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February 21, 2024 63 mins

We are delighted to have the legendary Stewart Pearce on today’s show! As a world-renowned Voice & Presence Coach over the last 40 years, Stewart has inspired monumental change, giving voice to visionary figures like Margaret Thatcher and Diana, Princess of Wales

In 1987, Stewart experienced a life-changing encounter and received a Divine Transmission from 12 radiant orbs, revealing themselves as the Angels of Atlantis and has been spreading their loving grace and sacred teachings about enlightenment across the globe ever since.

In today's episode, Stewart shares his incredible journey, from experiencing dyslexia & mutism as a child whose family served the royal family - to becoming an actor, renowned voice coach and spiritual guide. 

Stewart has illuminated the world with the revelation that our truest strength lies in embracing vulnerability and brings us a message of hope and inspiration. We are beings crafted for joy, vitality, and co-creation with nature, universe, and divine forces. As we step into our sovereignty now, it is in this space that we discover our intrinsic worth, power, and creative energies.

Stewart shares powerful messages:

  • Embrace and connect with your true voice – You are sovereign. You are the only being with your voice, your unique note. Why not dive into your richness, your worth, your power and express your creative energies! This is where divinity and vitality live. 
  • Remember that your vulnerability is your truest strength. Living in your truth is what you were hardwired to do. When you do so, you will encounter deeper joy, vitality, and co-creation with nature, the universe, the divine.
  • Be in collaboration and in community. Here you will find grace, stillness and connection – pay attention to those moments and people that bring energy of joy, delight and bliss into your life. We need each other!  

“Those of us that are of the soul and the heart - through sensitivity, through vulnerability, through compassion, through empathy, through kindness and through unconditional love, together we can bring about great change” - Stewart Pearce

For more from Stewart Pearce, check out his website, The Angels of Atlantis, along with his amazing books & oracle decks: 

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Speaker 1 (00:08):
Welcome to Soul Sessions. I'm Amanda Riegyard Greene. It is
a delight and a blessing to have the legendaries Stuart
Fierce on the show today. I can't wait for you
to experience our conversation. Stuart's intriguing journey, punctuated by the
wheel of destiny at play in his life, is an
incredible expression of living one's divine path. Stuart was born

to a distinguished family dedicated to serving British Royalty, yet
during his early years he was unable to conform to
societal expectations due in part to his dyslexia and energetic
sensitivity to the world of spirit. At a young age,
he found solace and resonance through sound. In nineteen eighty seven,

Stuart experienced a life changing encounter and received a divine
f transmission from twelve radiant orbs, revealing themselves as the
Angels of Atlantis. He has been spreading their loving grace
and sacred teachings about enlightenment across the globe ever since.

As a world renowned voice and presence coach over the
last forty years, Stuart has inspired change during key moments
of history, giving voice to visionary figures like Margaret Thatcher
and Diana, Princes of Wales. Stuart helps thought leaders and
change makers to achieve a more authentic presence as they

ignite their radiance to broadcast their message in the world today.
Stuart brings to us a message imbued with hope and inspiration.
He helps us remember that we are beings crafted for joy, vitality,
and co creation with nature, universe, and divine forces. As

we step into our sovereignty, we discover our intrinsic worth,
power and creative energies. Stuart is a true emissary of
the Divine walking among us.

Speaker 2 (02:09):
Let's dive in. Stuart. Welcome.

Speaker 1 (02:12):
It is a delight to join you today, be in
your presence and have you share not only your wisdom
and experience, but your resonance with the soul sessions audience.
Thank you for being here.

Speaker 3 (02:29):
Well, it's my pleasure and you're such a honey. So
it's a glorious opportunity to be here and to share
on this quality because I know that we've already begun
appreciate conversation. It's a very high vibration, so it's a
blessing to be here.

Speaker 1 (02:42):
This is a blessing for me and for all you
listeners out there. Many of you know I have spoken
about Stuart Peers, but also the Angels of Atlantis, and
if you know, I have recommended his beautiful channeled oracle
deck the Angels of Atlantis as a tool, as an oracle,
as a guide to help you tap into your essence,

utilizing the divine gifts that the angels give us. So
thank you for being here today, Stuart.

Speaker 3 (03:11):
It's an absolute pleasure. This is what life is all about.

Speaker 1 (03:14):
It is I spoke with my sister a few months ago.
I had her on the podcast, and this is my
half sister, and one of the things that I shared was,
in this lifetime, she delights me. She brings me delight,
and I wax towards serious and intense and I know,
at this stage, if I close my heart to joy, delight, bliss,

this immense opportunity through my heart, I'm missing out. So
anyone who brings in the energies of delight and joy
tells me I'm on the right track, or I'm where
I'm supposed to be, or that the world is expanding,
our lives are expanding, not contracting.

Speaker 3 (03:55):
Oh absolutely, And of course you know, as we know,
we can get into this slightly late, that there is
a lot of chaos and havoc in the world, which
is of attracting energy, because that's what the old paradigm
of the patriarchy was all about. And all we have
to do is to lean into our systems to see
that patriarchy is essentially about control, coercion, and manipulation, and

they're all contracting forces. But the point is that what
we are doing is creating a new paradigm and therefore
a new mental pattern, new gished out which is all
about freedom and collaboration and the delight that you were
talking about, because we're here for one simple reason. Our
purpose is to optimize our creativity full of love and joy.

That's why we're here. What we've been taught is to
run around trying to find out what our purpose is.
You know, should I do this? Should I do this?
Should I do this? And actually we can do all
of it if it works for us, meaning if it's
in alignment with our the way that our mental body works,
what our desires are and what our God given gifts are.

All we need to do is to be with that joy. Well,
we're not feeling joy of finding a way of being
able to transmute the difficulty, the challenge, sometimes the suffering,
as we well know, into the pathway of peace.

Speaker 1 (05:14):
And through collaboration. What you just shared about collaboration, I
find more pressing than ever. We need community, We need
people and yes, divine collaboration with the angels, with our guides,
with our souls, our over souls, all of the beautiful
powers that be, but also with our people, people who

help hold space for us, whether it is joyful space
or it is space of sorrow, people who can sustain
that for us, and with us we are not alone.
In a multitude of ways, we are not alone. And
it's so funny because oftentimes I will speak with people
and I say, who are your people? Who are your friends?
Who's your go to when you're sad, who's your go

to when you're joyful? And someone will say, well, I
don't know, and that is when my heart aches, and
I said, You've got to find them. That is your
intention this year is to connect, and to connect wholly
and vulnerably so you feel safe, So we learn to trust.
There's a lot of mistrust that is this illusion and
it can be real too. It absolutely can be real.

But that we're breaking through.

Speaker 3 (06:21):
Yes, And there's a tremendous amount of information in the
breath of today, isn't there. I don't just mean literally today.
But at this time we're all recognizing that many of
our relationships, whether they be professional or personal, are really toxic. Yes,
And so what we're beginning to do is to discernibly

negotiate what those relationships are all about. Thank the people
who are in relationship with us, if we need to leave,
thank them for whatever their gifts have been that we leave.
And as a result of that, another huge clarion call
comes through us, where we suddenly begin to realize discernibly

what sort of people do I want to be with?
And that's when we start bringing our soul tribe to
us because magnetically vibrating the possibility of what that dream is.
And then our kindred spirits come. I mean, you have them.
I know I have countless stories, but are either my
own stories or stories that are shared with me about

how somebody's faced the odds. Have found a way of
being able to discern, well, I don't want to live
my life this way. This is just full of suffering.
So what do I need to do or be to
move into transcendent promise? And then as soon as they're there,
all these remarkable people suddenly feel their life.

Speaker 1 (07:42):
They show up as if by magic, which it is.
It's miraculous, it's otherworldly, and the otherworldly is now. The
other worldly is now. I have a good friend and
she says, where is God? God is now? And it's
such a simple way of remembering, where is the miraculous,
Where is the solution? Where is the abundant? It's now

the hope. Fill in your blank. It is now and
now more than ever. As you and I were speaking
of in twenty twenty four, from twenty twenty three to
twenty twenty four, there was this magnetic door that open
and it is really ushering in some of the highest
vibrations of light I've ever experienced. But also with that,

it's the polarity of the darkness, the heaviness that I
can go through a multitude of transmutations in a given day,
and it is it can be exhausting when I don't
practice my self care, or when we don't practice our
self care. However that looks. Sometimes it's a nap, or

it's healthy food, and water, exercise, meditation, and sometimes for me,
I go to this often is the grocery store. When
I go to the grocery store, I can get the
things on my list, but I also feel free and
spawn taneous, and I enjoy interacting with people in the
world freely by a smile or a simple interaction and

being reminded of the quality of humanity putting up the
cart for someone, someone opening a door for me, or
getting something off a shelf. That happens for me out
in public in the world, and it creates a sense
of expansion. And sometimes I may not be finding that
in my own circumstances or day, so I go out

in the world to find it.

Speaker 3 (09:33):
Yeah, rule that you've just described to me is you
choose to go to the grocery store as an action
of grace, as an expression of grace. And of course
if we choose to do this, which is given a
preliminary energy of delight because it's great being gracious, being
gracious that it's wonderful receiving grace. So if we actually feel, ah,

this is something I can do consciously so that I'm
really present to the nature of what it is to
be a vessel or an agency of grace, that we're
really doing what God's work is all about. And the
angels immediately floed through us. You know what was what
I was reminded of also when you were giving the
litany of the different things that you do that helps
you transmute any of the challenges into freedom. Is also

the power of stillness in our lives today. Of being
still now, many of us find it very difficult. And
I don't just mean being inert or being passive or
being couch potato. I mean of literally finding stillness within
through breath, through chance, through prayer, being in nature and

listening to the movement of the water courses, the singing
of the birds, the barking of the elk, I mean,
whatever it may be.

Speaker 1 (10:51):
Getting away from these computer screens, so I find if
I look outside, there's a gorgeous sunrise right now. It
is luminous in rays of color I can't even describe.
But looking outside out the window instead of at a
screen to something that is natural and even supernatural, I

begin to resonate with that so simply, and.

Speaker 2 (11:15):
It's so accessible.

Speaker 1 (11:16):
That's what I think many people may not know or
realize or remember.

Speaker 2 (11:20):
We can forget it. I'm human. I need to be reminded.

Speaker 1 (11:23):
I have a quick forgetter, so that we are capable
of connecting with something quantum and greater if we just
look for it and.

Speaker 3 (11:33):
Call it in absolutely And therefore we're lead because it's
an intrinsic part of us and in here and part
it's part of our duvine blueprint. We're lead to two things,
stillness and flow simultaneously. Sometimes as well, you're looking out
and seeing and glorying in the sun rise, we suddenly

begin to realize, oh, my goodness, me, so there is
this four that I am part of, this universal eternal
force that has my greatest want desire way of being
in consciousness, you know. In other words, what I'm what
I'm really saying is that I believe that the universe
is a love letter written to us by the divine

and that if we can actually just tune into we
can lean into the wonder of the beauty, just as
you've just expressed it by looking into the sunrise. It's
also an extraordinary day here. Today was yesterday I'm in
the city of London and it was very gray, and
today pressure is high and the sky is blue. And
the sun is shining and it's chilly, so it always,

you know, wakes us up in this really positive way.
But if we can actually see that by tuning into
these wonders of nature, that we're actually being given an
opportunity to realize that the divine is asking us to
gain dominion over all material forms. And by leaning into
the glory and the wonder and the awe, we all
and matically begin to understand ways of living the vibration

of truth, which is that we're hardwired for joy, We're
hardwired for vitality, we're hardwired for great health, and to
go back to one of the themes that popped up
about sixty beats ago, we're hardwired for co creation. Co
creation with nature, co creation with the universe, which is nature,
co creation with the Divine, co creation with the angels,

and co creation with our kindred spirits. But if we're
relationships that are not co creative, and much of the
past is based on competition and not collaboration, then we
need to renegotiate our way forward, excelling into another truth.
I feel that that's what I've been able to do

with my life because my early life was challenged like
many of us have been because I saw the multi
dimensional universe and spoke about what I was seeing, and
people looked at me in a very dazed form. Understand
what their fear was all about, because after all, I
was born just after of World War and so everybody

was traumat I was born in the early fifties, and
I couldn't do what they wanted me to do. I
couldn't read. I'm dyslexic, and I couldn't both in terms
of the written word and also in terms of numeracy.
I couldn't orchestrate myself through all of that thinking process
because I was so in touch with multi dimensional universe.

I was asking for the angels to show me a
way to go. And what they've now led me to
is all of the special skills that we all have intuitively,
but I can begin to organize myself in a three
D language. But of course what went with it was
a tremendous amount of punishment and disapprobation. Not from my

loving mother, who was always there unconditionally, you know, scooping
up in her arms and providing me with tenderness and care.
She was a paragon of unconditional lif love. But my
father certainly wasn't.

Speaker 1 (15:04):
He was frightened, and that I find oftentimes when people
misunderstand us, it creates fear so and we've all experienced
that on a personal level and sometimes on bigger levels.
So speak more about your personal journey and where you
grew up, because it is quite fascinating in the family
you grew up in and the circles that you were

intimately privy to, and the genesis of that and how
it evolved, and especially with the alchemy of voice and
voice coaching, the lives you've touched, So touch on the
bits as you feel cold.

Speaker 3 (15:46):
So I began in life being born into a family
that were royal servants, So both my mother and father
were involved with the British our family. So it was
born in to all of that, and so there was
on one level of a position of vibrational privilege in
relation to that, because intimate royal servants lived through a

system of grace and favor, which is very much the
sort of no bless oblege you or the noble line,
where these people are looking after us, so we will
look after them. So I was brought up in all
of this, and of course introduced to service and introduced
to duty, and introduced to tradition, and introduced to heritage,
which have all been really powerful themes in my life

now in understanding what our caarmic interweaving patterns are all about,
because obviously that whole system is now no longer appropriate
for us. In other words, in a very simplistic way,
in the past, we looked to the king or the
queen for leadership in relation to our sovereignty because they
were the sovereign. Now I believe that what's happening is

that archetypal energy is shifting and we're discovering our own
sovereignty so that we can literally feel, wherever we are
in our lives, whatever our walk of life, that the
king queen within us is balanced. It's one of the
key archetypes, so that we learn what our richness is,
what our worth is, and what our power is. And

I don't mean in suppression of other I mean in
relation to the expression of our creative energies, because that's
what we're here to do. We're here to optimize our
creativity full of love and joy. So there I was
in this situation, and I was so aware of I
can remember from the very very early times, you know,
I must have been three three four. I became aware

of these lights around me, and within the lights were sounds,
where these extraordinary harmonic beats and rhythmic waves of sound.
And I began to realize that this light here was
my guardian force, my guardian angel, and this light here
that always came as an amethyst, violet or purple light

was Archangel Michael, and that whatever happened to me is I.
I went to school, as I would just say, and
experienced a trouble educational existence because I couldn't do what
they wanted me to do. All the other children could
seemingly do it very easily, but I couldn't. So I
found that these lights carried me through that, even though
there was a wave of anger and discipline and disapprobaction,

because at that time the way to discipline a child
into intelligence was to beat them, and so I was
beaten a tremendousment and ostracized by class members. However, I
kept going with all of that up until about seven
years of age, where I realized there was no point
in interacting with all of this, and that what I

needed to do was to shut up. Because I've always
enjoyed speaking, the physical sensuality and sensoriness of speaking. I've
always enjoyed unusual that I shouldn't become a voice coach,
so I shut up. Two years. I went into complete mutism,
and that made me get still inside. Even though I

was very young and very grounded. I know therefore that
in the prior years I was not grounded at all.
I was just floating all over the place. So understandably
people would say, what are you doing? Get something to do,
you know, because I would just be floating around, being
with the spirit of what I saw as being the universe,
and saw lots of ghosts, you know, because I was

brought up in old buildings, that one particular building that
had been there since the twelfth century, so you know,
there are a lot of dead people around. So I
was very easy with all of this, a little bit
like the Sixth Sense, the movie The Sixth Sense. But
being still was really very extraordinary. I mean it was
difficult for those people on the outside of me, but
it was very extraordinary, and particularly developing a relationship, a

very profound relationship with my brother who was a year older,
because he was my codebreaker. He could read say what
Stuart means is you know, and it became this sort
of sibling game, and he was always very right. He's
immensely intuitive. However, when I came out of speechlessness, I

just had to hum and sing. So I was humming
and singing, and my mother said, you know, Danny, you're
always singing. I think you should be in a church choir. Yes,
so I was put into a church choir. Now I
didn't know what I was singing, because I had the
book in front of me. You know, I observed that
code of conduct, being a little chorister, you know, with

a rough and a person all that stuff, standing there
looking very pure. So I just copied the other boys.
And then suddenly, in relation to the duration of the
note and the rhythm of the melody and my breath,
the words dropped in and I started reading for the
first time. So this was nine ten years of age.

And then everybody was relieved because I could retain how
to read. And obviously readership is really significant to us
in the world, and so that's what began to happen.
And people kept saying to me, there's something about your voice.
You're nothing about everything else, but there's something about your voice.
So when they spoke of their energy, fields flared and

there was pleasure in them, whereas I'd always contracted people
prior to that, which was also quite frightening for me.
So I went with that flare, and I started to
use my voice creatively by expanding my vocabulary. And then,
of course, you know, at high school, people said to me,
you know, why don't you join the drama group, And
I thought, what's that? So I went and the people

there were really cool. But somebody said, there's something about
your voice. You should be an actor, whereas I wasn't academic,
so I went in that direction. And fortunately, in the
early seventies I became an actor and worked with some
of the great actors of today, you know, so I
was taught well by looking at them and learning through
their example. So I worked as an actor through the seventies,

was very successful, ended up on Broadway and off Broadway,
got a contract for a big movie. You know, I
was going to become the greatest actor of the twentieth century.
This is all in the States where I was living,
and I'm the telephone rang because obviously this is before
cell phones and emails, and it was my brother saying
what are you doing? And I said, well, you know,
I'm packing everything up and I'm moving to Hollywood. This

is where when we're making the movie. And he said,
you need to know MAM's got terminal cancer. She's got
three months to live. What are you going to do?
So I decided in that moment, of course I needed
to come back to the United Kingdom to nurse her.
Our father had died three years prior. They both died
very young. And I let the movie go and that
was extraordinary experience. I nursed her for a year, and

as sad as it was, she then passed. And then
remarkable opportunities came to me and I transited from being
an actor into training actors as a voice coach. And
what happened was a very extraordinary woman whom I've worked
with at the Royal Shakespeare Company, who was the voice
direct to call me and said what are you doing?
I haven't seen you for a long and I said,

I'm not doing anything, I'm being this and then she said, well,
why did you come a teach for me? And there's
this woman I'd like you to go and work with.
She was extraordinary with Sicily and the woman was Margaret Thatcher.
So three weeks later that I was walking into Downing
Street to work with Margaret Thatcher. And that was effective,
you know, I was able to help Margaret in This

was what nineteen eighty and as.

Speaker 1 (23:24):
People can already hear, it's the hand of fate. Sometimes
the door is seemingly full of sorrow. I lost my
mother last year and I cared for her for a year.
There's a parallel right there. And my husband and I
were living overseas, we were living in Belize, and we
moved back to care for her in her last year

of life. My father died when I was eighteen, so
we made this decision to come back. And it's of
course been a divine setup, but through a tremendous amount
of delicacy, sorrow and utter blis.

Speaker 2 (24:00):
Yes, so you come back.

Speaker 1 (24:01):
You make this decision, you leave the United States, and
this career that is budding of yours seemingly in the
direction that you were wanting to go and excited about.

Speaker 3 (24:12):
But you put your finger on it. You know, it
was the wheel of destiny clunking around, showing me that
something else would be. You know, it was intended because
after all, my injection was that I was born into
a life of service. So I realized that I needed
to literally allow my entire life through the orientation of service.

I just didn't know quite which aspect would be revealed.
And of course I'm shorthanding a very big story. When
my mother died. Two days after her dying, she came
to me, and that was an extraordinary rite of passage
because the weeping suddenly ceased because there she was saying,
no more tears, pure joy, because I'm always going to

be with you, just from a different zone, and I'm
going to mistress mind your career, watch what happens. And
that's almost a day later, the telephone rang and this
huge doorway opened, and I moved from that terminal suffering
into the development of the last forty five years or

whatever it is.

Speaker 1 (25:19):
So you ended up on Downing Street working with Margaret Thatcher,
which is an incredible story, and then other doors opened.

Speaker 3 (25:26):
There are many personalities there that have been very fortunate,
and each person has taught me something, you know, because
they're very remarkable. When you're call to greatness as we
all are, that we have we you know, we have
certain rewards, certain gifts, or certain information to impart. So
I became a sponge and sponged it all up. But

of course I also had this burgeoning consciousness as a
spiritual being, which had been there in childhood. I'd sort
of not I hadn't really attended to it. I just
let life happen. And then suddenly, when I started becoming
responsible for human beings as a voice coach and particularly
running a department, a voice department in one of Britain's

leading drama schools, you know, as soon as you start
working on somebody's voice, you're working with their intimate beingness.
And I would feel intuitively all the old impulses of
my psyche opening, and I would say, you know what,
it's this weight that you have around your heart. It
has something to do with your mother, and I feel

that she's passed recently, and I would very gently and
tenderly approach it that way, rather than by the way.
Your mother's standing here talking to me, and people say,
what are you talking about? So I realized that the
information I was sharing was accurate, so I started meditating.
I found myself being drawn to India to meet the

great avatars there, not all of them, but one or
two of them. And they taught me remarkably about how
I could begin to manage my life. You know, Prince.
One of them said to me, you worry, worry, worry, worry, worry.
What's the point of worrying when you can pray? And
that was one of the most extraordinary things that had
ever been said to me, because it showed me that

life is dualistic and that when we're feeling something, although
when we're feeling something in suffering, it feels as though
there's only that, but actually, in the reality of the cosmos,
there is always an alternative through the vibrational currency of
this planet. So it showed me how whenever I felt fearful,
I needed to start praying or I'm a great believer

in affirmation and to jump forward in time. One of
the great people that I had the most extraordinary experience
of working with for two years was Diana, and she
was just beginning to emerge through the divorce from Charles
the last two years of her life. I started working
with her just after the Martin Basher Panorama interview, and

what was important for Diana was to ground herself in
the whole instant through affirmation. So I started using affirmations
with her because of my own experience, you know, thirty
years prior, where I was actually able to really feel
all of that energy burgeoning.

Speaker 1 (28:14):
I think that is fascinating because so many people in
multi generations feel like they knew Diana and that was
one of her gifts of vulnerability and presence. And you
helped her. And I know this because I know about
you and your gifts and work. But cultivate her voice,

her true register so it would emulate out and she
could feel more comfortable in her own skin. But I
love what you're sharing about affirmation because it has been
extremely profound in my life. And I remember I had
been a seeker and a searcher from a very young
age and was working to put the puzzle pieces together

and understand and feeling misunderstand stood. I even have an
undergrad in religion and theology. I was always searching and
studying the great mystics, but I could never feel that
transcendent experience that was written about stories told with all
the great writers and scholars and theologians. It was just

beyond my grasp. And it took a turn in my
late twenties early thirties through the darkest night of my soul,
and for me it was alcoholism and addiction, and I
had i'm a need for speed, so usually it was
more success and drive. But then I became tired, and
once once that doorway opened, the alcohol and addiction took

me down very rapidly. And when I had that moment
of waking up the gift of desperation. I love that
acronym for God, the gift of desperation, and I decided
something has to be done about this. And I don't
have the answers I need more. But I remember, probably
two weeks into a treatment center, I was thirty two,

and I had sat on the porch with a woman
and we were talking about Wayne Dyer and I didn't
know who Wayne Dyer was at the time, and she said,
oh Wayne, and she's you know, she's spouting off all
of these brilliant things about Wayne and the power of
I Am. But she said something to me that broke
space and time. Because when space and time breaks, we

hear something, we know it, we remember and.

Speaker 2 (30:28):
Hopefully heed the call.

Speaker 1 (30:30):
And she said, one of the things that he says
is at night when you go to bed, you know,
whatever you go to bed on is what you're marinating in.
And I thought at that point I had been passing
out or going to bed thinking I don't want to
wake up anymore. So all of that flashed before me
very rapidly, and she said, but he suggests, you know,
using your im statements. So when I got into bed

that night, in my little twin bed and my treatment center,
I allowed myself to sink into this sheet and Stuart
the moment in my mind's eye, I said, I am.
I mean, before I could even formulate it in my
mind's eye, a flood of love, loving, worthy of love,
humble humility, grace, kindness, joy, passion. I mean, it flooded

and downloaded so fast, and I could feel that moment
of transcendence that I had been searching for for thirty
two years. And my soul very clearly said to me,
we've been waiting for you to talk to us. And
my soul comes in this multi dimensional form of we
or they. It's this consciousness everything that ever was or

ever will be. And so it's like a choir of
myself said, we've been waiting for you to ask anyway.
So that's how it flooded in is through affirmation, but
divine communion. It was divine communion in the most unlikely
of spaces, in a twin bed in a treatment center
where my life was broken.

Speaker 2 (31:57):
It actually broke open.

Speaker 3 (32:06):
When we let go and let guardian, which is what
the breaking is seemingly about. And we're very sturdy being
so we can repair the breakage. You see. Isn't that extraordinary?
That moment of I am Now, that's what the experience
for me in nineteen eighty seven when I met the angel,
I needed to awaken on to another higher octave of energy.

So the context was that there I was, you know,
from nineteen eighty onwards, developing this career as a voicecoache
and muscling up my own psyche, muscling up my own intuition,
and developing an ethos, developing an ability to be able
to communicate to myself and other What this extraordinary expansion

of metaphysicality was all about? That we were experiencing that
which was called the New Age. And a friend of
mine said, look, I'm to open a crystal store in
a town in Somerset called Glastonbury. And I said, oh, yeah,
I know Glastonbury. I loved Glastonbury in my ignorance, and
so he said, well, why did you come down and
give people readings? You know, give fifteen or half an

hour readings, because so many people are going to be there,
because it's this remarkable festival called the Harmonic Convergence. And
then this was a very extraordinary time which was one
of the great watersheds for our movement of today, the
human potential movement of today, which was when them, as
far as the main people was concerned, a unique constellation

was opening in the heavens that was bringing in extraordinary energies,
and the main prophecy was that one hundred and forty
four thousand Rainbow Light warriors would be awoken. Okay, so
there are reading for people in this crystal store. And
the energies were so vast and powerful that I felt

a level of fatigue in my body. So during the
lunch break, I climbed the high heel of the tour
tour is a Celtic word meaning sacred hill. I climbed
it Saint Michael's Mount and started meditating, because of course
I'd been taught when you need to recover energy, there
is a multitude of supply of energy in the universe.

Go and meditate it still, breathe and if you can chant,
So I'm sitting on the tour chanting, and then moved
into a moment of stillness. And in the moment of stillness,
a doorway opened in my consciousness and I heard these
remarkable sounds that were completely otherworldly, and I was so surprised.
As I opened my eyes, I said, I am the

divine and a doorway opened. I opened my eyes and
there were twelve orbs in front of me, and one
of these orbs, which was amethyst or purple or violet,
said we are the angels of Atlantis, and we bring
you a temple of sound healing that you will call
the Alchemy of Voice. And the light penetrated through my

body on a diagonal through my heart, and it felt
as though the whole of my neurology, the whole of
my nervous system, was being upset, was being startled. It
felt a little bit like a heart attack. So I
breathed deeply and grounded myself, and all of those symptoms passed,
and there was this extraordinary chorus in my ears. These

twelve orbs began to dissipate after about half an hour,
but they were brilliant orbs of light. They were vast.
I mean they were ten eleven feet in diameter. You know,
they weren't little orbs, they were big orcs, and these
different colors, twelve altogether a sacred number.

Speaker 1 (35:42):
Numbers are for me as sound has been your channel,
your portal.

Speaker 2 (35:48):

Speaker 1 (35:49):
And I'm not a great mathematician, but when I see numbers,
I see frequencies, and then it opens up a gateway
if somebody tells me a number or their birthday. Of
course I understand and astrology and Pythagorean numerology, but it
was as if I always knew I know numbers. So
that great number twelve, which has a vibration of one, two, three,

which is yes, a very high vibrational frequency. So these
twelve orbs, that would be the angel.

Speaker 3 (36:17):
So these twelve, and of course you know, just to
drop in Twelve is the resonance frequency of the cosmos.
Seven is the resonance frequency of our planet. So we
think seven dwarves, the seven last words of Christ, the
seven chakra, the seven notes in the octave at center
at center. But now we're awakening to twelve at this
time of huge awakening. Now look, I mean after this experience,

I was a LOVESI teenager. I wanted to talk about it,
and they said no, we were now going to teach
you for the next twelve years. And what that meant
that on the path of life, the masters come, you
know this, when the student is ready, the masters come.
So remarkable people came. I spent a lot of time
in Egypt and wisdom keeper step forward. I found myself

also in Istanbul in Turkey and a supermast step forward.
And I was drawn to a nature American elder in
the early in the early nineties rather in New Mexico,
who I worked with for three years, who was very
powerful charman, very very powerful magic man. So these all
of these energies developed and developed and developed until twenty

twelve when I realized that it was time to release
myself from the profession of being solidly a voicecoach and
come out, as it were, out of the spiritual closet.
Because at that time the temperature was still a little
bit tepid. You know, you don't walk into the White
House saying I see angels, And it wasn't really appreciated.

Today there's a growing interest, a less of a critique
around people like us who are gifted as we all are,
I believe. But because we've step forward and become clear
about our message, it's very different today, and particularly in
the wonder of the United States. Yes, there's a great

openness than there is in Europe. And you know through
this year and all that will take place within the
presidential election, within the money markets, within the corporate world,
because there are movements forward to create freedom out of
these contracting enage and as a result, there's going to
be even more information about the way forward to heal

our problems is through supernatural means. So let's lean into
the angels. Yes, So since then I've written books about
the angels. In fact that the Angels of Atlantis is.

Speaker 1 (38:43):
Herebert I have mine too, I mean, like we'll, yes,
I do. I recommend this and everyone out there the
Angels of Atlantis. You can go to Stuart's website and
one of the things that is such a generous gift
for anyone who can search the Internet to receive is

with each of the Angels of Atlantis. If you go
to he has two websites, his Stuart Pierce website, which
is his Alchemy of Voice and voice coaching, but also
the Angels of Atlantis. If you click on the angels,
there are mantras, and there's a meditation, there's a prayer
and in Stuart's voice, his chanting and his divine messenger voice,

which I have used your website freely, and I share
your message freely with so many, but I have used
it many times. Whether I am in glorious self expression
and just want to express my joy, or I am
struggling and in fear, I will ground and call in

one of the angels, whether it's Honey, l Uriel, Jophiel, Metatron, Michael,
any of them. So let's talk some about the angels,
because this year or earlier in the podcast, and I
think it was at the end of last year actually
after my mom died, when I would start talking to
my mom Stuart just on the other side, and I

will share with you personally about the experience that I
had with her at her death and Jofil coming through.
I've never been in that much divine presence. Jofil held
space and it was otherworldly. Even when I go to
talk about it, and it's not just losing my mom,
it is that divine energy. But when I would talk

to my mom months ago after she died. I would say, mom, Medatron,
and it would come just in my consciousness, in my
again like that I Am came through in my mind's eye,
in my inner soul and being I would say mom, Medatron,
and I would kind of say what in the world.
And then I realized my mom was with Medatron. Medatron

was with me, and Medatron was coming through profoundly and
started coming in more clearly.

Speaker 2 (40:59):
And I have I've followed.

Speaker 1 (41:01):
You and learned from you for a long time and
connected with the angels, but I had only up until
then had a handful of personal extraordinary experiences with the
angels of Atlantis. But Metatron kept coming through very boldly,
but also with my mother, which I found fascinating.

Speaker 3 (41:25):
Yeah. Well, I mean, you know Metaron the cosmic teacher
who stands on the left hand side of the divine
and has the key into the Ashik. So with the
passing of your mom, it would create this open ring
pass not where a lot of energy from the cache
of your soul would come pouring in to inform you
about this ministry that you're engaged in. And your mother

was one of the great key holders for that and
so evidently exercised Metatron to come through. Metatron is an
extraordinarily powerful part of this transsepts that we're going through.
So for the listener, yes, I mean the Angels of
Atlanta says it all. We're just about I've actually recreated

the website which we're opening on Wednesday, use more expansive,
user friendly, so to speak. I'll be working with my
extraordinary team, So we're going to open it on Wednesday.

Speaker 1 (42:20):
How divinely timed that we are sharing this because Valentine's
and also for this audience and beyond. This website in
and of itself is superbly helpful. But I am excited
for you to be ushering in a new chapter, so
to speak. I am excited for you to be ushering

in a new chapter, so to speak.

Speaker 3 (42:50):
Suddenly there's a tremendous amount of interest, which is really
really interesting, suddenly, you know, because I've been wanting to
achieve this for the last three years. Sudden. Well actually yeah,
thirty seven years. For nearly forty years.

Speaker 2 (43:03):
But Stuart, you're so young at.

Speaker 3 (43:05):
Heart, immensely, you know. I may be seventy, but still
I feel like an eighteen year old. So I mean,
there's a lot to be achieved over the next thirty years.
But the angels, they each have a different identity, and
their identities are archetypal images, and the archetypes are keys
into our consciousness. So there is a teacher, there is

a healer, there is an eternal companion. There is Zafkil
who teaches us all about love, and of course Metatron
the cosmic teacher, with Michael, the cosmic leader. So whenever
we need information, particularly when we're moving forward and acquiring
as you've done over the years, this wonderful pantechnicon of

different informations that you can call upon to serve in
the way that you do. Metatron comes forward. I have
the oracle sitting here, and so I thought, well, I'll
just see what's happen within the middle of the oracle.
So I just opened it up. This is about five
minutes ago. We've just been talking about community, and here
is Raphael, the Holy Healer and.

Speaker 1 (44:10):
Comity, and look at look at the communion of people
and the angels and the orbs of light, the divine
multi dimensional beings, quantum beings, their plasmic residence, and then
human consciousness, humanity in each.

Speaker 3 (44:27):
Of the oracles. There is an expression of the five faiths.
So here we have an expression of Islam. And this
is the festival of the Hutch and the Hajj is
this extraordinary festival that takes place right in the heart
of Ramadan, where pilgrims go to Mecca, which is what
that scene is, and they walk around the Kaba, this

black box which has a meteorite in it that was
given to Muhammed, may his name be praised, and they
walk around. So in other words, it urges praise, petition,
and participation. So we ourselves in this extraordinary union of souls.
And for some of my clients you know, who are
who were born into the Islamic faith that have been

they say, it is the most unbelievable experience to be
walking seven times around the Kaba with you know, thousands
and thousands of people all chanting.

Speaker 1 (45:20):
As you spoke of that, my palms started sweating. My
heart rate just increased. And I want to encourage you
all listening to notice the sensations in your body. And again,
whether it is in delight, divine communion, human communion, it

is all the same, or you are in fear and
worry and doubt. These angels are are here. There are
beings here to help us. We are not alone, and
we are in an age of awakening where consciousness and
the planet, the planet Earth in our star system, is

coming to a new life.

Speaker 3 (46:05):
So this thing that troubles all of us, I feel
so alone. Yeah, because we've been called we've caught up
in the neuroses of separation rather than being in the
glory of diversity. If we can drop another l in
the word alone, we have all one.

Speaker 1 (46:22):
Words are so powerful in not only their alliteration, but
words extraordinary, all in one, all one.

Speaker 3 (46:32):
And as you've shared so beautifully, once we actually allow
ourselves to drop into the possibility of oh, you mean,
my loneness is preparing me to feel all oneness. Suddenly
in that moment, the spacetime continuum shifts and there's a
quantum leap experience. Now that's the miracle. That's what miracles

really mean. Miracles mean a change of perception. So we
move away away from a woe is me? And you know,
and often I don't want to trivialize what we're experiencing,
because it often can be raw and rank and ghastly.
But the point is in those experiences, we're being given
an opportunity of healing the darkness in service to our

other brothers and sisters, meaning the collective of humankind, so
that we can move into a position where we start
radiating a force and then we are lifted up by
the grace of God, by the angels, yes, who don't
decide for us, they provide us with the energetic field
of upliftment.

Speaker 1 (47:37):
Yes. And that sovereignty that you were talking about this
movement when we talk about a shift in consciousness from
a patriarchal setup to finding the inner king or queen,
the sovereignty of our true register, our true voice, our
true note, as you say, to use the language that
you have brought forth. And for people listening, what comes

to me is a few months ago I had made
a business decision, and so much of my work prior
to stepping into spirituality mind body spirit connection using my
gifts of mediumship and precognition one to one, I was
in healthcare and I stepped out on this journey. And

so I had worked in leadership and healthcare organizations and
done it well and enjoyed it, and there was meaning
and purpose with from a healing capacity obviously being in
healthcare and hospice. I worked in hospice for a long time.
But in doing this, I thought I am supposed to
come full circle and work with organizations and corporations, and

so I dove headfirst into embracing that and wanting to
bring it into organizations. And what I came up against
over and over they were old stories of patriarch resistance.
We're not ready for this. We actually many leaders, we're leaders.
I'm using that in quotation marks many CEOs coos. We're

really not ready to give the sovereignty to our teams,
our people, the essence or the soul of the organization,
because we are afraid we will lose control. And at
first I took it, of course, because this was my
human response was I took it personally. I'm not enough,
I'm not doing enough. They're taking they're not taking me seriously.
Even though I can know my audience and utilize my

language skills and my intuitive skills, I was going back
into this old fear. So a few months ago, I
was in communion with a friend and I was distraught.
I've invested this time, I'm doing my work, but I'm
supposed to I'm supposed to. I know, I get in
trouble when I use broad strokes like always never supposed to,

should trying and I'm supposed to this work, and it's
so hard. And then I would talk about soul sessions
and divine conversations I was having with people who have
been way showers and teachers for me, like yourself, and
I would light up and I would be animated, and
of course in that true register, and my vibration would change.

And one of my dear friends said to me, Amanda,
when you talk about this corporate stuff, you become small.
Everything changes. And when you speak from your voice, when
you're talking about uplifting people, helping them get curious, your
whole being shifts and you radiate follow that there's your answer.

It's always our voice, as you so brilliantly share, our
voice will guide the way when we are in touch
with it through the heart.

Speaker 3 (50:54):
It is the song of our soul. So becoming aware
of the commisons of our soul, the sense of us,
the awareness of our soul, suddenly we as physical beings,
spiritual beings having a physical existence. Our bodies become illuminated
with the power of sound. It's a wonderful story which

she encapsulates it. I love this story because it's so cute.
This goes back into the sounds of time, and was
I believe written by a very famous poet called Huffit's
a Sufi Sufi, so this is before Rumi. Huffit's story
goes that the divine One created a statue of play

in his image or today we would say his or
her image, and ask the soul to enter the statue
of play, But the soul refused. Why would the soul,
which was ubiquitous and can be anywhere, why would it
want to be in a statue of play. And so
the divine decided to ask the angels to sing a
seraphic chorus, and the soul was so in charge by

the seraphic chorus that the soul agreed to enter the
statue of clay. And so began Adam Cabman, and so
began the original form of humanness. And so we have
within our clay bodies, we have that sound, which is
the angel sound, but also our own sound. They secreted

within us a note of resonance, a tone which is
unique to us, just as unique as our blueprint or
our DNA. No other human being has the note that
you have, and understandably therefore looking into the context of
the zone that we're moving out of where we all
have to become the same. Of course, the patriarchy would

suppress our voices so that we would actually have the
sound of the patriarchy. And now what's happening is that
people are discovering their own voices, their own note, I mean,
blessed her. This is what Diana really did, which is why,
for example, I had to write I had to write
this book, Diana, The Voice of Change, you know, which

has become a best seller because it's all about how
when she discovered her voice, she allowed us to also
discover our own voices and to recognize the one simple
degree that our vulnerability is our truest strength. And it
doesn't mean that we have to equate with the cerebral

environment of the world alone that you know that that
area can be looked after by those people who traffic
the intellect, but actually those of us that are of
the soul and the heart. Through sensitivity, through vulnerability, through compassion,
through empathy, through kindness, and through unconditional love, we can

bring about great change and that's exactly what she did,
of course. So you know, I wrote the book for
the ladies of the world, so well, the women and
the men, but not the men and the women. The
women and the men.

Speaker 1 (54:05):
You're so aware of this shift, and it is bringing
into harmony and resonance the right and left hemispheres of
the brain. I encourage people, and again it's this accessibility.
Our spirituality is accessible in like I said, for me,
at the grocery store. I find grace and communion at

the grocery store. Out in public, I find it in
intimacy and many other ways like you do and our listeners.
But also it is accessible and I will share with people.
You know, brush your teeth with the opposite hand, and
as you do that, and it's awkward, and you're laughing,
laugh and say this is awkward, and then say, I

am interconnecting the right and left hemispheres of my brain.
My head is connecting with my heart. And that simple act.
Another trick or tool I use is bowing my chin
to my chest and breathing, literally bowing my brain my
head into my heart. It actually shifts the brain frequency
into an altered state. And I can do that when

I get an email Stewart that sets me off, and
I go into well didn't you read my You know,
I get indignant. I can feel those energies and if
I will just step back and breathe and reconstruct and
open up my being and then respond, I get out
of that terminal uniqueness and into that divine unique voice

where I can respond with a boundary or compassion versus
this reactive, polarized state as I want to, we want
to come into resonance. It's in the divine blueprint. We
are in extraordinarily profound and enlightening times.

Speaker 3 (55:58):
I'm with you absolutely. Of course this territory is very familiar,
but you know, so that people can really see that
we're talking about that we can use duality because we
know we're living a binary system. Nothing is singule living
as plural on this planet. That we can see that
we have the hybrid nature of the supernatural. So we
can make those moments sacred by creating our own meditation

temples at home, our own sanctuaries, and we have altar
by which we are altered. But at the same time,
what's wonderful that you're saying is that you draw the
divine into the humility of those moments where we're looking
after our bodies, you know, whether it be washing or
cleaning our teeth, having a shower, me shaving, or going

into the grocery store or going in to get gas
of the gas station. We can turn those moments into
hallowed moments by just allowing ourselves to be present, to
be consciously alive. Is this a moment of grace? You know,
as we, for example, smile at somebody who's just appeared
into the gas station a one hundred and fifty miles

an hour because they're in a hurry and they bang
into something like the garbage can or something that we
look at them, we smile rather than criticize and denigrate,
so that we're always always bringing them to a higher order.
And you know, very fortunate because I spend a lot

of time working with people online. Hundreds of people come
to me for soul readings, so I see what's going
on around the world in a very humble way, you know,
taken into people's lives, and then I springboard into gymnastically
springboard into meeting a great one in the world. I

had a remarkable meeting on Saturday. I met a woman
who was right at the four of the creation of
social media way back twenty five to thirty years ago,
and you know, working with people like Mark Zuckerberg and
so forth and so forth, and has created three highly
successful companies around the world that she would create and

then sell into Merger, create, sell into Merger. And she's
just created another unique social media platform which is going
to be a media platform full of love and co
creation and ecological change.

Speaker 2 (58:29):
Now, how exciting.

Speaker 3 (58:31):
All about the world A poor investment into this moment.
And she is one of the most beautiful people that
I've ever met, one of the most beautiful women that
I've ever met. But the whole of her conversation is
this conversation that we're having about beauty, about high level thought,

about love permeating everything. And I also met her two boys,
and these are two remarkable young men who are full
of the incandescence of her love. So I just wanted
to give people hope that there are within the world
in these situations where the thought keepers sit at work,

there are people who are awakening, who have vision for
the future.

Speaker 1 (59:17):
And how breathtaking for you to share that because it
gives this element of hope.

Speaker 2 (59:23):
It is happening.

Speaker 1 (59:25):
Our voices will come together and space is being be created,
especially through influential innovators who have the means and the capacity,
the technological knowledge to hold space and create space for
our voices to come together more holistically rather than the

more linear social media the platforms that we have that
can feel very singular or oppressive, or receiving our divinity
from something that is utter, not of worth, not of
the value that we have incarnate within.

Speaker 3 (01:00:06):
Yeah. So our big conversation really started with how she
can bring harmony into the vision of her project and
then the mechanism of creating the realistic nature what the
project is all about. And the conversation that we had
was so fantastic as we reached into allowing people to

find their voice and therefore we come together in harmony. Yeah,
because that's the one thing that we will do. This
has been a wonderful conversation. Thank you, Sam, Thank you.

Speaker 1 (01:00:37):
I adored this conversation with Stuart and hope you take
away powerful messages. Here are a few things to reflect on.
One Embrace and connect with your true voice. You are
the only being with your voice, your note. You are
sovereign today and tomorrow how will you choose to dive

into your riches, your worth, your power, and express your creativities.

Speaker 2 (01:01:04):
Think about that.

Speaker 1 (01:01:05):
Choose something that engages all of you and lights you up.
Number two, Remember that your vulnerability is your truest strength,
and living in your truth is what you are hard
wired to do. When you are vulnerable, you live in

your truth, your natural essences of joy and vitality, and
then it creates this blissful co creation with nature, the universe,
and the divine.

Speaker 2 (01:01:38):
I hope that this.

Speaker 1 (01:01:40):
Conversation inspired you to be thirsty for more joy, more vitality,
more bliss, because I know for me, when I feel
that synergy and that alignment, it's like an eternal high.
And of course we can't live in it all the time,

but the more we seek it, the more that it
seeks us. Thirdly, be in collaboration and in community. I
love this one. By doing that we find grace and
stillness and connection that is enriching. Pay attention to the

moments and the people that bring that energy and synergy
of joy, delight, bliss, and all of those expressive vital
energies into your life. Who are the people that you
get to share that with and enjoy yourself, being yourself with,

as Stuart says, those of us that are of the
soul and the heart, through sensitivity, through vulnerability, through compassion, empathy, kindness,
and unconditional love. Together we can bring through great change.
Let's be a part of great change together. You can

follow Stuart Pearce or check out his resources at Stuart
Peers dot com or the Angels of Atlantis website.

Speaker 2 (01:03:15):
Be well, everyone,
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