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May 10, 2022 131 mins
Cody Blue explores the true nature of addiction, exploring both the scientific perspective and shamanic perspective of addiction. To learn more about how psychedelic medicines can help heal addiction, Cody interviews doctor Alan Davis, a Johns Hopkins professor, and a plant medicine shaman who healed his addiction with ibogaine, Warren Flesch. (Tine stamps below) Dr. Alan K Davis is an Assistant Professor of Social Work at The Ohio State University and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Psychedelic Research Unit at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Davis’s clinical experience includes working with people diagnosed with trauma-based psychological problems such as addiction, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. His clinical expertise includes providing evidenced-based treatments such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy. Consistent with his clinical interests, his research interests and expertise focus on contributing to the knowledge of and ability to help those suffering with substance use and mental health problems, understanding how to improve clinical outcomes through examining new treatments, and developing ways to conceptualize substance use and mental health problems through a strengths-based approach. Psychedelic research focuses on clinical trials with psilocybin for people with depression and exploring psychological mechanisms by which psilocybin improves mental health and functioning. Upcoming studies include exploring the use of short-acting psychedelics in laboratory and naturalistic settings and assessing the application of psychedelics in vulnerable populations including people of color who have experienced racial trauma and native Spanish-speaking individuals. OSU psychedelics conference: Warren Flesch is a personal friend of Cody's. He is a musician who has worked in the addiction and recovery space, and he healed his struggles with addiction with the use of psychedelic plant medicines, specifically Ibogaine.  0:07 - Disclaimer 1:52 - Cody shares a personal story of his long time friends Xanax addiction  7:20 - Cody turns to Cannabis to alleviate the crash of pharmaceutical medications 10:55 - Healing addiction with Ibogaine teaser 12:02 - Cody introduces guests Dr. Allen Davis and Warren Flesch  12:43 - Clinical psychologist Dr. Allen Davis on plant medicines and addiction  15:46 - Addiction and the mind body should connection 17:05 - Addiction does not live inside of a drug 20:29 - Emotional wounds, painful states, mental health and psychedelic therapy 23:15 - Challenges surrounding clinical psychedelic research  30:00 - Psychological flexibility  35:10 - Clinical testimony post psilocybin therapy 38:17 - The Shamanic perspective on healing addiction with plant medicines with Warren Flesch 38:57 - ****trigger warning 39:15 - Warrens story 47:15 - Warren loses his job and starts using intravenous drugs 48:18 - Cocaine psychosis and nearly decapitating a someone with a hedge clipper 51:06 - Trying Iboga to relieve drug addiction  52:10 - The sacred ceremony  1:09:00 - Professional patients  1:09:36 - Suggestive states 1:15:35 - The origins of Alcoholics Anonymous  1:19:11 - Paradigms of addiction  1:42:20 - Plant medicines, recreational substances and intention  1:57:52 - Ibogaine treatment centers and risks See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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