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October 1, 2021 28 mins

It will all happen again. Old wrongs will be set right, answers will be found in the most unlikely places, and the past will refuse to let go.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Bridgewater is a production of I Heart Radio three D
audio and Grim and Mild from Aaron Mackey. For a
full exposure, listen with headphones. Listener discretion advised. So as
we know, the myth of Sasquatch is one that can

be found in many regions, such as um Well, the
legend is primarily North American, with the majority of sightings
occurring in the Pacific Northwest and Canada, but there have
of course been um reports of sightings in our very
own Bridgewater Triangle. Most of the descriptions of Sasquatch, or

Bigfoot as he's sometimes known, describe this unnaturally tall ape
like creature that's covered in hair and his red eyes.
Um not red eyes, Nope. UM. Well, I guess I
don't have to tell you what Bigfoot looks like, because
we all know what Bigfoot looks like. Um. As for

um sightings in this region we have, Does anyone know
of any sightings in the in this region? Anyone? Yeah? Amy? Um, professor,
did you hear about that missing boy over the weekend? Uh? Yeah,
I did? The missing boy? Yeah yeah, we were all

talking about it before class. Apparently some kid went missing
and they think it has to do with cold activity.
Oh god, no, okay, what if it was another alien
abduction like that hiker that went missing last week? Guys,
that hiker. That hiker was found and so was the boy,
but neither of them remember anything, right, How do you

all know about this? It's a small town, sure is.
So do you know anything about the boy? I know
that he's fine, But that's like the fourth person to
go missing and free town for us this year. Yeah,
while people get lost in the woods. So yeah, I mean,
are we safe here? Come on, guys, you don't actually
believe any of this stuff. You have to admit that

there's some genuine questions to ask. Yeah, but this is
what we've been talking about in class all semester. It's
all just lower and rumor exactly. Let's get this back
on task everyone. Come on, why don't multiple people report
the same thing because internal life? Well, that was a

dis esther. No, it wasn't that bad. Oh, it absolutely was.
Thank you for covering for me, by the way. Oh,
I didn't have to do a lot. They seem to
have plenty to talk about. Oh god, hey, are you okay, professor? No, No,

I'm absolutely not. Okay. What about you? How you doing.
How's your head? And okay, um, I was gonna tell
you Olivia brought me some soup yesterday homemade. Wow, that's
so sweet. Yeah, yeah, it was really sweet. I mean

having her be nice to me because I got attacked
by an owl is how do I put it? Deeply humiliating,
but hey, I'll take it, especially with everything that happened
with her brother this weekend. Kind of amazed she even
thought of me, you know, oh, speaking of how so
wait are you too? Oh? I don't know. I hope,

but I don't. I don't know. Um, it's been a
weird couple of weeks, you know, uh, not counting on anything, right,
But she's actually really really sweet and as smart and
sharp and witty as as I thought. And yeah, you
know she's a she's a queen. Yeah yeah, she's a

Oh god what hip and she's my niece. Jeremy what
what what do you? What are you? What are you
talking about? Yeah? Katie? Hi, Mr Bradshaw, Professor, call me Jeremy, Jeremy, Ah,

this is my my teaching assistant, whipping Corona. Hi, Kitty
Frank's um professor. Can we discuss what we were just
talking about? Katie, you want to come in and have
a seat. I'm sorry to just drop in like this.
That's okay, you don't okay after last night? God was
not just last night. No, actually it was the night

before last, right, Christ It feels like it's been a
week and you got attacked this weekend, didn't you. How
do you know about that? It's a small town and
we're travel's double speed when it's something to do with
the triangle. Great, I'm so glad everyone knows an owl
beat me up. That's really the cherry on top of

the concussion. It wasn't an owl. What There are things
in that swamp, all sorts of things. Oh Jesus, I'm sorry, Katie,
but we're really not interested in hearing any more of
these crazy theories. Can you? Can you just tell me? What? What?
What do you need? What are you doing here? I
got spooked the other night. Yeah, so let's tell me.

She was very gracious about it, far more than she
had to be, especially considering, yeah, considering what I've been
pushing her to include me in all the gatherings activities
you mean, the secret midnight meetings. Yes, that's why Daniel
and I went on that hike in the first place.

I go on that hike every single Sunday afternoon to
look at that pyramid rock and tried to decipher the symbols.
Because celest won't tell you what exactly did they do
with these midnight meetings. They commune right, my spirits exactly,
And you want to participate in this. I want. I
just want to give my mother peace. She died painfully.

It was long and horrible, and she's still here. I
know she is restless and angry, and I don't I
don't want that for her. She never would have wanted
to be a dark cloud over the world. She would
have wanted to move on. I want to help her
move on. And Celeste told you that she can do that. No,

of course not. It's it doesn't work like that. I
know what you're thinking. Maria thinks the same thing, even
if you won't say it outright. You think that Celeste
is a Charlatan praying on the vulnerable. Yeah, that's exactly
what I think. That's just the case with most psychics
and mediums, that they cold read someone just enough to
convince them of their abilities, make themselves so necessary that

someone will pay over and over again. It's simple psychology. Really,
it's toxic and effective. Celeste isn't a psychic. She's not
a witch or or anything else you're thinking of. She's
just a woman who understands this place. No offense, Katie,
But I understand this place. It actually might be the

only thing I do understand. I have spent my entire
life here, in the better part of a decade, studying it,
and I can tell you it is a It is
a unique place. To be sure, it's got an dreamly
high concentration of sightings and claims of encounters, but that
has to do with the history of the region and
with self perpetuating myth. There is nothing that's actually paranormal

going on here. Okay have you ever thought about leaving?
You've been here your whole life, haven't you. I am
a folklore professor. There is literally no better place to be. Mhm, Celeste,
what have something different to say about why you're still here? Uh? Katie?

Why did you get spooked? What happened? The forest is
coming alive. The spirits are restless and dangerous. I think
that's what attacked you the other day, avengeful spirit, not
a giant black dog. I don't believe in monsters, all
the big foots, the snakes, the puckwag. I agree with you,
it's all nonsense, the errors of human perception. But spirits,

you believe there our worlds beyond this one. I'm sure
about that. And the veil between it's starting to be
ripped open. That's why all of this is happening. Now,
that's what Celeste says. She hasn't come right out and
said it, but yes, that's what the gathering believes. Celeste
is trying to keep things quiet, keep the peace. Wait,

there's in fighting. Some of our members want to help
open the veil, let all the spirits out. That's what
the children of Tischiba were trying to do, open the
gates of hell. It isn't hell. It's not that binary, Katie,
Why are you here? It's Celest She's doing ritual tonight
at the ledge. What kind of ritual? She's going to

try to fix the terar? But I thought you said
she wasn't a witch. She's not, but she I think
something happened years ago. She blames herself for all the troubles.
Now she thinks she's the only one who can fix it.
What what does that have to do with us? You
and the officer beck Are you're the only ones I
trust to help her. If you know where she is.

Why don't you just go and you stop her? Okay? No,
I don't want to stop her. I just I'm scared, Okay.
So Lesta is right, I'm not ready. I'm not ready
to confront any spirits little and my mother's and I
don't know what's going to happen tonight. So you want
us to to protect her? Just you an officer Becker,

you're the only ones Katie. Last time I checked, your
girlfriend is an actual police officer. I think she'd be
pretty capable of protecting Celeste from imaginary spirits. Why don't
you talk to her? I don't want to put Maria
in the middle of this, okay, But me and Anne,
you'd be happy to put us in the middle of it,
put us in the land of fire. I don't want

to see Celesque get arrested. Okay. So you're expecting her
to break the law of that? Please just go to
the ledge tonight, help her. Well, it could be an
interesting prologue for the book you have to bring Anne.
I'm not talking to her, right now I don't care
and the Woods won't. Either you and Anne have to

go together or something something terrible is going to happen.
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l P dot com slash Bridgewater. Jeremy, I wanted to say,
let's not talk, okay, but please, Jeremy. Look, I only

asked you to come with me because I think Celeste
will only talk to both of us. We are not friends, okay,
and we're not back on a case together. I just
needed you today. That's it, got it? What was that?
I don't know, probably a dog or something, or a wolf.
I don't know a wolf. There is wildlife out here, Anne, Jeremy,

let's just keep moving. The thing is, no, never mind,
it's just what I don't understand is okay, let's just
focus on what we're doing here. So that's fine with me.
And what are we doing here? While a woman in

a cult told me that she was worried about her
spiritual leader and that we were the only ones that
could help her, and you thought that sounded like a
great idea. No, I don't know, An, I don't know.
I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing because two
weeks ago I didn't have anything of my father and
now now I have his badge and an entire family

that I didn't know about. But blood doesn't make family. Jareman,
trust me? Trust you? Trust you? How dare you talk
to me about family when you destroyed mine? Okay, it
wasn't my fault that your parents marriage fell apart. I
would stop talking if I were you. Your father made
the exact same choices that I did. No, he didn't

because he went out there alone and you just let
him go out there alone. Oh my god, don't you
think I know that? You think that that hasn't haunted
me for forty years. This is exactly why no one
wants anything to do with me. I've spent my whole
life trying to find out what happened, and because of that,
I couldn't have my family. You know, I would have

done anything, anything to have Thomas back, but I couldn't
even have that either. But you could have had me.
You're not You're not the only person that lost someone
In me and my mother, nothing was ever the same,
and I never knew why, and now I know why.

But we could have had each other, you and me.
There's so many things I'm mad about and there's so
many but that's like we could have had each other. Jeremy,
I'm I'm so sorry. No, Jeremy, just let me get
this out and behind you? Oh my god? What I

come on? And wait? We have to follow them and
we can't just know these are the same lights that
Ethan saw. Yes, no, we have to find where they lead.
Where did they go? Are we even sure that we
saw those? Okay? Okay, okay, the ledge. Let's just get

to the ledge. Wait do you hear that? Jeremy, be careful,
it sounds like celest No, we don't know that there
are no ghosts in here. Okay, and Jeremy, thank you

for coming. You were expecting us. Of course you were invited.
Oh right, of course, Katie manipulated me and you are
not in trouble. You lured us here. Great, it's important
that you be here for this. And what is this?

The truth? Finally, the truth? Did you see the lights? Yes?
I saw something. They led you here, didn't they? Can
you just stop being cryptic and tell us what the
hell is going on? It's happening again? What's happening again.
You remember Anne, Forty years ago the veil between worlds opened,

leaving us vulnerable to all sorts of creatures. Radshaw's right
cut the craps of us. We were trying to protect
the world, that's all we were doing. Who the gathering.
We had nothing to do with the missing girl or
the boy who went missing over the weekend. That boy
was my grandson, and I am so glad that he

is all right, that we were able to save him.
There are dangerous forces at work, and you want us
for what for some kind of ritual to close this
imaginary door. No, you won't be able to assist. This
is something I have to do alone. But I wanted
you here as witness and to tell you the truth. Well,

guess what. We are no longer interested in your ghost story. Okay,
this isn't a ghost story. It's about your father. I
left the badge what you It has been in my
possession for forty years. When the trouble began earlier this year,
I knew the veil was opening again. What trouble a

higher number of sightings of disappearance as a general unrest
here in the forest and in the swamp. We could
feel it all of us, But I am the sole
member who was here back then, all those years ago,
I was able to recognize it for what it is.
What does this have anything to do with Thomas? I

wanted to place the piece of him that remained in
this plane back where it belonged. Why did you have
my father's badge? If you're making this up, I promise you, Jeremy,
I am not. Why did you have it in the
first place? Because I was there the night he plummeted
to the ground from this ledge. He was come here

closer to the edge, and do not fear me, Jeremy,
You are not in danger here. That's rather the whole point.
Forty years ago, I was standing on this ledge with
members of the gathering, or at least that's who I
thought they were. I was a young member then, still

so excited to have an outlet for the connection I
had always felt to this place. I was honored to
have been invited to such a central ceremony. We were
performing a ritual, trying to communicate with the dead. Beloved spirits,
please move among us and speak through us. We welcome
you with open minds and hearts. Had all started normally enough.

But I should have known, by the leader's choice of
words English as his vessel no less, that I was
not among the pupil I had grown to love and trust.
We called to you, spirits of the deep, great and powerful.
It was the children of Titchiba trying to open the
gates to the underworld, defiling everything that I and the
gathering stood for. And it was beginning to work. They've

been trying for months. The doors were left ajar, and
a final, ultimate sacrifice was needed to swing the gates open.
Did you hear that the spirits are here? Hear us, spirits?
We prostrate ourselves before you. One of the members was
prepared to throw themselves off the ledge. The blood sacrifice,
the final key, the final lock on the door to

the other world. Once I realized what was happening, I
tried to stop it. Wait, no, you can't. You don't understand.
This is powerful magic. You're dealing with spirits. We call
to you stop shut her up the underworld. There were

too many of them that believed. They thought I would agree,
simply because I wanted to find a portal. But they
were getting so close. The gates were opening. The lake
was shimmering a portal forming above it, but we were interrupted.
Step police, keep going, We call to you, spirits, stay
right there. Thomas found us. The lights had lured him

to the ledge, just like they brought you here tonight.
And then, spirits, we call to you. Open the gates.
Stop right now. He saw what one of the members
was about to do, and he wanted to stop it. No,
you don't have to do this. I will live in
glory forever. Open the gates. Let your power pour out.

There were too many of them, too strong and determined.
He was just trying to stop someone from making the
ultimate sacrifice. And instead we looked for his body for
hours until the sun rose, but we never found it.
But his badge was down there along the shore. He

fell off this ledge. It was an accident, a horrible,
horrible accident. No, no, no, it was fucking murder. He
made the ultimate sacrifice, fell into the lake, into the
portal that we had half opened. No, he didn't fall

into a fucking portal. He fell to his death, and
you never reported it, and you lied to the police.
You lied to me. I needed to protect our work.
The children of Titchapa were close. They were wrong, but
they were close, knowing that the portal could be open,
that proper communication between worlds could be established. It was

too important, bigger than any single death. So, because you
believe that the Bridgewater Triangle is some kind of fucking
gate to the other world, you let a good man's
murder go unsolved for forty years. For forty years, I
didn't know what happened to my father. He wasn't murdered.

Why leave the badge in the forest at all after
all this time? Why because things need to be done,
and I didn't want to leave before, being fully honest,
And there's a chance now, there's a chance for him
to find peace. What are you talking about? If his

spirit had something to anchor to. When the portal is
open again, which it will be soon, he'll be set
free from the trap that he's been in. He hasn't
been in a trap. He's been dead all this fucking time.
He's been dead, jeer, And how are you not furious
right now? After all of this, This is the answer.

He's really gone. I've been trying to get him back,
I promise you. But he's messages. I mean, he's been
leaving me messages. Yes, the veil ist thin. There are echoes. No, no,
that's not just the echo. He's not he's not. I mean,
he can't be gone. He can't and it is over. No,

I'm so so sorry. You don't get to be sorry.
You and your group are responsible. He was just doing
his job. Okay, try and understand. And because you refused
to tell us the truth about what you were doing,
it wasn't me. I didn't even know the truth of
what was possible. Not then the truth. They weren't doing anything,

and now you're not doing anything. The truth won't wait
for you to believe it. Jeremy, it's happening again. The
children of Titchyba were wrong. They weren't controlling if they
were drawing the dark spirits out. But the portal, the
portal wants to be open, The veil wants to be lifted.

It's happening. It's Jeremy, and it's okay. Just just get
back to the tree line, hold on to something. The
storm will pass. He's right, This storm will pass. Things
will be set to right. I am sorry about your father.
I'm sorry you made an unwilling sacrifice. It was for

not then, but it won't be now. What are you
talking about the Hordle still needs blood to open, willing blood.
Then everything will be in balance. It will all be
a tune. Celeste, Celeste, Celeste will be failing and and

I'm okay will oh Jesus, Celeste. She jumped, she jumped?
Oh god she oh? Is she so last? Celeste? And

can you see anything? No? No, it's this fog. Where
did it come from? Who's there? Wait? Celeste? Where? Hello? No? Oh?
I can't be Oh my god, Oh my god, am

I really here? Is it? And is it you? Jeremy Dad?

Bridgewater was created by Aaron Manky and written and directed
by Lauren Shippen, with executive producers Aaron Manky, Misha Collins,
Matt Frederick and Alex Williams, supervising producer Trevor Young, editing
and sound designed by Trevor Young and Matt Stillo, and
music by Chad Lawson, Starring Misha Collins as Jeremy Bradshaw,

Melissa Ponzio as Anne Becker, Karen Sony as Vipen Corona,
Laurie Allen as Nancy Collins, Cheryl Umania as Officer Bautista,
Victoria Grace as Katie Frank's Will Wheaton as Captain Haddock,
Hillary Burton Morgan as Shelley Hoskins, Jonathan Joss as Joseph Hoskins,
Sabra May as Olivia Hoskins, Samuel Marty as Ethan Hoskins,

Kristin Bauer as Celeste, and Nathan Fillion as Thomas Bradshaw,
with additional voice acting by Brigand Snow, Andrew Nowak, Juliet Moritz, Alwa,
Jarvis Johnson and Brielle Bresnan, Kristen de Mecurio, James Oliva,
and Leron Amil. Learn more about the show over at

Grimm and Mild dot com slash Bridgewater, and find more
podcasts from I Heart Radio on the i heart Radio app,
Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows,
and as always, thanks for listening. Bridgewater will return in

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