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January 13, 2023 27 mins

Reunions continue, introductions are made, and monsters are confronted. The Bradshaw-Beckers hope they are at the end of their rocky journey, but they may just be at the beginning of something else. 

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Bridgewater is a production of I Heart Radio three D
audio and Grim and Mild from Aaron Mankey for full exposure,
listen with headphones. Listener discretion advised, Olivia, we should hurry shop.
Oh my god, what is that? Run? Come on, come

on this way? Sevenutes too fun, We're just come on
over here. Okay, okay, and lost track. We're fine, We're hidden.
We got away. Oh when I said, you run as

fast as you can want? Trust me? Okay, up, Jeremy

Son Son? Where are you Dad? Jeremy? Where are you? Dad?
Got in here? Jeremy follow the sound of my voice.
Come to me? Yeah? Oh God, Dad? And Dad? Hey

are you in there? Dad? And and oh come on,
God forbid? They leave a fucking note? Why didn't I
charge my phone? Okay, okay, okay, gon't frege out. Everything's fine,
even though you are talking to yourself off. Fuck Dad, Dad?

What are you doing out here? Jeremy? It's me, it
is are you okay? Yeah? Yeah, I'm sorry. I came
out for some fresh air. Jeez, I don't even remember
falling asleep and I woke up And did you not

hear me calling you? I always hear you're calling me, Jeremy,
what do you mean. When I was in that place,
there were so many times I heard your voice and
I would go looking for you, running for what felt
like hours, never getting anywhere. It's so strange being back
here at Dan's house. I feel like my whole lifetime

was spending those woods. From here, they just seemed Yeah, yeah,
it don't look so scary in the light of day,
do they. No, they don't. You know, I never liked
these woods. I know it's uh, it's like a tourist

destination and people like coming here in hiking and everyone
finds it so beautiful and peaceful. But any time I
had to do research here, I just dreaded it. Things. Now,
I know why you remember getting lost? Ah, No, not really,

and and told me about it, and I guess it
brought back some of it in bids pieces. But I'm morema,
you know this is that's where I lost you. I'm
truly sorry, Jeremy. I hope you know that about losing
you and then getting lost myself. Yeah, I know. Hey,

I shouldn't have yelled at you about it last night.
I just, you know, it's just a lot to deal
with me. It is, did sleeping help at all, I
have been able to close my eye. I don't know,
it's I'm having this nightmare again. Actually I keep having it.

It's about that day, that day when I went missing.
Those were the worst seven hours of my life. You know,
I wish I could remember them more. When Anne told me,
she told me that apparently I said something about what
you're talking to me, and she was I thought she
was working crazy. But now with you, you know, I

really wonder what happened that day, what what could have happened?
I wish I knew too. I'm just glad we got
you back. You know, it makes sense to me that
you became a folklore professor. Really when we found you, well,
like Anne told you, you had this strange story about
a little great creature, and you were a bit different

after it seemed older somehow, And being a parent is
just an exercise and watching your kids grow up overnight.
But this was I don't know. You were very focused.
What do you mean focused? You kept asking me to
read you fairy tales. You never really liked them at
all much before. You actually were never much for being

read to it all. You were always up playing in
the dirt, I was such an active kid. I remember
really looking forward to teaching you baseball, playing catch with you.
But after we got you back, he just wanted to
hear stories. I just assumed it was because you got
scared of the outdoors. But now I wonder you mean

if I got fixated on fairy tales and monsters because
I lived through it. I don't know. I don't remember
when I first got interested in all this stuff. I
guess I just always was. I've spent my whole life
reading about it. That's that's the way it feels. Thank
god you have you had the knowledge to get me out. No,
I can't take any credit for that, because I really

didn't believe any of this stuff until last night. Even now,
it feels impossible. I know what you mean. H Um,
where's Anne? She went out for breakfast? Refrigerators full of food. No,
it's not that she wanted to go to Pat's get

my favorite paroguis. Ah, you used to go to Pats.
I'd love that place. Did you take me there? No? No,
not that I remember. It was always something we would
do on duty. Uh what kind do you usually? I
always get the cheese and potato? About that? That's my
order to Really, that must be a Bradshaw trader, you

get it. It must be An always goes with the sweet?
Was the raspberry? Jam? I never understood how she does
that much sugar in the morning. I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to. I know it must be strange too. I
haven't even had a chance to ask you about your
mom yet. How's she doing? Uh? She's okay. She lives

in California now. Really, Yeah, we both moved out there
when I was in college and she she's remarried. That's good. Yeah,
is it? I always wanted her to be happy. You
kind of went about it a strange way. I know
I messed up. How how long were you and and

going before mom found out? Jeremy, it wasn't like that, No,
because I seem to remember you mom being very much
married when when Anne got pregnant. You're angry with me, No, one,
I've just overwhelmed. I've learned a lot of very surprising
information in a very short period of time, and I

just need a second to adjust. Yeah, I can relate
to that. I haven't been anywhere yet except the house
that's familiar to me, and I still feel like I'm
on a different planet. I don't even know who the
president is. Joe Biden, the Senator. I guess he's actually
president elected technically, and you actual just happened a few
weeks ago. And who's got the job until January. Oh,

you don't want to know. Trust me. You know it's okay.
If you're mad at me, I'm not okay. Me and
your mom were having problems before anything ever started with Anne.
We got married too young. We knew it wasn't going
to work out. Probably wouldn't remember any of that. We

tried to shield you from everything that was breaking between us.
You were so young. Yeah, I don't regret what happened
with Anne. I fell in love. I I'm in love
with her still. I don't know what that means now,
but I never stopped. I'm glad that you've gotten to

know her, that she's spending your life. Coming out of
that place to see the two of you side by side,
I don't think the situation is exactly what you expect.
Grubs up, God, where are we? I don't know. I

knew we were walking toward my nana's house before, but
now we're in a part of the woods. I don't
recognize I shouldn't have taken us further in, and I
just thought that maybe if it was darker and there
were more trees. I know you did the right thing. Well,
I definitely couldn't lead us. Yeah, how are you doing?
I think the bleeding is mostly stopped. We'll not dead anyway.

It's getting lighter now, so we should be able to
get out of here soon find some help. But you're
not looking so great either. No, that's the thing just
it clipped me. You. You bore the brunt of it.
How did you? I mean you the thing would have
chased us down and killed us if you hadn't. I

don't know about that. How are you so calm? How
did you know what to do? Honestly, I'm not sure.
It's like something in my brain just clicked on fight
or flight. I guess maybe. I think it's safe to
say I fit into the flight category. Good thing too,
or it would have caught me right, And hey, I

doubt it. I mean, you were unbelievable. Sure, I started
running first, but when it caught up and you reacted
so quickly, you knew exactly what to do. I've just
plaid a lot of video games with even Okay, Olivia,
that was not a video game. Yeah, no, ship, I

can't believe this happened to me. Again, I probably would
have died tonight if not for you. Come on with him,
and you're not giving yourself enough. Wait a second, I
recognize that rock, Olivia. Are you okay? Is that your car? Yeah?

So we just went in an enormous circle. Yeah, all right,
come on, then get it okay. Mm hmm. I forgot
how good eating was. You really didn't have to eat

the entire time you were gone. No eat, drinks, sleep,
none of it. I don't understand how it works, but
part of me is grateful. Otherwise I probably would have
wasted away in there. And the boy you mentioned, Alden,
it was the same for him. He was seven when
he went in, and by the time that I got out,

he was still seven forty years So you felt, you
felt time passing, but your bodies didn't. What do you think,
in Bradshaw? Well, I don't know. It's some kind of
dimensional pocket that your consciousness could comprehend enough to know
the time was lapsing. If it's really an in between,

then there's obviously something on the other side, right, I'm
sure of it. So then maybe it's a wormhole, like
a place where time has folded over on itself and
the other side isn't isn't actually another world, but it's
another time, a time in which monsters are real. I mean,
you know of the millions of years ago that were
enormous creatures roaming the earth, not just dinosaurs, but bare

dogs and giant land sloths and things that you know
now sound made up. So you think Thomas was in
a wormhole that connects our time with dinosaurs. You can't
say that, like, it's ridiculous. We are sitting here eating
baroghies with a man who's been dead for forty years,
no offense. Oh, it's okay. I don't know the appropriate

amount of time to get used to any of this,
but I have a feeling it's more than twelve hours. Yeah, yeah, okay. Well,
but if it was something like a worm hole, why
would celeste ritual have worked? I have no idea. Dad,
you said that boy um that he went missing in

nine that's right, and you went missing in nineteen eighty,
and now I would have thought things look like the
Jetsons behind so ever celested whatever, the children of Titubate
did was just well timed. Um, maybe it's it's just

about that forty year cycle. That doesn't disqualify it from
being magic. Look, I know, and I'm open to any
ideas at this stage, but I can't exactly call anything
unbelievable now. I just want to make sure that we
have our priorities straight. I agree, which is why we
need to work on getting Alden out of there. No,
that's not what I meant. We don't know what the

in between might have done to you on a molecular level.
You haven't aged, and you seem in pretty good health.
But what if all the time you missed is suddenly
going to catch up with you now that you're back.
That doesn't matter, what, of course it does. I'm not
worried about me. I'm not even sure how I was
the one who got away when he'd been there for
much longer. I don't know. You got lucky. Now, there's

a chance that Alden will get lucky too, But in
the meantime, the meantime he's alone, Yeah, well so was I.
I just mean one step at a time. Okay, we
can't do anything if we don't know what the in
between is, whatever it is, whatever might be on the
other side. We have you back now, Okay, that's what's important.

Thank you. Anna. You know what I think. I think
we've gone borrowing quite enough trouble recently. As far as
we know, everything worked and you get to live the
next forty years of your life all over again. I
understand that you're worried about this boy, okay, but you
have to remember that he's not alone. Celeste is with

him now. As much as that woman frustrated me, she
can look after him. Yeah. I guess. I guess you're right.
And there's so much we have to catch you up on.
Jeremy was telling me Senator Biden is going to be president.
How old is he? What else? Did the Berlin wall fall?

Actually it did? Oh good? A lot has happened in
the last four years. I know. I see that every
time I look at both of you, and we're going
to tell you all of it. No, not all at once. Well,
we have time now, I mean we actually, yeah, we

have time. All of this, all of this nonsense is over. Yeah,
I mean I I want to figure it out. I
want to figure it all out one day and one
day probably write a book. That no one will ever believe.
But um, for now, But for now, can we just
finish these parogies? That's how real. I can't believe it.

I mean, all those stories that my nana's told me
growing up. When I was a kid, I thought it
was just very tale stuff, stories to scare kids and
are not wandering off, not doing dangerous stuff in the woods.
When I got older, I realized that she actually believed
it all, and I started to be scared of her

instead of the woods, because I thought it meant something
was wrong with her, but she was sick or I
don't know. And then it just made me sad because
I understood that she lost a friend and she felt
guilty and her mind to do all sorts of things
with guilt. But she was right this whole time. She

was actually right. Hippen, hippen, you're being uncharacteristically quiet. Sorry,
I'm listening, I swear, I know. I just still freaked hem,
are you not? Oh no, I'm deaf at lea, still
having a total meltdown. Just also trying really hard not

to crash the car right now. I really think I
should be the one driving your herd and you patched
me up. Well, Okay, Nana is going to be so
smug that she was right about keeping a first aid
kid in the car all the time. Olivia, you still
might need stitches. And I'm fine, really, and driving is
helping me focus, keeping my mind off you know, monsters

and stuff. You telling me what you're thinking could also
do that. Are we are we sure about what we saw? What?
I mean? It was a dog, right? Yeah? Maybe it
was just some sort of I don't know, special breed,
a special breed of dog. That's if we tall with

three rows of teeth. Yeah, right, I did notice the
multiple rows of teeth pretty hard not to. But if that,
if that was real, then the thing that attacked me
was not an owl. It just it doesn't make any sense,
of course it doesn't. That doesn't mean this isn't happening.

Having a really hard time with us, aren't you. I've
spent the past six years studying this stuff, but I
never thought it. I thought you believed, or at least
that you wanted to. I guess there's a difference between
believing and seeing. Usually seeing bring some degree of certainty
and comfort. Yeah, I don't think that's happening for me. Hey, Hey,

what happened tonight was really fucked up, but you survived.
We both did. I ran and you stayed to fight
the thing, and I didn't even I wanted to give
you time to get away. Keep trying to hit it
too would have defeated the purpose. You could have gotten
really hurt. Lived they didn't, and now we have matching

monster scars. It's pretty cool, right you. You're sure about
what we saw? Yes, I mean I know my own
mind and it couldn't have made that up. So whenever
you're ready to dive headfirst into holy sh it, holy ship,
monsters are real and I've lived to tell the tale. Territory. No, Um,

I'll be right here for you. Thanks. Come on, Let's
get inside before the adrenaline wears off and I start
sobbing or something. Okay, that's that's Jeremy's car. That would
explain why he wasn't picking up at least spotty service. Yeah,

or he left his car here and he and Anne
walked to the lake. Let's go inside before your brain
has a chance to finish that thought. Nana, Nana live,
Oh my god, thank god, you're all right, my kid?
What's going on? Wait? Is s Ethan. Okay, yeah, yeah,
he's he's fine, Jesus to live. What happened? Are you okay?

I am fine? What are you doing here? Professor Jeremy?
Are you all right? Yeah? Are you bleeding? Um? I'm fine,
I think um, but it's really Olivia, who is totally fine. Yeah,
don't look at where have you been? You want to
the lake to look for you. And when we got
there there were all these cops and what happened to Celeste?

We were worried that something Wait wait, wait wait what happened?
Was Celeste? She's dead? She's ah. We thought you knew? No, no, um,
we we we thought she was. Ah. It's a it's
a long story. What we want to hear it? Okay,

but trust me, there's something else? What is it? As
we were leaving the woods there, um, who was that? Ah?
This is um? Hi, I'm I'm I'm Thomas. Okay, Thomas
is a friend Thomas. This is Olivia my granddaughter. Oh yeah,

I'm I'm really glad to meet you. Olivia. Yeah you too.
I mean wait, have you met before? You look so funny? Yeah?
Do you own that new um coffee shop downtown? You
haven't met? No, I oh uh, it's just shops with coffee,

that's all they sell. Whoa, whoa, whoa, wha wha Wait
you're Thomas Bradshaw. Wait wait wait holy ship, as in
are you? Is this? How? How is this? It's him?
It's him? Oh god, Hey, whoa whoa, Easy there, Bubba,

I think I need to sit down. Good idea. Why
don't we all sit down? Wait? Wait, we know hold on.
This is Thomas Bradshaw, like your old partner, Thomas Bradshaw,
the detective who've been missing forty years ago, and it's
now standing in your kitchen looking, I mean looking exactly
like the photo in his file from the fucking seventies.

If we can explain kind of you were dead? Are you?
Is this some sort of Well no, I'm not a ghost,
I swear. I'm just a man, just a regular man
who was trapped in a limital dimensional space for forty years.
That's okay, Thomas, Honey, that's not really helping the If

you could whoa whoa whoa? Wait you you and you
were together? Okay? Oh god, Jeremy, what you said yesterday? Hey? Hey,
can we all get can we just can we get
into this later? Please Olivia is your niece, which means Thomas,
what is her grandfather? What live honey? Um? Oh? What

the a fuck? Nanna? Was that? This isn't ever how
I imagine this going. I actually didn't even know you existed.
Oh well that makes two of us. Yeah, but I'm so,
I'm so glad you do this. This is why yesterday
you were so you just found out, didn't you. Yes,
really honestly, which is why I really don't particularly want
to go through this whole thing again right now? Please?
Who is he back? How did you keep this from us?

Does mom know? No? What? Wow? She doesn't? Thomas? M guys? Sorry,
hold on a beer Becker, it's Dr Edwards. Oh hey, Doc,
that's a listen. Now is not really a great time,

if you know what I mean, I won't keep you.
But you know how you told me to ever call
you as something strange came into the office. Yeah, well,
have I got a doozy for you. This episode of
Bridgewater was written by Lauren Shippen and directed by Brendan

Patrick Hughes Assistant director Sarah Klein. Sound designed by Vincent
de Johnny rema Il Kayali, Josh Thane, and Trevor Young,
with music by Chad Lawson, starring Misha Collins as Jeremy Bradshaw,
Melissa Ponzio as Anne Becker, Alan Tutick as Thomas Bradshaw,
Karen Sony as Vipen Corona, Sabra May as Olivia Hoskins,

Cheryl Umania as Officer Bautista, Will Wheaton as Captain Haddock,
Tricia Helfer as the Legend Tripper, Stephen Guarino as Dr Edwards,
Nandamisu Demba as Peyton Blake, Hilary Burton Morgan as Shelley Hoskins,
Nicki McCauley as Celeste, Then Victoria Grace as Katie Franks,

with additional voice acting by Greta Gould, Shelby Young, Adam
oh Byrne, Monty Markham, char Lee Bergman and Tern Westbrook.
Executive producers Aaron Mankey, Misha Collins, Lauren Shippin, Matt Frederick
and Alexander Williams. Supervising producers Josh Thane and Trevor Young.
Bridgewater was created by me Aaron Mankey and is a

production of Grim and Mild and I Heart three D Audio.
Learn more about the show over at Grimm and mild
dot com Slash Bridgewater and find more podcasts from I
heart Radio on the I heart Radio app, Apple Podcasts,
or wherever you listen to your favorite shows, and as always,
thanks for listening.
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