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April 2, 2018 4 mins

How does The Question Booth work? Join Dylan and Kathleen as they take you inside.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Think about walking into one of the largest buildings in Atlanta.
It's two point one million square feet and it's packed.
There are tourists all around, owing and eyeing over a
place called Pont City Market. You hear the cries of babies,
coffee machines grinding away, and restaurants yelling out food orders.
If you walk a little longer, you'll find teenagers instagramming

the industrial backgrounds of the building. You'll experience the loud
footsteps of people stomping on the old wood floors, and
you'll see sweaty runners hopping off the Atlanta belt line
to seek refuge from the humidity. These are just a
few of the senses you'll experience at Pont City Market
on the weekend. But hiding on the second floor, there's
this booth. You walk into the soundproof box and all

of the noises seem to dissipate. And even though you're
in a booth with a stranger and she's about to
ask you a question that you are not prepared for,
you start to feel like you've entered into a different world.
You put the headphones on and you begin to have
a conversation, and this booth you could talk about things
that make you laugh or even make you cry. Something

about this booth gives you the chance to really be heard.
We are more similar than we are different. That's what
it's like in the Question Booth. You just never know
what's going on in a person's life, and it could
be something personal and sometimes you just want to say, hey,

what's going on? Are you okay? It just may be
that additional question that you ask a person just to
dig a little deeper to find out. Welcome to the
Question Booth. I'm Dylan Fagan and I'm Kathleen Cillian. The
Question Booth is both the name of a real place
and a brand new podcast from How Stuff Works. Each week,
we're asking strangers the big questions and sharing the answers

with you. It's our hope it we'll find surprising ways
that we are more alike than we might think. Some
of the questions will be diving into for our first
few episodes include why are people mean? They don't realize that, like,
there's people that are passionate, they pour their souls into
this business and they're just so willing to like be
super mean online or whatever, and it just affects us

so much. What childhood's memory shaped your world. It was difficult,
I think when you're in the midst of something, but
when you come through that, I think you learned so
much more about the truth about your relationships. That struggles
about your relationships and how they can grow. If you
could smell one thing, what would it be? My husband's armpits?
I am? I would just bury myself in there by

good And if there's an apocalypse and you survived, what
would you be good at? I feel like I'd be
the mediator, like trying to stop people from doing reckless things.
So far, people's answers have been enlightening, emotional, inspiring and
sometimes funny. Does it really have a smell? Does it? Does? Corn?

And spy? Salt? Deliciousness? And when I smell it, it
all of a sudden brings back a whole Russian memories.
After we share participants interviews with you will be speaking
to someone with a lot of experience with each week's subject.
For example, our first episode as an interview with how
Stuff Works very own Lauren vocal Bomb. We think you'll
be surprised to find out what it's like to be
a YouTube comment moderator and have to confront meanness head on. Yeah,

we were very surprised. Nine times out of ten they
would be like, oh, oh, I didn't I didn't know
that anyone was really reading this. I'm sorry. I was
having a bad day man and like, and you know,
thank you so much for posting. So make sure to
join us because our premiere episode is coming out really soon.
We'd be so grateful if you'd go ahead and subscribe
so that you don't miss it. Episodes of The Question
Booth will drop each Friday on Apple Podcast or your

podcatcher choice. We'll talk to you again shortly, but until
then we're Dylan and Kathleen, and we'll see you in
the Question Booth.

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