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January 20, 2023 36 mins

Eviscerations abound, but a new friend is made. Meanwhile, Vipin and Olivia make a connection.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Bridgewater is a production of I Heart Radio three D
audio and Grim and Mild from Aaron Mankey for a
full exposure, listen with headphones. Listener discretion advised. Who's that? Uh?
Dr Edwards? Vet over and Rehobeth. Why is a vet

calling you? There's been an attack? What kind of attack?
Farmer over there? He's got a dozen or so cows
on his property and woke up this morning to find
them all eviscerated, just like the last time. You don't
have any pets, I mean, you've never had any pets.
Why is this guy calling you? Dr Edwards? He's still alive.
I was like, no, no, no, it's his son. He

took over his practice a while ago. I told him
to call me if he ever saw anything strange. And
he saw something strange, we should probably head over there
Oakley Farms, he said, so Vipping Olivia, you two should
stay here. Get yourself cleaned up. Now, hold on, both
of you look like you've been through the ring. No ship.
We were attacked by a giant dog three hours ago.

And I just found out I have a grandfather who
suddenly back from the dead. So I think I look
pretty good considering back up giant dog. That's what we
were trying to tell you before when we were attacked,
leaving the words it it attacked us, Jeremy, it was.
It was real. Yeah, I swear it was real. I

believe you. I'm sorry I didn't before I get it.
I barely believe it now myself. I wonder. I wonder
if the dog is wount attack the cows and the
horses from last year. Last year, I don't remember finding
anything about animal attacks from last year. He means nine.
That's gonna take some getting used to. Yeah, well we

all have to just so. Yeah, how are we supposed
to do that? Nana? You've had what at forty years,
forty years during what you could have told any of
us the truth? You know what? Just don't Okay, I'm
gonna go home and try to forget that monsters are
real apparently, and then everything I thought I knew about
my family is wrong. Olivia, Please, just shit. I need

to deal with this, of course, but we need to
go to Oakley Farms, see what happened before, the evidence
the case more. Who cares, it's it's just a couple
of cows. It's hardly more important than this. It's just
a couple of cows for now. If it's the same
dog that attacked us in Freetown, it already made its
way through Rehobeth. Who knows where it could be by now?
It could do a lot of damage very quickly. Are

we never going to get a fucking break? I think
we should go check it out. If it's really the
same dog. We know it doesn't just attack other animals,
and if it's not, then you've got more than one
monster on our hands. Hey, there, your live. I'm going

to leave in a second, Okay, I just I needed
to catch my breath or something. I'm already fucking exhausted,
and I really don't want to crash my car. Why
don't you come inside? And is it really him? Is
it really him? Is that man really Thomas Bradshot? It's him? How?
How well we're still trying to figure that out? He

was trapped in some kind of in between place, in
between what this world and another one? Oh? Come on,
I'm serious. Live You know when Vippen and I were
driving over here, I kept talking about how all the
stories you told me were real, that I couldn't believe it,
and you were never lying to me. With any of

that stuff. I never had any solid proof until now,
just a feeling. But you were always honest with me
about that feeling, about about there being something dangerous out there.
I wanted to keep you safe. Then why lie about him?
I didn't If you knew he was still alive, I didn't.
I swear I didn't, but I hoped. But that's all

it ever was until yesterday. You knew he was my grandfather.
I mean, unless, of course, you had a very active
dating life in nineteen I'm assuming you knew. I knew,
I knew we were. We were together for over a
year by the time I found out I was pregnant Nanna.
Wasn't he married? Yeah, he was, but it had been

rocky for a while. And when we found out about
the baby, he told his wife and they were getting
divorced and we were going to be a family, and
then he went missing. So so what you decided just
to act like he never existed, Like like mom just
came out of nowhere, and he always told her and

to ask that he was dead. I thought he was.
I thought he was, But why keep his identity a secret.
He wasn't just some guy, he was someone you loved
someone who had a son. That's why. That's why, Olivia

Jeremy is why I kept it a secret. It was
a big case Thomas go and missing, a huge local
news story. They talked about it for months and months,
and the circumstances around it brought all kinds of folks
from around the country to report on it or do

their amateur investigations, and well it, uh, you know, it
put a lot of attention on the Bradshaws, and you know,
the wife and son who got left behind. And I
I couldn't. I couldn't let Thomas's name get dragged through

the mud. And I couldn't bring that chaos into your
mom's life when she was just a baby. So I
just told everybody was an old flame in Boston who
I had reconnected with, and if I had honest about it,
it would have become part of the story and we
would have had to leave Bridgewater entirely and find any

kind of peace, and and you'd never leave, right, not
until you found out what really happened. Yeah, So, so
what did really happen? He just got like Captain America
Frozen in Time? Who's that? God? Nancy? A movie for once?

In your life. I mean he looks like he's thirty. Yeah. Yeah,
a time it passed differently wherever he was. And the
truth is, we don't really understand that place yet. But
Celeste and the gathering they had a better idea, some

kind of doorway or like a pass through to the
other side. And then the children of Titchuba wanted to
open it, but Celeste and her people they were trying
to keep it closed, keep it closed, and and and
and trapped Thomas. No, no, no, I think Celeste was
trying to get him out and close whatever gate he
had come through. We think that dog came in the

same way. Okay, so okay, okay, okay, let me get
with the street. You're old boyfriend was pushed into a
paranormal waiting room for some other side by a bunch
of goth babies and and then pulled out of that
place with a giant black dog that might be going
around to vice rating cows. Pretty much though, based on

what happened to Vippen, the dog may have been here first.
How why Because the veil is getting thinner. That's what's
a less said, which means I think it means whatever
wall has been protecting us from what's on the other
side might not be standing anymore. Are we sure this

is right? An said, the east edge of the property.
It looks like the fence line is down in that field.
Are you sure you're okay? I'm fine? I think. Are
you okay? Okay is the kind of relative term at
this particular juncture. So you said, Um, something like this

has happened before over at Shiner Farms. One side of
their property ran along Freetown forest and a few horses
were torn into I remember and telling me about that.
It was seventy nine, you said, honestly, I'm not sure
it could have been this year. Uh, it was hot
when we went from the farm. I know that much August. Second,

how did you know? I think I remember reading that
file one of several animal mutilations that happened that summer
in fall. Jeremy, You've got yourself quite a partner here
that I do. Oh, we never actually got to the
introduction party. Hipp In Corona, Jeremy's t a. Thomas Bradshaw,
Jeremy's dad. Yeah, it's good to meet you. Hippin's been

helping me out with this book that I've been writing.
And he is also an encyclopedia of we your Bridgewater
happening is you're writing a book? I yeah, he's me.
Can I help you? Are you Dr Edwards? I am.
I'm a friend of Anne Becker's. She had to take
care of some other business, but she wanted me to come. Yes, yes,

I see, Come on over, Come on over. Um, yep,
just just hop right over. There's not a break in
the fence for another half mile. Okay, not bad for
an old man. Hopped a lot of fences in my day. Yeah,
that part of your job, the stories for another time ship.

Are you okay? Yep, I'm fine. What did you say
your name was? I'm Jeremy Bradshaw. This is my assistant
fipp In, and this is my friend Tom and really
sent the cavalry. Uh well, she said, things sounded pretty serious. Yeah, well,

you know, take a look yourself. Randall came out this
morning to check in his stock and found this. Oh god,
oh my god, Jesus, God, Jesus. Do you think the
smell is bad? Now? I gotta figure out how to
get these guys out of here before the noon sun hits,
or things are gonna get really ugly. Do you know
when this happened. Based on the level of rigor mortis,

I would guess six or so hours ago. But that
would mean are you sure it wasn't more recently, maybe
in the last hour or two. That's pretty unlikely. Um,
definitely would have to be at least four hours ago. Why. Um,
we heard about another potential attack last night a little
after that and thought maybe maybe it was the same animal. Oh,

did you get a look at what it was? No shame.
I'd really like to know what could have done this.
What exactly is the nature of the wounds? Well? Um, yeah,
come over here. Uh, it seems the first and fatal
injury happened here along the neck. That normally when a
predator attacks like that, we'd see teeth marks all around

the animal biting down on its praise throat. And do
you think that there's something out there without a job
big enough to get around a cow's neck. No, See,
that's what's strange. This laceration isn't from teeth, so look
at it. It's clean and long, almost decapitation, which makes

me think, Okay, it's a person, some sort of sicko
who's going around trying to chop the heads off of cows.
A person did this. No, again, there's this big cut here,
but then if you look closely, there's four more lines
running alongside it, one cut on one side of the
main laceration and three on the other. So I thought
maybe somebody has a very sharp, very uneven pitchfork or

some kind of I don't know, penteddont but you know
that feels unlikely, especially when you consider the to the corpses.
Yeah and um and mentioned evisceration. Yep, and you're looking
at it now, so you know. I've seen a lot
of this kind of stuff in my day, wolves getting
a dog's or house cats. Hell, even foxes can do
a number and a rabbit. But this this is something else.

Are those ribs uh huh? Cracked like a walnut? This
is where we do see some teeth marks. Something bit
into the torsoes of the cows and had themselves quite
the midnight snack. It ate the ribs. No, I don't
think that was the goal, but it broke the rib
cage to get to the heart and lungs. You see
eating all the way to the trick. You right, The

lugs are just gone and the hearts took a big
chunk out of two of them. The other two are
completely gone. So what does any of this mean? Well,
if I was going by the evidence alone, I'd say
some kind of predator with five claws sharp enough to
make those cuts on the neck, strong jaw, with sharp canines,

and an appetite for bovine insides? Is there is there
any evidence of more teeth than you'd expect? How do
you mean? Well, if you have to guess what kind
of like teeth pattern you're looking at. Honestly, I did
a residency at the Maryland Zoo for a year, and
if it wasn't for the size of it, this would

look pretty similar to a chimpanzee's jaw, certainly comparable in strength.
Why what what? What? What were you expecting? Um? Doctor?
Do you mind? Would be okay? If I took some
photos so we can show Anne. Yeah, go for it,
as long as you don't sell them to the paper
or anything. I know Randall won't mind. He just wants
to know what happened to his cows. Speaking of which

I should go up to the house and tell him
when I've got so far. Poor man couldn't stand a
look at them very long, Thank you for your time.
Dr Edwards. Sure sure, I just called the office. If
you got any more questions or some answers of your own,
I'll let you know if I'm able to find and
anything else. Thank you, Thank you, This very good of you. Um. Look,

I don't know what interest Anne Becker has in livestock killings,
but if this really is a person, I would certainly
feel better knowing someone's looking into it. If someone did this,
we'll find them. Are you a cop to I'm a
private investigator? And then I worked together a lot. Well,
take your time here. I'll be back after I talked

to Randall to clear the bodies out. How similar is
this to what happened to the horses? It's pretty similar.
I don't remember all the specifics. It feels like it
was two months ago and also forty years ago. Yeah,
but I won't forget what those horses look like anytime soon.
I'm sorry, Dipen. What is that? Is that another one

of those phones you were telling me about, Jeremy, Oh boy? Um? Yeah,
it's a smartphone. You didn't have those smart phones? Yeah?
It can. It calls, but honestly, people don't want to
use them for that anymore. You can send messages, go online.
You can find someone to marry on photos. That little
thing is a camera. It has a camera, yep, and

it can take video to how Why did you ask
about the teeth? Oh? Um, the dog it had three
rows of teeth that we could see. At least we
were kind of in a hurry. Maybe you should go home,
vipp and you have had a long night. No, I
want to be helpful. You are, you are. It doesn't
mean you can't take care of yourself. Okay, you're one

to talk. Hey, I'm fine. If anything, this is is
the most normal thing that I've done in days. I'm
just researching this are happening in the Bridgewater Triangle. I
mean sure in this instance, it's not a stoner who
thought that they were abducted by aliens or someone driving
down the road late at night convinced that they saw
a ghost. It's a little tiny bit more substantial than that. Hey, hey, Jeremy,

it's looking at a bunch of cows who have had
their lungs eaten by something apparently with huge claws and
a jaw strong enough to bite through bone. And I
am here sidebar with my dad who was dead until
twelve hours ago, and he's not looking at a cell
phone like it's a fucking flying car, which I guess

it sort of is. There aren't flying cars, are there? No? Sorry,
Welcome to the shittier version of the future where we
have climate change and no flying cars. But apparently we
have lung eating monsters. But but but silver lining. You
can carry a computer in your pocket, so it's not
all bad. Oh, you know, maybe we should all go home.

Oh no, no, no, no, no no. We have to
investigate a monster attack, Vippen, because that's what we do now.
We are bovine murder detectives. Wait, the cows, what about them? Not? No,
not these ones, the ones in nineteen forty What what
do you mean the cows in nineteen four Alden told
me a few weeks before he got lost, his neighbor's
cows got torn apart. He was just a kid, of course,

so it's not like he saw them, but it was
a big deal in the brohood. I'd forgotten about that.
It feels like he told me so long ago. Who
is a boy who was trapped in the in between
space with my dad? What he's still trapped Jeremy with
god knows what kind of monsters roaming around and there
with him. I thought you said you never actually saw
anything in there, just shadow. But now he's in there
alone with Celeste dead. I don't know what could happen.

We'll figure it out. But what if we're already running
out of time. We're looking at two potential monsters now,
and it's only been eight or so hours since the
veil opened and I came out. What if he's already dead?
We have no reason to believe that. Look, maybe Vippen
is right. Maybe we're all of it. You just got back.
You should be resting arrest when we have a plan

to get Alden. Dad, Dad, Dad? Are you okay? So
I'm fine, I'm fine. Come on, let's get away from
the smell. It's clearly not I can handle some dead animals.
I'm not new to this. Ah, I just haven't had

anything to eat in forty years. Parogies may have been ambusious. Guys,
someone's coming. Ship. It's Haddock, Haddock, Officer Haddock, Captain Haddock.
Now good for him. We should get out. Ship ship
ship ship okay, uh, Dad, you need to get out
of here. I told you, I'm fine, you might recognize you,

but hey, they haven't take my car. Get get back
to Anne's. I'll meet you there. Dad. We cannot explain this,
not right now, Pip. I'll take care of him. I

really appreciate you staying to help Outlive. I don't know
what's happening nowhere. Any of this is going to lead.
But this kid that Amas was with, he seems to
be really important to him. Well, I found him, you did.
It wasn't that hard. Honestly, there are only so many
missing kids stories from nineteen and obviously it was a
pretty big deal. So what does it say? All then,

age seven goes missing one day from his own backyard
and it is never found again. There's a town wide
search for him for weeks but nothing. Christ Yeah, well
we found Ethan Olivia. He's okay, Yeah, yeah, I know.
I'm just I'm happy he's getting out of here. He is.
Dad's taking him to his parents. It's just for a
little while. That's good. It's good. Part of me feels

like I should go with them. Maybe you No, No,
I am in this now, and and someone has to
stick around to tell mom about all of this. Live.
You can't get what tell my mom that her dad
is alively. I'm not keeping this from her, especially not
when she when any of us could still be in danger.

Ethan safe. That doesn't mean whatever tried to take him
isn't going to try and take someone else. Your mom
is not going to get taken. How do you know
there's clearly a pattern here, I'm looking at it. You
think that's what happened aldn Sure seems like it. And
Alden wasn't even in the woods, so this could happen
to anyone. Was his house near Freetown or Ham? He

lived in Rehobeth. There's probably woods there, I guess, and
probably even more in the forties, but nothing to the
extent of Freetown. And he just vanished from his backyard,
no evidence left behind. I mean, the article isn't exactly
the same as a police report. But no, there weren't
any witnesses except his sister. She didn't see anything, but

she heard bells and when she went outside, her brother
was gone. How old was she? So she could have
been making this up? But why would she? And why bills?
There was a sound with the floating lights and home
from Dighton Rock, but I don't remember hearing any bell.

Maybe you couldn't, and maybe it's one of those things
only young people can hear. Well live. We will tell
your mom at some point, but this is all gonna
be so hard to explain that. Well, it's not going
to get any easier the more you wait. And I

can't keep this from her. I don't want to, So
you have to tell her, like extremely soon, or I will. Okay,
I understand. Wait, what what's wrong? I remember reading something
in Vippin's notebook last night. He's got notes upon notes
about every weird thing that's ever happened in Bridgewater and more.

And I think I remember something about bells. Well, what
was it? I don't know, but his notebook is still
in my car. Mr Bradshaw, I thought that was Captain
and Haddock. What are you doing here? I could ask
you the same thing. Dead cows are hardly urgent police business,

are they? Especially not for Captain Randall is the owner,
and he's an old friend. He called me in a
panic this morning, worry that someone's trying to destroy his livelihood.
But it's an animal attack, now, I mean most likely, yeah,
it almost always is. But you know how it is
with favorites. Your friends. Yeah, sure, what about you? Are

you taking a class outside? Uh? No, no, no, I
just I thought it could be some interesting color for
a book that I'm working on about the area. Oh why,
I look forward to reading that. We're friends. Um, those
are just some colleagues who wanted to come along with
they had they had to run off to get to

their classes, which I, uh should also be doing too.
So okay, take care. It's weird stuff in it. Mm
hmm all of this, uh this animal mutilation business, it's weird. Yeah,

it's very strange. I'm surprised An Becker's not with you.
It seems right up her street. I guess she's focused
on other things. Yeah, I must be. I was glad
to hear her grandson have been released from the hospital. Yeah,
me too. Be careful, Mr Bradshaw, excuse me. Becker likes

getting tangled up in all this weird stuff. It doesn't
mean you have to. It might not be good for
a person of your stature. Why are you telling me this.
I have seen a lot of good people fall under
her spell. H She has polluted the healthy skepticism of

more than one officer. Okay, ah, thank you for your concern. Anytime, Randall,
I'll be right there. So long, Mr Bradshaw, take care now,
take care, Randall. Have a couple of questions, of course,

still haven't charged it? Well, I guess I'm walking. We're
almost there. Great. So is it weird being back? No? Yeah, yes,

that's definitely one way to describe it. It's still feels
not quite real. I know what you mean. I mean no, obviously,
I don't. I can't imagine what you've been through, what
it's like to be lost for forty years and then
come back and everything is smartphones, you know. Yeah, it's

good that you had company at least. Well, no, it's
not good that a little boy is trapped in there, obviously,
But you know you weren't alone. That's true. I wasn't alone.
Do you have kids with me? No, I am twenty
five years old. That's the hr I was when I

had Jeremy. Really, yeah, I guess that makes sense. Actually,
you still look. I know I should have expected, and
I watched Olden stay seven for well for a long time.
I'm sorry. That must have been really hard. I guess

stuff just kind of becomes normal after a while. Humans
can be capable of enormous amounts of adaptation. Did Alton adapt?
I mean to be that young? Almost all he's ever known.
He doesn't remember much from his disappearance, just that he
was standing in his backyard and the next moment he
was in the in between. Did all didn't see any

lights or hear any voices? Not not that he remembers.
He remembers there being mushrooms in his backyard, which he
thought was strange. She'd never seen them before. Mushrooms. Yeah,
he didn't eat them, trust me, that was a theory
for a while. Does he remember how they were growing?

What were the mushrooms in bunches or in a line?
Or I think he said, in a circle? Oh my god,
what my god? Of course what what? Of course? We're here?
Come on, wait, phipp him Thomas, you're back, good hip.

Oh my god, I think I figured something else. Okay,
what's got the kids all worked out? I could ask
you the same thing. Okay, there were bells when the
boy in nineteen went missing? Bells? Wait what his sister
heard bells? And I looked in your notebook and well,
I'm not sure I totally get it all, but it's
a farealm. Yes, how there was a circle of mushrooms
in his backyard. That's what the boy, that's what Alden saw,

and that's another sign. Yeah, so that's what we're dealing with,
the fayrealm, like like the actual faarrealm, I think. So
whoa can someone please explained to me what the hell
you two are talking about? The pharrealm, the fairy realm,
the other world, whatever you want to call it. It's
another world us magical supernatural ones separate from ours, but

accessible through portals like fairy rings, like circles of mushrooms.
Though if it really is real, I guess that begs
the question of it. The fairy rings or wormholes is
the pharom in other dimension, Time and spaces have to
be weird in the other world, that's all controlled by
the fake wort and they're very capricious. But that still
doesn't explain how the rings VI focus up kids, right, yeah, focus.

It is where the fairies live, basically, and a whole
other host of supernatural creatures. Jeremy really is the one
who wait, where is Jeremy? Wait? Wait hey hey ah

shit bad luck man? Uh yeah, yeah, life is really
just one thing after another. Sorry, I would have held
it for you if I had seen you. No, that's
all right, it's just it's been one of those mornings,
um or weeks months. Really sorry. Sorry, my weird day

is not your problem. Did you just come from Oakley Farm? Yeah?
I did. That's where I'm headed. Yeah did you? Oh?
Did you see it? See what the cows? How do
you know about the cows? I'm being so weird. I'm
a legend tripper too. It's nice to meet you. I

nice to meet you. I'm I'm actually a professor. Oh,
oh gosh, I'm I just assumed that's that's fine. Uh,
you are a legend tripper. You've heard of the Bridgewater
Triangle of course. Yeah, that's what I teach. Oh, so
you're a cool professor. I'm pretty sure there's no such thing. Well,

then I don't need to explain why animal eviscerations are interesting,
especially here. No, you don't. So your legend tripping involves
going to look at dead farm animals. I know it
sounds a little deranged, but anything's a clue. You never
know what's part of the weird Bridgewater Triangle stuff. So

are you a ghost hunter? I wouldn't say that exactly.
I'm not sure, I believe in ghosts. So what then,
do you think is going around killing livestock? Is it's
a vengeful spirit or look, well, I'm still at the
discovery stage. What about you. I teach a folklore class
and I'm writing a book on the triangle, so this

all just makes very interesting thought her. You know that
didn't answer my question though it didn't. Do you believe
in this stuff? Mmm? I think I'm still at the
discovery stage. Two hm. Well, if you ever want someone
to discover things with, you should look us up. Paranormal

Seekers is the name of the forum. Oh yeah, I'm
familiar you are ye uh. You know, if there's a
website out there that talks about cryptozoology, then I've been
on it. It sounds like you might not hold the
highest opinion of us. In my experience, those kinds of
places are often where urban legends start, which is interesting

in its own way. The stories that people make up
and share can tell us a lot about the role
of folklore and socialization. But it's you know, it's just
it's hardly reliable historical text. Wow, you really are a professor. Hum,
I'm sorry. You know you shouldn't write it off entirely.

There's been a lot of posting from Bridgewater people recently.
Apparently something's been happening here. Yeah, have have you experienced anything?
I just got here, but a bunch of us from
the form have made the pilgrimage over the last few weeks.
So you traveled here for this. There's been a rash
of sightings seemed worth looking into. Hey, you should give

the form another try. I get why you'd want to
write those kind of people off, but they can be
a good source of information, definitely more forthcoming than the gathering.
You know about the gathering. The paranormal seekers are a
pretty well informed group. How do you think I found
out about the cows hate? I don't know how. How

did you question? Okay, I'm just gonna tell you. The
receptionist at the VETS office is a frequent poster. Lots
of folks in Bridgewater keep their eyes and ears open
for anything strange, and some of them don't even make
this stuff up. Wow, it sounds like I need to
find those people. Then, yes, you do, but don't take

too long. Who knows how much time we've got, right? Yeah,
he looks like you're right? Is here? Um? Wait? One second,
there's gonna be an in person meet up soon. Check
it out, Okay, I will um so nice to meet you,

you two, Jeremy. This episode of Bridgewater was written by
Lauren Shippen and directed by Brendan Patrick Hughes Assistant director

Sarah Klein. Sound designed by Vincent the Johnny rema Il Kayali,
Josh Thane, and Trevor Young, with music by Chad Lawson,
starring Misha Collins as Jeremy Bradshaw, Melissa Ponzio as Anne Becker,
Alan Tutick as Thomas Bradshaw, Karen Sony as Vipen Corrana,
Sabra May as Olivia Hoskins, Cheryl Umania as Officer Bautista,

Will Wheaton as Captain Haddock, Tricia Helfer as the Legend Tripper,
Stephen Guarino as Dr Ed words Nandamisu Dumb as Peyton Blake,
Hillary Burton Morgan as Shelley Hoskins, Nicki McCauley as Celeste, Then,
Victoria Grace as Katie Frank's, with additional voice acting by

Greta Gould, Shelby Young, Adam oh Burn, Monty Markham, Charlie Bergman,
and Tern Westbrook. Executive producers Aaron Manky, Misha Collins, Lauren Shippin,
Matt Frederick and Alexander Williams. Supervising producers Josh Thane and
Trevor Young. Bridgewater was created by me Aaron Mankey and

is a production of Grim and Mild and I Heeart
three D Audio. Learn more about the show over at
Grim and Mild dot com, slash Bridgewater and find more
podcasts from I Heart Radio on the I Heart Radio app,
Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows,
and as always, thanks for listening.
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If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.

The Nikki Glaser Podcast

The Nikki Glaser Podcast

Every week comedian and infamous roaster Nikki Glaser provides a fun, fast-paced, and brutally honest look into current pop-culture and her own personal life.

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