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February 21, 2022 49 mins

Adam Grossman, the founder of Papa & Barkley comes on to talk about the importance of a balanced lifestyle for workers and entrepreneurs in the Cannabis Industry.

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
It's now time for Cannabis Talk one oh one with Blue,
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Rocket seeds dot Com. Now on the show today, one
of my all time favorite guys you know is accompanied

by the name of Papa's and Barkley. Papa and Barkley,
and I'll tell you. Adam Grossman, the founder of Papa
and Barkley, is here today with us and I'm expected
to have a fantastic show. He also brought Coop with us.
How are we doing today, sir? I'm doing good, fantastic man.
So look at Coop looking so cool. I love him

so so tell us a little bit about Papa and Barkley. Well,
Papa and Barkley is a medicinal cannabis products company based
here in California, and we focus on topicals and tinctures
where leaders in those categories here in California, and we
UH are a mission based company and our mission is

to unlock the potential of cannabis to improve people's lives,
and we do that with products that we think are
amazing and life changing. You know, I love the way
you say that, because to improve people's lives and it's
a mission and to have those missions and core beliefs
super important, you know for our industry. Yeah, for sure.
I mean cannabis is so aspirational in so many ways,

and we all have experiences that are in the industry
around just life changing aspects of this plant and the
products that come from it, and that's core to what
we do and it really drives UH, It's what could
be more motivating. Sure, Now, you know, you know we
were speaking briefly, um, you know, before he came in.

You know, we're kind of talking about, you know, the
story and how how pop em Barkley came you know,
and and so can you share that with our listeners
because I think it's important that people understand, you know,
like where this comes from and how it you know,
how it was delivered and whatnot. So I appreciated Chris. Yeah,
back in we were looking at the cannabis industry, just

from an entrepreneur's perspective, that's my background. Uh, maybe to
to help companies grow form a small fund. But I
was commuting from New York to Boston to help my
parents who were elderly in needed my help. And my
mom had Alzheimer's And then my dad developed a back
condition spinal stenosis, that left him bedridden, and we put

him in the hospital and he just got worse. And
at the suggestion of a friend, and out of desperation
because none of the pharmaceuticals were working that they got
on the hospital, you know, uh, methodone and tramadal and
nothing's working. So I looked up formulas for a pain
mom online on YouTube, at the suggestion of a friend
who was in California who had seen a bomb, and

and called up a high school buddy and got two
ounces of the best weed I could get, and borrowed
a crock pot from a neighbor and went down the
Whole Foods and got the coconut oil and the other
ingredients and ground up the weed and made a five
in dollar batch in the crock pot overnight. And then
you know, you strain out the plant matter and mixed
up the the formula with bees wax and the essential oils.

And when I put on my dad's back the next day,
I could get him out of bed. So it worked amazingly.
Um over time, he actually got off hospice. It opened
my eyes up to the medicinal potential cannabis. Started giving
out samples of friends and family and and then you know,
when I met my partner, Gee here in California, who
had a background as a grower, an extractor, and and

had a grow house that we could launch out of.
That's when how the business got off the ground, and
we launched in June with the bomb is our first product. Wow.
You know, I'll tell you what. You know, I have
a very similar story, you know, and it didn't I've
heard this story from you before, from somebody, you know,

through the through something and I can't remember exactly where,
but you know, it just resonated very well because my
father died of cancer. And you know, my dad smoked
cannabis his whole life and taught me this industry. You know,
so I'm second generation and my dad was grower. He
it was cannabis and never illegal in my home. But
you know, when you just said that. It kind of
reminded me back. It's like you know, at a desperation,

you know, when you're when you're your family members dying,
you know, and there and and your dad or you
you know, your mom, your sister, your brother, anyone that
you you know, just a friend that you love. It
doesn't matter, you know, the relation is just the love
that you have for that person. And you're you're right,
You'll do whatever you can, you know. And I thought
to myself the same thing. I thought, you know, how,

you know, can I help my father? And I said, oh,
you gotta go on a um, you know this certain
kind of diet, you gotta do this. And mind you
you know, he was already on his way out, you know,
there was just it was on that comfort at this point,
you know, and I'm trying to tell him to eat better,
eat better, do this, do that, and I'm trying to
give him whatever, you know, vice I can. But then
at the end of the day, I'm just like, I
just want you to be comfortable. And you know, he's like,

I'm not gonna take these oxyes, no more. I'm not
gonna take these medicines no more. And I'm like why
And he's like, because I just want I just want cannabis, Like,
just give me cannabis. And I'm just like, dude, like
i can't do that to you right now, because I'm scared.
You know, I was scared, and so I can only imagine,
you know, you're trying to find something to to take
away the pain, you know, at home, and you your

your croc Pott and you know this beautiful brand that
you have now that's you know, nationwide on a CBD
level and on a on a on a you know,
a th HC level, I believe, just in California at
the moment, but but looking to expand and and it's
just like I could resonate so well with that going
through that with my own pause because you know, on
his way out, depositories, um, you know, edibles, you know,

and and to be honest with you, it was a
much better quality of life, much better quality he he
I never seen him walk while he was on opioids
and and all that stuff. He couldn't eat properly. He
was shriveling up. And then all of a sudden, I
was just feeding them all kinds of cannabis. And then
I'm walking around I'm I seen him in the house.
He's a walking. I'm going, what's what you know? I mean,
like is he getting better? And he's like I want
to eat. I'm hungry, and I'm like, you haven't wanted

to eat months, you know. So there was there was
that for me that that like, Okay, this is and
and this is pre cannabis talk one on one, this is,
but yet not pre cannabis in my life. You know,
It's been in my life for a long time. But
but where where I was like, oh god, we gotta
get messages out, like we've got to teach people, and
that that to me, it just resonated well because obviously

you know your story with your family, you know. And
then the dog plays part two, right, yeah, totally. Um
So I had been going back and forth with my dog,
another pit bull, not seventy five pound pit bull, and
he and my dad just connected. We must smell the
same or something, and so he wouldn't leave my dad's side,
and I gave the dog to him, my dad, and

and so that dog would always be next to him,
either on the couch or touching him on the floor,
leaning on his foot, or sleeping in the bed. Under
the covers with him. So he was like this whole
experience that you describe with your dad and like that
end of life support thing. He was there in the
room with the three of us. That was Barkley. Yeah.
So when you know, I started playing with the idea

of actually could this be a real company and a
brand and a product and given away the samples, it
was you know, there's never any question that was going
to be named after those two guys. It was a
simple answer right there on the spot. Huh absolutely, Yeah.
So you know Pop isn't Barkley, you know, And and
and so it started off with the bomb and and
then when when was it? I mean, after you you

started using it on on your father, right, and and
he knew that it was you knew it was helping him.
He was just like, yes, it feels good. And then
and then you know, you'd mentioned something about not getting
the psychoactive effect of cannabis, not getting high, and and
and educating the market to to you know, because you
think you just you know, put in two ounces of
cannabis into a crock pot, you put it on his back,

He's gonna get ripped, right, That's not the case. No,
not at all. And and the key thing that we
were talking about is the fact that you don't get
high from this product makes it kind of unique in
the market as a place to start the conversation with
like another generation. One of the guys in the back
room today that works here at Canvas one on one
was talking about how his mom, you know, her first

experience was in the same manner, right through through the bomb.
Because politically it's you know, it's hard to argue it
takes where your pain but doesn't get you high. So
we talked about that in the context of like having
the first cannabis conversation, UM and bringing people into the
market and from an advocacy advocacy position where you know,
we think it's just really special and then um, when

you start talking about the tinctures, and you know, the
second conversation for us is when somebody comes to us
and says, hey, I'm ready to take ingestible cannabis for
a medical reason. And that's typically because somebody, as you know,
cancer or epileps here and and and so that second
conversation for us is just about like taking CBD the
right way and dozing and just because it's the advice

that we give to anybody star slow, yeah, start slow.
You know. It's funny you said, because you know, I've
had many times in many conversations where people there, you know,
they have the wrong mentor in the in the cannabis space,
meaning that someone's like, yeah, here, try this outible, you know,
and that that mentor just took them from you know,
zero miles an hour two hundred miles an hour, and

they're going, I'll never do it again. I was seeing
stars and I was hallucinating, and and it's like, no,
you had the wrong mentor, like, you know, the wrong
the wrong education platform took you down the wrong path,
you know, and unfortunately, um, that happens some you know,
all too much sometimes when you know, trying new products.
So CBD is a great place to start, you know.

When you say that, and I'm like, that's that's probably
one of the first things that someone to say, Hey,
let's try CBD. Let's get some relief you know, from
there and see it that does first. And there's a
lot of misinformation in the CBD world. But one of
the themes that I always focus on for that second
conversation is just about like taking as a starting point,
taking CBD in sufficient dosage, but every day, like you

have to tight trade at every day six ninety milligrams,
I think at a minimum, and then you take it
for a week and then assess like am I sleeping
better as my you know, yeah, my sports recovery like correct?
And then established that baseline and then that's how you
start the conversation with CBD. Oh Man, thank you Adam

for that. It's Cannabis Talk one and one. When we
come back more with Pappas and Barkley and Adam gross
and the founder at Poppam Barkley. It's Cannabis Talk one
and one. We'll be right back after this break. We'll
be right back with Cannabis Talk one oh one. Welcome

back to Cannabis Talk one oh one. Welcome back to
Cannabis Talk one on one with Blue, Joe Grande, Mark
and Craig Washingon and the Pop Brothers a law as.
They're all missing in action due to injuries or court
appearances or some other crazy thing that's happened this week.
But guys, it's myself here, Mr Blue or Christopher Rant
here with Adam Grossman, the founder of Papa and Barkley.

You can find them at Papa and Barkley dot com
and on Instagram at Papa and Barkley dot com or
Papa at Papa and Barkley right exactly. Yeah. And you
know what, guys, I'll tell you what what time is it?
It's Dimetime, Guys. Dime think higher with Dime Industries. Find
them in California, Arizona, Oklahoma. Dime Industries has been a

leading trusted source for clean and potent medicine using state
of the art hardware, including premium, food grade stainless steel, glass,
ceramic plates, and enhanced battery life. This one thousand milligram
cartridge is an amazing cartridge. Check them out at Dime
Industries dot com or on Instagram at Dime dot industries.

They do have a great product, guys. You should really
check that out. You know. One of the things I
try to do is find, you know, good product lines
and and Dime does have a quality product out there.
Uh you know, so listen, you know, I I really,
I really really really like your story because to me,
I think a lot of people don't realize, um Adam,

that the industry comes from a compassionate place like the
cannabis industry is unique in in you know, and there's
a lot of and I'm all for making money, you know,
and I'm all about making money. I don't have no
problem making money, by the way, but I think there's
a lot of people that come in and grab, you know,
they're looking to grab and and I don't think there's

a problem with that either, as long as you have
a good product, you know, but you have one of
those product lines that that you know, you guys are
doing well. You guys are very well known, but you
have a real story that it starts with that makes
it so compassionate. And then the mess it is that
you continue to deliver. It's powerful, right. It's like every
time I I talked to you guys, or talk about

you guys, or here about you guys, it's always something
in the compassionate realm. And that to me is why
you'll be forever here, do you know what I mean?
Like I look at that and I go, you know,
there's a lot of companies that I've seen come and
go throughout the years and years of being involved in this,
and some of them are you know, have done a
lot of money. They're just like I'm just done, I'm out,

you know, and it's like, okay, cool, good. And then
there's some that are here because and and they're not
going to be here tomorrow. I really believe, you know,
you have one of those brands that are just gonna
be here forever. And and that's huge, you know, it's
like it's it's it's like and I hate to use
this analogy because you know, they're not even close to
the same, you know, but cores Light, bud Light, you know,

or Vodka Tito's or or you know one of these
major Budweiser's you know, your Papa's Papa and Barkley is
a is a staple in the cannabis came community. You know, well,
you know, we we um where we've done well, I
think is here in California, and sometimes you can be
overly California centric. It's it's it's definitely challenging business to

to be profitable in giving all the regulatory costs and everything.
But I appreciate what you're saying about the strength of
the brand and and I really think it it does
come from the mix of having a true mission and
some of the things that we stick to that are
not always the easiest things to do. All the products
that we make we make without chemicals, and they're all

full spectrum products. So like when you cook the oil
and and sorry, cook the cannabis flour in coconut oil
in the crock pot, um they full spectrum of the plant.
If you took a certificate of analysis on on that plant,
the breakdown and percentages of THHC, cbd, CBG the full
spectrum um, and then you took a similar test of

the oil, it's going to reflect those same ratios. So
that we always So that's that the full spectrum concept,
which you understand why so none of that, yeah, but
none of that, none of the you don't do any um,
you know, broad spectrum at all. Know, everything we do
is full spectrum, solvent less. And I want to ask
you this, and I'm trying to find the right words
because you know, I've heard you know sometimes broad spectrum

is snake oils or you know, do you believe that
or do you think that just it's just a different uh,
you know, different layout. You know, it's just look, I
think that there's there's benefits in different formulations, and it's
it's highly variable. But in terms of philosophy, for us,
it's sort of what you introduced when you have um

broad spectrum or isolate is a process that's more akin
to like the pharmaceutical industry where you're isolating an individual
molecule or the th HC or the CBD. What we're
doing is more kint to plant medicine and the rteasanal
methods to just take this amazing medicinal plant, keep it
intact and then transferred into products. So if you think

about when you cook it into the oil, since the
it's lipid based, sticky waxy, it's an oil, so it
binds to the molecules and the oil and then it's
melted intogether. It's a little different than you isolate the
powdered version of the medicine and then mix it into
a cream that's going to give you a different results.
So for us, that's where it's real where some of
the more traditional methods are teasonal methods and mechanical methods

have preserved the integrity of the plant. That's why we
think we make better products. Wow. Yeah, that's awesome, dude.
And you know I've actually, um, you know, used some
of the product in years ago, and it's he has
the formula change there. Has it always been the same? No?
The you know, when I first met Ge, my partner,

and we started looking at at making the bomb at
scale as our first product, he heat his background as
a sophisticated grower and formulator, was doing he was doing
BHO extra actions in the in the shed behind the house,
and and we were filling carts, etcetera. But we tried
to make the bomb with an isolate or or even

a BHO extract, and it just wasn't the same. There's
notion that resonated with me about the bomb is green.
It's got plant matter in there, and this whole I
visualized that rubbing it on my dad, who you know,
and the whole plant would absorb into his body. And
then but it was green. It was like, yeah, yeah,
it's like what's going on. It's got to be green.

So when he made us like that, it's just not
the same. It's this whole integrated kind of product. And
then this is a little trippy, but like I would,
I would cut my dad's hair outside and he was
big in the garden and into composting. So this is
a little weird. Um so i'd like compost his hair
and stuff, and then we'd plant the weed in the
garden and then dry it downstairs in the basement and

then cook it up in the in the crop pot
because you know, I still have my lab at home,
and so like the kind of the molecules would go
through the cycle right back into him kind of if
you think about it. And and that sort of was
the essence of this like plant medicine thing that spoke
to me. Well, you know, it's it's only it's weird,
I guess too. You know, if you think of it

like from somebody else, if it's like, oh, it's but
it's for him, it's like, oh, it's beautiful, like you know,
and I see how that actually in your mind it
might be like this might actually work better, do you
know what I'm saying, Like might actually work well? And
if you just think about your whole experience with your
your dad and like you're you're helping him off this planet, right,
and sort of this notion of our own mortality that

was implicit in that relationship was part of that same
like you know, cycle of life conversation. Yeah, when you
said helping him off the planet, man, you know, I'll
tell you, Uh, that's tough because it's it's so real,
you know what I mean. It's like, you know, a
lot of people don't understand when when when when our
elders are passing, you know, unless you've really watched them go,

you know. Um. And I learned this in the hospital,
is that there's something called comfort care, you know. And
when you get down the comfort care and you're letting
your your your family member go, You're like, damn, like
this is what comfort cares, you know what I mean. Like,
I've never even heard of the comfort care of the
term until I was laid my dad to rest and
I was sleeping on the you know, the Veterans hospital

here in Long Beach, you know, on the floor, and um,
you know, they're like you gotta go home, and I'm like,
I don't think so like you gotta go home. I'm like, nah,
I think I'm cool with my brother. And I looked
at the doctor were like, yo, bro, like our dad's
gonna die to night and he's like, no, you know,
he'll be fine. I'm like, we're not leaving, bro, you know.
We're like looking at him like we're not going you know,

and it was it was like god, you know. And
then he passed at night, you know, and the doctor
was like he you know, I thought we were gonna
have to do with security, but we just literally like
we we didn't even leave. We we we got right
there and we just cuddled up on the floor and
just laid down there, no blankets. That just right because
we knew like he didn't. It was the only day

that he wasn't at at all responsive, like not even
a twitch. It was like, you know, like you know,
we don't see him, you know, and it was just
so hard and it was just like damn, and we're
trying to keep him comfortable. That's why he's like this.
And I'm like, yeah, but my dad, like I you know,
my dad was a fighter. Like he'd always every day
give us some kind of a you know, a little
like a move, you know, like oh, you're you're still kicking,

you could hear us, okay, cool, He'd give us something,
you know, and then that day he couldn't give us anything.
It was like, damn, Okay, you know, I think he
might be dying tonight, so let's just stay here, because
you know, it was hard to stay there every day,
you know what I mean, like every night, you know,
all night, you know, every day, but we'd be there
every day after work or in the mornings, you know.
And and finally, like I said, that last day, as

my brother and I just kind of knew and he
wasn't expected to die for another two days or something
according to the doctor, but you know, and we were
both like, no, he's gonna he's gonna pass And we
just laid there on the floor that night, and uh,
that was his last night. But that's learning about that
comfort care and understanding that what these products can do
for people is truly you know. One of the reasons

I believe so heartily is being in the cannabis industries
because we're doing something that that you know, not everybody
understands because for so many years it's been demonized, you know,
and and and probably right in some way, rightfully so
because how it was used, right it was used for
you know, party celebration sometimes and maybe not for all

the right purposes. But at the same time, you know,
while others may see that's party and celebration, we see
it as rituals and meditation, you know, And that's where
it's like that party and celebration to you maybe my
ritual and meditation, meditating, you know what I mean versus
just like us here we're gonna have shots or we're
gonna do this. You know, other people will use cannabis

for those things. So, uh, this brand is is a
solid brand. Guys out there, if you're if you're you know,
looking to get quality CBD or th HC man, make
sure you check out Pop and Barkley. They do have
a superior product out there. And is there anything that we,
you know, didn't cover that you that you do want
to cover at the moment. Well, first of all, I

want to thank you for We're not gone yet, We're
not leaving. I'm not cutting you out. I got a
whole another segment with you, but just just just to
let you know, don't but but anything else like right
now that yeah, Well, I did want to thank you
for sharing that story and in that experience that you
had with your brother that was powerful, intense and in
terms of other stuff for us, I mean, I mean

I would tell you about that we're based up in Eureka,
which is uh the center of Humble County, and we
work with the farmers up there and that's part of
who we are as well, trying to support the community
and access the best sung grown flower that that we
can get to make these products. But not any cool
farm you want to shout out, where do you get?
Do you have your own farmer? No, well, I would

shout out Alp and Glow Farms. Craig Johnson is an
amazing grower who I respect a lot and is doing
all sorts of interesting things up there. Mike Egan who
is not only annabis farmer but as a mushroom farmer,
and those guys are together doing some interesting things with
my cilium injection. Hey Bale is creating soil medium cannabis

plants and something we gotta gets pollination ship and whatnot.
So uh yeah, shout out to those guys for sure.
Emerald Queen Farms as well. Fantastic. Well listen, guys, it's
Cannabis Talk one. When when we come back, we're gonna
do the high five with Adam of Papas and Barcley's
It's Cannabis Talk one on one. We'll be right back
after this break. We'll be right back with Cannabis Talk

one oh one. Welcome back to Cannabis Talk one oh one,
Welcome back to Cannabis Talk one on one with Blue Joe,
Gardy Mark and Craig Washingman, the Pop Brothers, Law and guys.

Let me tell you it's about the bud Tenders Awards
going down G four Live May eleven through fourteenth and up.
Special about bud Tenders Awards and G four Live is that,
you know, it brings the bud tenders and the buyers
and the sellers to a convention where they could all
uniquely be involved. And and they're doing it here at

the Resourt's World in Las Vegas, Nevada. Um and again
that's they May eleventh through the fourteenth this year at
Resorts world Snoop Dogg and Travis Barker will be performing
live at some great entertainment acts. It will be a
lot of fun to be there. But more most importantly,
I think it's it's it's one of those things that, like,
you know, I think there's like a two thousand bud

tenders going to be there from all the different companies.
And if you're a bud tender, you can, um, you know,
get free tickets online. All you gotta do is register,
telling what company you're with and register and you can
also be nominated to be the bud Tender of the Year.
And uh, it's kind of uh, you know, one of
those thankless jobs is that like a lot of our education,
you know, I'm sure you have to go in and

educate a lot of these blud tenders too, you know,
try and teach them about your product and and get
them involved. And those are things that are you know,
in my opinion, they're super important because if they don't
know your product, you know, and and they're trying to
sell it, it's like, oh ship, you know. I mean,
like for sure it's a little more complicated for us too,
and we're like all these different tinctures in different ratios

as opposed to like you know, pre roll or something. Well,
let's talk about some of those product lines. How many
different lines do you have, and let's go down the list. Cool,
I appreciate it. Um. Well, our core product line is
the relief product line, and those are there our topicals
and tinctures that are solving problems. So for pain was
our first indication with the pain bomb, transnormal patches and

the oils and lotions, and then the tinctures are in
a variety of uh, their sublingual obviously put it under
your tongue or in some food, and so there we
have a variety of ratios. We haven't one to one
A and that's really if you're taking if if you
treating a serious indication like epilepsy or something, you would

as we talked about before, you titrate the CBD at
a really high level, and then you have to mix
in th HC and the th h C A is
less psychoactive. So people in California that are treating serious
diseases are using that, and then you know, we layer
in um. Some of the other ratios, like are one
to three because you need the th HC. It's really

it's plant medicine. So it's really a journey. Depends on
so many factors, what your condition is and how much way,
how much how much water you took today, how much
intake you know, how much food intake? Right, Yeah, which
is why, by the way, you were saying before, you
need to educate the bud tenders because it's complicated and
it's real medicine. We're trying to you know, advance here.
You know, it's funny because I think it's you know,

for me you know, like I know myself right, But
some of us when I say, you know, like I
know myself, like what you know? Who are you? And
just like, oh, I'm Chris right, you know blue, And
it's like no, man, like who really are you? Right?
Like how much you know? Do you know about yourself?
And you really you know, identify as versus being like
I'm a person like I'm Chris right, or I'm this person,

but like who are you? Like right behind the cameras
or you know, put the cameras down, put the the
the job down. When you get in your car and
you're by yourself, you know, like who is that person?
You know? And and a lot of us, you know,
when when trying to find that person you know, I
think that you know, understanding these medicines can can truly

take you into a place that that could allow you
to to understand who that is. Because sometimes you'll smoke
a joint and you'll just or or you'll put something
take an edible, you'll just be like, man, I'm in
a different zone right now, Like my body, my mind
is just somewhere else completely and I'm not worried about
all the other ship that's going on. In my life

because you know, you have to ultimately worry about you,
you know what I mean, and your your you know,
your mental state, your physical state, you know your you know,
your your diet, all these things that come into play.
And you know, I think that when people start to,
you know, get involved in the cannabis industry, they don't
realize that your diet has a big, a big part

of it. You know, like your diet has such a
huge part of you know, who you are? You know
you are who you you what you eat, right, We've
all heard that. And you know, if we eat a
lot of junk food typically then we enjoy that. And
you know, but that could affect how you dose, you know,
Papa's and Barkley product today. You know, yeah, I think

what I agree with what you're saying, which is, let's
a holistic approach, so you know, changing your perspective with
the right dosage of cannabis because all of us that
are smoking or taking cannabis in different forms every day
that you know, we're doing it not to not to
just be high, right, but to be in a different place,
to have a different perspective. And then you know how

that impacts the way you look at yourself the way
you then how much you're exercising and eating right to
treat yourself and treat others. And I hear what you're saying,
So so go through some of the product lines. I mean,
let's go. Sorry, I got off track on that which
I did to me. I was driving into like so yeah,
so topicals and tinctures, and then we just came out
in that same first line, the relief line, with a

suite of sleep products, so sleep tincture, Sleep chocolate capsules,
um and and I Sleep on Me, which is like
my favorite new product we have. Did you bring some
of those? Um? No? I did not did not bring that.
Did you bring any sleep? Yes? I brought. I brought
one of the sleep products. I'm horrible sleep. Okay, well

I don't drink. I don't sleep. I mean it's horrible.
And then unless and then what I stopped doing. I
stopped drinking. I started Okay, I'm gonna get a five
am and I gotta be at five am. And then
I'm you know, what do I do with myself at
five am? Right? You know? What do you do? You know?
I'm like, why are you up? I don't I don't
know I'm gonna follow up with all four of those

sleep products because to the point we're making earlier, there's
like so many variables. The way to do it is like,
you know, keep a log, and because you have to
dial in what the right dosages. Take two gummies for instance,
it's like, oh, I'm too groggy in the morning, or
one didn't happen off then, you know which I hate
that too. That's the thing. So I don't you know,
I'll take melotoniin and sometimes and what when when I
The problem with me is I take it like at

one in the freaking morning, because I'm like, dude, I
can't leave, you know, I'm all wrestless, and I'm taking
it at one in the morning, like fuck it, I'm
gonna take whatever it takes. I'm taking I'm digging through
the ashtray hoping to have a good day at one am,
you know what I mean, instead of doing it at
nine or ten when I wanted to go to bed,
because I'll go to bed at nine or ten and
I'm going, you know, and I was up at five
and I'm like I should be ready to go to bed,
and I can't find that you know that medicine that

puts me to bed. And it's not that I can't
find it, it's that I get I get weird about
taking the wrong ship, you know what I mean, Like
I get weird about taking like a night quill to
go to bed, even though I'm not sick. You know,
I'm sure there's some night will bow. You know. Well,
this is the CBN, right, So it's just another cannabinoid
that that that makes you sleepy. And I'll I'll send

you those four products would be great, man. I'll buy
them too, by the way, And what are the what
are the plot lines? So we we have a new
product line coming out called PMB Kitchen and that's going
to house our other edibles that are more of the recreational.
So we have some chocolates here that are filled bites
that are delicious and um. We also have a line

called Pappa Select, which is a concentrates line, and that's
pure bubble hash ice water, bubble Hash fresh frozen and
that's like so you dab that, Um, that's a baby yeah?
And is that is that straight TC? That's like straight
knock you down. Yeah. So it's pretty wild the way
that they make that products. So we go to the

farms and we're buying the highest quality best know, most
TC rich flowers. They yield the best and then we
they we freeze it right away, bring it back to
the factory and you put it into ice water and
basically stir it with a paddle and it breaks off
the tri comes which are all the THHC and the
water terms like a cream colored and you pour it

through these different um bags they're lined with different filters
of micron levels, and basically press that so nothing touches it.
It's just fresh um, the best quality cannabis. So it's
the most uphoric high, it's pure, and it's it's it's medicine.
Yeah yeah, I mean I'm sure that that probably gets you, like,
i mean, just yeah, that's that's not for the faint

of heart that you know. It's we won the that product,
swept Um and these are anonymous swept the Emerald Cup
the last two years. Swept Speaking the Emerald Cup, it's
coming up pretty soon. Did you hear about that? Yeah, yeah,
you're coming out of course. Yeah, yeah, good good guys.
Um you know what was his name? Where the owner

was here two days ago? Anthony Ors of the I
thought you're gonna say French you can only use sadly, No, no,
we know we we heard about yeah French, I did
hear about that, and legend in the industry. Yeah, but
his partner was I believe here. Oh yeah, I forgot
his partner's name, but I don't know his partners. Yeah,
I forgot shut out the Emerald cup, you know. But

you know, um, you know any other product lines that
that we're looking at here, I mean that we missed. No, no, um.
So it's it's oils and and the tinctures and the
new edibles line primarily. But yeah, we also have a
CBD line that's sold nationally and online and those are
all um same full spectrum products. In fact, the top

selling tincture that we have in California is our thirty
to one that's the same as our national tincture. It's
a full spectrum product. It's just under the threshold like
point three percent THHC, but it is still from the
full spectrum, full spectrum, completely full spectrum and then just
brought down to the three percent's right. Yeah, and and
so so you know broad spectrum, I mean, what is that?

What is that? So broad spectrum is basically taking an
I slate but then putting reintroducing um other cannabinoids and
turpenes to recreate a full spectrum. But it's it's reconstituted,
and that allows you to kind of manage it to
whatever ratios that you want. So what we're doing is
sort of whatever is yeah, and and I mean they

are too, they're just processing it differently. And and that's
a big differentiating factor because I think probably of UM,
it's not quite as natural. It's not. It's the pharma approach,
and it's sort of more industrial, maybe better margins on
the production, is easier to make easier to make money. Yeah,
you're like, you want to make a little more money, Okay, whoop,
here you go exactly and take away the good stuff. Whoop,

here you go. And that's the fight that you fight.
And when we talk about like what an authentic brand is,
and that's some of the fights I've had to fight,
is like not losing your principles around stuff like how
you make your products. Well, that's that's what I was
going into again from from the start when we were
discussing this, Like a lot of people come in and
and they're just here for the money there, And that's okay.
Like I'm not mad at that, you know what I'm saying,
like get yours, you know what I mean, all means.

But I think what's what makes you guys, you know,
stand out there is that you guys have always stayed
behind your core values, and your core values being that Look,
we're here for popping Barkley. This is how it was built.
This is how it's going to continue. This is going
to be our legacy. This is not you know, hey,
you know, because we can make you know, a hundred
times more because we're gonna make it a broad spectrum.

It's and and like I said, you know, I have
family members that have broad spectrum products out there. Like
I'm not mad at that. Like I'm just saying, you've
kept your roots to what you do because the quality
has to be the quality that you know works, you know,
and not that that none of those other qualities don't work.
By the way, because I've heard, you know, I've gave

my dogs broad spectrum and they love it. I mean
it helps him out of pain all the time, you know,
So there's plenty of value in those products. We just
have our path and and you're right. It's you know,
it's it's personal. It's my dad's picture on the box
and everything, and so it reflects I love that. But yeah,
I love that picture. It's the family. That's the family. Man.
I'm glad to hear too, because you and I have
something to common. They are both our parents. I don't

know your is your daddy at all involved the cannabis
industry and he just got to use it at the end. Yeah, yeah,
this was that. His legacy is this company. That's fantastic. Man.
Well listen to this, guys. It's my favorite part of
the show. It's called the High five. Right, are you ready?
I'm ready? All right, So we're gonna ask you five questions. Alright,
how old were you the first time you smoked? And

where did you get it from? The first time I
smoked was at a bar Mitzvah. I was thirteen and
it was behind the temple with Larry Cole. No way,
but I thought you, I thought, well, hey, but the
temple though, I was thinking I was thinking about the
temple that you said you were thinking Larry. I was

thinking you spoken behind the temple. I was about to die.
What kind of temple? Was this You just stand at
Jewish temple north Shore of Boston called marble Head. Who
is Larry? Uh? Larry? You know I was. I had
a funny reunion story with with Larry years later. But
you know, Larry is a kid from town that Larry
is a white boy kind of acting funny. It's a

fun song. By the way. That was yeah, yeah, that was.
That was sir. Mix a Lotty had a great record.
It was just it was. I gotta let you hear.
Question number two of the High five what is your
favorite way to use cannabis? Well, I'm pretty old school.
I do like to smoke the flower from a nice
clean glass pipe. Um. But I also like tinctures. That

one to three tincture we talked about earlier. In my coffee.
It's kind of a little nice bulletproof coffee, A little
morning a little morning shot with the MC team. Now,
do you do you find yourself sometimes a little to
medicated because the morning meaning like you have a cup
of coffee and you put the one to three and
and and because maybe you don't eat as much the
night before, or do you just know that sure, it's

all about dosing, right, so you know you Yeah, you
just need to kind of dial in what's what's good
for you. And it's pretty subtle because it's if you're
drinking with your coffee as opposed to even putting it
under your tongue, and it goes through your digestive system,
so it's a little bit different. It's so wild how
the same product if you put it under your tongue
can even get your onset time, how it hits you,

and so many varias and again it's it's it's you know,
mixed in a twelve ounce or ten ounce or eight
ounce glass versus you know, just straight to the neck,
you know what I I mean. Illustrated You're like boom, okay,
you know that just hit me. Whereas you put it
in the eight ounces, it's like, okay, this is gonna
take some time to go down. Question number three of
the high five craziest place you've ever used or smoked cannabis,

I would have to say in the my thing is
adventure travel in South America has been taking a lot
of fun trips to the Amazon, and um so I
would say smoking in the jungle in the Amazon is
the craziest place that I where What was that? Like?
What tell me about the Amazon, what's going on over there. So, Uh,

I have a good friend from Ecuador who runs an
adventure travel company with his brother, and he takes people
on their trip of a lifetime every you know, every month,
and so I want to go on a lot of
trips with him. I've been on a lot of trips
with him, and uh, so we took this one trip. Uh,
this is the craziest canvas story. So he's a class
five kayaker. So we went with his buddy Aldo, who's

a real outdoor guy too, and we went up north
from Quito up into this Esmeralda's province and basically you
go until the road kind of runs out and all
you see up there, you know, his jungle. And we
brought sea kayaks and then put in there with food
to go down river because it eventually like spills you out.
So just kayaking, I mean you drug the kayaks up

the hill or we drove him in until the end
of the road. Basically put in and this like very
small river and then you go through a series of
rivers down stream and ultimately dumps out into the Pacific.
It's a sixth day track six and I and I was.
I was in the like pre pupp and Barkley taking
care of my parents mode, and had my little devices
at home in the lab and everything, and had the

magic butter machine and and so spun up this like
liquid that I brought down there, and so we drank
it in the morning, and Alfredo was a pretty rowdy guy,
and so I was like, dude, it's strong to be careful.
And so here we are in the middle of it,
I mean literally the middle of the junk of all
you see, you know, is made which I feel like
I'm gonna die when I'm in the middle of the

jungle by the way to it. I I've been out
in the middle of the jungle. And you don't feel safe, dude,
Like I'm like, you know, like you know, you start
getting deep and you're like, bro, I'm deep, Like this
is deep, Like this isn't normal, you know what I mean,
Like I don't feel safe. That's part of a diet. Yeah.

So anyhow, I look back at him later on and
and his like eyes are rolling back. He gets so wasted,
and so he in the and like it starts raining.
It's getting friend had gone down street. He's like, man,
you know I'm I'm like, we're gonna die here. Yeah,

there's a whole story. That was my craziest cannabis story. Dude.
I just gotta go back into this for one more
second because it was deep in my mind. Man, I'm
sitting there. I was in Puerto Rico, and you know,
I was with my family. I'm from Puerto Rico, and
I went out there to see my my family out there.
I mean, I'm from l A from the United States
first of all, but but my my roots are from

Puerto Rico. So I went back there to go see him,
and and uh, They're like, yeah, let's go through this.
And I'm walking through this jungle man, and they kept
taking me through this juggle and that I was like, damn,
they're gonna kill me out here, Like I felt like
I was gonna die. I didn't trust anybody. And then
they're they're like, let's smoke some weed. You know, you're
in the you know, they're you know, calling me Mr
you know, Cannabis and ship because they know I'm in
the game. So now they're smoking me out there. And

then they started dancing, you know, and they're dancing and
I'm like, what are you doing and they're taking off
their shirts and there and they're like dancing, and all
of a Suddens just starts pouring rain. And they knew
it was gonna rain right there, and it was like,
we're doing a rain dance, like you gotta dance with us,
and I'm like, rain dance, like and they're dancing, you
know what I mean? And I was like, what are
you guys doing there? Like rain dance? And as soon

as you said rain dance, it's just fucking started pouring rain, dude,
And I'm like, what the fuck? You know it's raining
now and I'm stuck in there. And then he's like,
they're taking me to this cliff, you know, and it's
pouring rain, dude, it's poorn rain. And there's there's there's
a there's a rope you know that that that goes
down this thing. And I'm like, what's that? You know

what I'm saying that like we gotta climb down the rope.
And I'm like, I'm not climbing down this cliff right here, dude,
Like what are you talking about? Bro? Like I don't
climb cliffs and just climb. He's like, no, it'll be fine.
You know, come here, and they're like leaning on the things,
showing me how to do it, and I'm like, no way,
you know. And they took me through this thing, man,
I and I had to climb down. I had no choice.
I'm like, I'm not going back this way, you know,

I'm not going by myself. And they're climbing down and
and you know they were they were like under eat me,
acting like they're gonna catch me and ship and I'm
like you're gonna catch me real, like I'm gonna fall
right through you. And this guy's like he's like half
my size, dude, You've got scars all over his bodies,
my cousin from luck in Puerto Rico. And I'm going, no, dude,
you're not gonna heats, Like come on, you're good at me.
Oh come on. I'm like I'm over here shaking like okay,

you know, I'm like like, wrap your leg around it,
just in case you fall. And I'm like what you
know what I mean, like in case like fall, yeah,
I'll break your phone. And then and then they got
me onto a zip line dude, and they did this
whole thing. I mean, it was the Jungle's not like dude.
I mean if I had a machine gun or something
or a gun on me, I would have felt way safer.
But dude, the jungle, dude. And when you get out

there and you realize, like during the day you're like walking,
You're like, oh, and then you're like six hours into
and all of a sudden it gets dark. You're like, oh, ship,
Like what am I doing back here? And it's like
I'm six hours back? Like you know when you start
really because at first it's all cool and ship that
they all said here like whoa, I'm I'm I'm alone,
Like I'm scared. This is why you need the right guide.
Oh bad, they were. They were having fun with me, dude,

they do. I was scared too. My brother was scared.
They got my brother was there too, because I think
I would have panicked detected ship. But question number four,
the High five with Papas and Barkley Man, Adam has
been great having you on the show. What is your
go to munchy after you get high. I'm a chocolate guy,
so it would have to be you know those little
uh Mini Reese's cups. Trader, Yeah, oh yeah, the sugar

free ones are the Actually, he said no, not the saree,
he said, traded Joe's went for the sugar with me. No, dude,
I hate sugar free ship, but I'll eat it once
in a while because those though there's they're the sugar
free ones, are actually pretty decent. For the Yeah, for them,
I mean it's one of the only ones that I
will eat that sugar free That didn't mean no, no, yeah,

it's I mean, it's worth trying to, you know, I
mean the little you know, the Reese's cups, get the
Reese's cups, the actual sugar free ones that they're not bad,
I mean, And I'm not a fan of sugar free stuff.
You know. When I'm on keto and I'm looking now
for my weight, you know, I I go for those ones.
So all right, so those are yours? Right? Okay? Question
number five of the high five what if you could

smoke cannabis with anyone dead or alive, who would it
be and why? So? Because I've hoped that it it
comes true, I'm gonna go within a live person. And
we were talking before about mushrooms, and I'm fascinated by
the crossover between medicinal mushrooms and medicinal cannabis, and so

I would love to smoke with paulse Dammits, who is
the I don't know if you guys saw The Fantastic
Fun Guy. Is this amazing documentary on Netflix which talks
about fantastic fun Fun Guy. Oh oh yeah, and um yeah,
So it's kind of like this life changing documentary that
goes from you know, the importance of fungal networks in

the old growth forests to psilocybin and medicinal use of
mushrooms and can reducing mushrooms and so yeah, so I
would love to get high with Paul Stamit's and talk
about mushrooms and we'd love it. I love it. I'm
gonna have to check that out. Yeah, it's fantastic fun guy.
You know, real quick, I mean, I don't want to
dive too far into this because this is a whole

another show and we'll literally you and I could go
on for hours. I could tell we'll have a good time.
But the fun dice, you know, psilocybin's you know, what
are your thoughts? I mean, on a quick recap again,
you know, we we got to focus on on your
company and what we're here for. But do you see
UM a massive future in it. Do you see it

becoming fully legalized or as legalized? How about AS legalizes
cannabis because we're not fully legalized, right, but AS legalizes cannabis,
And then you know, do you believe it's also medicinal.
It's definitely medicinal, for sure. It's medicinal and amazing UM.
And I think there's an entire world out there of
of UM, you know, ranging from the therapeutic uses for

or depression and anxiety UM to cancer and so yeah.
I think the whole world of mushrooms and and UM.
Even more broadly, like hallucinogenics that work they're doing with
ketamine and some of the street drugs I think is
super important, UM in terms of like the timing of
the whole money making part of it. I mean, you

see all these funds that are popping up now, and
a lot of people interested in the commercial side. I
think there's some significant like delivery lessons and impediments that
you could probably look at the cannabis market and say,
like there's some serious hurdles there to like the commercialization partect.
I don't know, I'm not really that interested in the
commercialization part. But the research part and uh yeah, and

the plant medicine part is super exciting. Man. Anything else
before we let you get on out of here, you
want to just you know mention. Uh no, I mean
just really appreciated the chance to get to know you guys,
and and you get to know you personally, and you
know some your stories and yeah, just to be able
to have the conversation. I really enjoyed it. Well, we'll listen, guys.
Check them out at papas in Barkley dot com. You know, Adam,

you great. Just love hearing your story. You're you know,
you're always welcome here. We appreciate you, you know, sincerely,
and it's Cannabis Talk one on one. Guys. Remember this.
If no one else loves you, we do. Thank you
for listening to Cannabis Talk one on one on the
I Heart Radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get
your podcasts.
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