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October 30, 2023 49 mins

This episode is going to "Spice Up Your Life". . . because Geri Halliwell-Horner is on the pod! 

The award-winning singer, actress, author, and member of the biggest and best-selling girl group of all time joins Lance to talk about her new book, "Rosie Frost & the Falcon Queen," and what inspired it and why it took nine years to write! 

Plus, Geri talks about the blessing and curse of going solo, the time the Spice Girls ran into *NSYNC and Geri made them sing, and when Lance's dogs escaped his house, he reveals which Spice Girl rescued them! 

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
This is Frosted Tips with Lance Bass and iHeartRadio Podcast. Hello,
my little peanuts, this is your host Turkey Turchin on
Frosted Tips with Turkey Turchin. Let me introduce my little
co host for today. He's a nice little whipper snapper
from Mississippi. His name is Lance Bass. Welcome to the show.

Impression of me how I start the show? No, that
was my impression of how I start the show. Well,
Turkey Turchin has taken over today because today is a
very special episode, very important. This one is all about
Michael here because he has his fave Yeah, Jerry Hollow
freaking spice girls, y'all, we tell stories about them all

the time. How was your first concert? Your first CD?
How Jerry disappointed you? Because the first concert she left
two months before and she did the median she did.
So we're here to finally at the record straight. I know.
I'm so excited. I know. And by the way, you
I've never seen you make lemon water for people. Okay, guys,
so prepared it like an hour and a half where

she even well she's about to get here an hour
and a half before right now. I prepared it, had
it nicely chilled in the refrigerator with some lemon and
a nice picture. It's nice I brought out the nice cups.
You are a great host. I know apparently when I
host this show, I do not provide these things. Well,
I'm just trying to show you what you can aspire
to be. This is a learning lesson for you this show.

You're such a giver, such a giver. Thank you guys.
So Happy Halloween everyone. Yeah, you know, it's my favorite
time of year besides Christmas. Can't you know I'm equal.
I'm an equal opportunist with Halloween and Christmas. I can't
say which one I really. I mean mine is Halloween. Yeah,
I mean it's it's more fun. Well, that's why you're

fun for now with kids. I think Christmas might I
don't know. Yeah, well Christmas is just like a nice time.
I don't know, but I I'm super excited that we
really took advantage of doing Halloween type things this month,
because sometimes it passes I'm like, well I didn't really
get to do anything that I really wanted to do.
But because of the strike that is continuing to go on,

we've had a lot of time on our hands, so
we've done Halloween hard nights, we've done been not scary
farm The Willows, which, by the way, and of course,
if y'all don't live here in Los Angeles, I think
it might becoming a different cities at some point. There
is an interactive creepy play called The Willows. And so

The Willows is a family and it's a wake that
you go to. Only fifteen people go in. You don't
really know who's an actor and who's just a guest,
and you get to create your own character. So you
first have this little, you know, soiree cocktail party. Then
you have like a dinner, and then this big abandoned
like old mansion, like a ten thousand square foot man
right next to the American Horror Story House right next

door to that mansion. Yeah, so imagine that house. It's
just creepy, old haunted. Yes, so much fun. But the
way they produce this show, you feel like you're in
a movie. I mean you are in the movie, you're
in this house, and you mean sound effects everywhere, the
music gets louder. Sometimes when you go into the room
and something's gonna happen, everyone gets separated. So it's a

cool experience. I heard if you go fourteen times, you
can see something different. That's how because I've done three now,
that's how they get you fourteen times. Well, I've done
it three times, and I tell you every single time
is completely different. Okay, we eleven more times ago. Yeah,
but you got to be on the waiting list because
this thing sells out in two seconds. So go next
year and when it comes to sitting near you, what

else did we do this? Oh, trick or treating tomorrow.
I'm super excited. And we just got back from New Orleans. Yeah,
my god, New Orleans, New Orleans Halloween. It's spectacular. It's loco,
Yeah it is. It's so fun. The gays kind of
take it over. I didn't know this, you know, I
grew up kind of going to New Orleans. The gas
take over every big Halloween down, especially when you can

like dress up as sexy anything. Yeah, like Miami, growing up,
like Lincoln, it was like the gays took over, you know,
New York gays takeover. In LA the gays definitely take over. Well, well,
this is for a big charity thing all weekend. It's
the Lazarus Project, which is an amazing organization that provides
meals and everything for people in need that are sick,

and I just think it's great that all this goes
for a good cause, but also good to have fun.
So it was a black tie event the first night.
The next night was the big costume party where we
were like tron like, and then Sunday it was a
nice little kind of farewell tea party. But I just
I just love that city so much. It and we
brought so many friends that have never been to New Orleans,

and I think this was the perfect way to show
them my favorite city. We went on a walking ghost
tour to introduce everyone to the whole French Quarter. The
food's amazing. It's just if you've not been to New Orleans,
give it a try. It is just spectac especially if
you love music and food. You should be the spokesperson
for New Orleans. Well, I've been trying. New Orleans are listening.

Call us New Orleans call me all right, Well let's
get to have too much time today. Well then let's
get to it. Okay. So when we come back, we're
gonna have the one and only Jerry Hallowe. It's Jojo Siua,

host of the new podcast Jojo Seawe. Now it's time
to get real, up close and personal. We're gonna be
talking to you like I'm writing in a journal. You're
gonna get all of the tea and all of the scoop.
I'm also gonna be talking to my friends, the people
I admire, to people that are drending right now. So
you're gonna get like Jojo seawa now and like now,
what's going on in the world. It's gonna be great,

and I really hope you like it. You can listen
to Jojo Seawae now on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts,
or wherever you listen to podcas guests, welcome back to
the show today. We are super excited, especially Turkey Turchin. Yeah,

you know he's excited when he makes lemon water for
the guests. That's right, he's never made lemon water. Guest well,
they were undeserved every year they were undeserving of it.
So this is gonna be a special one because we
have Geraldine A Stelle Hallowell Corner English singer, songwriter, author, actress.
She rose to prominence as Ginger Spice, a member of
the girl group Spice Girls, with over one hundred million

records sold world ride. The Spice Girls are the best
selling female group of all time. Their slogan girl power
was most closely associated with Hallowell and her union jack
dress from nineteen ninety seven the brit Awards, and it's
also become an enduring symbol. We all know that one.
Jerry has written two autobiographies, a series of children's novels,
and now she has a brand new novel called Rosie

Frost and the Falcon Queen out now, Cherry, welcome to
Frosted Tips. Wow. What what an intro? Sometimes very good?
You've got really good boy, Thank you good? I was
I was the bass and so it's a very radio

friend lead. It's very rich. Did y'all have so when
Spice Girls? Did you have certain like did you have
a bass? Did you have a soprano? Different? Yeah, definitely.
I think I'm middle and enriched the middle. I would say,
it depends what day you got me on. Sometimes I'm yeah, listen, yeah,
who would hit the lowest note? Who could go low?

I would say probably Melby? I would say absolutely, I'm
distracted by your little Do you audience know about your
little dogs? Oh? Yes, everyone loves some Chippendale. Chippendale's Oh
my goodness, they're slightly and the cross a very thick
because they have the does bark. Ever, you know what
they get they do, you know what they've got to
look on their face. We feel marginalized. Yeah, we had

kids and they were just yeah, yeah, they're no longer
the children of the house. But it's their fault because
they don't know how to pee outside. So if they're inside,
they're gonna mark everywhere. They mark his legs up on anything,
and you just can't do it. So sometimes put diapers
on them, let them come in. But then sometimes they
might snip at a at a kid. It's just okay,

yeah they're not They are turning seven sixteen, very sweet
in December. They are dogs that are our very baby.
I've had my whole life, I've had dogs. I just
always had a dog in my life and I don't
think I could ever not have an animal around, especially

well they I haven't had in a while, but breakups.
You know what. Actually, when I lived in Los Angeles,
I got a dog, Daddy. It's and it just kept
me company when I was lonely. It's so true. Yes,
it's and especially because I always had bigger dogs. And yeah,

when you would go through like a breakup, it was
just they know something's up. Yeah, they just they Yeah,
they cuddle with you more. They know what is up.
And I just I love that. We don't deserve dogs.
You do not deserve dogs you. Yeah, exactly. It's the
most unconditional love you'll ever have. That's true. I even
think that probably with our kids. Oh for sure, you

could tell us. It's like I can tell you something
I can't wait for that. I hate you, I love you.
I know ours are finally saying I love you, and
it's the sweetest it is, too right. All right, we're
gonna get into your family. First, we have to talk
about Rosie Frost and The Falcon Queen. Congratulations, New York
Times bestseller. We're their newest book, Rosie Frosts Falcon Queen.

So tell us about the book, because I know it
took you nine years to write. So where did this
come from? Okay, so the time I finish and start,
it's nine years, I would say seven years in the process.
I've always loved the power of words. You know, I'm
no Mariah Carey. I would say my favorite part of
being an artist is writing. But I always put my

finger to the wind and say, what does the world need? Okay,
And I thought, actually, I think the world needs a
new hero, a different kind of hero, someone that's not airbrushed,
and maybe that's vulnerable. And maybe vulnerability is your superpower,
that you don't have to be strong all the time.
And I always think if you can see it, you

can be it. So whether it's in a movie, a
book or music, you know, when you can identify with
somebody what somebody's saying, or you see it, And so
I always felt the importance of that. So I thought,
let's find a new character. So that's where Rosie Frost
nine years ago was born. And also the friends around her.
There's boys in there. The boys are strong, but the

boys cry. So it gives you permission for you you
can still be You know that about boys? Know that? Yeah,
it's so true. I love that you said give permission
because I say that all the time when people you know,
ask about me coming out and being gay, were like,
we did you know? Or why didn't you come out earlier?
Like I said, because I was never given permission to

come out. I was never given permission to be gay.
I was always told by the world that no, you can't. Okay,
so like no one said, yeah, you can do that.
And sometimes we sort of process things through if through movies,
through books, through music, and so that's what I've always
done as a child myself. So I started developing this,
and I think a novel, do you read a lot?

You have? Not? Now? Definitely more audibles. I love the
one to sleep every night to it. Okay, audible, but yeah,
to get We've been trying to read this party training
book literally for two months, and we still have not
found it would take us just a day. We've still
not found the time to just finish this party training book. Okay,
We're go on and talk about party training in a minute. Okay,

I can tell you about yeah, yeah, but right now,
I understand you do not have time to read. For
anyone that listening doesn't know that. We've got beautiful parents here,
a two year old. They're in it. You're looking good,
You're looking good. So here's the point. So if you're
going to read something, you want something to escape, you

want something that's going to uplift you and maybe fill
you up spiritually inside out. Okay. I always like that,
but it's like hiding vegetables in chocolate. So this book
is action adventure, but it's also embedded with history, so
it's it's a modern day adventure, but it transports you
back to five hundred years ago. Okay. So Queen Elizabeth Firs,

I don't know if you know about the Tudors okay.
So she feels a school. Her mother okay, was executed
by her father, so therefore she doesn't really want to
get married. I'd put you off withn't it. Yeah, So
she builds this school and it's a schoolful of polymss
which really smart kids, in honor of her mother, okay.
And she says, these students their ideas will be my heirs. Okay.

And it's all on this island, which is a bit
like Jurassic Park but for endangered animals. Okay. Cut to
five hundred years later, Rosie Frost, she's sent there, Okay.
She's like, her mother's just died. She said, what the
hell am I doing here? And she enters what's called
the Falcon Queen Games, and it's a bit like squid game,
so it's very fast paced. But she meets the ghost

queen of an berleyn and gives her four rules. And
these four rules, okay, are we the same four rules
that was given to Queen Elizabeth? I okay that she
became the greatest queen ever. Rosie Frost uses these four
rules to stand up to bullies, like to go through
these games, and like to find the courage she never
knew she had. Do you want to know what the

four rules are? Because I think you might live by
these girls, especially rule number four you live by Okay,
So number one is take the chance, have courage. Number
one is have courage, take it the chance you fear
the most. So that would be a bit like, do
you know what? I want to do something else? Do
you know what? I want to move on and I
want to have my own station podcast, I want to

do something. I want to be a painter. I want
to paint whatever it is. Okay, that takes courage to
put yourself out there. Number two United, we stand divided before.
You two need each other. Don't you without each other?
It feels a bit wobbly. We pull each other over
the wall. Okay. The third one is never give up,
be the light, serve your kingdom. You'll win your fight.

That means basically, if you're of service right to whoever
it is, you know, whether it's to younger people or
I don't know, you can be inspiring in some way.
It puts it puts gas in your tank. Okay, that's
number three. The fourth one is your all, it says Shakespeare,
who also went to this school. Okay, to thine own
self be true if you like it not. These rules

make up your own And I'm looking at you too.
You're making your own rules up again. So anyone reads
this book, big action adventure, but they get the four rules,
they can they can use them in their own life. Basically,
that's the point of it. That's so great. And I mean,
how creative you must be to come up with this story.

Have you always been this creative even as a little
kid and wanted to write books? Yeah, I've always loved
the partner. When I was a child, my parents have
a lot of money, and other people would go on vacation. Instead,
I went to the library and borrowed a book and
so I could get up. I transport myself through you
know the power of a book or music. And so
I've always loved writing, and so it's always something I

mean you two are both creative people. Okay for the viewer,
Okay for the listener. Here, I've got to tell you
there is this beautiful painting of a zebra. Okay that
you've done it, which is absolutely amazing. You need bigger
white walls, really really talented, do you know what we

just he needs to do well when he's like really
really old, right, it'll be worth a fortune. I know
he's going to have to kill me. I want to
say it, but yeah, Okay, Carlo, who is a falcon queen? Okay,
Rosie Frost in this school? Okay, it's got a falcon
queen gallery. There is a falcon king gallery, but focusing

on the falcon queen's free to Carlo, Okay, she was
a falcon queen. You have a potential. Yeah, very nice.
I really like it. I'm gonna what if we just
like fake your death for a couple of years and
then you come back. It's so true the greatest artists
all Hang on a minute, Damien Hurst, he's still I'm

still kicking, He's still going and charge fortune. But I
really do like that, Ziebra, don't you It's pretty cool,
isn't It? Definitely speaks or what's the guy from the
sixties that is amazing? Come on, yeah, warhole, I mean
that bright color. Oh yeah, I have a lot of
because I love pops of color, Like I just need,

like look at the pillows behind you. I need just
fun things. His all of his paintings are always have
some kind of crazy fun pops. He's you're the ying
to the yang. I'll take it. Yeah, we're very opposite,
but it works. It works. So did you write a
lot of music? Actually, let me ask this. Do you

like writing music more or writing books more? Okay, here's
the difference. Okay, I think when you write a song,
it's like perfume or it's like a it's like a
shot of coffee. You've got one moment to make someone
feel something. Okay. So, and that's a beautiful thing with
with With a novel, you're taking them on an adventure

and you've got to keep them the whole way. So
it's more like a seven course meal. So they're doing
the same thing, you know. They're they're touching your senses
and giving you escapism or giving you the voice. They're
giving a voice for the voiceless or the words that
you couldn't find yourself or just escapism. So it'd be
hard to say, but fundamentally, I've always loved writing. Yeah,

I'm in the same boat because I just never was
a great music writer. And it's because I just know
the story. I can see the beginning and end immediately,
and I can just create this whole world and then
I can write it with music. I can tell you
the story that I'm horrible with melodies? Are you so?
I like melody? Is that horrible? I really so like.

Both of those just kind of deterred me from like
really getting into the music writing because I really maybe
you could do it. So I like the top line melody.
I can give you a top line melody that will
be worming. I do a bit of the words, but
they all serve a purpose and just words, words, words

and story. That's the official. Yeah. Have you ever tried writing?
I have. I've written a few things in my first
children's book comes out next Halloween. Amazing. I mean, as
a writer, you know, it takes forever to get these on.
Anybody that tries to write a book, you have my
absolute chapeaux. It's such a discipline. Okay, do you have

a like a discipline format of what you do. For example,
I have to no phone allowed in the room. That's
a creative killer, not allowed. It is. This one was
a little easier because this was an idea I had
for years and it already had it kind of in
my head. And it's a children's book, so it's you know,
not many many words, but it's called trigger Treat on

Scary Street because I like scary Halloween. Okay, I can see.
So I just want to tell there are lots of
lots of scary I've been working on this, but this
is like the least. This is the most tame this
house has been. You miss. This is people asked, did
you did you decorate for Halloween? And Lance tells everyone,
now I know, because he thinks it's decorating for me.

Usually have Okay, this is what I do for the holidays.
I have thirty five Christmas trees of all different colors,
and then they come for Halloween and I put spider
webs and stuff all in them, and I put all
these little electronic things and it's a scary fun for
like on a minute, just rewand you're emerging Christmas with Halloween. Y. Yeah,
you just like to creative it's like three months of

just decorations that make no s to me. We're not
allowed to think about Christmas until you got through tow
and I agree with that. Look. I have a I
have a look. I'm a holiday king. Right October first
is the only time that I can start celebrating Halloween.
It's true, like October first, and then right after the
thirty first happens or day of the Dad, like November second. Yeah,

then all the Halloween stuff is ripped off the trees
and it turns into Christmas, and then you don't have
to move. I wish someone had saw your face just then.
You just you just look into Christmas. He looks like
he's in a Disney Listen. He's been so depressed because
this has not been like Halloween. Enough Again, with two
year olds, it's it's hard to do what you really

wanted to calm down something. It's enough, right, sometimes less more?
Thank you? Too much on the table, you can't see
the tree. I'm learning that he doesn't abide by that rule,
but I'm getting better. I tell what it's like. You know,
when you see a really beautiful girl with too much

makeup on, you see I can't you don't need that much.
You either pick MUSCAA or the or bright red lipstick
one or the other. Take this advice. Okay, I'm trying.
I'm okay. I think is telling you this. You just
need to look back. I think you've definitely matured beautifully.
I think you've got even more handsome with age. You

look really good. That's very sweet. You look amazing. It's insane.
I mean we met, what twenty five years ago? Do
you remember how you in Germany? And it was, oh
my god. So we were in Germany on a clone
or Munich whatever, and uh wanna Be had come out
maybe a couple of months before that, and I mean

that thing just blew up so big, and so we
lived in Germany at the time. We would see your
video all the time. We were just releasing our first song,
and yeah, we were in the airport, were like those
those girls from that awesome You remember what happened though?
What happened? Oh gosh, okay? I said, oh, come then
you were saying, oh, we're coming out with this song,
blah blah. I went, okay, then come on, give us

a song, and you guys sung a cappella and I
went town you're very good. That's what we had to
prove ourselves. I mean, because that's what I remember thinking,
These boys are really good at a cappella. That's what
I remember. Yeah, we were sing at the drop of
a hat because when we went to Europe, we didn't
know what boy bands were, and we didn't know there
were five hundred of them, like oh crap, and everyone

thought that we couldn't sing. So anytime anyone would ask, yeah,
that's why I do it, That's what really stuck out
for me, I was like, okay, and I went well done,
very good. And I'll never forget that because I mean,
it was so early. I was seventeen years old, and
I remember I had a big old ZiT on my cheek,
so sorry, uh huh. And I was so I'm like,

am I really going to take a picture with these
girls with a big old ZiT on my face? It's
gonna last forever? And it did because you just think
about that. Here you are, now, okay, new chapter in
your life. You've done all right, because some people that
you know are young and famous. You mean, it's very difficult.
And now I'm looking at you, do you know what

I mean? I feel very proud if you were my sons.
Do you know what I mean, You've you've turned out
all right because my mother, she said to me Spanish,
she said to me, when I was a little girl,
my father tried to put me on stage very early,
and she goes, I don't want you to end up
like Julie Galland on Rugs, which is true, it's true.

And do you find I mean, I know you were
solo after the group, but I loved being in a
group because I felt like I was very I was
kept down to earth a lot more because I look
at Michael Jackson and Britney Spears and all these people there,
they're just yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. They're never told no.
And I think that's when you're get into trouble. Interesting. Interesting,
I think you know, I didn't mind being solo, because

there's blessings and curses of both. You know, one you
get to you know, just you know, run whatever you
want to do. Yeah, But in other ways, I really
enjoyed the camaraderie. It's really that's really nice. I think,
you know, it goes back to that rule number two
of Rosie is united, we stand, divided, we fall. I
think no matter what human beings like company of course

saying we want to traveling, and they have studies that
you know, you live longer when you have a tribal
So have you seen that documentary Blue Zones. I've heard
of it. Yeah, and we have a blue zone here
in California. That is true. Yes, yes, you do. I've

forgotten what it's called. And it's because of some religion
that's very prominent there. So basically it's not what it
really is about. It's a few different things because they're
in very different parts of the world. These blue zones
is one in Japan, one in Italy, one in America,
and a couple of other places. And blue zones are
for people that don't know this. The most centurions, right, yeah,

they lived to one hundred okay, And it's one thing
is about work. Don't give up work, right, so you
don't have to be really hard at it, don't stop
keep moving. Yeah. The other one is family. Make sure
that you're living close by your relatives so they help
you a little bit. The other thing it's community, so
whether it's through you know, religion or sport or something

like that. It was a few and diet, it was
just bad. It wasn't extreme. No, it's it's mainly a
Mediterranean diet, so it's like lots of veggies, you just
a little meat. Yeah, nothing was extreme. Yeah, very doable. Okay,
why don't we all do this? You're you're in the
blue zone. I'm trying to get mumblers on. Yeah, I

forget what it is, but yeah, all right, let's finish
up on the book before I get into like the
real fun stuff here. So I have to imagine because
you're you're think there's gonna be a three book series, right,
have you written the next one? I've done number two
and I've just I've got it back from the editor
and I'm doing notes, which is hard, the hardest bit

because it's like doing an operation on a body. You're
having to like, oh, shall I take that bit out?
It's like it's like rubbing, rubbing things out and making
decisions when you're writing, and you put you'll probably go
into the the next time. When you're writing, it's like
just going on a venture. Yeah, and it's just a
bit more fluidity and you get sort of lost a
little bit. But this is kind of a bit more

like surgery. What with this story did you plan on
three books at the beginning? So do you know how
it's all going to end? Kind of kind of I met.
I asked other writers, and there's this one guy called
William Boyd and he wrote any Human Heart. He's like, amazing,
It's like the Bethoven. It'd be like me giving Humpty

dumpty to Bethoven when he read my book right the
first draft and he gave me. He gave me. This
was like seven years ago, and he really helped me.
He said, rewrite it, do this, blah blah blah. And
he says, actually, what the best thing to do is
structure it before you start, so you have this skeleton
of what happens, which I didn't do a number one,
but number two I did, and it makes it fast,
it makes it Soone's usy, I mean, because I mean

when I went to university, what did you study? I
studied finance. But okay, that's quite useful. Yeah, it does.
Is It would be so useful now you're an artist, Yeah, exactly.
But I mean I had to write so many research
papers just for my other courses, and you know, like
thirty forty page papers, you know, and without doing an

outline and now line when you want to hit it
would just be it's a nightmare. But like in your
head you're like, oh, but that's going to take someone
sort of doing an outline. It's worth it's worth it.
It's like a beat sheet and TV. It is like,
it's worth it. Do put your work in the outline
and then literally is just filling in the gaps again.
It makes so much easier. Yes, that's it. I sort

of learned as I went really learning that price. That's
how you basically learn. Are we thinking of a screen adaptation?
I cannot confirm with it because it sounds it sounds
like it means such a movie. Yeah, it already sounds.
I cannot confirm. We love this is one. I'm going
to really enjoy it because I love these type of
books again because I love listening audible at night. It's audible.

You can, but I don't know if it will give
you send you to sleep. It's quite quite abrasive. There's
two songs in it as well. You scan it, you
get two songs. Okay, so original songs come with the book.
That doesn't happen much at all with books. So okay,
how did you think of this and have we heard

the song yet? They are out but you can only
get it on the book. But I tell you what
it is. So I've got you know, I've got six
year old and when he was about three, there was
this book which had nursery rhymes in the back of
the book, right, and I thought, you just scan And

I thought, what about that? If adults could do that,
you know, on an adult or young adult book, you
could scan it and get your own music. Because Rosie Frosch,
he's for adults as well, like my husband's read it,
like all sorts of people reading it. It's that age. Yeah.
I wonder if we've got some spare copies in the car,
we'll get it. I like to My thing is with

friends that write books, always buy it because I just
always want to support very nice. I just feel like
I always want to like, okay, that's very respectful. So
we're definitely getting Wait, all right, so let's go back
to the beginning. Where were you born? I was born

in Watford, which is kind of like the overspill of London. Yeah,
and so my mother Spanish. My father he's not alive.
He's very English, very English from Spain to England. She
was I think she was a nanny and she came
over and that she married my father very very quickly.

So when did you start performing? Probably when I was
a little girl. My mother was at work and she'd
take she was she was cleaning a big library and
the library had like big long tables, and I would
get on top of the table. My father act she
likes Shirley Temple. I was going to say, I just

brought up Shirley Temple last week because I didn't know
if she had passed or not. I don't think she passed. Yeah,
she was the United Nations ambassador. But my my father
tried to put me on stage when I was six
as Seid and because he always thought, you know, he
wanted to get like an English Shirley Temple. So that's

when I started doing it. Were you more into music
or acting first, if I'm on it, and a bit
of both, you know. I started writing stories at a
very young age as well, So it was a bit
of both. You know. I think performing you're getting attention,
validation from parents going, oh, look, have you ever thought

about taking those stories you created as a kid and
turned them into a little coffee table book. No, no, no,
not good, no, could be cute. Andy Cohen his first
book was great because he just yeah, sleep sleep away camp.

Letters he would like from his parents. My parents still
have letters when I went to sleep away camp. Oh
my god. That's quite sweet though. It is like dear Mummy,
I missed you. Yeah, but he would just these people
are horrible. This tasted like and I don't want to
go swimming and it's cool. I just complained I never
went to summer camp. Our summer camp was for five days,

so that's not really you go for two months when
we all go places, right, yeah, like a month. My
sister would go for two and we had to sleep
in tents like legit is this a bit like what
was that movie with Lindsay Lohan the parents like that? Yeah, yeah,
that's what I mean, which is quite nice. It was nice.
I mean it was expensive. It was like a nice
but like I just hated leaving my parents separate anxiety,

but I loved it. Yeah, it was always a just
saw give me the creep. I just wanted to tell
somebody through the window there is a swing of this
dolly figure with reddish hair and very green gray skin,
and like red eyes and dark people's glaring at me.

Ginger is especially dead. Yeah, Ginger with me for a while,
and she does create the one that's my Shirley Temple.
She's a young is Mike Myers over there? That's horrible
at nighttime? Every time I welk into the kitchen, it's
a slow Why do you think people like Halloween? One?

I love it because you can be someone you're not
and kind of just disappear into a character. I can.
It's always fun. Uh. And I love being scared because
there's some kind of me too. There's an adrenaline you
get after being scared. That's what you're after, is chasing. Okay, Yeah,
I do this thing on Instagram, the hashtag Lance scares,

and all I do is just scare him and it
makes the world. It makes everyone happy. So many yeah,
people being to smile, people's faces, the power of like
scaring him. I mean there's so many and I don't
dozens and dozens of idiots nothing. It sounds like it's
very Tom and Jerry. You two. Yeah, if he said
he hated it, I'd stop it. I think it's funny.

I mean he's scared, but I'm always laughing after it's
so ridiculous. He doesn't do anything. He does stands behind
corners and I walked there with like he's a camera
waiting and then that's it. Now we've said this story
many times on this show. I don't know why we
tell this story about the Spice Girls, but uh, because
we were talking about how in all the groups, you
start to kind of get into this uh persona that's

kind of put on you. I became the quiet, shy one,
which I wasn't really at all. Y'all got your names
from I think Top of the Pops magazine, so you
know they put scary spies and gingers. But and then
baby Space. Did you feel like that really was your
character or did you really start leaning into that once

everyone started calling to me. I don't feel like anyone
put anything on us, you know what I mean? I
actually think we all put on our batman suits. You know,
it doesn't matter what it is, anybody does, whether they're
a teacher or a banker, they put on their suit
and then that's EPISODEA and they go to work, do
you know what I mean? And we can all sort
of lean into that. So it's for me, I think

it's just something that you put on and it's okay,
it's not fake. It's just a part of you. A
room in your house you mean that you can celebrate
and enjoy. You know. It's funny because I was I
was coming here, I was like, Lance is the is
baby baby? Yeah, that's why I said. I went to me.
The energy you dres but talking about I'm not talking

about actually the esthetic world. It's got the big blue eyes.
I'm talking about as in yours. So easy to like,
so easy to like. It did play Emma in one
of the music videos in Germany. It was you cannot
make a good baby spicejam. You've got that sort of
very like everyone likes you. She lived at my house

for a while. I moved to New York and so
she rented my house when I lived in New York.
But I never got to meet her. She's very nice.
Stories and remember and your dogs escape and they were
brought to prison by what they're brought to dogtail Victoria's.
So I lived next door to Victoria for many years

ago and my dogs. I had just moved into this
house and I didn't know there was a hole in
the gate. What dog was it? Dingo and Foster. There
were like my big like first dogs I had when
I moved to LA and so they, yeah, escaped and
I was at a club and then I get a
call They're like, uh, hi, we have your dogs at
Beverly Hills Jail. Like what it's so I go to

I had to leave the club, go and they're behind bars.
These dogs are behind bars, and like, okay, is that
what happens? I get a dog jack, no idea. This
is the first time I've ever heard this, and I'm like, well,
who found him? Like, oh, it's back the David back
up next door, Like okay, I didn't know they were
my neighbors, but there. Then they went to dog Jay,

they went to dog Jail. It was cute though, it
was really cute. Do you go I used to go
to that dog park which one and Beverly Hills. There's
like everyone goes to that dog park up in the
West Bollywood. Oh yeah, I know, Oh yeah yeah, Runyon Canyon,
Oh yeah, run that gets a little crowd. We haven't
been to Runians in like a decade. I really is

too crowded now. We're just yeah, looking back at your time,
especially your early career with the girls, do you have
a moment that stands out that you're like, wow, I
can't believe we've got to do that. One time we
were in this airport in Germany, by always started singing
very beautifully. Stuck with her ever since. I mean so

many it's hard to pin down one. Of course, you know,
I feel very privileged. I'm sure you do to have
experienced that, and I think if anybody, obviously that's a
unique experience for anyone that hasn't. I think it's like
university friends or school friends that you have a specific
time together and go on a bench together. That's very unique.

So I sort of like the little things I say
that too about my guys, like this was our college years. Yes, fraternity,
there you go. It's great, And then you'll never lose
that bond. What you do as a teenager, that is
your Yeah, that's your people, and if you'll love them,
you'll hate them every emotional come up. But like that,
so you can always kind of go back and on.

What happened to the other ones. I don't know. I
don't keep in touch with them really now. They're all great.
We've we've all remained very close throughout the years and
where they live. Let's see Nashville, Orlando, Justin's everywhere, Montana,
Los Angeles, Bahamas, and then yeah, jac is here, so

La Nashville or of course Joey is the one that
stands out in your mind because I'm sure his name
and what happened to her? Uh, he's still doing. He
hosts a lot of television, so he went to television after.

But now we're all kind of singing again together, so
we'll see. Yeah, you know, we all got together for
a movie. We can't mention yah until this strike is over.
But yeah, so we finally recorded a song after. It's fun.
I think you girls would ever do another reunion potentially.

I think every has its time. Like at the moment,
I was like, you know what, Rosie Frost, she deserves
my attention. I love being with the girls. So if
and when that opportunity arose, great, you know, if there
might be a future for in Sync Spice Girls in
Sync Stadium tour would sound nicely. You could split the

stage where we perform over here for like five songs,
and then y'all take over this one over here and
the fans kind of go back and forth and it
could be kind of fun. Just say you've thought about
this I have. You know what I'm really liking about you.
It's your accents. Oh, my Southern accents coming out. It's
so nice because my parents were here last week. So okay,

when you say y'all, is there a word that gets
you into it? So many words? I mean y'all? Of course,
if I even think of my mom, my mom, is
there a word? I mean, you said certain words like
like like foil, pink, oil, pink, pinch someone a pin. Yeah,
I'm going to pinch you. Say I'm gonna eat you

ten times on the cement, the what on the semen
semen the cement on the cements they say, cementmen semen,
I'm gonna pinch you, pee, pinch p you ten times.
Almost got to be out of your mind. Yeah, pretty much.

My God's right, it's perfect. It's a very nice accent.
Well you know it's forever, gentleman. It can't be, but
you have like a subtle one. But when I started
within Sync, everyone made fun of it so much, so
I really wanted to drop it as quickly as I could,
so I worked on just not sounding like that. But
now I kind of appreciate it my older ears. I'm like, oh,

I like like a little accent. It's good in your
own leg. That's right, nice old Jerry. I know you
have to go, but it's been such a pleasure getting
to know you've seeing you after this wait. And more importantly,
I have to say my first concert was the Spice Girl.
I have one grievance. I went to the concert like
two months after you left. Sorry, but then in spirit,

the spirit you were it was. I was like ten
years old my first. But then I went when you
did the reunion tour when I was in college, I
went right back. So I had my first CD I
ever got. Was amazing. My first CD too, termes. It's
weird when you see someone that you know and then
you see them in real life. It was my first CD,

I purchased my first concert. Amazing. Thank you so much
for supporting your success for me. Yes, gorgeous. I wish
you the best of your family, and thank you for
having me a little bit of America. You know what,
I don't think I would have had the success I've

had if it wasn't for America. America says to me
when I was child, you can be anything and do anything.
That's very America, right. And so I've been coming over
here for Rosie Frost and coming back and forth bit
of both. But America just loves you just in general,
especially the gay community. I love the you know, I mean,

what can I say? I mean, George Michael, my gaydar
was so old. Marry him. Look, if George Michael could
be your gay best friend. That's kind of lived with him,
just not far, only met him a couple of times,
but he's seen such like a lovely guy. He was amazing.

He was absolutely amazing talent, such a talent that's perfume,
and gave back so much, you know he did, didn't
no one really even learned about that until after he passed,
you know, he kept a lot of that. I think
the more you give to the world, the world will
give to you. Agree with that? If everyone understand that, Yes,
thank you very much. Well well, well, Turkey, well, well

how are you feeling? She just left the house. I know,
I want to say that y'all got along famously. I
think we did. And maybe you're her new GBF. I
think I could be Okay, Actually I'm gonna have to
kill her other friends she came with today. That's her GBF. Yes,
that's her good friend. Oh my gosh. I thought they
were like he was working with her, so I thought

you had a shot. That you do not have a shot.
Of course they have a shot. It was the spark
was started. You all heard it. You all heard our connection.
Lovely woman, I know, so smart, smart, just I love
her wisdom. Yeah, like really you can tell that she
has done the work of just you know, really finding

herself and wanting to do good and this whole girl
power thing that she helps start in the nineties. I'm
still going on today with the books. Yeah, I think
it is so important everything that she was talking about.
I'm like, yeah, yeah, yeah, it makes sense. Yeah totally.
It's just nice to be reminded every once in a
while of that, I know. Yeah, and I actually am
excited to read that book. Yeah. It sounds like a

new Hunger Games. This is and sow up my alley. Yeah.
In fact, I was saying, you know, I'm listening to
one right now that reminds me of what she was
talking about, because it is a series of shorter books. Yeah,
why can't I think of the name of them? Oh,
my God, I always fall asleep with in the first
two minutes of you listening to this. Yeah, books, this
one sounds like I won't be able to fall asleep

as much because it's more action packed. The reason I
started this other book was because it was I googled
what audibles make you fall asleep the quickest, and it's
this book that's actually action packed. Is like dinosaurs and
time travel and all that type of stuff. Oh, something
about Saint Mary's. Okay, yeah, it's all of historians that
go back in time to observe historical events. But it's

very double O seven crazy. Yeah, but I literally had
no idea that was what the podcast was about that.
You've been listening to it, yeah, and like this is
people talking. No, I have not been, because it's it's
very important to narrate. Oh, I didn't ask her who
was going to narrate. I hope she is. Hopefully you
are well. She says you have a great voice. Oh,

great voice for audible. Yeah that'll be fun. So yeah,
so I I think that this is going to be
really fun like to listen to. But the reason that
I chose the Saint Mary's book was because it said
this will put you to sleep because the narrator doesn't
really play different. It sounds all the characters sound kind
of the same. That's why it's so hard for me

to us talking like you just don't know if a
man's talking, if she's talking like, you just don't know. No,
it's just that she doesn't change the act sin slightly
at all because she's British. So and then there's some
books like Wizard of Oz. If y'all like to listen
to books Wizard of Oz with Anne Hathaway, Oh yes,
she's great's great and narrative. She has to like forty

different so many voices, completely different voices. Yes, and I
was super impressed, so that those are always fun. But
again not good to go to sleep too, because you
won't go to sleep. Yeah, you get into it. Yea,
how do we get off? Oh? Because she wrote about
are we talking about Wizard of right now? All right, guys,
Well that is all the show we have for you today.

We hope you have an incredible safe Halloween week. Please
don't eat too much candy. Watch out for those apples
with syringes in them. What it's a thing. Yeah, check
for razorblaze apples as everyone knows that. And you know
what do we We're we don't really get trigger treaters
here Hill, so I'm always have something. But the good

thing is we have all this candy from the kid's
birthday paright that from Dylan's candy. We do not need
it in this house. Well, I'm a dim diabetic, so
they please, I will lose a leg. So they give
us some really nice candies. So if someone comes, they're
gonna think that we're the coolest house on the block. Like, wow,
they must be rat They're a ratch. They are ratchet.

So yeah, I'm excited to take the kids. This is
the first year they're going to be able to say
trick or treat. Smell all right, guys, that's all the show.
I've already said that before. I'm just like, I don't
know why. I guess I'm just so excited that we had. Yeah, goodbye,
and spice spice up your life. Spice up your life,
all right, guys. Well until next time, be good to

each other, don't drink and drive, especially this week on Halloween.
Take care of those animals, and remember, spice up your life.
You got me and frosted. Hey, thanks for listening, follow
us on Instagram at Frosted, tips with Lance and my
Tursenar and Atlant's Best for all your pop culture needs,

and make sure to write a review and leave us
five stars six if you can see you next time.
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