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January 31, 2024 48 mins

It’s almost February which means…Happy New Year!?! If you’ve been waiting to start your resolutions and set your intentions, it’s finally time to take action on your dreams with the new energy setting in this month. 

February is a 1 month in numerology and mixed with the 8 numerology of 2024, it’s time to get out of your own way and get off to the races! What path or journey are you embarking on? What is calling your soul that you want to manifest? Pick a theme song for the month that is going to get your fire started and life force going!

If you have a dream bubbling up in your heart and soul - there’s a reason for it! Focus on your point of attraction: what you put your energy into is what you will get back so pay attention to what you’re putting into the field! 

Take advantage of the new moon on February 9th, it’s a great time for setting intentions and letting plans germinate. Pick one goal that contributes to your mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual health and create a practice that contributes towards that goal each day. Be resilient in your goal to engage with something greater. 


  • What would you like to experience, materialize, realize, or actualize over 2024? 
  • What aspirations do you feel worthy and ready to fulfill?? 


Let’s make 2024 the year of empowerment! Amanda’s 2024 Numerology Guidebook is finally here!! This resource aligns the energy of 2024 with your personal journey - offering monthly mantras, numerology insights, journal prompts, intentions, crystal recommendations, potential blind spots and more. 

Plus - Amanda answers listener emails about grounding and missing elements in your chart, and provides guidance on when to take the leap of faith on a big move in your life! Send us an email: 


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Speaker 1 (00:08):
Hi, everyone, It's Amanda Rika Green. Welcome to Soul Sessions,
and welcome to February. If you remember, I've been like
February is the new freaking year. So are you ready
because I certainly am. And have you felt the build
up and the shift in energy. I mean, it's like
we're ready. We're ready for the breakout, the breakthrough, the

new incentive to really crystallize in our lives coming. It's happening.
The energy is present and there move through it. And
I will tell you there's some wonky backlash in the
energy field. So many of you, my friends, clients, listeners alike,
have been reaching out and telling me about all the

synchronicities they're experiencing. And it, first of all, it totally
turns me on because I'm like, you're tuned in, you're
paying attention, you're engaging with the field. I mean, wild
stuff is happening for people, and sometimes there's no rhyme
or reason to it. Like you can't always figure out
the meaning to synchronicity. It's more like it's just happening.
That's always a signal, even if you don't know what

it means. All these little glitches in the field are
showing you that energy is speeding up, changing and shifting
the other thing that's happening. And I just did this
Instagram post on this, so if you don't follow me
on Instagram, maybe you should shout out Soulo Pathology. But
I did a post and I talked about how when

we have these massive energy shifts, we experience them physically.
I have literally gotten nauseous, I've had ringing in my ears,
I've had a headache. I felt completely disassociated from my
body when I was with this group of women. We
were sitting, we were enjoying each other, sharing good company.
I was well rested, well fed, well hydrated, nothing not stressed,

like in a really good space in my life and day,
and all of a sudden, I felt my consciousness and
my spirit almost like my full on astral body like
suck out of my body. And then my whole body
was tingling, kind of like when you have the flu
or a lot of head congestion and that equilibrium is off,

so it's almost like your brain's rattling around in your head.
This is the best way I know to describe it.
Like it wasn't painful, but it was like there was
spaciousness in my cranium, and then I could feel my
energy feel tingling. And of course I'm thinking, is anybody
else experiencing this? And They're just going on about their conversation,

and I'm like, I'm here, but I am not here.
And then a few hours later, and I mean I
came back in it, like jolted back into my body.
But a few hours later I had a really terrible headache,
like a tension headache, but it it was blurring my
vision and then I got nauseous. And what was interesting
about that? And I want to share this with you

if you've been experiencing things. Another friend reached out and said,
what about shaking, Like I've been just kind of shaking
a little bit. That's another sign too, Anything that you
experience that is kind of strange and acute, it's not
anything to be scared of, like, oh shoot, there's something
wrong with me. Now. Of course, you listen to your
body and be mindful for you, but in general, if

something feels like it's just not natural or normal and
it is kind of acute and preoccupying you and it
feels foreign, not right, first of all, be like, okay,
something's happening. WHOA, I'm like, some kind of physiological, physical
consciousness shift is happening. Go with it. And then you

can also say to your guides, to your soul, to
the energy field, to God, whatever, Hey, can you turn
the volume down a little bit? This is a little
too intense for me. And I tell you where I
heard that the very first time. It was years ago
from Dolores can And Dolores Cannon is the great channel
and medium who also did tons of hypnotherapy and past

life for aggression, and she was incredible. But that's the
first time I heard her say. She said, Hey, you'll
turn the volume down on this consciousness shift because it's
actually it's too much for me to integrate right now.
So you are sovereign. And guess what that goes with
the theme of February. February is a one universal month

in an eight universal year. And if there is any
combo that says freaking rock and roll kids, it's this
combo because the one is the fire starter. It's like
the horse out of the gates. It is all about
pioneering something, individuating yourself. Remember from the Pluto and Aquarius podcast,
I was like, it's about individuation. This also personifies that energy,

that aquarian energy of what is the future bringing and
how am I engaging with it? What path in journey
am I embarking on? That feels true. It's a little scary,
it's a little dawning. I don't know how it's all
gonna happen, but it's a call in my soul. What
is calling your soul? What is your deep down dream

desire that you want to manifest? You want to bring
into the material world and get out of your own way? Okay,
because the energy of the one is very individual, It's like,
I got this. I don't need any help. You know,
I'm on my own. Nobody's gonna help me with this.
I have to figure it all out on my own. No,

you don't. You freaking have guides. You have a soul,
you have a higher power, a higher consciousness. And look
at the glitches in the energy field. Something is happening.
And even if you can't pinpoint exactly what that call
to action is, sit down and ask, sit down, get silent,

especially as we shift from the very end of January
into February, and I love the numerology for February. First
by the way, if you just want to do the
numerology of the day. February is the second month of
the year. The first is a one, so two plus
one equals three, so there's a three in the energy field.
And then when you add three plus twenty twenty four,

which is eight three plus eight, that equals eleven. Hello,
which is the two. But it's also the interconnection of
the human and the spiritual. So you've got this powerful
one energy for February, which is the eight universal year.
February is the second month. Eight plus two equals ten.
All right, stick with me. February is a one universal month.

February first is a three day in an eleven energy
which is a two. So you've got a one two
three code. That makes me think of outcasts one two three.
Sorry you don't want me singing, but anyway, it's like
that's hey, y'all. Like I'm like, hey, which is a
really good theme song, and you know what, you should
freaking have a theme song for this month. I've been

listening to Murder on the dance Floor, you know, like,
and I have been jamming to Murder on the Dance
Floor on repeat in my car and moving and grooving
pick a freaking theme song for this month. Hey y'all
would be a really good one. Whatever jives with you,
but something that gets you up going and gets your prana,
your life force, your fire sparked. It's a fire starter energy.

So the one two three code, let me say that.
First one the energy of initiation. Two the energy of
working with something greater, something higher, or what's available to
you in your environment. The other your friendships, your relationships,
your resources, who am I and how I'm engaging my relationships,
and again even your relationship with yourself or your soul.

And then the three is the energy of what am
I creating? Creativity and communication and connection. So it's a
very powerful code on the first. So the first is
a really good day to take a little bit of
time to slow your role because it's not a slow
your role kind of month, like you're and guess what,
you're going to be freaking scattered this month, So just
don't stress about it, Like if you feel overwhelmed when

you do, be like, Okay, everything's going to get done.
Let me make a list. The one doesn't really like
to make lists, so guess what do what the one
doesn't like to do because it'll up level it. Make
a freaking list. Don't get bogged down in your fear,
because guess what the eight incites more than anything, fear
and freaking disempowerment. So I felt some fear today and
I couldn't pinpoint it. It was like I felt overwhelmed,

kind of like, oh gosh, I've got a busy week,
I have things going on. Am I accomplishing anything? And
I was. My day was normal, right, I was getting
things done, I was being productive. But I felt this
kind of fear creep in, like what if? And I
don't even know what it was, but I didn't buy
into it for too long. I just said, Okay, you're good.
You're good, are you? Why are you having a dialogue

with your fear? That's not productive? Remember the energy of
the eight. Whatever you focus on grows, So I'm not
going to feed that beast, that fear beast. Heck no,
do not forget that this month because a massive, massive
blind spot And just a little shout out to the
twenty twenty four numerology book that is out and it

dives into the numerology of every single month, the numerology code.
There are mantras, there are themes. There are details for
working with the One and the eight this month Crystal Recommendations, Journal, Prompts, strategies,
blind spots, but one blind spot. I will let you
in on without giving too much of that guidebook away,

And I think you all will really enjoy this. But
it's the self doubt that accompanies the energy of the One,
because even though the One is bold and courageous and
action oriented, wants to tackle, tackle life, tackle their goals,
tackle what's in front of them. Sometimes they want to
fight with people like they're fighters, like because they're fighting

for either what they believe in or what they're achieving.
So sometimes there can be battles, but the self doubt
is like, shoot, like, can I really accomplish this? Am
I an impostor do people really believe in me? Am
I just making this up in my head? Is this
dream a pipe dream? Am I? Not enough? Or not worthy?

And I tell you what, you wouldn't have a dream
seated in your heart and in your soul if it
wasn't coming into conscious awareness for you to pay attention
to it. And it may not be exactly as you
envision it today. In fact, pretty much it will not
be the exact envisioning you have of it. I mean
it might be pretty darn close, don't get me wrong.

And if it's spot on, go you. But in general,
when you start collaborating and co creating with the essence
of a dream, with the essence of an aim or
an ambition, and you allow your guides and spirit and
your experiences to start navigating and collaborating with you, it

can become more abundant. And again that taps into the
infinite potential of the eight. But what is most important
this month is harnessing your point of attraction. So just
like me telling you, I was feeling this overwhelmed and
weird anxiety creep in and I very quickly resiliently cornerstone

of the eight energy. How resilient can you be in
moving through something? And if it's creative, when you feel creative,
oh get I want to get out there, I want
to express myself. I want to do something, I want
to take action. Harness your inspiration, Harness your enthusiasm, your creativity.
If it is fear based, anxiety, overwhelmed, frustration, if you're

battling an illness and you're just freaking cranky because you've
got chronic pain or you're feeling sorry for yourself. I mean,
because God knows when we are in pain, and it
is chronic and debilitating. It creates a lot of irritation
and disease in the field. So it's a natural human

resc sponts to feel self pity, but self doubt, that
fear if you the longer you buy into that conversation,
the longer you perpetuate it, and you actually diminish, disempower
your point of attraction, that point of view that is
always sending signals out into the field and you always

want to come back to Wait a minute, am I
sending out a signal of clarity, love, peace, joy, compassion, inspiration, enthusiasm,
abundance out into the field? Or am I sending a
signal of judgment, sloth, greed, annoyance, self pity, selfishness, and

self centeredness. Whatever it is that is creeping up for you?
How can you process it? And the one forgets to
ask for freaking help because it's so independent, So don't
forget to ask for help along the way? Who can
you ask for help from your higher power? Your guides?
What about your spirit animal? Have y' all been working

with your spirit animal. Remember how we talked about that
a few podcasts A go pick a spirit animal for
twenty twenty four. Is that spirit animal showing up or
are you still engaging? Keep on track, people incorporate these things.
This is a year where consistency pays out and you
don't have to be a drill sergeant about am I
thinking about my spirit animal for today? No? Like notice

when it comes up or somebody mentions it in a
TV show or you see the animal out in the
real world. I mean, if your spirit animal is a
t rex. I have a friend that's her spirit animal
this year as a tyrannosaurce rex. I mean, if she
were to encounter one in real life, I would have
her on the show. We would talk about that. But
your spirit animal can be a freaking dragon. You know,

if if she can have a t rex, you can
have a dragon. So you know, you can have a
blue jay as easily as you can have a dragon.
But work with that spirit animal medicine and go back
to it. What are the challenging vibrations, the negative kind
of limiting energies of that animal, and then what are
the opportunities how do you harness that energy, So it's

a very ambitious month. Definitely to streamline it because the
one energy, like I said, it can get scattered and
it forgets to finish things. I would absolutely set a
goal and an aim for this month. So difference between
a goal and an aim, let's map that out for
a second. I would absolutely set a goal and an

aim for this month. So difference between a goal and
an aim, let's map that out for a second. It
doesn't have to be anything massive or overwhelming, but it's
like this month, I would like to consistently drink more water,
like I want to high drite better this month. So

you see, like I didn't go for today, I want
to win an Emmy. You know, like that wasn't I
don't know how that would happen because I don't think
I could be nominated for an Emmy. But I'm just
saying like I didn't reach so far beyond because I'm
not doing anything to win an Emmy. So you see
why why would I want to do that this month?
So stay in your lane, but set a goal that

feels like it's contributing to your health. And it doesn't
have to be physical health, meaning it can be your
mental health, your emotional health, yes, your physical health, your
spiritual health. Like I'm going to engage with my spirit
animal on a daily basis some way, shape or form,
you know, which means I'm going to engage with my guides.
I'm going to engage with something greater that may not

be exactly tangible, but that I am engaging with an energy,
a thought, something that I'm aspiring towards. And what I
was saying about a goal and an aim. Let's go
back to I'd like to drink more water this month.
So if I were setting that as a goal, I
would set an intention. AND's just I'm going to arbitrarily
pull this out. It is my intention that each day

over the course of February, I will drink sixty ounces
or more of water, and I will feel hydrated, purified, clarified,
and healthy. So do you see what I did with
that sixty ounces or more? So I didn't say I
will drink at least sixty ounces. I didn't say I
will drink sixty ounces. I said I will drink sixty

ounces or more. And sometimes I might put in there
I will organically be thirsty for and naturally drink sixty
ounces or more of water a day. So set an
intention and then here's where you just level that up
a little bit. Is figure out your goal, something that
is achievable, that's going to add to your bottom line,

to heal disease, to create health and well being. Right
start there, set the intention that it's something you are
going to work towards contribute to daily. So the intention
has a daily component. And then a sixty ounces or more.
You know, I will do xyz towards xyz at least

or more each day, something like that. This is how
you level it up. How would it feel? Do you remember?
And I said this in the intention already for you,
the aspiration the experience of if I by the end
of this month, if each day, by the end of February,
each day I drink sixty ounces or more of water,

how am I going to feel? What is that experience
going to do for me? How is it going to
add value? Improve my health, well being and the quality
of life. So you just sit and reflect on that. Gosh,
if each day this month I can drink sixty ounces
or more of water, yes, I'm going to feel more hydrated. Gosh,

my skin is going to be glowing. I'm going to
be filtering out toxins. I'm also going my joints are
going to feel better, i am going to feel mentally clear.
I'm gonna just feel more flexible and fluid, and my
body's going to be nourished. Just envision those things, whether

they're esthetic or practical. So just create something. Set an intention.
Start on February first, and set one goal and do
that little practice around that one goal. And if you
need to write it down, put it on a post
it note. Do something each day, restate the intention each day,
contribute to each day and win. And if you fall

a little bit short, it's again not about self doubt
or beating up on yourself. Be resilient. Just you know,
and that doesn't mean that if you set the water intention,
you drink one hundred and twenty ounces of water the
next day. Okay, don't be don't do that because some
of us can pay that way. Raising my hand over here,
I might do something a little crazy over the top,

but no, like, just begin again. That's the resiliency of Okay,
I kind of missed out today, but I'm back on track.
I'm back on track. So the more consistency creates the
traction and that will help on the follow through of
the energy of the one. And the reason I'm saying
set this one goal for the month because I do
want to talk about intentions for twenty twenty four that

I want you to do because it's very real, it's
very tangible. It's something you can do that's attainable, and
it will feel freaking good to do that to create
some effective change consistently to add to your bottom line
of health, wealth, well being, all the things. Okay, February
ninth is the new moon and Aquarius, and I tell

you what I work with the new and full moons
and have for I don't know, twelve or thirteen years
pretty consistently, and I'll do some episodes on new and
full moons here in the next couple of months to
dive in into really using those energies and I'll help
you out. But February ninth is the new moon in Aquarius,
so the sun and the moon are conjunct, they're holding hands,

they're fused together. In Aquarius, the Sun represents vitality and
life force and the moon really represents our emotional body,
our soul, our inner being, and when they fuse together.
That's pretty powerful, right. It's the best time for seeding intentions,
setting intentions because the moon is the moon and the

Sun are together. It's dark. It's when you plant things
so they germinate. Guess what else. Mercury will have moved
into Aquarius on the fifth, and then we'll have the
Sun and the Moon together. Pluto is in Aquarius on
the ninth, the same day as the new Moon. Marge
joins them. So we've got a stellium, which is three

or more planets in a sign. And on the sixteenth,
Venus enters Aquarius. So we are literally moving into this
initiation of this aquarian energy. And if you didn't listen
to the Pluto in Aquarius podcast last week, check it
out because there's so many details and this is an error.

This is over the next twenty years what we will
be experiencing. But we're getting this big flush of energy
that is aquarian and it's it. I can feel it.
I can feel my brain literally, my consciousness firing, wiring expanding,
and I can't put all the puzzle pieces together. I
don't think you can either. And I know you all

know what I'm talking about because I've heard from you
and I've heard from people out in the world. It's
like things are happening. I feel it. The energy systems
are shifting, consciousness is shifting, and you know what else
is happening. And this is kind of amazing, and I
think brings a lot of solace to a world that's
quite heavy and quite polarized and divided. The more polar

there is, the more decisiveness and division. It's like the
ciner will not hold, the Sinner will not hold. That's
a very famous article written and I can't think of
her name who wrote it. She was a famous journalist.
She wrote The Center Will Not Hold. And then she
also wrote that book about grief, The Year of Magical Thinking.

If you are grieving, read the Year of Joan Didion
Joan Dideon. Ha, thank you, Elizabeth, my producer, just pop
that up on my screen. I have to give Elizabeth kudo.
She's on this podcast with me, just kind of helping
me tap into some of this energy. Joan Didion the
Ciner will not Hold. But she wrote The Year of
Magical Thinking, which is a wonderful book on grief because

she speaks to grief as a journalist and she experienced
a lot of trauma and a lot of very acute
tragedy in a very rapid small space of time. She
lost her husband and she lost her daughter, and then
she could not make sense of grief. And she basically
reported on grief. And most of us out there have

experienced some shape or form of grief, but with death
and dying, it is non sensical. And she reports on
it all the things that our minds do, and she
calls it the Year of Magical Thinking. Anyway, it's a
great book. I would definitely say check that out. So
back to the Center will not hold. This thing I
was saying about, Solace is with all this divide, all

this divisiveness stuff that we have going on on the
world stage, this split that's happening, is actually bringing more
of us together. It's so paradoxical. It's like a parable right,
you know, think about parables. Whenever you just get it,
you lose it. And that's kind of like conscious contact

with something greater, your higher power. But when something pulls
so tightly, there's also something contracting tightly. And I feel
like there is this coming together of humanity. It's like
a new consciousness is being born. And if you listen
to any spiritual teachers and channelers and folks that I like.

They're all saying, like all of us, like so many
of us are on the same page that twenty twenty
four and twenty twenty five are these massive not only
change over years, they are massive evolutionary shifts in consciousness.
We are shifting, we are evolving, we are changing, and

it's very much asking us to say. Do I choose love?
Do I choose compassion? Do I choose less stress? Do
I choose the easier, softer way, the path of least resistance.
Do I choose to go with the flow? Or do
I want to keep fighting? Do I want to stay
in this relationship that is maybe not healthy for me

and maybe that is enabling this other person? How do
I set a new boundary? How do I work on
my health and well being? Because relationship shift? And hello,
it's Valentine's Day coming up. You know, relationships love all
the things. I mean, there's love all the time. Valentine's
Day is freaking day. But with relationships, when we start

to evolve and change, sometimes the dynamics in our relationships change.
Sometimes we outgrow people, sometimes people outgrow us. But sometimes
we outgrow stories, we outgrow patterns of behavior. I've done that.
I know most of you can relate to that. I
you know, think about being for me. You know, I'm
in my forties. My twenties are not my forties. I

was a different person in relationship romantically, friendship wise, professionally,
family wise in my twenties than I am in my forties,
and my thirties were a whole other phase as well.
So when I grow, it's important for me to be
accountable to how I show up and how I communicate
in relationships. And am I perpetuating health value, compassion, kindness, love, wellbeing?

Or am I contributing to disharmony, dysfunction, chaos, arguments, stress?
And how can I be responsible for my part? That
goes back to the energy of the one and last,
but not least on the energy All planets are direct.
All of the planets in the sky are direct until
April first, and on April Fool's Day, Mercury goes retrograde.

It's kind of cheeky, right, April Fool's Day, Mercury goes retrograde.
But until then, we've got February and March with all
of the planets giving us this gorgeous wind in our sails,
this very divine energy, and then starting February out with
this one initiator energy in the numerological code on the
Aquarius new moon on the ninth, That's when I am

setting my new year intentions. Of course I have set
some intentions. I have written some things out, but I
have clarified them, I have tweaked them. I have made
room for and let go of some things, because that's
what Ganuary made space for. With the nine month. It
was like, wait a minute, what BS are you still
doing and carrying around and buying into that actually is

not contributing to your heart's desires, your goals, your aims,
your vision for this year of empowerment that you have
laid at your feet. And I needed this last month
to get clear on some things, to tap into my
soul and myself and my energy better and stronger. And
I know you all did too. Guess what February embrace,

get clear, write this stuff down, use the new moon,
do some journaling, write out a few things that you
in vision. What would you like to experience, materialize, realize.
I'm using bigger words here, not What are your goals,
what are your resolutions? Those things are very linear. That's

a very one dimensional way of looking at things. I
would say it like, what do I want to realize
over the course of twenty twenty four? What do I
want to actualize? What do I want to experience? What
aspirations am I worthy of and ready to fulfill. That's
a much more expansive language than what do I want

to achieve? Now, remember I did ask you to put
kind of a goal down and then we tapped higher
into it, because that will help you ground in and solidify.
And speaking of grounding in, I've had some really great
listener communications and emails recently. One that I want to
share is from a listener. Her name is Amy. I've

had some really great listener communications and emails recently. One
that I want to share is from a listener. Her
name is Amy, and first thing, thanks Amy for the
fabulous email and the shout out. She says, I really
enjoy listening, laughing, and going yes along with all of them.
All of the podcast is what she's referring to, and

that really gave me so much joy because when I'm
listening to something learning and engaging, I'm like, yes, oh gosh,
So it like it felt good that you say yes
when something clicks. She shared something really insightful that I
want to share with you all. She says, I am
a Pisces, and I feel like I do battle with

myself from time to time. Well, we all know you
pisces out there, you deep feelers. You' all go down
to the depths, and of course you do battle like
down at the bottom of the ocean with a straight
jacket on, like Oudini. And then when you all rise up,
you rise up with more love, more heart space than
any of us. So she says, I'm a Pisces. I
feel like I do battle with myself from time to time.

I also have no Earth at all in my chart,
so I keep plants, crystals, and I try to ground
myself as often as I can throughout the days. What
she's referring to is in her astral natal chart. She
doesn't have much Earth, so that would be Taurus, Virgo
and Capricorn. She doesn't have many planets in Earth. I

get that. I don't have many fire planets in my chart,
so I know my missing element, you know, the one
that is the weakest, the weakest representation is my fire
for her, it's her earth. And Deborah Silverman, by the way,
who's a great astrologer, wrote a whole book on this
called The Missing Element. So if you know your charting,
you want to dive a little deeper. Love the Missing

Element by Deborah Silverman. That's a great place to go.
But Amy is very aware of this, so she says,
so what I do, because she doesn't have much earth,
is she keeps plants crystals to ground herself as often
as she can. That is so smart when you know
what your missing element is. Like. If your missing element
is water, go to the pool, take bass, go visit

the ocean, be on a lake, have a pond or
running water, like anything that denotes water, you're engaging with
that element. If your missing element is air, then hello,
that's not only the wind and being outside and breathing
in the fresh air. It's using your breath, of course,
but it also air denotes the mind, so it's about

thinking and communicating, but breathing in the air. So and fire,
of course, Hello, that's where my missing element is, which
isn't just about literal fire. And I tell you what,
I've lit a fire in the house the last few
days because it is cooler here and I've enjoyed it.
And I tell you what, when the fire is going,
there's something mystical about that heat, that warmth that creates

a spark. And knowing where your missing element is and
how to respond to that and put it into your
energy field is so brilliant. So thank you for that, Amy.
But what she also says, and this is so cool,
This is why I wanted to share this with you all.
I'm getting ready to relocate myself from the beach to
the mountains, and I'm pretty sure this will help with

my grounding. You know, it's great about that. Yes, that's
very cool. Super excited for your move from the beach
to the mountains. But just recognizing that you're going to
be able to hike, You're going to be able to
get outside. You're going to be full of abundant nature
that has a very different flavor and energetic resonance than
does the beach and the ocean. We all know this,

and you know it's funny. In my human design it
says that my place is valleys. I have one friend
and her place is the marketplace, and my place is
I resonate with valleys. And guess what. Where I live
in Wimberley is a valley. I got married here. You know,
when I started my journey in sobriety. This is where
I ended up in a treatment center a long time ago. Yeah,

it's like I have been my mother. We moved back
here and moved my mother here, and of course this
is where she spent the last year of her life.
So this valley, this Wimberley Valley, has held space for
me in very transformative stages and phases for me. So
Amy shout out to you. May there be transformation for

you this year and through the Earth. Because guess what
by not having that Earth element as present, and you
consciously saying I'm going to add Earth, this missing element
into my life, you are saying I'm ready to engage
with helping raise the vibration of Earth, engaging with Earth energies.
And there is a lot happening on Mother Earth, and

the Earth is shifting, the Earth is healing, the Earth
is trying to give us new energy. So Amy, you
are grounding in new energies not only for yourself, but
I have a feeling you're gonna have some pretty powerful
spiritual consciousness transformations I wouldn't be surprised if those mountains
talk to you, so just let me know when they do.

Thank you so much for that insight and sharing what
you do. I hope that helps everybody else out there
as well. I also got a great question from a listener.
Her name is Elizabeth, and she has this amazing question
that I think will resonate with you all. She says,
I was wondering how to know when to take a

big leap. She says the universe has been sending her message,
says that it's time to let go, and they've been
getting stronger. Maybe twenty twenty four is her year. She
says that she has wanted to be an artist for
a long time and hasn't had the guts to try this.
She has a good job right now, it's fulfilling. She

also has a family, so her income, her source of
income is important. So many of us can resonate with this.
I have a big call in my soul. Yet how
do I take that leap of faith? When do I
take that leap of faith? I have a good job,
I have responsibilities, I have bills to pay. How do
I make these things happen? And Elizabeth says, maybe twenty

twenty four is my year. Yes, yes, And I'm going
to speak to you directly, shortly, Elizabeth, because I do
have some insights for you. Thank you for this question,
but for everyone out there. If you have a day job,
you have a career, and maybe you have gone to
school for that career. You know, you could be a

dental hygienist, and you really want to open a coffee shop,
right like You're like, gosh, I went to school for this.
I have a really good job, I have really good hours.
I've got to put food on the table. I've got
to pay my student loans, like all the things that
we all experience. You're not just going to say asta
Leavista people and then go get a loan from the

bank and open a you know, a coffee shop. No,
it doesn't work that way. We've got to get our
ducks in a row. So, first of all, just the
fact that you have a call in your soul and
something on your heart, like Elizabeth does, she wants to
be a full time artist. So Elizabeth, I imagine that
you are already doing art. You've been doing art on
the side. It's your passion. This for you specifically, Elizabeth

is an incremental year. Okay, this is not the year
where you full on leave your job and you you
are a full blown artist. Okay, so I'm not busting
your bubble. That should actually make you go Okay, yes
it's real, yes it's there. But I will tell you
that twenty twenty five is your freaking year. So just
take the pressure out of the tires. But guess what,

pull your boot stripes up because you got work to do,
and the work is pretty brilliant because it's not about
it being stressful, it's about it freaking being fun. If
anybody out there has a desire in their hearts, something
they want to be when they grow up, a new passion,
a business they want to start. Maybe you want to
start a coaching business. I have walked so many people

through massive career shifts, lots of healers, lots of coaches,
CEOs who have made big, big shifts in who they
are and what they do and what their avocation is.
But not many people just bust out and leave. So
guess what you get your ducks in a row? What
does it take for me to live on a month?

So you do your budget? You know what does it
take for me to live on a month? What do
I have in the bank? How many months reserve do
I have? And I know I'm being really practical in
this answer right now. It's not all going to be practical.
It's going to be magical too, But there's a lot
of magic in the practical of planning of Okay, do
I have three months reserve so it helps me get
up and running? Do I have six months reserve? Because

here's the deal. If you take a leap of faith,
even if you're prepared and your well of financial resources
is not quite abundant enough, the stress and the fear
and the anxiety of getting clients, making sales, making the
business come to life, it'll backfire on you. You'll have the

stress and the underlying anxiety, and then you won't be
able to give your full blown heart and soul and
space and creativity and passion to your longing, to your avocation.
So making sure you really get your reserves ready do
I have the time and the space. But simultaneously and
specifically for you, Elizabeth, I want you to know, February

for you is like get your ducks in a row month.
That's why I keep harping on that because it's like
they won't shut up for me to say that to everyone,
But really to say it to you is do the math,
get your budget, figure out what it would cost, figure
out who your audience is to, who would you sell to?
Where would you network? Where would you put your artwork

on display and get out and talk to people. This
is also a reconnaissance month. So while you're balancing your
budget over there and you're planning, and you're figuring out,
and you're starting to plan on putting money aside, and
you've probably already done a little bit of that, you
got to go network. Like they're saying, this is also
a networking month of gosh, would I be able to
display my art in this coffee shop or in this

art gallery? Or who do I go connect with? Who
do I go meet? Who inspires me? So you've got
to get your tribe, your community, your people, and your
name out there of I'm an artist, and don't say
I'm an artist but I work full time at no,
I'm an artist. I do this, you know, would there
be any room for me? How do you accept new artists?
How do you choose the artwork that you put up

on these walls, or an art fair you know in
the spring, Hello freaking Spring and Elizabeth for the spring.
There have got to be some amazing art fairs that
are happening wherever you live this month. Research that this month,
send an email out when are there some art fairs
coming up in March or April. I will tell you

this that June is a very opportunistic month. I feel
like you're actually going to make some decent, slash significant
money with your art in June. So just know that
by getting your ducks in a row, putting yourself out there, consistently,
starting to put some money away, starting to plan, decide

what the name of your LLC is, Get an LLC
or you don't have to do exactly that, but I'm
just giving you food for thought. Get a website, make
a Facebook page, what or Instagram or all of the
those little things. You do not have to do them
all this month. But between now and June, the networking
and that confluence of consistently initiating, starting, planting seeds, making

contacts boom. There's gonna be some massive shifts in and
opportunities that come through in June. And I will tell
you this, come July, you're gonna freaking want to quit
your job, not because you're full on ready to embrace
this new profession and your dream, but because you're gonna
be tired at work and you're gonna be like, I

just want time to do my art. Why can't I
be a big artist now? So do not be discouraged,
because that's how the energy works. It gives us these
kind of moments of breakthrough and rewards, and then it
may discourage us a little bit because it says, hey,
are you really true to yourself? Are you true to
your dream? Are you true to your soul? And hey,
you got what it takes girl. And that's when you say, heck, yes,

not quitting my job yet because I'm just not gonna
do that. I'm not piecing out yet, because when I
do that, all systems are going to be a go.
The green light is going to be on. And that's
really what twenty twenty five, especially into probably the first
three or four months of twenty twenty five, is going
to feel like to you. August is also a very

empowered month for you. You're going to feel directed, You're
going to see where you're going as an artist and
where your voice is, and where you can make sales
even online. They keep saying, being able to promote your
work online and using networks to help with SEO. I
don't even know. They're just giving me all sorts of
information for you. But anyone listening out there, you see

how what she said is, when do I take a
leap of faith? You know, yes, she's already taken baby
steps towards her goal, but she's too scared to make
this leap. If you're still too scared, you're not ready yet,
because there's something in you that is doubting that I
am an artist. And that's where you start. In February, Elizabeth,

is I am an artist? What do you do? Elizabeth?
I'm an artist, you know, And you say, well, I
do work over here and do this. But I'm an
artist and I'm creating art. You can find my art
on or oh if you're interested, or you know somebody
that's interested. You speak as if I am an artist.
So if you are scared, you start speaking it into life.
And when you feel that fear, say it's coming. Things

are aligning, things are divinely being orchestrated for me. So
if you are out there and you have a big
dream and you're wanting to make a departure from one
profession to another. Get your ducks in a row. Certainly
take the baby steps towards your aspiration, but also start
communicating it, start networking it, start building your sphere of

influence in the world with this personality, this individual that
is inside you wanting to be born and come out,
because the doors this year will open. This is a
great year if anyone has it on their heart to
make a big change, to really clarify what's on their

heart and then start practicing it, articulating it, communicating it,
sharing it, and testing it out in the world. Where
does it stick? Who is my audience? Where do I
feel engaged? And when am I having fun? When am
I in my elements? So thank you so much, Elizabeth

for that twenty twenty five. You will make tremendous strides
this year. You will also be impatient with yourself. Don't
let that sidetrack you. Just know that your energy field
is really clarifying your dreams. So you know it deep
down in your bones, and the right people, communities and

networks show up to help support you making this a reality.
And you're a beautiful communicator. By the way, they just
told me that. They says you have a gift of
self creative self expression and you're such a communicator. To
know you is to love you. So when you network
out in the world, your energy is infectious. So I'm

sure that resonates because I'm just smiling because I'm like,
oh my gosh, if she just gets out there in networks,
she freaking can like turn gold into things she touches.
So when you do it with something that is on
your heart, it will start to flourish. But be patient
with yourself so your patience will be tested. And again
to anyone out there who is thinking about this, clarify

your dream, start the networking, but also work on healing
the fear and the self doubt because that imposter syndrome
that people talk about that we all experience that voice
is a real limitation in terms of your manifestation. Thank
you so much for the listener feedback. We absolutely love

hearing from you. It makes my day and I love
the insights that you all share, the things that you're noticing,
what's working for you, where you're challenged, your tools and tricks,
and I know they resonate with other people, so keep
them coming. If you want to reach out and email us,
It's podcast at soul Sessions dot me. This is a
fantastic month of initiation energy, so gear up, engage. If

you're wanting to ground in and clarify this energy more,
definitely check out the guidebook. It's at soulpathology dot com
and there's an audio companion that goes with it. And
the audio Companion I think it's pretty fabulous because the
guide book is very detailed, it's very systematic. It's month
over month. It is very conscious in how the energy

works month over month this year, but the audio companion
levels it up. It's something you can listen to while
you're driving. You can go back month over month and
you can review the months prior, you can look into
the months in the future. You can do this with
the guidebook, which you can also do it with the
audio Companion, But in the audio Companion, I really add
in a lot of antidotes and personal experiences with those

energies and how you may experience them. So it's really
me channeling and riffing on the energy as I move
through the guidebook. So the audio companion is great, and
if you do get the Audio Companion. Just to heads up,
the Audio Companion is for January through July. There will
be a part two of the Audio Companion that I

release in June or July, because I want to be
in the Energies so I can offer the second half
of the year and January of twenty twenty five, and
just a heads up, the guidebook itself goes through January
of twenty twenty five. I don't drill down big time
into January, but I give you a preview of twenty
twenty five and the nine Energy. And guess what. The

nine Energy is a big old energy, so the eight
is a big setup for that, and they meld together
beautifully because the Energies do that. The Guidebook gives you
a solid, consistent foundation to clarify your point of attraction
in whatever you have going on in your world, your

challenges and your aspirations alike, and how you can find
greater meaning and purpose and also not only empowerment, of course,
because that's what the eight Energy is about, but so
you can manifest, you can live the life of your dreams. Now,
you can bring Heaven on to earth, even in a
world that may say the opposite. Let's be the change.

Let's be the rebel rousers and be the change in
our own life, because that one spark can start a
whole wildfire. And that's what we're all doing, individually, so
many of us seekers and collectively. Thank you all for
joining me. I hope you listen to next week's episode.
I've got a listener reading with a gal named Jessica
who so bravely came on and she's lost a son,

and her son comes through in the session with some
very powerful messages. She's really gone through some very drastic
and traumatic experiences, but she is not only a survivor,
she's a thriver and has grown through her trauma. I
think you will all resonate with it very deeply and
find some similarities in parallels and also some inspiration from

that soul session and what she brings to the table.
So definitely join us. I hope you all are well
and tap into February. Here we go, twenty twenty four.
Take care of everybody,
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