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April 11, 2024 67 mins

We’re back with Season 2, Episode 57 of Club 520 where Jeff Teague and the guys discuss LeBron James’ legacy after entering the NBA with INSANE expectations. After becoming the face of the NBA at 18 years old with the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron has handled being a superstar better than anyone can imagine during his years with the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers, and is truly a GOAT. The guys then discuss Caitlin Clark’s stardom despite falling short to South Carolina in the national championship, Coach Calipari leaving Kentucky for Arkansas, and the beef between J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

00:00 - Introduction
02:17 - Best Jordans to hoop in and Best Js to wear
07:30 - Meek Mill and Wale beef
14:20 - J. Cole apologizing for Kendrick diss
21:00 - Lamborghini with the Honda doors
23:30 - Challenge videos + Sexyy Red
27:00 - Air mattresses
31:40 - Outta pocket household situation
33:50 - John Calipari hired by Arkansas
44:30 - Old players HATING on Caitlin Clark
50:50 - Dawn Staley + South Carolina championship
57:05 - LeBron James overcoming the odds

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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:06):
All right, we're back another episode of Club five twenty podcasts.

Speaker 2 (00:09):
I'm the host.

Speaker 1 (00:10):
My name is DJ Well, same gang with me to
my left, my dog. It should be here out the pearles.
How you are nasty, cool and nasty list spot.

Speaker 2 (00:17):
What's up? Man? What you what you're doing over there? Man?

Speaker 3 (00:19):
That's Hennis? It good today?

Speaker 1 (00:21):
My dog young Nacho, young team? Are you a man?
Chill was about a dop for show for show. Uh
see sevens. I'm in my seven mold right now. I'm
gonna wear sevens for a little bit because ship.

Speaker 2 (00:32):
Why not?

Speaker 1 (00:34):
Damn thems Denver one of the hardest sevens that DNP pack. Yeah,
we're the craziest sevens. I fuck with the og Raptors too.
The all black ones is tough.

Speaker 3 (00:43):
It's definitely hard.

Speaker 4 (00:43):
Before we got on the show, he was having debate
by our favorite seven. I don't know what you said,
George wash Me. I I'm funck with the Olympic sevens.

Speaker 2 (00:51):

Speaker 3 (00:52):
I'm the ghetto with the black and rial. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (00:55):
I know my shoes citrus alright, yeah, and I'm gonna
fuck with the the Bordos. You know.

Speaker 1 (01:00):
It's crazy, Like Mike was really busting like Claude Dridge
last them shoes, but they don't really talk about them
that much.

Speaker 4 (01:06):
Nah, he really hooped a nigga, That's what the problem is. Like,
I love the shoes that Jordan played in. I love those,
like the other ship that people be wearing that he
ain't ever hooped in, like.

Speaker 2 (01:17):
Lightning fours and shit under all them.

Speaker 1 (01:19):
I'll be like, it'd be kind of weird because it's like,
I guess it's kind of like the same reason why
like Lebron shoes don't always get the same is because yeah,
he had the fire colorways and shit, and we saw
that ship when it drop, but like he didn't have
a lot of moments in all them shoes. Yeah, Jordan
was really killing niggas in them shoes, Like the Infrared
six is one of my favorites because he got the
first ship and he was murdering niggas in there.

Speaker 3 (01:39):
So I got a question, it's sir, what's the best
Jordan hoopings? Part one? Part two is what's the best
Jordan put an outfit on?

Speaker 2 (01:47):
What? So?

Speaker 3 (01:48):
Part one is the if you gonna hoop, what's that you.

Speaker 2 (01:51):
Putting for me? It's a tense.

Speaker 3 (01:54):
That's fair.

Speaker 1 (01:55):
Yeah, I was gonna say I didn't have a ship.
Ten has to be it them unless it's the low tops.
I fuck with the low top. I e elevens. Them
kind of get a little jiggy, but the tins is
perfect cushion and the bitches a little bit soft around
the ankles.

Speaker 4 (02:08):
Yeah, yeah, fuck with the tints. I was a fourteen
nigga to hoopingt you're.

Speaker 2 (02:13):
Talking real black. You're a real big man.

Speaker 3 (02:15):
Your toes is black black bro fourteen and seventeen.

Speaker 2 (02:21):
You get you can oopen age two, be fast.

Speaker 4 (02:25):
I love hooping the eight when he hit the shoulder
shrugg when he had them eighteen.

Speaker 3 (02:28):
I hoped the eighteen, the black and the black and
red fourteen was my it's my go to the shoes.

Speaker 2 (02:33):
All through high school, the most out of parking Jordan
I hooped in was.

Speaker 3 (02:36):
The fiftiees because I was a part forward. I had
a black black pair of barkles.

Speaker 2 (02:42):
You number three second column. I hoped in barkleys. Yeah, fifteen,
you should not have no toes.

Speaker 4 (02:49):
I know I would never take my socks off. I
hooped in fifteens. I hoped him some black and white
and gold with the graffit laser. Yeah, the laser joints.

Speaker 2 (02:57):
I hoped in college.

Speaker 3 (02:58):
My walkers are still fee together.

Speaker 4 (03:00):
Toads fucked up from fteen. I don't know why I
did that n C State tune. We lost damn bad time.

Speaker 3 (03:06):
I should look like I'm fresh out of a baby crib.

Speaker 2 (03:08):
I'm good.

Speaker 3 (03:11):
What's the best one to put a fit on?

Speaker 2 (03:12):
What though? Ones? Oh?

Speaker 3 (03:17):
A fit fit? The one light ship? Were going out?
Nigga about to put your four? You can only wear
a j.

Speaker 2 (03:23):
Four or six mm. Hmmm, ones are four. They gotta
be one. Though. You can do a lot with ones,
and it's a lot of them.

Speaker 3 (03:32):
Though, I get you one, so too is out of
pocket with some jeans.

Speaker 2 (03:35):
No, I'm nothing. I like to though low for sure.
You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (03:39):
You could get off the low tos highs. You're kind
of pushing it. But fuck with too.

Speaker 2 (03:44):
I fuck with Toos too.

Speaker 1 (03:45):
I was gonna say, honest if I had not, because
you said at ten already that two is not a
bad shoot of hooping either, because it's it's definitely soft
as hell.

Speaker 2 (03:53):
Furteen, You damn can get a fit off one through fourteen.

Speaker 4 (03:57):
Oh, you can get a fit off, and no, the
tens the only ones where you gotta sweat sweat out
fit like.

Speaker 3 (04:05):
Yeah, sweat fitted school. I'm talking about like we're going
to the club. I think you're putting on some tins
just kind of out of park.

Speaker 1 (04:10):
You're getting a fit off and going to the club.
Crazy get off and some nonse though.

Speaker 3 (04:18):
Which one, especially the cool grays, the black and white
ones and ship you can get a fit off and
some nons. Bro, It just depends how you rock your ship.
You gotta go now you gotta you might need a stynd. Listen,
my name is so niggas ain't putting fits together with
the sky blowing white ones.

Speaker 2 (04:35):
They've been rocking. Nigga.

Speaker 1 (04:36):
I've seen niggas, Nigga. I've seen what that That sho
has an air brush shirt on. I see nothing but.

Speaker 3 (04:41):
Shirts and go out and now brow fit the power.

Speaker 2 (04:47):
I'm telling you can get a fit up.

Speaker 3 (04:50):
That's what I just asked that question.

Speaker 1 (04:51):
Twelves is a tough twelves a tough cover. That's that's
a sweat of tough cover. That's a sweat. Thirteen is a.

Speaker 2 (04:57):
Tough cover too. Now the thirteen might be the toughest
I'm thirteen.

Speaker 3 (05:00):
You out of pocket with gens. You gotta well a
flu game twelve with a nice black jean.

Speaker 2 (05:09):
That's a tough cover. Man.

Speaker 3 (05:11):
Forgot a nice black jean, and you might have to.
You gotta have a massage smaller if it's your true side.
Your feet gonna look crazy in the twelve.

Speaker 2 (05:21):
Bro, you gotta go. You gotta go smaller just for
the look. Bro.

Speaker 3 (05:25):
Your jeans gotta feel right. And I think you can
do it all black for that night.

Speaker 2 (05:31):
Yeah, I mean you can. You can. You ain't gonna
be the freshest nigga in the room, but nah, but
you you were.

Speaker 3 (05:36):
You were eligible to get in the club for a
nine is kind of hard.

Speaker 2 (05:40):
Bro. You can get it.

Speaker 4 (05:41):
I'm telling y'all, you can get a nine, all grade nine,
the white license.

Speaker 2 (05:47):
You can get that off. Bro.

Speaker 4 (05:48):
You just gots how you dress it up. But I
ain't gonna lie thirty good. Put a fit together for us.
BRO with the nine, My.

Speaker 1 (05:56):
Nigga thirteen gonna be crazy because if you put the
he got games on, put some sweat pists on you.

Speaker 3 (06:02):
You can't. No, you can't flint.

Speaker 2 (06:04):
If you if you get fresh to flint, you out
of pocket.

Speaker 3 (06:06):
I love that. As a Cowboys fan, I don't really
funk with him, but I love that.

Speaker 4 (06:11):
Like my nigga, Bubby, the only nigga I ever seen
rock thirteens.

Speaker 1 (06:16):
That's the old Bubby, my nigga but had a thirteen.
I mean, I seen niggas put fits together with the thirst.
Everybody put fits together with Jordans every weekend.

Speaker 2 (06:26):
But they're gonna They're gonna kill us.

Speaker 1 (06:27):
They said niggas not supposed to wear James, and Jordan's
saying for sure, it's not Lebron Lebron. Wow, George equal
to the Bronx. That's crazy before we get what's worse.
Lebron's the Jays or George with oh Bron.

Speaker 3 (06:45):
That's a no brainer.

Speaker 2 (06:46):
I've seen get some fits off with le Brons, though.

Speaker 3 (06:49):
Wile is a dressing ass nigga.

Speaker 1 (06:51):
Wile about to get some more fits off because Mills
on his ass. He was tweeting them, Wow, it's one
of for no reason, League was going.

Speaker 2 (07:03):
He woke up with violence on his heart. Bro, he
hates don't like him.

Speaker 3 (07:08):
But you know, I don't know why they beefing, and
I guess because Wile is hanging with the ops, but
I won't to know, like why is wi A taking
pictures with mother folkers who know they want to kill
Meek Mill? That's supposed to be your man, But I said,
is my thing. I've seen what he said though.

Speaker 4 (07:23):
He was like them niggas was cool, and he was like,
I don't get in between people beef because like, y'all
pick a side and them niggas gonna be friends next week.

Speaker 2 (07:34):
I respect that though.

Speaker 3 (07:35):
That's from yeah, okay, well yeah, that's why I didn't
know nothing about it. If that's the case, fair enough.

Speaker 2 (07:43):
Like if I seen y'all too, y'all was cool and
y'all broke up.

Speaker 4 (07:46):
I mean, but y'all niggas ain't your niggas ain't cool
no more, and I met y'all together, I'm still Dawn.
I'm still that DJ. You know what I'm saying like that,
what's up?

Speaker 3 (07:57):

Speaker 4 (07:58):
Even though I fuck with you first, Like I'm just
saying that.

Speaker 1 (08:06):
I'll be likenuck with DJ no bore now, y'all niggas
gonna shake your head at the club. DJ gonna be
looking at me like, nah, Nigga, I have seen you
that night when being wonder and you act like you
couldn't say what up?

Speaker 3 (08:18):
I mean, I feel like Pauls but I'm in the
middle or some ship like that.

Speaker 2 (08:22):
Now, Damn here you are Hendrick's experiences, was it?

Speaker 3 (08:28):
That's what April twenty first, and it's on some ship
on that level though, so I see. But you know,
I don't get in between none of that ship because
it don't have nothing to do with me, you know
what I'm saying. But I just hate to see me.
Y'all didne did this before? Bro? If this was new,
then motherfuckers would be like damn bro, maybe while it

is out of pocket, but you done already had this
run with this nigga.

Speaker 2 (08:52):

Speaker 3 (08:53):
Either y'all gonna be cool or not. Like Ross can't
heal this ship now because it's gonna look phony from
here on.

Speaker 4 (08:58):
I mean, they probably really ain't with each other anyway.
Me No, me going to smoke with la A ain't.

Speaker 3 (09:04):
Probably it's just bad timing for me to be beef
for anybody, bro.

Speaker 2 (09:08):

Speaker 1 (09:08):
The crazy thing about the whole MMG experience is that
if you paid attention around that time period, they weren't
the first two people that Ross they picked for that group,
so it didn't never make sense why everybody was like,
why don't they get along? Well, if you really know,
they weren't the people that he really chose that shit
he wanted with some currency, they didn't work out. He
tried to get nipping dime, they didn't work out. He
got them to And I don't think anybody outside of

Rick Ross really rough that relationship. I don't think MMG
did that much for either one of them. I think
their careers would have been different. They both obviously super successful,
But I.

Speaker 3 (09:37):
See that's tough for me DJ because I feel like
me had a big buzz on the East Coast, but
when he got with Ross, that's when his southern is
West coast, his shit took off. He became a bigger artist,
while A had the whole DMV area basically the East
coast too. When they got a Ross, they plummeted it.

You know, I ain't saying you wrong about who he
tried to get first, but once he got him, that's
who we looked at as m MG the next up.
They were the next goddamn cash money us as adults
in that in that time frame.

Speaker 2 (10:15):
I agree.

Speaker 1 (10:16):
I just think that in the high side of things,
it all worked out for Ross more than it did obviously.
It definitely different something for both of their careers. Because
obviously it definitely helped him. I think would have been
in a different conversation space had he not been MG.

Speaker 2 (10:28):
But it definitely worked for me.

Speaker 1 (10:29):
But I feel like they was both stars, but they
still kind of got held back from that ship.

Speaker 2 (10:33):
I don't think they got held back.

Speaker 1 (10:35):
I think because Wila was such a backpack rapper and
like he had a unique style, it was gonna keep
him underground.

Speaker 2 (10:42):
Ross brung him. It's a mainstream bro.

Speaker 4 (10:45):
I don't think he would have ever went mainstream because
he had a deal before he signing. You know, he
wasn't He had a buzz where he was from in
the East Coast area, but I wasn't really tapped in
till he started fucking with Ross.

Speaker 5 (10:59):
And I think that's what majority of the world I
would say, that's rue. Yeah, my niggas wag ha good.
They they really put me on wile A before he
blew up because niggas he was the phone positive guy
and all that ship. That's all we used to talk
about back in the day.

Speaker 3 (11:14):
But I just feel like Ross helped them niggas reach
a whole nother level. And he's like, I got y'all
here not saying it, but like, now y'all go start
dream chasers, wile A, you go start whatever your ships, bro,
and let's keep the ship going. Ross MMG is supposed
to be how c MG is right now? Hold on,

what's one of your niggas love what?

Speaker 2 (11:38):

Speaker 4 (11:40):
Wag Now he told me he was better than Drake.
That's what was smoking? You smoking good pot? Hold I
don't know what be here mixing in this Henny lemonade.

Speaker 3 (11:50):
Boy, Bro, My niggas really like it would put Drake
on the back burner's when you know Quentin, So they've
been WI fans forever, Broy because wile is the O,
G R and B where he was.

Speaker 1 (12:09):
He was on that for sure, and I saw the
music will influence. Don't get talked about.

Speaker 3 (12:13):
Enough fashion wise, Bro, it's he fresh.

Speaker 4 (12:17):
Sneaker wise to like, yes, Bro, when I see him
get the fit off of the seventeen, I.

Speaker 3 (12:21):
Said, the light is bro, I say, addressing as we're.

Speaker 1 (12:26):
Gonn talk about WrestleMania later, but mania, Bro, that's that's different.

Speaker 2 (12:29):
Bro, that's tough.

Speaker 3 (12:30):
I just feel like that their emotions like stopped them
from growing to the ceiling. Bro, the money bag yo
is like huge right now? You know what I'm saying, Like,
that's where Meek is supposed to That's crazy, But I'm
just I'm saying, yeah, Paul, but I'm not really don't

do too much. I'm trying to have a good show.
I'm saying, like Meek mill Is was supposed to be
that bro, like turn up, bro, have fun, moneyback. Ain't
worried about no other nigga. He ain't happening in no beef.
He ain't beefing with Fines and them like cmg IS
was supposed to be with MMG is supposed to be

with cmg IS today.

Speaker 2 (13:12):
Bro, I can see that.

Speaker 1 (13:14):
I think the problem with me is that Mike's talent
is so up here, but the ridiculous shit he does
is so up here too.

Speaker 2 (13:21):
That Loki at Tom cancels.

Speaker 3 (13:22):
It out the fucking Nikki relationship, blew it, Bro, I
knew it.

Speaker 1 (13:26):
He should not be on Twitter, even though I love
it for my own personal benefit. He should not be
on Twitter because the ship that he says on there,
We'll be like, come on, Meek, every time we try
to take you seriously about stuff.

Speaker 2 (13:34):
Bro, you do this shit?

Speaker 3 (13:36):
Nigga's like ask me. I don't even want to break that.

Speaker 4 (13:39):
Up though, there you will soon Broa we started off we.

Speaker 1 (13:44):
Can start off episode with get well, so let me
watch it happen. Obviously outside of Meek and having it
back and forth. Hey man, he's had two videos this
week that have completely confused me. Won him and a
fucking fur dancing. What the fuck was that? And also
him yelling for the Rocks to get up was absolutely ridiculous.

Speaker 4 (14:03):
Out of pocket, bro, get up Rock. You know he
ain't hurt.

Speaker 2 (14:08):
Keep it.

Speaker 4 (14:09):
Have you watched you know he not hurt? Like, don't
do that. But speaking of wrestling, Wrestleming, it was Saturday
Wrestle Mayia, the first day two day events.

Speaker 2 (14:18):
Fire. Yeah, it's fire, but that Saturday was shaking.

Speaker 4 (14:21):
It was too cold out there, the crowd couldn't get
into it. It was shaky. But that second day, that Sunday,
they all did theyself. I always hoped to see the
women wrestling on Saturday though, Jay and them, the black
girls that they did that. Oh wait a minute, wait
a minute, they had a good performance.

Speaker 3 (14:38):
Wow, I don't care about their performance. I'm talking about them. Oh,
I don't want to ruin your moment. Shout to Jay,
Now go crazy about the wrestle.

Speaker 2 (14:45):
I know, y'all, Yeah, you're you're tripping right now.

Speaker 3 (14:48):
Niggas bumping bodies and slamming each other, putting their arms
between niggas legs and they don't put them on the ground. Yeah,
Rock niggas saying get up Rock and niggas is.

Speaker 2 (14:57):
Just just me.

Speaker 1 (14:58):
Nobody else is saying that that's a crazy boss, get
up Rock falls.

Speaker 2 (15:05):
That's nut, because.

Speaker 3 (15:09):
Hey man, I'm not looking at.

Speaker 2 (15:17):
Universal title lost. Cody Rose in a grand fashion.

Speaker 1 (15:23):
We had Johnson to come out, We had the Usoles
come out, seth Rollins came back out, Uh, the Understand
Undertaker came out, Choke Slim Rock, Cody Rose winning big
win for Cody.

Speaker 4 (15:35):
He's at the new era of w W. He's a champ.
He's running Ship. Uh, what's my nigga name? McIntyre. He
uh finally beat Ship.

Speaker 3 (15:46):
Who he beat?

Speaker 4 (15:46):
I don't know forgot but them and see him Punk
got beef see him Punk end up getting into it
and then Damien Priest come out for money in the bank,
ended up cashing in, knocking McIntyre out winning the belt now, Uh,
Damian Priest is the heavyweight champ. So I had a
lot of ship going on. So my nigga really be tapped.

The end of day show Man is a big day. Happened,
two day event as far.

Speaker 2 (16:14):
Problems lost to Yeah too McIntire.

Speaker 3 (16:18):
Who's saying show Speed to the to the hospital?

Speaker 2 (16:22):
Oh yeah, Brandy or the YouTuber r K r K
o on on on the YouTuber Speed was in Yeah, okay,
wrest Coco Jones and next they spend that budget. Bro,
that's what.

Speaker 1 (16:38):
Company shareholders sitting now. We're about to turn this bitch
back up. They're gonna be on Netflix.

Speaker 2 (16:41):
On it again.

Speaker 3 (16:42):
Damn Speed doing his thing.

Speaker 4 (16:44):
That's crazy you or him with the r K on
the table he was. He took a picture of the
neck break. So talking about wrestlers real shout out to
that that was hard. He also had the problem bottle
on to what else?

Speaker 1 (16:57):
Want on prom getting wrestle body hell the style promo
two change was there? Yes, sir snoop the announcements ship,
I don't shut listen.

Speaker 2 (17:09):
They got that budget money.

Speaker 3 (17:12):
I know the money is long for sure.

Speaker 2 (17:15):
Uh, my boy went against each other yeat One, that's
his name. Same that they be saying that it was
his little thing. You know what.

Speaker 1 (17:29):
Somebody was like, Damn, what's the nigga that Ja co
would have gets when he didsty little pump was right?

Speaker 2 (17:39):
Was right because Jac apologize.

Speaker 3 (17:43):
Damn you should listen a little pump not Jac Man.
Where's a little pump He just gotta pushed by Jake Paul.
That's a nick who took the Kenny shot from Jake Paul.

Speaker 4 (17:53):
It is shout out to a little pump man. That's
my wrestling Info wrestling take uh raw ship. I didn't
get to watch because he's doing this.

Speaker 2 (18:08):
My nigga, Jermaine Cole. What the fuck? Man?

Speaker 3 (18:12):

Speaker 2 (18:12):
I mean, y'all gotta stand on it now, y'all. What's
wrong with what he did? Though? Everything? Why do you apologize.

Speaker 4 (18:22):
Because you got you gotta really think about it. That's
his man's though. I think he was more like you,
wasn't really coming at me. He was more trying to
battle Drake. I shouldn't even got into it until you
said my name.

Speaker 1 (18:35):
I don't disagree, but then you put that song out.
It just has to be. It wasn't like it was
that bad. It wasn't that bad, but you know how
he is. He probably like, Man, I don't get into
that kind of shit. I don't even know why I did.
I let y'all gass me up to throw some ship
out there that I really ain't even know. I ain't
even know that.

Speaker 2 (18:51):
You know, it's crazy that he's stopping Kitching from responding.

Speaker 1 (18:55):
He's gonna respond, I mean he is, but like many,
I know how that nigga do not care about this ship.

Speaker 2 (19:02):
He said that too.

Speaker 3 (19:04):
I just don't get the whole got my jaw. Bro,
you hit me right.

Speaker 5 (19:09):
Here, like I just bro, you you made the tape,
the tape as far you made the.

Speaker 2 (19:16):
Seven minute free style whatever you call it.

Speaker 3 (19:18):
Bro, just keep going. You didn't say I fucked your mama,
then I hate your sister, and then it was clean
for real.

Speaker 2 (19:27):
Butizing it.

Speaker 1 (19:34):
By the way to Craig, he said that there's so
many words.

Speaker 3 (19:39):
I'm like apologizing.

Speaker 2 (19:40):
Bro, you ain't do.

Speaker 1 (19:41):
Nothing, but you gotta think them niggas was really cool though,
Like Drake and Kendrick, I ain't never heard them on
the track together.

Speaker 2 (19:47):
If I did, I can't remember.

Speaker 1 (19:48):
That's how It's a Bird of Love. Intro questions. Yeah,
a couples, but they don't have no real relations.

Speaker 3 (19:54):
Kendrick Crow like no nigga too, like stay over there.

Speaker 4 (19:58):
That's what I'm saying. I think he's trying to, you know,
like I don't got no side. I'm me like I
ain't with him.

Speaker 2 (20:03):
Here's my problem. You can't say that number one shit.

Speaker 1 (20:06):
You can't say that number one ship because Kendrick is
about to say some ship and now you're not number
one no more.

Speaker 2 (20:11):
I don't want to hear you say number one no more.

Speaker 3 (20:13):
You know you can't. You can't say number one.

Speaker 2 (20:15):
He said. I'm the he just I think he feels
like bro.

Speaker 4 (20:18):
I got grouped and I let people gass me like
he was coming at me and both of us like
we was a group nigga.

Speaker 2 (20:25):
I just went on tour with this nigga.

Speaker 4 (20:26):
It's not who I hang with all the time, like
Drake just cool, like I'm a cool nigga. I would
have went on tour with you, Kendrick if we would
have to tour. I'm cool with both of y'all. But
I got grouped in with this nigga, and my dumb
ass listened to the internet people and I done jumped
out there.

Speaker 2 (20:40):
Drake had even jumped. I didn't jumped out there before.

Speaker 4 (20:43):
Drake, and he ain't even talking about me really, He
talking about you, you the goofy with the chick I'm
with Puma, Like you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (20:51):
That's woes nigga.

Speaker 2 (20:56):
You know you know make me shitty?

Speaker 5 (20:58):

Speaker 1 (20:58):
Know that commercial or the do tell the referee the balls?
I don't mean That's how I felt like when I
seen Cole do that, I was pissed. My nigga was
on time to shine waiting you do some ship like this.
The even his style though, Bro, I'm not mad at
before it, but it like damn.

Speaker 3 (21:14):
Like J Kobe talking ship.

Speaker 2 (21:15):
Bro. Yeah, but y'all know s Yeah, but y'all know Cole.
That ain't his style. More of for the people.

Speaker 1 (21:23):
I just don't want kid to come up with a
crazy ass versus kill my nigga. I'm like, Damn, you
can't even respond to say you don't want to kill Cole.

Speaker 2 (21:29):
He really want to kill Drake. Bro. I think he
feels probably like Cole.

Speaker 3 (21:33):
Yeah, I think we're just I don't know, but to me,
I just felt as adults, we're too old to be
saying that Nigga gassed me up to do something.

Speaker 2 (21:43):

Speaker 4 (21:45):
World, that's the world, bro, worlds Nigga, y'all gassed me
up to say crazy, ship on here every day?

Speaker 2 (21:50):
Tell that ship.

Speaker 1 (21:51):
Hey, tell that fucker right there, and I get on here.
Y'all gave me a splash of a guy boom.

Speaker 3 (22:00):
God, they don't have no liquor in.

Speaker 1 (22:03):
Next You know, I'm not here telling motherfucking recalling hole.

Speaker 3 (22:09):
That was crazy. You know what's funny? That was not
as far about nothing.

Speaker 2 (22:15):
I love hard. I really want to bump.

Speaker 5 (22:18):

Speaker 2 (22:19):
I still hold that against Buddy.

Speaker 4 (22:21):
I really want Yeah, I still want to smoke.

Speaker 1 (22:30):
You know what's funny? Somebody never was just like next game.
I'm asking Nigga about that. I can't wait we get
that report back.

Speaker 3 (22:37):
I wish, though, that they would just keep it rap, bro,
just because we missed that in rap. I hate drama
and all that ship, but that's good for the sport.
It's fun and we know y'all friends.

Speaker 2 (22:49):

Speaker 3 (22:49):
It's like niggas when we joned on each other. Bro, No,
we do that. We're just having fun, bro, Keep the
sport going. Niggas who like you in the league. You
killing niggas.

Speaker 2 (22:58):
It's my dog and I bust his ass like ship,
it happens, bro.

Speaker 1 (23:02):
Yeah, but it's different because the way like they got
on picking size, Bro, it's real life niggas choosing solid
like you can't.

Speaker 2 (23:08):
If you don't, you can't.

Speaker 3 (23:10):
I think why it's weird for me though, because it's
not ain't nobody finna die nah.

Speaker 1 (23:14):
But you know how nigga they damn ner They damn
tricked me last episode because I like Cold and them
I like, but I like Kendrick. They had me picking
so I'm like, I don't like Drake no more.

Speaker 2 (23:28):
Out of nowhere.

Speaker 3 (23:28):
So who had you doing that?

Speaker 2 (23:30):
Niggas? Just the world. I don't know the world. I
got tricked, Like the world.

Speaker 3 (23:39):
See what fucker's writing me on the Instagram, Like you
just switch up on Drake like that after you said
he was better than Michael Jackson.

Speaker 2 (23:45):
I'm like, damn you trick said it like.

Speaker 3 (23:50):
Like I like first, it tricked me out for goddamn.

Speaker 2 (23:57):
That's what I'm saying. Ship like that, it's okay.

Speaker 1 (23:59):
Now, Like like Lou said when we were telling him
to pick a side, like nigga'll but.

Speaker 3 (24:06):
But this is what I will say or what I
will ask y'all, what's your rankings? Now? Niggas got a
new start, what are you already now? It's still the
same for me. It's still the same, the same for me. Okay,
I respect that. If y'all standing on that still like that.

Speaker 4 (24:21):
Now, ain't like he put out a whack project. The
nigga just don't want no beef. He just don't want
to be a part of the clown the circus.

Speaker 1 (24:27):
And also if he's doing that, which is I think
it's fucking ridiculous. Still, he's about to drop a fire
ass album. Yeah, he's about dropping fires album and it
ain't gonna matter.

Speaker 3 (24:36):
And y'all know who started all this ship, the God
Future started. It ain't nobody taking the Drake.

Speaker 1 (24:44):
Drake got a whole tape. You about to better go
crazy about to go at you know who?

Speaker 4 (24:48):
He's going at Metro in Future first, he didn't get
the Kendrick later, he's gonna go at Metro in Future first.

Speaker 1 (24:56):
The New Future and Metro album drops Friday, and I listen,
if there's another kindred person, that would be fucking crazy.
That would be fucking crazy. If they have bro if
they have another version of Kendrick going there like, I
highly doubt it, but that would be crazy.

Speaker 3 (25:13):
If niggas just make another anthem and niggas on there
talking greasy. Uh, bro, they've already got songs of the
year for the club like that.

Speaker 2 (25:22):
No, I thought sexy red.

Speaker 3 (25:24):
Get it sexy shout bitch, sexy read that's your side,
trash who.

Speaker 2 (25:36):
Pays shout support that situation, get it si bullshit. I'm
quite doing it like you, my boy.

Speaker 3 (25:58):
Read on front nine on three on the concrete something
I signed the Chai blue paint on the way.

Speaker 2 (26:13):
Are you playing the paint?

Speaker 3 (26:14):
Are you playing there? Playing getting sexy out with the doors?

Speaker 2 (26:22):
Hey? On the chat, like what was bro car? Remember
Bro had our boy and.

Speaker 3 (26:33):
Limbo, limbo and leg He says it, do y'all blue?
They gotta take that Toyota camera with the Hey, I
loved you know about But nuncle say you had a leaborghin.

Speaker 2 (26:50):
You on the doors. That's one of the funniest moments
of Like, y'all.

Speaker 3 (27:00):
Don't know, we don't have no side. This is just joke. Shot.
Don't get all getting sex. They're watching this motherfucker. We're
just talking crazy.

Speaker 1 (27:10):
Hey, but going Megan the murge running. They trying to
make run. They get a sexy song. That's my fucking challenge, man.
See Johnny Blaze, I didn't watch, but man.

Speaker 3 (27:22):
You usually send me the ship. I sent it to you.
What I'm usually seeing you, bro, What I usually say,
challenge with the other You sent the money back? Alrighty
to me.

Speaker 2 (27:33):
They had a challenge.

Speaker 3 (27:34):
That's fine, bro.

Speaker 2 (27:35):
That niggas be lying.

Speaker 3 (27:37):
That's how you don't even know they had a challenge Lee,
because I usually us he's a Ding Warriors. He does
everything through this girl I ever got in.

Speaker 2 (27:49):
That's crazy. D collapse collapse Damn, that's crazy.

Speaker 1 (28:05):
They got to challenge real though I ain't seen it yet.
I'm talking about the girls talking on the joint, Kayla
saying I've seen.

Speaker 2 (28:14):
Kayla poster today for sure. Yeah, I was like, what
is my name? Kayle? But I ain't see the I
think it might have just been making stallion on that.

Speaker 1 (28:23):
Yeah, lit city girls. You know what I'm saying. They beefing,
ain't they?

Speaker 2 (28:28):
Yeah? Everybody at week? Man, do we care about that beef?

Speaker 3 (28:33):

Speaker 2 (28:33):
I think girls fall out every week.

Speaker 3 (28:37):
Yeah, but y'all know I fucked with uh Carisia. But
j t is more chill like reserve one. So if
they falling out, they got to be about something. Because
she don't turn up often.

Speaker 4 (28:50):
Is their career over because like sexety red Gorilla Party,
all them is coming out right now. I really don't
want to hear from the cases case.

Speaker 1 (29:02):
But no, I mean it's it's a it's a movement
right now that I mean, he just said it done.
If niggas just kind of like get along, they'll be
right back in the mixture ship because they still talking
about the same ship that got back of work.

Speaker 2 (29:15):
It's the summertime. I ain't gonna lot of sexy real door.

Speaker 4 (29:18):
I kind of with her music, I don't really know it,
but like her beats be slapping though I don't know
what you'd be saying. I don't, but if you hear
her beat, it'd be kind of like crazy. But I can't.
I listened to Gloriala album. I can't do that. She
got like three songs. It ain't for you.

Speaker 2 (29:38):
I'm gonna let the girls pick what's good because I
don't know about it. Slapping the club, I'm with it.

Speaker 4 (29:42):
You had one some nigga bitch nigga. It was something
like that, she said, nigga all the time. I was like,
you can really rap to me.

Speaker 2 (29:51):

Speaker 3 (29:52):
Yeah, Gloria. Her middle name is Hallelujah. So I think
that's why we connect. That's living as far as Gloria
Hallelujah name is Hallujah, Hallelujah.

Speaker 2 (30:03):

Speaker 3 (30:03):
Ain't it the Woods? I don't know, that's crazy, she said,
Woods her cousin. They're not related, not at all. I
ain't that's a filthy lineage.

Speaker 2 (30:14):
If they are.

Speaker 3 (30:14):
Her name is Hallelujah.

Speaker 2 (30:16):
I listened to her. I gave her a spin. She
said she.

Speaker 3 (30:18):
Ain't sleeping too her in a real bed tis she
was fifteen, said damn, she should have went to the
group home.

Speaker 2 (30:25):
They gotta take a minute.

Speaker 4 (30:28):
You're talking about. She couldn't understand what no body and wants.
She going nobody can spending out of her house.

Speaker 2 (30:32):

Speaker 3 (30:33):
Now you know you're playing watch TV right, everybody sleep
on big Nigga. You want an air bats everybody had
that one for me. Know, we went sleeping on his house.
Her brother poking a hole in the air mattresses. Though
like that, niggah said, your bag is trained.

Speaker 1 (30:54):
Sleep on the floor like bro hey ship it's not
sh it's fun. But the people who are giving him
that sheet, y'all have to be y'all have to be
talked to for the things I've been doing.

Speaker 2 (31:07):
Man, that'll be wild. It's a strange question, is but
why does she sleep on air mattress? Why did he
poke a holiday? Bro?

Speaker 3 (31:15):

Speaker 2 (31:16):
Hold grow glow? Really?

Speaker 3 (31:17):
Probably twenty five bro.

Speaker 2 (31:21):
Yeah, Bro, there's so many other ship to sleep on now,
not when you poor bro, air mattresses when we were little.

Speaker 3 (31:27):

Speaker 2 (31:28):
All right, now, let's talk to them. One episode got
on the side of the road. This is a nigga.
I broke on my mama.

Speaker 3 (31:37):

Speaker 4 (31:37):
You get in Atlanta, Georgia and Smirner Bro. They sold
mattress on the side of the road for fifty.

Speaker 2 (31:42):
B cool Bro.

Speaker 3 (31:43):
She is from Memphis, Tennessee.

Speaker 2 (31:45):
I know they got mass You know it's hard out
here for a pimp.

Speaker 3 (31:48):
What movie is that? That's that's one bro? Cost twenty
eight dollars.

Speaker 2 (31:53):

Speaker 4 (31:54):
And to get it fixed they talking about her dad
was getting ship to plug it back up.

Speaker 2 (31:57):
Bro. You spending ten Bro, Just go get the mask
as just crazy, Go get.

Speaker 3 (32:01):
The patress of fifty bro. When you're a poor bro,
they're not that poor. Bro. You can't say that you're
not that poor, bro, because you can spend fifty on that.
You can't say that.

Speaker 2 (32:16):
Can you tell me you're getting money to go patch
it back up?

Speaker 3 (32:18):

Speaker 2 (32:19):
He buying a passage.

Speaker 3 (32:21):
Tired. However, that nigga put fix the flat in the
air mattress.

Speaker 2 (32:29):
I'm nothing. He should have worked the.

Speaker 3 (32:33):
Fixed fucking you know, and we never know her family circumstances.

Speaker 2 (32:37):

Speaker 3 (32:38):
Like like I said, the nigga. I hate bringing this
up all the time, but it just brings me back
to people being poor. Pursue the happiness.

Speaker 2 (32:44):

Speaker 3 (32:45):
Y'all act like it's so many outlets for people to have. Bro,
we wouldn't have the homeless. People wouldn't be outside, they
wouldn't feel these corners like they would BRO if it
was that many options for them to have.

Speaker 2 (32:55):
BRO. I ain't saying that, she Bro.

Speaker 4 (32:57):
I'm just saying, Bro, if you can spend money on
the air mettri, Bro, you can buy a bed, BRO.
I swear to god, B I bought a mattress for
fifty bucks.

Speaker 2 (33:06):

Speaker 3 (33:07):
I bought a whole bed set while I was in
the NBA in Atlanta, Bro for a.

Speaker 2 (33:16):
BRO. It was one hundred dollars the whole thing. I
have one hundred dollars.

Speaker 1 (33:20):
God, they got there was twenty two niggas living in
the house had emotion.

Speaker 2 (33:27):
Niggas. Somebody gotta get a job.

Speaker 1 (33:28):
Somebody gotta do something, twenty two niggas.

Speaker 3 (33:31):
Come on, bro, respect everybody in situation. But somebody got
another plane. Man, somebody gotta do something.

Speaker 2 (33:37):
Twenty two people. If we're gonna say Chris Gardner had,
niggas gotta.

Speaker 3 (33:42):
Have some motion twenty two disclaimer, listen, disclaimer, Please Mike,
they had.

Speaker 2 (33:47):
To eat too. You want an air mattress? Do you
want food? You need to put gas in the car,
or you want to air Come on, twenty two people.

Speaker 4 (33:57):
Somebody gotta have some hustle, bro. Somebody bringing in a
five hundred bro. Let's first, first of all, let's get
the bed stretch.

Speaker 3 (34:05):
They gotta eat.

Speaker 2 (34:08):
This is a one strategy, one on one.

Speaker 4 (34:11):
This is this is one. This is one time thing.
We're gonna get the bed. We ain't got to keep
fixing this motherfucker. We ain't got to do this the
one time thing and spend a hundred on the big
y'all niggas gonna chill out for this month.

Speaker 3 (34:21):
We're not gonna eat for how long we're gonna eat?

Speaker 4 (34:24):
Nigga we may we got rainming noodles, niggas on deck.
NI don't think I never did that. I grew up
eating the rainments.

Speaker 2 (34:31):
Motherfucker. You getting the motherfucker stretch.

Speaker 3 (34:34):
No, I grew up in but I grew up in
a wealthy household.

Speaker 2 (34:37):
I don't.

Speaker 3 (34:38):
I ain't that by choice. No, Glorilla. I'm just saying
over here, so respect.

Speaker 4 (34:45):
The time I got a bed bro talking about you
fixing the air mattress bros out of pocket, Yeah that's yeah.

Speaker 3 (34:52):
I may not have the grind, but cartoon growing up
washing childhood, but eating in bed So I I'm not
gonna disrespect nobody.

Speaker 4 (35:03):
My fault if you if you don't live up there,
you got air metric. I'm just saying. She said, if
she had fifteen people living her crib or however, man,
she said, somebody got to have some hustle long averages,
but nobody trapping, Nobody.

Speaker 2 (35:17):
Live in Memphis on nobody sall drugs.

Speaker 3 (35:21):
Sorry, I'm just saying, Okay, I want to move on.

Speaker 2 (35:28):
No, no, no, but I have this is Glorilla. We love you.

Speaker 3 (35:31):
We just confused. That's it. That's enough for you in
the household. When is it out of pocket for us?
For us to be poor? How many kids or people
in the household is like, all right, y'all, one of
us gotta make it. Shrike is a family of four,
I'm saying, hoarse all, no disrespect. Anybody's going through a situation.

But I don't even know how old the people were.
And when that's what that's what I was.

Speaker 4 (35:59):
I'm a boy and like she said, she was fifteen
at thirsty, I'm getting a job.

Speaker 1 (36:07):
If you're a six year old boy in the house,
are you sleeping on the harbor floor?

Speaker 2 (36:10):
Nigga hit the block, nigga.

Speaker 3 (36:14):
Now, all my best friends worked in high school, had
trying job at ship at twelve.

Speaker 2 (36:21):
You get some.

Speaker 3 (36:22):
Grass, Bro, I had, I worked, Bro, I pushed cards.
Bro shout to I would have never That's what I'm saying.
You could get one hundred dollars, Bro, I worked, I
pushed cards. That's not that easy, Bro, I did it.
I worked, got a fortunate bro. Shout out to a
little daddy. Bro. Forget you got a job by default,
you were not qualified. Bro. Work roller car pushing the

little senior role.

Speaker 2 (36:49):
For give him my nigga. I don't even know if
you know I fell on application. I spell my name.

Speaker 6 (36:56):
Security, race race your chicken, niggaican' man.

Speaker 3 (37:10):
We love. Everybody's going through some good will.

Speaker 1 (37:13):
If you're going through it, man, hope you get out
of your real soone man. In fact, I just feel like, bro,
you can have just that many people there. You can
hustle and man, we said, Chris, go and have some
hole somewhere to state.

Speaker 2 (37:23):

Speaker 1 (37:24):
If it's twein Kiggs in the household, somebody get a cracking.
That's all we said.

Speaker 2 (37:26):
So saying but shouts, I heard us. She did it
though for her family. Yeah, she made it.

Speaker 1 (37:31):
Take care of family, taking cared about everybody.

Speaker 2 (37:33):
So that's that's dope, speaking of families.

Speaker 1 (37:35):
His lineage being good. But it just got even better.
Shouts to coach Cal. Everybody thought Kentucky was gonna fire him.

Speaker 2 (37:42):
He ain't that a bit of everybody, nigga, you were headlined.

Speaker 1 (37:47):
I'm so happy he's gone. So he's gone. For Kentucky,
he would have feel like, yeah, it's gonna be hard.
Fund the real coach. Y'all disrespected Cal for all the
years and granted he definitely did not get the championship
y'all thought he supposed to get. But y'all not about
to feel that job with somebody who can recruit? Is
where's coach Cali Park?

Speaker 2 (38:05):
I want a championship there for fifteen years?

Speaker 4 (38:07):
He want a chip Man's coaches that be at that
school for thirty How long fucking Tom has up been
at ship?

Speaker 3 (38:13):
Jim Bayham only got one, that's my gosh, Carl.

Speaker 4 (38:16):
Yeah, hell long Tom is up and coaching Michigan State.
Uh since the Reagan days.

Speaker 2 (38:21):
Yeah, mother fucker ain't questioned him one time he got
with one ship?

Speaker 3 (38:24):
He said he been runner Reagan.

Speaker 2 (38:26):
Damn near bro what he got one ship? Bro? No
nobody questioned him.

Speaker 4 (38:32):
But somehow Kentucky, the UK, they questioned him.

Speaker 2 (38:37):
That's cool.

Speaker 1 (38:38):
Oh Ye're about to see how I feel so to
actually have to recruit.

Speaker 2 (38:41):
Yeah, ain't nobody going to Kentucky no more? Who would
take that job?

Speaker 1 (38:45):
I would not want that job after Calipark because them
fans ain't forgiving enough to like to relistously do it
with the rebuild.

Speaker 2 (38:51):
At that school.

Speaker 4 (38:52):
Nah, nobody, man, you're gonna have to get Billy Donovan
and the only one that could take that job because
he got a history, a winner, he been in the league,
and people go respect what he got gone, you know
what I mean?

Speaker 2 (39:01):
He can bring other recruits there.

Speaker 4 (39:03):
Look, I coached the mar De Rose and I coached
this guy, this guy, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant. I can
say that, and you can respect that. But and I
wanted to just love already back to back champ. That's
the only dude that I can really do to anybody
else's like whatever, they're gonna be like there when they
had GILEPSI whatevername was in there.

Speaker 2 (39:23):
Pissing people off, Jo mieks Off.

Speaker 3 (39:26):
So yeah, Billy Domon is the only one y'all got
that could feel that void.

Speaker 1 (39:30):
I think the other coach that could feel the void
for that team, they can probably they've poured that, They've
offered him money then U can't. But I mean, when
they win the night, I don't think there's any reason
for him to leave you Ukon.

Speaker 2 (39:41):
I don't think the UK is a bigger school than Yukon.

Speaker 1 (39:44):
I know it's a bigger school, but from a program standpoint,
why would he leave Yukon historic program?

Speaker 2 (39:49):
He built something nice over it there.

Speaker 3 (39:50):
I think is Rod Strickland still there.

Speaker 2 (39:56):
I don't know where Rod at Rod probably go with
Calgary though.

Speaker 3 (40:01):
Arkansas isn't a bad play though, no he got what
did I say? Five for the n I l.

Speaker 2 (40:09):

Speaker 1 (40:10):
Arkansas is the home founding place of Walmarts. That's why
he has.

Speaker 4 (40:17):
He's about to have Arkansas about to be turned up.
His house is gonna be so big in Arkansas.

Speaker 2 (40:23):

Speaker 1 (40:23):
He about to about to be the white version of
Deonna Sanders down there, Bro. And what I can't wait
to go to a Razor back game. Niggas about to
be raising bad fans for no reason, just because.

Speaker 4 (40:34):
All the people that went to Kentucky in the cal
they're gonna fuck with Arkansas. It's crazy because nobody went
to Kentucky because they like Kentucky. They went because the
coach cap.

Speaker 3 (40:44):
Yeah that's the biggest.

Speaker 1 (40:45):
That's one thing you said that was really small, Like
you said that that older Ara to Tubby Smith.

Speaker 2 (40:49):
Aarron down that's a I love Kentucky ship. Yeah the
cow Ara was. I love cal Rondo.

Speaker 3 (40:56):
Still appreciate that. Fuck that Kentucky. We East shit Kentucky.
Blah blah blah. These kids just like want to done.
But he grew up there. And also I seen Rex Chapman,
shots of Rex Chapman. He was like him and Tubby
didn't get along.

Speaker 1 (41:10):
Rono was down there and he d transferred and he
would have damn transferred to the Louisville because you know
he from Louisville. Kentucky throwing through that shit different for him,
but John Walling them, I would not be surprised. We
see a fucking red race man them, nigga, No, they
went the fuck with Cal. None of them went to
Kentucky because they fucked with Kentucky. They fucked with cav
like Drake don't fuck with Kentucky. He fucked with Cal

like you know what I mean.

Speaker 3 (41:32):
So his recruiting doesn't change.

Speaker 2 (41:34):
Oh no, I was about to get even more LIT,
just better. He got an open purse.

Speaker 1 (41:40):
He's also back in the state that doesn't have a
professional team, so they're going to meet everything to him
to whatever the fuck he wanted to do. They gonna
be grateful for the fact that they got LIT teams.
Even if they lose in the first round tournament. They're
not gonna care.

Speaker 2 (41:53):

Speaker 3 (41:53):
We relevant, Yeah, yeah, because their football program was just
the only ones holding it down for a while.

Speaker 1 (41:59):
You look at the SEC now like a lot of
those schools is that were football schools, like Alabama getting
to a Final four, Like hey, hey man, it's coming
to a threat Now.

Speaker 2 (42:08):
It's been like that for a couple years. But it's
kind of getting real obvious now.

Speaker 3 (42:12):
Damn, Arkasas ain't a bad place to be.

Speaker 4 (42:15):
I've just seen Joe Johnson. I never seen him say anything.
He on Instagram like we're back. We say, you already
know you got you got alumni from Arkansas who hYP.

Speaker 3 (42:24):
Yeah, I'm sure gonna talk.

Speaker 2 (42:25):
That's on it say forty minutes of hell it's different now.

Speaker 3 (42:30):
About to be Arkansas's cool.

Speaker 1 (42:32):
Hell Yeah, Arkansas is in heaven, Nigga. They have five
million dollars to spend with John Calipari. And I think
that John is gonna get the O bed back together
because Kenny Payne, you know what I'm saying. He obviously
he got free time. Bro, he gonna get his game
back together. They're gonna get the kids they supposed to get.
I think he should adapt. I think he needs to
probably start being more aggressive in the transfer portal because

I'm sure that Arkansas is gonna probably want him to
win more like they gonna want to win. But I
think he can't just keep doing the one that does.

Speaker 4 (43:01):
Nah, he's gonna get something. He's gonna get some older players,
but then he's gonna get them. He's still gonna get
them top five stars.

Speaker 2 (43:06):
He coming with the back.

Speaker 4 (43:07):
So think about if he got five million in spare
he gonna get some old heads and get them one hundred,
one hundred and fifty, but get them young pups the stars. Yeah,
I got five hundred for you. Let's see coming for
a year. We got five hundred. Get you, get you
ready for the league.

Speaker 2 (43:24):
He taking DJ Wagon with.

Speaker 3 (43:25):
Him, probably I won't be surprised. But if Billy get
the UK job, can he compete?

Speaker 1 (43:33):
I think Billy donn are gonna be able to compete
because he just gonna put a team together that's gonna
always be able to compete in UK. I mean they
got money too, obviously, we coming from a big program.
They ain't no bottom feater.

Speaker 3 (43:44):
So I don't see them just plumbing it.

Speaker 1 (43:46):
And Nah, they're still gonna be Kentucky, the Kentucky bro.
Theyre always gonna be Kentucky. But they gonna go through
some slides.

Speaker 3 (43:52):
They're gonna have a They ain't gonna be Louisville bad,
but they're gonna be gonna have a little nobody could
be a little bad, little one game two years and I.

Speaker 1 (44:02):
Don't never and I don't never keep the back end
of my black man. But goddamn Kenny Pay.

Speaker 3 (44:07):
I ain't blame.

Speaker 2 (44:11):
I'm definitely I.

Speaker 3 (44:13):
Ain't blaming Kenny p Man.

Speaker 1 (44:15):
Look what he did, Bro, even Chris Mack was bullshitting
and we still didn't made a tournament.

Speaker 3 (44:21):
These fucking kids. Bro, I ain't blame Kenny p A
good nigga. Bro, I ain't blaming him for that. No, no, no,
I ain't blaming him. But they I wonder my boy
gonna go back to dude, it's a good question.

Speaker 2 (44:32):
I saw that. I mean, shop, you know, the coaches,
your man, I know, shout out to pass.

Speaker 1 (44:39):
That gonna get the mother fuckers rolling. I was happy
we got paid. I'm like, at least I know we're
gonna have a competitive.

Speaker 2 (44:43):
Team with Pa. He think you're gonna keep knowing?

Speaker 1 (44:46):
I think he should. I think he definitely should. He's
the best recruiter we had, hands off. He's our best.

Speaker 2 (44:52):
Recruiter, Nat good guy roll.

Speaker 1 (44:55):
But that's fared for Kodo. Like we didn't see this coming.
I mean we did, but we was like, damn cat.
I mean, cal you know what I'm saying. Around other
year or two, get some more people. You're gonna forget night, Like,
no fucking Tucky. I to run this up now, I
feel and he.

Speaker 2 (45:08):
And the SEC.

Speaker 1 (45:09):
That's the crazy part is he gonna have to see
them see here. They're gonna boot the shit out of
cant the first time he played, they.

Speaker 2 (45:13):
Gonna go crazy. I hope all his I hope all
his kids come back.

Speaker 3 (45:18):

Speaker 1 (45:19):
Damn college basketball man. Interesting enough, obviously we're recording now.
Who y'all Who y'all got that championship man for due Yukon.
I saw that Terry Crews did the motivational speech for
the opening, and I wondered, why the fun Terry Crews
is motivating anybody?

Speaker 3 (45:40):
Terry Crews, Nigga Friday, Yes, he.

Speaker 2 (45:44):
Let Nigga touch him.

Speaker 5 (45:44):
Man got no say yeah, oh.

Speaker 2 (45:51):
He get to say that.

Speaker 3 (45:51):
But in movies in the NFL, all kind of ship
only he opened up the talking about his playing. I'm saying,
this ship's favoritism everything.

Speaker 2 (46:06):
I was like, hol on.

Speaker 5 (46:09):
They did, let somebody touch them. I don't give a fuck.
No boy, y'all got it.

Speaker 2 (46:15):
He ain't supposed to beat him up. But I'm out
of pocket on the show. Hey, I ain't gonna hold you.
Listen going right now and halftime thirty six.

Speaker 3 (46:27):
I ain't braidon my boy, Braiden Smith win or lose nasty.

Speaker 1 (46:31):
You know, I fuck with you. I need to sign jersey.
Bro Babe, you were a popular favorite every shing. I
got a home girl look like exhibit.

Speaker 2 (46:39):
And cut the jet face. I really like, I really.

Speaker 3 (46:45):
Do the wh girl because love be asking you who
the whole girl was? Shout out to my dog Kate Sam.
We talked like you said, Case, it looks like if
you no, no, hell no, She asked you see I
told you because I mean shout Case asked me. He said,
who is who looks like exhibit?

Speaker 2 (47:02):
Like you out of pocket? And if somebody asked, I
can't say, I hear.

Speaker 3 (47:06):
Me what the is it?

Speaker 5 (47:06):

Speaker 3 (47:06):
I said, that's why we like this, But yeah, somebody
said now or exhibit. It's definitely put my ride exact.
Let you get her hair braided like some time their
hair braided. You wouldn't know her. She You wouldn't know
her now what she has. She been to a team
Halloween party. She was probably exhibited. That motherfucker. That nigga

has some creatures of that motherfucker. What kind of creatures
the need? Oh you just came with you today? That
no costume come with you watching the Halloween party is crazy.
I was talking about cruise get well. So, man, I

know that nigga playing with you, bro, so facts, bro
should have beat his ass. Nig say you be Damon
sposed to be his ass?

Speaker 2 (48:01):

Speaker 3 (48:01):
You have strong outside that man here, So it's a
way requiring now side that man here.

Speaker 5 (48:08):

Speaker 2 (48:09):
We're getting out of that conversation very quickly.

Speaker 1 (48:13):
Hey man, why all the all players hain't no Kayler
Clark because they stupid? Every game that Kayler Clark played
in this tournament has been the highest.

Speaker 3 (48:23):
Game ever watched until the next game she played drink.

Speaker 2 (48:29):

Speaker 3 (48:32):
Fun go ahead.

Speaker 4 (48:35):
We talked about this before the show, like they played
this all wrong. They were supposed to gas this ship.
This is why people don't watch the ship. When y'all
leave college women's sports because.

Speaker 3 (48:47):
Y'all hating on the best thing that's gonna happen to
the w BRO long time he listen.

Speaker 1 (48:52):
In respect to Dynasaurrison, respect to SUPERB obviously they legends,
but that U kon biased like the bias I've seen
in that broadcast was kind of like, nah, I will
fuck with Kaitlyn, like you can feel it. And then
they were like, nah, we'll take page that. I get
the home cook it. I respect it. But like you said,
they had an angle to where everybody could have embrace Kaitlyn,

even if it's for selfish reasons to push the brand forward,
but they shouldn't on her like she weak and she
don't say shit. I think it's so weird that she
gets so much hate, bro Bro.

Speaker 2 (49:23):
They did that.

Speaker 4 (49:24):
Backers posted this is y'all Michael Jordan, How Michael Jordan
came to save the league went after Larry and MJ.
Tarli super Ber y'all, Larry, MJ whatever I mean, Larry
and Maggie Johnson. The MJ came and he saved the
league and took it to a whole nother marketing stream
like have People Overseas and all that shit. This was
Kaitlyn Clark is y'all MJ. Y'all was supposed to pub like,

oh no, she one of the ones. Man, we got
out da da da. Yeah, she gonna come in a
w man. I can't I'm excited for her to get here.
I can't wait to watch her play, play against her.
They was over there.

Speaker 1 (49:57):
I hate bro hate hardest fuck like, I get it.
I get it's your homeschool. It's fuck her right now.
But it's just like, y'all, she can do so much.
She don't have to be the best. Everybody's like, it's
different when you get to the league. Obviously, obviously, but
guess what, she won't be triple team in the league either,
because when she comes to the Fever, she's playing with Kelsey.

She's also playing with the Lee of Boston, and she's
gonna get some open shots.

Speaker 2 (50:21):
Hey, y'all gonna hate her.

Speaker 4 (50:22):
Ass man, they should have just gassed it even if
they like, don't kill her when she gets there, Like
we're gonna kill her.

Speaker 2 (50:28):
We're gonna dog her. That's cool. You keep that to yourself.
Get everybody to watch.

Speaker 4 (50:32):
Like, when she come over, she's gonna take over the
league like she wanted the ones. I'm so excited for
her to be playing. I ain't gonna lie. I'm excited
to play, like gas it up, so we want to watch.
But you she's weak.

Speaker 2 (50:44):
Now, we like she good, you know what I mean.
And it's like that.

Speaker 1 (50:49):
It's so crazy because it's just like she really be hooping, y'all,
Like that's it just really be hooping.

Speaker 3 (50:54):
I just had it because she don't. She don't bother nobody.

Speaker 1 (50:57):
They fumbled that, man, they fumbled that and any other
time that y'all can make it the right stuff. Yes,
we understand the white privileges and play. Watch some of
the things she's able to market. We get that, but
some of this stuff, nah, bro, she just be killing
y'all don't like it.

Speaker 3 (51:10):
But I think some of the top players in the
league should step up and you know, say, hey, guys,
let's embrace the new and up and coming. They don't
even got to be about Kaitlan gas the new class
coming in. She got an already blew it with Kaitlin,
and now just bring all of our peers in the
one play, y'all. Let's you know, basically like we're excited

to see, you know, the Rooks, or at least let
us see y'all working out with them in the summer. Man,
like that they.

Speaker 2 (51:37):
Already hate Angel like they made it out. It was
like she was sad.

Speaker 1 (51:39):
I'm just like, all right, if we just gonna pick
it choos like this, that's weird.

Speaker 4 (51:43):
Everybody that we want to see going to the league
that were excited to watch from NCAA tournament, they hating
on them.

Speaker 3 (51:50):
So it make you be like, a but this is
just bad for their income. Yeah, but it's like your
tea fucking up your TV dollars, all kinds of shit, y'all.

Speaker 4 (52:01):
Y'all hating because she got deals and i'mody, like, man,
we don't want like they make me not want to.
They're gonna probably stall her out. She don't get to
shoot that many shots, you know what I mean. You
know what I'm saying. But I feel like they're like
they're gonna be hating a little bit be herself. She
probably gonna shoot that much because she's probably gonna be like,
I want people to like me.

Speaker 3 (52:20):
And I genuinely believe her when she said she didn't
find out about the ice Cube ship until we did.
Of course, you know what I'm saying, Like, she don't
really be tapped in.

Speaker 1 (52:28):
She said that fucking Cleveland looked like amazing place. She's
from the Moy's ioway, She's like so much to do here,
probably even got internet.

Speaker 3 (52:37):
Bro. She just.

Speaker 2 (52:42):
Damn there, Geez, but she don't be ship bro like.

Speaker 3 (52:50):
I said it up. I'm just saying I got a
butchered left handed.

Speaker 2 (52:56):
She they that, Bro.

Speaker 4 (52:58):
It kind of made me upset, though, Bro. It's like,
I know you're about to hate on them when she
get there.

Speaker 2 (53:02):
It sucks and we all want to watch the w
n B A but y'all make it so.

Speaker 1 (53:07):
Taking stance, they make it so hard. She she pickedic
Caitlyn Clark is a nap. Goddamn it.

Speaker 2 (53:16):
I'm so happy she's here. E weez.

Speaker 4 (53:18):
Better put her arm around her. Ya better become best
friend and brace not too tight. Shout out to hr
and also shouts South Carolina win the national championship. I
know that gets buried. We need to respect that. Don
Stanley went crazy. She wants she to go. Is that

number three? That's three chips her? Damn Bro, she to go.
She right after Geno.

Speaker 3 (53:46):
I love how they play that though. All year, Bro,
they was chilling.

Speaker 2 (53:51):
Bro lost all her starters and came back undefeated.

Speaker 3 (53:54):
Bro, I told you she had about eight motherfuckers when
we talked about that Kaitlyn shit, I'm like, nah, she
got about eight motherfuckers. It's just Kaitlyn's I don't like it.
But they really like she got a squad. Bro.

Speaker 2 (54:07):
Obviously, yeah, she she got a squad. She's a big
reason that she needs to be celebrated. Bro, she ain't
been coaching that long. Come on, BRO, what I like
about it? Though?

Speaker 4 (54:16):
Like they stayed humble because if I was that one
girl that they wouldn't guard.

Speaker 2 (54:21):
Last year, you know how fraud I would have been
in that game.

Speaker 4 (54:24):
Yeah, I've been talking bad to Kaitlyn and she was
playing good, ripped her half cork with. She wasn't even
going crazy, she was just locked in doing her job.

Speaker 2 (54:33):
I'm like, yeah, couldn't have been me. I would have
been out there, Yeah, I would. Everything in a book
waved me off again once.

Speaker 3 (54:44):
That game may respect Kaitlen even more, though, Bro. I
watched some of the games, but that game, I'm like, Bro,
she has to do so much. Nobody has that much energy, Like.

Speaker 1 (54:56):
And listen, bro, I'll watch that yukon of game. There
were so many missed assists. For Caitlyn Clark in that game, bro, Like,
she created so much offense, getting double, getting fucking hounded,
face guarded even when she had the ball for two seconds,
made the right read every time.

Speaker 2 (55:13):
She's the league.

Speaker 1 (55:14):
Okay, shouting, but he shout don Stall is the one,
the one, and she was fresh as fuck on.

Speaker 2 (55:22):
So she's been getting hated on to weird ship. Weird bro,
I don't understand you.

Speaker 3 (55:26):
The Louis Vaton God, I'll be peeping nasty. I see you.

Speaker 2 (55:29):
I see definitely. South Carolina gets the Nike though. Yeah
on armour shout un armoured, but I wear them. Motherfucker
back to that. I know Joel and b left y'all,
but I wouldn't you a fuck with under armour. Man.

Speaker 4 (55:47):
They pay me. Yeah, I rocked them up. Fucker there,
y'all walk Steph Currie every single day.

Speaker 3 (55:52):
That's a week.

Speaker 2 (55:53):
Y'all signed a lifetime deal with y'all. That's a wicked ship.
I need one fifty year. I sign a lifetime deal.

Speaker 3 (56:00):
Steph. Stephan need to go to the drawing table with them.

Speaker 1 (56:02):
I can't even be mad at Steph because that nigga
had a Nike presentation and it wasn't even for his name.

Speaker 2 (56:06):
The name was I can't be mad at Steph. No.

Speaker 3 (56:10):
I love how Steph is branded his ship because the
enterprise off people were just buying it because of Steph.
I'm talking about the shoe itself. The kids want a
Steph crazy shoe because hey, mom, Steph wards the shoes cool.
But that's that shoe as an adult, bro.

Speaker 1 (56:26):
Now, the people who are asking the parents to get
those shoes are typically don't look like us, but they
look like, oh, December Snow.

Speaker 2 (56:35):
I worked on normal. I saw them.

Speaker 3 (56:37):
True true white kids do to soak it up, for sure,
but it's it's a lot of mixed kids too. It's
a lot of Jaden's and Jalen's for sure.

Speaker 2 (56:47):

Speaker 3 (56:47):
Why is that everybody that's mixed named up because they
Mom got that bob here? Cut, this is this is
the black and white relationship.

Speaker 2 (56:54):
Look, ja white daddy. Mom is a white nurse. That's
what booth.

Speaker 3 (57:00):
Dad probably was a former athlete at one of these
white colleges. Okay, mom, you know she listens to she
does tiktoks and she got it cash one nine nine,
you know you know what I mean? I don't know.
Probably Hurricane Chris. But she has that Bob haircut with

those little girls, white mom and when Bro started the
team t he had a lot of mixed mamas in there,
and I'm like, she definitely that's her son right there.
You did shout out to Trace, Okay, Trace, Trace, You
had a couple, but Trace is just more than got

the haircut. Clearly black guys for sure. So they got
a certain look, Bro, respect, they got a certain look
for sure.

Speaker 2 (57:51):
Shout to the team tag, shout out to them, guys.

Speaker 3 (57:56):
I have a lot more to say about that. But
I'm a that's not Patrio.

Speaker 2 (58:01):
Oh, I mean because catches on coming soon.

Speaker 3 (58:08):
My niggs was destroying their moms and this this team
team program first started.

Speaker 2 (58:15):
Try what CARDI saying, the real what a start?

Speaker 3 (58:34):
I want to say, my nigga ain't so mad when
I am telling you today they be My niggas was
in that miss traded. What's some boy that be trading
Lebron and Kyrie? Oh yeah, a lot of Chris by
niggas was handy for sure.

Speaker 2 (58:51):
I would.

Speaker 3 (58:51):
I ain't gonna say my niggas is a situation that
they find to walk down these ass here.

Speaker 2 (58:55):
Damn God, damn to get married. Wait, I'm getting married, oh, Niggas.

Speaker 3 (59:04):
Niggas knew on the last y my fucker said Dean
Brad was hitting the powder because we heard Jim said,
hold on, man, that was it all jokes. By the way,
I told you that wasn't me, ain't jam Thanks Bummy

hit the group chat. This boy talking about Jamari Port.

Speaker 2 (59:31):
Niggas was master two years and something with my name.
All right, I'm smart man. We used our platform.

Speaker 4 (59:41):
Oh but you know what we were talking about earlier
before we get out of here. We was talking about
how like lebron situation, and I was talking about how
I got my pops and somebody that showed me the
ropes gave me a guideline to how to be a
just a man in general, how much we we got
for Bron, Like damn, he just grew up with his

mom and like knowing his situation and for him to
like never be in trouble, to go through what he's
going through be the person that he is in the
player years.

Speaker 1 (01:00:10):
I was like, damn, hed got to be the goat.
Bron's the goat because he did all the things that
you just said. He had the most ridiculous standards to
live by and surpassed all that shit.

Speaker 2 (01:00:22):
Fuck the championships.

Speaker 3 (01:00:23):
Dion Sanders too, that situation.

Speaker 4 (01:00:25):
That's crazy because I couldn't imagine, Like I got so
much respect for people who grow up with like single
moms or don't have their dad in their life like
that or whatever, because for me, I couldn't imagine now
having my pops or like not doing that shit because
I don't even know. I don't I wouldn't have that guidance,
Like I don't think I had a discipline myself just

to do that shit and hear people do that that shit.

Speaker 2 (01:00:49):
It's crazy.

Speaker 3 (01:00:50):
You got the game for real, yeah, and from somebody
who really did it for real. Yeah, he was blessed
for sure.

Speaker 2 (01:00:57):

Speaker 4 (01:00:57):
That's why I respect people whoever, whoever through that situation
where they didn't have a male figure in their life
and they was able to overcome it and be like
with phenomenal in whatever field they chose.

Speaker 2 (01:01:08):
It's crazy, and especially with Lebron.

Speaker 1 (01:01:10):
To have that much hype at that age, yeah, and
to maintain that without crashing out. We know so many
niggas a crash out with less expectations and less opportunities
but you had like the biggest weight on his back
ever in the history of demo, the sport of basketball, like.

Speaker 4 (01:01:24):
Just not to even sign with like Rebok when they
show you a ten million dollar check when you were
a kid at eighteen and you wait your options because
you're like Nigga, I know, if you're giving me ten
million dollars, I know Nike probably.

Speaker 2 (01:01:37):
Gonna at least give me that.

Speaker 4 (01:01:38):
And is to hear everybody out like I'm thinking at eighteen,
I've seen that ten million dollars tack with my friends.

Speaker 3 (01:01:46):
Oh we balling out. I would snatched that moup so quick.
I would have been in some answers quick.

Speaker 2 (01:01:54):
Career people around him though, So no disrespect to you know,
shout out to Drewid.

Speaker 3 (01:01:58):
And them, But.

Speaker 1 (01:02:00):
As an eighteen year old kid making the decisions to
pick those people around you, like, that's crazy. I know, people,
we gloss over this a lot because that was his homies.
But on the lowst of keys, if you look at it,
that Nigga built the empire. He built the empire is
the teenager.

Speaker 2 (01:02:16):
Yeah, that's crazy.

Speaker 1 (01:02:17):
He changed a lot of people's family trajectories off one
simple decision.

Speaker 2 (01:02:21):
Bro, I don't think that shit could be delicated, can't Bro.
They can't, not with the pressures he had to deal with.

Speaker 3 (01:02:27):
Bro. I'm just talking about niggas building that type of.

Speaker 2 (01:02:31):
Oh, niggas can do it.

Speaker 4 (01:02:33):
It's doable, like from that young I'm saying, because everybody
go to the league now in nineteen like if A
and them one to like put their hand man's on,
tell them to go to college and do to take
these steps and stuff.

Speaker 3 (01:02:44):
They've seen it from Broun. They can take the blueprint facts.
But the im talking about Joe. People got to be
willing to be disciplined. Maverick and them put in that work.
I think a lot of people overlook that shit. Maverick
and all them niggas. Bro, they really grinded to get there.
Bron of course helped in so many ways. But them
niggas work so fucking hard to get where they are.

Speaker 4 (01:03:05):
But I'm telling you, I think if you if you
can see your man's about to be the number one pick,
I don't think it's hard to go to school. I'm
just being honest, not saying maverickan I'm saying now like
following Bron Broke playing for Yo, if I'm Anthony Edwards
friend and he said, I know he going to the
league like he's number one pick.

Speaker 2 (01:03:24):
And he like, hey, go to school for four years,
get your degree. I want you to be my agent.

Speaker 4 (01:03:28):
Nigga, I'm gonna do it like it ain't gonna be
like nahjee, I don't know, Nigga, I'm gonna do that.

Speaker 2 (01:03:36):
And he's not discredited a mavericking.

Speaker 1 (01:03:38):
I'm saying, it's just like because of Lebron, we see
a successful bluement to where I can't be a generation
of wealth with my niggas.

Speaker 2 (01:03:45):
Everybody has just got to be tapped in.

Speaker 1 (01:03:47):
Like you said the Blueprint, he was definitely blessed because
he was around hustles too.

Speaker 3 (01:03:51):
That's what I'm saying, a lot of times want to
do a lot of these young niggas growing up, they
growing up with their niggas and they're from the trenches.
So they niggas don't even have that stability. Yeah, to
see that through a lot of times, it's what I'm saying,
it's kind of hard for like what's rich. Paul was
already hustling jerseys and Shiity always had to get money mentality,

That's what I'm saying, Like to have a group of friends.
That's why I appreciate my niggas I grew up with. We'
all had the same kind of mentality, Like nigga, one
of us got to make everybody work ethic was crazy.
You know what I'm saying. I don't think a lot
of kids be having that these days.

Speaker 2 (01:04:29):
Especially not with that much to lose.

Speaker 3 (01:04:31):
Yeah, he had a lot to lose, so they can't
be doing I'll just be trying to see, Like damn,
who's the Knicks? They shit was documented of course, like
Brian definitely build an empire. I just was like, damn,
who knicks to some shit like that.

Speaker 4 (01:04:43):
Any player that's coming to the league now with there
got potentially be number one, two, three, four, pick y'all
should be doing the same thing Brian doing. Yeah, y'all
should take his whole thing, because that that cancels out
having to take care of people exactly.

Speaker 2 (01:04:57):
You're giving them a chance to feed themselves, like.

Speaker 3 (01:05:01):
That's where he had tacks right out.

Speaker 2 (01:05:03):
Yeah, but they also don't be working for themselves.

Speaker 3 (01:05:06):
No, for sure.

Speaker 2 (01:05:07):
I'm just saying, I mean, you ain't nobody gonna be
rich Paul. That's dead.

Speaker 4 (01:05:12):
Yeah, it's dead because them number one picks, probably signing
the rich, but you can learn from them.

Speaker 3 (01:05:19):
Yeah, you can still have your own motion, yeah for sure.

Speaker 1 (01:05:23):
And what's crazy is even on a micro level, I
think a lot of people don't realize because I know
it's a hella taboo in our community to like talk
about finance and combind finances for a come and go.
There are plenty of people who work regular jobs that
could combind resources or work together to buy things to
get that shit. Like I remember once our family was
talking about like combinding money to buy properties and stuff

like that and have it in the family and make money.
But then you sit around it's just like, especially in
our community, we don't want talk how much money we got.

Speaker 2 (01:05:51):
We won't talk about how much that we got.

Speaker 1 (01:05:52):
It holds us away from simple shit to where other
races may not trip on that shit as much. Yeah,
but it's definitely an opportunity, like you said, niggas getting
to it at a young age for sure.

Speaker 2 (01:06:02):
Yeah, that's why I can't understand gloriala but full circle
moment be here and telling people that go about.

Speaker 3 (01:06:09):
Some merchants full circle moment. Wow, I didn't say full bed.
She was fucking little house on the period. Bro, Yeah,
gloat shot Club five twenty dot com for your latest
merch man. I wonder person.

Speaker 4 (01:06:26):
I think that you're gonna go play them though, I
think gloriala al, I'm gonna go play them.

Speaker 2 (01:06:31):
I don't know about I'm sure to do well. She
got summer. I hope it go. I hope you go
play with her.

Speaker 4 (01:06:38):
The women running the rep game right now, her performing
with those shoes on dras, I'm never gonna forget it.
She on that stage, bro, what if a lower outfit
on that before the titties and the new teeth. Yeah,
she came over a lower out and on teeth, sea
walking niggas, and she kicked them off, fucking shoes off.

She started a little very moment.

Speaker 1 (01:07:03):
I said, got it, hey man, shouts to shouts, glow
up because we saw Sexy Red perform here pregnant Barefoot,
and then tire crowd went crazy.

Speaker 3 (01:07:14):
Yeah, legendary.

Speaker 2 (01:07:15):
I think Barefoot's a thing.

Speaker 4 (01:07:17):
If you don't perform one of your first concerts Barefoot,
you ain't gonna make it.

Speaker 2 (01:07:21):
Damn. I told you about that Barefoot ship.

Speaker 1 (01:07:26):
And on that note, life share subscribe, don't wear socks
you're back next week.
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