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September 23, 2020 85 mins

One of Cheryl’s ex’s joins The Pretty Messed Up crew to tell AJ the truth about Cheryl.

Jack Osbourne tells AJ how to win that mirror ball. He reveals that both his daughters are currently Covid positive and how everyone is doing.

Plus, Jack needs to know everything about Carole Baskin!

And of course we discuss Nev’s hairy chest... it’s unavoidable.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hey, you guys. So this is a J. McLean here
uh from uh I Heart podcast Pretty Messed Up. We
actually are going to be premiering a brand new title
track UH that was actually written by yours truly um
and performed by Zag, which is my and my buddy's
production company. So check it out. It will be our

brand new uh, our brand new theme song, so only
on I Heart Radio. Pretty. Hey, everybody, welcome, Welcome, Welcome

again to another episode of Pretty Messed Up. I'm a J.
McLean joined by the absolutely gorgeous and stunningly talented Miss
Cheryl Burke and hold on, knock knock, no knock knock.
Who's there, Renee, Renee Alizondo. Damn it, that's right, you're

on this freaking podcast. Mo. So thank you man. No see,
I told you I had a little trick up my sleeve. Um.
Share Bear tonight sare share Bear? The share Bear. We're
gonna have to stop with that. I look, it puts
me in a happy place with you, okay, so just
run with it. Fine, But it's the person the share Bear.

You did this earlier during dressers was like and it
got everyone's attention and it was kind of like wait,
this is like the people have known me since I
was like thirteen on this show. That's never share Bear
needs to be put to rest. I don't know. Wait wait,
I want to know. Is it Do you feel that
it cuts against your sort of personality? That's what I thought,
door not that. Look I know you're not but but

but you have a sweet side. And to be perfectly honest,
I really saw it tonight, um, especially when I got emotional,
Uh like you just wrapped your arms around me and
give me the biggest, sweetest hug, and I thought that
was awesome, So thank you for that. But do you
know what, I kind of understand what she's She's worked
hard to cultivate a certain say my real name, since

the voiceover won't give me a last I know, the dumbestyl.
It's like Agie McLean and his partner Cheryl that's it,
and whispering it like Cheryl they used to say Cheryl Burke.
At least. Do you think maybe in time, share Bear
will grow on you never Never, No, I don't know why.
It just seems like too cute. See what if we

give you the share Bear stare? Did you see she did?
She just opened just now congratulations, thank you. My nipples
were choose the balcony. That's right, damn it. Frame it up.
How did you feel about tonight on honest to God,
now that we're not doing press and all that other ship,

how did you feel? Honest to God, I felt like
we were either gonna start like on time. I think
what slipped up a little bit was the first like
I said, when we got off stage, it was the
first two steps without stepping down, like there's a whole,
this whole stereography. Guys, it's just a lot, right, Like
I don't I'm not one to run downstairs without choreographing
something right on the stairs. And sometimes we missed it.

Sometimes you didn't. And I know a J because a
J gets a little thrown off when he messes up,
just like a little bit right that people may not
even see, but then it throws him off mentally and
I can feel it. And then we tripped up. We
did trip up. We did. And it's funny because I
saw you were thinking about I know what. I can
read your mind almost well, yeah, I mean that's why

we're partners, because we can finish each other's sentences. And
that's not why we're partn we're partners because Dina cats
it us together. Well, yeah, it's pretty much true. Well,
you know, I'm trying to go for the lift. We're
partners because ABC made us be partners. Sometimes they'll Repackagena's
story works, you know, sometimes you want to kind of
share barrels. Let's stop. So how did you feel? How

do you feel right now? I feel like, you know,
I don't really care so much about the judges scores, right,
so I just judged a J based on what I
know his potential is. And could it have been better? Yes?
Was it good for a J? Yes, it was really good.
I would agree it could have been better and better
than last week. Yes, I think we could have gotten I.

And to me, that's what matters right there, that you guys,
just like I said before, you know you have like
Sea biscuit. You guys are going to just wait till
the last turn and then really give it your all.
That's the that's the hope. But I hope so because
I guess what, buddy, it's just me, you and the
dancing and choreography, because they're gonna be. It's not gonna
be because of the set or the animation that's for sure.

Well yeah, and next week is going to be all
about frame and hold and quick feet. But I do
have to say the fans want to see real ballroom,
That's what That's what I keep hearing from people, is
that they do miss the authenticity of what it was
and what it can still be. You know. That's what
I like about it, though, is that with you especially?

Like we might throw in one little eatsy bitsy like
modern flair, but the but the nuts and bolts of
everything that we've done so far is that that's all
I know. So if that's all I know, I can't
teach you anything else, right, But that's what I want
to learn. Like, that's what I That's what this show
is about in my mind, from from like from the
outside of Yeah, like once you throw contemporary, they know

not to throw contemporary or jazz at me because whoa,
that's a ship show. Even though I got some good
ass jazz hands, I also don't know how to like
flex my foot and be contorted, so not like it.
I respect the dance style, but I can't do it.
So let me ask you something, Cheryl, given your history
with the show, like where would you place where you
guys are right now. So right now we're we are

fifth on the leaderboard. But I would like for a
j and I think he will have either an impressive moment.
I know for sure he will. Week four will be
like his That will be a big moment for him,
but it'll be expected because week four is something that
you guys are going to have to just wait and see.
But obviously it's more in his wheelhouse now. The true

test is really it's a quick step next week because
it's all content whether Len Goodman is there or not.
I am Lennon was always my best judge because we
are very by the book, meaning like the technical like
what is Latin no breaking hold? I always followed that
because that's all I know. And now people are breaking
it and they're not getting called out for it, so
then I'm just like, but then I don't know, keep

going back and forth, you know, like Johnny Wair and
Britt for instance, they were supposed to be doing an
international and go which means no breaking ballroom hold, you
have to stay in here, and they did, but they
didn't get called out. I don't think did they And
I know they didn't get called out and I also
noticed that there was quite a few male celebs that
because there was like four or five foxtrots side. There

was a lot of foxtrots, and like a lot of
the guys that right arm dropped. I saw it a
bunch and nobody got called out. I don't hearing you. Uh.
Jesse's well, Jesse his seven. By the way, he got
two sevens and a six. He said he thought seven
six six. I know, but they I think Derek may

have said something to him about like kind of coming
like this a little bit. I don't know why seven.
You said six is the new seven, seven is the
new eight. We just gotta keep going up in the
right chronological order, you guys, Like, look, I'm not trying
to play the devil's advocate, but but you will, but

I will. I mean, I imagine there has to be
some kind of like not a script. I'm not going
to say it's scripted at all. Oh, it's script and
I'm the writer. Ha No. But I mean, you know,
for me, just from where I'm sitting watching you guys,

I'm like, I feel really good that you guys are
right in the middle of the pack. That's why I
was asking you like, given your history and watching this unfold,
is this something that like is bothering you or you're like, no,
we're comfortably right where we need to be at this
point of the race. So from the history that I've

seen right on the show, like I can just compare
it to when I won last which was back in seven,
season three of Dancing with the Stars, when I danced
with Mr Emmett Smith. We won, and it was like
we were never lower, to be honest, We're never lower
than one, two or three ever, right, So it was
like between me and Mario Lopez at the time, it

was Emmett and Mario and then it was like another
person or Joey Lawrence, my brother, my now and brother
in law, um weird, whoa Okay, whoa. So basically I'm
not where I should be with you. That's not true
because by the way, though, it's a journey that everything
is like it's always different, Like you can't we have
new executives, we've got new everything, but there's no pattern.

You keep trying to put a pattern to everything, Mr
aj So I'm just saying from my experience from winning
back then, right, we've already like talked about like back then.
We've got a whole new bus load of new people. Right,
It's just different, different ratings, different fans. Some fans have died,
some are still alive. It's true. I mean yeah, I mean, look,

this whole thing is a whole new experience for me
every day, doesn't matter how you how you cut it.
And I you know, outside of the fact that the
whole reprogramming the brain and all this stuff and da
da dah. Yeah, that's one side of it. But what
I'm looking most forward to is the fact that not
only am I learning something new in the dance world,

which I am a dancer. I love dancing, I've loved
in my whole life. I'm learning something I never thought
a I would even do, B I would actually enjoy. Uh.
It doesn't matter how hard it is, but I I
you may not see it on my face, but I
am actually having a good time. Actually, he tells me.
You know, Cheryl, honestly, you and I share something that's uh,

you know, in common, which is you're mentoring him in dance, right,
and it's more than just dance, right, And you know
that age and I have a long history and me
sort of mentoring him in in sobriety, right, and he
comes and tells me some of the stuff that you
say to him and no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

all good stuff, you know. And and to me, it's
like watching him sober performing with you guiding him right
on camera and in the dance studio. I just see him, honestly,
since I've known him flourishing through this whole experience. And

so I want to thank you, because you know, I've
known you of his shoulders now so he can he
can take a break. I come to you now that
we're friends, Renee, whenever I've got a little bit of
a in the inn, they any time like to me,
you know, this is like I don't want to get
too far off the subject, but it's kind of tied together.

Someone reached out through Instagram talking about how much they're
loving the podcast. And this was this morning. And by
this morning, I mean thirty right, because that's my Morning's
when I wouldn't mind morning so much if it came
later in the day. Do you know, like ever said,

the morning up so early in the day blew it? Yeah,
you know, yeah exactly. But she said to me, she's
she said, oh, I love listening. You guys can't wait
for the next one. She says, Oh, quick question, how
do you stop uh negative self talk talk? Right now?
I had just woken up, I'd said my prayers meditation.

I was like, okay, that's that's a heavy question. You
can't just do it a hundred and forty characters. But
but we went back and forth. You're like, I need
more coffee. Hold on, I'm not actually speaking of though,
this is what a needs to work on. Yes, it's
une true. You know, you said something to me before
we actually started, or I think it might have been

after the dress. It was right before ye before we live. Yeah,
and it was just you know, and even though sometimes
it may come across a little abrasive, but it's because
you're passionate, and because what you said to me was
actually very uplifting, and it's stuck with me in the performance,

even though my nerves were there. But I held onto
it and I appreciate it because you know, everybody needs
a little boost once in a while. It doesn't matter
what it's for what you're doing, and and I think
that applies to everybody in everyday life. Everyone needs a
little bit of a positive boost. Because there's there's so

much negative ship going on right now. It's like it's
never negative, right. I just don't want you to misconstrue
what I'm going but I never ever do it. But yes,
my my delivery sucks, you asked my husband, like my therapist.
Our therapist has been trying to talk Cheryl. Well, maybe
the way you said it wasn't so a great job, passionate,

I said, but I said the words. But yes, I
just want you to know though, I believe in you,
which is why I push you. It's a pushing thing.
Do you know I think you're being hard on yourself.
I really do, because I get a different or from
a j you know, he tells me there are people
that are very good at conveying their point. And and yes,

does it sometimes seem or feel like it's harsh, but
I'm sure it's always in the loving spirit, you know.
Absolutely No, I mean no harm. Honestly, I'm not trying
to hurt you. I love you. God no, and you
could totally kick my ass. So, Okay, we're gonna go
to a commercial break. But we have a very special

guest coming, very special guest coming up, So stay tuned. Hey, everybody.
We're back here on I Heart Radio Pretty Messed Up.

I'm a J. We got Cheryl and we got Lena. Uh.
Like we said before the break, we do have a
very special guest joining us for are the first time
on Pretty Messed Up. First guest, first guest, first time
ever ever and it's week two, so holy hell yeah,

look at that face right there, that handsome devil right there. Well,
let me do my intro. So we're gonna pretend we
just didn't see you. But I just can't help but
just you just made me smile. Weird, I mean, introduce
you one of my partners, one of my out of
twenty three part I don't even I've lost count twenty
two or twenty three partners. I've had a J and

Jack being the damn it. Anyway, you don't have to
say anything else. It's clearly Mr Jack Osborne himself one
of my best. Honestly, I have to say you're one
of my favorite ever, like ever, out of my fifteen
year career. Most women say that about me. I have

this weird like hate all of us at it. How
are you, buddy, I'm good? What's going on? How's it
going good? We just I don't look like this obviously
every day. So I'm we're fresh off the show, fresh
off the day. I was going to say, yeah, you
look really well made up to ten thirty at night
on it Tuesday. You know, I look like I'm going
out back in my club days, remember that? Yeah, well,

what's a what's a nightclub? What is that? What is that? Now?
People used to gather right there was let me introduce
you to everybody. Have you met a J before? I
feel like I think at some point, I'm sure good
to see you, buddy, and Renee is also part of
our podcast, Big Fan, Big Fan. Thank you right on,

and you're still up. I really appreciate it. I know
you'd be sleeping by now. Hey, it's all good. It
is all good. We'd all be sleeping by now, believe me.
So have you been watching the show? I have not been.
Did you hear about all the new changes? Um? What
the fact that you guys have like no audience? Yeah?

And like we get tested every like almost every day.
But then Tyra Banks is the new host. Wait what Jack? Wait?
What are you kidding? No? Jack, you know I did
I heard I heard Tom. I heard Tom went I
did hit Tom, that Tom left, and so tire is
the host now Tire Banks, Yeah the back. Where have

you not opened your phone? I no, I get it. Hey.
You know this is why I like you, because you
have no clue about anything, no clue about what's going
on with dances because, by the way, as you know,
dancing when the stars takes over your life. So I'm like, about,
you don't know about anything, and it's only dancing with
the stars. Well, you see, I purposefully would just like,

after it took over my life for ten weeks, I
was like, I never want that to take over my
life ever again. Agree time with me. I did have
a great time, and it was thirteen weeks when you
did it, thirteen weeks from stock to finish. This ten weeks,
but this is a long season, but three weeks of
training before, so it's their team weeks. Jack. Would it

be fair to say you've detached with love from I? Yes,
I lovingly detached, although I do keep my a toe in,
you know, I'll check in with Cheryl every now and then.
I ran into Peter at the grocery store. Why is
Peter even in the conversation This is between me and
you and you and me I ran into at the groceries.

Did you ever dance with Peter? I did when we know,
I don't think we did start Shanna, yes, but I
think Peter came in and helped out when you were injured.
Were injured? Wrong girl? One afternoon? You're crazy. I think
what Cheryl is saying is that you should have ignored
Peter at the groceries. Trigered bringing up some emotions more importantly,

a j how how are you doing? I am actually
holding up? Okay? Uh no, you know what, Like we
had a really good uh we It was kind of
a double edged sword because I opened up the season premiere,
which was very nerve wracking, and it was very stressful. Um,
and it was the and and it was the jive,

so like my kicks and flicks were off and all
this ship and it was like, I'm like, I literally
have nightmares of hearing kicks and flicks. But rewind to
your trampoline jump and then also a trampoline jump where
I basically burned on re entry when I came back down. Um,
you know, but look, I'm a performer. I'd like to
go all out. I went a little too much out,

but we did. Like, like you said, there was a
couple of weeks prep prior to for you know opening,
you know night. This week was a little bit better,
more comfort um six six for a week one and
then the two is seven six arres. Derek hoff is
the new judge. He's replaced Len Goodman. Don't tell me
you don't know this. I actually don't know that. I

love it, dude, I love it. I will I will
say something. I did have this thought recently, being like,
oh do what Derek hospit up too lately? Now? How
is she with you? That's my question? Like is there
anything okay? So um, Cheryl, I was just actually a
lot of fun. Um. Cheryl likes to get um when
she gets piste off, though she likes to man handle

when she's piste off and and coaching at the same time.
So you know, there was a lot of like, yeah,
can I ask you, did you ever get the hand
into the face to push your desack? Yeah? I get
that a lot, except my hand smelled like vodka soda
and yours just smells like lay labo, Yeah, true or
cigarettes one of the two. Um. Now I have a

question of a j when you you know your background
and you know, performing and being a you know, a
musician and whatever. Did you have much of a history
in dance when you got you know, prior to your
musical career. I did. I mean, I grew up doing ballet, jazz,

tap contemporary when I was around six years old to
a round twelve. But again, the last almost thirty years
that actually boys have been around, it's been all hip hop.
It's been that's what my brain has been programmed. Was like, really, yeah,
you know what you can, but this is completely different.

I've never used, uh, parts of my body that I'm using.
My rotator cuffs are killing me. Like, no one's ever
mentioned the word frame to me in the last twenty
seven years that we've been doing what we do. No
one says frame. That word never comes across my table
until now. So like, and you know, frame is apparently
key to every dance the entire season. So let me

see your frame, Jack selm Hodson, I could show you
a doll frame. How about that? So, Jack, did you
say that I busted your balls? Yes? But I think, yeah,
it is. But I think what what you do really
well is you By the time that I was in

your literal hands you know you'd had you'd had eighteen
other guys to like beat the craphouse sound like a slut,
You're so No, You're not that before that. Yes, shut up, um,
go back to busting your balls. No, like you you'd

perfected the kind of croft because it really everyone was like, oh,
you learned to dance. I'm like, well, no, I learned
choreography in a week. I didn't learn to dance in
a week. I love choreography and it's a very different
kind of mindset and and it's something that I think
is a huge testament to the pros because they have
to cram so much information in civilians as they can.

And true story though true story, whether you have any
experience or not, you're hearing information that you've never heard.
It's like it's it's like she's speaking Mandarin to me
right now, Like you just choose to listen to it.
Like there is a lot that I do understand, but
there's also a lot that I don't. Like I've never
asked this many questions when someone's teaching me dance. Never asked,

I said, Norrish, maybe the question should stop. That's right.
It's a feeling, thank you, Jack, Thank you always ask
more questions. Thank you, Jack. He's joking how many hours
a day did they tell you could train versus how
many hours a day are you actually training? Because this
is my favorite part of the show. I mean, we're

you know, we're getting in three you know, three and
a half some some days. Um, you know, on like
camera blocking day, we we might get a couple of runs,
then we'll go back to the dance studio and then
and go back you know, but yeah, on the on
the regular, it's about three or three and a half.
So okay, we have to now because of COVID, Right,
we all have time slots and there's only maybe four

rooms in the studio and we have to be there
because of the cameras. They're all like operated, computer operated.
There's no field producer. And yeah, so they turned one
of the dance studios into like a production room, so
it's like home base where all of the field producers.
We've got Adam Raya and you got like we're all
these creepy he quit some time before COVID, I know,

shout out to creepy Joe, but like ray is still
there and like so basically you've got this and you've
got these crazy cameras just following you. But what makes it?
I think like Leah, for instance, he was on Lea
Remny season and Leah's like, I wish I was on
this season because she was scared of their audience and
she hated to feel producers in the room. And now

both of those are gone. So it's like, you know,
which is a plus and there it's hard or I
cannot without an audience, it's hard. Does it just does
it just feel like a rehearstal day when you're alive,
it feels like anyone could drop, Like you could literally
like I could hear everything, and it's like kind of
like it's a weird feeling because I'm like, wait, so
we don't have any validation right that we're doing a

good job, and you have the judge you got like
Bruno like wanting to just jump over the desk the
whole time You're like what what are you doing? And
then like I'm seeing this for the first time because
really I'm distracted. It's really like vulnerable, and it makes
everything a lot slower for some reason. Yeah, I have
nothing to compare to, but you know, obviously I'm used
to performing in front of people, and there's no people

except for the camera guys. So you know you you
know it's it's it's really is just me and me
and Cheryl. That's it. And there's another part right where
you and I were talking. Is it the same with you,
m Cheryl? That did they just sending you a bunch
of camera equipment to your house to like also the
tech guy, the light the lighting guy directors have to sign.

I'm gonna have to do another contract because that's a
whole another Yeah, it's crazy. Yeah, they sent me a
whole kid jack like me to film my kids, film
my wife, film me and stuff. Like normally they would
do that maybe once a season, like with your loved ones.
But like I'm sitting there trying to get my seven
and three year old to like sit down and pay
attention for five minutes to do and the camera and

the camera and the lights. So like when we get
the boot, basically instead of going to g m A
to New York, you know how that that trip. So
we just got an email the other day saying the
celebrity will go to the dancers house at four or
thirty in the morning. Mind you don't worry about us. Guys.
We don't have a life. We don't live with anybody else.
You're serious, Yes, I said, excuse it? Wow, how long

do we get Jack today? There's so many things that
I'd love to ask you. Jack it all night. I mean,
I'm kidding, I've got nothing to do right now. You know.
The stuff that I wanted to ask you and what
I admired the most about you, besides your dance and choreography,

is your sobriety at such a young age, Like, for me,
blows me away that someone could get sober at seventeen
years old. Yeah, it was. It was definitely, as it
kind of blows me away. And I'm weird sometimes when
I look back and I'm like, wow, like it's half
my life at this point. It is, because you're seventeen

years sober, right, Yeah, yeah, wow, So it's a yeah,
it was. It was. You know, I think I was
just lucky. Well I was. I was ready to I
was ready to listen at the time, and and I
kind of made a commitment that, like, you know what,
I want this to be a long term thing, and
I just kind of it's just amazing. Over the year

is one thing all four of us have in common.
We all stopped, you know, and you're at my wedding
sober and married, right. I never thought that was gonna happen. Yeah,
I mean, I'm sure none of us in that moment
thought we were going to finally like have enough, like
it was gonna be. When is enough enough? And it's

different for everybody, whether you have to hit a bottom
or you just have that moment of surrender where you're like, yeah,
I can't, I just I can't do it anymore. Yeah,
we were talking, we were we were talking about what
would happen on a relapse, you know, Um, it's good
to know. And we were joking and I was saying,
you know, I will go zero to to twenty in

less than a minute now times zero? Yeah, no zero, Yeah,
because we all know how great twenties man so far. Yeah. Yeah.
It's it's funny like I've had I've had these conversations
with my you know, with my dad, and he's like,
you know, I don't. You know, he's made comments me
in the past where he's going, you know, I don't.
I don't know if if you really are an addict,

you know, do you think it could have just been
like a phase. You're a teenager. It was a crazy
time and all that, and you know, and my answer
to him has always been, I know I'm an addict
and and an alcoholic because when I'm about to play
video games in into what what do you say, diamond paint? Exactly, No,

I'm about to engage in something which I tend to
get addicted towards, I feel like I'm going to piss
myself totally because I get that excited rush of like,
oh my god, I'm about to do that thing that
makes me feel different. My god, I know I can
totally relate to that, right, And so it's it's that
for me, it's it doesn't matter what it is, it's

always there, do you know. I kept relapsing with the
thought of, like, what if I'm not an alcoholic, what
if I'm I've overtrained with this whole a thing, And
that would be tragic if I'm denying myself a drink,
and then I would have one and forget that I

can't stop, you know. And so so for me, it's
like I didn't drink till I was thirty. I had
never touched a drink, and so I was late to
the game, but I definitely made up for lost time.
I was late as well. I mean really didn't dive
in until about twenty seven. But from man, for like
two years, I didn't see the sunlight. I put more

cocaine up my nose than probably there is sugar in
the state of California. Um. I mean, it was just
out of this freaking world. But you know, and it
was funny because I was so against it. I was
so against smoking, I was against drinking tattoos all the
ship that I literally either have or have done or
probably still will do. Um. You know that's not mine altering.

But did you did you get albert here like in California?
Or did you get sober? Yeah? Yeah, yeah I got.
I got I went to an adolescent treatment center in Malibu.
Were you forced to go there or was it your choice? Uh?
It was. They initially tried to force me to go,
but I took off and disappeared for like a long weekend,

and uh I came back and was like, all right,
like this is this is a lot of work, and
I don't really know how much longer I can keep
this up for. And so I voluntarily went in and
did about fifty fifty six days. Is it like a
place where you would just is it something that you
just go back to or was it like a place

that you stayed for fifty six days. I'd stayed for
fifty six days and then I did an outpatient program
for about a year afterwards, and you've been sober ever since. Yeah,
that's phenomenal, dude, I mean April April one, two thousand
and three. Do you think about it, like, do you
think about, like, oh, maybe if you have a drink um.
The only times I ever think about, like really wanting

to is like if I'm on like like a climbing
trip or a camping trip with friends and we're like
all at a campsite and it's like, you know, end
of the day, even climbing for you know, eight hours,
and everyone just sat around like drinking a beer or
a whiskey. Only then when I'm like that would actually
be kind of nice. But how about dancing with the
stars when we would all get plastered. I'm glad the

thing is to watch people have fun. You miss it
a little, but when you see people get plastered, you're
like thank god, You're like I was the reason why
you did it. Look, I was like, I need a guy.
Didn't make sure Cheryl gets home safe because we've got
to early stop tomorrow. Yeah. Can I ask you a question, Jack,

So obviously we're living through crazy times, right, and we
are alcoholics and we tend to think an extra ways, right,
what are you doing to get through like with sobriety,
you know, and not getting too far ahead of yourself
with the madness that's been going on for sure? You know,

I think having kids really kind of grounds a lot
of my like hysteric behavior because you're forced to kind
of have a routine and that's really I know, that's
really good for me. Um, you know, that's one aspect.
So kind of making sure that they're good, they're mentally
not losing their mind, and got to do the home
schooling stuff and really trying to keep keep that in

order has helped me keep my own ship in order,
you know. I do. I do zoom meetings. Um, That's
what I've going to ask you. That's what we do
very involved in in sort of your sobriety, right, Yeah, exactly. Yeah,
we're very zoom meetings. I'll do zoom therapy sessions. I
stay connected with a lot of my friends and recovery

on like a big long text chain, and you know
it's it's been something sounds like us. I mean, we
have our we we literally March nineteenth, we started this
zoom meeting called Circle the Wagons and our group text
I mean, god, if you printed on paper, it's some
of the funniest, most random ship you ever ever seen.

It started back with Tiger King conversations and now it's
like God knows what. But and you know that the
thing is on a daily basis. We we do. We're
trying to get Cheryl to come in and she keeps
kind of acting like she might join us. She said
she she might join us, but she just wants to listen,
which is far right. Let's just rewind you have to

join Circle the Wagons. I think Jack knows this. But
so I don't like new people. It's really weird. It's
not weird. It's not like it's new people. I get
stranger danger. That's what this is a joke, running joke
with me and my friends, Like there's something about like
I don't I think find it very overwhelming. You're not

the first one I've heard that from. To be honest
with you the same way. Even I feel that way
a lot myself, you know, but then you kind of
once you you know, you you dip your toes and
then you start to kind of feel a little comfortable,
and then then we actually start following. You're invested in

other people's sobriety, you know, like we have some people
that have a few days, you know, we've we've watched
people have friends of ours have a baby and another
one she just got pregnant, and we're married, you know,
and it's like like this is not this is like

also for me to hear other people's stories, right, yeah,
and you'll hear I mean anything and everything from all
walks of life. But yet somehow there's a common thread
that goes through the entire you know thing, which is
which is phenomenal. We're all we're all just trying to
live life on life's terms and just get and just
get by, but get by. Yes, it's the maybe what's

scaring me is the Hi, my name is Cheryl Burken.
I'm an alcoholic part you don't even have to say.
It's like then it becomes a real thing, you know,
Like I quietly stopped drinking. It was like it was
a weird. It was weird how it all happened. It
was like my father passed away. I all of a
sudden had this like weird reaction to the alcohol. Right,

it was like hives, Like I got Asian red for
the first time, Jack, and it was like the thing,
what's happening? Wait? I was so proud of the fact
that I never did like I could drink a bottle
of vodka and just be like, I look like this fine.
But then I got you saw you look like that? Yeah, Jack,

is proof that you didn't look like that. Theres a
witnesses account. I witness account from Jack. I looked like
this bloated. I know, Jack, we'll agree with this. Like
there's an old saying that says I came for my drinking,
but I stayed for my thinking because I don't do this.

I don't continue to do this today because I'm afraid
I'm gonna have a drink today. You know, I do
it to keep my head above water. Especially. That's why
I was asking Jack, like, you know, with with the
pandemic and you have kids and the fears that come
with not knowing when is this going to lift? What
is the future like for us, we're able to check

in every day and and you know, remind each other that, look,
we're way ahead of the game. Right. Well, I'm to
that point that I was like, when this is gonna lift?
Like I'm actually my house has had like a COVID outbreak.
Two daughters, Yeah, yeah, my two yeah, two daughters have it?
And yeah, so where are you in respect to are

they like in another room? So ones ones with her
mother and the other one is is my youngest ones
here with me? Um? But you know you don't have it? No,
So my dad got every two days. My dad got twice, dude,
and my mom doesn't have it. And so then I'm like, mom,

what's your blood type is? She's so positive? I'm a positive.
My dad's a something. Um, but I wonder, like, what
do you know about your blood type? Is? I'm a positive?
I have no I have no idea what I apply
should know? This is it interesting? This is a common thread.
Can can we back up just one? How do you
see your daughter? No? No, no, no no no, I'm

just curious. You obviously can't hug your daughter right now? Right?
I do, I just I And we're constantly washing up
and you know she she the only symptoms my my
daughter had was just a little bit of a runny
nose and a fever and that was like three days

and she's got zero symptoms. Now she's still technically in
the positive window because it hasn't been two weeks. UM,
but it's just a lot of dodging and we even
we spent a lot of time outdoors. Um, you know,
any idea how they got it? Um? Someone that works
for me went away, came back and UM, they didn't

tell me they were going out of town. They were
just like appeared on you know. Oh yeah we went
out and I was like, oh and my my daughter
picked up the drink that they sat down and took
a sip and yeah, tell me if I'm crossing a
line here, but you have m mess right, yes, and
does that put you at risk? So I actually was

at my neurologists really recently asking these questions and they
said no more than because they kind of order. Immune
disease that I have isn't like someone with UM with
say diabetes, you know, it's it's it's a bit different. Now.
What what they don't know is if you get UM

COVID and it totally rocks you. You know, they think
that it would make you more susceptible to an m
S flare up. So it doesn't necessarily because when I
mean it's I check out the when I see the news,
they're like, h Latinos are higher risk. I'm like, okay,

check that box. And you're older, I'm fifty. I'm like, god, damn,
check that box. But my dad, my dad seventy four.
My stepdad is seventy four. He is a dentist. So
he got it from one of his patients who had
no idea that he had it, and he had it
for six days without feeling anything, um and my and

basically he still wanted to run and work and he
just was being a little stubborn about it. But then
never went back to his practice obviously, and then got
it again, gave it and by the way, he also
passed it on to his secretary, then passed it on
to other patients that he saw. Right, So it was like,
you know how it is, It's just like, yeah, it
blows my mind. How how like? You know, I've had

a couple of friends that have experienced it and it's
been completely different stories. One of my friends said, I
was just tired all the time, and that was it.
My other friends said, it was like the worst experience
I've ever went through my life. I can't imagine what
it's like because I have kids as well. I've got
a seven year old girl and a three year old
little girl. And you know, my wife sometimes not as

much anymore, but she used to be very much hypochondriac
self diagnosed web MD. Everything. You know, she gets a
cut and what is this? I've got this what you know?
And so, you know, we we we were trying to
figure out how do we have some kind of normalcy,
especially with going back to school like a lot of
kids went they physically went back to school. Uh, we

chose to do the homeschool thing again because it's just
not in my mind, it's just not worth the risk.
You just don't know. Um, but have the kid's been
around your mom and dad? Well that was the thing
that my my youngest was. We were with my mom
on Sunday when I found out that they've been exposed
and so but luckily, you know, my mom's all good.

She's been quarantining and testing, getting tested every three days.
And then your dad, your dad was he was he
wasn't with us, So yeah, my my mom is staying
somewhere else. So we'll definitely keep keep your kids in
our prayers. I'll tell you that, man. But also, you
don't think it's real, you guys. You don't think it's
real until it actually happens to you or to right,

Like a lot of these dancers don't think I swear
like a lot of them. We get tested five days
a week now, and I just feel like, you know,
like it's not really about you, like I feel when
they asked me, do you feel tired? I'm always Do
you have a fever? No? But like are you out
of breath? Always? Like but like at the end of
the day, I have the symptoms, but like, no, I've
been tested and I'm negative. But a lot of these

dancers who are healthy may not feel it. Um. But
then also until it hits close to home, until you
know it's really it's a real thing. Like Lee and
I were talking by the way, and we're like, back
when it first started, we were like, we don't know
anybody that has it, not one acquaintance, is not a person,
not a friend of a friend of a friend, like
and then it hit my dad, and I was like,
this was the one person I didn't I said from

the beginning, you cannot go to work like that's like,
dentists have it just as bad, I think, as you
know of people's mouths like I mean, that's saliva. That
was personally. I was starting I didn't know anybody that
had it, and I was starting to be like, okay,
you know, you start thinking like how bad is this?
Is it really and is it really going on? And

a friend of mine, uh, he's an actor and he's
one of the biggest conspiracy theorists there is. And he
got it and he said it was horrible. He's sixty
two and he just said, maybe you don't want to
get this thing. It was horrible, he said, he all
of it. And he got it from his gardener who
did die. You know. So it's just that's when it

really hit me. I was like, man, you're not going
to be careful. I guess you don't know. You don't
know until it hits you, like how bad. You may
not feel it, you may feel it, and you may
be serious, but I'm telling you there's something about a positives.
Because Matt is also a positive. My mom was I
gotta find out now. I really want to know what
the hell blood type I am. I really should know that.

You could probably google it a J. I could probably
what is a J's blood type on Google and it'll
just pop up. Sometimes Fan is going to be like,
I actually extract, I have it right here. I tell you, so, Jack,
how are you getting through all this? Like overall? Like
one did ten? Ten being amazing? Zero or what would be?

I would say I float between like a seven and nine,
depending on you know, on like mindset. You know, I've
been you know, I was really back in December, I
like built a home gym, so I've been working out
a lot at home. I have like a saana and
I've been doing like ice plunges and doing the whole
thing and spending you know, the summer was great. We

were going to the beach at least once a week
and um, but in this time right now, in these
two weeks that I have to be indoors, I'm just
like sticking to like a rigid schedule of like kids
schooling in the morning, I get my work done, i'd
work out, we go for a you know, a stroll
around the neighborhood. But you know, as the sun's going down,
we have dinner like and then you you don't want

to help us for a quick step next week. I
mean that would be great. I can use all the
help I can get and it'll keep you always had
a good frame, Jacko. And you know it's definitely a workout.
I mean, you know it's true. It's true. You just
might not want me around. That's the problem. Okay, I'll
take anyone that's had the Sheryl Burke experience before me.

So you know whatever, you're being really nice. But when
we get back from break, we have to tell him
exactly how how I work. Give him some advice. Sure, absolutely,
break you need to do it a j your way better.
You got that commercial break voice in a world. No, uh,

all right, you guys. Uh, we are going to take
a quick little break. We'll be right back with Cheryl, myself,
Renee and my new bud. Uh Mr Jack Osborne. Okay, everybody,

We're back here on I Heart Radio. Pretty messed up
with myself, a J. Cheryl and Renee and our amazing guests.
Our first guest, by the way, Mr Jack Osborne, dude,
you you literally are and I'm sure You've never heard
this before, but a jack of all trades. UM. I

mean not only are you a father, you know, you're
beyond talented artists, like as far as production and you know,
film TV. You've had some amazing shows, some crazy shows
that I I love, UM as well as you know

you you dealing with MS. UM, I wanted to ask you,
is there any like specific foundation that you are involved
in or that you might want to tell people about
by by chance or anything. You know, when it comes
down to um M S. You know, I I do
uh stuff of the Race to Erase MS. They do

their their l A based foundation. UM. They've done some
really amazing work in the field for the last twentysome years. UM.
You know, I like them because they're not one of
those foundations that has like we're going to build a
center like that whole thing? Is there a center without walls?
And they force everyone they give funding two to work

with each other so no one is then up paying
for people to double up on research and they do.
The way that they conduct themselves is awesome. And so yeah,
race to a Race MX is something that I dance
for them or something once I think you have Yeah,
I don't think we did part we didn't. You guys
have a very selective memory as far as what happened

and what didn't happen between the two of you. Is
my alcoholic as alcoholic? Season seventeen, Season thirteen, this, that,
and the other. It's like, yeah, she's getting I think
we were a Season seventeen, Jack, I think you're wrong. No, no,
Why does Leah go hashtag seventh Season seventeen going strong

every time? Hold on? Please? Are you both going to
google yourself? Because that would be fantastic if that happened
right now. I would love when you were talking and
you're talking about all the things he does, produce says
everything you can say him right, Please him right, Please
him right, Please say right. Please mention that he has

a better frame than you. He does have a better
frame than Season seventeen. I want nothing but yes, finally,
I never win this stuff with Jack ever. Sober me
definitely not, but maybe close? Maybe? Yeah? There anything We
went to distance? I mean we danced rock sand I'll

never forget that jazz number that I just loved. How
far did you did you guys? Go? Like all the
way to the final Wait? Can you please talk about
when you're MS. When I stressed you out so much
right before the finale and you woke up blind in
one eye. No, it wasn't that. It was I so,
YEAHS is a it would like it's a neurological thing.

And so you can have very strange, random anything where
you're nervous, nerve as a connected you can have an
issue with MS. And I started just getting incredibly dizzy
and not being able to do spins. I would just
like fall over it like such a problem. And I
was like, and I was didn't want to say like

he's up, He's up, like you like I'm falling apot
here and she was like, I don't get what it.
And then I was like, oh no, but seriously, like
this is MS and I can't do spains. And she
was like, oh, I'm so sorry. No way, Jack, I
swear to you. Maybe I'm wrong, but you exaggerated it
then because you told me you were like before I've

woken up blind. Oh okay, you're probably definitely right. Because
I was definitely drunk with Jack. I thought you were
going to say you told her I'm dizzy, I'm falling over,
and she was going to say that's no excuse. Do
it again. Was going on until we had to have
like real talk, until he was like, actually, Sheryl off camera,

Like we have to talk. So should I be worried?
Moving ahead? Jack? Or and I be okay? So moving ahead?
What I would say is Cheryl is a competitive athlete.
I don't think of her as a dancer. I think
of Cheryl as like a competitive athlete, and this is her, Like,
this is the new football season for her. So she

wants that, she wants that can win keep mirror Ball
trophy one more time. I told you last time I
won was my fans. So once you get in the
mindset of like, this isn't just dancing, this is like
competitive sport like and then I got it. I was like, oh, okay,
Like this is Cheryl. Is that a type athlete that

has to win? And if you're not giving a dred
and ten, you're failing. Maybe I'm different now, Jack, I'm six, No,
that sounds about right, and I'm married and sober. But
all that he said sounds pretty much exactly what I've
experienced that Jack, I figured that ship out for myself.
Good for you, Well, this is a good tip, right, yo.

That's the best tip I've gotten so far that I
would I would go to myself like what this is
just done? And that is like, oh wait a second,
she's been doing this and she was like, yeah, you
know she's going. It would be like me being in
your boy band and then me just being the weakest.
Like you're like, Sheryl, step your ship up. We're gonna

be on tour worldwide. Like don't just stand back there
and dance. Don't you know what to do? You performed before? Yeah,
so this is the Olympics for you, is what Jack
is telling me. Like, for me, the biggest problem is me.
That's the bottom line. So I need to just get
out of my own way. And I think it's it's
all up here, and I think a couple more walls

came down this past week, so I'm just I feel
like I'm I'm almost there to where Like Cheryl always says,
stop stop comparing this to Backstreet because it's not. There's
no way to compare the two. You have to leave
that where it is and start fresh, like you're learning
how to freaking walk, because that's what it feels. It
is different. It's completely different. So I can't go to

her and say, well, that's not how I learned things. Well,
it needs to be how you learn things now because
we have two days to learn this whole freaking thing.
So you don't get a formula, Jack, you know there's
a formula, and so I was like when you try,
and you don't have the time to really experiment with
other formulas even though I tried, but I was like, nope,
does it work. Stop it. So let me ask you

something Eryldon and Jack. I want to ask both of you, Jack,
how much dance training did you have before Dancing with
the Stars. So my question then is did you have
to cheryl undo a lot of the sort of stuff

A J had already done as a performer. So so
I guess my question is is yes, that's what I
was going to say, where with you've got a blank
slate with Jack? And I only know this because I
went to Argentina to learn to Argentine tango and it
was harder to untrain, like the easiest thing is like
bent risk like and nothing's manufactured over there, so everything

it has to be pedestrian. When you do a tango,
let's say Argentin tanga in Argentina, right, but then it
was I couldn't get it out of my body. So
like they said, no head whips, I'm like, what, that's
what I what I do. And so it's like, yes,
she does do head rips. I got ripped twice tonight,
twice tonight with that hair. So you know, they say like, like,

how hard was it? Sorry? No, no, I was just
gonna say, like they say, you know, in the Army,
let's say they do everything to tear you completely down, right,
and then they build you up in the sort of
form they want you and right, so you didn't have
to go through that extra step with Jack, right, Well
I did that sounds familiar like my teaching style about

to compare me to the Army co that's what I do.
But that's what my coach did it to me. So
and by the way, with Jack, it was a nice
surprise because here I was. I found out I had Jack,
and I was like, I didn't know Jack, MTV Jack
or is this going to be the Jack new Jack?
And they're like, we don't know, this is your partner,
and I was like, okay, great, and then we just

like totally clicked. He was being like so condescending and
just sarcastic, and we fell in love like that because
like he was just busting my balls. And then I
was like, oh, wait a second, this guy is great
and rehearsal and he's a smart guy. So he was
able to like really put the the notes or the
teachings I'm giving him, and then he was able to

actually retain the information. But then I was like, but
then performing another beast. Then we did our Happy Go
Lucky fox trot. The Two Hops member Jennifer Lopez was
sitting in the audience, and you were like, remember yea yeah,
and then um and then I think every he was
like the dark horse in a way of the competition.
So people did not put our money or their money us,

that's for sure in the beginning. So kind of sticking
to the book, to the military theme for a second.
You know, they say going to war is a million
dollar experience you wouldn't pay a penny for. So my
question is like, Jack, would you do it again? Yes? Yeah,
I probably would do it again. You would, Okay, that's
what Peter, that's good. What would you do it with Cheryl?

What would you do with Peter? He's gonna do it
with Peter his Ralphs Betty, No, I would know. I would.
I would. I would fight to do it with Cheryl,
just because I very hard, because you're my You're my
number one booth. Would you yes? Would you kill for Cheryl?
Is the question of course? Yes. Would you take other
dancers out of the competition? To me so easily? I would?

I would totally. Who is it that? Who was the
ice skater who hit the Oh yeah yeah? Wait wait
I have to ask you. How is Carol Basket? Maybe
you should watch more for us. She's very cat like.

She's very cat like, she's very sweet. Um, she's always
been very very nice. She she kind of, I don't
want to say, freaked me out, but kind of freaked
me out a little bit, I guess you could say.
When we were doing photos before the premiere and she
said to me, she goes, hey, I just I just
want you to know my niece is the biggest fan

of yours. And she said she's voting for you, not
for me, And I was just like, oh, please, don't please,
don't make Carol mad, Like I don't want to make
Carol mad. But no, she's a really nice lady. And
she actually did really good tonight she did Carryne gave
her a seven because they have something in common. They cats.
They do love cats. Can I point something out? At

least Jack knew Carol Baskin was on the show, so
watch the show. Not only Carol basking on the show,
but Lady Gaga put her on her store Instagram story
last week and was watching the show basically, whoa, yeah,
big deal. Thirteen million viewers, ratings up from last year.

Holy crap, we're going until season sixty. Wow, and you'll
be I'll be like Jack, let's do it. Let let's
do it. I just think it's it's laments. I think
it's ironic that you've got Carale Basking from Tiger King
and I used to call you the Tiger Queen, just
like this bean Asian woman. Totally still am Yes, except

way worse. Yes, won't say the nickname that I've given you,
so we'll leave that one between slanted eyes. Slanted eye,
it's only one planted crouching eye, yes, crouching eye hidden burke. Well, listen, Jack, dude,
thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much
for joining us UM and being our first guest. This
is freaking awesome. Dude, please is uh. If you do

see you talk to your mom. Tell her. I said, Hi,
Please tell your mom. I said, hello, Um, I have
not seen her in quite some time and she's just
the sweetest woman. And just please, uh take good care
of those beautiful babies. We will keep them in your
prayers when you when you get the Sheryl Burke masks
that will be delivered soon. So I appreciate a selfie.
They are sparkly. I would I would just like to say,

I hope you're able to come back another time. I
feel like there's so many things I want to know
with your sobriety, with your family life, with your professional life,
and and you're very funny guys. So thank you man.
I really appreciate it. Brother. I love you, Jack, thank you,
and give my love to everybody. Please. I will you

guys have a good night. You too, brother baby. I
was about to hang up on you guys too. I
was like, bye, yeah, see you well know we're not
quite there yet, but you have you guys ever said
I love you do someone because you're used to saying
that to your wife, coming like okay, but I love
you like oh no ship hang out or like have

a great flight, have a great flight. You're like, yeah,
you're like, wait, what who I'm not flying? Yes, okay,
you guys, We're gonna take a quick little break here
on I Heart Radio podcast Pretty Messed Up. We'll be
right back, and we are back on I Heart Radio.

I don't know what the hell out was, but I'm
doing anyways, We're back on Pretty Messed Up. Cheryl's dying
right now with my remakes back so um again, a
big shout out and thank you to Mr Jack Osborne.
Thank you so much, bro for like, yeah, thank you

man for coming on and just keeping it real. Um
and again, uh, we will keep your kids, you know
what I mean. Like, I love him because he's so real.
He's such a lovable guy, so lovable, and like I'm
not just saying this, I swear I feel like I
could talk to him for a long time here. You know,
anyone that's seventeen years sober and got sober at seventeen

years old, you know, there's a lot of questions. There's
a lot of questions, and like, I wish I would
have known him now because I like when I'm now sober, right, Like,
I feel like our relationship I mean, I mean, I
still know him, but I can still grow from here
now because you're both on the same plane, you know
what I mean. So it's it's not one person over
left field whatnot? Um? Okay, so let's talk the elephant

in the room elimination that happened tonight. Um, I'll tell
you what I so I compared it to in my mind,
I'm thinking, okay, like we get nominated for like let's
say a Grammy okay, and we don't win. The next day,
my job is still going on here. You're done. That's it.

You go home, go home, pack your stuff up from
Trailer twelve, and let's go home. You go home, You
do g m A the very next day, and answers
at the dancer's house. Well, now that's a new thing
at the danger's house, which I think is the weirdest
thing in the world. Why can you just do it
from zoom? Get gifts? At least how about live with us?
Do you think that they're going to want to wake
up at four orty in the morning, you know? Yeah?

Do you at least get like a parting gift, like
I don't know, a card, get or some basket? No,
it would it would have been our first class ticket home.
Maybe laid down, maybe laid down flat all night. Um,
so that's funny. Maybe my boy, well everyone is seeing
the show now, so my boy, Charles, Charles Oakley, dude,

by the way, it's like it's also it just sucks
because like the pros for me, I'm just like you know,
every pro wants to obviously not be eliminated first. No
one wants to eliminated first. No, of course, not professionally,
like we all worked really hard, like you become so
as as much as we complain, not you more me
about how exhausted I am. But really it's that crash.

I remember I told you I was warning Renee, I
was warning a j Like, when this is all said
and done, we're gonna you're gonna feel like you've you've
had the worst come down in your life. But you
guys are so invested in this, and you're and and
the pros are so invested in us, so like to piggyback,
like you're yeah, like to to put all this work

and work and work and working, and then it's like
you're done, Like there's no there's no comeback stories. It's done.
Let me ask you a question, a j um, I
know when we would go on tour. Let's say you
tour a year and a half and you during a
different time when there was an actual audio screaming and

bringing your energy up. Would you when your tools are over?
Do you ever go through a sort of depression like
my depression. I don't go through a depression. But what
does tend to happen is it's weird. But I get sick.
I don't. I very rarely get sick on the road
because there's no time. I'm constantly going. And but like

within two or three days after I get off the road,
I get like flu symptoms, Like my my body shuts
down because I'm just it's go, it's go, go go,
and then it's just stop, you know. And I my
body doesn't know how to just turn off. Um. You know.
And the one thing I've noticed doing this right now
is my brain doesn't stop anyways. But now my brain

is like hearing music and counts and different counts, and
it's like, oh my god, I swear to God, if
I hear that phrase one more, I'm this season because
I probably will let me ask you guys something um
for me. You know I'm a director, obviously we've co
directed stuff together. Um. Do you guys ever have nightmares

of everything going wrong? Yes? Oh my god, no, but
I have for the last fifteen years, wake up sweating sweat.
This is probably why I don't really like to go
to sleep so I can avoid the nightmares. No, I'm kidding. Yes, no,
absolutely everything's gone wrong, meaning I've forgotten my own routine exactly.
For me, I've been on the set in my dreams,

I've been on the set and people are asking me,
what do you want to do? And I'm like, I
have no You know, you feel paralyzed. I felt like
that paralyzed. I feel totally paralleled, totally, and I want
to believe that that's our competitive nature. Do you know
what I mean? Our greatest fear? Well, that's what I mean.

So both when you're very competitive, getting something wrong right
is your biggest fear, Like you just said, failures. That's
one of my biggest doing it yourself as professionally. Yeah.
In fact, today our group was all about perfectionism and
it's it's so true. You know, it's like it comes

with an upside perfectionism, right, because you work harder and
you you you don't want to be just okay at something,
but the downside is the night terrors. Well, I've also
try to like come to some sort of understanding that
there's no such thing as perfectionism, because I also believe
that the beauty of um anything live or like what

we do as artists is the beauty that the hidden,
the mistakes, the failures. Right, It's like that's what makes
it so beautiful seeing two people trying to get back together,
like honestly seeing sky a little bit. Yeah, me Alan
be there for her genuinely and just laugh it off
at that moment, whether or not whatever happened after, happened after,

don't even know. You're absolutely right, Like, there's no such
thing as perfection, right, But perfection ism as an affliction
is a thing. It's just like alcoholism. It's just it's
a it's a freaking ism, and it could actually mess
you up if you don't find the balance. Quite a

few artists that are out there that you know, if
something goes south, they'll just walk off stage, or they'll
or they'll cancel the tour. So all right, you guys,
but I've gone Yeah, that's a whole another Yeah, it's
another episode that will call Yeah, I love it. I
love it in a world with isms so many is okay?

So we have actually a couple of questions, uh that
we're submitted by some fans. Um, so let's see renee
you do you want to see what those are? Those are?
I do think I have. I think oh he's got something.
Questions you guys ready for questions in a world? First question?

And I guess this was to both of you, what
do you think of neeves chest hair? Harry is ship
in a world where it's just hair? No, basically, it's
a j's chin on his on on on his nipples.
I literally know. So we're walking down the hallway and
I could hear him talking behind me, and I turned

around and I'm like, oh my god, I did not,
I swear to you. I didn't know that it was his.
I thought it was a tattoo. I thought it was
some kind of you guys. I really had better, I said,
even though we were in contacts. But I literally thought
it was tattooed all of our I thought it was
material in between the white scones. All right, but mind you,

there's two buttons he could have up. I was saying
to Jenna, I was like, first of all, I made
a j um and some fans I'm alre fans, I understand.
I'm sorry. Maybe we'll paint his nails again. But I
made a j take his nail polish off. And I
also kind of influenced him to shape. Listen. I didn't
make anybody right. You're an adult. You made your own decision,

but I influenced it. And saying with his shaving his head, now,
why did Jenna just say? Jenna could have been like,
shave the damn thing. That's what I was going to
ask you. Have you ever had situations like that where
you're like, oh, no, listen, I'm going to protect you
from you right now now with a j Because there's
a reason why I don't want to do a napologies

not because I don't like it. It's because, like when
he people are so the judges are looking at his lines.
If you're having like nails painted, especially like a dark color,
you're bringing distraction. So we have little like we're bringing
bad attention if you're doing it wrong. If his if
his wrists are bent and you've got nails like that
are black, you see that So you're seeing, we're bringing

attention to his now fingers and his arms and his lines.
Tells me it's not awkward for you. Like you're like, look,
what's awkward telling me to because you're coming professional with
it right. You're saying, look, there's a reason I say
to every single partner if you don't work cologne. I
think that's freaking rude as hell. I'm dry hopping you

all day and you're not going to even try to
like smell good. I need to smell you from the
moment you park your car in the parking lot. It's
actually does like my cologne though that's you know, you
gotta put a little bit more on. I'm not trying
to bathe in it. It's expecting. But see, it's not
about you. It's about me and how I do that
for you. I know. But it's really expensive for the bottle.
It's a lot of It's funny as you guys are

talking about things that I wouldn't think about, do you
know what I mean? Like that you're like what you're saying,
taking a shower is a good thing for Sheryl Burke
one today. But you know, the lines, the frame, all
that stuff, like you weren't telling him. I don't want
you to wear nail polished because I just want to

be able to tell you what to do. It's coming
from a professional. There's a reason advice. Look, and I
want to do what's right right. I want to listen
because this is what she does. If she came into
my world and she you know, and I was like, Okay,
try this, I would hope that she try it, because
it's not what she does. I could tell you would
love I would love to turn the tables at some point.

Come on over to the hip hop world. Let's do this.
Come on, it's the worst thing average, it's super cute.
It's super cute. Wait until week four? Wait, but why
do I Why did I have you shave your head
because I didn't want you to stress about your hair
when there's how stressful it is already. So let me
ask you. Let me ask you. I'm so thankful, and
I actually like the shaved head. I'm it's gotten, it's

grown on me. Give me a little kind of sneak
peek at how you would break the news to Nive
about his chest hair. How would you just like I
did it with you a j what it was like, so,
I don't know. She was like, so, are you planning
on keeping your nail polish or no nail polish? And

I was like, well for no. For week one I
said it was I kind of want to keep a
couple turquoise. And she's like, okay, listen, if you want
to do that, that's fine, but you need to have
your hands like this and need like you know all
these details. And I'm like, you know what, screw it,
I'm not comfortable. There's so I'm going to just take
the nail polish off. You guys are so funny. That

reminds me that, you know, comedian. I think I heard
some say where you're on your way out the door
and the wife or the husband says, so you're going
to wear that? Yeah, exactly. So that's really to light
as I could be by Basically, I would like to
just be say, take the nail polish off. Don't even
ask why, I just do it. And I didn't ask. Respect.

I have to respect him, like this is his thing too,
you know. It's like, but I'm coming into Cheryl's house,
so I want to do things by the book, you know,
as much as it was proven tonight that you had
banana fingers, but you weren't called out because your napology
was off. Did I really have banana fingers the whole time?

I thought a couple of times I was closed. Did
you have known you for a long time? Once I've
known you for a long time, I've never heard someone
call you banana fingers, just like I'm sure no one's
ever called her share bear. But you know that's gonna stick.
Banana fingers is not. There's a show right there that's
a new podcast that's a safferent podcast, share Bear and

Banana Fingers podcast, or at least a coup Buddy film.
So okay, you've done this for a long time, Cheryl,
this is a question for both of you. What do
you guys think of Tyra's dramatic entrances? Go ahead, a
j the first one. Look, I think Tyra is all

about over the top. She's always been that way from
back when she started in the world of fashion and modeling.
She's always been like an eye catcher. So I think
that's that's what works for her. And like her outfits
are always over the top, her hair, everything, she wants
to command the room and make it and make an

entrance and she and she's done just that. Um. I
personally liked the outfits tonight, especially you know, because she
was rucking some like sneakers with one like she looked
more comfortable. She didn't look like she had sneakers on.
They weren't like any fanciesman or that I thought, But
they were actually sneakers. Thinking about Nellie sneakers that he

got special. But Nellie, by the way, lucky son of
a bit, my boy dominic over there the shoe surgeon
hala out to you, bro um. He custom made Jordan's
that were dancing for Nellie. Like literally they were dance

she was. They were more narrow, they had a heel,
but they look like Jordan threes. But also it was
look how clunky like all I could see was his footwork.
I will agree, Yeah, like I know, I don't mind me. Yeah,
I don't mind the shoes. I don't you know what
A and I joke a lot about. Have you guys ever, Cheryl,

have you ever seen that skit on Saturday Night Live
with the Alien Abduction on Saturday Night? No, she has,
she needs to see it. It's a game changer. It's
one of the funniest skids. It's with Kate McKinnon and
Ryan Gosling when when Ryan Gosling was hosting It's just

called just type in Alien Abduction on on on YouTube SNL.
It is a game changer. It is one of the
funniest kits on television ever. And what makes it funny
is is he has this beautiful experience as he's abducted
by these aliens and she has the worst experience. So
she says, yeah, it was a little different from me.

So right, I wasn't really dealing with the top brass,
I think that day. So that reminded me like when
Jack was on and you guys were not believe. I
just actually just texted. I was like, Jack, are you joking?
You've never like this is like, by the way, here
we are just news about the pandemic, pandemic, pandemic. Then,
like right now, I think it's a little bit magnified,

right when when there's like breaking news on Dancing to
the Starts, It's become back to like back then in
season three when we had like super Bowl ratings. Now
it's like starting to get there and get in a
way for like the generation we're in now. And so
like for me that Jack hasn't herd Like honestly, all
you have to do is open your phone and then
there's a picture of like Tyra, Yeah with the mirror ballups.

That was hilarious. But he did know Carole Baskin, but
he didn't know Carol Baska was on So and yeah,
one more question from from someone from from some I
don't know who, I don't know, but from Carole. It
is a little bit kind of gossipy, but you know,

we love that. I guess depending on the gossip, do
you guys see any any potential romance like flourishing between
any couples? Honestly no, Um, but maybe not between couples,
but maybe between a dancer and another celebrity. Yeah, but
definitely not. Definitely not in the couple's world. Um. And

there's quite a few people that are married as married
vernon single. You got like Sharna and then Jesse met Kathink.
Jesse might have a girlfriend, and then you've got like, um, oh,
Nellie and Danielle at daniel was married to Pasha. So
it's like but back in the day, I would say
absolutely everybody is. That's what I was. That's what I
was gonna ask you because freaking orgy. Even though even

though that wasn't my question, even though that question didn't
come from me, Oddly enough, I had a it, you know,
you know, yeah, you know something. There's something that goes
on in the dance world, unsaid. Yeah, and I've and
I've been down the dancer road, and it's not a

good thing. When you're on tour with the dancer that
you're dating and then you break up with them and
you're still on tour with them. Is the danger? Yeah,
no ship where you eat? That's just a bad idea.
It's funny that I never even really thought about it, Cheryl,
But I mean, you're right, what is it? It's because

ye know how to move and yeah, something to do. Okay,
So there's there's there's no good way. There's no good
way to segue into this. I just figure Okay. Our
opening podcast that we did, we kind of ended with
like this weird, like inappropriate conversation that was just kind

of like off the cuff, so kind of feel like
the conversation that you and I were having earlier before
Cheryl came on. I think is a great way to
kind of wrap things up. Just because it's funny and
it's useful. But okay, so Ellen asked you, your daughter,
Ellen asked you something not to do, and you're gonna

do it because you should do it. I I can't
really talk about so what. Here's what happened. When she
was like she she at a very young age. She
had a very funny sense of humor. She just did
you know, and we she she would like me to
tell her jokes, and then she would make up a joke.
And we were riding one in the car one day

and she was literally like I couldn't even been three,
and she's sitting in the in the little baby seat
and she goes, Daddy, tell me a joke, and I
said okay. And we used to say the silliest jokes.
We'd make them up and I'd say the brack yas
or is put ketchup on the zebra and ate it.
And then she goes, ha ha, I said, you tell

me a joke now, and I'm driving and she goes,
you have a big vagina, dude. I laughed out loud
so hard, but I knew as I was I knew
while I was laughing out loud, I knew that it's
not a good message to send back to because I
kept saying I kept saying, well, okay, but wait, where

did you even hear such a thing? You know? And
then I told him like she was like less than
three okay, So Lyrics three okay. And two days ago,
I'm getting out of the shower and she walks in
and I'm like, baby, you know, daddy needs his privacy,
private time. And she's like, Daddy, why why do boys

have a penis? And I'm like, well, because that boys
have penises and girls don't. And she goes, okay, this
is boring me now, and then she walks out of
the room. Cut too Later that afternoon, when I got
back from her her soul, I sit down on the
couch and she comes over and she's like, Daddy, you're
sitting in my seat. I said, Lyric, we can share

the whole entire couch. No, Daddy, you're sitting in my seat.
I said, okay, fine, Lyric, I'll move. I get up
and I moved to the other side of the couch
and she's like, Daddy, this area smells like penis. I'm like,
what the hell, No way that now, that's your crossing
the line. I'm just saying, that's just a weird thing
for a three year old to say. Well, you know,

I think she doesn't. I'm pretty sure hopeful. I'm hoping
she doesn't know that. I would say she does. Kids
say say funny things. Man, you know, I'll just say
one last one. We were she's got an old around
the same age. Ellen was three years old, and we

went to a friend's house in Malibuda. Watch Fourth of
July fireworks, right. So we're sitting there and she's like,
can I sit on your lab um? And I hope
this never gets taken out of context, so if you're
gonna tell it, tell the story right, Yes, this is
the story. And she goes yeah. And so we're sitting
on the on the sand and she goes, can I

sit on your lap? And I said of course, honey.
She goes, am I hurting you? And I said no,
not at all. She goes, wow, you have a strong penis.
And I was like, I was like, okay, don't ever
repeat those words again ever. Walk away from daddy, now,
please talk away. But you know you g no. But no, See,

here's the thing. She has no idea what she's saying.
She's thinking, because you know what I mean. But it's
true though kids are growing up way too fast. But listen,
it's better that they honestly. Okay, I'm gonna tell you
I first, I don't even know why I'm telling you this,
but I'm gonna tell you anything. I got my period
when when I was nine, right, I did not know
anything about it. Wasn't taught about sex ed, wasn't really

taught about like anything I learned as I went through life.
And because when in the ballroom world, I had a
lot of older friends. Anyway, this is a whole another story.
But no, but twuned in next week for a period
time for a period. But Cheryl, but Cheryl, I grew
up like you. My parents didn't talk about you at

your period to when you were not what's best at
my point is best that they know you know, and
we can all like yes, yes to a point. Right,
It's a period to a point to a point. And
the thing is is that we grew up, you know,
never talked about sex. I had to learn it outside
of the house. I remember one yeah, yeah, you don't

talk about these things. I came in one day, I
came into the house and They're both sitting on the
sofa and they're like, we need to talk to you.
And I've never seen them so serious, right, and I'm like, okay,
what's And I was like, okay, what's going on now?
They're like, they're like, uh, I said, what's going on?
And then they said whose is this? And they held

up a condom, right and you know, and I said, well,
where did you find it? They said in your wallet?
And I said, okay, well it's mine. And they're like,
you're gonna admit that it's yours and I'm like, yeah, right, yes.
So speaking of columns, it's time for us to wrap
it up. We must wrap it up. I want to

thank again thank Jack Osborne for being our first guest
and a tough one to follow. But next week, our
next guest is actually going to be my amazing wife. So, um,
you know, I think we're gonna try to start this
new I know, babe, Babe, I dedicate a dance to

you tonight. Remember that now we know now we know why,
we we know why. I know. But I think it's
gonna be interesting, um for us to you know, well,
we'll kind of let our spouses what it'll be time,
I know so great. It's the first time you meet her.
She's in a dish all the crap about me, but
you know that and you'll understand me better. And what

I can't wait for is hearing the other side of
a j stories. Yeah, because there's the side that I
think I did and there's the real side. So you know.
But I think it'll be fun if we can maybe
do this with all of our spouses. I think it'll
be fun over the course of however many weeks. So anyways,
thank you guys. Uh, Cheryl, myself and Renee. We love you, guys. Uh.

Be good to each other, spread love and we'll see
you guys next week. On I Heart Radio Pretty Messed Up,
follow Pretty Messed Up on radio, or subscribe wherever you
listen to podcasts.
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