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November 2, 2021 20 mins

Paris “little sis” JoJo Siwa is here!

She opens up to her trusted friend for the first time about her recent breakup.

They talk Dancing with the Stars, the good and bad, blisters and all!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Pretty. This is Paris. Hey everyone, I am so excited
about today's guest, my little sis Jojo siwa. Hey, I

gotta remember I remember the last time, which was the
first time actually I met you in person. The first time,
I was like doing a Paris voice while I was
with you right away, and I was like, wait, wait,
I don't talk like this. What am I talking about?
That happening? Because I gotta remember to not be calmed.
You just have like the most soothing voice ever. It's amazing.
Thank you. I know we had so much fun the

last time you hear it was a blast. And how
has everything been You've been killing it on Dancing at
the Stars. Thank you so much. Everything has been so good.
You've been so supportive with this with the Star was
literally every single week. Thank you for posting. I appreciate it.
My partner appreciates it so much. Literally, the first time

that you reposted us, Jenna was like, oh my god,
Paris Hilton just posted us, and I was like, yeah,
she's one of my best friends. And she was like,
oh my god, I'm dying right. She was so happy
and I was so happy too, obviously, and size I
was like, thank you for all that. Of course, I
love supporting my friends, and you have just been amazing
on there, Oh my god, like always getting perfect scores,

the outfits, the looks, the naves, like I'm really just
blown away. We have we have a lot of fun.
We push ourselves really hard every week, but we have
a lot of fun, so it's worth it. Is there
anything that's been hard about it? Oh my god, it's
more like, is there anything that's been easy about it?
It's it's it's crazy, it's it's a lot, and it's stressful.

And every day, I mean, a different part of our
body is broken. Last week Jenna's rib was messed up.
This week, I have a blister the size of literally
a quarter. I call him Mount Everest blister on the
back of my heel to my intellig yesterday Jen's shoulder, um.
Literally every day yesterday my calf was acting acting up

every day. It's something with our bodies. Um. For me,
it's like the dancing actually itself is really difficult. I
know a lot of people are will be like, well,
you're a dancing your whole life, so it's easy, But
it's actually not at all. It's so hard. Styles I've
never done before. So I explain it like a football
player trying to play baseball. It's it's completely different than

anything I've ever done, and it's there's a lot of pressure,
you know, and it's it's so much fun though that
it's like every day is better than last. Yeah, I
can't imagine. It looks like it's really hard just to
learn all of those moves. It's it's complicated. Every time
that I get into day one of rehearsals, I'm just like,
here we go, and I tell Jen every single day

we start, I'm like, I feel like I am a
Chinese foreign exchange student right now. I know nothing. I
am literally learning a foreign language. So you guys are
making history by being the first to dance together as
two women. How has that been on the show? Yes,
it's been so much fun. I mean, she's literally become

a big sister, and so I'm so happy that we
get to make history like this together. Um. I remember
when I first found out that, you know, I even
was going to be able to dance with a female
on the show, and I was like, A for me,
that's so amazing, but be for the world, that is
the most magical thing ever to just show anybody who's watching,

not necessarily just a little boys and little girls, but anybody,
anybody that you can not only love who you want
to love, but you can dance who you want to
dance with. And it just makes it more normal for
people watching, like, hey, there's boys and girls dancing together,
but there's also a girling girl dancing together. And there
are no weird that's just it is what it is. Oh.

I love that, and I love just how open and
honest you've been and just it's really amazing and inspirational
to so many others. And I'm really just so proud
of you. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. How
was that for you when you first, you know, came
out and told everyone your truth? You know it? Actually

it was really nice. It felt so comforting. I actually
one of the first people that I told was Arta,
and I met Art at your house and I told
her right away and she was She asked me, she
was like, are you gonna tell the world? And I
was like, yeah, when they find out, and she was like, well,
what do you mean. I was like, oh, I I

have a feeling that will just kind of happened in
the world. I just kind of find out and that's
pretty much what happened. And it has just been so
nice to feel the love and support from all around
the world, from everybody. I mean, of course there's some
people who don't like it, but there's a lot of
people who do like it and who do support it

and who are loving, and those are the people who
I want to give my time and energy and love
back to. So it's it's been so good. People have
been so nice. It's just been a ride that's NonStop
and the best ride ever. Oh good. Well that makes
me this feel so happy for you to just feel
that freedom and I'm sure just weight off your shoulders

just to be yourself because you are just everything like this,
like rainbow unicorn of fun and love and I just
I love your energy and everything about you. Thank you
so much. I appreciate all that. This is Paris. How

has it been just having to um do that? And
then you're all you just released a new film, you're
doing new music, you have your brand, like, how is it?
I know how it is, but I want everyone to
listen because you are a boss baby like me, running
an empire and doing so many things at once. How

do you make time for everything. You know. I think
something about me is I love doing a billion things,
and I feel like you can relate to that. You're
actually the first person that I had ever met that
I was like, whoa, You're like me, Like, I've met
a lot of people who are similar to me and

have the same thing. But I think we both really
when we were together. I mean, I'm not gonna speak
to how you felt, but I know for sure for me,
like when we were together, I felt like and I
think we've even talked about this, how we both were like,
wait a second, we literally are kind of the same
in a way where we're running this big empire and

we are a brand, but our brand is ourselves, but
we have another side to ourselves, Like we literally had
the exact same brain and feeling at the same time.
So I mean, I think you get it better than anybody. Um.
I love working, I love creating new things. I mean,
my movie The J Team just came out. I go

literally dancing at the stars the season finale, which hopefully
I'm in. I obviously want to be there, But it
depends on votes. So vote text urere two and five
two three every Monday night eight PM Eastern to TMPM
Eastern um and the series Dance Pop Revolution comes out.
But this the series d hold on getting ahead of myself,

having the time of my life. I'm getting excited. See
was this Revolution comes out Starched streaming on Peacock November four,
which I'm so excited about. That's our new TV show.
And then literally I go straight into tour rehearsals. I
go back out on tour in January, but my tour
rehearsals and Dancing with the Stars schedule clash for like

a week, so I'm gonna have to hopefully, I really
hope I actually get a miss out on two rehearsals
because I really want to be in the finale, so
I'll catch up on tour later. That's the one time
that I wanted miss rehearsals. So it's like life right
now is just a tornado of excitement, and it's you know,
there's not a lot of time for sleep, and there's
not a lot of time for fun and for play time.

I literally I texted my best friend Rachel today and
I was like, what are you doing this week? And
she said when? And I said, what are you doing
like tomorrow? And I was like, wait a second, I
have a premiere party tom and she was like yeah,
and I'm coming here fromiere party tomorrow. And I was like, great,
so I'll see you there. And she's like, I'll see
you their greatest hangout plants ever. I was like, not
worked out perfect. So it's like, we just make it

work and we have fun and every step of the
way it is just a blast. Well, yeah, you only
live once. See you to make the most out of it,
and certainly are so I just want to say I
commend you for that, and I really respect it. And
I love seeing people who work hard and really deserve
their success, and you are definitely one of those people.

Thank you, and I miss you. I want to hang
out against soon. Absolutely. I miss you. I miss your puppies.
I want to hang out with your puppies again. I
want to go back into the house literally anytime. I mean,
if you text me right now that I literally have
zero time with the other with the stars, but give me,
like to know what is it with three one weeks
hopefully three weeks left, I really hope I'm gonna be there,

but listen, I might. I might have a week off
if I could eliminate it. I don't I don't want that,
but it could happen. We're not putting that out. Do
not put out that energy out into the world. No. Yeah,
I've been so stressed as well too. I have my
wedding in less than two weeks. I sent you the
invites that you get it. I've got the invites. They

came and we were like, what is this? And then
over it we were like, oh my god, this is everything.
Your invites were amazing. Second only imagine how your wedding
is gonna be. I am so excited. I'm so happy
for you. I remember getting to meet your fiance. Was
her fiance at the time? Where was he still your
boyfriend at the time? Um, he was my boyfriend at

the time. He was your boyfriend at the time. I
mean when I got to meet him, he was so sweet,
so awesome. I remember talking to him while you weren't there,
and just the way that he talked about you, and
you could tell how much he just loves you and
respects you and appreciates you and appreciates what you do.
It just he I was like, Oh, he's good for her,

He's the one. He's really nice and he's the sweetest
and you're very lucky, but I mean he's way more lucky. Yeah,
he's such a good guy. I'm really really grateful to
I found someone that I could really trust and open
my heart too, because that was very difficult for me
for a very long time. It's I think that's the

hardest thing about what we do is trusting. So, buddy,
how are you in your love life right now? Me
and my love life were We're okay. Actually I've yet
to talk about this officially publicly, but we broke up. Um,
but she is literally still my best friend. I talked

to her yesterday. She just got a new puppy. She's awesome.
She's having the time of her life. I'm having the
time of my life. So I'm really lucky that I
didn't lose her completely because you know, even though relationships end,
friendships don't have to end. And I think that's something
that I even didn't know could happen, and I was
very thankful that it can because it's all I wanted.

But I I'm really happy that I remember all the
fun times and all the good times and nothing bad happened.
It just is the definition of a cheesy saying a
right right person, wrong time. And I hate cheesy sayings,
but they're true. But everything's good. I'm good, okay, as
long as you're happy. But it is so hard when

you have this hectic schedule. You don't even have time
for a personal life, so hectic schedule, and we're just
both so young. She's seventeen eighteen, and we are literally
best friends. And I would take a bullet for her,
and I know she would do the same for me,
and we just really literally right personally a long time. Okay,

Well that makes me happy. At least you guys are
still be ff, so that's good. Exactly how I want
to be. Everything is exactly how I mean I would
I'm not going to speak for her, but how she
would want it to be too good. Well, that makes
me happy to hear. Yeah, I saw that you guys
were at Disneyland and I have not been there, and
since the pandemic in two years, I need to go back.

How was it? Oh my gosh, we're going. I don't
care what you talk. Well, I can't tomorrow. I don't
care what you have the next day. Cancel it. You're going.
You have to go. It's it's a blast. Um. It's
all very COVID safe, which is nice. Um, but just
there's something magical about being in Disney where you can't
be sad and you can't be stressed, and it's like

you just go there and you forget about the world
for a minute. Yeah, that's It's one of my favorite places.
So we definitely have to plan a Disney trip together. Absolutely.
This is seven next Living questions. Let's go seven s living.
Let's go what are there? Okay, what is your spirit animal?

And why? Okay? My spirit animal, I think would probably
have to be oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh
my gosh, oh my gosh, the stress. Okay, I have
a few. Ye I feel like everyone's expecting me to
say unicorn and it's not. I'm feeling like, um, what
am I feeling like today? I'm feeling like a golden

doodle puppy because I just got a golden doodle puppy
and she's the cutest little thing ever. But she just
is a little like love nugget, and all she wants
to do is cuddle and play and run around and
be happy, and I just I feel like her. What's
her name? Her name is Star Oh really, that's my
nickname since I was two years old. Really, my dad,

he only calls me star or Starry, I call I
call her star Z Starz. Oh my god, I can't
wait to meet I right to bring her out of
her for a puppy plate. It absolutely the next living
What was the first thing that you bought when you
earned your first check? The first thing I bought, like

your first big purchase, like something that you were proud of.
I actually know the answer to this. I bought a
MacBook Air with my first check from Dance Moms. Ah okay, yeah,
all the other girls had one and I didn't, and
I wanted to be like the EMI, so I went
in bolding. Yes. I thought you were going to say
your rain about piano with all the sparkles. We actually

I rhymestone my piano myself. That was so beautiful. Your
whole house is incredible. Thank you. I love your style.
What is your sign? And are you like your sign? Okay,
I'm a taurist. I don't know enough about it to
like say what I am and say like yes I am.

But from my friends that know a bunch about or
scopes and all the things they say I'm like, I'm
a tourist. Okay, um next is first celebrity crush and
current celebrity crush oh Man, first celebrity crush man. I

don't even know. Maybe, like I'm trying to think, like
little me, What did I like? I like? Like? I
like Ross Lynch, like Miley Sorus. Who else I like?
I like? I liked um, Justin Bieber, Probably those three
now probably Zinda. She's so cool. I love her. She's

so beautiful and so cool, and I love her because
I think it's really cool how she can be like
a bro and like a dude, and then she can
be like this gorgeous woman stunning on a red carpet,
full glam and like pull it off. Like it's so cool,
the contrast that she can have. She's brilliant. Yeah, she

really is. I love her. Your first kiss, you in
one minute to tell us everything? My first kiss? All right,
I'll take it. Um. I was sixteen, I was right there.
I was watching I think we were watching Good Boys. Um.

It was like a three second kiss, and I thought
it was the world, Like fully bragging that I had
kissed someone for three seconds. I thought I was the
coolest human ever, I went into my tour rehearsals the
next day and I was like, you guys, we kiss
Oh no, it was it was just somebody who had

been friends with since I was literally like two years old. Um,
it was with the boy. I've only kissed three people
in my lifetime, which is pretty great. I'm pretty proud
of that. Yeah, it was fun, it was it was cool. Yes,
it doesn't it doesn't come with too much. I will

say that. I thought, like I thought three seconds was
like mhm, I mean, don't get me wrong, three seconds
is great. But like to me, it was like everything,
Oh that's a cute story. Um, next one, what is
the craziest rumor that you've ever heard about yourself? Oh,

the craziest rumor that I've ever heard heard about myself.
A lot of press started to figure out that Kay
and I broke up long before we even broke up,
Like they started to speculate about things, and that was
always really funny to look at. I don't know, there's

so there's like so many small little ones. I think.
Something that's really funny to me is is the people
that I've been like, people have been like, oh they're
dating their dating like even even before I even had
my first kiss, like, oh, they're dating. Oh they're dating.
Oh no, I know, I know, I know, I know,

I know, I know, I know. I know. So there's
this clip from Dance Moms and Klanni, who's literally like
one of my best friends, is doing her dance and
this went viral after I came out, and it was like,
how did we not realize this because it's a clip
of me like biting my lip and like looking Klanni
up and down while she was like doing their dance.

And then I was like, oh my god, Joe is
in love with Colonne. And I was like, hey, I
was eleven, b I didn't know my left foot from
my right in love world. See, Clownie is literally my
sister who I love to death and hate to death
at the same time, and she knows that, like it's
we have a very sisterly relationship, and I would literally
go to a grave for her um. But I was like,

never in a million years would it be Colonne. But
it was just so funny that people were like, Oh
my god, Jojo and Clownie had a thing. We died
over it. I've known Clarne since I was nine, and
so like nine years later, people are like, oh my god,
they were dating. Absolutely yeah. I've had a lot of
those rumors when I've literally met once in my life

I never met, and they're like they were dating, they're dating, Okay, right,
it's beyond well. I know you have a very crazy
schedule today, as do I. But I love you so much.
I miss you. I can wait to see you. I
can wait to see you the wedding. It's always much fun. Absolutely,
thank you for having me on here today and I'll

see you soon. Yes, by sweetheart, and good luck. I'll
be watching. Thank you, everyone vote for my Girl and
Dancing at the Stars. Thanks for listening to This is Paris.
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