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April 18, 2024 41 mins

Amy and T.J. continue their conversation with Cheryl Burke. 

True to the title of her podcast, they are getting all the details about “Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans”, including her salary and her showmances. 

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Hey there, everybody.

Speaker 2 (00:03):
Welcome to Amy and TJ, and we are continuing our
very interesting conversation with the one and only Cheryl Burke.
I'm curious you said you went through two divorces in
twenty twenty two, Dancing with the Stars and your now
ex husband.

Speaker 1 (00:17):
Which one was harder dancing with the Stars? Bye? I mean,
hands down, you can't compare. Wow.

Speaker 3 (00:26):
That's not to suggest that your divorce from your husband
was easy.

Speaker 1 (00:30):
Absolutely not.

Speaker 3 (00:31):
It wasn't. That's not an easy thing. Yeah, help us
with context there. We think about a marriage and then
some career change, right, So why was that experience with
Dancing with the Stars so much more difficult painful to
go through?

Speaker 1 (00:47):
It was my I defined that was my identity, like
I think it was they actually, you know as well,
I credit them for giving me a voice in general,
like if I don't know if you if you' you
see my social but like I post did my very
first audition and I didn't have like I literally didn't
have a voice, like I had an English accent with
like who is this girl? And but like I never

thought I could ever be my own independent woman back then.
Ballroom is very much it's a partnership, and it's always
the men that are in control. Still, Like I know
it sounds so old school, but like, but that's also
the beauty of ballroom, Like the man leads, the one follows,
and then you've produced such beautiful art and then that

just I'm not saying it happens with everyone, but like
for me, it was very much like that. And so
I think coming into my own and being able to
stay on my own two feet, I credit Dancing with
the Stars for that, and I think because they've seen
me through it all, like it all like I've grown
up in front. It's like, yeah, it's hard, it's hard.

You were twenty one when you started, and I started
out clubbing and then I was like, oh my god,
party girl by night, ballroom dancer by day. Were like,
you're about to turn for it, like in a matter
of days. Days. Yeah, I'm excited. What does that mean

to you? I feel like I'm a cat. I've lived
nine lives, But it means that it's time to move forward,
like really evolve and just continue on this path of
the unknown, which is scarish, but it is what we
all go through regardless. We're on that path to let

us know if you figure it out. Never I mean,
I would be writing a handbook if I could write,
like I'd make a lot of money doing that if
there was Oh my gosh. But at least you have
each other, right.

Speaker 2 (02:45):
Yeah, I mean, I will say this, It's not that
you wish anyone to go through tough times, but when
people do it publicly and you've been in that situation,
there is comfort that you give people who have been
fans of yours forever or even the two of us,
when you see someone else struggling or going through a
journey where they're really trying to figure things out, where

they have their whole world's implode, and they and they
still get up each morning and they still keep trying,
and they still keep trying to.

Speaker 1 (03:15):
Do better and learn.

Speaker 2 (03:16):
That's inspiring in and of itself. I think that's the
hardest thing you've probably ever done. It's the hardest thing
I've ever done. It's to start over.

Speaker 1 (03:24):
Yeah, no, it is. And then to be able to
voice it because some people may not ever be able to.
And I think that is what is incouraged. Like when
when times are tough and you feel like you don't
want to get out of bed, or you just want
to give up, Like I definitely think about that, and
thank you both for being so vulnerable, like it helps

so much, you.

Speaker 3 (03:46):
Know, it's some of that. Don't give us too much credit. Man,
We didn't have a choice but to be at a choice.
But it's taken us a little while, but we have
come around and to be around people.

Speaker 4 (03:58):

Speaker 3 (03:58):
I don't know how you felt about it, but we
walked around for so long.

Speaker 1 (04:01):
It's important.

Speaker 3 (04:05):
We walked around with our heads down in shamee bow
thinking everybody thought a certain way about us, and we
now and I'm curious now how they're such rabbit fans
of Dancing with the Stars and people are fans of
the show just become naturally fans of people who are
on the show. But then when people there's a divorce,

like you said, Cheryl goes this way, Dance with the
Stars goes this way, and it doesn't necessarily seem like
everybody's hunky dory. People have a tendency to take picksides.
I'm going to be on the side of Dancing with
the Stars of the show. I can either be a
fan of the show. I can be a fan of Cheryl.
We have people shout this on the streets to us
all the time. I'm watching that show anymore? You will?
Do you think you have it all the time.

Speaker 2 (04:47):
I mean, I don't think a day goes by where
people don't say, I don't watch anymore.

Speaker 1 (04:50):
Y'all keep doing you and people are New York and
do we even have a New York accent? When we
did that, I love it, though that's a lot of
fans say to you, I'm sure you get the New
York act. Now I need to move back there. Maybe no,
but like I do, like, Okay, for example, I was
just messing around, but I was dancing. I'm like a

segment host for the Jennifer Hudson Show, and I ran
into I don't know if you know him, but Marcelle.
He's like a very very famous he was friends with
the Demilios, are still still friends. But we were dancing
and messing around. I was like contest season thirty three,
here we come. And people were like, so people think
I'm coming back, right, So I just like, and I
just don't know how to address this because I was like,

I don't want to like, I was clearly just choking.

Speaker 3 (05:35):
Yeah big time.

Speaker 1 (05:36):
You're like, oh, my god, I can't wait. I'm gonna
I'm gonna start watching the show again. And I'm like,
oh god, I don't know what to say, so I
just haven't. I've ghosted everyone, I guess. But now that
I'm talking about it, I'm like, I should probably uh
set the record, Sta, Yeah, yeah you're not. But I
was just literally joking.

Speaker 3 (05:51):
Obviously, Counsel those fans for a second, because they do
people getting I know you don't. You would never tell
somebody don't be a fan of dancing with a stif
you would never do that. But but help them resolve
their loyalty to you and their face.

Speaker 1 (06:06):
And I heard it when someone's like, I don't watch
the show anymore like I would. I don't think that's
a good thing.

Speaker 3 (06:11):
But help them resolve that conflict they have being loyal
to you and being loyal to the show.

Speaker 1 (06:16):
It's just the show is just a beautiful show, like
with me or without me, right, But mind you, I
can't stop talking about it obviously, Like I'm just like, wait,
is this yeah, it's my therapist. I'm like, is this good?
She goes you know what, Cheryl? It is good because
normally you'd run away from it, like I would have
run the opposite way, and I would have probably numbed

this part of my life, not wanting to have to
feel or deal or face the pain because it's painful.
And I'm a professional number, and I don't necessarily always
go through you know, I don't choose that.

Speaker 2 (06:48):
Get you six years sober, that's incredible. You're You're not
a professional number in that. No, No, and I'm sure
you've been tested like you couldn't have imagined this past year.

Speaker 1 (06:56):
I would have loved a vodka soda at one point,
but yeah, no, it's one second at a time sometimes,
like actually sometimes most of the time lately.

Speaker 3 (07:05):
We just had this conversation recently with one of your former.

Speaker 1 (07:08):
Day that episode. I love him.

Speaker 3 (07:11):
He talked to us about that. I'm sure you Roll's
experience at least sharing that experience together.

Speaker 1 (07:17):
Yeah, And it was it was towards the beginning of
my journey, and that was when we did our first
podcast together. And yeah, it was so special. I mean,
like this is what I mean, Like we were able
to do a dance dedicated to our sobriety. Like and
then I remember one of the lighting guys like this big,
hefty man like came out to his end, was in tears,
and it's like, this is why I just freaking love

the show. Like I just love it. I love every
single freaking inch of it. But I also know that
we could be hurt, we could be disappointed, but we
could still love, like we bring that back.

Speaker 3 (07:53):
You know.

Speaker 1 (07:54):
It all comes down to that, Like life's so freaking short.

Speaker 3 (07:57):
Everybody's sobriety journey is similar in some ways but also
very different. Yours. You said sometimes it's I remember AJ
pointed out to us, he said, Hey, I woke up
sober today. I don't know what's going to happen, no idea,
But you just said, second to second, what is especially
going through the difficulties you've had recent years, how it
does it get harder? You said, I love a vodka soda.

Speaker 1 (08:18):
Yeah, and then like my stepsister just passed away. Yeah,
And yes, life tests me and everyone constantly, and I
have to be super uh present to not pick up
a drink.

Speaker 3 (08:35):

Speaker 1 (08:37):
Because also when people ask me, like what has been
your rock bottom? My rock bottom was my success was
when I was drinking, Because when I was actually successful,
Like if you're going to look meaning like successful from
the outside the mirror balls. Okay, so it was like
the first two seasons back in two thousand and six,
that's when I was really drinking, Like that's when I
wasn't Maybe then I can relate to the drinking as Okay, well,

now maybe I drink because like the voices in my head,
I was overthinking, I'm overthinking, I'm overanalyzing, and I'm like,
oh my god, stop, like get out of your head.
You know, like all of it, like the perfectionism there's
no such thing, and never good enough, like being judged
my whole life from like you know, all of it,
and I'm not complaining about it. It is the path
I've chose, and I've chosen, but the drinking and the

height of my success are parallel. So then sometimes I
think to myself, maybe I should just do that again.

Speaker 3 (09:30):
Shit, because then you know, look, she knows why I
said that, because it damn Cheryl, good lord, you're talking
to me now, because the the the lowest I've ever
been in my life is when I was the highest
in my career. God, absolutely, I feel you're a hundred person.

Speaker 1 (09:47):
Is that crazy?

Speaker 3 (09:49):
Is the case? She was sitting there and watching it
all unfold the lowest I've ever.

Speaker 2 (09:54):
Been because he's a perfectionist and an overthinker. And when
you start to get success, you don't want to lose it.
You want to keep it going. And you wanted totter
and be better. And when you're trying to do that,
you can't quiet your thoughts. And yeah, I watched it
when you said that, I oh, wow, you were speaking
his language.

Speaker 1 (10:11):
I think that's why. I mean, like, look, it's not
one reason, but like I I mean, like for example,
like I don't sleep a lot, and I was never
like that, but everyone's like, oh my dad. I mean
I do I know that perfect? I've got brother everywhere. Anyway,

that's another pot more interesting. Yeah, it's confusing, but yeah,
like I just I mean, you should see my home.
Like it's like I always joke like the O C D.
And but it's not a joke like the freaking but

like and then I asked, I literally do I try so?
I meditate? I do translit on a meditation. Has it helped? Yes?
But man, when I've like and I've gone, and I'm
not going to say I do it every day, like
I'm not, No, I don't should I Yes? But then
like the self hate, how dare you don't do this?
And then like I start to like hate myself and
I am very present. I'm like starting to really try

and stay more observed, like what the like what that
voice is instead of like define myself because of it,
Like because it's just like it's thoughts, like and feelings.
It's just like the waves of the ocean. It just goes.
It's in and out, in and out, and it's not
it's not the reality good, but like I need to
live it now instead of just preach it.

Speaker 2 (11:34):
Well, it's the it's the more you preach it, it's
the roommate you never wanted.

Speaker 1 (11:38):
And it never goes away.

Speaker 2 (11:39):
I hate I remember it was like if you don't
think that, you don't self hate, and that voice in
your head doesn't sabotage you every moment.

Speaker 1 (11:46):
Just the next time when you're in the shower, just
observe your thoughts. Just observe your thoughts. And you're like,
oh my god, I'm doing it. I'm doing it. I
know it's crazy. It's Michael Singer. Yep, oh yes, I
love him. That's all my bucket list. I want to
go to his place and flo me and my stepdad.
We want to go.

Speaker 2 (12:02):
So I will say this to you Cheryl and to
you TJ. Is that that perfectionism and that OCD. I
mean I have a smidge of it. I don't have
it to the extent that either one of you do.
But the point is it's part of why you are
as great as you are at.

Speaker 1 (12:15):
What you do, both of you, because you know it's true.
So it's like it's like it's a it's a double
edged sword. Yeah, but there's also but like I for me,
at least, I know I'm living up to something that
like I'll never be happy, Like it's not it's not enough, right,
Like it's not even if I'm like, oh, if I
get this or maybe if i'm this, or if I
get like all the money, is like no, like it's

not that is not it. It's not it. And I
know it sounds so cliche and for me it sounds
so like not my life at this moment, but I'm
trying to get there. It's like it all comes in,
it's all within, and that's the thing why I have
to be alone right now. And that's why because like
if I don't like what I see, I'm just gonna
literally life is gonna go by, and I would have
done the same. It's the freaking hamstery. I'm trying to

get off of it.

Speaker 3 (13:00):
You say you have to be alone right now, but you.

Speaker 1 (13:02):
Have to I mean, I'm not alone. I'm not lonely though.

Speaker 3 (13:05):
That was my question there. I guess where is your.

Speaker 1 (13:08):
Me and my friends?

Speaker 3 (13:09):
You are killing it France.

Speaker 1 (13:10):
Yes, Frenchie, she got the dog and the divorce. Not
like a friend, Chie, like a toy boy. Yeah, no,
forget to love that girl.

Speaker 3 (13:21):
You talk about the family you lost was Dancy with
the stars, but I know you had friends outside of that.
But what is your support group look like these days?

Speaker 1 (13:29):
It's small and I know this is good. But I
have a lot of paid friends and I love them, Yeah,
regardless of the intention, I just know that first of all,
I trust them all, even though I can count on
one hand. But I also have realized, like I can't
give more than that, Like I can only do so

much before I then start to be a people pleaser
because like I'm also a victim of that. But like
I also know that me leaving La was a really
and me going through all of this. You know, your
freaking friends are man at the height of your success
and when you decide to do something that may not
be of society like the norm, right, like or god forbid,

I have an opinion, like do you know me? Do
you not know me? Like like this is not the
you know, I feel like I've always been one to
have an opinion regardless. It's just so life is just
so short and for me, it's like maybe I have
trust issues or I do have trust issues. I know that,

but I don't want to live life jaded.

Speaker 3 (14:49):
Are you surprised by the number of people you've lost
as far as friends in the past two years? That
friends circle? You said, you know who your friends are?

Speaker 1 (14:56):
Well, what's interesting is that, Like I think what people
may think is that, like all of us pro dancers
are friends. Like but just because we're on a show together,
that doesn't mean that we're like besties. We know, you know,
I know. But the rest of the people listening to this,
lots of people but like you know, uh yeah, I

think I'll just leave it at that.

Speaker 3 (15:21):
Like you even outside of that, but I'm have but.

Speaker 1 (15:25):
I guess I didn't have a lot of friends really
like not not like well, I've been burned a lot,
But who hasn't I don't. I would say I'm socially awkward,
like I don't necessarily love going out in public and
meeting people like I mean, that's a whole nother conversation,
but like that has to do with I mean, I
just honestly, like, say some more things about yourself that
are exactly like don't leave for work, like I only

get in my car, like this past weekend, I literally
did arts and crafts while researching Gille Marini, my next
guest on the podcast, and walking and feeding my dog
and like tending to hurt act like I don't go anywhere.
It's nice though, right, you're in a good place. You're
in a good place to do that death definitely, But

I'm also like I'm never ever gonna meet anyone behind
my closet door number one, like come on down, unfortunately,
like unfortunately, But dating sounds like I would rather do
anything I think than date, because TJ says this to me,
It's like, can't you give me on a date? Are
you missing out on getting that opportunity to date?

Speaker 2 (16:29):
I was like, getting the opportunity to date, ew, that
is the last thing I want to do.

Speaker 1 (16:36):
Awkward first dates. Really, I refuse to do dating. I
don't even know what a dating. I don't even know
how to work a dating. I've never done one either.
And then like what like you know, like, oh, you're
just swipe? What a douche? Like I can't do this?

Speaker 3 (16:47):
Do she think these are the conversations we have? Yes,
her boyfriend says to her, don't want to date?

Speaker 1 (16:52):
I'm like also like maybe why are you asking my
wet tissue? At you free?

Speaker 3 (17:00):
You're you have, you have an opportunity?

Speaker 1 (17:02):
Now, why are you don't do that?

Speaker 2 (17:06):

Speaker 3 (17:06):
Don't stop it?

Speaker 1 (17:07):
Just st up your marriage counselor life coach. I'm not certified.

Speaker 3 (17:13):
Who's counseling you?

Speaker 1 (17:15):
A lot of counseling, That's what I mean. Paid friends?
I mean I've got a circle and boy is that expensive? No,
it's not a write off. I tried that podcast. You
know that's paying the bills, right, you.

Speaker 3 (17:25):
Don't have to name them. But is there somebody you're
still surprised that is out of your life now after
all you've gone through, Like you're still just surprised, like wow,
how close we were that you've just lost?

Speaker 1 (17:39):
It's not and it's and it's yes, yes, yes, And
it's sometimes it's too almost too much to face at
the moment at this moment, like I have to face
it at some point. But I've got lots to face
because I, like I said, you know, there was a
lot of and even before Dancing on the Stars, there's
a lot of stuff I haven't faced.

Speaker 3 (17:59):
Yeah, what's left?

Speaker 1 (18:00):
Face? How long do you got?

Speaker 3 (18:03):
Hey? We got all kinds of time. We're good, right,
audio guys, as.

Speaker 1 (18:06):
We're I think I'm going through like the forgiving of
like I got molested when I was a little girl.

Speaker 3 (18:11):
So you've talked about that, yes, yeah.

Speaker 1 (18:14):
Yeah, I have talked about it quite a lot, and
I think it's really living the Can I say that
I have a that I've forgiven? Yes? But am I do?
I really like I'm really dissecting it all as we
do over thinkers, but like I really want to make
sure that I'm healing, because like, without me healing my past,

how the hell am I gonna heal what's happening now
or what has happened in the past couple of years. It's
just so much. And I believe that we hold on
to trauma like our body does. Keep the score. M
oh yeah, And I've seen too many people and within
my family just go too soon, Like it's just too soon. Yeah,
because it's true.

Speaker 2 (18:55):
I do believe that's who You hold it in and
your body reacts and it's not good.

Speaker 1 (18:59):
Have you ever done a puncture? I'm not religiously, I've
done it, and you can't believe. Like I started sobbing
and like what's happening. But it's like all that pain,
all that emotion you've been holding in just gets released.
It's bizarre. So I do energy work like I have
this right, I have this energy healer that I know
about acupuncture. However, I hear it's amazing, Like I hear

it's such a release.

Speaker 2 (19:22):
It's crazy. And if you don't believe that your body
doesn't hold onto emotion, do it one time and you will.
Your mind will be blown. It's crazy. Yeah, I mean
it was really.

Speaker 1 (19:32):
No, it shocked me. Yeah no, I believe, like, oh my,
you know it's so tight.

Speaker 4 (19:38):
That's trauma, you know, not just pointing at you, sorry,
but you know, like when animals shake, like when your
dog shakes, they're releasing trump.

Speaker 1 (19:48):
They don't hold on to PTSD. This is a freaking fact,
why is it?

Speaker 3 (19:55):
Or again the paid friends you have, yes, the counsel
you I'm fascinating you talked about the trauma you went
through and being abused when you were younger as a child.
That's something you need to forgive myself. You need to
forgive yourself. You don't need to forgive.

Speaker 1 (20:17):
I'm not ever okay, no, no, yeah, I need to
make that clear. I won't thank you for bringing that up. No, no,
I don't. I don't forgive him for the act. Uh okay, No,
definitely what he did was absolutely, I mean he's he's
dead now. But it's more like, forgive me for whatever
I was feeling and dealing with at that moment, for
not telling my parents right away, Like it took years

and it wasn't even me that told them, you know,
so that I testified him against him when I was
like nine. I mean, mind you, I don't know because
of my timeline. That's what happens with trauma. You just
don't really have a timeline. But then after that, I
had just gottento abusive relationships like that was my home
was being treated in a way like that, you know, Yeah,

you were imprinted early on in that my mom and
dad divorced. Yeah, like it just was like, look, were
there great times? Absolutely, like obviously, but there was a
lot of troubma. I'm not going to deny that.

Speaker 2 (21:14):
Well, I think it's remarkable that you're taking the time
to work on yourself.

Speaker 1 (21:18):
Most people don't ever get to that place.

Speaker 2 (21:21):
And for anyone who is stuck or doesn't know how
to get out of a situation, whether it's a career
or a relationship, or can't get out of their own way,
what would you what would you say to anyone listening
to who's hearing your story and thinking, how do I
take that first step?

Speaker 1 (21:38):
Well, first, know that you're not alone. I think that
is I wish I had someone. I wish I could
hear at least someone's story when I was growing up. Actually,
because it is lonely when you when you feel like
you can't talk to anybody. Because I didn't talk to anyone,
it became my normal way of living. Like the abuse
both physically and mentally was my that was normal. I

was not even attracted to like the nice guy, and
it was actually quite disgusting to me when men were
nice to me. It was so crazy anyway, So but
then also know that it's just about what is happening
in front of you. Like I think it's so overwhelming
to think, like, oh my god, now she's turned her life.
I can only imagine like people are like, I'm never

going to get there. I'm never going to get to
like success. This has been killing me. It is really
about putting yourself first and trying to just not think
too far into the future because we actually don't know
what's going to happen in about two minutes from now,
Like we don't know any of it. Like all we
know is right now, and what is the priority? It

has to be you, because how can you tend to
other people without putting yourself first? In general?

Speaker 3 (22:46):
You know, where did marriage fit in that journey for you?
I hear that you were on your journey. Were you
not ready? Were you not a good mate or partner?
Did the marriage set you back even in your journey?
How did it help you or hinder you in the
journey that you're now on.

Speaker 1 (23:04):
Well, I learned a lot, that's for sure. I learned
that you can't buy love. You tried, I did, I think, so, yeah,
what do you mean I tried to not obviously? I
didn't buy my ex husband, but like I definitely I
would say I was the breadwind like I supported us.

And I don't think it's black and white like for
me to say like I thought I could. I think
this is me my subconscious like after doing all this work,
like I wasn't going into it like oh I'm gonna
buy his love and no, like that's not like what
my mind frame was. But like I just thought like
the control, like me controlled, being the person who controlled.

I feel like you understand me. It's hard for you
to put this into words, right, but like it it's
like it was like it made me feel good, but
then it didn't necessarily make the relationship good, right, so
I had a false sense of security.

Speaker 2 (23:58):
Yeah, but it's also a mask lading and so it
creates an awful dynamic.

Speaker 1 (24:02):
And as much as I say, do I want someone
who takes care of me or I just don't know
if I do, like I and that that is another
that's just adding to the pile. But like I need to,
you know, let it go, Like I gotta let it go, right,
Like I have to just be able to be all
the things, Like it's not just one or the other.

So deep.

Speaker 2 (24:24):
This is of friendship though, Like I mean, I think
that's a good starting place, just friendship, right, yeah, well
I mean you go, I think so.

Speaker 3 (24:32):
If anybody listening might be anyone, well a guy listening. Okay,
she's not ready to mingle.

Speaker 1 (24:37):
Yet, and if you mingle, preferably let's just do it
like you know, comfort of my own home, but non't
bed a creepy Okay.

Speaker 3 (24:45):
Do you have any idea what kind of guy you're
looking for? You want?

Speaker 1 (24:49):
Okay, yes, I do, actually, cause I know what I
don't want.

Speaker 3 (24:51):
So women, what you don't want?

Speaker 1 (24:57):
You don't know what you want, but you definitely know
what you don't want. That's the thing when I was like,
what do you want? Like, well, what do you don't want?
Like that's that's the good starting point, right. I want
someone who wants to evolve like that, wants to consistently
and wants to like work on himself, be able to
take accountability when needed, because like, you can blame all

day long, but at the end of the day, you're
stuck with you for the rest of your freakod life.
You better like yourself. Someone who's supportive, someone who is
not Confidence is the wrong word worthy, he is self
worth because confidence is just I believe ego like comes
from like the foundation of maybe a little ego. We

all have one, right, but like to really be okay
with who he is. I think that foundation is so important.
Communication of course, and then smell good and look good
like that's all bs, but like, yeah that helps, that
will help. That might seal the deal for me. Okay,

so attractive and showers what you're Yeah, yeah, hygiene. I
actually I prefer to make it if you smell like
old spice, that's an added bodus. I'm old school. Yeah,
I definitely make my partners. Back in the day, I
was like, you're not wearing Colone, you better go back
in that car yours. Absolutely absolutely, you gotta wear deodorant

and everything not.

Speaker 3 (26:23):
Just clean you need you need.

Speaker 1 (26:25):
So we're sweating, like I'm sweating like a freaking Jetsnat
truck driver. Like I'm like I like a shower, like
I'm spinning and there's sweat.

Speaker 3 (26:31):
But you need colgne. You don't smell good. He needs
correct and we're.

Speaker 1 (26:34):
Not doing the natural deodorant like you're gonna get Perspian correct.
It needs like maybe women's Yeah, it needs to actually
work odor. He doesn't need to mask, it needs to
block block.

Speaker 3 (26:49):
All right.

Speaker 1 (26:49):
So wait, you said you know what you don't want.
What don't you want the opposite of what I said?

Speaker 4 (26:55):
So someone who blames people, someone who is super indecided.

Speaker 1 (27:00):
Okay, So just if you can't order dinner like I
just can't. And that was my first and last date
that I was on since my Like, you couldn't order dinner.
I was like, oh, come on please, I was like,
I was like please, and don't say same as hers like,
I don't want that.

Speaker 3 (27:18):
No, I'm fascinated. How long ago was this date? I
don't know.

Speaker 1 (27:22):
I don't want to do it right, Okay, that's all
I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (27:25):
Okay, but couldn't order dinner like deferred and you know
you set.

Speaker 1 (27:30):
Me up on the state atual friend of ours. Oh god,
I mentioned earlier today.

Speaker 3 (27:39):
Was gonna go bad.

Speaker 1 (27:40):
I don't know. I don't date, that's why.

Speaker 3 (27:45):
Oh my goodness, order food.

Speaker 1 (27:48):
I think he got nervous.

Speaker 3 (27:50):
Well, you are intimidating.

Speaker 1 (27:51):
No, I'm not.

Speaker 4 (27:59):
I'm not.

Speaker 1 (27:59):
I'm I have a resting bitch face. We all know this,
but I'm happy inside. It's all Disneyland on the side. Okay,
Disney and fairies and twinkles and lights.

Speaker 3 (28:09):
Now what the other?

Speaker 4 (28:10):

Speaker 3 (28:10):
Why did you, Cheryl? Why it got a lot of attention? Why?
Why why did you make this wedding? But TikTok post?

Speaker 1 (28:16):
Which one the right was?

Speaker 3 (28:17):
TikTok? Wasn't it the one?

Speaker 1 (28:18):
I love some TikTok? I love it so much?

Speaker 3 (28:21):

Speaker 1 (28:22):

Speaker 3 (28:23):
That wasn't that? That's a long time ago.

Speaker 1 (28:26):
I was so me twenty twenty three. Okay, so that
was you? No, Okay, this is one thing I need
to be clear. I've had more than one ex boyfriend. Yes, right,
but you did names.

Speaker 3 (28:39):
Okay, but you had to have known where everybody's head
was going to go when you posted that. No, you didn't, Cheryl.
Wouldn't you think.

Speaker 1 (28:45):
I'm not like this, this like born? I mean, I
don't want I love everyone right, Like I'm just saying
like I'm not known to be this, like oh, you know,
like I have had a past. You're not sanctimonious. No,
And by the way, I'm not just talking about one.
Maybe I'm not talking about anyone. Maybe I'm just like,
this is a great sound. We're gonna use this, just
see if we can cause some controversy so we can

get some followers.

Speaker 3 (29:08):
You said, oh, do you tell me that's so I
fell for it?

Speaker 1 (29:11):
I think, so, okay, because the joke's on you, buddy,
not me.

Speaker 3 (29:14):
Okay, So you're telling me that was BS.

Speaker 1 (29:16):
Yeah, I mean it's just fun. It's fun. There's not
truth to everything I say or post.

Speaker 3 (29:21):
Talk about this. Was there any truth to that TikTok post?

Speaker 1 (29:23):
Which one can? I can? I I need your question memory.
I'm literally sweating my hand it hot in here?

Speaker 3 (29:28):
What was it? He promised he wouldn't talk to her again?
But I found text messages viagra and a necklace and
a shoe.

Speaker 1 (29:35):
Doesn't that sound like a great movie?

Speaker 3 (29:37):
It sounds like what you wrote, Sheryl.

Speaker 1 (29:39):
Literally sweating it is warman here? No, No, if there's
that okay, that specific posts, I would say fifty percent
of it's.

Speaker 3 (29:46):
True, which fifty Yeah, I don't know you.

Speaker 1 (29:50):
I mean, I say it again, but what was that?

Speaker 3 (29:56):
But you had to have known what people were going
to think when you posted that, and was that the idea?

Speaker 1 (30:01):
But back then I only had like five followers, so
I was like, this is not going to circle around.

Speaker 3 (30:06):
I'm getting nowhere.

Speaker 1 (30:07):
I mean I don't think she wants you to get anywhere.

Speaker 2 (30:09):
That's the whole point I do.

Speaker 1 (30:14):
Did you get I got tons after that post? Success. Yeah,
I'm still not happy though, still like more followers. You know,
you know, less folks never happy.

Speaker 3 (30:26):
Do you enjoy it? Do the social media? Because of tiktoku,
It's like I.

Speaker 1 (30:31):
Don't have to overthink it. It's so Instagram is starting
to get really manicured, and it's just like I'm at
the crossroads. Like the first thing I think about is
not to take a selfie or post, like it's just
not my mentality. But I know a lot of people,
do you know, they're like, oh my god, I get this.
I'm like wait, second, First, my goal is to get

the hell out of the situation that I'm in, Like
run if I have to run, right, Like, it's not
to take a sell, not to take a picture or
video of this. But like I'm I'm just not wire
like that. But mind you, I appreciate it. I'm learning
to love it. But I really love TikTok because you
could just be just yourself. It's just so raw, like
it's really who I am, and it's okay you get
away with.

Speaker 3 (31:12):
Murder, Is it really who you are just fifty percent of?

Speaker 1 (31:14):
Like maybe if you really want to talk about it,
maybe like sixty three point five percent.

Speaker 3 (31:19):
Please talk to her.

Speaker 2 (31:29):
Well in the podcast, you're loving it, And do you
have any regrets given what the podcast has created in
terms of your relationship with Dancing with the Stories, any
regrets about the podcast?

Speaker 1 (31:42):
I don't have regrets, no, but I wish things would
have played out different. But that has nothing to do
with me having a podcast about a show that I
love and that I've been a part of for two decades.

Speaker 3 (31:56):
As we sit here, well, if you were a bed
and woman, what would you put the chances of you
ever being on Dancing with the Stars again in any capacity?
If you were Bed and Woman? As we sit here,
I mean.

Speaker 1 (32:07):
I know how I'll play Blackjack. I'm just saying, but
like I don't, I don't know. I don't like, I
don't think about it. I just I don't know.

Speaker 3 (32:17):
But you want to be on the show I sit here,
It was such a part you grew up there.

Speaker 1 (32:21):
I know that means of course, and it's also like yes,
it's everything, but like I also don't want to get
my hopes up either.

Speaker 3 (32:31):
You know, though, why not be optimistic? Why not shouldn't
we all? Don't we tell people that all the time,
Like parents killed more kids' dreams than anything else.

Speaker 1 (32:41):
Why I wish I was, I'm not. I'm not. Definitely.
If you were to say, who's cherl Burke, she's not optimist,
I would say she's a realist. Yes too much? So yeah, ok,
thank you? Yeah, And I'm proud of it. It is
what it is. You know, I'd rather live like that
than live in uh, you know, the fairy tale Disney World.

You said it?

Speaker 3 (33:03):
Oh, here comes the call.

Speaker 1 (33:08):
I do not say that.

Speaker 3 (33:09):
On Dancing with the Stars. Tell me the I have
a couple dancing with the star, like for clarity, Okay,
I wanted to ask about the voting. Okay, okay, do
you are you still? Do you completely understand because I've
heard I.

Speaker 1 (33:25):
Know, I don't. I don't. I don't think anyone other
than the people create whoever created this freaking whole formula
though brilliant, brilliant.

Speaker 3 (33:34):
Like because none of us can understand it.

Speaker 4 (33:35):

Speaker 1 (33:35):
Also, it's not just that it's like the seven days
a week because like you at your own risk, right,
like you have to do seven days a week, like
you have to make this show, you have to go
out there, you have to be vulnerable, and it's like
it is seven days a week. Even if maybe they
say you could have days off, No one's having a
day off like it. And actually it's just a brilliant
formula in general to get emotions out of people, to
see people be vulnerable, like it's a great way of

just getting you get broken down. And then yes, I
guess the country watches water.

Speaker 3 (34:08):
The voting because I've heard actual contestants complain celebrity contest
change about how the voter There's no way I got
voter off. This is like flat out will go off
in private about it. Did you all have a good
handle on how the voting worked?

Speaker 1 (34:23):
I think, you know, I think people get so emotional
because it's like we are invested right like it actually,
especially as pros, like you know, after season after season,
but like can we read a rule book? Yes, but
do we obviously we don't, Like I don't know, it's
just it's there. They're very transparent about it, like they're
like we've got it's fifty fift points system. And then

as soon as like Bobby Bones won that one season.
Then it changed. Then it was like the judges, you know,
and then it changes. But like, you know what, just dance.
Just go out there, do your job and don't ask questions.
I'm just kidding the joke. I don't promote that.

Speaker 3 (35:03):
What are the salaries of everybody on the show?

Speaker 1 (35:07):
Wow? A couple of tears for me? You just ask.

Speaker 3 (35:14):
Shocked me how much you made. But I'm saying, but
from the contestants to the pro do the pros make
different amounts. Actually I don't know, no.

Speaker 1 (35:22):
They do. It's not favor nations. I don't know if
I'm but it's not like by the Way though, Senor
of course, because you have a lot of new new
dancers and yeah, I mean it's it's not favorite Nations
in that sense, but it is fair and like moving,
you know what I mean.

Speaker 3 (35:40):
You still watch the current you have to, but the
current do you watch or is it an emotional difficult?

Speaker 1 (35:49):
It's so it's everything, especially doing these rewatches, like I'm
just like, oh God, like sometimes I dread it because
I'm like, this is I don't even know what this
is going to bring up. But I've never seen until recently,
obviously doing these rewatches. I've never seen a whole show,
like a whole season, Like I've only selfishly fast forward it,
like and I watched mine because then I have to
train my partner the next day, so I have to

know what he did wrong. It's a whole assessment. But
to see the show as a whole, whoa, it's a
machine like it really is. And I understand that there's
a psychology of this whole show that no one speaks about.
That's untold. I'm still trying to figure it out. But
but as a viewer now I see things differently. So
like I don't like to see tension packages. I don't

like to see when people fight. It actually makes me
not want to vote for them. Oh wow, you want
to root for them? I don't if they fight? Oh no, no,
I know.

Speaker 2 (36:40):
But I'm saying, you want to be inspired by them
and improve for them, and like the positive stories.

Speaker 1 (36:45):
Yes, but not don't mask. And what I actually appreciate
in the prior seasons, the earlier seasons was that they
didn't they wasn't scripted. There was no script It was like,
this is the problem, ballroom's looking hard, and we're going
to have a fight. But we're not going to ask
it up with like and then we're doing the chata
chat and then like no, no, no. It was real reality

in the dance studio and something that I think they
should continue to do or add back because it's not
like that now as much, because like I said, not
everything is always Ryan Stone's spray tnds and love bugs.

Speaker 3 (37:21):
But you even said that you don't want to see
the fighting.

Speaker 1 (37:24):
No, but there's a difference of like struggle versus fighting.
Struggle struggle struggle to learn something, and like the freaking
like this is not easy, like the turnaround the two
three days. You have the pressure, the pressure, the pressure
versus like some tension that's like awkward. You're kind of
like are you guys doing the dirty or like there's
like that tension. Actual tension is always good for TV ratings,

right correct, But then there's like the fights, but then
there's like but then there's like the like the cat
like the not trusting each other fight that I don't
like to see.

Speaker 3 (38:00):
And you all in totally random on who you got
paired up with. You had no control over it. We
don't have control.

Speaker 1 (38:05):
I don't think it's random. On the executives. Yeah, but
we I mean I have I lived a very sheltered
life my mother, you know, thanks Harry Burke. But I
never knew my partner, so I had to google them.
So they had to brief me because I walk in
Emmitt Smith like, who are you like? And who were you?
Dreuliche I had.

Speaker 3 (38:23):
No idea who were they trying to give you? Like
what type of person do you think they wanted to
link you pair you up with?

Speaker 1 (38:28):
It depends on the season. Yeah, I think in the
beginning they didn't know me as much obviously, but I
think they saw my teaching ability, which was strict, like
a task master, maybe like a drill sergeant, you know.
And so they wouldn't give me someone like Donnie Osmond
put it that way, okay, right, because that was just

oh wow, that'd be right, Like that wouldn't work, Like
maybe he needed someone who was a little tender Kim,
a little bit more caring and loving in there. But
you give me a Ryan Lofty, I'll whip that.

Speaker 3 (39:01):
We got I got you tell me who you got
when you got the name you got? Hell? Yeah? And
then who'd you get me?

Speaker 4 (39:06):

Speaker 3 (39:06):
Oh, give me a couple of people.

Speaker 1 (39:10):
Where you I have to google everyone, but any athletes.
I'm like, hell, yes, yes, I love I just love
the mentality Tom Delay. I oh, how long ago was that?
Sixty nineteen sixty five?

Speaker 3 (39:25):
Oh, while.

Speaker 1 (39:27):
It was a while ago. I don't know what season,
but that was a that was interesting. I mean, mind you.
I had to google obviously, but then I was like,
oh god, this is gonna be great. And his family
was lovely. He taught me how to, you know, shoot
people not people.

Speaker 3 (39:42):
I get it.

Speaker 1 (39:44):
Targets, thank you, thank you, rubber duckies, ducky anywhere any
more probing questions, their teaching.

Speaker 3 (39:52):
That was just about the show. That's what I happen,
all right, we got this, okay.

Speaker 1 (39:54):
My favorite was when he asked you how much you made?

Speaker 3 (39:58):
It's a legitimate question about the.

Speaker 1 (40:00):
Just I mean, this is why you guys are you
do what you do?

Speaker 3 (40:04):
It is getting hot in here now.

Speaker 1 (40:05):
It is hot as like really though, like actually even
before this interview is a little well Sammy Cheryl, thank you,
We like we appreciate it. You just you came in here.
You did tell it all the sex, the lies and
that I don't have I know, I'm pretty white. Actually,
should lay out drink water.

Speaker 3 (40:26):
So where are we going to tell everybody? Where are
they going to see you next?

Speaker 1 (40:29):
You just hear me talk all things dancing with the
start and see me clips of it and yeah, and
I have a new actual dance program on my website
Cheryl Dashburg dot com. Body language has a lot to
do with somatic and like releasing the trauma out of
your body through movement and lots of up and coming.

I would say stuff that I shouldn't talk about yet,
but yeah, I just love podcasting. It really is, do
you guys? Love it is is like a new world
for you. Like it's so different.

Speaker 3 (41:04):
Right, We've been in studio with you at a TV
studio before and we were never able to have a
conversation the way we just had.

Speaker 1 (41:11):
Isn't it nice? It's like really, I mean honest, I
feel like I just had a therapy session. I'm going
to see my therapist on Friday. Like we should just
do one session, not too because we already knocked one
out right, love it free therapy. Yes, thank you guys
so much. Thank you
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