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July 10, 2020 20 mins

Lea Michele and Naya Rivera never made peace, the trio formerly known as Lady Antebellum get nasty with blues singer Lady A, Meghan Markle is teaming up with none other than Michelle Obama!'

Rob is joined by Instinct magazine’s Corey Andrew with all the dish!

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Speaker 1 (00:08):
Scar All, Advice, Spice Nice. Hello, Hello, hello, Hello, welcome
to the Not Even Nice Show. I'm your host, Rob Shooter.
It's our Friday show. We added a Friday show and
joining us every Friday. It's my friend Corey Andrew Corey.
Are you there? I am here, Rob, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello.

My friends and people are loving this new Friday show.
We were only doing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and now
we've added a Friday show. Corey. We're so happy to
have you. Are your friends enjoining it? People listened yes yesterday.
Are my friends are messaging me go out? We heard
you and heard you guys. Crack us up. You're so funny.
So yeah, there, loving fantastic. We're gonna jump in because

there's a lot of news today. What time is it, Corey?
Is it tea Time? And you're the only co host
who does it in union. That's why I really love you.
So update on THEA rivera search it is now. Unfortunately
it's a recovery mission. So the Sheriff's Department released security
footage from the boat launch. In the video, it's heartbreaking

to watch, but you see her pull up in her
station wagon. It's a g wagon. She gets out of
her car with a bunch of gear and she walks
with her son over to the boat launched. The two
of them get into the boat and then it's so
heartbreaking because we know what's going to happen. Next you
see the boat sail off into the lake. Now about

fifty people are currently involved in the search. Helicopters, boats,
a TV vehicles, and ground personnel are really trying to
locate her. Even specialized dive teams have been brought into help. Authorities, though,
have made it clear she is now presumed debt. The

search has shifted from a rest skew to a recovery mission.
Our heart is breaking. She was last seen in the
water when it only had about five to nine inches
of visibility. It was a very, very foggy day. The
authorities also explained that the lake is full of debris,
trees are at the bottom, and law enforcement officers say

that it takes typically this is awful to seven to
ten days for a body to rise to the surface.
Authorities are now thinking, they're actually saying that this is
a possible drowning case. Let me tell you about this reservoir,
this lake. It is over one thousand acres. That's right,
and it's been the site horribly so of many many

drownings over the years. The l A Times claims up
to twelve people have been overwhelmed, even good swimmers. There's
very strong winds and the water so powerful it can
actually tip over a small boat. The good news is
is a sun. Josie is doing well as well as
can be expected, sources say, and he is with family

members once again. The goal now is to bring her
home so her family can have closure. What do you think, Corey,
I think it's so terribly sad, but you know, with
her being a part of the Glee show, it's um
And I saw that you mentioned what I heard that
you guys mentioned this yesterday regarding how the show. You know,
people think the show could be cursed. I know a

lot a lot of trouble with people in that cast.
We've got the pole results a little later on in
the show. A lot of people from Lee have actually
spoken out, many of them. Their hearts are breaking like ours.
It's so difficult to young beautiful mom. The one that hasn't, though,
is Leah Michelle. Now if you don't remember this, I'll explain.
Leah and Nia had a really troubled relationship. They were

not friends on the show, and Nya believe that when
her character Santana, I love that character, when her storylines
were getting bigger, that's when things got really, really nasty.
In her two thousand and sixteen memoir, I was reading
it last night, called Sorry Not Sorry, she actually spoke
out about the feud, saying that Leah Michelle did not
speak to her, not a word for the entire season six.

Let me ask you, Corey, should you speak out? Should
you give your condolences to somebody that you didn't treat
very well? Is it hypocritical? Or should you remain silent?
What do you think Leah should do? I think Leah
should be the bigger person here and at least at
a very basic level, give some you know, a word
of condolence. It reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker and

Kim Cotrell when Kimrell like, I think her brother passed away,
and Sarah Jessica Parker gave a statement and Kim was like, really, girl,
you don't even talk to me in person. It's more tricky, Yeah,
it's it is more tricky than you think, because are
you a hypocrite. We didn't like each other when you
were alive. We didn't speak after the show ended, we
had no contact, And now this awful accident has occurred.

Do you speak out? It's quite a tricky question if
you think about it. So I've made this pole question
of the day because I want to hear from you.
Michelle and Nya Rivera did not did not get along.
They were not friends. Should Leah say something, should she
post something, put something on social media? Should she give
her a call? Yes? Or no? Go vote on our
Twitter page at Naughty Nice Rob, or you can go

to our Facebook page Naughty Gossip to leave a comment.
To be sure to check back on Monday to hear
your results. Corey, what have you been working on? Love? Oh? Well,
once again, Lady Antebellum is in the headline, Rob. They
are making some news again here so Lady Antebellum. They're
suing the singer Lady A to share the stage name
Lady A, which is a little weird. I'm not sure

how that would work, but right if you guys will
recall about maybe a week or so ago, Rob and I,
you know, we discussed a little bit about how Lady
Antebellum was dropping the word answer bellum from their name
and becoming just Lady A. And the only problem with
that is there was already a singer name I need
a white sixty one year old black woman out in Seattle.
She already has the name Rob. Yeah, she's already, and

she's got quite an audience already. She's been right, she's
out a following. So they tried to work it out
when they'd come together and share the name. All that
was going great. They had zoom meetings with their lawyers.
But then something must have happened and it all fell
apart because now they are like, really the clause have
come out and they're puing each other and yeah, it's
getting really shady and fierce. But listen, here's where it

is really really kind of like, you know, in your face,
because Anita Wait blasted the group Rob and she says,
how can you say black lives matter but put your
knee in the neck of a black performer. I am
not mad, but I am not giving up my name,
my brand and all that I have worked for. How
about that? There? Yeah, it's it's a wild story. So
Lady Antebellum is now Lady Actually they do own the

copyright though about it. I think couple years ago they
did trademarket, so legally Lady Antebellum is Lady A. I
did not know this. I'm not the biggest fan of
their I like them, but I never really bought the
CDs or got into them. Apparently Lady A was their nickname.
Fans would call them Lady A for short, and I
think they had T shirts with Lady A on it,
So it's that big a transition. They got the copyright

for this name a couple of years ago. What they're claiming,
the band is claiming is that the original Lady A
is demanding ten million dollars. That's what they because you
work your your bottom off, like really creating your brand,
and then somebody else comes along and takes it. I

don't know about this one. When initially I was like,
you better leave her alone. She's she's in the sixties,
she has worked really hard to be Lady A, and
now you've come and steamrolled her. I think I think
I might pay her. I mean, Lady Antebella is really
really rich. They've sold millions of albums. I might just
pay her as a good will gesture. What do you think?
I don't know how much. I don't know if the
name is worth ten million? What do you think all

read well, I think it's a pr nightmare for a
lady Antebella or whatever they want to call themselves, because
first of all, people are already a little angry that
they had the name to begin with. And now I
was on my Facebook feeds last night and my followers
are like up an arm saying, you know, this is
just another form of oppression. You know, they should just
let her have the name and move on to something

else because they have the meat. It's very, very complicated.
The first time was really clear. It's like everything, isn't it.
Your first hear a story and you make up your
mind within like four seconds. I decide to each side
I'm on, and then when more information comes forward, I'm like, oh,
I don't know if I'm there anymore. I think they
both can be lady a m you know, I think
it might might help both of them here, or maybe

they should all do a big duet together or release
a single together. It doesn't need to get this nasty.
The fact it's got this nasty so quickly makes me
very suspicious. Let us know what you think about this one.
Mega Markel has finally got a job sort of well Megamuggle,
it has been the Nowns is teaming up with no
other than Michelle Obama. That's right, they're doing a summit

on gender equality. The Duchess of Sussex has long been
a vocal supporter. She's been very passionate about helping this cause.
And she's set to join a shell Obomba and Prianka
Chopra Is it Prianka Chopra Jonas did she use Nick's name?
I'm not sure. Well, she's going to join up with
those two as a guest speaker and a three day

virtual event. This isn't the first time though, Megan has
spoken out about this. When she was eleven years old,
she saw a commercial on television that suggested women's place
was in the kitchen doing the dirty dishes. She contacted
the company at leven and they changed the commercial. So
we've been a little down on Megan Markle recently. I

get it, I do get it, but I think this
is a really wonderful thing. This is exactly what she
should be doing, not suing tabloids or you know, doing
stuff like that go and do work that that feeds
your soul. I like this. What do you think about
this one, Corey? I think so too. I think it's
an opportunity for her to really move into that role
that people see her as, which is really like Princess Diana.

Two point yes, I mean yeah, the trouble that Megan
and Harry have got. Let's be honest, there's the trouble
we all have, except there's is on a much big scale.
How did they pay the bills? I don't know if
she's been paid for this equality summit. I don't know
if the money is going to charity. Often too, when
you're rich and famous, or you'll perceived to be rich,

you have to give the money away to charity, and
a lot of the times these celebrities want the money themselves.
So we'll see how this one turns out. But he
certainly is a good look. What's happening with Hunky Captain America?
Oh my goodness. Yeah, Chris Evans in my mind is
like my other boyfriend. But Chris Evans and Lily James,
they were caught well, I don't want to say car

but they were seen having an ice cream date in
London recently. So the actors behind you know, he's Captain
America and she of course Cinderella, like what a fairytale
that is? And Momma me, I remember her and MoMA
Milia Lily Jays. Yes, oh she's really sweet. She's a sweetheart.
And but they've continued to stoke the rumor mill here
in London because they were out photographed by pap Rozzi

in the park having ice cream. They were sitting in
the grass together. They were not holding hands though, so
but Rob checked us out. One thing I have to
give them points off for is they were not wearing masks.
Oh okay, honey, COVID nineteen so that's a bad look.
I think they had masks with them. I'm not completely sure.

I looked at the pictures so quickly. They are so
cute together, I want least to be a couple. We
reported on this show that they were spotted in a
London taxi in the wee hours of the morning heading
back to his hotel. She has an apartment, she has
a flat in London, so she didn't she was not
staying at the hotel though she might have that though.
I think they're so cute together also too, They clearly

are not hiding. If you go to it's like Hyde Park,
a park in London, it's like Central Park in New York.
It's in the center of the city. If you go
to a park in London and buy an ice cream
and sit out on the grass like regular people, you
will be spotted. If you were Captain America and Cinderella.
So there are lots of pictures of them together. Do
you think they are together? But they're not holding hands

in public to throw us off? They clearly like each other.
What do you think, Corey? Oh? I mean, I think
that's the worst acting I've ever seen. I mean for
two actors. I think that's terrible acting. Yeah, because people
think that good looking are not hanging out just to
talk about recipes. Okay, no, because if they were, they
would hang out somewhere private. I think they sort of
want us to know this, and we're grateful for the
little bits of information you to Darling. Get this one.

Olivia Jade, that's Lori Laughlin's daughter, has made a rare
appearance back on Instagram. So Olivia was a social media influencer,
has has a lot of followers. I think this was
her brand before everything fell apart with her mommy and
daddy and her I guess, so she's still in quarantine
at home. She posted a picture of herself. She's wearing
a blue, blue and white puffer jacket, which looks very

strange because it's summertime in California. It's very, very, very hot.
So she has returned to Instagram. Is it too soon?
I'm conflicted on this, Cory. Is it time to get
on with her life? She did this all the time
before before the legal issues. What you think about this? Core?
I think she should really go away again because she's

never really really apologized, like she blamed her mother. She
claimed that she didn't know that her mother photo shopped
her head onto someone else's body to get into college.
And so no, we're not going to buy your brand
and your lipstick and your coat now right, it isn't. Yeah,
I'm glad that you fall so firmly on one song.
I like strong opinions. Let's let's remind everybody to Laurie
is going to be scheduled to to what her sentencing

will be in August. So she's with mommy. Mommy is
still in l A. Those two have left or have
been dumped by their fancy country club. Can be serious.
I know they're in a really fancy country club in
l A and they're no longer members of that. There's
gonna be some really serious implications here. I also though too,
I'm a big believer in second chances. If you pay

your time, if you do the crime and you and
you pay your time, I am for moving on. There's
just something, you know what it is. It's not that
she posted on Instagram. It's that she wants to go
back to the world before all this drama, as if
it didn't exist. That's what my problem is. You can't
erase it. When you do something bad, you have to

own it for maybe the rest of your life. You
can move on, but you can't just pretend it didn't happen.
And these happy pictures on Instagram. We're in a fabulous
jacket that's probably very expensive. The tone of it all
just feels so odd. I'm not saying she should be
wearing black and morning every day for the rest of
her life, but I just think what works for you
before doesn't work for you now. It's like when you're

you're a lot younger. The clothes I would wear out
on a Saturday night. I can't wear them. I look
ridiculous then, but I look even worse now. So I
think I just want some sort of acknowledgement. I think
that's what what's spogging me about this. Okay, let's take
a break. We will be right back. Hey, welcome back
to the not invert Nighow. I'm Rob Shooter with my
friend Corey Andrew from Instinct magazine dot com. Let's get

to the polls. Okay, very official. We can't afford to
actual music, so we do our own on the show.
So the poor results yesterday, we did talk about this, Corey,
you mentioned it at the top of the show. Is Glee?
Is it cursed? Is the show Glee cursed? So now
who are Nia is missing and presumed dead? Corey died

of a drug overdose, and Mark, who was convicted of
child pornography he committed suicide. Is the show cursed? Sixty
nine percent of you say yes, the show is cursed. Jim,
let's have a look on Facebook. See what's going on here? Jim, Hello,
Jim Joseph. I love that name. Jim says, don't forget
the biggest tragedy. Leah Michelle, I didn't mention yesterday, but

you're right there. Carmen, Carmen Keel, Hello, Carmen, this is
so strange. I can't believe how many of the show's
actors seem to be tormented. You know, when this show
was on, I was still a celebrity reporter even back then,
and it was not a happy cast for a show
about Glee and such a wonderful, sort of wholesome night,
sort of positive image they portrayed off offset it was

very dark over there. And Karen Peters, Hello, Karen Peters.
Karen says young teams got fame too young, too fast.
There is something to be said about that too. Hey,
don't forget to vote on today's Poul it's about Lia Michelle.
You can do so on our Twitter page at Naughty
Nice Rob or on Facebook page Naughty Gossip and be
sure to check back on Monday to hear your results.

And now the nicest Yes, I love you, Sidy. What
have you got Corey? Well, you know Jesse Tyler Ferguson,
he welcomed his first child, Beckett. Yeah, he's so cute,
so you know, well, actually Jesse's very cute too, But
Jesse who was from the show Modern Family and his
husband Justin Mokita. They are now parents. I this, Yeah,

they became parents, and the couple announced their new arrival
of their little boy in one statement, saying, Jesse and
Justin welcome, no little bundle of joy. Beckett Mercer, Ferguson
mc peter, that's a mouth for oh my goodness. On
July seven, the kid's certificate is like a dead sea
scraw so long. Probably the name. But in any event,
you know, the parents are overjoyed and they're excited and

we wish them well, right, that's a great to I
love this one. I'd really do love it. Do you
think that Sophia Rigara? I love her? Will she be
the godmother? Do you have to? Like? Yeah? Do you
have to? Why do you think about this? If you
had children, Corey, would work friends be involved in the
baby's life or would it be real friends? Maybe they're both.
Maybe you do have work friends that are real friends.

Where are you on this? And if the work friend
with Sophia Bgara, yeah, that's immediately that's she's the mother
at that point. For Fiano, my friend Fiano, I've spoke
about spoke about her on the show. She was a
publicist that mad when she's fabulous. She's had a baby
and she's moved back to Greece where she's from, and
I was sort of offended that I was not asked
to be a godmarent, and she explained, I know, I know,

but I'm so far away. I think she's going to
bring up the baby in Greece. But she told me
I could be the fairy godmother, which I think actually
will be a much thank you for your monster. Okay,
let us do a Naughtiest of the day. Nought is
really spilling the beans on Disney, saying that Disney normalized
eating disorders. So she revealed to bust All that Disney

stars felt a lot of pressure to be very, very thin.
She believes that her eating disorders were actually normalized. She
doesn't say cause, but she says terrifyingly normalized. That's the
quote quote terrifyingly normalize for the young stars over there.
She had a choice. She could speak out about her
troubles and hopefully help other people, so she could keep

a mouth shut and go back to Disney Channel. She
chose to tell her story Disney the Naughtiest of the
Day and now it's time. It's time for a moment
of rob you get what do you get? Cory? I
get a rob I'm so excited. Won't you got one?
So optimism isn't about nothing bad happening. I'm an optimist,

I really am, but still think bad things happened to
all of us. If you're an optimist, pessimist, they happen
to everybody. But optimism is choosing to believe that when
something really awful does occur, you've got what it takes
to handle it. That's right, You're stronger than you think.
Think of all the moments in your life when you

were broken. You might be feeling that right now. You
didn't know how you were going to go on, But somehow,
some way, you got back up and you lived another day.
The truth is the only thing in life that can
break us is how we think about ourselves. Does this
ring true for you, Corey? It most certainly does. I
now live as an eternal optimist, and I believe that

I can achieve anything I want to, But I have
to believe it first. You have to believe it first.
Nobody will believe it until you do. So, once again,
optimism is not about believing nothing bad is going to happen.
Optimism is the attitude you have so that when bad
stuff comes along, you can cope with it. You're stronger
than you think you really are. That its for this week, Corey,
thank you for joining us. I love our Friday shows together.

Hey you guys, thank you so much for listening to
the Not Even Nice with Rob Show, a production of
I Heart Radio. And don't forget to subscribe on the
I Heart Radio app, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen
and leave us every view that's right. And remember, everybody,
let's say it together. If you're going to be naughty,
you've got to be nice. Take care of everybody here.

It's not even Nice with
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