Grown-Up Stuff: How to Adult

Grown-Up Stuff: How to Adult

Do your eyes glaze over when looking at a long list of annual health insurance enrollment options – or maybe while you’re trying to calculate how much you owe the IRS? You might be wondering the same thing we are: Where’s the guidebook for all of this grown-up stuff? Whether opening a bank account, refinancing student loans, or purchasing car insurance (, can we just roll the dice without it?), we’re just as confused as you are. Enter: “Grown-Up Stuff: How to Adult” a podcast dedicated to explaining the complexities of adulthood for which most of us are woefully under-prepared. In each episode, we seek out folks who can actually help us start to make sense of all the basic life skills required to be, well, a grown-up.


December 19, 2023 47 mins

It’s our Season One Finale and we’re going out with a budget-friendly banger! We’re going to figure out how to grocery shop like heroes, and we’re not talking about the sandwich. 


With the help of consumer and food trends expert and “Supermarket Guru” Phil Lempert, Molly and Matt learn how to reign in impulse buying, find the best deals and discounts, and change their shopping habits to avoid food waste. 


Also, learn why yo...

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Do you know how often you should rotate the tires on your car? What about when it comes to checking your oil? And do you know what it means when your “check engine” light appears? Not only does it feel grown-up to know how to maintain your car, but with winter coming (and winter IS coming), car maintenance is a very real necessity when it comes to keeping it running smoothly.


In this episode of “Grown-Up Stuff: How to Adult,” M...

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The holiday season is officially here! 'Tis the season for joy, cheer, and, well… managing the chaos that is family gatherings. 


Looking for ways to survive the next couple of months while navigating these complicated dynamics? We’ve got your back. In this episode of “Grown-Up Stuff: How to Adult,” Molly and Matt chat with Dr. George James (LMFT), founder of George Talks and host of the podcast LEAPcast, about how to actually e...

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October 31, 2023 44 mins

Happy Halloween! Did you know that Halloween is one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year? For those of us who are of legal age to imbibe liquid spirits and pumpkin ales, there’s a lot to learn about drinking alcohol. 


From wine to beer and everything in between, Matt and Molly talk about how to train and refine our palates with Certified Cicerone® and wine and spirits expert Ethan Fixell, who has written about the bar a...

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It’s one of the scariest times of the year. . . . it’s open enrollment time for health insurance. Every year, we’re all overwhelmed by the options and terminology of our policies, but this year Molly and Matt have full hearts and can’t lose. This year, they are determined to understand their coverage options and whether they should choose a high-deductible plan or one with a high premium. But first, they’re going to figure out what...

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That new-car-smell is closer than you think! In this episode, Matt and Molly welcome Car Talk’s Editor-in-Chief Jamie Page Deaton back to the show to weigh in on the differences between leasing, financing, or outright buying new and used cars. Learn how to enter a dealership with confidence, uncover the tools you need to score the best deal, and determine whether or not you need that extended warranty or service plan! 


Sources ...

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There’s something incredibly appealing about having the freedom to move seamlessly throughout the world in your very own car. Nowadays, there are a lot of car options to choose from and all at very different price points. 

With the help of CarTalk Editor-in-Chief Jamie Page Deaton, Matt and Molly figure out how to choose the right car based on needs and cost. Discover the best ways to calculate a budget for acquiring a car, the di...

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In our previous episode, we learned all about how to pay and save for college with a 529 savings plan. But a bachelor’s degree program isn’t the only path to take when it comes to higher education.

In this special episode of “Grown-Up Stuff: How to Adult,” sponsored by EdVest of Wisconsin and the Michigan Education Savings Program, Molly and Matt will explore all of the options people have after graduating high school – and beyond...

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This just in: college is freaking expensive! But pursuing any kind of education after high school – whether a bachelor’s degree, associate’s, or trade certification – can make a huge difference in your career. In this special episode of “Grown-Up Stuff: How to Adult,” sponsored by EdVest of Wisconsin and the Michigan Education Savings Program, Matt and Molly speak with college savings experts Robin Lott and Jackie James about the b...

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With all the intense heat experienced globally this summer, utility bills have been rising right along with the temperatures. So how can we better understand things like our energy and water usage to keep our utility bills as low as possible? In this episode of “Grown-Up Stuff: How to Adult,” Molly and Matt talk with Lucas Hall, founder of Landlordology, about all things Utilities. 

Find out what’s considered an essential utility,...

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Last episode we learned all about how to find and lease an apartment, but in this episode, we’re leveling up with how to buy and finance a home. We’re talking about mortgages, escrow, and HOAs with Vanessa Aragon, a licensed real estate agent in Scottsdale, Arizona. Did you know you could put down less than six percent to buy a home?? (Thanks, Vanessa.)

Discover if you’re ready for home-buying – and if your budget is, too. Plus, f...

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There are a lot of pros and cons to renting an apartment. On one hand, there’s no freer feeling than being able to pick up and move to anywhere your heart desires at the end of your lease. On the other hand – good luck if you want to customize that space with anything more than a paint job…. In this episode of Grown-Up Stuff: How to Adult, we’re talking to New York real estate broker Mark Metzger from the Corcoran Group to learn so...

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June 27, 2023 36 mins

From credit cards to credit scores and everything in between, “Grown-Up Stuff: How to Adult” digs into the good, bad, and prudent ways to build and use credit. We talk to Sara Rathner, a senior writer, travel, and credit card expert at NerdWallet, about why making purchases with a credit card (instead of a debit card) is safer, how we can build our credit back up from a less-than-perfect past, and how to effectively use your credit...

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Watching TikToks of home cleaning and organizing hacks are some of our favorite things to do; it’s like a squeegee for our brains. But how can we apply the lessons of the internet to the way we clean our own homes, and should we? Join us on a cleaning journey with our “TikTok Auntie”  and author of the book, “How to Clean Everything: A Practical, Down to Earth Guide for Anyone Who Doesn’t Know Where to Start,” Ann Russell. Ann tell...

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Wedding season is officially upon us – which means it’s time to struggle with overwhelming gift registries and confusing dress codes (what the hell is “cocktail semi-casual??”). To help us sort through all of the madness, we’re chatting with Lizzie Post, author of “Emily Post’s Etiquette - the Centennial Edition” and co-host of the podcast “Awesome Etiquette” (also Emily Post’s great-great-grandaughter!). Learn about the importance...

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For the very first episode of “Grown-Up Stuff: How to Adult,” we’re gonna get down to the basics of a very adult matter: retirement. Joined by CPA and Asset and Wealth Management Assurance Senior Manager Jonah Batista, Molly learns it’s never too early to start thinking and saving for retirement and another important lesson about which types of retirement accounts you should be investing. 

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Ever wish there was a road map to adulthood? Do you find yourself straight-up baffled by terms like 401k, PPO, and fabric softener? Welcome to “Grown-Up Stuff: How to Adult,” a podcast from Ruby, the iHeart Media Branded Audio Studio, dedicated to answering all of your questions about, well, grown-up stuff, like health insurance, weddings, laundry, retirement, credit, finding a home, and all the other things that keep you up at nig...

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