, we've got a lot
of Earth related deaths.

Speaker 3 (03:32):
Yea, the Earth.

Speaker 1 (03:33):
That's why we have to declare war against our biggest enemy,
the earth on which we live. Because Earth declared law
and order. We live on a law and order earth.
But a lot of people lost they lost track of that.
So Biden actually announced these plans to create the new
OSHA rules like years ago. But it hasn't been a

quick and easy process because oh wait, that's right. The
change has been opposed by business interests like the US
Chamber of Commerce. They are objecting to the rule making proposals, said,
the question of what heat conditions are safe for workers
is a complex question not easily addressed by a set
of standards and rules, and that differences in exertion and

physical condition of workers plays in the risk from heat death. Okay.
Lobbyists representing farms and construction companies obviously are pushing back
against any new regulations because they don't even know why.
They're like, yeah, I just it sounds difficult, like we
just have to do more stuff, and like we don't
what are you gonna do ensure this safety of human

beings that were extracting profits from their labor. No, it
just sounds like a sucking chore. But again, in the
absence of a federal standard, states like California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon,
Minnesota have created their own heat exposure standards because libs
and too woke or whatever the description is. But then
you also have places like Florida and Texas where like

they've actively been fighting against protecting workers from the heat,
which is just a tragedy and a half. But yeah,
because there have been like these heat related deaths, Like
there's a Texas construction worker who like they're like there's
all these stories around us from people to coming to
the heat and like these work contexts. It just shows
that we actually need like federal standards rather than being like, yeah, man,

whatever you want to do is cool. Do you live
somewhere that's like hot and humid? Like I don't know, man,
Like I don't know what, I don't know what a
wet bulb is that that's like science talk, but let's
not let's not have any rules that protect people. So
with these new rules, employers are required to quote craft
plans to prevent heat injury and illness, and have procedures

in place to respond to symptoms of heat illness like
muscle cramps, nausea, and fainting. They also need to designate
a quote heat safety coordinator and high temperatures that will
trigger extra fifteen minute breaks. So again, this is expected
to cover like thirty five million workers in the country
who are routinely exposed to heat. So incredible. Yeah, my

my wife count Oh okay, I don't see it as
that big of a deal. But uh.

Speaker 2 (06:16):
Uh, my wife is a like Shei'll write about like
health stuff for like Huffington Post, Self magazine. I say,
like for on Facebook health dot com. She dms it
to me. We don't have each other's phone numbers, so
she Facebook messages me her her opinions on it. But
she was just writing an article about like consummer concert safety,

which obviously that's for pleasure not occupation, which I which
and this also, but I think they go hand in
hand here where heat stroke is such an issue where
you need to not just go cool off in the
shade in order to reverse heat strokers.

Speaker 3 (06:55):
Stop it. And I'm probably messing this up a little bit,
but people.

Speaker 1 (06:58):
Know we're not smart.

Speaker 3 (07:00):
Yes, yes, you're aware of my whole vibe.

Speaker 1 (07:03):
So he is being serious, I'm being serious, But yeah.

Speaker 3 (07:08):
I am being serious.

Speaker 2 (07:09):
So I'm pretty close here, if not right on, But
you need to go inside into air conditioning for a
while in order to stop the heat stroke from coming on.

Speaker 1 (07:19):
Yeah, you need like fooling tents and stuff too, like
if there isn't that, like they missed you to bring
your body temperature down exactly.

Speaker 2 (07:27):
And then you add in so that's happening, that's being
proposed for concerts which you're paying money to go, see right,
And then you add in the additional pressure for a
job where you might have a boss making you go
back to work and you have you know, potential retribution
on on your finance, like you could lose your ability

to make money if you don't want to pass out capitalism.

Speaker 1 (07:53):
Man, everybody's got a gun pointed at their head if
they don't listen to what boss say. Even that used
to comb to the heat and yeah, there's also another
article too about telling all the presidential candidates you also
need to be worried about your rallies because people went
started going down at the Trump rally in Vegas and
they're like, you need to you actually need cooling tents.

You actually, like people need to be constantly rehydrating too
when you're in that heat. So yeah, this is like
a huge share. So it's you know, we can't knock
a good thing when you see it, So more of that.
We'll always we will always welcome protections for workers because
that's how these companies make their fucking money. Now. Also

to talk about Joe Biden, there's a conspiracy theory that
has taken hold, like with Democrats lives just in just
the weird internet in general. Look the vote blue no
matter who, crowd is also susceptible to weird conspiracy theories.
This one, oh god. So the debate, obviously, this has
been what everyone's been talking about. It was his makeup,

it was his heavy travel schedule. He was too prepared.
He was too prepared that he didn't know how to
answer things.

Speaker 3 (09:01):
It was after three pm.

Speaker 1 (09:03):
Yeah, but now some people are saying that he had
got Havana syndrome, like he was hit with a supersonic
acoustic weapon that scrambled his brain. A quote social media
influencer Igor Sushko alleged that Biden's gaffs to put him
lightly were actually the result of being targeted by these

invisible weapons, but also the weapons. He's also leg that
they were delivered by a Russian quote Russian government plane
that was seen in the US, because there were reports
that a Russian diplomatic aircraft was parked next to the
Trump airplane. So everyone's like, yo, what the did he
get the death rate where they did? It so obvious

that a Russian government aircraft handed off a secret weapon
to the Trump airplane, because this all tracks, folks, That's
why Joe Biden answered that way. Yes, But the source
for this guy's claim is a man named Juryshvetz, who
is a quote former cage spy who was based in Washington,
d C. During the eighties, who first posted these allegations

on YouTube, And he isn't exactly a trustworthy source either.
And this guy Sushko, who is like the person who's
tweet got like the most traction. He's a race car driver,
so it's not like he's like some future future weapons
engineer or something like that. But anyway, there's a lot

of people now who have like picked up the story
and on Twitter, like the CIA needs to investigate this.
It didn't you guys, y'all. We just saw someone in
their eighties, be in their eighties, up on a stage
being asked questions that that's that's all that happened, and yeah,
there was no there's no secret weapons, and let's not

try and explain away what's happening there by saying that's
what happened, because it's just, you know, time are sometimes
our times are up, you know, in many ways.

Speaker 3 (10:58):
But I agree, it's it is very funny.

Speaker 2 (11:01):
You referenced it where the secret handoff was between the
two most conspicuous vehicles. Yeah, on the planet Earth, a
plane that says Trump in the biggest typeface that you
could possibly find, and knowing Russian aircraft. And also, I
would imagine these Havana syndrome phasers are not something that

you can just in a weird handshake, like you're passing
off a couple dollar bills to the other person do.
I would imagine it's obviously because.

Speaker 1 (11:29):
There was no crowd It's not like you could have
like some dude in the audience being like, what can
you zap from the crowd, Like, was it one of
the camera operators doesn't go through walls? Now, I thought
they were getting hit through windows. These are great questions,
and I thought like it would linger for a long time.
A lot of people who say they have a van
syndrome say it's like constant or chronic. So y'all, look,

I know it's I know it's difficult to watch that,
and I know the media all they talk about is
how old he is, look myself included. But I think
for most people understand at this point, we know, we
know it can't Benald Trump.

Speaker 3 (12:00):
No no, no, no, no, no.

Speaker 1 (12:01):
No. One's here saying, well, you know, maybe give him
a shot. But I think this just sort of speaks
to the panic people are fearing because they don't they
they so desperately don't want to see a second Trump
presidency that they have to be like, there's they're fucking
with Biden.

Speaker 3 (12:14):
Somehow it has to be. Yeah, it's it's pure panic.

Speaker 1 (12:18):
Yeah, all right, let's take a quick break and we'll
be back to talk about some other trends after this
and we're back. And why didn't you know it? Fourth
of July is trending on the third of July.

Speaker 3 (12:36):
I'll believe it when I see it.

Speaker 1 (12:37):
I didn't have that on my twenty twenty four Bingo card.
You did. What the heck?

Speaker 2 (12:42):
Holy smokes, do you miss a lot on the twenty
twenty four Bingo card though?

Speaker 3 (12:46):
I got you put that together.

Speaker 1 (12:48):
Yeah, it's not good. It's it's a lot of wish
for film that stuff. It's like, yeah, I'm praying that
my hairline comes back to look like two thousand and
four levels. It's not like I was like, gosh, I
didn't have that on my twenty twenty four Bingo card.
It's like trying to my parents got back together. I
didn't have that on my twenty twenty cart. Fourth of July.

Are you doing anything special?

Speaker 2 (13:10):
I'm going down the Jersey Shore and yeah, yeah, so
that's what That's what my plans are. So I'll be
sitting in traffic.

Speaker 1 (13:18):
Where do you go? Which which part?

Speaker 2 (13:19):
We go to the same place that Jack O'Brien. Yeah,
we go to ancient city and yeah, we're psyched. I
always love to Dry Island. I don't know if I
know that. Yeah, yeah, no, no I did. I didn't know that.

Speaker 1 (13:32):
But it's funny because Jack was also saying, like, but
people get so fucked up there. It's wild, even though
it is meant to be like good clean American Christian
family fund. They're like, mm, but there's a lot of
du happening over there.

Speaker 3 (13:44):
Oh of course people.

Speaker 2 (13:46):
I think it's because you can't simply walk and buy alcohol.

Speaker 1 (13:52):
It builds up.

Speaker 2 (13:53):
You bring so much with you and you're like, we
have to make this, we can't bring it home with us.
So I think that might be Yeah, yeah, they.

Speaker 1 (14:03):
Got a soccer tournament four hours we got look, we
gotta we gotta fucking speed this up.

Speaker 3 (14:08):
Are you doing anything Nah?

Speaker 1 (14:10):
I think just like giving my dog a bunch of
sedatives so he'd hate. That's the worst parts. Yeah, and
so like this, the fireworks started. I'm not joking three
weeks ago, like, of course, right where I live, because look,
I get it, we'd like to set off bang bangs.
But like I said previously, the fucking dogs, man, think
of the fucking dog.

Speaker 3 (14:29):
It's so brutal.

Speaker 1 (14:30):
Other than that, I'm probably going to go to someone's
house that has food and eat all their food and
of pot luck, bring like a thing of like grocery
store cookies, but then eat all the meat and then leave. Yeah,
because I'm a perfect guest, perfect guest, perfect guest. Ten
out of nine people would say Kevin Kostner is trending.

Did you did you hear about his new like three
hour western movie that came out Jesus.

Speaker 3 (15:00):
No, exactly, so it sounds right.

Speaker 1 (15:02):
This one's called Horizon in American saga chapter one. Okay,
chapter one's three fucking hours. We talked about it, I
think last week or the beginning of this week, because
it's like Kevin Costner's politics are so all over the place,
like you don't even know if this is like pro
colonization or not or what I'm be saying. It's like

like truly like critics are like, I'm not sure what
this film is even saying outside of it taking place,
and like as a western, it made eleven million dollars
in its opening weekend. They're hoping, I guess for like
the fourth of July bump like Sound of Freedom did,
but you forget a lot of just like weird wealthy
donors just bought a bunch of tickets for people and
were like, go see it for free at this theater

so I can prop up the perceived popularity of this film.
But yeah, they Costner apparently he wrote or directed, produced,
and stars in it and is one of like put
his own money into you. Put thirty eight million dollars
of his own fucking money into this movie plus marketing costs.
For him to break even, this ship needs to make

sixty five million dollars. Otherwise he's eaten a whole big
burger of debt or not debt or whatever, and it's
gonna have to gonna have to take a thirty eight
million or whatever hit on your thirty eight million. Yeah,
so we they're waiting to see what exactly could happen.
But you know, Kevin Costner, I keep forgetting you're out there.
Although I know Yellowstone is a thing. I just keep

forgetting that you're out there still. So I'm up apologize
because after water World, dude, I didn't I stop paying attention.

Speaker 2 (16:37):
That was because it was so good. You were like, well,
you don't want to ruin movies ruin for you.

Speaker 1 (16:42):
I don't even want to know that guy's name is
Kevin Costner.

Speaker 3 (16:44):
No, no, no, no, no, no, this.

Speaker 1 (16:46):
Is a dude who has gills behind his ears, and
like I say this all the time, he speaks portug Greek,
which is a futuristic, post apocalyptic.

Speaker 2 (16:53):
Language, interesting between between two countries that probably didn't exist
anymore Portugree, I so is Yellowstone And I'm being vulnerable here.
Is there a way to what's get rid of any
of our snob like any of our condescendingness? And I'm
talking about myself as much as I am talking about

you as well.

Speaker 3 (17:16):
Is it enjoy like can we enjoy that? Like?

Speaker 2 (17:18):
Is it like watching a Marvel movie? Because I enjoy
watching Marvel movies because I can just shut my brain
off because it's all like action and stuff. Is it
enjoyable like that or is it? Is it better?

Speaker 3 (17:28):
Is it worse?

Speaker 1 (17:29):
I've seen one episode. It's not for me, but like
a lot of people actually say that like it. It's
like low key like lib pilling older conservatives because like
there is like this one character in it who is
like this, there's like a Native American character in it,
and like he'll object to certain things, but like he

always ends up being like right interesting right at the
end of something.

Speaker 3 (17:54):
So it's just I don't know yeah, I don't know.

Speaker 1 (17:57):
I just not into like western drama, you know what
I mean, Because a lot of people also like it's
like succession basically, like yeah, like where these like rich
people just like fucking hate their.

Speaker 3 (18:06):
Lives, right right?

Speaker 2 (18:08):
I I was laughing at like the most offensive answer
you could have given. It said exactly what you just
said and be like, yeah, it's not for me. You'd
like it, Yeah, you'd love I think you'd like it. Yeah,
that's you probably.

Speaker 1 (18:21):
Let me look you'd love Yeah, you'd like it, you'd
love it. Actually, let me look at you a more time. Yeah,
you right, you're gonna love that. You're gonna love that.
What the fuck is this comcial? The last thing that's
trending is Costco because they changed the do you know

they changed the fucking Costco rochissery chicken, the four ninety
nine goat chicken greatest of all time, Not that it's goat,
that's the RFK story that we'll get home, yes, but
like they it's like normally in that like a plastic shell,
they switched it to like a back now, and there's
there's reactions. People are having reactions even though the chicken

is not same or not. This are not changed. The
price has remained the same. There's still people who are like,
why the fuck is in a fucking bag now? And
people are saying like it leaks there, the chicken is
gonna be soggy or whatever. I haven't had one since
it's been in a bag. But like when you go
to other like grocery stores, a lot of grocery stores

have changed to Rochestery chickens in a bag. So I'm
not sure what to think here or be outraged, but
I guess people they hate what shit changes, you know,
like in.

Speaker 3 (19:36):
Any way, I hate it.

Speaker 2 (19:38):
They hate her freedom and most of all, they don't
want to work anymore, and I do mean it in
that order. So they these freedom hating non workers. This
has been a big thing. The hater, the their haters,
their children. Uh the gen Z. So in Philly at

a Citizens Bank Park, which is where the Phillies play,
they've come under fire because they took it's the it's
a reverse of this chickencoat chicken situation where they took
hot dogs which used to be in a foil, wrapped
up a foil and they actually put it in a
plastic container like one one in which that you would

picture a rotisserie chicken, but it's been sized for a
hot dog.

Speaker 1 (20:23):
And I prefer.

Speaker 2 (20:26):
The plastic because you can take a bite easily put
it back in the container. It's it's it's more contained.
It's it's contained. Believe it or not contain, but it does. Yeah,
it's contained. But I can't imagine that has to be
worse for the environment. Like I wonder.

Speaker 1 (20:40):
If the Costco's doing this to save like to cut
back on waste. They right, that's well, let's get to
the part that's a good news for earth. Yea, they say,
according to Costco Connections magazine. Obviously I have ten subscription
and I know you do too. We just didn't do
it because we had other stuff going on this I'm
a gold member.

Speaker 3 (20:59):
Yeah yeah, aren't we all.

Speaker 1 (21:03):
That this new move will save seventeen million pounds of
plastic annually and reduce carbon emissions by taking one thousand
freight trucks off the road yearly. Is that's what it is,
because that's how it takes a thousand I mean, I'm
not saying like it literally tooks, but damn, that's a
lot of plastic containers. It's a how many pounds seventeen
million pounds of plastic.

Speaker 3 (21:24):
What is that in US dollars?

Speaker 1 (21:25):
Ah? Boy, he just walked off. He just bolted on back.

Speaker 3 (21:29):
I came back. I came back.

Speaker 1 (21:31):
Yeah, but aget again. They're cheaper and more space efficient.
So look that's how they kept it at the four
ninety nine. Y'all. Just it's okay. It's okay to tear
in the bag. That is a problem. If it's tearing,
that's not ideal. You don't want chicken grease all over
your new shirt, as I always get chicken grease all

over my shit and have to put stain remover on it.
Fucking sucks.

Speaker 2 (21:55):
I when I buy my Kirkland shirts, I they say
do you want a bag? And I say, I'll wear
them out And they come past the twelve at Costco
and I just pile them on top of myself and
that chicken grease can seep through two three shirts.

Speaker 1 (22:07):
You buy a twelve pack of shirts and rather than
just take it in its twelve pack bag, you open
it to wear all twelve shirts simultaneously.

Speaker 2 (22:16):
Correct, So it's less of a bag, more of a
plastic or I'm sorry, a paper belt, you know, an
adhesive paper belt that keeps them and then one of
those plastic tiny things.

Speaker 3 (22:27):
That when you hold them all together.

Speaker 2 (22:29):
Yeah, it holds them all together and me together as
well in a lot of ways. And so I removed
those two things, and then they ask, oh, do you
want to put it in a Costco bag or a
empty wine box.

Speaker 1 (22:40):
I was gonna say, you nark, there are no bags
at Costco.

Speaker 3 (22:43):
There's no bags. There's no bags.

Speaker 1 (22:45):
So whatever did the glorious bastards? I want three whiskeys?
And I just saw that and.

Speaker 2 (22:50):
I said, this motherfucker you called it Asco. It was
some glorious of all the bastards. But yeah, no, I
do wear them out.

Speaker 1 (22:58):
You fucking what Costco?

Speaker 3 (22:59):

Speaker 1 (22:59):
You said cost or shopping back?

Speaker 3 (23:00):

Speaker 1 (23:01):
I feel really, I feel.

Speaker 3 (23:02):
Like I took some creative liberties. I took some creative liberties.
I took some creative liberties.

Speaker 1 (23:06):
What's your favorite thing at Costco? Then go?

Speaker 2 (23:08):
That isn't the ketch engine. It was like the catchup,
like the entrance. The entrance, I mean it's a free sample.
The entrance is the worst part. Uht I did you
know that you don't need to be a member in
order to buy alcohol?

Speaker 1 (23:27):
Right in there.

Speaker 3 (23:28):
Yeah, at least that.

Speaker 2 (23:29):
Was true six years ago when I did that. But yeah,
you don't. I think you can just walk in and I.

Speaker 1 (23:35):
Think it's yeah because it's some states. It's states specific
again to require a membership to buy alcohol, so it's
not everywhere. We're in Arizona to California, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts,
Michigan or Minnesota. You can check out the Costco Kirk
Siggi's alcohol section without a membership, and that's called a
life pro tip from the Daily Zeit.

Speaker 3 (23:57):
Guys, you're welcome.

Speaker 1 (23:58):
Thank you so much for joining me on the trending episode.
We are going to be back tomorrow or no, sorry,
we won't be back tomorrow.

Speaker 3 (24:04):
No no, no, no, no no.

Speaker 1 (24:05):
Friday, to talk about everything that's happened thus far, and
hopefully the news hasn't shifted to the point where everything
we say is moot or irre irrelevant at that point,
but I hopefully it will be still relevant by Friday.
Either way, check that episode out that's coming out Friday.
Hopefully y'all have a great break at least can take
some time off and enjoy yourselves and yeah, take care

of yourselves. Take care of each other. Know what gets
your flu shot, get the vaccine. Yeah, don't do nothing
about white supremacy, any other hate. Okay, be a person
out there because there's a lot of us out there.
Take care of yourself with SISU. Bye.

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Let's Be Clear with Shannen Doherty

Let’s Be Clear… a new podcast from Shannen Doherty. The actress will open up like never before in a live memoir. She will cover everything from her TV and film credits, to her Stage IV cancer battle, friendships, divorces and more. She will share her own personal stories, how she manages the lows all while celebrating the highs, and her hopes and dreams for the future. As Shannen says, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it’s about how you get back up. So, LET’S BE CLEAR… this is the truth and nothing but. Join Shannen Doherty each week. Let’s Be Clear, an iHeartRadio podcast.

The Dan Bongino Show

The Dan Bongino Show

He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

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