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August 21, 2023 35 mins

It's a CLASSIC story!  

Boy meets boy on the set of a TV sitcom. A bromance blooms, and a chart-topping boy band is born! Malcolm Kelley, one-half of the platinum-selling duo MKTO, opens up about his fateful meeting with Tony Oller, making the transition from actor to musician, hearing their hit song "Classic" on the radio for the first time, to joining Taylor Swift on stage!!

Malcolm also reveals the reasons behind their split (both times) to now working on new music as a solo artist!

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
This is Frosted Tips with Lance Bass and I Heart
Radio podcast. Hello, my little Peanuts, it's me your host,
Lance Bass. This is Frosted Tips with Me, your host
Lance Bass, and Turkey Turchin, my lovely co host and
also husband. Hello there, fantastic. Yeah, you're having a good day,

a great day. That's good. It's a great day to
have a great day. It is. Yeah, you know everyone
listening right now. When you wake up in the morning,
you always tell yourself in that mirror it is a
great day to have a great day. And then you
have a great day. You have a great day. You know,
there was gonna be some little probably downs during the day,
but it's still gonna be a great day at the
end of the day. That's right. You remember that, or

at least you just tell yourself, you just remember that.
I feel like there was something that I wanted to
tell everyone. There was something I was like, Ah, I
want to talk about this. You're cutting banks, I'm getting bang.
Can you believe? I know, can you believe? Forty four
years and had bangs as a kid, remember you did.

I had the total bowl cut. I had the quintessential
seventies bowl cut, which I had in the eighties, because
you know, down where I'm from, we're like ten days
years a decade behind the times. Yeah, so pictures of
me when I'm six years old looks like it's nineteen
seventy three. Yeah, yeah, a little bit. Someone to oh
TMZ just posted a picture you'd like smiling. By the way,

if you see any of my family photos at Easter
or you know where we're like dressed up in our
church attire, it looks like a horror movie. It's because
it looks a little too innocent. Yes, your mom came
straight from the set of Little House in the Prayer.
You're a very little house on the prairie. Uh. But
just you're like, there's no way this family, there's not

there's not a demon possession and going on. Especially that
little kid with the ball cut. It's like children on
the Stairs, that movie Children of the Corn or that too. Yeah.
Oh you and you're definitely with our like toehead white hair.
Yeah uh yeah, we yeah, it was scary. Yeah you
it's definitely probably post one of those Easter pigs and

it just it just it's scary to me, but it's
really cute. It is cute. The most horrific way and
the worst way possible. Somehow it ends up being cute.
Well that's not what I wanted to talk about, but
you know that'll just have to do a conversation because
we have to get to our guest today. Actually we
do something we can talk Wait, what we can talk about?
How you We went to Taylor Swift concert. Oh and

the Kelly Clarkson concert. Oh my god? How how did
I bury that letter? Yeah? Yeah, okay, so a couple
of weeks ago we had an epic one we did. Okay,
so we start off with the t Swift show on Friday,
as it's so five stadium. We went with friends, We
did the whole thing. We made friendship bracelets, we made

tons of friends. Or's outfit. Yeah, what error were you?
I was a lover. Yes, you were a lover and
you were speaking now. I was speaking now, but Lavender
Hayes when I was full on lavender, And I think
if there was a competition for best dressed, I would
have gotten the boy best dressed. Just so, well, he's
a confident man. I was just told that several times.

So I'm just repeating what other people are saying. Many
people are saying, people pick that outfit out for you.
You did. It was your jacket and our our jacket,
our jacket very good. See that's what it was, just
my styling. You do style me well, thank you, uh huh,
thank you well too, though we're both great stylist for you.
See he tried to give me the compliment, but then

he had to give it to himself, as if we're
equal stylists. I'm sorry, I'm never going to give that
to you, Lance, I'm never going to get that to you.
You like to think you're the stylist of the relationship,
but you are not. I am a good you're not.
You might be a better one. No, you might be
a better but I have a good style. I pick
out a lots that you're like, oh, I'm LA, and
I'm always very honest, like, nope, those shoes you're not
going with that. You gotta do this this sash. I'm
very good at finalizing an outfit. Fine. I do find touches, okay,

just to make it perfect pop. So anyway, I digress.
Taylor Swift was awesome. Let's move on to Kylly Clark's in.
The thing I love about Taylor's concert was that it
is everyone They're just so happy. Yeah, I've never been
to a concert where everyone was just smiling and having

the best time. And I'm talking about to the concession
stand people, to the security. Everyone was just so happy.
They're like, welcome to so Fire, you know, name of
their favorite T. Swift song. All the security and concession
stand people were collecting bracelets too. Yeah, so it was
it was just a fun moment, like it really was.
Everyone's in a good mood. She put on a spectacular show.

You know, every song is a major hit. Girls got
some hits, she got some she got some hits. The
world did. Yeah, so it was really fun. I and
then the night day, okay to Vegas. Yes, next day,
go to friends day in Vegas. We go to Clarkson.
The next night, we were supposed to go to Katie
Perry that I had have T Swift, So we if
we would have gotten that all in, we would have

gotten three pop princesses and a whole weekend. I don't
think we could handle it. I would have just died. Yeah,
So we missed Katie, but we did get to Kelly Clarkson,
which is kind of the opposite of what T Swift
is yes, because hers is a intimate show and she
just sits there with her band and she tells stories
and she cries and she messes up and she sang,

and she so that girl Ken sang, Oh God, I
mean's just so good. Definitely, I would say top five vocalists,
my top five favorite palist. She's always been. Who would
be your top five? See? I got Kelly in there
in there, I have already on a grande, yeah, Selene,

and I have Jesse j oh yeah, Jesse j and
I think a Tory Kelly mentions right in there. And
I'm sure I'm missing some of course obviously like that. Yeah,
but no, not even yeah, but those are my in
my top off. I feel like there's someone a missing though.
Well I'm not listening, so I'm sorry, person that's probably
not listening to the show. Well, you know what, they're

gonna be very like India read and love it. She
would be like top twenty. I don't know if she's
on my top five, but I do love that. I'm
letting India already know I've been all right. When we
come back, we're gonna have Malcolm David Kelly. That's right,
mkt O. I love this band. Man, they got some
they got some bops, they have some classic songs, and

they're current. What it's nice. You know, it's nice to
band members, but it's it's fun to have someone that's like, oh,
you just had a song in the room. I actually
heard that on the radio recently. Exactly. All right, guys,
so we come back. We're gonna have mister Malcolm Kelly.

All right, welcome back to the show. Everyone. All right,
we have the man, the myth, the legends here. Malcolm
David Kelly's an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor from
bell Flower, California, best known for portraying the character Walt
Lloyd on ABC series Lost and as one half of
the pop duo MKTO, which we love. Welcome, Welcome to
the show. Thank you, Thank you guys for having me.
What's going on? I mean, it's good. I'm so glad

that we have because we cover the gamut on the
show with all group members from every decade. But now
we have someone that's actually current. So what's it like
being relevant these days? Oh? Man, So you're you're so talented.
But let's take it back to the beginning. So bell Flower, California.

What was it like growing up in that town? And
did you always know that you had talent? Man? You know,
just just being in Beffalock, California, right next to Long Beach,
just being the kids, you know, listening to all type
of music, you know, growing up on snoop and definitely
listening to your guys, you know. And I mean no,
I mean, but I'm just saying, like that's that's just

the influence, like the radio, like you know, my mom
would turn on kids or you know what I'm saying.
Whatever the case. Maybe I'm in long beat, so that's
just what I was around. But I loved all music,
you know what I'm saying. So I mean I was
just a start to just opening me up to everything.
The music video was just like it was crazy, you
know what I'm saying. That's kind of would drop me
into the you know, the the acting and stuff like
that a little bit. But yeah, I mean I think
that just opened the doors up to just like, Yo,

this is this is dope. I want to be a creative.
I want to do these type of things. And how
supportive was your family? They were? They were they were supportive,
you know, they were very supportive, you know, just letting me,
you know, be a kid. You know what I'm saying.
I think that's very important. I really shutting down, you
know what I'm saying, The kids just mine, you know,
just letting them be them, being themselves. So you know,

my family was very big on that, you know, just
let me be me. When I wanted to do something,
you know, they were they were very advocate and let
me do it. Yeah. Yeah, Well your acting career definitely
took you into music. So when did you know that
you were musically talented? Yeah? Still young. You know, I
was in high school performing at the high school shows,
and you know, with my friends, we were always making music.

We had the what was that not logic it's a
garage band on on the mac when it first came out,
or just recording, you know, to cassette tapes on the radio,
making all of the radio stations like it's going crazy.
When YouTube first came out, we're doing lip sync music videos,
you know what I'm saying. So music was always the thing.
I just loved to perform, love to be on stage,

loved the feeling it gives off, you know, and once
it got to like creating my own music. You know,
it was just like it was something. It was fun. Man.
It's also a relief for me, you know what I'm
saying as well, just telling stories and yeah, man, I
just kept growing in love with it. What songs did
you perform in high school? What'd you doing that stuff? Oh? Man,
I mean high school. It was a lot of fun,
turned up party you know what I'm saying. We liked

the party, you know, were performing at all the high
school parties. And now did you have a the group? Yeah,
we had we had a group. What was the name?
We were going crazy? It was a sad boys stand
for sex and business, you know what I'm saying. Yeah, man,
we were for the ladies. You know, we're going crazy, turnament,
party up, you know, sex and business. But yeah, we
were just going crazy, you know, just just being kids,
just having fun. Do you still talk to a lot

of the sad Boys? Yeah? Yeah, still I'm still in
content with a lot of them. Are you still down there?
Are you in La These? I moved to North Hollywood.
I'm back in Long Beach though. Okay, nice Long Beaches.
The ship, I mean, anywhere closer to well, I mean,
I guess we're closer to the beach here too, but
kind it's so weird. Literally, it's just you know, fifteen miles. Yeah,

you're just it's like fifteen I forget we're a beach town.
Uh so what type of okay? You listen to everything
growing up because the radio was just very at that time.
At that time, yeah, and there was no YouTube, but
you know what I'm saying, So you were just listen.
You were kind of forced to listen to the radio.
It's like the TRL era. You're like, you're forced to
like these top ten songs. You're voting for him, but

if you're sawing it, you know, you're still forced to
like the songs for which you know. It can be
good in the way it was. An artist is good
because you get more people listening to your music. Everything's
so segmented. Everyone has their fans all compartmentalized everywhere, and
there's just so many artists now yeah, no, so many
streams of music. Yeah, well, thanks to TikTok. Do you

like your TikTok? Are you? Man? You know I'm trying
to trying to keep up with the TikTok. That's a
lot going on in every every second but but no,
I love it though. I just I love where the
game is going. It's evolving. You know, it's just the
powers in your hands. It's just kind of how you
use it, you know what I'm saying. So, yeah, TikTok
is dope. Well, you eventually met your friend Tony Aller

after working together on a TV show. U. Now, who
was the first to suggest making music? Like I said
at that time, when we came together, like we both
find out we love music just just as much as
each other. You know, I'm making music in my trailer,
he's making music in his trailers. A lot of downtime
when you're shooting U. So yeah, we're just coming to

each other's trailers or whatever, and you know you're making this. Oh,
let me throw a verse on that. Or even when
we were we weren't done, you know, shooting on set,
we'd go straight home or I'll go to his house,
and you know what I'm saying, we're recording music, you know,
all night and just you know, being bachelors running around
the city having a good time. So it was just
a lifestyle and yeah, man, we just love music well
and not just it's so an authentic way of starting group.

Not many people they started that way, Yeah for sure,
for sure, Like we didn't get put together, like I
don't know, it was yeah, like we it was just like, yo,
you love music, I love music. Put some stuff up
on YouTube, and you know at that time, that's when
people were kind of getting seen on YouTube. You know, producers,
you never know who's watching on YouTube, you know what
I'm saying. So I guess he hit up he was

trying to do music, so I guess he hit up
a friend and that ended up finding our videos and
they sent that to some producers and you know that
ball started rolling from there. So but yeah, it just started.
You know, we love music together. So it was pretty
pretty cool, guys. I mean, you came out swinging with
your first hit, you know, a huge hit, but the
second single, classic was even bigger, which you know, always

your sophomore song and your sophomore album is always hard
because you know, you have to impress everyone a second
time and a lot of times, you know, artists work
twenty years to get that first single out, so you
know it's good, but then the second one you're like,
oh crap, now what do we do? But y'all killed
it charting Top twenty Billboard Charts, double platinum, two hundred

twenty five million views on YouTube. What did that feel like? Yeah? Man?
Was it was surreal, like you know, being from Long Beach,
like I said, just seeing everything that I name growing
up and always dreaming about touring or putting out a CD.
You know what I'm saying on my own, Like, you know,
I never really saw how that would happen. But end

up meeting Tony and then like doing the whole label
bid thing, like labels bidding for us, trying to figure
out what we're gonna get signed to and meeting our producers.
How did that process go down? How did you decide?
Because you know now people don't even sign with labels anyway. Yeah,
but you know, back an art you were fighting for
a label and you'd be lucky if one would look

at you. You had lots of labels wanting you guys,
So how did you end up deciding who you wanted
to go with? It was also you know, the the
producers we were assigned to, you know, they they wrote
a lot of music for a lot of dope artists
in the game, Uh, you know, Neo and and and Hallo,
Beyonce just like a lot of stuff. So they've had

a very nice influence in the game. So the relationships
with the with the labels for them were very easy,
you know what I'm saying. But you know, when they
they got down to the business. So we got a single,
let's figure out how we could do it. So you know,
that's that's where they were at that point. So it
was just like, you know, the labels were definitely trying
to get trying to get involved, so I understood that,

but you know, we we definitely had to do our
part and sell the record, you know what I'm saying.
So we're going at three cities you know, a day,
you know sometimes and you know what I'm saying, that
the white tour bus van, you know what I'm saying,
Like we were really grinding it out. I know, people
thinking like we're coming from acting and maybe had like
can bring some of that weight with us, you know
and help us on our music journey. But now we
really had to grind from them from the ground up

for sure for sure. So acting fans or not music fans. Yeah, No,
it definitely kind of grew into that later. You know,
I would see people you know, respecting what we do,
you know, as both of what we do. But uh,
but yeah, it was a grind. So the label bids
going up, you know, to whatever labels and them trying
to figure that out, ended up signing with the label.
It was just it was just dope, man, a dream
come true. And then uh, you know, we signed with

the label for certain reasons and with our producers, you know,
they had their vision for us, you know as well
when we're young, so you know we're kind of overlooking
at a little bit. But you know that's it's the
name of the game, you know what I'm saying. You
have to trust them. Yeah, career, yeah, you know, and
they did great. They did great, you know, getting into
you know, top ten on Billboard. Classic, like touring all

over the world opening for Taylor Swift, I know we're
talking about her. She brought us out of the Gillette state.
Did you do with Taylor? Well, she just she was
like doing a tour where she was paying homage to
certain songs she liked, so she would bring out artists
to come perform those songs. So Classic was a song
she liked, and we almost missed the show like she
was performing at Gillette Stadium, and uh, she had one night,

but we were like touring and running around. But we
made the second show and she brought us up on
a riser. Like, so you got to perform in a stadium? Yeah, yeah,
I'll get the first time. Please tell me what that
moment is the first time you step out in front
of seventy thousand people. Oh my god, it was like crazy.
It was crazy. Yo. You know, we don't even think
we did like a sound check. Yeah, I'm not sure

if we did a sound check, but I don't know.
It was so much different from when all the people
were out there, you know, just screaming and going crazy,
different level of norse. It's it's so so wild. I
just wanted to take my rors out and just enjoy it.
Just enjoy it. You know. She brought let us come
out on the riser, so we came out from under
the stage. It was just that wasps for you. That

was a moment. Do you remember your first Yeah? I know.
I'm like, that's why I now because I know I
remember that feeling and you'll always remember it. Because it
was opening up for Janet Jackson Rope and it was
the Detroit Stadium Silver Dome and yeah, we come out
and you just get this wave of this this noise,

Oh my god, and then you get goose bumps and
they don't go away. Yeah, they just don't go away.
It is turns in the energy dancing. It was great. Bro.
Do you remember the first time you heard your song
on the radio, because that that's a moment. I think
every artist is. Like Tony and I. We were in
the car going I don't know where we were going,

but we were on the road somewhere. I knew it
was playing, and he was, you know, made sure the
radio station was on, and you know, we were just
going crazy in the car. I think it might have
been like nighttime, you know what I'm saying, and we
were just we're just going crazy. Bro. You know, that's
that moment, you know, the first time the songs I
radio we're listening to She's out, Bro, We're just we're
going crazy. So yeah, I know, if you get there,
he probably knows where we were, like where we were going,

but but yeah, I just know we were in the
car going crazy. That was That was dope. What about
you you remember the first time you do? We were
in Germany, we lived over there the first couple of years,
and but we were separated into two vans, so there
was three of us in one car and two and
the other. And I guess we had just left a
radio station and so we had the radio on just
hoping that we would hear it, and it played, and
oh my gosh, we were but we were also children, right,

we were definitely just goofballs. And I remember they're all
every van was stuffed with stuffed animals because over in Europe,
if you go on stage, you're gonna leave with five
hundred stuff down. That was just so we're all like
making the stuffed animals dance and we're trying to like,
you know, communicate between the cars. So yeah, so yeah
it was. And it just sounds so much better on

the radio radio, right, something about a little bit, you know.
It's just like it's just that you should always listen
to us song. Yeah, for sure. All right, reflecting on
the ten year the song ten years later, what do
you think it was? Why do you think it was
such a massive hit? Why does it resonate with so
many people? Yeah? Ten years it doesn't even know, it
seems because I was like this long just came out

it's true, but I'm telling you that's that COVID thing.
Time just warped, like we lost the good four years forward. Yeah.
It trips me out when people are like, yeah, I
was listening to that was my jam in high school.
I'm like, yeah, okay, but not ten years man, not.
I don't know. It's beautiful, but I think just like

you know, when the record was written, and when you
write the record with different people, you just get to
tap into so many different people, you know, in different genres,
different age groups. So I think that was a key
thing for the song. Like so many people love it,
like you had the shows. You see the kids loving it,
the parents can sing along to it, the references, Michael jacksons,

It's just so many, so many little cool things. It's
an upbeat song. It feels good. Yeah, summer, it's like
the quintessential, Like this is the song of the summer. Yeah,
Like it's it's a little jam. It's a jam for sure.
So yeah, man, that's a beautiful thing. So you guys,
you you go on tour, you release more music, your
debut album, AP, but in twenty seventeen you announce a

split which only lasted for a year, so go through this?
What why? Why why you take a year break? You
know we were going through I mean it was just
a hell of a roller coaster of an experience, you know,
just jumping into that world and not really know what

to expect, but you know it it was a I
don't know. I mean I can't really speak for him.
You know, Tony was going through some things as well,
and uh yeah, so I really don't know what was
his initial like thing that oh so it was his
idea to take a break. I mean, yeah, he wanted
to take a break, you know what I'm saying, or
whatever the case may be. And I'm going to feel

about that. I mean, you read or just supportive, it
was what it was. Yeah, you know I was. I
was kind of you know yeah, I was like, yeah,
that's that's cool. I wanted to go off and do
some other you know, kind of get back into the
acting and do that thing. Like uh, I didn't mean
it like go away so abruptly, but you know kind
of when I jumped into the music, you know, I

really didn't you know, have the my acting side there,
like I should have, just to make sure everything was
you know, running you know, kind of parallel to each other,
but you know, just going off and doing the music.
You know, it was a great thing though, so it
kind of was you know, taking this time. You know,
we were torn just like so much, so you know,

just not being away like acting you get to go
away for a little bit, come home, you know, just
torn you're on the road. It's like it's it's a
baseball year round, you know. So that dude, it is
very comparable being it's just always on the river. You
have that many shows in a week for sure. For
sure Christmas we got to be in New York for
the Christmas Parade on Christmas Day while everybody's watching it.

Like you know, it's just you know, a different world
a little bit. So and I know we would love
to talk to about your acting stuff. But as everyone knows,
we are on strike now ye SAG after w GA,
so everyone police support, all support because it is it
is uh, you know, it's just sad what they've done
to our community. And I don't know if I've said

this on the show before, but I'll say it again.
Eighty seven percent of the SAG actors can't even qualify
for insurance, which is only twenty six thousand dollars a year,
So eighty seven percent of an industry it's making under
twenty six thousan dollars. How how is that even legal?
It's it's just crazy to class down with you know,

what's going on with actors and everybody. So yeah, it
needs to be worked out. Yeah, it's I mean, but
you can say that with every industry, the top one
percent gets everything, it gets even more greedy, and then
they're gonna try to you know, take as much as
as possible before the rules changed, and they know the
rules are about to change, so they're just trying to
cash out as quickly as possible. But hopefully we can
get this settled quickly because we all got to get

back to work, yes sir, all right, so you get
back in twenty eighteen. How did that first conversation happen?

Who called it? I think he? Uh, you know, it's
a conversation between us and the producers. You know, it's
like a little bit of you know, some some alcohol
you know involved, So some stuff just had to be
worked out, you know, liquid courage. Yeah, and just on
my end, you know, just like you know, not wanting
to do like certain things or like little events. I'm like, bro,

this is one of the easiest jobs in the world,
you know, like we can't be not wanting to do
certain things, you know what I'm saying. But uh so, yeah,
I'm just like, yeah, you're ready to go. I mean
it's easy, like you know, but I was kind of
getting back into the acting a little bit shooting some stuff,
so I was like, but yeah, the music is this

is something I love. You know, I was gonna do
it regardless, like you know, solo like this is always
something I've loved to do and always dreamed about doing.
But we built something. Let's let's keep it going, you
know what I'm saying. Let's do what we you know,
gotta do. The fans want it like it's it's all
right there, like it's easy, so let's get it done.
Uh you know, I kind of was pushing the thing, like,
you know, we can both still let's do some solo

stuff as well, Like you know, I know that's kind
of what we both dream like, you know what I'm saying.
We never really envisioned of being a group, you know,
when we were you know, not when we haven't met.
So you know, it's let's let's not let that vision
go away, even though we built a great thing, you know,
so it's just trying to figure things out. I was like,
let's figure it out, let's jump back into it. Yeah,
it was it was easy. It wasn't really And you

were you were releasing music till twenty twenty. Then COVID happens,
assuming and you haven't done any music yet. Are we
gonna have anything soon that we could listen? No, no, sir,
you know, just growing up and kind of understanding the business.
You know, we're kind of talking about the acting and
you know, uh, you know, just a lot of stuff
has to get changed as well. You know, the music

is a whole nother you know, beast itself, you know,
where things have to get figured out. So yeah, just
understanding that and you know, uh, just kind of understanding
the business a little more and fighting on that, you know,
on that end, it just it just wasn't you know,
it wasn't you know, yeah, it wasn't worth it. It
wasn't worth it, bro for sure. Well, in the meantime,

you haven't worked on your solo music. You're just released
an EP earlier this year, So how does it feel
to work on music that's totally your own. It's dope.
You know. Tony and I were doing that as well,
you know, just making music on our own and releasing it.
But you know, when you get with the label, you
know they want to be involved, they want to produce

them when it right, I got a pee on it. Yeah,
so you know that kind of takes the fun out
of it creating a little bit. But you know, they
were letting us write a little bit here and there.
Uh So, but yeah, just doing it on my own
is great. Man. I just love to create, and you know,
but even in that, just learning how to collaborate with
writers and different people, with different producers. So still doing

that and it's it's been awesome. Bro. Who is the
who is the producer that you want to work with?
If you had just anyone? Oh man? Man uh tyd
dolla sign. Leon Thomas is definitely coming up right now.
He was on a couple. Uh he was an actor
as well, and he's also a musician, very dough, very talented,

writing for everybody right now. So I love to work
with him. Who else uh bands? Pharrell? Uh man, That's
there's there's so many dope people. There's so many. Mine's
gonna crazy. I means such many for sure? What do
you think of out writers now? Because there's there's so

many songs now that have fifty people as accredited, right,
you know it's like doctor Frankenstein is just making all
these songs. What do you think about these major collabs
with fifty different writers? I mean it can be a
headache sometimes. I mean I guess it feels like it's
cheat yeah, and on the splits. But that's what I'm saying, Like, yeah,
you get that many powerful writers in the room land

who are specialized just the top line of the bridge
or you know, just the melody. Oh yeah, yeah, you
better get because no one's making nut. Yeah exactly exactly,
but yeah, not that many people maybe like or yeah's
a good numb Max, that's a good number. Yeah, yeah,
don't go crazy for sure. All right, Turkey here is
gonna love this. But you've worked with Celindion. You're featuring

our song Save Your Soul for a twenty thirteen album
Loved Me Back to Life. It was on the vinyl version,
which vinyl is huge Again, How did this happen? What
was it like work on Whistlin that was our producers.
You know, like I said, they've worked with a lot
of great people. Uh so I think that they've worked

with her, you know previously before and you know they
were trying to figure out some somebody to do the verse,
and you know it was in house, so you know,
they blessed me and let me do it. So I
was I was excited. You know, I didn't get to
meet her while we recorded the record, but but yeah,
it was dope. Yeah, that was still cool to be
a part of it. All Right, what's next for you?

We got more music, more acting? Yeah, more music, more acting?
What's that? You know, everything's figured out on that end? Uh,
Like where do you see like next ten years? Where's
your perfect world? I've been writing a lot as well,
so just throwing on that hat, you know what I'm saying.
Just more ownership. So yeah, scripts for the for the

TV and the movie. You know, I definitely got some
some ideas in that film and that in that realm,
so you're you're creative and the film television for sure
for sure. Yeah, that's always been a dream project that
you would want to bring up, that you would like
to put in the universe. Oh man, Uh, you know,
Keiki Palmer has something that she you know, it's got
going on. You know, I think, uh, you know, it's

just a lot of us from from that time, uh
that we're trying to do something. So I think that's
just gonna be big. So you we did a movie
cart when yeah, you didn't, we didn't want to work
together a long time ago. But you know, blessing us
to her and everything she's got going on. But yeah,
we're just gonna do something. Shout out Kofi. Uh. But yeah,

it's just something something we're gonna do something from from
with the people from our arrow who kind of kids.
But yes, the state tuned, the state tuned. All right. Okay,
So if I need to frost the tip from you,
what tips do you have for people who want to
pivot in their careers from acting to being a duo
to solo. It seems like you've been able to navigate
it all so smoothly, So do you have any tips.

Definitely take advantage of of, you know, your social media,
I think is just one of the big things, you know,
just kind of being around you know, just kind of
right before it wasn't here, then right when it was here,
and kind of just trying to understand that transition, and
you know, still learning every day from how the kids,
you know, you utilize TikTok and how they're doing it,

and just being real heavy with the content. You know. Yeah,
I think I think it's all on you. You know.
If the more content you push out obviously quality, then
you know, you want to build your fan base and uh,
you know, and if you build a good core, you know,
I think with you know, how people are following you,
you know, they'll be able to follow what you do,

you know. And I think if they like it, they
mess with it, you know, and if they like you,
you know, they support what you do, you know. So
and I just taking advantages of that. I've noticed that, Yeah,
if you want to like get in the mainstream, you
have to go where the teenagers are. Yeah, and that
is right now on TikTok. So I the smartest thing
I ever did was a couple of months ago. I

went to a twenty one year old I know ye
to help me run my social media. It's been a
game changer. She thinks of things that like I don't.
I'm like, wow, you're and she's so quick at everything.
We can film five TikTok videos in an hour and
she has them edited within the hour. It is goes over.
You know she is, I mean for sure, and she

has no idea who in sync is. She didn't even
know who Whitney Houston is, Like what the hell? But
you have to but you have to know that that
generation thinks that way if you're going to try to
win them over, because they really are the tastemakers. They're
the ones spending the money and yeah, bad parenting. Yeah yeah, man,

you will never understand what it's like to be a
twenty two year old right now, Like you think that
that was just yesterday. It feels like I was just
twenty two. But they getting so much information. It's just
I mean, that's the whole different world. It was like
we were born in the fifties to her. Yeah that's crazy.
That is nuts. That is the nineties from that was
like our fifties. Yeah, that's wow. That's just weird. That

is weird. All right. I got some fan questions from
Jesse McFerrin. What do you think about your song classic
blowing up again thanks to TikTok Man. That's dope, man,
Like I said, shout out. You know, the challenges. Thank you. Yeah, no,
just keep it going, keep it rocking. You know, how
can I forget or whatever? You'll turn it that turn it, uh, Catherine,

DC twelve. Let's know. What are your thoughts on duos
categorized as boy bands. That's a good question, because, yeah,
everyone has their own vision of a boy bands. Usually
five guys dance or you know whatever. But two guys
is that considered a boy band? I always thought it
was like a duo. Yeah, I mean yeah, because I'm
I considered a boy band more. Yeah, like right, consult guys.

It's like it's despite the boy version of spice girls. Yeah, yeah,
boy band, but it is definitely evolving. People like people
are just the band. Yeah, but one direction didn't dance?
Were they a boy band? Nobody may play instruments. The
only saying, so I would say they were a boy
They kind of hopped around. Yeah, but Hansen, I say,

it all just kind of starts flowing extra poppy. Then
you're a boy boy band. If you're like not, then
you're yeah, yeah, not a boy band. Yeah. The cancer
was straight up yeah exactly. I don't know, I mean,
who knows, it's all it's all evolving bands. I mean
when we were a group, there wasn't even a term
called boy boy. Were definitely a boy band, yeah, but

we didn't know what that was. We were like, no,
we're boys, man, what are you talking about? We're a
We're R B vocal group. That's what we were like.
Oh no, we're a bloyment boy band. All right, Before
we let you go, I have to know what we
are watching right now? What are we listening to? Like?
What's songs do we need to know right now? Yeah?

I don't know. They could the old classics too, Like
what gets you in the mood? I'm an R and
B guy. I like a lot of R and B.
Do you like Brian McKnight Yeah, old school R and
B for sure. Yeah, any any type of R and B. Yeah,
I'll go with that. I can't really name. We'll skip
the TV in film because again we can. We can't
support your SAG members guys on that for a second.

Thank you guys so much food. It was so great
to see you and catch up. I mean, I know
so much about you now and I'm so happy that
you were able to join us. We're definitely gonna try
to get Tony on here. Someone finished up the group.
So what do we have to ask him? Is there
something that you're like, Oh, you gotta ask him this? Uh,

give us some information. Let's get him in trouble a
little bit. He's an open book. I mean, he's open.
I'm yeah, I love it. Well, Malcolm Kelly, thank you
so much for being on Frosted Tips. How can everyone
stay in touch with you out there? Yeah, at the
Real Malcolm, all the socials, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, threads, whatever

you use. Oh we're on threads still. I mean he
threads was like twenty four hours for me. Yeah, everyone,
I'm all because I got rid of I got rid
of Twitter so long ago. I'm like, you know what,
it would be nice to have something like that again.
You know, it lasted twenty four hours and I'm like,
I can't. I just TikTok Instagram. It's all I got
time for him. Yeah, at the Real Malcolm. All right, Malcolm,

thank you so much. Talk all right, guys, be good
to each other, don't drink a job out there, take
care of those animals, and remember stay frosted. Hey, thanks
for listening. Follow us on Instagram at frosted Tips with
Lance and Michael Urson and at Lance Bass for all
your pop culture needs, and make sure to write us
review and leave us five stars six if you can

see you next time.
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