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April 26, 2022 95 mins
Cody shares ayahuasca ceremony stories and discusses how workaholism can alienate us from what matters most: our friends, family and loved ones. Then Cody sits down for a conversation with Poonacha Machaiah.  (Time Stamps Below) Poonacha Machaiah is CEO at the Chopra Foundation, and co-founder & CEO of Seva.Love. Poonacha is a global thought leader with a unique knowledge and ability in combining both the wellbeing and technology domain. Poonacha applies his corporate expertise from 25 years as a business executive in multiple Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurial initiatives to addressing societal and wellbeing challenges. Over the years Poonacha has also collaborated with luminaries such as Deepak Chopra, MD, Shekhar Kapur, AR Rahman and many, many more.  0:05 - Disclaimer 1:50 - Cody talks about archetypes, his family and his Dad's recipe for success 3:45 - Workaholism and Adderall  6:00 - Cody's first Ayahuasca ceremony 6:48 - Ayahuasca visions 11:49 - Ceremony; 1 year later 12:26 - Cody's mother speaks about her family and her Ayahuasca experience 14:15 - Cody and Suzette go to Costa Rica 18:06 - Cody gets the sharing stick 20:25 - Cody astral projects  23:02 - You are ashamed because you put your work before your family... 24:28 - the word "priorities" is an oxymoron  26:50 - Poonacha's intro 27:41 - Interview with Poonacha Machaiah 29:36 - Who am I? 30:39 - ABOVE organization, and knowing how to fail 35:32 - Modalities of wellness, meditation and Self Inquiry 37:55 - Breath as an anchor, civilization has forgotten how to breathe  39:36 - your kids notice 40:33 - the world today has a presence problem  43:50 - connection vs. disconnection 49:30 - Poonacha dissolves his ego with Ayahuasca 1:08:09 - Taking the learnings into psychotherapy and other modalities  1:18:48 - Guided Self Inquiry Practice 1:20:23 - Rest in stillness, in silence, we are spiritual beings having a human experience  See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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