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April 5, 2024 60 mins

Shannon Sharpe and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson discuss Tiger Woods abstaining from sex before The Masters and answer your fan questions

2:45 - Nadal withdraws from tournament 

7:00 - Tiger Woods eliminating sex until tournament is over 

13:15 - Spell-O-Cinco: Ocho attempts to spell bilingual, erroneous, zucchini…

26:15 - Dunk on Unc

34:45 - This or That scenarios 

39:15 - Which city has the best BBQ?

46:15 - Which Michael is bigger, Jordan or Jackson?

52:15 - Mt. Rushmore of athletes 

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
The volume.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
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Speaker 2 (01:14):
Oh Jo Raffio the Dog pulled out of the upcoming
Marty Carlo Matters.

Speaker 4 (01:18):
That's the prep for the French Open.

Speaker 2 (01:21):
Thirty seven year old opted out of the Australian Open
after suffering a muscle injury, before pulling out of Indian Wales,
and now he's withdrawing from Marty Carlo. The latest setback
comes just six weeks ahead of the French Open. The
French Open, the doll is known as the King of Clay.
He's wondered that title a record fourteen times. Nadal wrote
on social media. Unfortunately, I'm not going to pletely playing

in Marty Carlo. My body simply won't allow me. When
did you have this moment and how hard was it
for you to accept that?

Speaker 4 (01:51):
You know what that curtain is, Laurie.

Speaker 1 (01:58):
You know what, that's a great question, because that's a
that's a great question because I don't think I was able. Ooh,
I don't think I was able to hit that wall
because I was going before I was able to hit
it with me. I'm trying not to go there.

Speaker 4 (02:15):
I'm trying.

Speaker 1 (02:15):
I'm trying not. I'm trying not to go there without
going there because I don't want to. I don't want
to give a table legs. But I think I wasn't
able to experience that that wall because I wasn't there
for me to hit it. You understand what I'm saying.
So I left left, I left love early. I left
it early, but I haven't experienced it yet. That's why
I think mentally, I always think I could still do

it because I left in such a in such a
in a healthy manner, and not understanding as the years
go by, listen that it ain't done it in a while.
Is it just it just ain't there.

Speaker 4 (02:50):
You know what?

Speaker 2 (02:51):
I did the same thing. Oh you, I left a
year early. I know I could have played another year.
I was gearing up to do everything to come back
and play. My last year, I had sixty seven catches,
seven hundred and seventy yards, eight touchdowns. I missed the
last game of the season because we couldn't improve our
playoffs seating, and so I felt good. I think I

finished with the second most catching yards and touchdown behind
Tony Gunzales and I was.

Speaker 4 (03:16):
In your fourteen right.

Speaker 2 (03:18):
But when CBS called, I was like the likelihood in
my agent when I was talking, and he said, Shannon,
the likelihood of that job being available next year.

Speaker 1 (03:28):
No, they're gonna fill a position.

Speaker 2 (03:30):
So I ended up leaving. But I started seeing signs.
But I wasn't that same player. Oh, Joe, I remember
watching I was watching practice one day. I was watching
we you know, we had things, and I was like, damn,
that dude's slow. I said, oh that's me. I said,
oh god, I'm looking up y'all. I was like, damn,

did anybody realize that? Come on, Joe, you know you boy?
I used to be, oh yeah, yeah you hey, listen,
you can get up. Man. I was like a cattle
on the marble table. I was sliding all over the place.
I was flying back. I said, hey, But I didn't
now all of a sudden, don't you. I found myself.
You how we talked about having to do all that. Yeah,

I found myself having to do all that stuff to
try to get over right.

Speaker 1 (04:20):
Okay, I see what you mean. I see what you read.

Speaker 4 (04:22):
The It wasn't the same, but uh, and that's the.

Speaker 2 (04:31):
You're the first person to know, you're the last person
to accept it.

Speaker 4 (04:36):
M hm. That's the art. I like that. You see it.

Speaker 1 (04:43):
Yeah, you see everybody everybody else.

Speaker 4 (04:46):
You see it.

Speaker 2 (04:48):
You know you saw it first, but you're the like
to accept it.

Speaker 4 (04:52):
That's true. But you saw it first. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (04:56):
Oh listen, do you know who gonna let you know first?

Speaker 4 (04:58):
Though? Huh man, for sure, for sure, because guess what.

Speaker 2 (05:03):
It's just like when you put on something, you know
that thing, right, you gonna know it ain't right you
wear that the house anyway.

Speaker 4 (05:12):
Yeah, and then when y'all boys get on.

Speaker 2 (05:15):
You're not bad whatever, y'all just hate y'all know this,
y'all know this blistic y'all.

Speaker 4 (05:21):
Y'all just jealous that thing you hit like.

Speaker 1 (05:24):
You thought it ain't hitting, like it ain't giving like
like the kids say, they ain't giving what Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 4 (05:30):
Yeah, you ain't. You ain't getting out of that what
you thought you was. Oh, Joe, check this out.

Speaker 2 (05:33):
Tiger Woods is getting up for the Master's Tournament, and
he's reportedly means no sex. A friend of the golf
legend told The New York Post this week he's working
really hard in the gym. The source told the outlet
he's eating right. He's even eliminated sex. He does not
he he does that now when he's preparing, no sense
until a tournament is over. He doesn't want anything to

take away from his focus. Does Tiger realize when he
was at his best, he was let him down?

Speaker 1 (06:00):
He would them, you were knocking him down like Domino.
Like Domino strikes and I think, listen, and this is
the problem, This is the problem with Tiger. Needs to
go back and understand when you were at your best,
when you were the greatest of all time, had all
the little kids wanting and dreaming not to be like Mike,

but wanting to be like Tiger. Golf courses all over
the world were filled because of what Tiger was able
to do on the golf course, on the greens. He
was knocking him down. He was playing golf in the daytime,
and he was a porn star at nighttime. And that
is why, that is why he was one of the

greatest of all time, because he functioned better that way.
The minute. The minute Tiger, let's go of all the
bullshit and worried about what people say and what they
riding and all this bullshit and you go back to
fucking soon as Tiger go back to fucking watch what happened.

Speaker 2 (06:59):
Watch his body done broke down. But hey, because see
what happened. Ohoe.

Speaker 4 (07:06):
He was doing this under the veil of anonymity. Nobody knew.

Speaker 2 (07:10):
But when yeah, but when the covers were lifted and
everybody saw for what he was. Now when he's on
that tee, everybody's looking at.

Speaker 4 (07:17):
Him, Tiger's a freak, you know. I'm oo.

Speaker 2 (07:21):
Now there was no more anonymity. Everybody knew what he
was doing. He was never the saying that night was
the two thousand and nine when the ex wife took
that golf tungue to that to the escalade, he.

Speaker 4 (07:36):
Was never the same.

Speaker 2 (07:37):
Now, we didn't know at the time that when ye
Yang tracked him down at the PGA, we we didn't know.

Speaker 4 (07:46):
We didn't know that was the beginning of the d
of time.

Speaker 2 (07:49):
Yeah, but it was that that aura of invincibility.

Speaker 1 (07:56):
Mm hmm. It was no longer you know why he
was it. I mean, I'm telling you why. It was invincible.
I'm telling you why. And and after that, going to therapy,
going to counseling, changing all this stuff, not yet not
being the freak or the Christian gray that you're used
to just being free to do as you please, even

if nobody the fact that people know. Now, go back
to doing what you were doing as long as it's
consensual with those that you're doing it with. And I
guarantee you, maybe you won't win the message again, but
your game is gonna change. Your game is gonna change.
Sometimes you got to go back to the for you,
go back to trying to do it, trying to do

with this model city way right way. It's just it's
just not you. It ain't you. It's not for you.
I know you're gonna see this too. I know you're
gonna see this. Eldrick, that's my guy. Eldrick.

Speaker 2 (08:53):
No, he was what you called, nah bro, you should
have gotten And the thing was, think about it. He
was marry and knocking him down. Oh ship, he was married.
That's what got him into trouble.

Speaker 1 (09:05):
Oh my bad, my bad, my bad. I forgot. I
forgot he was married.

Speaker 2 (09:08):
But guess what i'd have got that divorced. Come on,
ain't nothing holding me back now, none holding me back? Now, Hey,
I ain't got hey, I ain't got a creep ball
on you come on with it. Hey, Hey, I don't
get I don't get why staining when you had, when
you had your most. Normally people will revert back, what

did I do? Superstition?

Speaker 4 (09:33):

Speaker 2 (09:33):
I wore these underwear, I wore these socks. I ate
this and that's what. That's what most a lot of
I'm not gonna say all, but a lot of sports,
a lot of athletes are superstitious sir becards.

Speaker 4 (09:46):
What did I do?

Speaker 2 (09:47):
How can I recreate that moment, oh, Joe, in which
I had my best game, be it at the play,
being on the mound, being on the court, being in
on the football bill? What what did I do? Tago you?
And you're putting that meat on him?

Speaker 4 (10:11):
Man? Bad man?

Speaker 2 (10:19):
You know Day would put that meat on the grill,
no season or nothing. O.

Speaker 4 (10:27):
Man, I don't know what type of name. Man, Go
go back to do what you were doing.

Speaker 2 (10:37):
Bad, that's the way you see, Man, I didn't keep
it real with it bout ye bad. I wish I
wish you had have done that much sooner. Bad that
can putting that wrong meat on the grill and have

them going you got, I'm just saying, on Joe, Yeah.

Speaker 1 (11:11):
Fam my stummer hurt heym stubber hurt.

Speaker 4 (11:14):
What you got?

Speaker 1 (11:14):
Hold on, I gotta get some tissue, but you got
your crash.

Speaker 4 (11:21):
Man. I don't know where this tagment? Man? Hey you
put Hey, Tiger should go back to being who he was?

Speaker 1 (11:28):
Hey, Hey, where you got me a tiary.

Speaker 4 (11:35):

Speaker 2 (11:36):
Oh Joe check this out. Now it's time for one
of our favorite segments. It's our chatting favorite segment. It's
time for Spello sad.

Speaker 1 (11:52):
Hey, hold on man, hold on, man, I ain't recover yet, Tager.

Speaker 4 (11:59):
Doing that thing.

Speaker 1 (12:04):
Hey, by the way, you said that ship was so
goddamn fuddy.

Speaker 4 (12:10):
I mean what what? Oh your once it is out there?
What you hiding from? Everybody? Know what you? Who you are?
What you are?

Speaker 1 (12:17):
Oh man, hey boy, I needed that laugh where God damn?

Speaker 4 (12:22):
Oh Joe, we got some easy words for you tonight.

Speaker 1 (12:25):
Oh man, I'll start that now.

Speaker 4 (12:29):
I mean a little, but I think I think you
can get. I think you can get at least two,
maybe three of these.

Speaker 1 (12:41):
You ready, hold on, hold on, I'm saying my prayer,
hold on, chat. This is for y'all. Chat and one
thing that I've always done and I always promise, I
never never let you down because I love you. So
I'm gonna do this, y'all. Okay, amen, okay.

Speaker 2 (13:00):
A person that speaks at least two languages is considered bilingual.

Speaker 4 (13:07):
The word bi lingual.

Speaker 2 (13:11):
Hm m hm.

Speaker 1 (13:12):
Can you bi lingual?

Speaker 4 (13:16):

Speaker 2 (13:16):
Jo winner brawl to learn Spanish? Now he's bi lingual,
bi lingual.

Speaker 1 (13:28):
Bi lingual bi lingual. Whoa whoa whoa bilingual? Oh shit,
b I I know it's b I L by ling
by ling b I l I n whoa bilingual? Fuck

this ship? B I L I b I l I
n g u a bilingual l L got it? Uh?

Speaker 4 (14:03):
You frial stopped leaving?

Speaker 1 (14:04):
Baby babe? She she never support me. Man, damn? What
time is it?

Speaker 4 (14:18):
Uh? Eleven thirty five?

Speaker 5 (14:23):
She sleep?

Speaker 4 (14:23):
Does she the reports that came out?

Speaker 1 (14:27):
Oh you up? You up?

Speaker 4 (14:31):

Speaker 1 (14:32):
I woke you up? Now you gotta come. I'm doing
I'm doing spell seeing.

Speaker 4 (14:35):
I got my first and right he rell you asleep.

Speaker 1 (14:41):
I was knocked down.

Speaker 4 (14:44):

Speaker 1 (14:45):
Look I was at the game.

Speaker 4 (14:47):
Uh yes, what game? The Lakers in the oh oh DC,
the Wizards.

Speaker 1 (14:54):
Yes, everybody came up to me. I like what you're
doing on the show.

Speaker 4 (14:58):
See I told you stop listening.

Speaker 1 (15:01):
I know you see listen you have to stop allowing her.
You got to stop allowing her air time now.

Speaker 4 (15:07):
No Real good.

Speaker 1 (15:09):
No, no, no, no, she's not good. I told you
because I go in public and people are addressing me. Hey,
aren't you the dude that talked to Real? I say, Man,
don't they don't try me?

Speaker 4 (15:18):
What you canna bait? H? No, no no.

Speaker 2 (15:26):
The report that came out yesterday was erroneous, erroneous, erroneous.

Speaker 1 (15:32):
Wait all right, I should get this right because I
think I know erroneous. Now I'm not. I'm not even
playing because I've had to use that in the sentence before. Erroneous. O.
R oh.

Speaker 4 (15:49):
You already blurted it out.

Speaker 1 (15:53):
E r ohms are e r r damn. Come on, man,
let me back there. Man, talk about this two hours
like you. You ain't no spelling be champed on a head?
Now she betteran trying to correct me.

Speaker 2 (16:11):
Man, Okay, how about this out, y'all. I don't know
if you like this vegetable, but it's called zucchini.

Speaker 1 (16:19):
Oh, zucchini, it's two c's right, you're.

Speaker 4 (16:27):
The spelling be champed. Oh Joe. I'm just I'm just here.

Speaker 1 (16:32):
Listen. My grandma love some goddamn zucchini. I'm probably gonna
get this wrong. Z U C C I N I.
I know I got it wrong.

Speaker 4 (16:39):
Z U C C eight.

Speaker 1 (16:42):
I N I why do? Okay? Okay, Now, I only
was almost close because I remember Grandma loved some goddamn zucchini,
nasty as hell zucchini. Okrah and washsh how you know,
because it's no bulley yay, horrible, horrible, and that's her thing.

That's why I knew how to spell it a little bit.
I just forgot about that side. Okay, But okay, okay,
So I'm one for I'm one for. I'm one for three, right, okay, Ventriloquist,
Now you know, come on, man, that's not fair, right,
don't don't.

Speaker 4 (17:24):
Go this one.

Speaker 1 (17:25):
We gotta easeis. Come on, man, come on, you know
I'm not going to get.

Speaker 4 (17:32):
That d E N T R I l O q
U I s T Ventriloquist.

Speaker 1 (17:38):
Hell no, I want them to get that. And nobody
in the chap is gonna get it either, So y'all
better stop I know laughing.

Speaker 2 (17:44):
A person that it's sick in their own mind is
a hypochondriac. A person that pretends to be sick when
there's nothing wrong with them. It's considered a hypochondriac.

Speaker 1 (17:59):
Okay, well, the beginning is the beginning is easy. H
y p O condre C h O N, d R
A C or I A C d X. Oh it
gott to be?

Speaker 2 (18:12):
Was it?

Speaker 1 (18:13):
D E A C or d I A C? Can
I pick one? It's either I or E for the
A C, so it's pretty easy. Hypo obviously hypo and
then con c h O. Wait, you're never finished. I said,
d R I A C or d R E A C.
Can I pick?

Speaker 4 (18:30):

Speaker 1 (18:30):
Can I pick one? Let's go kndre dre. I used
to be a girl named Dre. Her name was d
r I fu.

Speaker 2 (18:40):
I'm gonna go with die hypochondract H y p O
C h N C O O N d R I
A C hypochondriac.

Speaker 1 (18:49):
So I did do it right?

Speaker 4 (18:50):
Yeah? Well, maybe I.

Speaker 1 (18:52):
Got another one, baby, Maybe I got.

Speaker 2 (18:55):
Another one and the last and the bonus I'm in
the groove. The bonus one is Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope.

Speaker 1 (19:06):
It's talk about like, what's dude? What dude had an album?
Frank was a Frank Oshen. I don't remember.

Speaker 4 (19:13):
I'm not I'm not familiar with it. I know who
he is, but you.

Speaker 1 (19:15):
Are Kaleidoscope baby, who had the album Kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope
and started with a K two I think, if I'm
not mistaken, Kaleidoscope Validoscope. Am I wrong? Or was it

a C? Damn? What artist was that? The name of
the album?

Speaker 4 (19:40):
Had the album called.

Speaker 1 (19:43):
Calisaun nods a white Kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope, kaleidoscope scope light Scope.

Speaker 2 (19:58):

Speaker 1 (19:58):
Yeah, ok YEO, Hey, I know it's the cake because
I remember that. Remember the remember the cover collider Collider, collider.

Speaker 4 (20:09):

Speaker 1 (20:10):
Don't pay attention, man, fuck it. I'm ready ready k
l A k A L k l A alright, my bad,
I be, I'll be, I'll be talking, so god damn fast,
all right. Kaleidiscope, Kaleidiscope, k A K A l E

the the the d O c O p E Kaleidoscope k.

Speaker 4 (20:37):
A L E I d O S c O p
E Kaleidoscope.

Speaker 1 (20:42):
Where the fucking I come from?

Speaker 4 (20:44):
Calida? Okay?

Speaker 1 (20:48):
Where where did he come from?

Speaker 4 (20:50):

Speaker 1 (20:51):
How did I spelled it right? What did I leave out?
I left out the eye?

Speaker 4 (20:53):
A lot of a lot of owls.

Speaker 1 (20:57):
No, I didn't. That's what I said. I said Kail
had one two, That's what it was. That was Miguel.

Speaker 4 (21:03):
I knew I wasn't tripping, all right, O Joe, damn
time for you to exact some revenge. Hold on, what
was that?

Speaker 1 (21:10):
One for five?

Speaker 4 (21:11):
Two for five?

Speaker 1 (21:13):
Okay, okay, two for five? That that ain't bad because
all y'all talking shit and the goddamn chat would have
been over five. Don't act like y'all know how to spell.
Ben Trillick was.

Speaker 2 (21:21):
Either nine time, O Joe or your favorite segment dunk
on unk Oh.

Speaker 1 (21:35):
Yeah, you ain't finna get this. You ain't finna get this.
You ain't finna get this.

Speaker 4 (21:45):

Speaker 1 (21:45):
Y'all ready you ready, you're ready on? So first of all,
you're finela?

Speaker 4 (21:51):
Where you going? Baby? Oh hey?

Speaker 1 (21:57):
First question, only four runners and NFL history have at
least five thousand yards rushing and five thousand yards receiving?
Can you name at least three of them? Only four
running backs in Marshall history have at least okay.

Speaker 4 (22:18):
Two Lenny Moore, motherfucker?

Speaker 1 (22:25):
Okay, okay, okay, okay, we listen. We started off with
an easy question. Don't get beside yourself. Hold on a
little fellow. Hold on, we're gonna see you're ready for
a question number two. Yeah, let's see if you get

this one. Who is the oldest head coach in NFL
history to win the Super Bowl?

Speaker 2 (22:51):

Speaker 1 (22:52):
How about that? Yeah? Yeah, that excitement, that's that excitement
done went away quick?

Speaker 4 (23:01):
Andy Reid wrong?

Speaker 1 (23:05):
You listen, you was loud and proud to which answer
to You're wrong? The oldest coast that winning the Super Bowl?
Ain't Andy Reid is goddamn Bruce Arians at sixty eight
years old.

Speaker 4 (23:16):

Speaker 1 (23:21):
Yeah, Bruce Arians sixty eight years old when the Bucks
beat the Chiefs in Super Bowl fifty five?

Speaker 4 (23:25):
How old is Andy?

Speaker 1 (23:29):
Andy Reid is a sixty maybe sixty two?

Speaker 4 (23:32):
I don't know if he older is sixty two? You
think so? He just turned sixty six? Okay, okay, go ahead, all.

Speaker 1 (23:42):
Right, one one for one, one for one. Here we
go chat. We got him on the ropes, baby. Three
players have won AP Defensive Player of the Year three times.
Who are who are they? Three players have won AP
Defensive Player.

Speaker 2 (23:58):
JJ Watt and the Aaron All right, you know what
I gave you that laft I gave that.

Speaker 1 (24:06):
I know you listen, but you do not understand that
I gave you that layup just to give you confidence,
to bring you back down and humble you. On the
next question, I guess the following player. I have thrown
a touchdown past the Shannon Sharp. I was the first
round pick. I won AP Comeback Player of the Year

in two thousand and two. Yeaes sir, be hell yeah,
I want that same energy. Yes, I want the same
get you. Let me get you again again. You're loud
and you're proud. No no, no, no, no, hold on,
it's too late. You gave your answer, you said, Randall

cutting hands, Brian who? Brian Who? That you're wrong? Two times?
You're wrong?

Speaker 4 (24:56):
Two times?

Speaker 1 (24:57):
You want to your third time to char Okay, okay,
the answer is Tommy Maddox, who's drafted twenty fifth overall
by the Broncos in the nineteen ninety two draft.

Speaker 4 (25:08):
He threw it a touchdown and that when did he
throw me a touchdown? Ninety two?

Speaker 2 (25:13):

Speaker 1 (25:13):
Yeah, he threw he threw he threw your touchdown. Yes
he did. I watched it on film myself on VHS. Yeah.
See see, I told you, see how humble you?

Speaker 4 (25:23):
What did I get this one? Oh?

Speaker 1 (25:26):
Let's best something. Bet one hundred dollars. You don't give
us right, you gotta say bet all right? Bet okay,
bet one hundred dollars. You had the NFL record. Hold on,
let me get right, you had the You hold the
NFL record for receiving yards by then, hold on on,

I got goddamn tears still in the damn right? You ready?
You hold the NFL record for receiving yards by a
tight end in one game with fourteen back in two
thousand and two against the Chiefs. But which tight end
has the most catches in one game? Oh, that's a
good question. Which tight end has the most catches in

the game. That's a good one, is God, damn ah,
I'm gonna go Jason Whitten. You know what, I ain't
even matters. You're getting that right, right?

Speaker 4 (26:26):
Don't you better say?

Speaker 2 (26:27):
All right?

Speaker 1 (26:27):
O Joe, you're already do that because especially something like that.

Speaker 2 (26:31):
Look, Kevin Winflow, I know Kellen Winflow had fifteen, but
I think I remember Jason Witten getting sixteen.

Speaker 4 (26:37):
I think the record is sixteen.

Speaker 1 (26:40):
Actually it was eighteen. He had eighteen against the Giants
in twenty twelve. I'm trying to figure out what the
hell was that during that game? Eighteen eighteen taught eighteen
touches in a game?

Speaker 4 (26:51):
Oh Joe? What?

Speaker 1 (26:54):
Okay? So what you use on us?

Speaker 4 (26:56):

Speaker 1 (26:57):
Five? I was two of five. You only had one more.

Speaker 4 (27:00):
But see I've done five for five. I've gone five
for five, so I'm good.

Speaker 1 (27:05):
I'm going five five to five for five.

Speaker 4 (27:07):
Okay, hair, it's our last segment of the night, and
it's called Q and A.

Speaker 2 (27:16):
Q and A.

Speaker 1 (27:17):
Let's go chat. Ask me anything. I don't care. I'm
answering everything.

Speaker 2 (27:23):
Cufcake Mama asked, would you rather spend the rest of
your life whether a woman you absolutely loved at a
door or alan with the money you currently have in
your bank account?

Speaker 4 (27:36):
Like right now?

Speaker 1 (27:39):
Would I like to spend Damn? That's a good one.
That's a really good one. Mmm. And I don't want
to say the wrong thing, because.

Speaker 4 (27:59):
Go ahead, go ahead, Hey, spend the rest of your
life with a woman you love it a door? Yeah?
I do that? Follow? What would you do?

Speaker 1 (28:14):
You nervous? I'm thinking, I think, okay, okay, okay, take
take your time now, because you don't want to say
the wrong thing, because you have to deal with that
that pressure after this.

Speaker 4 (28:25):
Take my take my black hands upstairs and go to bed. Pressure.
Uh you know, o Joe.

Speaker 2 (28:34):
Probably one of my greatest regrets, if there is, if
I do have a regret, was probably not having someone
consistently in my life.

Speaker 1 (28:48):
Mm hmmm.

Speaker 4 (28:49):
Have I traveled on this journey?

Speaker 2 (28:52):

Speaker 4 (28:52):
So at some point in time, this journey is gonna
come to an end.

Speaker 1 (28:58):
Come on now, and and.

Speaker 4 (29:02):
All the money, now you, all the money in the
world ain't gonna mean anything if I ain't got somebody there.

Speaker 1 (29:11):
Come on as So now we're talking. This is the
Shenny shop I've been looking for right here. Now you
see the light. Now you see the light. Now you
see why we're trying to guide you. Sometimes all you
need is a little push. So that's all you need.
Now you're talking to me.

Speaker 4 (29:26):
Yeah, I'm I'm I'm gonna take to spend with someone there.

Speaker 2 (29:32):
You go.

Speaker 4 (29:35):
I like that.

Speaker 1 (29:36):
That's a very mature.

Speaker 4 (29:37):
I'm gonna change my mind.

Speaker 2 (29:38):
That's what I'm gonna change my mind tomorrow. Okay, lady Ray,
you've been absent.

Speaker 1 (29:45):

Speaker 2 (29:46):
Uh okay, I got this or that preference question for
you guys, Sunrise or sunset?

Speaker 4 (29:55):
Which one you like? Sunrise or sunset.

Speaker 1 (29:58):
Shoot which what which ship? Sunrise? So I like both, Yeah,
I do, I like both. I mean for what this is,
I'm up, I'm up early in the morning and I'm
able to I'm able to see it because I get
up at five am every morning, even even even the
knights that we feel and I'm sitting on here talking
my mouth away, i still got up at the same time,

do my same routine, and I'm able to watch the sunrise.
And obviously seeing the sunset is pretty easy, especially from
here in Miami because the beaches. Watching the sunrise or
sun or sunset from the beach, it's a beautiful thing. Beautiful.

Speaker 4 (30:36):
I'm a sunrise person. Sweet or salty?

Speaker 1 (30:44):
Sweet? Sweet?

Speaker 4 (30:48):
Oh that's tough, because man, I love me some French
fries and burgers.

Speaker 1 (30:52):
Okay, well, I mean obviously I like frinch. I like
French fries as well. But if I had to choose between,
it's a tough one. And I eat McDonald's fries all
the time. But I just I just said sweet. I
don't enjoy snickers.

Speaker 4 (31:11):
Mine is zero bar. That's my favorite. What the hell?
Zero bar?

Speaker 2 (31:16):
The hell is that it's a candle bar? Old school,
You don't know nothing about it. Zero zero yeah, beach
or the mountains.

Speaker 1 (31:23):
Never heard.

Speaker 4 (31:25):
Beach or the mountains.

Speaker 1 (31:27):
The beach. I don't want to be no goddamn mountains.
I don't even want to see the mountains. I mean,
it's a it's a beautiful view when you're driving, but
I ain't. Mounts can't do nothing to me.

Speaker 4 (31:35):
That beach.

Speaker 1 (31:37):
Now that that's what I'm talking about.

Speaker 2 (31:40):
Uh, I'm gonna say, beach. I ain't no mounds persas
back massage, your foot massage.

Speaker 1 (31:47):
Oh, foot massage.

Speaker 4 (31:49):
I like.

Speaker 1 (31:49):
I like when I like that.

Speaker 2 (31:54):
Daddy, you know, oh jot, cause all of a sudden,
you know, you start rubbing my bad you know what
you're getting the glue, and all of a sudden she's like,
are you Superman? Because that was Joe. I'll I'll be elevating,
you know what I'm saying, I'd be fitning around right right,

give me the back, give me the bat.

Speaker 4 (32:22):
Always late, always early.

Speaker 1 (32:26):
Okay, always early late? What I have been late?

Speaker 4 (32:32):
I right, listen.

Speaker 1 (32:33):
I work in corporate America because if you come late
where I work at, your ass gets fired and they
gonna replace you. So when am I ever late? I'm
never late I'm late.

Speaker 4 (32:44):
Oh to what? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (32:47):
To bed? I'm sleep by nine o'clock every night, and
you got me up. You got me up three four
hours past my bedtime. That's the only time I'm late. Uh,
I'm probably always early, as most of them always late.

Speaker 2 (33:04):
You don't got you. You don't broke batter the hald
of to try to start on time. So I already
know we ain't gonna start till ten ten or seventeen?

Speaker 1 (33:11):
You when did we ever now starting on time? Because
of me? I'm always hearing, ready and available. I get
my lighting together, I do, I do my brown I'll
be read.

Speaker 2 (33:22):
I didn't want to put your business in the street.
But guess what when you just woke up? Remember we
were late cause you just woke up. I read you
ain't have no jersey on or nothing?

Speaker 4 (33:34):
Are you right?

Speaker 1 (33:36):
Wait a minute, wait a minute, but listen. Listen. Do
you see the energy I've had from the entire show
from the beginning, but listen from the beginning to the end.
You know why, because I took my black ass a
goddamn that, because I knew I wouldn't be able to
sustain standing up the entire to You know you did?
You know most of the time. Remember how I say,
sometime we get to the end of the show, I'll

be fighting for my life. I ain't fighting for my life.
To night we can go to go to work.

Speaker 2 (34:03):
Becausehwan Thomas asked, what's up talking on let's rank? Who
has the best barbecue? Memphis, Texas, Kansas City, Carolina?

Speaker 4 (34:14):
Who you got.

Speaker 1 (34:17):
Damn barbecue? You know what I'm mad? I'm mad. I
don't indulge in enough different enough barbecue in different cities
to know the goddamn answer. But I'm just gonna say
Kansas City for the simple fact. When I hear people
argue about on Twitter, when it comes to barbecue, it's
always goddamn Kansas City. When I hear people argue about

the best gumbo, it's always got damned New Orleans. When
I hear people argue about I mean, you get what
I'm trying to say. So it's hard for me to
have an argument in this case. When I don't hear
about ribs outside of any other city except.

Speaker 4 (34:50):
For Cannis takes us. I don't and Memphis.

Speaker 1 (34:56):
Anytime any time somebody I hear anything about text, they
always bring.

Speaker 4 (35:01):
Us Yeah, third behind Memphis.

Speaker 1 (35:06):
If I had this, I think, wait behind Memphis, Memphis.
No Memphis is known for. Yeah, I've never even I've
never been to Memphis, so I would yeah that let's start,
let's start, let's start there. I ain't been to Memphis.

Speaker 2 (35:25):
Probably I've had more Texas than Memphis, but probably Texas, Memphis,
Kansas City, Carolina. But drive Dry had drive Rub the
Memphis the drive rough rib that Memphis.

Speaker 4 (35:43):
Got drive Rub.

Speaker 1 (35:47):
I don't know what that means. I know by, I
know by in Miami and highly Miama Lakes off sixty
seventh Avenue by Don Shula Restaurant. The ribs I know
about Eaton was Tony Romas, Tony Roma's baby back ribs.
The motherfucker used to fall off the goddamn bone. Now,
I'm sure the ribs I'm talking about don't compare anything

to the ribs of people in the chat. Yeah, and
the experience that you've had in some of these places
in Memphis, in Kansas City, that's.

Speaker 4 (36:14):
All I want. We put it up.

Speaker 1 (36:16):
I'm not I'm not a I'm not a huge eater.

Speaker 4 (36:18):
So the extended the extent of what I know is Tony,
ask who you got me?

Speaker 2 (36:22):
Put me put it to the chat, Memphis of Texas
because I think those two were top, Kansas City and Carolina.
So Memphis of Texas, we're gonna put it in the chat.
We're gonna let y'all guys decide best barbecue. Texas forty
eight percent, uh, Memphis twenty six percent, Carolina fourteen, Kansas

City twelve.

Speaker 1 (36:51):
Wait a minute, who was first? Who was first?

Speaker 4 (36:54):
Forty eight?

Speaker 1 (36:57):
That's not God? Really, don't I need to get I
need to get out a little bit? Takes it for
get out? I didn't. I didn't know that.

Speaker 2 (37:08):
I didn't know the Rayahs Soroano said, Hey, we ordered
a bottle of La Portier in February, but we're still waiting.
You said pre orders would be fulfilled, but does that
but does that timeline add up? We're just anxious to
try much love. You know what. We're gonna jump on
that you ordered in February. Yeah, that that, uh, that

order should be fulfilled. So if you haven't received it
by the end of next week, jump back in the
chat and I'll see what the timeline is. I'm gonna
jump on that anyway, but hopefully you will receive it
by there. But either way, jump into the chat and
let me know if you received it. Jeremy Shepper said, unknocho.

My friend and I having a debate on who's the
more influential. He says Michael Jordan. I told him Jordan
couldn't watch Michael Jackson. Uh, Michael Jackson heard the draws.
Please settle this debate.

Speaker 1 (38:09):
Wait what did he say? Who's more influence? Influence?

Speaker 4 (38:12):
With Jackson and Michael Jordan.

Speaker 1 (38:15):
That's two two completely different ends of the spectrum, two
completely entertainment wise. We understand how important Michael Jackson was
sports wise when it comes to basketball and being influential
in the game of basketball and then inspiring a generation
of kids, young kids with the shoes and that's that's
that's completely different. But I mean, oh sh that's.

Speaker 4 (38:41):
Michael Jackson or Michael Jordans.

Speaker 2 (38:43):
I don't like people think about it. If Michael had
been Michael in the internet age, that's what you don't understand.

Speaker 4 (38:55):
Michael so sold one hundred million.

Speaker 5 (38:59):
Albums up when you had to actually buy him. I
mean people people physical physical copies. Yeah, you're right, it's
too different. Oh man, it's too different.

Speaker 1 (39:15):
Mm hmm.

Speaker 4 (39:16):
See Michael with Michael with a prodigy from Michael.

Speaker 1 (39:20):
Big Seven seventy eight years old, leader.

Speaker 4 (39:23):
Jackson five, he had his first but seventy two.

Speaker 1 (39:27):
That's a good question. I'm gonna steal that. I'm gonna
steal that tomorrow. I'm using that.

Speaker 4 (39:32):
So who you go with Jordan and Jackson?

Speaker 1 (39:35):
I'ma I'm gonna say Jordan's because people people still wearing
Jordan to this day. Not very many people that walk
around with the jackets with the zippers on it. We
we appreciate and love his music still to this day.

Speaker 2 (39:49):
That is when they go they go to the Halloween party,
they still dress up with them Jay Michael with that
glove they got they got a show in Vegas.

Speaker 1 (39:59):
Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah. Oh see.
That's that's a really good one because you can pull
from so many different areas where both of them are
very influential based on what people are still doing to
this day.

Speaker 2 (40:15):
I don't, like I said, I don't think people. I
think people don't really realize understand Michael at his high.

Speaker 1 (40:23):
Big Mike was, yeah, yeah, I don't think they have
a lot of that.

Speaker 2 (40:27):
What in fact, when when the transgression came out about
the other stuff, But you talk about the eighties.

Speaker 1 (40:35):
Yeah, it wasn't nothing like it. It wasn't it wasn't
nothing like it. But you know what, that kind of
that kind of fame scares me though, No.

Speaker 4 (40:43):
No, no, no, I mean you can't go nowhere, you
can't do it.

Speaker 1 (40:46):
I would never, yeah, would, I would never. Ever, it's
being impossible to get that that kind of famous. But
the kind of famous where you're worth more dead than alive,
I don't like. I don't like that.

Speaker 4 (40:57):
I don't want to.

Speaker 1 (40:58):
You know you did you that the kind of yeah,
I don't want that kind of thing where I'm worth
more dead than being alive. That's that's that that damn.
I couldn't.

Speaker 4 (41:08):
I couldn't.

Speaker 2 (41:09):
I wouldn't be able to. It's hard to like go,
I mean, can you. I mean Michael couldn't do anything
since he was like ten, so he grew up his
whole life in isolation. He couldn't go anywhere. I mean,
Michael could go places at Michael Jordan couldnt go places.
When he's in high school he could probably he could.
He could go places even when he was in college

and now once he got to the NBA after eighty
four half, but he wasn't going nowhere alone but Michael Jackson,
he really never had a childhood.

Speaker 4 (41:39):
Yeah, joy have no childhood. Where could he go?

Speaker 2 (41:44):
I mean he was singing with the Jackson fives. He
had a top ten song I think in seventy two
when he's like thirteen. So he gave all that up.
I mean, he don't know what it's like to go.

Speaker 1 (41:56):
Sit well here, he was forced to get it out.

Speaker 4 (41:59):
He Yeah, he was.

Speaker 2 (42:01):
I mean, he don't know what it's like. The goal
sit in the movie theater by himself. He got to
written the whole theater. You know, you know how you
gonna go shopping? He got to ridden the whole shopping center.

Speaker 1 (42:12):
Yeah, I think, you know what, that's funny. I think
a lot some parents. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Joe jack he was forced into being successful. He was
forced into being great.

Speaker 4 (42:23):

Speaker 2 (42:24):
But if you look at it, you think about it,
think about all the kids that were great, Serena Tiger,
Michael Jackson.

Speaker 4 (42:35):
Look at the influence that their father played.

Speaker 1 (42:38):
Mm hmm, very early, very early.

Speaker 2 (42:41):
You know that was.

Speaker 4 (42:44):
Tiger. Yeah, yeah, you did.

Speaker 1 (42:45):
We always we always see. I always wondered if there
was any pushback at any point. We never get to
hear about that part. We always see we started early
and we see the finished product. I want to know
what happened in between. Was there any pushback at any
point where that individual or that child said, you know what,
it's ain't what I really want to do and the
parent actually made them do it anyway?

Speaker 4 (43:05):
Probably back then then put back what well what your
parents saying with that back?

Speaker 2 (43:13):

Speaker 1 (43:13):
Please what you're saying.

Speaker 2 (43:17):
But you know what I mean for sure, But I
think the thing is o yo. Once you taste of
that success, it's addicted once you taste it around.

Speaker 4 (43:27):
Yeah, ojo.

Speaker 2 (43:29):
We want to thank the night Catherrick because guys, right
now you've put us in head of the Kelsey's, so
we want to thank y'all.

Speaker 4 (43:35):
We got to keep this up.

Speaker 2 (43:37):
I think the voting ends April fifteenth or the sixteenth,
so we got to keep this thing going. Guys, we
got to keep the thing going. So thank you very much.
Tony Turner said, bunking on't your love the platforms, gentlemen,
thank you for your knowledge, your personal experience with us.
Who's your Mount rushmore of best athletes? He said, pick five?

Mount rushmore than have four heads, but we'll pick five. Uh,
voting April team for the Webby Awards Best Sports Podcast.

Speaker 1 (44:09):
Who's your Mount Rushmore of of athletes? Pinky Wesley Pipes.

Speaker 4 (44:35):
You sitting here, I know, I already know you're going
to for bull Gie.

Speaker 1 (44:40):
Oh no, okay, Mount Rushmore athletes. Uh, Deon Sanders. I'm
I'm I'm gonna start there, Lebron James, can I Can
I do that? Lebron James. This is tough because it's

so many. This is this is very tough because there's
so many dionn Lebron. Uh, I'm gonna go baseball. I'm
trying to think of someone in baseball. There's it's just
a phenom at at at what he did. God damn it.

I mean, let me go hockey. This go only four four.

Speaker 2 (45:32):
People, right, I mean that was I mean he's like athletes,
So that means you gotta pick all the groups.

Speaker 1 (45:43):
First. For me, going first, I probably go I'm gonna
go Floyd. I'm gonna go Floyd and the fourth one
obviously because I love soccer so much. I'm just i'mnna
throw I'm gonna through run Dinia in there. I'm just
gonna throw ronaldin in there because to me, to me,

he is special. He just didn't have the discipline and
structure of a messy in a Christiano. If he did,
I think Ronald Gina would have been the greatest player
of all time, even though I still think he is
despite his inability to focus and locke in consistently.

Speaker 4 (46:25):
I like, I'm going to Ali.

Speaker 1 (46:29):
Mm hmm.

Speaker 2 (46:36):
That's tough, Ali, I will put Serena. Oh God, damn it, man, Serena,
I'm gonna put.

Speaker 1 (46:51):
That's a good one. I should.

Speaker 4 (46:55):
M h He laughed too.

Speaker 1 (46:59):
Mm hmm.

Speaker 4 (47:02):
I'm gonna go. I'm keeping it to the stage because
I don't, you know, go all over the world.

Speaker 1 (47:13):
Mm hmm.

Speaker 4 (47:16):
Oh man, yeh, I'm gonna go.

Speaker 1 (47:23):
Oh, my my son and my son is watching CJ.

Speaker 2 (47:25):
What they do.

Speaker 1 (47:26):
CJ fucking love you, baby. My son is watching. He
naming the questions as he texting it to me. He said,
Serena Tiger Jordan's Florida Kobe. Serena Tiger Jordan's Florida Kobe.

Speaker 4 (47:43):
Uh see what they see?

Speaker 1 (47:45):
What they do? What's handing blood?

Speaker 2 (47:46):
You know? Uh?

Speaker 1 (47:50):
Who who you? You? You're missing your last two?

Speaker 2 (47:52):
Right? I got Ali? Serena, Yeah, I I I I
ain't put. I ain't put. I ain't did no. Jesse Owens,
I ain't did no, no, no, no.

Speaker 4 (48:10):

Speaker 2 (48:10):
Who was that the brown bomber? Joe Lewis Deonta, Oh
that brown? No, he's the original, think I think saying
Bron original brown Bob. You got Jim Thorpe who went
the Pentathlon and the Olympics.

Speaker 4 (48:37):
I go Tiger.

Speaker 1 (48:40):
It's a good one.

Speaker 2 (48:40):

Speaker 4 (48:42):
How do I choose between Jordan's Lebron Michael Phelps and.

Speaker 1 (48:49):
Said who who?

Speaker 4 (48:50):
Same boat? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (48:53):

Speaker 4 (48:55):
And and what's uh what's the gymnast name? Which one.

Speaker 1 (49:06):
That's married to you? I'm forgetting the name?

Speaker 4 (49:12):
Uh, what's the name? But the real deal Simon bows?

Speaker 1 (49:17):
Simon, Yeah, miss bows, miss bows, miss take your time
past them.

Speaker 2 (49:35):
I go Jordan and Lebron. He told he told to
put pick five, even though a lot of times I asked,
I asked, like to love to come on, and I
was like, okay, pick your you're my rushboy rappers. How
may I get six?

Speaker 1 (49:53):

Speaker 4 (49:53):
My rushboy got four heads?

Speaker 1 (49:56):
Four heads?

Speaker 2 (49:57):
Picking you go R and B singers, I mean it
four four? Okay, So check this out up. If you
and oh you're involved into a big street fighter. You
can pick three martial art fighters.

Speaker 4 (50:11):
Dead or lie? Who you who you got.

Speaker 1 (50:15):
The fight with us? Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee
number one.

Speaker 4 (50:23):
I'm picking Bruce Lee, imp Man and Tony Jaw help
Man and Tony Jah.

Speaker 1 (50:30):
Who is the people?

Speaker 4 (50:31):
You'll find out when I show up?

Speaker 1 (50:37):
Hey, I want me Bruce Lee.

Speaker 2 (50:40):
You know what?

Speaker 1 (50:41):
Bruce Lee, Connor McGregor and Kimbo Slice, We're gonna be
the breaks of you. Now, we'll beat y'all l ass
man here. We're gonna beat y'all as man.

Speaker 4 (50:52):
I mean, but you know you can take Chuck. You
ain't take Chuck Norris.

Speaker 1 (50:57):
Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah. I ain't tell you I ain't
taking Chuck. I told you, I told you I got
I don't know me. Connor McGregor and Kimbo Slice we
running through whoever.

Speaker 4 (51:08):
My team is gonna beat the breaks out of you.
What's up? Guys? WrestleMania on Sunday? Who are you? Some
of your favorite pro wrestlers and his BOOKT is Booker
t underrated?

Speaker 1 (51:19):
Damn you know what. I ain't watched wrestling in so
many years. I'm about wrestling for me goes back to
Jimmy Superflysucker. That's how long Dusty Rhodes, That's how long
the Hulk Hogan beginning Andre the Giant. I haven't watched
wrestling since then.

Speaker 2 (51:35):
You know, I OHR wrestling used to be regional. So
you had Georgia Championship Wrestling, you had mid Atlantic, and
you had the Midwest. You had the stuff like that,
and so, uh, Georgia Championship Wrestling is what I what
I watched. And my grandfather would take me and my brother.
We'd go to Videllia, we take we'd go to Savannah.

We'd watch it. And so the old, the old wrestlers
like Bobo Brazil and Oars Baker, Pac Song, Mister Wrestling
number one, number two, uh Brup Bernard all the you
you know, Mintioned Super five Snooker, but Andrea Giant and
and and.

Speaker 4 (52:18):
Abdullah the Butcher, Dusty.

Speaker 1 (52:19):
Rose Hey remember junk Yard Yard Dog.

Speaker 4 (52:22):
Yeah yeah, uh.

Speaker 2 (52:24):
Red hit Man, Rufusar Frey Train Jones. He had a
nephew named Fashal Delivery Jones. I mean, so I go
way way way back with the wrestling when it wasn't
like it is now. But uh man, I should love
some wrestling man, O Joe, Man, you don't know how

me and my cousin's the pile of that car and
go see wrestling. See Rick Blair and Greg the Hammer, Valentine,
Ricky Steamboat, Uh, Tully Blanchard, all those guys, black Jack Mulligan,
who else we used? Man? We saw Tony Atlas obviously,
we saw all the all the all the you know,

even even the small one, the Haiti Kid, the fabulous Moveler.

Speaker 4 (53:12):
Man o your band look here rest that was that
was my That was my gig there.

Speaker 2 (53:19):
Man, the Super Destroyers, Uh, the Road Warriors, Hawking Animal.

Speaker 1 (53:25):
O the Warriors, Ultimate Warrior.

Speaker 4 (53:33):
Osborne. Yeah bad, Uh it was we saw saw uh.

Speaker 2 (53:47):
Baron von rashkih man tho bad Look here, man. We
used to go see m hmmm hmmmm. Those the days
to see. But it's so those those little people can't
call them that, that derogatory term, the M word, the
little people. The little people wrestled, Like I said, we

saw the fam man, we o Joe, I used to
Hey wrestling was I used to go and I know
I've talk about all the old school wrestler, the Georgia
Championship Wrestling and then it, you know, went to the
n w A and then it went to w W
I think w W F and w W E. I
never saw I never saw Hogan wrestle, but I did see,
you know, I Rick obviously Rick Claire, who's probably the

biggest name, you know, but all those guys.

Speaker 4 (54:33):
Man, I used to love some man. Look at Stephanie.

Speaker 2 (54:36):
Biggs, your nightcap fam been following you for years. O
Joe were the reason I became Bengals fans. Who they
My question is, what's the biggest challenge of fatherhood in
your lives?

Speaker 1 (54:51):
I mean, let me think, for me, the biggest challenge
being hands on, but being hands off. Oh that's a
good one, right there being probably being hands on, being
hands on, being hands on as much as possible, and
not allowing the financial part to always lead, not suffocated
that of course it does. Yeah, so I'm trying to

that's that's that's something that's something that have to work on.
Well not a little a little bit more hands on
now because they have the time to do not grown.

Speaker 2 (55:23):
So you know, I just hope that men and moms
did a great enough job all. I just ask the
kids to always be respectful of your mom. You don't
always agree. You're not gonna always agree with you has
to say. But listen to what she has to say.
Try to understand why she's like saying. But like I
tell them, I say, at some point in time, you

gotta love them to grown. You calling me until I
have a talk with him about what.

Speaker 4 (55:51):
What what what?

Speaker 2 (55:52):
It will say you grounded. They got their own house,
they got their own car. So I think that's the
hardest thing is that you know being a kid, and
you can't. You can't shield your kids from everything, no
matter how hard you try. You can't insulate your kids.
You can't put them in a bubble wrap. They're gonna show,
they're gonna You're gonna make mistakes as a parent, They're

gonna make mistakes as a kid. It's just it's life.
It's called this thing called life. You try to minimize
the mistakes, both of you. But yeah, and the ninety
bee keepers were very popular. Do y'all care, Do y'all care?
Beep old beepers?

Speaker 4 (56:36):
Okay? And the nineties beeples were very popular. Did you
do y'all care? Beepers?

Speaker 2 (56:40):
Would you bring them back if you could? Any good
or bad experience that you would like to share with
the old one. I never had a beeper.

Speaker 1 (56:47):
Well, I dude, I still got my old beeper. I
still got Hey, people in the chat. People in the chat,
y'all know how to find you know, on Twitter, you
can find pictures. You can find pictures of stuff that
I've tweeted. Somebody is just randomly find the picture I had.
Not too long ago I had, I had my beaper
and posted on Twitter. I still I still got it,

like from way back then, from way back then, somebody
somebody in the chat send me that that picture to
my Twitter, man, so I could see it once up.
Once I'm done. My my beeper is in here somewhere.
If they if they could bring those back, that would
be dope. And those eighties and those eighties to.

Speaker 4 (57:24):
You know the block Okay, yeah, yeah, I forot that.

Speaker 1 (57:28):
You still got yours? Yeah that was Motorola. Right, there's Motorola,
wasn't it.

Speaker 2 (57:33):
Yeah, that had the big block and then they came
out with a little smaller, little slimmer version. Yeah huh,
but yeah, I had, I should have. I got all
my phones. I kept all my phone, a little star tag,
all those Yeah.

Speaker 1 (57:45):
You still got your flip phone and everything, the razor.
You had the razor, and you know you probably get
a lot of money for them.

Speaker 4 (57:52):
Man ain't nobody gonna get them things or something, you know,
saying hey.

Speaker 1 (58:03):
Yeah, yeah, okay, okay, okay, I'm with you.

Speaker 4 (58:06):
I'm with you, Spike Lee. You got none on my
video library, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, Okay, I
like that. I like that.

Speaker 2 (58:14):
Man, I just kid ain't nothing because you know, back
then you couldn't feel that there wasn't no cameras on
the phone. Yeah, can't boy, camera so goddamn bad. Please
make sure you hit that subscribe button. Please make sure
you hit that like button. Thank you for joining us
for another episode of Nightcap. I'm your favorite, UNC Shannon Sharp,
He's your favorite, Number eighty five, rock Runner, Exter and
There Bingos, Ring of Fame, Arnoy pro Bowler, All Pro

chat O Cho Sinko Ocho Cinko Johnson. Please please make
sure you guys go to and continue to vote for
Nightcap for Webby Best Sports Podcast. The link is pinned
to the chat. Please make sure you subscribe to the
Nightcap podcast feed. You can listen to us through the
Club Shay shaped feed. We would greatly appreciate it. If

you subscribe and listen to the Nightcap podcast feed. Thank
you guys for selling out Shade by Laportier. We pin
the link at the chat. We have supplies in we
should be able to fulfill those orders, So guys hit
me by the end of the week one way or
another if you receive.

Speaker 4 (59:14):
Your order or you have it.

Speaker 2 (59:16):
I'd like to know, because then I'm gonna be mad
at the people that told me that we were gonna
be able to fulfill these orders. So thank you for
joining us for another episode greatly to appreciate, appreciate your support.

Speaker 4 (59:27):
We're off until Monday. We'll see your Monday. Great.

Speaker 1 (59:31):
Oh, we ain't even leave me yet, but people watching
man tonight Man, my homeboy, JB. I love you baby,
my son CJ, I love you man. Make sure you
make it a class on time tomorrow.

Speaker 4 (59:41):
My shirt good night? Wait?

Speaker 1 (59:44):
Oh, I forgot my shirt. I forgot my shirt. Hey
one of the greatest ever?

Speaker 4 (59:51):
Yeah? Who is that? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (59:55):
Right? Amel five thout?

Speaker 4 (59:58):
Yeah? John Isiah by Johnny? What's stand in front of
your shirt?

Speaker 1 (01:00:08):
I can't even see what it says.

Speaker 2 (01:00:14):
I guess it's nearly a blacking stand don't worry about it.
You're not jeography okay, but anyway, thank you guys, Thank
you guys for joining us. We'll see your buddey Dad.

Speaker 1 (01:00:23):
I love y'all. I love y'all. Remember, don't forget.

Speaker 4 (01:00:27):
Are we out?

Speaker 1 (01:00:30):
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