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September 25, 2023 55 mins

He's a CLASSIC storyteller. . . and we can't wait to hear his side of the tale! 

Tony Oller from the multi-platinum pop duo MKTO joins Lance to take a walk down memory lane. The singer opens up about meeting the MK to his TO, Malcolm Kelley, dealing with mental health struggles at the height of his fame and the real reason why he walked away from the band. 

Plus, Tony reveals the career he really wanted before becoming an artist, whether he plans to release solo music any time soon, and the time he found himself in Charlie Chaplin's theater. It's a classic 'one of a kind' story you will want to experience! 

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
This is Frosted Tips with Lance Bass and I Heart
Radio podcast. Hello, my Little Peanuts gets me your host,
Lance Bass. This is Frosted Tips with me, Oh Lance
Bass and my lovely lovely co host and husband, Turkey Turchin.
Hey there, guys, Michael for some of you that Turts
from most Turkey from most gobble gobble. All Right, I'm

gonna get right to our guests because I have a
feeling we're gonna need this whole hour. Okay, because I
hear he loves to talk and tell some good stories.
Good you love for a good ride here, Okay with
Tony Aller, Yes, one half of m kto the t
O of m kto you know them, you love them? Uh?

Their sound classic is just one that just goes over
my head over over and over and over in my head.
So when we come back, let's get to Tony Aller.
Tony Aller, Tony I can't speak or Tony Aller. Okay,
Well let's get this started. Anthony Michael Aller is an
American singer, songwriter actor from Springfield, Illinois but raised in Houston, Texas.

He had roles at Walt as Waltmore on the team
Nick TV show Gigantic and as Danny on Disney's Channel
as the Bell Rings. He appeared in the films Beneath
the Darkness The Purge, which scared the crap out of me.
He was also half of the group MKTO with his
co star Malcolm David Kelly, who we had so before
leaving the group in twenty twenty one, which you have
to talk about because y'all, yeah, y'all get together, you

take a break, you get back together. So we need
the full story, Tony. But let's start from the beginning. Yes,
so we've been going through everyone's history finding out how
they got into what they're doing now. So let's start
at that beginning. You grew up in Houston, Texas. What
was it like for Little Tony and Houston Texas? Man?

You know, I don't know about you, but I couldn't
gain weight to save my life in high school. So,
you know, senior year, I was one fifteen, and you know,
I always wanted to be the the sport jock guy,
but yeah, it wasn't possible. But uh, you know, I
did theater. I love theater, I think, especially when you

come from the South, especially back in the day. If
you did theater or acting or singing. It was a
very uh you're immediately gay, which is the worst thing ever.
Well you were just immediately put into a category that
didn't need to fit with everyone, and that was a shame.
But but yeah, So, I mean I I always like,
I just you know, at the end of the day,

acting in music. I mean, you know, you go to
a movie, you see Spider Man, you want to be
Spider Man when you come out of it. It's just
that same thing. And I always, I always enjoyed that.
So besides the you know, the hazing that we all
got back in the day, I think it's somewhat better now.
I don't know I made it. It It has to be better, right,
I mean, I'm hoping because it's it's very much more
of a open dialogue and people are held accountable for

for saying things, which is which is great unless you're
dying and someone just decides to film it as opposed
to help agree. And so your family was like, how
were they musically talented or into theater? I'm adopted? So
I was adopted from Springfield or taylor Illinois, Taylorville one

of the two. Yeah, definitely, So I was adopted so,
but ironically, I don't think if you met my mom
you would say, oh, this isn't this isn't her blood.
We're very similar in a lot of ways. But she's
a hoarder. I'm not a hoarder. So uh yeah, So,
I mean, as far as that goes, they were just
always so supportive. And you know, you get older and

you realize, you know, what a sacrifice, and you know
the fact that I was adopted. I wouldn't be where
I am today if it wasn't for that situation. So
I met my actually met my birth mom and half
brother and half sister all in a weekend. It wasn't
planned because yeah, so my family was all from the

same high school. So my mom that adopted me went
to the same high school my birth mom did. Oh,
but they didn't know each other. They didn't no, they
did not know ironically, but it was a very small town. Ironically,
I was eighteen. I don't know why what I'm saying. Ironically,
When I was eighteen, I was in visiting my grandma.
Like cousin says, hey, you want to meet your sister,

And I'm like, what, it's like, Yeah, your sister, she
says she's your sister, and I'm like what. Uh So anyway,
we ended up meeting up. It was really cool. There
was a lot of you know, it was good to
get some questions and answers with that. But other than that, man, yeah,
it's just you know, life, life has a way of

just kind of everything happening. It's so funny. It's fascinating
to me, especially uh you know when when people are
adopted in this day and age with twenty three and
me and all that, where people are finding their relatives
out there like wait a minute, and so very much
they're getting down to the truth of like where they
came from, which can be positive for some people but
can go a lot you're adopted. But I know, right

absolutely now you started working at a young age. When
did you how long did you live in Houston? Did
you make it to LA when you were a kid
to start acting? So I went out there for one
pilot season, which was like basically just like a couple
of months where there's a lot of auditions that happened
and it just doesn't happen anymore, Like pilot does not
happen anymore, absolutely not. I mean at these for the

days when you had. If you went out there, you'd
have like seven auditions in a day. You go bam bam, bam,
bam bam. And so I was out there for that
and I went to like John Muir Middle School, burd Bank,
which was pretty cool. Actually I loved it. I mean,
definitely better than Houston. But so after that, at eighteen,
I had saved up money that I got from Disney
and all that stuff, and I moved out to la

and I had enough to last me like a year. Thankfully.
Every time things seem to whittle down at something good
would happened, though, I was like grateful to whoever's you know,
looking out for that. And that's funny how that happens.
It happens. Happened in my life too. But it's one
of those things to where you when it doesn't happens,
you realize how much more gratefully you were it did.
It doesn't always happen, and and uh, I'll humble you quick. Now.

Some of your roles featured you singing like Disney Channels
as the bell rings, But when did you decide to
actually pursue the music side of you? Man? I always
loved music. I don't know about you. But I still am,
you know, super self conscious and a lot of stuff

in life, even singing or being put on the spot,
like my anxiety goes through the roof. But I always
there was something about music that was more in control,
right than acting or reading a script. It was the
It was the ability to help put something together and
know you did a lot, you know, to help it.

And I just I always, you know, I've watched like
these like you know, you're younger, you're eighteen, You're living
in LA there's a lot of people you meet, and
you know, Malcolm and I just clicked, and you know,
we would just start hanging out all the time and
doing the music thing. But I think it didn't really
take itself seriously until after we met on a thing.

I don't even know what I can say because of
the sad thing. But when we started doing that, we
put stuff on YouTube and we had both individually done
music beforehand, whether it's putting up covers or you know,
doing songs here and there, but really really bad. I
produced a song that was awful, but I think it's
still on iTunes that is just ridiculously made on garage band.

But it was fun and through that. It was like, dude,
you know, we would sit there and be talking about man,
I wanted to be cool if you were on this
side of the stage, on on that side of the stage,
and we got people singing the songs were writing and
and that's like there is a certain high to that,
and I know you know that Lance there is there
is such a incredible feeling you can't describe. And and

you know, to have it happened the way it did,
it was it was really cool because you know, obviously
one't of if everything in fall in nine the way
it did, it definitely would have happened. So do you
remember that? Do you remember the moment you met Malcolm?
Was it or anything? Oh? Yeah? Man. So I was
living in LA and they were doing screen tests for

Gigantic at the Nickelodeon building in Santa Monica, and uh so,
I think, yeah, it was the nickelod build. I believe
we're MTV building, Yeah, the Viacom building. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So,
uh So, there was two people that were up for
the best front role and I had gotten cast in it,
and they were asking to come of their chemistry to
these two people. I felt so bad for the other guy,

because I mean the minute I met Malcolm, we just
clicked because I watched you got served, like I hadn't
seem lost, okay, but I knew immediately you got served. Yeah,
And I was an aspiring breakdancer in my early years. Nice,
absolutely awful at it. But but man, so, uh, I
immediately clicked with him, and you know, I met the

other guy, and you know, it was just it was
a very cohesive, kosher you know. And uh, you know,
after we read, I was like, guys, please pick him, please,
you know, and it was it was cool. And from
then on there, man, you stayed in close contact. And
it's crazy, though, because that one moment affected my life
for the next yea in a great way. And that

that's that was a that was a really cool experience.
I love that it's called kismet as we say absolutely
when y'all, when did you start getting into the garage band?
Because I mean I couldn't even produce musics on guard
garage band right now, nobody can, well some people can't people,
but like when it comes to what comes with garage
band it, yeah, god man, so I used live got

up to logic to where I finally learned logic, but god, man, uh,
you know there was a time when auto tune was
like going crazy and you know you had a pitch
corrector in garage band, but it was so bad, you know,
Like but like I would be I would watch the
original share sounding yeah, oh my god, man, yeah it's
it's butchered. It really bad. But I don't know, man,

I would watch like little Wayne videos my eighteen living
alone and I would watch like these mixtapes where he
had you know, auto tune on his voice and I
kid you not, man, there's probably a thousand hours worth
of mixtape rap songs and I've done with friends on
garage band and I pray never see the light of death.

What did you have any mentors to help you do it?
Or do you just kind of know YouTube? YouTube did? Man? Well,
garage was a little easier to well, not a little easier.
It's somewhat logic is when I finally got some help.
But I mean, you know, I wouldn't even say the
garage band stuff I did sounded it was awful. It
was just but it was a moment in time, you know,

it was a moment. It was something. Yeah, it's like
the Atari you know, it's like you know, guands. Yeah,
I found an old Sega Genesis costle I had the
other day with paper Boy. I don't know if you remember.
I remember. I remember it was awesome. Jumped the bike
ram so simple. These days you've got you the whole

worlds and well complicated. And once after it was after
PlayStation two. They lost me because I had to PlayStation
two and then I started getting busy within sync and
I just oh, yeah, you had, you know, And then
he jumped back into it. Had an Xbox that like
didn't play it that much, the guys. So we really
had that at like Arena tours, right like they would

have it in like the green room. Oh, we had
it on our bus. I mean we would play. We
would play Halo and scared. I mean I would be
so scared my bond because we'd have like four of
these things put together and we play each other and
everyone's sniping your ass, and like, stop sniping, that's cheating.
We gotta talking about the bunks, man, did you ever
fall out of yours? Surprisingly, I've never fallen out of
a bunk. No, but I know lots of people that have.

And I love I sleep the best in a bus dude.
So I would get a little claustrophobic and I felt
back because I would kind of just take the back room.
Yeah right, so like people would come back there to
watch TV, but I just make a little like that.
I would just feel so secluded. And then the one
time I rolled out of thinking I was in bed
and just eight you know, big splat and mande. There

was one time where I don't know what it was,
probably a random story, but I had gotten eye infection
and it was basically like a bad version of pink eye,
but like my whole entire eyes were puffed. I woke up,
didn't know what it was. We had a news performance

at seven in the morning and we had to do it,
so I wore glasses. I looked like the biggest dude
Like he was like, hey man, I weren't glasses. You know,
I'm trying to be cool. And if, like you saw
me take them off, you go, okay, put back. It's
all good. I love it. I remember when we finally

were because you know, the five of us always shared
a bus for years and then finally we get to
a tour. We got spread out to two busses, so
it was three guys of one and two on the
other and I was on one with Joey fortone, which
is a whole other story, but that was when we
finally got to have the queen size bed in the back.
And you better believe I took that bedroom. It was like, Joey,
you get the ball, stay right here. So yeah, it

was it was ah, yeah, dude, Yeah, I was just
we never got to the we had if we did it, no,
do we have two. If we did have two busses,
it was still one crew and one the other way.
But I loved it, man. I love the relationships with
the crew. Yeah, and the people you met on these tours.
It's a family. I tell people. It's like, especially in

the acting world. You know when you do a show,
you know, movie, you do a TV series, it's the
same thing. You get to know this crew so well
and the writers and directors, and you become this family,
and then all of a sudden it's over and you're like, oh,
nothing to do. I know, you go from seven am
six pm schedules for two years and you go back

and you're like, I don't know what to do with downtime. Yeah,
very much so I mentioned before, So y'all kind of
broke up a few years ago, right, twenty nineteen, Yeah,
and then you got back together. Which why did y'all?
Did you get back to together just for one reason?
Like a song? I don't know what it's so like,

you know, I think there's a there's a period of time,
especially when you're growing up in this world, that you
can very easily get lost of yourself, lost in yourself
and lost with everything around you. And you know, it's
kind of exactly what you're just saying that there was
a there was a hard adjustment, especially for me, to
go from this is what you have to do every day. Okay,

you can hang out for a month. You don't got
to worry about anything. And you know that for me
was like because I'm a very introverted person like I
you know, I could go years without wanting to leave
my house. You know, it's it's you know, and that's
not necessarily healthy. And I think, you know, I got
to a point to where just wasn't happy anymore. I

was extremely lost and just you know, there was other
things that were happening behind the scenes. And this is
another thing too, you know, when you're making your label millions,
you're you're you're you know, you get treated a certain way,
and when you're not, you get treated a certain way.
You'll get a You'll get a million dollar budget for
a music video that doesn't go well. Your next budget's
probably five hundred two fifty down, down, down, And I

think seeing that and not being used to being grounded that, Listen,
what you did was great. That's not going to always happen,
and you have to figure out the tools within your
life to make sure that when it happens, you can
handle it. So I was really just I got to
a point where I just was ready to go back
and there was other things behind the scenes that happened,

whether it's people you're working with or contracts or whatever.
And for that point though, so I moved back to Houston.
And the positive thing I look at that from a
as I'm still alive. Right. The second part is when you,
I guess, have whatever success you have at a young age,
you in one way or another, I feel maybe you

have relationships in your life you never really cared to
explore because you kind of feel like you're on your
own right. You had support from your family, but then
you know, you're out by yourself. The family, the relationship
kind of distances and you lose whatever that relationship was
he had. And from moving back and being older, I've rekindled,
you know, those relationships with my family, and you know,

it made everything worth it in my opinion. You know,
it never happens again, that's fine, but but being able
to have those relationships, being able to spend time with
my family seeing them was something that I was very
grateful that happened out of a chaos situation. And and
if it wasn't for that, I don't think i'd be
as close with my family as I am now. So funny,

I know all about the journey, and thank god you
got to learn those things at such an early age. Man.
You know, I'm still still learning, still learning, we are,
Oh yeah, but I can totally relate to what you
were saying, you know, with like the depression of it all.
You know, when you're because when you get to a
high like you guys have and like in Sek has you. Yeah,

but like it's hard to beat that, right, It's like, yeah,
there's a moment in time and like we're lucky if
we get two chances like that, right, but but it
is as much as you enjoy and like, wow, you
can't help but get depressed afterwards, being like god, I
feel like, well, what else what is there for me
when like no one just paid, like no one cares
about me anymore? Well exactly, I mean at that point,

there's only the only way to go is down at
that point, you know what I mean. So you're kind
of setting yourself up and people like because I remember,
uh so our last album, uh Celebrity was considered too
many that it was a flop, you know when it
was our last album, and I always been like, how,
like I hate going out on a flop, right, Everything's like,
but it sold like six million albums? How did people

consider that? But yeah, if you compare it to what
you did like before, then everything looks like a failure
if you can compare it that way. So it just
it was just weird to me that people would just
look down upon us because we only sold that. It's like,
you only sold a million in the first week. And
it was also like like what about people, you know,
like there was no there was no sense of I

felt like with a lot of the people that were
surrounding it was like, hey, it's gonna be okay. You
know we're gonna you know, label, you know, maybe coming
and say we'll get an next time. You know, we'll
figure it out. But it was all our label was like,
you guys are done. Like they saw that as a
chance to be like we are now taking a guy
and go. And that was because this is not happening.
Very very similar on our our Bad Girls. Whatever we

did was like they gave us a million dollar budget
for the video, super exciting. Yeah we did it where
they shot American sniper, there's there's beautiful women. It was
really cool. Uh. It was like mad Max theme and
that song yep, and now don't you realize I mean,
I wish we had learned this earlier, the word recoupable

because yeah, when we would get that dollar budget, like
oh we're paying yeah, yeah, they weren't really putting that
million dollar budget. We're gonna take that out of your
next check. Yeah, it's like next we're just gonna do
a fan video like recording our next concert next time
on your iPhone, dude. It was like the three sixty
three sixty management. I mean, that was very much like
that way of the deal. It's I think it's awesome that,

you know, there's definitely opportunities now these days where people
kind of can cut the middleman out. And I was
going to ask that because you were kind of on
that cusp of the labels kind of disappearing and just
becoming a PR firm, and a lot of artists that
get discovered on YouTube and TikTok they get to play
around with those labels like no, I'm not gonna sign

with that. They have so much power now. So what
was that like when labels were coming after you guys?
Was it easy to choose and did ye everything? Maybe
we should do this independently, you know. So it was
a really random thing. So, like I grew up going
to like bands warped tour shows, right, So there was
a band that I had kind of seen, I think

it was called maybe the Cab and and through that
through that world, I had met Brian Dale's from the
Somerset and he and I kept in contact and randomly
out one day I kind of asked him, like, hey man,
anybody in LA doing any music things? Really random stupid
question because like, of course they are. Can you introduce

me to one? But there was there was two producers,
Iman and Evan and Andrew Goldstein who was in a
band called Friday Night Boys and Andrew. So I reached
out too, and when we had met, they had classic
So it was that song was already basically, you know,
it was there. It was like, hey, you guys want
to cut it? Actually no, it was an audition. It

was like, you guys cut it. If we like the
way you're sound it, we'll go from there. And I
was like, hey, yeah, you love it. So we cut
like an EP couple of songs. When you heard that.
What was your first thought when you heard that demo? Oh? Man?
I was like really you sure? Yeah? I mean you know,
like everybody you were you sure? I mean you know.
But we were so young, We're like we're winning there. Man,

We're like, let's have some drinks, let's do this, man,
let's party, you know, And and there was a it
was it was a fun thing. But once that was cut,
then it became the label selection, right. So what they
wanted to do was we wanted to base they use
those songs to get a good deal because everybody that
we had played the song for and we went to
the label, we went to you know New York Run,

which was with Columbia Drive Universal basically did the whole
Hey guys has gone so and so here play a
song blah blah blah blah blah, and then what was funny?
And I'm curious to what what you guys went through
with this was we would meet like, you know, the president.
You're like, what are you doing tonight? I'm like, you know,
we're just hey. You know. I was like, dude, coming
to my penhouse. We'll have some meat balls made by

my chef, and then we'll go we'll go out on
the town. So I won't say who it was, but
he had a penhouse. Actually I can't remember his name,
to be honest. He had a penhouse above P Diddy
or blow P Diddy, and that was a selling point.
He's like, dude, P Diddy's underneath me. Come on now right. Uh.
We go to his apartment. There's literally a maid that

had just got done finishing meat balls. I mean, there's
like a It was made no sense. It was like
I'm we're ever going, hey, man, how's it going? Come
on over? It just it was weird. It's super weird.
Great knee balls, dude. So then after that he's like,
come on, man, we're gonna go out. We're like, okay,
you know, we're eighteen, you know, can't even drank. We're like, yeah, absolutely, man.

And he took us to this like Illuminati looking building, right,
so it's like down an alley. It was there, you know,
lots of it was. Its super sketchy looking, right, and
we go in, or he goes to the front of
the line. He goes, hey, I'm going in. He's like,
oh yes, sir, so and so please come in and
we go in, super damn candles lit. It was an

old theater and come to find out that was Charlie
Chaplin's Theater and a private owner owns it and he
had had like this kind of party thing there. But
I remember I was just like Malcolm and I are
just looking at your like, what the is going on? Man?
Like what And although that was amazing, he didn't sign

with that. Lay Yeah, I mean we had some similarities. Look,
the record labels did not even want us. I mean,
you talk about Tommy Mottola the LA read Everyone's like, yeah,
that's not gonna happen. So yeah, so we had to
do our stuff in Germany. So I'm sure, yes, too
much of the presidents starting there with his wife, and
it's you know, it's not it's not New York City,

let's put it that way. It's you you're in Munich, Germany.
But that wasn't even I mean, I don't think that.
That's not just how it was. I mean, and talk
about making people go damn, I should have done something there.
Yeah yeah, yeah, everything the way it played out, it's
always like, hey, that's the best way to uh karma? Yeah, yeah,
very much. All right. So, uh, you've talked about making

solo music before, and you've you've done some solo aformances.
But would you ever release a solo album? Yeah? Uh ah,
you know I would. I would love to, but we're
not working on that right now. It's not that I

don't want to, uh, you know, it's uh uh, it's
just a fortunate situation, especially when it's something that you
always had as an outlet. Ye. Right, So it's I
don't even know how to describe it. I describe it
as you guys remember Star Wars, right have you? You

remember in Harrison Ford the walls are closing in. That's
kind of how I feel when it comes with that
stuff really because it's unfortunate, but I don't you know,
it's it's stuff you do when you're young and then
you know it's just get older you're like it shouldn't
have done this or that. But I would I would
love to That's that's way I would say, I'd love

to release me. All right, Well, let's work on that.
We've made some magic happen on the show. We've put
groups together, we have made we've made things happen. All right. Well,
I gotta say though, I love, I love oh and
I just saw love oh. Yes, And you know what
the name of that art piece is called Love is
hard to find because it's hard to find because it's

black one. But then also, you guys, what's the art
pieces you guys, Well that's he does all our art.
I'm the resident artist. Yeah, dude, faceless James Dean. But
you can't tell I love that, man. Yeah, I love.
It's nice living with an artist because anytime I'm like,

you know what, like this piece right here, we're gonna
replace because it's been there for a few years, and
like I want something like this with this color, and
he's like, okay, done, Like yeah, I never have to
buy art again. It's really great. I love it. I
love it. I love art. I love it. It all goes.
And do you like to draw? Are you an artist
or so? I like? I like drawing. I got into uh,

I can't even think the name of I got really
bored when I was trying to figure out how like
shading you know it's and who was the one thing?
I uh Stipling stipling right, sting. I was baffled at it. Man,
so I I yeah, so I've done a few, a
few random things, but yeah, yeah, you know, there was

one book. I don't know because the whole shading things
new to me, Like you know, when I draw a
stick figure, you know, I'm I'm not drinking of that
kind of stuff. But your dad, oh, Michael told he
had some book and it was all about shading and
it made sense to me finally, and cross hatching and
all that stuff and whatever. That is sure, but he

was kind of doing it, and I'm like, oh my god,
it is it's just all about just shading in a face.
Who painting shading? Shade? Everything's a shade. If you draw
up the face, you're actually just putting in the shading. Yeah,
shading makes it three D and religios I know, a book.
It's like drawing with the whatever side of your brand.
So like, but that just didn't even causes you to
do it painting. So you only look at a light source,

that's all. You're never looked at it that from perspective.
Until he told me that, I'm like, oh, that's why paintings,
that's do it section by section. Yeah. I love, I
just I loved. I love learning about that because that,
to me is the same way. Like I just it's
inconceivable to understand how certain things are made. But I
was like, and then you start and you start looking
at the world differently too, because like you look at

your faces and everyone else. I like, look at it
the shadow there? Yeah, he looked, just like is that
I'll look at hair highlights? Oh yeah, that would be
the thing where you keep it white. Yeah, just white? Right,
little friends going up exactly. It's cool. See it's maybe
I missed my calling. If I would have known that earlier,
I could have the next lance. Oh you could have
been successful, too bad, never your less. Okay, I'm gonna

I'm gonna pick that up. Okay, you're gonna have to
teach me, I would have happily, You're gonna sing and dance,
and I'm gonna Actually he's a great singer dancer. What's
and you can be a guy? Got roll? Rehearsal okay, okay, done, Rover.
We do that all the time. Only I'm surprised you
haven't noticed yourself. Awest Batman like Batman, Yeah nice, there's

the dumbest thing, bro. So when we used to do
the Universal Studios performances, yeah yeah, which were awesome and
you get paid fifty grand each for like an hour.
But then I would go to all the shops and
I would try to find a head like you know,
like so I found like an Ironman one, a storm
Trooper one. I was very dumbly bought. But you know

I enjoyed collection. That sounds like yeah, very like that
man is so funny. He collects all kinds of stuff
like that. I mean, he's a big super superman, is
his dude. But then he started collecting guitars from you know,
big guitarists, and which is a great I mean he
has his collect all over the wall, signed by everyone,
right arrows the Queen. I mean just everyone. And I

remember it was Jane Simmons. Simmons who Gene Simmons is
one of the smartest businessmen I know, right, It's just
like he knows what it made, merch everything, like it's whatever. So,
you know, Joey asked for a guitar to address collection. Sure,
Joey Sure sends the guitar with with a note saying, okay,

just make the check out to blah blah blah blah okay,
which I thought was Jens. I'm like, you better they
can pay for that. Gene given that guitar away for
sending the guitar. That's hilarious. Oh god, well, I won't
even know what was that. What was the ballpark, I wonder.
I don't even know. I have no idea. I mean,
I would imagine it's around twenty grand. Yeah, I'd be

like yeah, yeah, even this, Yeah, But that's what you
can do is just take the guitar, just take a
slamin of the autograph back and say I'm good, yeah,
just I'm good, I'm good. Yeah. Oh god. Speaking of
other musicians, are there any musicians that you would love
to collaborate with? Man, you know, I kind of always

The weird thing I think with music is that like
the collapse that you never thought really would work kind
of always create something really interesting. Oh man, I don't
know who I mean or who are you actually loving
right What are what are you listening to right now? Who? Who?
Who would you recommend that work? So I'm like, you know,

sometimes I go to these like stages where you know,
as I said, I grew up going to warped tours.
Right There's a band called I Think bear Tooth that
I've been listening too lately. That's totally like reminds me
of early two thousands bands, warped tour, rock and roll
kind of things. Man, dude, it's oh oh wait, no,

who have I have been? Drummond? Okay, so Drummond bass
the genre. I'm just really gotten into the way that
everything is. And there's a artist by the name sub Focus,
super cool. What's that one song? And you guys should
listen to if you haven't found you? I found you
by Focus, super good, super melodic. I don't know many,

Like I said, I think it's I think the weirdest
mashups either produced something really cool or something really funny. Yeah,
And so either way, it's entertaining. Well, so maybe weird
Al Yankovic. Wait, did you know you can always like
I always think he passed away literally everyone. I felt

like there was an article that came out. I think
there might have been dead. Yeah, not dad, I'm still here. Yeah.
Was there anyone in this industry that was a particularly
positive influence on your career acting or music? Oh? Man, oh,
and there's a lot of people. I can't think of

the top, but like I always appreciated meeting people that
were successful. Was still really nice when being Taylor Swift,
I think you guys, dude, well she was so sweet,
so sweet. She's probably all out on the twenty fifteen tour,
right yeah, yeah, man, Yeah, it was that crazy. That

was awesome. It was funny because we had a radio
show the day before and I think we were trying
to figure it out. In like the night before, we
had figured out the travel situation. So we did that
radio show in the afternoon and then flew to Gillette Stadium.
So cool, man, so cool. So you did a lot

of the stadiums you do when you do a House
of Blues and you go to a stadium, it's it's
night and day you can't hear anything to begin with. No,
And I was I think I asked Malcolm this question
last week. That first stadium moment you can never get
out of your head, because I remember our first one
was Jennet Jackson's Velbo Rope tour and at the Silver
Dolmond Detroit, and you just want stage and you just

get these like goose bumps that just never go away. Yeah,
it's justsane. They're still here. Yeah, dude, I will never forget. Uh.
There's so many moments. God, man, I love. I'm so
grateful Malcolm came into my life because it's just a
awesome person and somebody I really cherished. And there's just

so many great memories you have. And there was that
time to where you know she's about to announce whoever's coming,
and and we are on this elevator thing, right, So
it's in the back of the stage and elevator and
Malcolm and I are looking at each other backstage like
I can't hear you, I can't hear you. I go,
this is been awesome. He's like, this is super awesome.

It's just a high man, it's just high. And then
seal it. But what's great about having that friend. I mean,
you're it's your brother for life. Only you two, only
you two will understand that, Like you're the only ones
that will actually understand what that feels like. And we're
both adopted. Oh no, wow, yeah look first yeah dude,

uh yeah, yeah, it's it's it's a yeah, but it's
it's man, dude. Yeah, I don't even know how to
describe it, but super awesome. Super It was the one
time where I definitely was like, I don't care if
I sound good or not. I'm gonna take this in
And it was super super cool. And then that's something

I'll never forget. What I love about the Taylor Swift
concert is everyone is in such a good mood. There's
just yeah everyone here yeah oh yeah. I mean. And
the thing is, though, is I have yet to meet
somebody who's been on that tour and not said anything incredible.
I mean, yeah, I've never met anybody that's actually said

anything bad about her, that actually knows her. I mean she,
I mean, we got we got christall or no dom perryone.
I say, that's so southern, man, But no, did she
got she got us a bottle of dom perryone? I
met her mom while she was walking one of her dogs,
which is the most beautiful dog ever, and dude, yeah,

I mean it was just that's you get that same energy.
And I hope a lot of successful artists see how
she does it, Yeah, because as a whole and the
way it functions is a very positive thing to see
in that kind of environment where a lot of the
times it's not, you know, done like that and it's fortunate. Yeah,

and you see both sides. And there's a lot of
artists that do this and they're great, but then there's
a lot of artists that just don't know what the
hell they don't care well true, and a lot of
people think like you have to be an asshole basically
in order to be to get to that level. But
Taylor Swift is the most successful artist in the world
and she proves that you do not have to be nasty.
I mean, look at beyond successful and Jackson. I mean,

there's so many great examples of people that just come
off towards be like, Wow, that was the best thing
ever there on it and it must be especially for
Taylor these days, it must take so much energy to
not make mistakes right because everyone's gonna make mistakes, but
in her case, she's like, Okay, one little thing could
just really destroy everything I've worked for because people are

just wanting her to fail. Like there's so many people
just wanting her to do something, but so far she
has it. It's crazy. And I mean there was a
big hurdle at the music stuff when she recorded herself.
Oh yeah, I mean I think that was that to me,
some of that's seen a situation like that, and I'm
sure you guys have as well. Obviously that was like,

right on, good for you, that's awesome. So one thing
I loved also, you know at the show, even the
all the security, all the concession stand people, everyone taking
your tickets whatever, smiling, dancing, getting people's bracelets and trading
bracelets with everyone. It was yeah, yeah, I mean it
was just it was a beautiful thing to like everyone

for a three hours was just living a wonderful, positive
life and it was it was beautiful. Yeah. Now, you
have worked hard and dedicated yourself to your career, and
you know there has been tough ties. We just went
through COVID, we're going through this SAG strike right now.
So can you give us a tip a frost A
tip o. What keeps you motivated during tough times? Oh?

Good question, good question. He's motivated. I think if you've
gotten to a even if you have it, there's something
in the way you kind of mentioned goose bumps, right,
So to a certain extent, I feel like, as long

as you're man, this is a tough one staying motivate
me think, I think a good way to respond to this.
First it's admitting that it's going to be tough, admitting
that you know right now there's not much you can do,

being content with that, and not letting it swallow you. Hole. Uh,
it's it's what's the one thing these these days? Soon
we'll pass? Or yeah, you know, if it's you gotta
if you if you sit on, if you sit on

a thought, it's that negative, especially in situation where you
don't have necessarily an end date of when this would stop. Uh,
just setting herself up for a morbid thought process you
can negative, but also speaking openly about that and being
honest about that. Maybe one person season goes Okay, he's

not bullshit. I feel the same way. So I guess
that's is there a person that you like to confide in.
Is it a family member, is it a best friend,
oh man? Or do you just talk to yourself? Yeah,
I can tell you if you can talk to yourself,
you'll you know, if you can have a conversation with yourself. Honestly,

I think that only makes it a positive thing if
you're talking about with others, because at the end of
the day, you're not gonna always have that person talking.
But that meditation, I actually really strongly believe in meditation
or just doing some breathing exercises. Uh, what is it
where you well, you're stucketing with your mouth and you
blow out with your nose or nose and mouth or whatever.

But you have three times for a certain amount of time,
you'll feel almost a natural natural Yeah, yeah, and just
a calming thing. And a lot of the times people
don't take deep enough breasts. I mean you go way
down in there and and if you have trouble going
to sleep, and which I do and Michael does. I'm
telling you last night we went to bed immediately it

was it was actually kind of weird. And it's the
breathing therapy. Therapy is where I learned a lot of
that stuff. Yeah, I still stand by that that's something
that should be way more open about. Well, yeah, that's
a that's a good itself. Therapy and therapy was such
a stigma. I mean even ten years ago people would
admit they're going, you know, to therapy. But now it's

the cool things, like we all freaking talk to some people.
I love it that it's a cool thing, and I
hope it isn't from that abused in a certain extent
because there's there's an honesty with therapy and it's not
necessarily something where you do therapy you have to go
out the next stay and saying oh I learned this.
I learned that it's the process to you know, I think,
digest whatever's happened, and just to remind yourself. We forget,

so just getting that like oh yeah, oh yeah, I
need to breathe. Oh, just just being reminded. You know,
there's something somebody told me a long time ago or
was and this is for depression, which I'm very open about.
I'm always fighting that thing. But you know, there's a
couple of things you can ask yourself every day, Ay,
did you wake up? Okay, you're better than half the

people in the world probably or whoever you know unfortunately,
you know, do you have a house over your head,
you have a roof over your head. There's a lot
of things you can It's easy for someone to pinpoint negatives,
but it's a lot more therapeutic to realize the positives. Yeah. Yeah,
I always like telling people like, think about this, Think

about how how much of a miracle had to happen
for you to be here right now? Oh yeah, I'm
talking about hundreds of years ago. Things had to have
happened perfectly for you to be here right now. If
you're a great great grandmother took a left instead of
a right, you wouldn't be here right now. It's like
and then all of a sudden you're fighting all the
other little sperm going into the egg over and so

that one of billion made it. So it's like like
that that to me is like the biggest I'm baffled
by that because I go down a rabbit hole, right
because I'm like, okay, so even to go even deeper
on that, it's what put the world here? Yea, what
put the universe? What'll put that star there? Okay, we

discovered this, but we'll put that there. Like, I think
the one question always tricks me out is you can
ask it this throughout whatever you question, but you say,
what where did that originate? It goes down a rabbit hole. Yeah,
and I'm hoping that we get to a point where,
you know, maybe maybe ufovis it's I don't know, but

apparently they are. I know, watched, dude, I watched the
Senate hearing. I watched. Oh yeah, I watch all but
why are people talking about that. It's so weird that
we kind of have confirmation from the government. But yeah,
we're like, oh okay, it's it's so weird because it's
the way they went about it, right. He's like okay, yeah,
so okay, it is happening, but we're going to change

it from UFO. We're going to change the acronym. Yeah,
so it's different, and now people don't care and it's weird, Like, dude,
it's such a yeah, such but I'm fascinated by But
they actually they confirm there's terrestrial body. Another thing like
in Peru. This small town in Peru's claiming being like
terrorized by these seven foot tall aliens. Yes they have

so recently. Yes, this little town they're like this currently
that's the the newest thing. I'm what did you Did
you ever see the documentary in a South Africa of
the children's school. No, okay, watch watch that. There's a
documentary about it. It's just an entire faculty describing what happened.

And on top of that, they have the pictures that
the kids drew from that time reinterviewed as adults. That's
amazing and the stuff they draw. But everything is corroborating. Yeah, yeah,
a weird word or coberated. I mean, I mean, yeah,
I feel like that's where But no, wats that. It's

super interesting because I mean, this was adults who are
now in their you know, elder years and the kids
that are now in their adult years. Everything's that. It's trippy.
It's so trippy. I love that kind of stuff. I
love conspiracy theory, you know. Oh man, I don't you know.
I'm not one of those conspiracy theorists that go out
and like really believe, you know, but like it's fun
to research them and pretend to. I'm curious of the unknown.

What's your favorite tattoo? I see that you have sleeves
going on here. Do you have a favorite? Uh? How
do you shooting? Is it like everyone before, you're like
like that young and drunk, yeah and dumb, and you know,
like I think we're in Australia and you know, uh

super super intoxicated. Uh. But it was fun and we
all decided. Me and like two guys from the label
I think somebody else all went and got the kangaroos.
Yeah I love the kangaroo. Well yeah, but I'm just like,
where the hell does that fit? Like none of these
really fit. I mean I had my hand one removed.
I'll show you. This is the one I got in Australia.

What is it the Southern Cross? What? Yeah, it's the
Stars of the Southern Cross. Oh cool. That had to
hurt though, you're on your Actually everyone was saying, yeah,
it's gonna hurt, but didn't hurt it all. But again,
I was in Australia and probably drunk, so I couldn't
even get mine finished. I had, oh god, awful one.
My buddy who does DJ now his name's Joltron. He

used to do do tattoos occasionally, and he did one
of my foot and I was definitely drunk, and I
was just like, I can't, I can't. I'd had all
of my head on my ribs. I couldn't do it.
It was just so the worst one for me. And
I wasn't even there to get a tattoo. My friend was,
and I was, you know, watching him, and they're like,
do you want something like? Actually, I've always wanted like
a tear drop here on my finger, that little bit

it was It's like someone took it. I would never.
I would never, I would. I would immediately go last,
that's a tear drop. Yeah, yeah, it's the other you go,
I just gotta do it like that. But man, that hurt.
Oh my gosh, that hurts so much. So outside of
your career, what what are the hobbies you like to do? Like,
what keeps you, I don't know, get your mind off

of the deep stuff? Oh man, uh, I'm always thinking
the deep stuff. And I'm I'm I'm like, I love
I you know, I'm I love the exploration of something
out in the first Yeah. So I mean, I I'll

end up, you know, spending my time just watching crazy documentaries.
I am a documentary buff. Good. That's that's like I
can love them. A lot of them that are super stupid,
but man, it's just interesting And I love doc I
mean I'm a doc filmmaker and it's one of my
it's my passion, it's my love. Because you make no

money off of them, but I keep doing them because
I just I love it. And if you haven't seen
boy Band Con when I did for YouTube, watch that
one because as a musician, I think, yeah, because it's
about Lou Pearlman, the guy who you know put us
through everything. Uh but yeah, it's that's a good document.
It's eye opening sure for any artist out there. I am,

I am, I'm watching that tonight all right. Uh. Now,
you've been pretty open about your mental health on your
social media. Give us some tips for people who are
in a dark place. And and besides like therapy and everything,
is there any tools that you use to kind of
snap you out of dark thought that you're having. Oh man,
you gotta be uh first, you gotta If you just

try to push it down, it gets worse. So I
would say you gotta first off, understand that you're thinking
of it for a reason. You need to explore what
that reason is. And there's really anything. I mean, that's
the other thing I love, Like I've some reason. But
on this, like like I said, documentaris random documentors. But
I've watched a lot of like hospice documentaries, right, And

the reason why I say that is this is a
you are seeing in the eyes of somebody else the
niverse and of their life. You're hearing what they have
to say, and they're you know, always going to be
more knowledgeable, in my opinion, than you know, somebody that's
far away from it. And I think seeing that kind
of stuff and seeing the relationships that people have makes

it more grateful when it's over or when you're in
that situation. So that's why I do it. But I,
like I said, I gotta I always think it's an
important be honest about it, Yeah, because it's it's it's
not something that just goes away. You know. If you
want to watch a happy movie, you know, yeah, you'll
think about the half movie, but right afterwards you're gonna

get right back to that way thinking. All right, we
have some fan questions for you. Did you ever learn
the classic TikTok dance? I did? I did it really bad? Yeah,
I was baffled. I was baffled by that. I think
we have to try this. I need to I need
to find the classic TikTok I think we do. You

have another question that was Astley GB and let me
have another question from from Emily Gross nineteen ninety Do
you prefer acting or singing? And is there any chance
you would want to do a musical? Would you go
to Broadway? Oh? Man, dude, I start? I definitely did?
I started? Well? Was it? I always love theater. I

definitely did a lot of, like, you know, musicals and
stuff growing up. Yeah. Man, I I don't know which.
I think it goes back to I love music because
depending on how you go about it, h you have
a little bit more creativity acting you're reading something somebody's drugging.
But I think there's something beautiful with that musical. A

funny story about musicals, man. So when I was sixteen seventeen,
h I was flown out to do screen tests for
high school musical whatever. The last one was U and
did it with Kenny Ortega. We did that whole thing
and it was it was really cool. Didn't get it,

but it was still an awesome experience. Uh. But yeah,
I think I'll do whatever. Let me give you three
Broadway shows and you have to pick the one that
you would join up. You got three offers comed right now,
right now. The one is to do the lead in Chicago,
one is to do the lead in Hamilton's, and one
is to do to the lead in Hair Spray. Which
Broadway show would you do? I do Chicago? I love?

I did Chicago in high school. Yeah, it's good. What
was it, Billy, Billy, Billy Flynn, Yeah, Billy Yeah by it?
Oh man, that would be man so good. And the
way they made that film too, that is just that
was like the best adaptation of a musical. Too still

does really well. I mean do they still do it
on Broadway? Yeah, yes, it's never ending. Yeah, yeah, that's
what I was wondering. That's got to be a crazy
fandom just ended. It was the longest running and it
just stopped. I mean every year there's like a new
Real Housewives in Chicago, Hamilton I have yes. Well, it
was so amazing to get to know you. Uh, congratulations

on all your success. You are definitely one of the
best storytellers that we've had on the show. So you
may I'm here from nine to five. Great. How can
all of your fans keep in touch with you? Man?
You know, I'm hardly on the social media these days,
but man, I'm on Instagram occasionally follow sweet but yeah, man,

it's awesome talking y'all. I appreciate it too, reaching out
man and I wish you both thought them, but love
likewise than likewise, Tony. It has been great getting to
know you and definitely have to have you back on
to have a little follow up. Yeah. Absolutely, I'll switch
out the Batman for something else done and done, and
I'm gonna work on that solo thing for you because
I love it. We do magic, Okay, I love it

all right, good to say thank you guys. Appreciate it. Man,
Am I gonna say? We're gonna say it again? Are

we really gonna say it? He was so nice and
like great storyteller. I'm telling you all my little notes
right here. Best storytell we've had, yes, and we've had
some good story good but he's the son about it.
He's a good personality. I know. I love when people

are very open about their struggles with depression and all that,
because all of us dealing with this, and even sometimes
when you don't think you're like oh wait a minute,
like oh yeah, uh so I'm so happy that you know.
He he does talk about it publicly because I know
people listening right now. I was like, oh yeah, I
can really and it's a good reminder, you know, like
what he said, like we just focus on like what
you do have, And for me, that's the best thing.

When I'm feeling so down or depressed about something like
my world's ending, I just think about, well, Okay, I
woke up, I woke up in a lovely home. I
have my children, family, food, like the basic things of life.
But I'm not worrying about so we all have a
lot to be lucky. So the grand scheme of things, Yeah,
you just put things in perspective and it really helps.
Those are Mattie Sins. Oh, I love your two sins

and Mays and your Nickels and your gods. Stop it, guys,
all right, is there anything else you would like to
tell our little peanuts before we live them? Does that
we love you and appreciate all you listening. Yes, And
don't forget to breathe like says like breathe, Well, yeah,
don't forget to breathe in general, because you'll die. But
but when you do breathe, make them count. Yes, and

and breathe deep. I'm telling you as much better a
lot of people don't breathe deep enough getting down there.
You've got to breathe deep and hold that breath for
a few seconds and let it out exactly transform your mind.
Yeah all right, guys, Well now that I'm falling asleep,
let's get out of here, because that is all the
show I have for you. Thank you so much for listening.
Be good to each other out there, don't drink and drive,

take care of all those animals, and remember stay Hey,
thanks for listening. Follow us on Instagram at Frost the
Tips with Lance and Michael ursonar and at Lance Bass
for all your pop culture needs, and make sure to
write us review and leave us five stars six if
you can see you next time.
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