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April 17, 2024 44 mins

In hour one of Follow the Money, Mitch Moss and JVT recap the Western conference play in games, take a look at the NBA futures market and try to guess who will win the player awards, and update the NFL draft odds.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
You always follow the money, That's what you always follow.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
Yeah, this is Follow the Money with Mitch Moss and
Paul Howard on VSON.

Speaker 3 (00:10):
Here we go.

Speaker 1 (00:11):
It is Follow the Money on VSON, the Sports Betting Network.
This show is brought to you by Draft Kings Mitch
Moss along with Jonathan von Tobel, who was in for
the vacationing Paulie Howard. As we are live in downtown
Las Vegas from the Circa Resort and Casino Fun Show
on Tap today of course NBA Playoffs, Shenanigan's last night

in the NHL.

Speaker 3 (00:32):
What a wild night that was on the ice.

Speaker 1 (00:36):
We have NFL Draft props, Today's Major League Baseball card,
and great guests on the program today as well. JBT,
As you're filling in for PAULI this week, how you
feel in late night NBA action? Quick turnaround for you today?

Speaker 3 (00:48):
Pal? It is? It is.

Speaker 4 (00:49):
But every time I get to do this, I get
the honor of filling in. I just go through the
week feeling dead inside and then I catch up on
like Saturday.

Speaker 3 (00:56):
Is that what you do? Yeah? Like that's pretty much
out of this So it's probably a pretty good game plan.

Speaker 4 (01:00):
Yeah, family doesn't get much of me. You're out the week.
But you guys get my one. That's all that matters.

Speaker 1 (01:05):
Today's going to be fun. I misplaced my glasses last night.
So I've talked about this before. I used to have
like twenty fifteen. I could spot dimes across the sports book.

Speaker 3 (01:14):
Okay, it was crazy. You're talking about money. Right, Let's
just see.

Speaker 1 (01:18):
The vision has eroded over the years, right, I don't
know where they are, so good luck to me today.
I mean up the stuff up close, no chance. I'm
okay driving without the glasses, and I can see like
the screens and stuff like that are in front of
us right here in the studio.

Speaker 4 (01:32):
So you're far sided. It's always the hope out what
it is. Yeah, So like if you're far sided, that's
how I understand it. You can see things far away,
but you cannot see things close to you.

Speaker 1 (01:41):
All I know is it up close. No chance on
the phone and the laptop and the stuff in front
of me.

Speaker 3 (01:46):
Right now.

Speaker 1 (01:46):
E gonna be dicey today. So we got you for
three hours. We're going to try our best. It's going
to be an a effort. I'll tell you that though.

Speaker 4 (01:53):
Today That's why I'm here, I got my contacts in.
I may or may not have accidentally fall asleeping with
them on last night, so they're glued in.

Speaker 3 (02:00):
I'm ready to go.

Speaker 1 (02:01):
We'll get into the non a effort that the Warriors
gave in the second half last night here in a
couple of minutes. But the Lakers, they did get past
the Pelicans last night. And yes, they were up by
seventeen points in the third quarter, and before he could blink,
the Pelicans hit them with a pretty significant run, and
then they tied it late. And then how about the
timing with the Pelicans individually now that we're talking about

Zion had to leave the game, and they scored one
hundred and six points. He had forty of them. Yep,
So he was a man on a mission last night.
The only guy who could really do anything offensively for
New Orleans. Ingram was on the bench for the final
almost eight minutes, still injured evidently, and then McCollum was

a total non factor in the game.

Speaker 3 (02:46):
But they came roaring back, tied it and then all
that happened.

Speaker 4 (02:49):
Yeah, that was tough, look, I thought. So the moment
he goes down was about like three and a half
minutes left to go. A little bit less than that,
he hits like a floater over Anthony Davis that goes
in and ties it. When that shot went down, was
like all the Lakers are gonna lose this thing. He
looked unstoppable. Lebron was missing him on back cuts, he
was just driving past guys. He was getting physical with
Anthony Davis and winning some of those matchups, and he

looked awesome and narratively right. It's after all of these
no shows essentially for the Pelicans and him against the
Los Angeles Lakers, and so then you get this and figured.

Speaker 3 (03:19):
Like this is going to be it.

Speaker 4 (03:20):
But then you see the frustration immediately By the way,
they're only calling it soreness, which I don't really buy.
Like his reaction coupled with the fact that he never
came back, you feel like it's a little bit more
than just soreness. But the fact that he goes down
your only source of offense. You mentioned Ingram, who checks
out with seven and a half minutes left to go,
never gets back into a game at which they ultimately tie.
It was just this confluence of events that allowed the

Lakers to really squeak by and get out of this
thing against New Orleans.

Speaker 3 (03:45):
How they blow that leads.

Speaker 4 (03:47):
I think there was a couple of things, Like, first off,
Danzel Russell was awesome in the first half. He was
hitting every single three point shot.

Speaker 1 (03:53):
In fact, if it wasn't for him, there was a
chance they were going to be dead and buried in
that first half.

Speaker 4 (03:57):
I would agree with that, And the Lakers are are
a pretty solid three point shooting team, but the fact
that all of those were going down early on, and
you and I had mentioned when we talked about this
matchup yesterday, one of the driving factors behind the Lakers'
success is the fact that they were killing the pay
at the Pelicans in the paint in the regular season.

Speaker 3 (04:12):
They're getting nothing within four feet of the basket in
this matchup.

Speaker 4 (04:15):
So the fact that you kind of supplanted that with
some three point shooting was really good. But once that
dried up, their offense wasn't really doing that much. So
then you allow the Pelicans to get back in it,
you're getting empty possessions Like that's what I was watching.
I watched the Lakers offense that all of a sudden
had nothing, and they allowed the Pelicans to get right
back into seeing Pelicans were awesome. They were twenty three
or thirty four within four feet of the basket, so

sixty seven percent at the rim, and they drew six
shooting fouls like they were great, just killing them in
the paint. And then Zion gets out.

Speaker 3 (04:42):
The Lakers offense was really good for that stretch.

Speaker 1 (04:44):
When they fell behind early, they came roaring back to
take that big lead, and then when they built it
up to seventeen, it was really really effective. And then
it just went kind of bubby and it vanished and
then they held on. And now they get the Denver
Nuggets now in round one, and they opened up well,
let me put it this way, Denver opened up in
the four dollars or minus four point fifty rangees a
favorite in that series. Before there was some i think

pretty immediate buyback on the Lakers to bring it down
a little bit. And now at DraftKings they have the
Lakers at minus checked out the Nuggets at minus three
ten to win this thing. Yeah, and this has not
gone well for the Lakers over the last couple of years,
nor has it gone well for Anthony Davis in a
spot against the Joker and Denver either.

Speaker 4 (05:26):
No, not at all, And I think like when you're
when you look at this matchup. I made the joke
yesterday I was texting with some folks here at the network,
where you know when people are going to try to
make the case here for the Lakers to win this series,
and obviously there is a case to make, but I
think overall this mismatches is a little it's a mismatch
and it works in favor of Denver. And when you're
watching Jose Alvarado destroy guys like Austin Reeves and D'Angelo

Russell off the dribble yesterday, a big reason why they
were able to come back. That's not really something that
I think bodes well in the series against the Denver Nuggets,
who have a pretty good backcourt play, especially led by
Jamal Murray. And one of the things that the Lakers
did very sneakily throughout this throughout this regular season, which
was they sacrificed defense for offense. They were post All

Star break twenty second in non garbage time defensive efficiency.
You know, you're playing Daniel Russ, you're playing Austin Reeves,
you're playing Spencer Dinwity, and you do that to get
your offense better, and it has gotten a lot better,
but you're just not really great along the perimeter. And
so when you're talking about this the inability to stop
Nikal Yokich, which nobody does, I'm sure everybody's going to get,
you know, hot and heavy about the fact that they
remember they figured them out last year defensively, despite the

fact that they got swept, they figured something out there
against Yokis and putting ru Hatchamore on them. So maybe
they go back to that again, but I don't. I
don't think you have anything that kind of changes from
a defensive game plan here for a guy like Jokich
that dominated him last season.

Speaker 1 (06:44):
Remember last year, Game one in the playoffs felt like
the Lakers maybe could have won that game against Denver,
and then even when they dropped the second game, they
were going back to La.

Speaker 3 (06:57):
I was on the air.

Speaker 1 (06:59):
I had the Lake at forty seven to one to
win the West last year bottom when they were awful
in the regular season, and I remember saying in the
year I haven't hedged yet and I'm not going to
all come back. I'm pretty confident the Lakers are going
to win the next two.

Speaker 3 (07:09):
At home whoops. Yeah, that was a.

Speaker 1 (07:13):
Four game sweep at the hands of the eventual champions.

Speaker 3 (07:15):
Hey, it was.

Speaker 4 (07:16):
It was the most competitive sweep in basketball history. As
people were coming when.

Speaker 1 (07:19):
People were losing their minds last year after the Lakers
nearly one game one.

Speaker 4 (07:23):
Oh yeah, I mean we saw I think that. I
don't know if we have of that the like I
was making fun of it. We all have bad ones,
but these are funny, like Jamel Hill nick Wright tweeting
out after the game one like that.

Speaker 3 (07:33):
You know, I don't know, I'd feel like I'm down.

Speaker 4 (07:35):
One nothing after that matchup, you know, after they figured
this out, Like I like this one from Jamil hillis
from last year. I wins to win, but if I'm
never I treated it like a loss. Lakers really figured
something out and putting on somewhere on Jokic. That's one
of those somewhat small adjustments that could win a series.
Nick Wright had the same thing too. It was essentially like,
oh yeah, heard it, Bette props. The Yolkis were playing
essentially perfect offensive basketball, and that's just enough to get

to win. But if a win ever felt like a
loss and vice versa, this was it. The Lakers have
to feel great. They lost the next three, Yeah, and
then it.

Speaker 1 (08:03):
Did not go well for the Lakers in the next three.
In fact, they got worse when they went back to
La No. Now, will this be a four game sweep?

Speaker 4 (08:10):
No, Look, I think the Lakers have gotten better, especially
as you know, we talked about you do sacrifice defense
for offense. But the offense is very good and D'Angel
Russell seems to have kind of it's weird at this
point of his career, but really come into his own
and played a lot better and kind of figured out
his role with this team. Obviously we know Austin Reeves
can be very good, and the bench is a little
bit better from an offensive standpoint. So I think the

Lakers have gotten much better. So, you know, you go
from last year they got swept. No, I don't think
that that's going to be a sweep. I think they're
going to be much more competitive and losing five games
oh in.

Speaker 3 (08:38):
Five is yet okay.

Speaker 1 (08:39):
So I think a big storyline going into the series
is going to be free throws, right, because it always
comes up the Lakers shoot and make more free throws
than anybody in the league. It happened again last night
they made twenty six. New Orleans made eleven. Willie Green,
the head coach for the Pelicans. Of course, he was
asked about it after the game.

Speaker 3 (08:55):
Here you go, I.

Speaker 5 (08:57):
Don't feel like we've gotten a great whistwall season. That's
just that's how I feel when I watch the games.
We're one of the teams that dominate the paint night
in and night out. We have a physical, dominant force
in Zion along with others, and it just seems like
we're not getting those calls.

Speaker 3 (09:17):
Is he on something there? JBT?

Speaker 1 (09:18):
Specifically with the game last night, dominating the paint, zion
A had forty and yet here you go, they're not
shooting free throws.

Speaker 3 (09:24):
They're not even going to the free throw line that much.

Speaker 4 (09:26):
Yeah, I mean, I don't know if I would agree
with the All season they were tenth and free throw right,
just over twenty free throws for every one hundred field
goal attempt, So maybe you felt like you needed more,
but they were top ten team there. But last night
I think I think you could kind of agree with
that for the most part. Like when you're challenging the
paint as much as they were yesterday, you probably should
draw some more fouls, and you usually do. I mean,

it's kind of like the Zach Edy conversation rights, but
it's defensively, It's like, there's no way Zach Edy only
averages like less than two thousand a game the way
he plays, it doesn't happen if you call it the
right way. And it's the same thing here where if
you're getting to the paint as often as you are,
you probably should be generating some more free throws. And again,
you know, there were some inconsistencies with the ability to
play physically, but then at times in the fourth quarter,

call them some tiki tak nonsense, right, that allows a
team to rack ups some foulsand get to the bonus
whatever it is. So I don't think that for me
there was anything glaring, but I will say it is
kind of surprising when you see a team take thirty
four attempts at the rim, nineteen inside of fourteen feet,
and then they come away with just eleven makes at
the free throw line and fifteen total attempts.

Speaker 3 (10:26):

Speaker 1 (10:27):
Yeah, So now moving forward here, the Kings went on
five against the Repelicans this year. It's the first time
an NBA team went on five against an opponent since
the mid nineties, and well, the Pelicans are now one
and a half point favorites in this game at DraftKings.
I mean, you just don't know, right, I have no
idea what's going to happen here. They play Friday by

the way they.

Speaker 4 (10:48):
Play Friday, and you don't know what's happening with Zion.
And as we kind of mentioned, if you read Willy
Green's comments yesterday about brandon Ingram, who again checked out
with seven and a half minutes left, didn't get back
into a game that was tied at one point later
in the fourth quarter and says like I felt like
I didn't want to push it with him. You only
came back in the regular season finale. Like that's kind
of worrisome. I do think there's a reality which you're
looking at this going and playing New or Lers and

be Sacramento, and while you're at home, you could be
without Zion Williamson and brandon Ingram or brandon Ingram on
like a twenty five minute pitch count, which is not great.

Speaker 3 (11:17):
So both these teams.

Speaker 1 (11:18):
Really not even close to potentially here being at full health.

Speaker 3 (11:22):
Right. The Kings have had injuries now for a long time. Yeah,
but boy oh boy, I don't'll get into it.

Speaker 4 (11:25):
Watching Kean Allis on defense last night, they might feel
pretty pretty good.

Speaker 1 (11:29):
Picking the pocket of Kurry like that right out of
the gates pretty much. So we'll get into the Warriors
finito for them beyond this year, by the way, and
it might be a sign when voters are confused that's
next year.

Speaker 3 (11:42):
On vicent.

Speaker 4 (11:57):
Vs In dot com s last newsletter you can get
in on a free newsletter written every single day by
Bill Andy. In today's newsletter, hey how about that, I'm
in it. You can check out some previews of the
writeups for the Eastern Conference play in games later tonight
and you can find those in full on the website
of Easton dot com.

Speaker 3 (12:14):
Check it out, by the way. Some nuggets on the
NHL playoffs shaping up too.

Speaker 4 (12:18):
Vson dot com slash newsletter get in hearing box every
single day six am Eastern, I.

Speaker 1 (12:21):
Will say regarding the NHL with the Atlantic Division and
how that played out and the Bruins losing last night
in regulation to the Senators so they did not win
the division, and the Florida Panthers get the job done.
They're down to nothing right away, to the Maple Leafs
that came back in one five to two and they
won it. They were a huge price early on in
the season plus seven fifty eight to one, and for

it to play out like that was just a rollercoaster
and I can't believe that's how it went down. And
I'm texting Jeff Davis, who runs the numbers here in
the NHL at circle last night, and then we got
into the Capitals making the playoffs. They have a bold
differential of negative thirty seven. Jeff Davis said that he
would make the Seattle crack and I think they finished

with seventy nine points this year. He said he would
make the Kraken a favorite on a.

Speaker 3 (13:08):
Neutral like for a one off. Yeah, series two? Yeah,
how about that? That's hilarious.

Speaker 4 (13:15):
I mean, as somebody who was convinced, potentially by some
folks with Detroit background to support the Red Wings or
of the future ticket, I think this is a travesty.

Speaker 3 (13:25):
How can this team make it?

Speaker 2 (13:26):

Speaker 1 (13:26):

Speaker 4 (13:26):
Differential should be very important? Who cares about points? Tight
end points plus four and gold differential. Red Wings deserve it.

Speaker 3 (13:32):
Let it's the worst.

Speaker 1 (13:33):
For any team to make the playoffs since nineteen ninety one.

Speaker 3 (13:37):
Yeah, look what happened last night.

Speaker 1 (13:39):
Detroit scored with three point three seconds on the clock
to keep their season alive. Philly pulled their goalie with
three minutes left. They had to have the game in
regulation to make the playoffs, so Washington scored with the
empty net, which means they got in over Pittsburgh, Philadelphia
and Detroit Bonkers.

Speaker 4 (13:57):
Dude, I was keeping track of that too, because I
have got two well, I've got one.

Speaker 3 (14:01):
Now I've got two futures tickets. Kneaded that in.

Speaker 4 (14:04):
I told Derek Stevens that if if I got a
Red Wings Predator Stanley Cup Final, I would walk to
Detroit to watch that.

Speaker 3 (14:09):
Is that right?

Speaker 1 (14:09):
It would have been a good for you. Is it
over with now?

Speaker 3 (14:13):
For the Warriors? That's it, finito.

Speaker 4 (14:15):
I think it depends on what you mean by done. Like,
I don't think they're done being competitive. I think they've
done a pretty good job and getting some really good
young talent on the roster.

Speaker 3 (14:22):

Speaker 4 (14:22):
You know, Jonathan Minga looked great. I looked like he
was going to bring him back into that himself. At
one point, have a stretch where he scored on three
story possessions late in the first half. Pajemski looks like
a good role player. Tray Jackson Davis, it looks like
they found something at center. But I do think it's
done in the sense of, look, lay Thompson goes oh
ten yesterday from before six from three point range, doesn't
score a point. I know that Steve Kerr said that

they want him back. And you're not as bad as
your worst performance. I don't think that's what Klay Thompson is.
But when you talk about where you're at, where salaries
and how much you're gonna have to pay and all
those sort of things, Yep, I do think it's over
in the sense that I don't think you're really weep
if Klay Thompson leaves in that trio breaks.

Speaker 3 (15:02):
Up, probably not. It's been a decade run.

Speaker 4 (15:05):
Yeah, it was a good run, dude, the fact and
you think about it too, so they've they've missed the
playoffs in three out of the last five years.

Speaker 3 (15:12):
They've got an NBA Finals championship in that rule. Think
about that.

Speaker 4 (15:15):
That run is I think one of the most underrated
runs that a team has had in a really long time.
And Curry's run is individually was incredible, but like, I
think it's time to kind of break this up. You
need more support for Steph Curry offensively. Johnathan k Ming
is awesome, but that can't be the only other outlet
of consistent offense that you're getting from that team.

Speaker 1 (15:34):
Yeah, here are their salaries for next year. Curry almost
fifty six million, Wiggins higher than twenty six million, Draymond
Green more than twenty four million dollars. Chris Paul is
a partial non guarantee slated to make thirty million dollars.
I mean, that's going to be a massive problem here.
And their guaranteed salary in the next year is already

one hundred and thirty seven million dollars. They're non guaranteed
is thirty six its almost thirty seven million. Their tax
level is at one hundred and seventy one million dollars.
So building like something. I don't know, They're gonna good
luck trying to fit this puzzle.

Speaker 4 (16:10):
Together, right, And like for a guy like Clay, I
think he saw some value, you know, Like we'll see
obviously what happens in the series between Orlando and Cleveland.
But Orlando needs like shooting, and it needs consistent shooting.
At that two guard spot. I think Clay would be
a pretty decent fit there, and he's still a somewhat
decent defender. So you're talking about pairing him with Jalen Suggs.
There's worse combinations to be had there, right, So I

think something like that for Klay Thompson, excuse me, maybe
makes some sense, But I just I don't know if
it makes sense to pay him that money just to
keep this thing together for another run when the reality
is you could probably upgrade the position potentially every year.

Speaker 1 (16:45):
I tell myself, I'm going to dial up back with
betting MBA Awards because of what I may or may
not disagree with how they go sometimes and it's tricky anyway.
For example, like the most improved player over the years
in the sixth Man, the most improved has been really
really bizarre to me, Like, yes, I totally disagree with
a player like John Moran getting in a couple of
years ago. I'm not a big fan of the idea

of Tyree s Maxi getting in it this year.

Speaker 4 (17:10):
You should have won it the year I think it
was the year the John rail one, John y Okay
his second year player.

Speaker 3 (17:14):
You can't do that.

Speaker 1 (17:15):
Then this came out yesterday tweet from at the Dunk
Central Dante di Vincenzo, who only missed a single game
this year, so he played an eighty one out of
eighty two games. He is not eligible for the Most
Improved Player award because he fell just nine seconds short
of the required playing time. Players need to have participated

in at least sixty five games for a minimum of
twenty minutes each to qualify for postseason awards. Now, is
that for every single award JVT? Or is that just
for the most improved that we know of? No, so
it's MVP, it's Defensive Player of the Year, and it's.

Speaker 3 (17:52):
Most Improved, but it's not six man.

Speaker 4 (17:54):
It's not six man, and it's not the Rookie of
the Year. Sure and yeah, yeah, yeah, So I don't
understand that, especially when it comes to most Improved. So
obviously it implies that you've improved. So you were from
a point and you've gotten better, you made a major jump, correct,
So part of that could be you've gone from minimal

role player to maybe about like nineteen minutes a game.

Speaker 3 (18:20):
But maybe he doubled your scoring. Whatever it is, like,
that's improvement.

Speaker 4 (18:24):
A category like most Improved should not have such strict
criteria when you're talking about most valuable player, defensive.

Speaker 3 (18:31):
Player of the year.

Speaker 4 (18:32):
I totally understand something like that, because that is essentially
you are the best of whatever we're talking about here,
this award you just have at most improved. The fact
that it's got this strict I don't really understand.

Speaker 3 (18:43):
That at all.

Speaker 1 (18:43):
Well, this is a major flaw in the entire thing.
When Dave mcmanhimum ESPN puts up on x that he
wanted to include de Vincenzo just on his ballot, on
his most Improved Player ballot, he played in eighty one
of eighty two games.

Speaker 3 (19:02):
Somehow he only.

Speaker 1 (19:03):
Got credit for playing in sixty four games by the
eligibility rules, and he talks about how it requires twenty
minutes to have account as a game played, and he says,
come on. And then also he quote tweeted that by
saying Jonathan Kamingo, who played in seventy four games, also ineligible.
And he's asking the question, what is going on here?

Speaker 4 (19:24):
Well, that's a good way to find out my Jonathan
minga Most Improved ticket was dead.

Speaker 3 (19:27):
I mean I figured it wasn't He wasn't gonna win,
but still, how about that?

Speaker 4 (19:30):
That's that's insane, Like again that we're talking if you
were to say, just set of acting like, hey, not
even who is the most improved? Who are among the
most improved players in the NBA this season? Jonathan Kmingo
would be on that list if you've watched this league
one hundred percent, and so woul Dante Divincenz. Yes, And
then when I follow that up with they're not eligible
to win that award, it's maddening to think about that.

Speaker 1 (19:51):
From that, regad did we all just miss this in
the fine print going back? Because we didn't miss that
they have to play sixty five games?

Speaker 3 (19:56):
Right? We knew that where was it that they had
to average twenty minutes was.

Speaker 4 (20:00):
Part of it, but I didn't realize that they were
that you were looking at this from like, I didn't
realize that their minutes specifically were there.

Speaker 3 (20:06):
But they had talked about that for.

Speaker 4 (20:07):
The game to count, there was the minimum of twenty
minutes played, so to avoid I think it was last
year Michale Bridges, remember when they wanted to keep his
streak alive, so like they just put him in a
game real quick. Yeah, and then pull them after yes,
something like to avoid something like that. So like, let's
say you have a player who's like sitting on sixty
four games, but you want to sit them, just put
them in there and put them out so you can
get sixty five games. They wanted to avoid that, so

that's why they put this in there. But again, I
think that should be for the awards that are the
best of the best defensive Player of the year, most
Valuable Player, not awards like that are like this when
you're talking about most Improved.

Speaker 3 (20:43):
That's ridiculous.

Speaker 1 (20:44):
I have to tip my cap to Max Crows, who
puts together something called the NBA Awards Tracker with a
Google doc and if you just google it, it's simply
it's the first thing that pops up. Right, So he
has all of the awards voters listed by name, who
they're with, and who they.

Speaker 3 (21:01):
Have voted for.

Speaker 1 (21:02):
A lot of these voters will make their ballots publicly
known before the actual vote comes in or before we
actually know when they announce it before the playoff games, right,
And there is no like NBA Award Show. By the way,
they do it sporadically throughout the playoffs, and sometimes it
comes with no notice, like they'll say on TNT one
night during the playoffs, Oh hey, we have an interview

coming up with Tyree Max in three minutes. Well that's
probably a tell that he's going to win Most Improved then.
But as of right now, there is at least one
big dog from the beginning of the season who's trending
towards winning an award. That is nos Reid for six
Man of the Year. Yes, he is trending in a
major way. He was until last night. He still is

right now. He's the leader with the most first place
votes Malik Monk. As they have accumulated here more votes
from last night, he's picked up a couple, but nas
Reid in the lead to win six Men of the
Year as we speak.

Speaker 4 (21:56):
Yeah, I think it makes some sense, you know, Like
I thought the three guys that were worthy of winning
this were nas Reed and Malik Monk and Norman Powell.
So I figure those will probably be your three finalists.
I wouldn't be shocked at all if Nasried were to
win this thing. He was incredible for the Minnesota Timber
Bowls this season.

Speaker 1 (22:10):
We all now all of a sudden, have a bunch
of former players coming out in sant Rudy Gobert does not.

Speaker 3 (22:14):
Deserve to win Defensive Player of the Year. Yeah, but
he's going to.

Speaker 1 (22:17):
Like speaking of trending in the right direction, most of
these voters are giving Golbert the award, so we can
expand on that and more draft props in the NFL.
Another team is going to be in play for a quarterback.
If you believe the GM, then it will happen, no
questions asked.

Speaker 3 (22:44):
Betting splits are still open, folks. Let's tell Bill Adio
is like, keep those things open, man, Let these people
see him. So check it out.

Speaker 4 (22:49):
Now you can get where the money and bets are
moving for every single game over at DraftKings for the
play in games today, the full slate of Major League Baseball,
last couple of days of the National Hockey League, and
more Right now beson sas splits open to everybody.

Speaker 1 (23:02):
We'll hit into the NFL draft here coming up in
a few moments. Former NBA players, some really good ones
are coming out and saying, Rudy Gobert Defensive Player of
the Year.

Speaker 3 (23:11):
You're kidding me.

Speaker 1 (23:13):
How about DeMarcus Cousins, who has called out voters repeatedly
for voting for Rudy Gobert, saying that Gobert is not
even that great defensively.

Speaker 3 (23:25):

Speaker 1 (23:26):
You can't have a potential four time defensive Player of
the Year who doesn't finish games. I'm never going to
be okay with this. I see things in black and white.
If you're the best defender on the best defensive team,
you should never be off the floor. There should never
be a scenario where you're not able to fit into

the scheme. That doesn't make sense. How do you keep
awarding this guy who can't even stand on the floor
in the playoffs? This is mind blowing to me.

Speaker 3 (23:54):
End of quote.

Speaker 1 (23:54):
DeMarcus Cousins, Ah, okay, I know that you agree with him,
JVT totally.

Speaker 4 (24:00):
Do you know who led the Minnesota Timberwolves in clutch
minutes this season?

Speaker 2 (24:03):

Speaker 1 (24:03):
I don't know where he's getting that from, because well,
I know he's.

Speaker 3 (24:05):
Getting it from.

Speaker 4 (24:06):
It's like the same thing we're do we do all
the time, right where we just remember people at their worst.
And by the way, it wasn't his worst, but there
were times where with the Utah Jazz where teams are
going five out and destroying Utah, right, and people were
equating that to Rudy Gobert can't play well.

Speaker 1 (24:20):
No, I was talking about like moving forward to this year. Sorry, yeah, yeah,
Golbert is not going to be off the court. No,
this year for the Timberwolves in big spots for the
tyboll that's not.

Speaker 3 (24:29):
Going to happen.

Speaker 4 (24:30):
As I mentioned, he leads the team in clutch minutes
four point two, next is Anthony Edwards is four clutch minutes. Again,
game within five points five or few minutes left to go.
So you can't get more end of game than that.
When it comes to Rudy Gobert. Like, like I've said
the whole time, I totally understand if you think Victor
Webbin Yamba can win this award, should win this award.
If you had a vote, you would give to it.
There's no argument. Like I wouldn't push back on that

at all. My whole thing is like stuff like this,
where you know, like Boogey Cousins is acting like he's
a terrible defender and he's got no he's gott no, like,
no case to be made for this thing. That's incorrect,
and frankly you're just not watching if you think that
he should not be anywhere near this award, and I
think like there is this narrative about him again going
back to the years of Utah where they were playing

five out and getting wrecked, and it's really not fair
because if you go back and watch those series, like, look,
I'm a big Clippers fan, right, I'll watch the Clippers
win that series without Kawhi Leonard.

Speaker 3 (25:19):
What happened was they did go five out.

Speaker 4 (25:21):
But you want to know the problem was Rudy Gobert
was surrounded by a bunch of really poor on ball defenders.
They were getting destroyed left and right, and he was
asked to put out a whole bunch of fires. So
that translates into, well, it's all Rudy Gobert's fault. That's
Wemby this year by the way, right, I mean this
actually it's true, right, which is he's surrounded by a
whole bunch of bad on ball defenders. They're all just
funneling him into Victor Wembin Yamen. They're like, please save us,
and he's like, yeah, I'm seven million feet tall, I'll

destroy everything that comes to the four feet of the basket.
But again, that's like my whole thing here, I got
no dog in the fight. Actually, kind I hope you
guys win right to get all these kids hit these
bets in and it looks like maybe it's not gonna
be the case. But my whole pushback has always been,
you don't know what you're talking about. If you're trying
to make it out that he's a bad defender or
that he does deserve to be considered that's always kind
of been my whole thing.

Speaker 1 (26:03):
No, he's clearly good at what he does.

Speaker 3 (26:05):
Yeah, he deserves to be called by his crew name,
not Rey.

Speaker 1 (26:08):
And I've probably been mean to him a little bit
on the air this year when I called him Rudy
Gorobert and I called him a big stiff.

Speaker 3 (26:14):
If he was American, you would be down.

Speaker 1 (26:17):
I just think that Wemby's got a better case than
Gobert this year, and as of right now, that's not
the case in the eyes of the voters. In fact,
thirteen votes have been compiled, ten of them have given
the first place vote to Rudy Gobert.

Speaker 4 (26:28):
Now the silver liner of the if you want to
be positive, I think well over one hundred people get
a vote here for these awards, So it's a big list.

Speaker 3 (26:37):
But it's not trending in the right direction at this point. Obviously, No,
it is not trending in the right threat.

Speaker 1 (26:42):
This is Kevin Garnett. He was talking with Paul Pierce
small sample size from the Up and Smoke podcast.

Speaker 2 (26:48):
Women Hands Now it ain't even Yama man and the
whole the league. Don't screw them all. You play on
the bad team, and man, listen, you still gotta show
up and clock in. Man, dude, listen, let me tell
y'all something Man Wemby has up like took expectations and
shot it to the moon man straight up everything we

expected him to do. He was a lot and then sung, man,
get out of here. Man, I'm not I'm not letting
us go like that.

Speaker 3 (27:19):

Speaker 2 (27:19):
He doing no, I ain't seen nobody do and everybody
I came through doing it. I ain't seen nobody shamgne
nobody from.

Speaker 3 (27:26):
The post from a face up damn man, no stop.

Speaker 1 (27:31):
Okay, So he's screaming it from the mountaintops, but it's
not going to have an impact on the voters.

Speaker 3 (27:35):
They're not going to listen to that. Well. And also,
this is the vote. Yeah, yeah, no, like I said, like,
it's it's great and then and I will say.

Speaker 4 (27:42):
Too in the in the the the argument for Webb
Yama one of the things that I heartily disagree with.
It actually goes back to last year for m v P,
like there were people who voted for Joel and bid
to win MVP who vocalized, well, he doesn't have one yet,
so that's why I gave him the edge. It's the
same thing here where it's like you're hearing like, Weller
was gonna win a bunch in the future.

Speaker 3 (28:01):
I can't.

Speaker 4 (28:01):
Well, if you think he deserves to win it, you
vote for him. Of course, you don't just say, well
he's a rookie. You can't do it. It's the same thing
with most of it. To your point about this whole
thing when it comes to awards and the thing that
makes you want to pull my hair out right, these
weird rules that are just like I can't give Most
Improved the second year player, can't give defensive player. You
would be a rookie now if he's the best defender,
if you think he is, you can't not vote for

him just because well he's a rookie.

Speaker 3 (28:24):
I can't do that. Yeah, that's ridiculous.

Speaker 1 (28:26):
That is not quite as bad as Like, the worst
thing for me last year was when voters said, if
Nicola Joki is going to win three consecutive MVPs, that's
only two guys have ever done that before. Right, he
has to do something historically great that's never been done before. Like,
I'm just like, where are you making this up from?

Speaker 2 (28:43):

Speaker 3 (28:43):
How come he?

Speaker 1 (28:44):
No, he clearly deserved to be the MVP over mb
last year. And then by the way this year, before
mb got hurt, MBID was going to be the MVP.

Speaker 3 (28:51):
This year and deservings awesome.

Speaker 1 (28:53):
Yes, yes, these rules that people make up on their own,
it's just it's nonsense.

Speaker 3 (28:57):
It's silly.

Speaker 1 (28:59):
And that's why I say, I tell myself every single year,
I got to stop betting NBA Awards.

Speaker 4 (29:03):
Yeah, it does get frustrating because you know when you
when you really break it down, like there's there's so
many cases like the one that always sticks with me
is the year Marcus Smart one Defensive Player of the
Year Marcus Smart And that was our year that we
were really in on Jared Jackson Junior and a whole
bunch of those big prices and the reason and by
the way, I mean that year too It's not even
that Jared Jackson Junior didn't win it, It's that Robert

Williams should have won it that year.

Speaker 3 (29:26):
Robert Williams was awesome.

Speaker 4 (29:27):
He was He was the reason why the Celtics made
that run post December because of what they did with
him defensively, but because he got hurt before the last
two weeks of the season, they all the voters, well,
we got to give it to a Celtic.

Speaker 3 (29:39):
Let's give it to Marcus Smart. Crazy. It was insane
to me to watch that transpire.

Speaker 4 (29:43):
So I'm with you, like, I found myself getting frustrated
with the fact that like the thinking or in the
logic behind some of the way that these voters vote,
it does drive me absolutely insane. And yet every year
I'm like, come.

Speaker 1 (29:56):
In, does this drive you insane? As the NFL Draft
is a week from tomorrow now, another team, evidently according
to the GM, is going to be in the mix
for a quarterback, Atlanta Falcons GM Terry Fottnah, he said,
he told the media quote, We're definitely going to add
a quarterback. We're not going into the season with two arms.

End of quote.

Speaker 3 (30:18):
There was a story written It's.

Speaker 1 (30:21):
On Atlanta Falcons dot Com and they have a full
breakdown of day by day targets that the Falcons could
potentially grab.

Speaker 3 (30:31):
They include JJ McCarthy.

Speaker 1 (30:33):
On day one, So with the eighth pick overall, if
McCarthy's on the board sliding down now if you will
a little bit, According to Terry Fottno and Atlanta Falcons
dot Com, that could be in play. Are you serious
with this?

Speaker 2 (30:48):

Speaker 4 (30:48):
I'll say this, I don't think that that's going to happen.
Having said that, if it were to happen at eight,
JJ McCarthy at least makes more sense because because he
just turned twenty one.

Speaker 3 (31:02):
So, like I was in this conversation yesterday on social media,
because it doesn't makes sense for the Falcons. No, it
doesn't that much.

Speaker 4 (31:07):
But I'm just saying, like this is like we brought
like somebody brought it up to me yesterday because we
were talking about how like hey Pennix or like Bonnicks
could be in the mix, and it's like, well, no,
those guys are twenty four.

Speaker 3 (31:18):
They're going to be like twenty six by the time
they see the field.

Speaker 4 (31:20):
At least for JJ McCarthy, it's more like what the
packers did those first few years, right, I think Aaron
Rodgers was twenty one he got drafted. Jay Jordan Love
was twenty one when he got drafted. They see the
field for the first time when they're twenty four. I
guess that makes some sense. But like, yeah, there's seven
rounds man, Like, of course, they could probably add a quarterback.
I don't think they're gonna do in the first round though.

Speaker 1 (31:36):
No, I mean, yeah, this is something where it could
be much later. Yeah, day three pick, fine, we get.

Speaker 3 (31:43):
That to Ogus Spencer Ravel or try it out.

Speaker 1 (31:44):
They also have well, first of all, Radler's going to
be what top three or first three rounds probably.

Speaker 3 (31:51):
I don't think so.

Speaker 2 (31:53):

Speaker 1 (31:53):
They also, like day two, they said Michael Pennox could
be a target. They have the forty third pick overall
in the draft. Sure is Penni's going to be the
number forty three.

Speaker 3 (32:01):
I mean, I think there's a chance.

Speaker 4 (32:02):
I think there's more of a shot that maybe somebody trades.
I mean, look like in New England at number thirty four,
for example, I think is a pretty good interesting right,
New England at number three, you add talent whatever it's
gonna be. Joel Martin Harrison junior, you trade back, get assets, whatever.
If you're sitting there at thirty four in both Boecks
and Michael Penicks are available, why not why not try
and give it a shot with one of those two guys.

Speaker 1 (32:20):
That's way more logical than early on in the first round,
of course it is. I don't think that's gonna happen. Yeah,
they have day three target Spencer Rattler. They're picking one
hundred and ninth and they have some picks a little
bit beyond that. I think I think Radler's going to
be gone by pick one O nine.

Speaker 3 (32:34):
I think so.

Speaker 4 (32:34):
I actually I'm kind of for where he's slated. I'm
actually very excited to see what Spencer Ratler could be like.
I think he actually can't be very good.

Speaker 1 (32:40):
I if he goes to the right spot.

Speaker 3 (32:43):
Yes, he had me playing offensive line in front of
him at South Carrol, Oh. He was running for his life.
He was getting abused.

Speaker 1 (32:49):
The guy was an uber prospect coming out.

Speaker 4 (32:52):
He was the favorite his first year. He was the
favorite to be the first overall pick yep his first
year to college. Humans and I were laughing at it
because there's a no shot that's gonna happen.

Speaker 3 (32:59):
He was the thing that.

Speaker 1 (33:00):
Year, and I think back to back years he was
one of the shortest shots on the board to.

Speaker 3 (33:04):
Win the Heisman Trophy.

Speaker 1 (33:06):
So we'll continue as NFL Draft Networks Daniel Jeremiah called
him his favorite player in the class. Then why is
his draft position this low? It's follow the Money on
vsent V sports Betty Network.

Speaker 4 (33:37):
Don't miss out on any of the playoff action in
the NBA at Draftking Sportsbook and official sports betting partner
of the NBA. For the play in tournament through the finals,
Draft Kings Sportsbook as you covered the same game, parlays,
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That's code vsent only on DraftKings. The crown is you.

Speaker 3 (34:00):
I can't wait.

Speaker 1 (34:01):
Forty five minutes from right now, we're going to talk
about what the Vikings are going to do in the
draft with Paul Charcian, Fantasy Football Hall of Famer friend
of the show k Fan Radio in Minneapolis.

Speaker 3 (34:12):
I sent him a text yesterday.

Speaker 1 (34:14):
I asked him the question do I need to bet
the Vikings to draft JJ McCarthy with their first pick.
Before you come on the show, he sent me what
felt like a very emphatic one word answer. Yes, you'll
find out what that answer was coming up in about
forty five minutes. So he has very strong opinions on

that and other draft props as well. Daniel Jeremiah NFL
Network also very strong opinions. He's one of the most
reliable and one of the most trusted, I guess draft
pundits if you will, in the entire world. And there
was a video making the rounds yesterday where he said
that rum Madoonsa is his favorite player in the entire
class wide receiver Washington. He's a Las Vegas product. He

played at Bishop You went to Bishop Gorman.

Speaker 4 (34:59):
As I always say, Roman Dunsay the second most famous
alum coming out of Bishop Gorman High School. The first
is me, then it's Roma Dunsay, then DeMarco Murray. I
think it's a good order.

Speaker 3 (35:07):
Whatever happened to Tatemartel. That's a good point. Yeah, Tatemartell,
He's pretty far down the list.

Speaker 1 (35:12):
The football factory that is. Did you you played right
a little bit?

Speaker 4 (35:16):
Yes, DeMarco Murray helped me out one year my freshman
camp when my my big butt was cramping because I
was like, oh my god, this is.

Speaker 3 (35:23):
Hard handed me a water bottles?

Speaker 2 (35:25):

Speaker 3 (35:25):
Is that right? Now? It's my claim to fame. Did
you play much? Not a lot?

Speaker 2 (35:29):

Speaker 4 (35:29):
I was also an air duell, so I was like,
a you know, what's the word I'm looking for?

Speaker 3 (35:33):
Eligibility was a was a question? Probably not so much skill?

Speaker 1 (35:37):
So he says, oh, doonsay favorite player in the class.
There are two receivers later to go ahead of him
roma Dunzay's rapt position here at circa Anyway, he's eight
and a half and it doesn't feel like he's going
to go under eight and a half? Now does he go?
If there are no trades that he's the most commonly
mocked player to go.

Speaker 3 (35:56):
To the Bears at number nine?

Speaker 1 (35:58):
If he like, could they could they possibly not go
number nine there? If he's on the board and they
elect to go a different path.

Speaker 4 (36:05):
I mean could because I think the reality there is
there's a strong chance that you get a run of
like you can go three straight wide receivers at one point.

Speaker 1 (36:13):
Well, there is a path where it could go quarterback, quarterback, quarterback,
wide receiver, wide receiver, wide receiver.

Speaker 3 (36:19):
Yeah, Arizona, LA, and then New York and then depending
on where he falls in.

Speaker 1 (36:22):
I'm not buying into that, but people have said that
could happen, right.

Speaker 4 (36:24):
But I mean at the very least from Arizona through
like through the New York Giants, you at least have
teams that you know, whether it's one or two, the
wide receiver is up there on positional needs. So it's
it's a chance that it could happen. Dunes, they could
be the steal of the draft. And I also think too,
wide receiver seems to be somewhat like a personal taste
a lot of the times, Like Marvin Harrison Junior is

the top wide receiver prospect, but once he goes off
the board, depending on how you see a guy fitting
into your system, the Dunes that could be the second
wide receiver.

Speaker 3 (36:52):
He could could be.

Speaker 1 (36:53):
I mean there was a year I think it was
the pandemic year.

Speaker 3 (36:57):
I mean maybe the Henry Ruggs a year too.

Speaker 1 (36:59):
It was a twenty one year, I believe, right, was
that the Rugs year? Yeah, where it was rug cd
Lamb and Jerry Judy. Yeah, and then I did not
think Ruggs was gonna go.

Speaker 3 (37:08):
In fact, he was.

Speaker 1 (37:09):
Paully had him. Actually, Paully had Uh Henry Ruggs to
go as a first wide receiver at a nice price.
I'm like, Rugs, he's fast, but that's it. I mean,
a very nice wide receiver at Alabama. I'm looking at
cde Lamb and Judy thinking to myself, they're clearly going
to go ahead of the guy. Nope, raiders on the board.
Rugg's first receiver taken. And that shocked a lot of people.
So I don't think it would be It's not going

to be a stunner to me if Doonday would go
ahead of neighbors.

Speaker 3 (37:33):

Speaker 4 (37:33):
Yeah, that was twenty twenty and when Yeah, Ruggs, Judy,
Ceedee Lamb, Jalen Rager.

Speaker 3 (37:37):
Justin Jeff Jefferson, he went ahead of all of them.
Brandon Ayuquinn twenty five.

Speaker 1 (37:41):
Remember the reaction they had the cam in the front
office for the UH for the Vikings and Rick Spielman
when the Eagles were right in front of them and
they took Reager and Jefferson was on the board, they laughed, Yep,
there's a video audio of that out that Their reaction
was laughter.

Speaker 4 (37:55):
That's that's a good draft reaction. And then remember I
think it was Peter King who had the piece. We
don't have video of it, but it was the year
that Chicago moved up to get Mitchell Trubisky.

Speaker 3 (38:05):
John Lynch can't beat Trubisky.

Speaker 4 (38:07):
Cannon, they didn't think they were gonna get I think
was Slomon Thomas right, they ended up drafting. Yeah, yeah,
they were like they didn't think they were gonna get him.

Speaker 1 (38:14):
So that was actually one of the one of my
personal career highlights because that was the first year Vison
was ever on the air. It was the first draft
we ever did that, and Brent Musburger, I was a producer,
was hosting the show and for some reason they had
me sitting in with Brent, and I can't remember who
else was on it. I think Jimmy Pauli was on

Later in the show they split us up a little bit.
Maybe it was Jimmy Vacaro or somebody like that. Anyway,
when that happened, we were off completely floored. Ye could
not believe, like, Okay, they're trading up, now, what is
this going to be? Who's this going to be for
And when they announced Tribisky were like, that can't be right.
Is this some sort of a joke?

Speaker 3 (38:54):
We were blown away.

Speaker 2 (38:55):
That was it?

Speaker 4 (38:56):
What a different time too, Miles Garrett and Solomon Thomas
picks one and three.

Speaker 3 (39:00):
A little bit of a different difference there between those two.

Speaker 4 (39:02):
Now it's all just it's going to be five straight
quarterbacks on the first five picks.

Speaker 1 (39:07):
There is a more steam now that the price came
down on Pennix to go in the first round. That's
just creeping down there a little bit. So depends on
how you look at it. Will Michael Pennox be a
It's worded differently different places. It's either going to be
will Michael Pennox be a first round pick? Or his
draft position prop is thirty two and a half. And
if you go under, the juice has changed. It's come

down a little bit on the under.

Speaker 3 (39:30):
Yeah. I mean, look, I think we have I'm going
to go out on a limb here.

Speaker 4 (39:34):
I think we have a pretty strong solid samples as
it tells us that draft odds and the moves are
not entirely predictive.

Speaker 3 (39:40):

Speaker 4 (39:41):
Will Levis at one point was favored to go Was
he did he get to favored for first favored, very close, live,
very quo yep. Anthony Richardson was favored at one point
to go before CJ. Stroud, Like, we see this all
the day, and this is just in recent history. We
can go back and talk about a lot of these guys.
So I think you just you get a lot of
people and maybe take positions, come back the other way,
whatever it is in terms of how you're handling this.

But I think eventually we'll get to the point where
I feel pretty confident that here's the thing. You know what,
I do feel confident about that the odds are getting right.
As we talked about yesterday, for the first like two
months of this process, the narrative was that like bo
Nix was solidly ahead of Penix and that seems to
now have shifted, which is I think a very strong
and very correct move.

Speaker 1 (40:20):
Put it this way, I wish that that specific prop
would have been available in Las Vegas a month and
a half ago, the matchup prop right now, who's gonna
go first?

Speaker 3 (40:28):
Penix or Nicks?

Speaker 1 (40:30):
And now Pennox has turned out to be a pretty
nice favorite in that group in that matchup.

Speaker 3 (40:33):
But I think that's that's deservedly so.

Speaker 4 (40:35):
Remember last year it was in This was earlier in
the process, but remember after the combine, Anthony Richardson was
a favorite over CJ.

Speaker 3 (40:42):

Speaker 4 (40:42):
Right after the combine he flipped to that that was
one of the better like live event events, if you will.
I was on the air on a Saturday, We're watching
the combine and I just had the odds up and
after He's destroying combine record after combine record, and the
odds just continued to shift on Anthony richards I'll give.

Speaker 3 (40:55):
You another one from last year. This was week of
the draft.

Speaker 1 (41:00):
Aalen Carter was a massive favorite to go under his
prop which I believe was six and a half, and
the thought was he was going to go to Seattle,
which they were picking fifth, but then they went Devin
Witherspoon and then he went eventually went over and was
taken what ninth overall I believe, But he was a
huge price to go over. It was either five and
a half or six and a half last year and
that cashed that got there and everybody just kept betting

him thinking that the Seahawks were pretty much a lock
to take him in that spot.

Speaker 3 (41:26):
Did not happen.

Speaker 4 (41:27):
Now the day of draft moves are I think predictive
as we learned last year A number two Yeah, like
an hour before.

Speaker 3 (41:34):
And you just saw those odds like you were, oh, okay,
so this is going to happen.

Speaker 4 (41:38):
It's similar to Pala Binkaro right the day of the
draft with those odds moving. So I think when you
get there you can buy into obviously what the odds
are or where the odds are going. But at this point,
right now, still even what do we have now eight
days out, still I don't think there's enough.

Speaker 3 (41:54):
Information where you're actually buying into where these things are moving.

Speaker 1 (41:56):
I would agree. I'll give you another wildcard to the Cowboys.
Sure with Jerry Jones. Have you looked at their running
back room?

Speaker 3 (42:06):
Oh that's a good point. Yeah, it's not very strong.

Speaker 4 (42:09):
You think first round if you want to get nuts
twenty fourth overall or do you trade back? Are they
smart enough to trade back to like thirty one thirty two?

Speaker 1 (42:20):
This is the same guy who wanted to take Johnny Manziel.

Speaker 3 (42:23):
Yep, it's the.

Speaker 1 (42:25):
Same guy who has taken They did not need CD
Lamb a couple of years ago, but when they felt
that dude fell to them. They're like, we already have
really good receivers in a great offense. We got at him.
They needed other pieces that year that they took CD Lamb,
they were struggling big time on defense.

Speaker 3 (42:42):
Eight to one on over a half for running backs
in the first round that draft.

Speaker 1 (42:46):
Game, specifically Cowboys to take a running back, that's got
to be a huge price. I'm just saying, like Jerry Jones,
I don't think it's going to happen, but that dude
is a total.

Speaker 3 (42:55):
Wild card man. Thirty to one.

Speaker 1 (42:59):
Nothing surprised met with him.

Speaker 4 (43:00):
Yeah, position of first player drafted in the NFL draft
of the Cowboys thirty to one.

Speaker 1 (43:04):
I will say that that charge on the same again,
he's coming up in about forty minutes, Paul Charge in
same team.

Speaker 3 (43:09):
He has two bets.

Speaker 1 (43:11):
One of them is like a thirty five or forty
forty to one shot for their first overall pick. Not
the Cowboys, Okay, another team.

Speaker 3 (43:17):
Really Yeah, and that'll be interesting.

Speaker 4 (43:20):
I mean, because I think with the draft, I mean,
you could you which of the corners did you hit?
You had a pretty long shot on one of the corners.

Speaker 1 (43:27):
And Stingley a couple of years ago, one hundred to
one to go thirty. By the time we got there though,
he was he was the favorite. Yeah, he was the favorite.
So like generally you get to the point where it
corrects itself. But usually you don't get those unless you
jump on them pretty early, right and the market starts
to shift there. So I'd be pretty interested to hear
what he has to say. I think the one that
would shock people this year, that nobody would see coming
would be Joe All going like third overall.

Speaker 3 (43:46):
Oh, so the Patriots would be great. It's one hundred
and one.

Speaker 1 (43:49):
It's not going to happen, I don't think.

Speaker 3 (43:52):
I mean, you never know, but Patriots off the board.

Speaker 1 (43:55):
Come on up next. Jeff Sealey's going to join the program.
We'll handicap the Heritage this week. How shall we attack
to betting board with Scottie Scheffler around four to one
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