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July 25, 2022 58 mins

In this special episode of Reasonably Shady, Gizelle and Robyn sit down with the “King Of Reality TV,”  Carlos King!

They talk about classic Housewife shows, reality stars, all-time rankings, producing, longevity and so much more!  

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Welcome to Reasonably Shady, a production of the Black Effect
Podcast Network and I Heart Radio. Welcome to another episode
of Reasonably Shady. I am Gazelle Bryant. So what's up everyone,

This is Robin Dixon. Thank you once again forgiving us
your ears. Yes, especially in the summertime, because you know,
like in the summer, people go vacant. People are outside
outside traveling. Yes they are, you know, to be listening.
Or maybe they listened to us at the pool, Oh
that's true. Yeah, or maybe they're you know, there's people
hopefully you're still working out and you're listening to us

on your workout or on your way to work, but
you're you're really not working these days. Who's working right
by the way, okay? But the traffic in the working
in the in the gas prices. So I saw something
on the internet about the gas prices in other countries.
Oh they're like double as it is absurd. What is happening?
I don't know, but I'm gonna talk to pootin when

is okay? When when I need to look up like traditionally,
So first of all, they said inflation is at nine
point one percent, which is like the highest it's been
in like forty years or something forty one years out
of control. When is that going to go backwards? When
when is that going to reverse? Like? How long are
we going to be in this? Because this is something

bad is gonna happen, but I pray not. But in
order for it to switch, something bad's gotta happen. Okay,
can we talk like, is Russia still they're still fighting?
I don't know, but if they are about to call
poot and keep telling y'all, I'm okay. Anyway, alright, per usual,
we're getting into our reasonably shady moment of the week,

and I'm just gonna go right into it because these
kids are mine. You know what, Just when you think
they love you, they slap you in the face of
and you realize maybe they don't what happened. So I've
got to go out of town. And it's kind of
been stressing me at a little bit because I'm I'm
leaving them for longer than I would normally leave them.

And I've been like all up in their face, jumping
in their beds, trying to be up under them, and
they're like, ma get away. So I'm like, guys, look,
I'm traveling I'm doing I'm doing some things and I'm
really gonna miss you all, and they're like, Bama, like
they don't care at all that I'm leaving. And I

feel like my kids are a little shady. They're a
little bit too much like me. Yeah, but you know
when you're going, they'll miss you. So but but but
that is kind of like, okay, so was there a
time or how long ago was it when the same
scenario we would be taking place and they're like oh no,
and and they're crying, Well, I we we went from
tears I used to get tears too, oh my gosh,

I'm gonna miss you, and then wanting to like get
every piece of me that they that they could before
I left too. They don't give two stocks about me.
They're like goodbye. Well they are what sixteen and seventeen. Yes,
Grace is basically putting up the deuces sign like peace out, mom. Yeah. Okay,
so so I have so Corey's fourteen, so I have
like a couple more years, a couple more years, yeah,

because he's still you know, I feel like a lot
of kids at fourteen are on re like that, like
they don't want anything to do with their parents. Corey
is still like likes me, he still loves me, but
he done much longer. Okay, well I'm sorry, it's okay.
You have me. I know, I know Robin doesn't care
about me either, But do you have a recently shady moment?
I do. It's just another event kind of situation. I'm counting. So,

you know, you go to the nail salon, you get
your you know, your your mani and your petty and
the nails, like, oh, you want gel on your toes
and like usually I'm like, no, I don't need Joe.
I'm just gonna do paint polish or whatever, but like
white paint chips. So I was like, yeah, let's do Joe. Okay, Okay,
worst decision ever, worst because it really weakens your toenails.

And so like my big like look at this, you
see this, Like it literally my nails split like deep
and not that it hurts, but it's like if you
just like play with your toenail, it's splitting, it's coming
off toails. Are we's gonna take a picture off her
toeail that we're talking about. She's gonna posting on her
stories because it looks crazy. I mean, but this the

piece came off, but it literally was like flipped up
that whole that whole piece was just like flipped up.
So the Gael like really weakened your toenails. I said, okay,
I didn't know that. That's good to know. It's good
to know people that said that's a good tip. And okay,
And so this is the second time I had to
so this toe, my other big toe. This is acrylic
on my toe because the Gael weakened my toe nail,

you know, So when they so when I got my
nails polished again, and I had like a big split
in it right there, like, oh, well, we can't pull
that off. It's gonna hurt. So let's put a crylic
on it, literally crylic on my big toes. So you
got tricked into a crylic basically, it's what you're saying, Yeah,
well it's just acrylic right here. But I'm I'm taking
this off, like I don't ship and now I feel

like I'm stuck, right because it's the summertime, right, so
I can't So if I take the gel off, you know,
you want to let you give your your nails time
to like get stronger and and grow in but it's
the summertime. I can't have my nails, my toe nails
not painting. No, that one Dixon is not having now
he is not walking down the street with you. And

you tells the jack yes. And then when if I
take the gel off of these nails, they're gonna be
so we I don't know what to do. Let's stop. Yeah,
you stock you're stuck with gel on your toes until
you're seventy five. Let's tell like the fall until it's
time to like cover the toes. Alright, guys, we have
an amazing show for you. Guys, we are talking to
none other than Carlos King, King King. And if you

don't know who he is, um, and I have to
really explain to you who he is, you might be
a loser. So it is reasonably shade sters. We have
for us to date a guest who really needs no introduction. Okay,

but we're gonna introduce him anyway. So he is what
is he robbing? Oh my gosh, the producer extraordinaire, Mr Carlos,
kids of many many television shows. He's got a new podcast,
He's got a new nighttime talk show. Carlos Like, let
us get us right, tell us run down your resume,

up everything. Yeah, you guys did a great job. So
you know, people call me the King of reality television.
People or you or yourself. Oh honey, like Beyonce's bee Hive.
I don't come up with the moniker. My fans do.

Just check it, ye. So you know, i am called
the King of reality television, and I've been producing reality
TV for fifteen years, starting with the Real house Spots
of Atlanta, which was my first reality show. I'm the
first black man ever to executive produce a Real Housewives

franchise and paved the way for others. Hey, Eric Fuller,
Eric Eric Um. I have a late night show on
own called The Nightcap with Carlos King that air Saturday's
at ten o'clock on the Upper Morfrey Network. I'm the
creator of the Love and Match franchise, which has Hunt's
Bill and d C starring Gizelle's best friend Money Samuel.

Podcast called Reality with the King, which is a shady,
reasonable podcast. Like yeah, okay, so we're gonna start with
some ice breakers a little bit. Okay, this is rapid fire,
rapid fire, Carlos Okay, you ready, Okay, favorite Colorady favorite
color blue blue, Beyonce, Arihanna, Beyonce, Nicki, Minaja, Cardi ban Nicki, Minaj,

Potomac or Atlanta. Oh, no shade right now? Potomac okay,
and no shade because we love Atlanta and they paid
the way, yes, but they paid the way. But don't
make anybody man please. Yes, but Carlos King has said
Potomac okay. And that's huge, just for the record for
Carlos to say that, because we know that Atlanta is

your baby, you know, when it comes to producing and
when it comes to talking about the Real Housewives of Atlanta,
it's simos. What's not simultaneous, Simo is Carlos is in
the equation. Okay. There is no Atlanta without Carlos King. Okay,
So so you know what, Carlos I. On a recent
episode of Reasonably Shady, I kind of went on a

rant about how I feel like social media has kind
of um changed the landscape of of the Real Housewives.
Like we were kind of being nostalgic about early Atlanta Housewives, yes,
you know, seasons one through four or five, whatever, And
I was saying, I really feel like now because social
media is so prevalent in in you know, almost so

toxic that it has changed the way that people on
these shows act and the things that they say, the
things they do, the way that they look, so that
now you're not really getting the real raw person and
the things that they would really say and how they
were interact with one another. You're getting people who are guarded,
who are worried about, yes, filtered, who are who are

worried about you know what the fans are gonna say, Yeah,
it's been canceled dealing with the backlass of social media. Like,
so do you agree with that? Because I was like,
I really miss you know nothing, you know, it's just
when you think about it's like, wow, like you if
you sit and watch Atlanta season one to three, it's
so different than anything that's on TV right now. If

you watch Beverly Hills seasons one to three, it's so different,
Like things have just changed so much. So do your thought, Yeah, no,
I listen, I agree one a hundred person And I
produced the first episode, first season of the Real Hospital
of Atlanta in two thousand and eight, right, so I
was there when Ninie Leagus, Kim Zosiac, Chara Whitfield, de

Sean Snow Lisa Wu like, these women were the blueprint,
and the reason why they were the blueprint is because
they didn't have anybody to study. They were truly being themselves.
There was no social media. What has happened now, especially
when it comes to let's talk about the Housewives fan base.

The Housewives fan base who I love because they followed
my career. They're fantastic some of them. Some of them
are very toxic, and it's it's it's it's it's ruining
the fun of watching the show, and it's ruining the
fund of producing the show. I will say when I

left see the Nine of the Real Hospitals of Atlanta,
it wasn't around the time where I felt that some
of those women, we're behaving because they cared about what
social media was going to say and and and there
they come across very guarded. I'll gep an example. Deret

on Beverly Hills was iconic when she first came onto
the scene. She was interesting, she was fun. The fans
hated the read her first and second season, but I
loved her because I said, she's ballsy, she's brave, and
she speaks her mind. Deret is so boring. She has
nothing going on Twitter, ruined deret do not care about

the rented clothes that you get from the stylist in
the nine o two one oh the code. I could
care less about your alleged um businesses of you trying
to make over a corner of a restaurant and we
don't see it anymore. I do not care about your

wedding dresses you're trying to promote when I haven't seen
it all this season. Time outwards, time out, time out. Okay,
first of all, first of all, we started this, and y'all,
I don't think we recorded it. Carlo said he was
reasonable and zealous, shady. Let me tell you something. This
man is a shady one. Is he read to Read

like a new book talk and he wasn't done. You
interrupted him. Continue. Well, I'll finish by saying to Read
is the perfect example of how social media can ruin
a reality star who had the potential to be iconic

and and and that is sad. And that's why last
one I leave My Love and Match Hunsbill cast. There
four seasons, and none of them are on Twitter anymore
because they ain't said to themselves, I no longer can
do my job if I re comments based on what
these people think about me. So let me do, let

me do, let me do this. Let me continue being
great on my show where I'm asking money and not
care about what you guys saying on Twitter dot com. Yeah,
and you know that's me and Robin's story. I know,
you know we don't play around with the Twitter. Um. Now,
I do have a question because you and I were
on because this offended me a little bit, Carlos, some
little caveat out there. First, you and I were we

did this little e behind reality television or something like
the story of reality television. Okay, So in that you
talked about Ninie Leaks and the greatness and the bigness
of Ninie Leaks. Right, Because I'm gonna be honest with
the first time I saw Ninie on Atlanta, which was
like season one ap one, first scene there's Ninie, I

was like, holy shit, she's a star, right, And and
you in that interview, it I like you were taking
credit for for for Nini and her personality and her
character and everything, not her character, but just like her rise, right.
And I was like, no, Carlos, you can't do that.
And I took I took it personal only because I

am on the other side of the camera and I
would never want any producer to be like, oh I
made Gizelle, I made Robin. If it wasn't for me
and bitches wouldn't be ship like I would hate that.
But to my in my defense, I never said those things.
But continue no, no, no. So the question, well you
you kind of did a little bit Carlos, So the question.
So the question is do you feel like without Carlos,

Nini would not be as big as she is, I
guess is the question? Oh no, not at all, not
at all. So let's let's let's go back a little bit.
Because one thing about me, you know, being from the
world of journalism and my Porsche boys, is I remember
the facts. So when you and I both were on

UM I think it's called Reality rewind Andy Cohen produced it,
and they when I say that, the producers asked me
questions about Ninie Leaks and the first day we met,
and I said, when I met ninniele she was a star.
I thought in love with her. She said, hey, bitch,
I said, oh bitch, we're gonna be friends forever, like
I love her. And what I did say which is

true is that Ninie will look at me and my
mannerisms and she would be like, oh, that's funny. And
she will always you know how like growing up in
the black household, how your parents would be like, just Zelle, Robin,
go dance for the people, Go go dann go see

in front of the friends like this. Chris would come over.
So on set, Ninie will have her friends over and
she was like, Carlo's come here. Do that thing you
did when you used to swipe your bangs away. And
I would be like, yes, yeah, yeah, I love it.
I love so in she started taking my manner rhythms

and she will apply it on camera and people and
people would be like, why are you acting like a
gay black man? People obviously say likened A's like a
gay black man. I was saying Gizelle that I'm the
gay black man that she was acting like. So I'm
glad we talked about that. But no, I would never
take credit for her success. But I will say this,

and every great female reality star is great because she
has a producer. Oftentimes it's a gay boy oftentimes who
is able to pull out the best. And when I

say that, I'm not saying we take credit for no
more success. My my, my thought process in this is
when you look at Beyonce and Mariah Kerry and Jennet Jackson,
like these great reformers, oftentimes they have a gay choreographer,
Like there's something about that relationship that happens. And I

believe the reason why Gil you are one of my
ten greatest houseplights of all time is talk about that
you're great on your own. Don't get me wrong. But
and I'm gonna stop saying his name because he's very private.
But there's a producer who works on potomac Um, a
gay black man who is beyond talented and a genius.

And I think because you have a trusting relationship with
him and and a and a key key that that
it brings off the best in you. But but but
by no means what I say. He's the reason why
you're number nine on my list. So let's get to

the list really quickly, because I have some questions about
this list now. Was happy that I made it on
the list. I was honored because Carlos King does not
give out accolades easily at all. Okay, we know that.
So Kyle Richards was not on the list right And
that was confusing to me because I feel like she's

held Beverly Hills together for fourteen seasons or have a
long maybe I would agree with you, So then why
wasn't she on the list? She was not on my
top ten list right now, when I do my top twenty,
Kyle would be numbered eleven. I'm done. Car would be

between the love and OK. But but I guess the
big the bigger question, Carlos is you had Danielle Stop
on the list. No shade to Danielle, but Danielle was
a housewife for well how many seasons? At one point
two and for two Whereas it's like, if I feel

like skin in the game speaks volumes, right, Kyle has
skinning the game like no other and and every season
she has a solid season and she keeps that show going.
So like, how would how would she be over how
would you overlook her to a Danielle style? Easily? Name
me one iconic thing that Kyle has done, Mauriceo. The splits, Carlos,

that's what we got. Let's plan it exactly. No. Look,
I am a huge Kyle Richard's fan. I think she's
a great reality star Kyle Richard's competing against the top ten.
She doesn't hold the candle to a daniel style because
at the end of the day, and I said this,

and I and and quote me again, without Danielle, nothing
would have happened on New Jersey housewise, and I was
there the first two seasons and can say that without
Danielle the show will be boring. And no disrespect of
Potomic Ladies, but we can also look at a show
like Potomac and say without certain people, what would be happening. So,

because Danielle was on her own and Teresa at that
time was very safe and sweet, Teresa's table flip is
courtesy of Danielle. So Kyle. Although Kyle is good at
stirring the pot and listen, I think Kyl is great.

But when it comes to Niny, Bethany, Ramona, Teresa, Danielle, Giselle, Sara,
Kim Zelsiac, Kyle, Kyle is an iconic, but she definitely
is a formidable player. Okay, So I heard a rumor

that that because you worked on Erzy the year at
the table got flipped, right, Yes, so she didn't really
flip the table, that was you under the table flipping
it for her. I heard a room that that was
Carlos onto the table, and Teresa took all the credit
for Carlos flipping that table. So I was under the

table handy dang yelled the book that she placed on
the table, and then you and then you flipped it,
and then you flipped it because you said it's gonna
be good. I wish I was that. I wish I
was a little bright genius then, but I was that.
Was that your first housewife show you worked on before?
It was that before Atlanta? That was after Atlanta? So

what's funny? And I did Atlanta season one, and and
I had a break for like two weeks, and then
I got a phone call about this housewife in New Jersey,
and I decided to do New Jersey. Okay, but you weren't.
You weren't EP on New Jersey, were you? No? No, No,
I was in a gipping books underneath the table, Rabbit.

You're a field producer. Okay, let's be clear. Act on
Atlanta Girls. When I was at EP, Honey, I still
was on my knees doing something to make sure the
scene was great. So, so where did you start in
in your producing career, Like, how did you get started? Yeah,
so I went to college and I majored in journalism.

Because of that, I was afforded these internships. So I
interned at The View, I entered at MTV. My last
internship was at BT. A year later, I got a
job as a p A working on one or six
and Park and other shows. And then two years after that,
I got a phone call from a mutual friend who said,
I have this opportunity in Atlanta to do this reality

show called Ladies of Hotlanta. You love reality TV? Would
you be interested? And I was like, child, let me
think and because I was like, you expect me to
leave New York City and go to Atlanta? But I said,
you know what, I'm a man of faith. Let me
do it. And it was the best decision of my
career because the rest is history. Okay, so you didn't start.

You weren't EP on season one Atlanta. No, No, I
wasn't a p until season six of Atlanta, which is
the highest season. And we know because and Nini called
Peter a bit. Now I have a question, so, um,
because we spoke of you and people that have worked
producers on Potomac, who have been very influential in helping

us get to where we are. Um However, give me
an honest answer, Carlos, do you feel like do you
feel like because you are a man okay, and and
you're a man helping women tell their story, do you
feel like you can do it better than a woman
helping women tell their story? Is there is there disconnot

a disconnect, but you know when women, we know what
we go through, we feel it. Yeah, so I'm what
do you have the Yeah, that's a that's a very
great question. No, I don't think I have a um
an edge over a woman who's also producer. UM. I
think a woman who's producing a show that's dominated by women,

she has to be confident in order to be honest
with the women and not be intimidated by the woman.
And I think the reality star who's a woman has
to be able to feel comfortable sharing your personal business
because let's let's just be real. Historically, women don't like
to tell other women the business period. They just because

it's one of the things where it's like, girl, I
don't know you want my man, I don't know you
want my life. I don't know if there's some single
black or white female situation. So it takes a minute.
So when you come to a talented man, Gail straight,
there's a guard that's led down right because it's like, well,
you can't take my man, and if you do, and

if you can, I want another issue, right, um, And
I'm able to at least give you more more of
me because my guard is now. So I don't think that, um,
we do a better job in women, not at all.
I think women can do a great job. And what's
funny is, let's talk to Giselle. I remember talking to

you your first season. I remember you had a female
Shaw runner and she called me and you guys were
in the middle of getting a scene together, and Giselle said, oh, Carlos,
I thought you were gonna are for this third I did,

and I was like, why did I come from? That's
so funny? I ask that. Well, I, well, I knew
that we had the same production company. People don't know this,
but we have the same production company as Atlanta, Potoma does.
And you were of producers. You're the only person that black.
We know their name, right, So I just assumed that

they would in Atlanta was great, So I just assumed
that they would take whoever they were using in Atlanta
and give them to us so that we could be great. Um,
now I can say that the person that you were
talking to, she was great for us. She gave us
the tools. Yeah, she gave us the tools that we
needed season one, season two. I can Carlos, and be honest,
I can still hear her in my brain. Um. She

has this saying called fix your face. And there's so
many times where like I'm in a scene and that
this face is jacked all the way up, but I
need to fix it. And it's not anything that has
to it's not anything that has to do with the cast.
It's what's going on in producing like that. You know,
sometimes the producing of it all could be problematic, and
you know, we get upset about it. But but she
gave us wonderful tools to get us to a season.

No season, Well are we supposed to say that? Okay, fine,
we just did season I want to talk about now.
I want to talk about you because Carlos, you know,
we might have been in Miami and and Carlos Herd.
We was in Miami and when I say, we me
robbing and some other ladies and Carlos said, let me

go meet the ladys that son Mike face to face
up closing in personal and I totally loved it. Was
so happy that you did that. I'm sure you're you know,
you're a really busy guy and you took time out
to come and meet us and just keep key. I mean,
we had a good key kip with Carlos. Yes, no,

and and listen, and I'll say this and I don't
care gets mad. I am a black man in this
business producing reality TV, and I'm such a fan of
reality And one thing about me is I support all
of my black females and males in this genre because
I know how hard it is to be great in

front of the camera being judged by the world. So
Number one, I want to make it very clear, I
am a fan. Number one, I thank you. I watched
Potomac and I get my entire life. So when I
was told that you ladies were well, that you two
and some other folks were in Miami, I you don't
I didn't tell you all this. I canceled two meetings

and I said, and I said, I have to meet them.
I'm a fan, just like meeting Beyonce. Oh my gosh.
I was like, wait, I said, but Carlos is what
you don't know. So after you laughing everything, um, Karen
comes up to me and she says, at Giselle, did
you did you get to meet the Carlos? Did you

did you meet Carlos? I said, yes, bitch before you, Yes,
I met Carlos. Okay, he came and saw me first,
and look and look. Some other people were like, Carlos
was here. I didn't see Carlos. Yeah, that's probably about this.
I don't know. I listen. I love I love all

of you, ladies, but I will say this, it was
a pleasure beating the two of you. I'm not gonna
say who us was in the room because I ain't stupid,
but I have to say, first of all, guys, Gizelee
and Robin are gorgeous in person, like like no makeup.
We were in the bed, like when I said to you, guys,

we had a key. We had a key key. And
the beauty of talking to Gizelle and Robin was they're
such great professionals and they know how to do their
job and we just had a I don't want to
spoil it, but we just had a good time talking
about the show and the scenes and this and just

reality TV. They threw me shade, you know it was
It was fun and I want people to know that
at the very end of the day, I am a
huge fan of Potomac. And I say this all the time,
and I'm not disrespecting my land of girls, who I
will always love, but the real hospice of Potomac to

me is the best housewives out right now amazing. So
wait before before you switch topics. So when when you
were um, when we were in the room, you called
Giselle executive producer and you called me co executive producer.
So what are you when you're watching Potomac? What are
you seeing that makes you think that? Okay, So as

a student, no, let let me not be so humble.
As a professor of super sorry, Dr Wendy, I'm the
professor tonight. So you're talking about they'll do it, they'll
do it. So luck when I watched the show and
that and that's the reason why I'm saying what I
said earlier was the relationship between the producer and the

cast members crucial because there's a level of trust. And
when you talked about the female producer, who you still
here in your ear like fix that face. I can't
watch Potomac and a thing about the two of you,
y'all play off of each other. And I'll give it.
I'll give an example of two scenes that are I'll

give three very quickly. I'll give three very quickly. Season one,
episode one, Jeez, okay, because I do this ship for real.
When Gizelle told Karen, y'all have this argument about the

crab boils, and it was his whole thing in the mirror,
I I knew in that instance, I said, Oh, Gizelle,
it's like this has to be in the first episode.
I'm not gonna be a part of anything boring, so
let me make sure to just be honest. And since
Karen and are friends in real life, let me read
her real quick and it won't matter. So that's a

I'm not suber. One. Number two is last season when
Professor Wendy and the two of you were on the couch.
You guys are on the cash trip. Um Ashley took
off maternity leave to be messy and to deliver the
message to Dr Wendy and y'all to set on the couch.

Wendy had was fed up to here y'all look on
the couch and said, girl, I don't really give a ship.
This was a great scene. I'm going to sip on
my bottle water with the straw and Robin said, I'm
going to literally finger myself as you talk about that.
I was like, they are good, paired and last or
not least last, but not least. When Ashley and Candice

had that altercation in candice home and Ashley gave the
read of girl, you mean your mama hig official mama table,
which I think is everything and canvas stupid knife. That
was all orchestrated because Robin said, I'm just gonna say it, Uh,
your husband act like you set a flat out, and

then Gazelle said, you leave it. I'll come back in
the house because when you think I'm gonna work to
do because the crew is here for another two hours.
So that's what I mean when I say, you guys
are the executive and the co EP. Okay, now now
that you didn't broke that all the way down, we
must agree and all right, so switch your gears a

little bit. Switching gears a little bit because I know
that um not not I know, but I've heard that
you and Andy Cohen. Do you all have a relationship,
because it seems like right now the trajectory of your career,
Carlos is similar to Andy. Right, Um, do you feel
like he's a mentor to you? Do you feel like, um,

you know, do you'all talk y'all go to parties? Do
you Are you invited to the Hamptons like I'm not.
I am not invited to the Hamptons. No I'm not.
But no, So here's somebody obviously I have the pleasure
of work with for all the years I did Atlanta
and New Jersey. And when it was announced that I
had a podcast, he sent me a d M and

he said, dude, you're killing get congratulations And I of
course said thank you, and I said, look, I'm no idiot,
like you paved the way for someone like me to
have a career um in front of the camera because
you shown that it can be done. And at the
end of the day, what I will say on record

is the fact that he is somebody that definitely paved
the way. And I will always give the man his flowers. Yes, yes,
So are you gonna have a surrogate and name the child?
I mean, what's what, what's what's going to be for you? Well?
You know, look, I want to be able to be
the phase of black unscripted television. So I have a

I have years before that can happen. Okay, when you
turn fifty, right, okay, very good? Like I got got.
I got a lot of years before I turned fifty.
So look in your experience producing great reality television, how
many times have you gotten cursed out by? Remember? Yes?
Is it arranged from like? Um? And who has cursed

you out the moment? Who's the best curse your best?
Y'all gonna get So I've been cussed out by Nini Charai, Candy,
Faedra Porscha, Marlowe, Kim I'm sorry, Kim Costume, Kim Zosiac yes, Um,

Kim Fields. Okay, she didn't know what hit her at me?
I said, yeah, honey, you better read me, honey. But no,
the only person who has never yelled at me is
Kenya Moore. Kenym Moore has never yelled at me when

k so, let's talk about this. You know how, sometimes
a producer can say, like, you know what, I think
we should talk about this. We'll talk about that. And
sometimes you're like, all right, final, I'll mark it up.
And sometimes you're like, no, I'm not doing it right.
So Kenya, Ken, you will give me this look and

I know she's mad, she'll do this and I'm like,
oh my gosh, ken is mad, but she she she
has never raised her voice. So the person who has
cut me out the best is and you're gonna gag
Cynthia Bailey. You know what's funny that I mean that?

So I have cursed out producers too. No no, no no,
no, no no, let me help you, Carlos, let me help you,
Let me help you. This is t so the first
cursing out that Eric Fuller got. Yes, we're gonna mention
his name, Robin. Yes. So you so it's funny you
say Cynthia. And you know a lot of people kind
of compared me to cynthio On on Potomac or whatever.

So I'm like, it's funny you say that because it's like, yeah,
we might be quiet, we might be the nice, the
laid back one, the easy one, but we have it
in us like kiss us off, you piss us off.
But I need to know why you custom ouse. I'm
gonna tell you. I'm gonna tell you why. So, um,
it was season one and it was in the beginning
of the season and me, Robin, and Katie were going

to Charie's house. Okay, So Katie and I were in
the bushes for some reason. That's the that's I think
that was part of the scene. So we that, I mean,
if we were in the car, we were in we
went the car, but they didn't show that because we
were in the car before we got started, and there
was some information that Katie was told to talk about
and she didn't know not to tell us. She told

us before we started filming, okay, which was which is like,
because you know, Katie wasn't Katie was just we were
we were new okay. So so they were talking about
wanting a scene. So, so, okay, season one, I'm gonna
be honest, I didn't know what the hell I signed
up for. All she knew, I didn't know what I
signed up for. Okay. So so season one, before we
started filming, just I'm probably revealing too much at this point.

So before production started, they asked me, is there anything
that's off limits in your story? Right? You know that's
a setup, you know, how y'all do that's a set up.
I'm like, they asked me that, yes, and I said, well,
you know, Wane wand doesn't really want to talk about
his financial issues. Okay. So we pull up to a scene,

we're in a car. We're like, they're holding us, right,
and Katie is like, yeah, um, I was with Ashley
today and actually was talking about you know, one had
y'all had twenty five and one y'all file for bankruptcy
and all this, and I right, I mean, in hindsight,
Katie should have saved all of that for the scene.
But oh yeah, because that would have been and yeah,

iconic scenes you talk about, that would have been amazing.
So then Eric comes to the car to be like okay, guys, okay, guys,
it's time for you guys to go into Teresus and
Robin was like, hew fucking gets out to car, curse
Eric out to smithereens. Okay, I was clutching my pearls.
I said, we God damn so um Robin left. She

left the scene the scene she said, don't call me
no more. I quit. This was this was two weeks
in the season one. Robin quit. I told you, I
don't know what I signed up for y'all reason about
shady exclusive it is it is I quit, I don't
and and so for me to still be here seven
years later, like I guess I got over really quickly.

And I'm like, yeah, and so now my what I
say to people when they get all mad, it's what
you signed up for. Yes, it is. It definitely is.
Do you believe that this is facts? Because this is
Robin and I always say we always say that if

you get through a season as a People on Our
sidecast and as if at some point in the season
you didn't want to run away cry because everybody out,
leave your family and just go hide it under a rock,
then you're not doing your job. Like every season you
gotta you gotta throw it all on the table. Yeah, no,

I can't hardly believe that. Listen. I will always defend
my reality cast, not people I just work with. I'm
talking about the industry as a whole. It takes a
lot of courage to get in front of a camera
and tell your business and and and to to to

talk about things that you don't want to talk about.
That takes a lot of courage. So if you aren't
having anxiety or feeling like I want to quit or
feeling like, damn, this is gonna be bad, then you
were being honest because one thing I will say, everybody
in their lives have something going on that they would

prefer to keep under the rug. We all I have
that there's ship that goes on with me. I'm like
the Lord Jesus. But if I signed on to be
a reality star, I want to be the best, and
I have the personality of if you don't want to
be great, then why I sign up to do it? Right? Right?

We we we totally agree. Well, see my perspective different
because I signed up, Like I said, I didn't know
what I signed up for, and when the opportunity presented itself,
I was just kind of like, oh, you only live once, Okay,
I'll do it. I'll try it for me. I wasn't
you know, Oh I want to be you know, a
superstar And and to be honest, does that will tell you?
Like to this day, I still don't think I'm like famous,

Like I'm still it's still weird to me that I'm
on reality TV. That's just my personality. I'm I'm laid back.
I don't think coming if I'm wrong. I don't think
you or Ashley care about that in my opinion. Yeah,
and Nashley too. Yeah, we're we're pretty much. I will
probably say like I'm the same person today that I

was seven years ago or eight years ago before the show.
You know, like it hasn't it doesn't consume my life. Um,
and you know, I want to go back to the
conversation about you know, people you know watching the shows
and and and thinking they have to act a certain way.
It's hard because it's like on Reality's like Okay, you
want to watch because you want to know, like you

wanna know what happens, right as a as a cast member,
I want to say, Okay, what's happening on these other shows?
But then a part of me doesn't want to watch
because I don't want to think that I have to
act like Teresa or Dorenda or Ramona or whoever Erica. Like,
I don't want to think, let me watch these shows
and act like them and say what they say and
do what they do. So you know, for me, I've

always just been like you know what, I'm gonna be myself.
I'm not really into it, like you know, trying to
pretend to be someone I'm not. I know what they
say about me. I don't care. That's why you're great
at what you do. Yeah, you don't have to be
the loudest in the room to have a moment. And
to your point, Robin, let's talk about the real housewives
of Dubaye, right, which I like to say the real

housewives of Bye Bye. For me, those women studied every
single housewife and it's hard for me to get into
them because I don't think they're being themselves. What do
y'all think? Okay, I've only seen one, maybe one and
a half episodes. The only thing that stands out to
me is the is the model girl? Right, But I

think he's talking about her. I feel like, but I
feel like, Okay, yes, she's at least entertaining to watch
the others is like paint drying, right, So she keeps me,
I'm looking for her for the next scene, so I
will give her that. Yeah, are were about to be clips?
They're gonna clip this up? Jeez? No, But I agree.

The thing is this. The thing is this When you
look at someone like Chanelle on Dubai, you're already interesting,
You're you're you're gorgeous, you have this interesting look. Everything
about your life to me is interesting. You don't have
to try hard to be the moment, just be you
because you already have it. Aesthetically, some miss think go

into the scene and make magic happen. And that's the
reason why in my opinion, and this is no shade,
let's talk about it. That's why Potomac Yes became great
half this season two babies not after season two. What
happened to season one? See season one was not good.

People need to figure out where who who we are
and you know, let's let's let's keep it all the
way real. Carlos TV had not seen people like us,
had not seen light skinned, green eye bandits, had didn't
understand okay, they educated their black women, they went to

college like you know, that was so foreign back then,
and so I felt I felt like people just needed
to especially our culture, needed to understand. Yeah, we with y'all,
like we we down, We're bout about it now. I
think Bravo wanted to establish us as they didn't even
confused as to what we were gonna be. So it
was like this big whole etiquette thing, right remember that. Unfortunately, Yes,

we didn't get it either. But I don't know what
season two, what happened? We just got ratchet? What do
we do? I mean, he's I don't know. I guess
he's talking about the addition of some people that he
works closely with. That's what I'm gonna assume. Is that
what you're talking about, Carlos? Oh it know what you're

talking about? No, don't do it. I love it all right.
So this is a portion of the episode of the show, Carlos,
and which you can ask us anything, say whatever you
gotta says anything, tell us anything, you know what you
gotta say? What? Oh, and tell us what would you

do differently in Potomac or if you were a producer
in Potomac, what do you see? Like, Oh, you know,
are there things that you would have tried to produce
differently or or you know, I don't know. That's a
very good question. Okay, So I'm happy to report that
after season one where season one half potential, but like

Gazelle admitted, it was all about etiquette, and no one
gives a shit about that, right, I am going to
say this, and I'm gonna be very real. Starting from
season two, you you guys have excelled tremendously, to the
point of I wouldn't have done anything differently. I think

you guys haven't going on thank you, go on thank
you and I and I've said, I've said that the
secret Sauce and the beauty of Potomac is that you know,
because we were the last standing o G. So like me,
Rob and Ashley Karen have a chemistry about us that, um,
people want to see season after season, right. I mean, yes,

we've gotten some people that have come and go along
the way, But but to keep the originals together for
this long I think has been very productive for the show.
I agree. I agree. If it ain't, don't fix it.
And your franchise does a marvelous job at casting. Y'all

cast some good people to be on the show. It's
actually really hard to cast our show though, you know that, right. No,
it's funny. I know the casting and he used to
do it for years and he said the same thing.
But you guys find great people in the midst of
the struggle, like Monique and Wendy and Candice and Mia.

You know what I'm saying. I scala no, no, ma'am.
Scalar no, ma'am. No, mam, but I want to say
I think Mia was a great addition. I think that
she brings you know, I always like something different, you know,
Mia brings something different and and she and she owns

her ship. She she stands on who and what she is.
I love that. No, I mean, but I agree with
everything he said. I think everyone has been Yeah, I
think everyone's been a great addition. And yes, it's really
hard to cast this show. But but you're right, it's
like finding diamonds in the rough, you know, and and
it's and maybe that's why you know I'm still here.

I'm the boring one, and I'm still here because you
can't find that many people to replace me. So you know,
I don't know if you know, And let me. I'm
a comment on that, and then I'm gonna ask all
the questions. I don't think you're boring at all. Not
everybody on Housewide needs to be this big, boisterous personality.
And I need somebody who's level headed. You need somebody

who's the peacemaker, and you need somebody who's there and
and not you know this this this this sort of
like big, like I said, personality, And I think you
offer that to the show. So I don't think you're boring.
Cynthia was not boring at all. Um, So it does
bother me when people say that. Yeah, Like, I mean,

I think on any show you need balance. Like, if
you had six knees on the show, it would be chaos.
You know, if you have sixs on the show, it
would be chaos. You know, So you definitely need balance.
And and then you know, and then the other thing
is like, you know, not everyone is everyone's cup of tea.
That's fine. That's why there's six, seven, eight housewives on

the show, because you're not going to like every single one.
So and some people like the you know, aspirational part
of housewives, but other people like the relatable part of housewives.
So I just I mean, I don't know. I think
it's good to show both, but I do, you know,
I mean, I laugh at it. I'm like, you know,
I'm I'm still here. If I'm so boring, I'm still here.

You know, I'm obviously doing something right. All right, we
got time for one question. You have one question, Oh
my god, just one a you can have to, you
can have to, Okay, I gotta make a good okay,
And y'all better be honest. Would y'all say Monique Samuel's

was good for the show, really that's your question. Oh God, listen,
he's been dying to say her name. He's been dying
so so so this is this is probably gonna, I
don't know, upset some people, maybe because people are very sensitive.
So when season one, when we filmed the show and
season one was about to premiere, I said, we don't

have any color on this show. I said, we're to
light skin. We need some brown skinned people on the show.
And I said, people aren't going to connect with us,
you know, people who are you know, used to watching Atlanta,
So they're not going to connect with us because they're
going to just see a cast full of light skinned people.
So when Monique was cast it, I was so happy.
I was so happy to see a beautiful, brown skinned

woman cast on our show who's living the Potomac life
that they wanted to see. I thought she was a
fabulous addition to our show. You know, not just for
that reason alone, but I thought that was so important
for people to see that um and for for them
to be able to connect to us. And I mean, yeah,
I do. I think she was a good addition to
the show. Of course, we we had success, so you know,

and I think you know, a lot of it is
that people tuned in, they saw all Monique, they said,
oh well, let me watch this show and see what
it's about. And then people were able to appreciate the
show for what it was and not look at the
show and say I can't relate to anyone. So just
for that reason alone, I think she was a great addition.
And so I agree with everything that Robin said. But

currently she's exactly where she should be, which is with
you on another network. No, and I agree with that.
I agree with that. Okay, so my next question, it'll
be quick, is two and one. But it's easy. Okay,
you ready, out of the current Real Housewives of Potomac cast,

besides just Zelling Robin, who is the top housewife that
you think brings it and who is the least interesting
housewife that brings it? I can answer this because it's
because I think it changes here. It does change, it
changes year after year. But I can say, and this

is a little bit of a spoiler alert for season seven,
I hope Andy don't fire me. Karen come brings it.
This season. Yes she does, and it wait wait, meaning
Karen is Karen is wanted to straddle the fence, not
give her opinion, you know, kind of play it safe.

The Grand Dame does not do that, okay. And the
least she doesn't know she she she's spilling tea like
Karen was spilling tea this season. When does she ever
spill tea? She has a spilled tea in seven seasons. Listen,
I'm telling you I think it's a different side to her.
I know why Ram is not agreeing with me right now.

And the least, who would you say, is the least
what was the question? Was the least at least interesting,
least important, or at least all of the above? Says Look,
I'm let you answer that. Can wait wait, let me
answer the first part. I don't agree with um, Karen.
I'm going to say. Ashley, Oh yeah, well, I mean
but but I think Ashley is not a surprise considering

last year. Yeah. I think I feel like Ashley saw
last year and was like, oh, it's time to play,
and you're gonna see a very different a very You're
gonna see a different Ashley. You're gonna see the old
Ashley but you're gonna see a very different Ashley. Yeah. Okay, true, true, Okay,
So Karen and Ashley, we'll give it to them. Okay, yeah,
Lord the least, and she's not gonna answer that. We're
not gonna answer that in that second call. You can

answer just like process of elimination. I mean, I mean,
I think, I mean, okay, I'm not answered. Listen, Carlos,
I'm gonna answer that. Okay, this is what we're gonna do.
The season is going to premiere. We're gonna talk to
you again on your podcast, and I will answer that
question for you, Okay, and I will give reasons why. Okay,

fair enough. I mean we know because the thing about
is this, Okay, I I think I may know who
the answer is, but I don't want to speculate, so
we will wait and you'll announce it on Reality of
the King pot Yes, okay, perfect, Okay, yes, yes, so

tell us. I'm not spl it and I'm not gonna
spoil it, but I'll say this much. I am hearing
this upcoming season, Darling's explosive and fantastic da I heard
the same thing you guys are coming for the Crown

of Belly Hills. Oh listen, Carlos, um I concur listen.
I heard the same thing, and you know, I hope
the ratings reflect that. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I gotta say,
carl before we leave, let's let Carlos talk about Okay,
your podcast, your show and stuck all your time they

come on, Not that he hasn't already done that in
the whole podcast. Yes, where we can. Okay, by the way,
By the way, this was like the best key key
we've had on reasonably Shady in a very long time. Like, Carlos,
you are a good key key. I feel like we
should we should make this a regular thing. No, we're
gonna we'll have him back. Okay after we're like midway

through season seven, after that starts airing, We're gonna have
you come back so you can give us your critiques
all season seven. Yes, that's good. I would love it.
But no, no, I'm just gonna say that what the
listeners just heard is exactly what happened when we all
met for the first time. It was it was a
key key it was fun. So I'm glad that you

guys thought that chemistry. I just want to let the
listeners know Carlos is very tight. Yeah, because I remember
when when we saw you, I was like feeling on
your on your box, like, oh works, don't are done, honey.
Just want to let y'all know, Carlos King is a
snack Okay, be clear, total clear. That thing is snack up. Okay.

He does not play on your side of the street,
and that is totally fine. But for the other side
of the street, he is quite snack a ball. Okay.
So boys, your heart out, come for the King, and
in a different kind of way, come for the kid.
You know, you know what, Lord, But you know, I
remember he smelled good. Yeah, and he was nice and tight. Yes,

that thing okay, car And I'm not mad. I'm not mad. No,
he's no, he's not rich. He rich Ritchen, He's a
double rich as well. Okay, all right, we have to go, Carlos.
You's got no more time, all right, y'all listen to
it for Carlos. Follow me on at Carlos King Underscored

to find out what I'm doing. That's all right, thank you,
thank you, ladies, good bye ya. Reasonably Shady is a
production of the Black Affect podcast Network. For more podcasts

from I Heart Radio, visit the I Heart Radio app,
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and you can connect with us on social media at
Robin Dixon, ten, Giselle Bryant, and reasonably Shady
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