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May 21, 2024 12 mins

¿Qué harías si te escribe el Canelo? Además hablamos de las nuevas palabras de la RAE.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Tricky Santos podcast.

Speaker 2 (00:07):
And Rique Santos Good Morning Everybody, Yes and ri k
A four four nine three seventary sixth seventy four, Aserca,
Thelo d M s mos cass the sociaist Lomadennasto ca
Frena has a Bersona, the continuatn correct Siloa posa Poso,

There's a Bersona, La pres A Bersona center Eto, Moto,
Pano el Canelos, I I tag Trisma, Yes, and Lo
Lo LOK, Trivita I too, Duino, Veronica, Veronica.

Speaker 3 (00:54):
Montes, Condos, a Lego and Parama YouTube, canell Operon so
all I not, mont can.

Speaker 4 (01:08):
Travel, Social convert.

Speaker 5 (01:13):
Ring girls like selling BEGINI known as m al.

Speaker 2 (01:21):
You from ok on a Persona Sociality Coquilla combersa persona too,
Crequet Diego Pulica Qua Quadro eight for four nine three
seven thirty six seventy four.

Speaker 1 (01:41):
Creaky Santas Hot Podcast, Creaky Santas Hot.

Speaker 2 (01:52):
Podcast, at tris al Canelo A book.

Speaker 3 (01:59):
Over monts at some one, Sol Condos, a Lego and
Rama YouTube, canell Contracto, Caso a.

Speaker 4 (02:13):
Ignor, Yes, Montes Canlos Manadas, Travis Social Conversation CoA k
no proper Elfredo cassado you no no no no as.

Speaker 5 (02:30):
Carlos only.

Speaker 2 (02:35):
Questo probably casa canelo our.

Speaker 6 (02:44):
Prop negosio leva zero yeah, and the runas cremas creer lads.

Speaker 2 (02:50):
Perl portolgolando repetto supposes centri k fo.

Speaker 5 (02:58):
Four nine three seven threes six seventy four. Le Coco
is mos.

Speaker 2 (03:03):
Socialist thend Lofrena's DNA combld.

Speaker 7 (03:09):
Bo much castle don the same parto matrimonial personas and
pa a persona piano. So you know, I said, with
much cast don't the young or the cock persona and
d m is ill a persona and a person.

Speaker 8 (03:29):
So portal infierno.

Speaker 2 (03:36):
Momentos not n le pons wine and mel bit me
le p w. Let you know import I said, T
B and C Yeah, yes, felis ce te guatro fo

four ninety seventury, six seventy four our extreme see.

Speaker 5 (04:04):
Them an I thank you, and that's it. That's it,
Just like.

Speaker 7 (04:13):
You can't use ja and okay jay when you know,
well family, when a family s, when.

Speaker 5 (04:21):
Is a trip hello and here come to us? It really.

Speaker 2 (04:31):
Really go for the personas Coco and socialist the hint, prom.

Speaker 9 (04:40):
Your son is your cares.

Speaker 2 (04:53):
Who have Domino Autres, who have domin l photo you know, no, no,
okay to repet the cock infl you know Larry case
in correct one of the Yaki, one of the cock, the.

Speaker 10 (05:15):
Online comer persona and the person and.

Speaker 5 (05:31):
So I Memoto super one of the Jackie.

Speaker 10 (05:36):
Girl mandamber.

Speaker 8 (05:43):
Lall, Christian Castro s me that key, Danilo Care, Ricky Martin.

Speaker 5 (05:58):
Leman, Danilo car Secret and Rico.

Speaker 6 (06:04):
Ilgo Christian Castro and conas.

Speaker 8 (06:07):
For them.

Speaker 2 (06:10):
Is so Jacqueline okay, loc seems real exception.

Speaker 9 (06:19):
None of them.

Speaker 5 (06:25):
Tell you our to the to d M backing to
the area for Christian Catros, the Currican Catrol.

Speaker 10 (06:46):
No, no, Christian cat Roy.

Speaker 2 (06:56):
Is the j winner J Wheeler. Yeah, to look at
perto Rican, to look at the criminaldo.

Speaker 5 (07:16):
Critan cat Catterman.

Speaker 8 (07:21):
You know there was no nas peliando and three.

Speaker 5 (07:27):
Okay is len A see.

Speaker 11 (07:41):
You loss the f Marcano say yeah, as you know somebody.

Speaker 1 (07:59):
And senters Creaky Santos podcast.

Speaker 2 (08:06):
Good morning to streaming live and to come to make
lap I heard radio the Calicos wherever you go into
Straliu and b what I mean pot and Santo's podcast
channel and ablic assumed the scar gambol ablicas young. I
heard radio good Morning Gina Real Academia Panels panel a.

Speaker 5 (08:30):
Single leadio my Spanish. I can't and you the meme
on I know, regard the.

Speaker 2 (08:41):
Intro, I just made that up some good no, but
I think the tail didn't make it. Yes, I think
it did make it last year better.

Speaker 5 (08:49):
Intro and intro aplican'm okay those letters from Gina Gina.

Speaker 6 (09:03):
P K p K s la that you know, the
very ore pla letters compost that come on Sono chino.

Speaker 8 (09:20):
Ferro Spanol.

Speaker 5 (09:27):
Can last.

Speaker 8 (09:31):
So lamente la no here the back sister and sonos
in nembargo and said that ave.

Speaker 6 (09:47):
The f and the and the span and strosp ands
and problems. Is ches spirito the chest spirito those pers
l champ l chapulin, coloradom truth chomp Peter Chao look.

Speaker 5 (10:11):
Clarad you know, say his own requests. But I can.

Speaker 2 (10:17):
If pando Real Academia, but I canclude the radio official
in Spanish party the t a ay that means there

is no. That's a little translation a diction noela.

Speaker 5 (10:47):
Like garden.

Speaker 8 (10:56):
Gracia la la ment mother regt Coner because movie and
the local La.

Speaker 5 (11:18):
Baby pro per real pere.

Speaker 2 (11:24):
In the Spanish com the tail, the te perrel, the.

Speaker 8 (11:31):
The perrel, the primeo is the s the perl.

Speaker 5 (11:36):
Pat Gina real like.

Speaker 6 (11:40):
La linguis Panola our mental le ron milita pa almost
Millennials Sinos gusta no perval.

Speaker 2 (11:51):
Carol the compet like Carol the Mexico Gena almost Carol
Gmo Gina g. You need one of the potential Rik Santos.

Speaker 1 (12:08):
Santos Creaky Santos podcast
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