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July 21, 2022 6 mins

Jenifer gathers her closest friends together to reflect on how their support provided the cocoon of love she needed to survive.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
This is Andrea Gunning, host of Betrayal. We want to
thank all of our listeners for the continued listens, reviews,
and emails. It is incredibly impactful to the production team
to hear from all of you. Although the first season
of Betrayal has come to a close, this story continues
to unfold. We are tracking Spencer's parole and providing additional

information over the next couple of weeks. We'll be dropping
bonus episodes on Thursdays, including one today. If you want
to reach out to our team, you can email us
at Betrayal pod at gmail dot com. That's Betrayal pod
at gmail dot com. Thank you for being a part
of this community. I'm Andrea Gunning and this is Betrayal.

Bonus episode one Girl Tribe. Way back in the beginning
of the podcast, you might remember all the people in Akworth,
Georgia who supported Jennifer when they found out that Spencer
had been arrested. They were neighbors and close friends, people
that jen had met through the wine bar in the
neighborhood I kept her afloat during her worst days, and

as the podcast was wrapping up, Jennifer invited five of
these women to her home where they relived some of
the moments behind the scenes. Thank you guys so much
for being here tonight, because you know this journey started
with you guys too. You guys picked me up and

just carried me over the finished line of every single
I just kind of want to go around and say
some things that like really stick out in my brain
about each of you. Jill, Yes, I want to talk
about your reaction when I called you to tell you.

Jill was one of the first people Jennifer called when
Spencer was arrested, but Jill was out of town with
her husband, Duncan, taking care of their granddaughters in North
Carolina hours away. You were like, Duncan, go and get her.
So first thing I said, because I knew I couldn't
leave because I had our granddaughters and Duncan doesn't know

how to deal with little girls. And I said, go
get her, and he just looked at me with his
hand I'll never forget his hands open. He goes, Okay,
what do I do with her? Because he knows you,
and what the fuck am I supposed to do with
Jennifer by myself? And I was like, I don't care,

just take her. To the house because I was so
afraid that the news media or somebody would find out
your address. Then luckily, Danielle showed up and everybody showed up,
and you know, I was like, Okay, we're good, We're good, Danielle,
thank you for answering the phone first of all, which

was like the most unusual thing. Danielle owned her own
day spa and apt worth and would often be serving
clients for long blocks of time, but this time she
picked up. I was in the middle of doing a
facial and I stepped out of my treatment room and thought,
something's not right. And I looked down and my phone

was ringing, and I said, are you okay? And I
said I need you to come here. And I don't
know if you flew, but you were there in two seconds.
I didn't know what to do, and I'm sure you've

didn't either. It was easy for me because we're friends
and I wanted to be there for you. I just
didn't ever have to ask for anything. You know, we
were sitting on the porch Kim one day, and it
must have been just a day after I found out
how many women there were. Yeah, and I just looked

over at you and said, I think I need to
go to the doctor. I think we both kind of
realized at the same time that you might have gotten
something from him. You said, I'll make the appointment, and
you picked me up, took me. It's just those things

that like you don't have the strength to do because
you can barely get through the day. Debrah. Debrah experienced
her own heartbreak during Jennifer's journey. It was different than Gens,
but very difficult. They leaned on each other. You saw

the day today progress I did. Look how far we've
come from sitting on that porch just being as positive
as we could. Today is a good day to have
a good day. We said that every day day for

years and now look we live across the stream from
each other. Just think about the past four years and
everything that's happened. Yeah, all of us have gone through something.
We've all had family stuff or whatever happened, But no

one's world has been turned upside down the way. No, no,
no, no no, no, no, not even close. You are standing
on your own two feet. You know, this awesome has
this great outlook on life. I'm just so proud of you.
This is why I left LA and moved here, this
was going to happen, and it just couldn't have happened

in a better place. Jen realized she lost a husband
and gained a tribe, So I thank you for that,
but sorry. We're growing old together. I cannot wait.
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