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June 14, 2024 53 mins

Join The Wizard Of Weird this week as he plays teacher and enlightens us!

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And you're here.

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Thanks for choosing the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast Day
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Speaker 1 (01:08):
Ready to be amazed by the wizard of Weird Strange
Things with Joshua Warren. I am Joshua Bee Warren, and
each week on this show, I'll be bringing you brand
new my blowing content, news exercises and weird experiments you

can do at home, and a lot more on this
edition of the show, Learn the real Jedi mind tricks.
You know I told you that recently I was visiting Sandago,
where they keep it classy. Some of you will get that.

And one evening, my wife and I we're having just
this fantastic sea Actually we had a wonderful seafood dinner,
but at this time we were waiting on the dinner
to arrive. We were in this big, like two story
fancy restaurant and it was all warmly lit and the

atmosphere was great, and we were sitting at the bar.
I often like to go eat at the bar if
it's a nice bar at a restaurant. For one thing,
you can usually just walk right up and get seated immediately,
and then you get better service because you're face to
face with the bar tender. And so this was one
of those occasions. We decided to sit there, have a

glass of wine, order our food, and it was just
sort of like a very relaxing atmosphere. But as we
were sitting there, chatting and enjoying ourselves, across from us
on the other side of the bar, there was a
woman who was obviously getting drunk, and she was being

kind of loud and obnoxious. But to be honest with you,
I didn't even really notice her because I am quite
good at tuning out unpleasant things. That's a good skill
to have. So I just wasn't even paying any attention
to this woman. On the other hand, At one point,

Lauren looks at me and she has this glare in
her eye and she's gritting her teeth, and she said, Josh,
will you please use the Jedi mind trick and make
that woman shut up? App And I'm like, whoo, good lord,

I have a chill pill here. Because Lauren is very
sensitive apparently to sounds, especially that kind of sound. She
doesn't like to if people have an unpleasant way of
speaking in general, but especially you know, a drunk person

like that under those circumstances. So I go, all right, fine,
you know, I thought it was off the clock. You know,
I was going to just be able to relax and
have a nice, peaceful evening. But no, now I have
to get, you know, pull on my Jedi pants. But
of course I also had to take that as a challenge,

like can you know, can you do this, mister Jedi?
So all right, fine, so I start using one of
the Jedi mind tricks. Now I'm going to teach you
a number of tricks, at least that's my plan in
this show. But here's what happened. Within oh, just a

two or three minutes, that woman had piped down completely,
and she she was not acting the same at all.
Her voice was lower, she wasn't being outrageous, she acted
like a normal person. The obnoxious stuff was over, and
certainly in less than thirty minutes, she got up and

left and was gone altogether. And Lauren was like, ah,
you know, sigh of relief. Now, how did I do
that so that we could enjoy this beautiful, peaceful dinner?
You know, how did I do that? I'm going to
tell you what I did. And you know what's funny
is that I don't believe I have ever taught these

Jedi mind tricks before. And that's saying a lot, because
I've done a lot of talking in my life, whether
it's been you know, at speaking engagements or on the
radio or hearing these podcasts or on TV. I mean,
I've done a lot of talking, but I don't think
I've ever taught these And I'm just giving you this
information for free, and I hope that you will use

it wisely and use it also benevolently, because that was
a situation in which all we wanted was we knew
we were right, and she was wrong because she was
disturbing the peace of the atmosphere. And we knew that,
you know, she needed to you know, zip it right.

How did I do that? Well, you know, I became
interested in these kinds of things that we often call
the the Jedi mind tricks a long, long time ago. Obviously,
you know, I've always been a big fan of Star Wars.
I'm the author of this book called Use the Force,
a Jedi's Guide to the Law of Attraction. You can
read it for free instantly right now. All you have

to do is go to my website and you'll see
the book cover there and you click on it and
you can download it in English or Spanish. But I
saw this TV show on ABC back in the day
that I just really loved. This was well, apparently according
to IMDb, this came out in nineteen ninety three and

the show was called World of Discovery, and this particular
episode was called Powers of the Russian Psychics. And if
you've not seen this, boy, you should watch it. You
know how these things, these old shows, sometimes they get

randomly kind of uploaded to YouTube and they come and go,
and so as of this moment, somebody has uploaded it
to YouTube. If you just go to YouTube and just
type in Russian Psychics documentary, it's up there, and maybe
it won't be by the time you hear this, but
the channel is called doc Spot Docspot. But there was

this story, and there's a lot of good content in
that show. But it's narrated by John Rehees Davies, who
you may know from at least the Indiana Jones movies.
I'm a big Indiana Jones. You know, in the nineteen seventies,
chess was really big news. There was a lot of competition,

especially when it came to Russia and America and all
this symbolism, you know, of the Cold War that was
represented by chess games. I mean, how often do you
hear like about a chess game in the news anymore?
Almost never, But that was it was big news back then.
And there was this Russian fella who had been a

champ for a long time and his name was Victor
Korchnoi Victor korch Noi, and so he was a Russian
hero because you know, he was the grand master best
I recall for a long time, and then he shocked
everybody in Russia when he defected to the West the

Unforgivable sim you know, in nineteen seventy six. And so
after that, well, all the Russians got behind this new
young whipper snapper, this chess player named Anatoly Karpov, and

eventually these two had to come face to face. And
my understanding is that the Russians invited the old guy
Korchnoi to come back to Russia to play chess with
the young guy Karpov, and Kortnoy is like, uh no,
not falling for that one coyote. So what happened was

they decided that the old guy and you know, I'm
just gonna say the old guy and the young guy
because these are Russian names, and one is Korchnoi and
one is Karpov, and you're not going to be able
to keep up with that. I can't, So I'm just
to talk about the old guy and the young guy. Okay.
So the old guy is supposed to have a match

with the young guy, and they decide that they're going
to do this. In the Philippines in nineteen seventy eight
in this town called bag U b a g u Io,
and this is being built up in the media it's
a really big deal. And apparently, you know, when you're

a chess champ like that, you get to bring sort
of an entourage with you. And so the old guy
shows up in the Philippines and he has kind of
like his his normal buddies and his strategists and his
But then the young guy shows up and he has
all these KGB parapsychologists with him, and the old Guy's like,

what's going on? Hell? And so I swear I'm not
making this up. All right, during the chess match, there
was this scientist who is the head of the Russian
KGB parapsychologist named doctor Vladimir Zukar, right, and this guy,

you know, he's balding, and he's got these black, piercing,
fierce eyes and he just looks cold as ice. And
he goes out at the very beginning of this chess
match and he just sits there on the front row
with those black eyes, just staring at the old guy. Okay,

we gotta take a break. When we come back, obviously,
i'll tell you what happened next and then we'll get
into the Jedi mind tricks. But you know, you listen
to a guy like me yes, I have books to sell.
Yes I have products to sell, Yes I have tours
to sell. But the most valuable things that I have
I give away for free. And that is that's why.

If you've never done it, go to Joshuapwarren dot com.
Click the book cover to use the force. You don't
even have to sign up for anything. Just click the cover,
read it. It's free. It's a PDS. Go to the
Curiosity Shop, take a look around, get some ideas. But
the best thing you can do is sign up for

my free e newsletter right there on the homepage. Because
when you do that, well then you will instantly receive
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some free online gifts that will help you start making
your life more magical. I promise you it will improve
your life. And whether it's luck, money, whatever you need,

it all begins right there. You'll see where it says
on the homepage and the slimergreen letter something like sign
up for Joshua's newsletter at Joshuapwarren dot com. That's me.
I am Joshua pe Warren. You are listening to strange
things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal
Podcast Network and I will be right back.

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Keep it here on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast
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The Wizard of Weird will be right back.

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The Internet is an extraordinary resource that links our children
to a world of information, experiences, and ideas. It also
can expose them to risk. Teach your children the basic
safety rules of the virtual world. Our children are everything.
Do everything for them.

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Hey everyone, it's producer Tom of Coast to Coast AM
and more of the Wizard of Weird starts right now.

Speaker 1 (14:18):
Welcome back to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. I am your host,
the Wizard of Weird, beaming into your worm whole brain
from my studio in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada, where
every day is golden and every night is silver. I

gietato zume. Imagine the eyes of the world are upon
you as you're playing in this international chess match for
the championship. But the only eyes that matter are the
eyes right there near the front row, the beady black

eyes of this weasley, creepy KGB parapsychologist who's just sitting
there with his arms crossed and just staring at you,
absolutely motionless. And when you see, if you I'm gonna
tell you again how you can see video footage of this.

I mean, actually I'll get back to that in a second.
But when you when you see the footage of this,
I mean, the guy is he's clearly trying to just
by his mere presence, make the old guy uncomfortable. And

as a matter of fact, the old guy immediately knew
that this was what was happening, and so he actually
got up and went to the operators of the event
and said I want him removed, and they said, sorry,
that's not possible, we can't do that for you. Well,

look this ended up, of course, you know how these
maybe you don't put these chess championships, you know, they
go on for days and days, game after game. This
ended up being the longest match in chess history. And finally,
not surprisingly, the old guy old guy lost, okay, I mean,

he like lost miserably. And after that, he believe it
or not, he went out there on camera on numerous
occasions and he said that he believed that this Soviet parapsychologist,
doctor Vladimir Zukar was just the most prominent aspect of

this group of parapsychologists, that we're all working against him
sitting there and projecting these terrible thoughts into his head.
And he said the old guy said on camera that
as he was sitting there, he basically kept not necessarily
hearing per se, but having these very very strong sensations
of this voice in his head saying you are a

trader of the Soviet people. You must lose, okay, Things
like that, over and over. And he furthermore went on
to say in a documentary that afterwards, some of his
friends in Russia who were familiar with this whole operation,
said that if you would go into the KGB Parapsychology department,

which I imagine is near the Kremlin and Moscow, if you
were to go in there for months leading up to
that chess match, that in the lounge they had this
big banner up there saying us help Carpov win, Okay,
let us help the young guy win. And so again.

Right now, if you want to see this, it's a
part of this documentary Powers of the Russian Psychics on YouTube.
If you just look up Russian Psychics documentary it ought
to pop up, and in fact, there was a movie,
a whole feature linked documentary made about that particular chess match.
I have not had the time to watch it, but
it's called Closing Gambit. Closing Gambit. It was made in

twenty eighteen and currently it is on Amazon and it
looks like that you can watch it for free if
you have Prime. So anyway, look, that is just an
example for you of how seriously the Jedi mind trick
has been taken and how seriously it may have worked.
But there are different kinds of mind tricks. In my

book Use the Force, here is what I wrote about this,
and Use the Force came out in twenty fifteen. Okay,
I just want to read a couple little portions for
you about the Jedi mind trick. In the Hawaiian philosophy
known as Hoonah, an off sided tenant is that energy

flows where attention goes. Now, pauls and think about that
for a moment. I'm going to repeat it. Energy flows
where attention goes. Now, what a wonderful concept this is.
This means that you can instantly have control over other
things based on the degree to which you think about them.

You give some power to anything that enters your mind,
and you deny that power to those you ignore. One
great thing about remembering that energy flows where attention goes
is that you can use it, very much like the
old Jedi mind trick. This ability first appears in episode

for a New Hope, going back to Star Wars, of course,
when Obi Wan famously uses it on a stormtrooper searching
for C three PO and R two D two. The
movie quote is, these aren't the droids you're looking for?
Remember that, aleganis, these aren't the droids you're looking for.

He says, and the stormtrooper mindlessly parrots back the phrase
and then allows them to move along. Now. Obi Wan
then explains to Luke the force can have a strong
influence on the weak minded. In a similar fashion, you
can often sway the direction the conversation will go by

selectively addressing only those things the person says or does
that you want to reenforce, and ignoring everything else. This
is not to suggest that you move through life like
a foolish Ostrich bearing its head in the sand, but
you should be much more selective of whom you will
converse with once the conversation begins focus on the points

of the dialogue that you will allow to advance even
if you're not interacting with another person. The principle holds
true at this crucial period of developing the Force, when
you're clearing your mind, you must only pay attention to
things that strengthen you and avoid anything that makes you
feel physically or mentally weaker. Right. That's from page twenty

eight to twenty nine, And then later on I also
wrote this about the Force. One of the key components
is staying away from things that make you feel bad,
particularly friends or family who continually pursue you with negative thoughts.
Be mindful that energy flows where attention goes, and use

that to empower only those things around you that will
contribute to the strong positive structure you are building. You
might even use this knowledge to manifest the old Jedi
mind trick. Okay, now I've given you one example of
the Jedi mind trick here, which is the most common
form of the Jedi mind trick. And again, you can

read all of that and much more for free if
you go to joshuap Warren dot com and click the
book cover there. It'll take you straight to where you
want to go. Hopefully that makes sense to you. But
let's talk about.

Speaker 3 (22:35):
A more.

Speaker 1 (22:37):
Hm a more subversive way of using it. So basically,
what I'm talking about there is the idea, like, you know,
somebody's engaged with you in conversation and you're trying to
control the sway of it, or control the thoughts to
enter your mind. But what if you want to be
more clandestine as I was in the bar getting rid

of the annoying woman. Well, let me start by telling
you this. I remember and maybe you've had similar experiences
back when I was a kid in school. Yeah, I
was reading about all this psychic stuff even then, and
I read in some books somewhere that if you just
stare at the back of someone's head and you just

imagine something tickling that little spot on that person's head,
that within a couple of minutes they'll reach back and
touch that spot. And I was actually a very good
student for the most part my whole life, but I
hated school because I found it very boring and I

don't like being in this, you know, constrictive type of scenario.
I'm so happy to be an adult. I would never
ever eat you know, when you know you're a kid
and they say, oh, this is the best time of
your life. Enjoy it now, because it's going to really
suck when you're an adult. No, I think that I
like being an adult way more than being a kid.
I would never trade being an adult for a kid.

So I would do these things to try to entertain myself.
So I'd be in class like all of us, and
I'm sitting there and I'd stare at the back of
a person's head and I would just use my imagination.
Sometimes I would imagine a little drill bit drilling into
the back of a person's head, or I'd imagine a
little butterfly, you know, flapping around, and within a couple

of minutes, almost every time, sure enough, it's true, the
kid in front of me would reach back and scratch
or touch or rub the back of his or her hair.
And that's when I started also realizing that when you
know you have this adage like people, you can feel

the eyes on the back of your head. That's true.
I mean you project energy out of your eyes. The
Russians discovered this when they were experimenting with psychotronics. And
you have this energy filled, this aura all around you,
and you can feel it when somebody is directing and
focusing some of that energy, that psychic energy on a
little spot. So that's part of it. But when we

come back, I'll give you the good stuff what you're
really waiting for, the real lesson that I haven't revealed
ever in my life, about how you can just get
rid of somebody that you don't like who's around you,
and you can do it fairly quickly. You have to practice.
I've been practicing a long time. As you can tell,

you're not harming the person. You just want them to
change their behavior or leave, and you know what, you
can normly do that, but you can also do something
that's a bit more controversial. You can take good luck
from them. I'm Joshua pe Warren. You're listening to strange
things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal

podcast network, and I will be back after these important messages.
Don't go anywhere.

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Now let's get back to Strange Things with Joshua P.

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Speaker 1 (27:59):
Welcome back to Range Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast
to Coast am Parinormal Podcast Network. I'm your host, Joshua
pe Warren and going out to high strangers around the globe.
This is the show where the unusual becomes usual. Make

a note here, scientists are saying that this year they
expect it to be one of the worst weather years
in a long time, and that means your power may
go out. And that is why I have a Sunshine
Simple solar generator. It's the most powerful solar generator for

the price in the entire world. And it's also so
lightweight you can pick it up and take it with you.
My buddy Mobius owns the company. Go look at the
information Sunshine Simple dot com. Sunshine Simple dot com. I'm
not being paid to say that. I'm just telling you

because I believe it or not. It does save lives
Sunshine Simple dot Com. So the old Jedi mind trick. I,
of course, living here in Las Vegas, in this harsh desert,
at least have the pleasure of occasionally going and gambling.
And here's what I find myself doing sometimes. And is

this morally right or wrong? I'm just not certain, to
be honest with you, and I don't say that a lot,
but in this case, it's true. You know how they
talk about like, well, we've all experienced an energy vampire,
maybe a person that you get around, and every time
you get around that person, you just feel drained afterward.
And then there's also the opposite effect that some people have,

you feel energized after meeting some people. Well, I became
really interested in the energy vampire effect, and after you know,
experimenting in school with staring at the back of people's
heads and all that creepy stuff, I found that sometimes
if I went to a bar here in Las Vegas

that had gaming screens, and most of them do, it's
kind of annoying, really, you know, you go to a
bar and you sit down and there's everybody's got a
screen with a bunch of different games. You can play
video poker or kino or slots or whatever. That Sometimes
if I were to sit down at a machine and
I noticed that somebody at another place in the bar

is winning and they're squealing and they're jumping up and down,
they're having a good night, Well then, my spooky little
I don't do this all the time, but I experiment,
I would start looking in that person's direction. Don't ever
make eye contact. I'll explain that in a minute. Okay,

look in that person's direction and imagine every time I inhale,
sucking that person's good fortune off and inhaling it into
my body and then exhaling it into the machine. So
I look at the person inhale their good fortune from

their or exhale it into the machine. Okay, and I
usually we'll start winning when I do that, and then
guess what, the other person starts not winning. And that's
why I say, I don't know if this is morally
right to do it, but I've done it and it works.
I'm giving away way too much information in this podcast,

so you better go to my Curiosity shop and buy
something and support this show tell your friends about it.
But here is the big one. Okay, are you ready.
Here's what I did when I was sitting at the bar,
and this is what I do usually. Okay, I'm not
going to tell you all my tricks, but this is
a good one. So if you want to use the

Jedi mind trick and you want somebody to pipe down
or just leave all together, okay, you first off, you
figure out what your goal is, and there are different
levels it can be. Just please quieten down and behave
the way I want, where it could be get out
of here. Those are that, you know, because it's going

to take more out of you to do the get
out of here thing. So you're better off if you
can just modify the person's behavior. All right. So once
you figure out who your target is, it's very important
that you do not make eye contact with that person.
The reason is that if you make eye contact with

a person, then immediately a person puts up, you know, automatically,
some kind of a defense. That's that is an involuntary
thing you have no control over. If you note, if
you lock eye with somebody, you immediately enter this social
mode where you put up some kind of a defense.

It's that whole thing about energy flows, where attention goes,
and we don't want that. We do not want them
to know that we are putting energy on them or
manipulating the energy. So do not make eye contact. There
are many many other situations in life where eye contact
is helpful. For example, if you feel like a criminal

is maybe scoping you out and considering you as a
target or a mark, then you should make eye contact
with that criminal because a lot of times that's all
it takes to drive the criminal away or eye contact
is good anytime you're having a meaningful connection with a
person and you're trying to have a good conversation. But
when you are there trying to use the Jedi mind

trick on someone without his or her knowledge, do not
make eye contact. If it looks like they're about to
look at you, make sure that doesn't happen. You look away.
You don't want them to be aware whatsoever, that you're
thinking about them. The next thing you have to do is,
whenever you have an opportunity, you look at that person's

third eye. So the third eye, of course, is that
spot on your It's basically your forehead. You just look
at the person's forehead, and as you look at their forehead,
you want to keep your gaze locked on their forehead
as long as you can without them seeing you. And
you want to start thinking to yourself, like you're on

the telephone and you're talking to that person and you're
saying to that person, leave, you need to go. You
are not welcome, you are uncomfortable, leave now, or whatever
it is that you would say to that person. Let's
say that it's like your wish is their command. So

just whatever you would say to that like anything you
can imagine that you would say to that person that
that person would instantly do. That's what you would. You
would project into the third eye, and you have to
be very focused. Some people are better at that than others.
But when you do that, when you look at their
third eye and you'd make sure that they never know
that you're focusing on them, that for me works most

of the time. And you're welcome. I've now given you
one of the most valuable Jedi mind tricks. Now, like
I say, I have some that I'm going to keep
to myself that I will never ever talk about, but
that is the most powerful one that I've never talked about.
And you know what, here in the United States, this year,
twenty twenty four is an election year, a presidential election year.

And as I talk about Jedi mind tricks, I want
you to remember that, look, political players, politicians, all these
spooky guys like the KGB and the CIA, they know
of course, they know about these techniques. They know about
these and a lot more. Even though look at the
Mkultra stuff they were doing a long time ago. They

use these techniques on you all the time. And they
try to use them. But here's one of the reasons
I wanted to talk about this on this show is
that I feel like that maybe because now that you
are hearing some of this and you can start thinking
about some of these techniques, knowledge is power. You know them,

and there are more of you of us than them.
These want to be dictators that are trying to control everything.
So maybe if you know we're a little more transparent
about how to use these mental forces, we can do

that for the good of the people. So I hope
you found that valuable. And if you don't think I'm
telling the truth, hey, it's a free show. Go try
it for yourself, and then you can email me and
let me know. You know, I had such a I
have so many stories though from my trip exploring that

area around San Diego. And you know, it's kind of
funny because I went down there preparing myself for some
UFO research, and then I got back, and then right
after I got back, I appeared on the Travel Channel
on this show called Paranormal Call on Camera. It debuted

on May nineteenth of twenty twenty four, and it was
season seven, episode five. And you've probably seen this show
but they had me on there talking about filming some
UFOs in my backyard over my swimming pool using a
high speed camera, and U surely by now you know

about that. But if you have a way of going
and going back and watching Paranormal Call on camera from
season seven, episode five, go check that out. But while
I was there in San Diego, I bought a lot
of interesting things. I bought a pet rock. No, you
don't have to go to San Diego to buy a

pet rock, but I had never bought a pet rock before.
I've you know, it's like the dumbest thing here. I
got it. I got it right here in my hand.
It's like a smooth when you open it. You know,
it's in one of these cardboard containers that looks kind
of like a pet carrier. And then you open it
up and it's got a like a smooth river stone.

It's even got some dumb stuff like some googly eyes
and stuff you can stick on it. And then of
course it comes with a handbook that's funny. It says
like here are some tricks, UH teach it to roll over.
You know, you just place it on a hill blah
blah blah or there's you know, play dead. Your pet
Rock will like this trick a lot. It's like a

duck to water. It's fun. It's funny stuff. But I
bought some more serious things. And when we come back
from the break, I'm going to tell you about some
of the things that I bought now that they are
in my house, and some very weird phenomena that happened

the day some of these things were delivered to my house.
Oh boy, I wish the show were longer and I
had more time. I'm Joshua Pee Warren. You're listening to
Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast. I
am Paranormal Podcast Network, and I will be back right
after this.

Speaker 4 (39:56):
Don't go anywhere. There's more Joshua Pee Warren, Strange things
coming right up.

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Speaker 4 (40:45):
And we're back with Strange Things and Joshua P.

Speaker 1 (40:49):
Warren. Welcome back to the final segment of this edition

of Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast
AM pay our normal podcast network. I am your host,
Joshua P. Warren. And Yeah, I bought some pretty weird
stuff when I was in San Diego. I actually I
mentioned this on another podcast. I bought something that looks

a lot like the Yeti scalp of cum Jung from Nepal,
and I think I'm gonna I'll talk more about that
on a future show. Do I think this is a
YETI scalp?

Speaker 3 (42:00):

Speaker 1 (42:01):
I said it may or may not be. Do I
think it is? I'll tell you more about that later.
But you know, Lauren has created this new Joshua P.
Warren podcast Instagram page, and once I'm ready, I'm going
to be putting a picture of this thing on my
Instagram page. Therefore, related to this podcast and a lot

of other strange things, memes and funny stuff as well.
So if you're an Instagrammer, you can go check out that,
you can follow along. You'll be the first to see it.
But while I was there in San Diego, I bought
a number of things from this shop. It's one of
my favorite antique shops now in the entire world. It's

called San Diego Unique. Actually it's called San Diego Antique
and Unique. It's about five thousand square feet of the
coolest stuff you'll ever see, owned by a man named Paul,
who clearly loves his job. And you just wouldn't believe
the stuff this guy is collected from all around the world.

And so, you know, Lauren and I are we bought
this house we're in just a little over two years ago,
so we're still in the slow process of decorating which
will probably never end. Decorating and renovating, and you know,
it's fun to do that stuff a little by little,
and so, uh, we we bought a fountain and an

Italian like a vintage Italian porcelain fountain that were we
have in our foyer, and uh, it's it's so gaudy
and ketchy. It just looks it's perfect for a Vegas.
It's got all the lights and bells, a little i
guess cherubim type little things all over it, and flowers

and is it just it actually doesn't have bells, but anyway,
it it looks like it belongs to Caesar's palace. And
then I found one of these Chinese parade dragons that
is an amalgamation of all the creature, well, dragons and

lions and unicorns and you know, all these things that
the Chinese have put together the to the Lion, and
we have a huge one of those which is mounted
hanging over top of the foyer now. And I got
an authentic ships wheel from a fishing boat that operated

for years there and off the in the San Diego Harbor.
And see the thing is, I wasn't planning on buying
any of that stuff, but Paul was such a cool
guy that he worked with me in every way he
could to get a special delivery. Like his staff delivered

this stuff to my house. And it was funny to
me because the day that everything was delivered, which was
just three days ago actually, as the young lady who
was in charge of the delivery, she was there in
the entrance of my house and getting everything set up,

and she looked up and on the other side of
my house she saw little Kennedy, my ventriloquists figure sitting there.
Surely you know about Kennedy if you listen to this show,
and just she just immediately said, I can tell that

doll is haunted. And she didn't like it. This is
the person who doesn't know me from Adam, doesn't know
Lauren from Adam, comes to our house and within you know,
a minute or two, she noticed. I mean, I'm sure
she probably noticed him immediately, and he goes, ah, that
doll is haunted. So after the delivery was sort of completed,

then I took them on a little tour of my house.
I swear I could sell tickets to my house. Maybe
someday I will. How many of you I've said that before.
I'm not going to be redundant, but I am curious, like,
how many of you would buy an expensive ticket to
come to hang out at my house and see all
my weird stuff for a day. But listen to this.

So that all went smoothly, and then they went on
their merry way, but Lauren and I still had like
the whole day ahead of us, because this was early
in the morning, but that whole day. I have a
list right now that we made of all the bizarro
stuff that happened to me and Lauren. So, for one thing,
this was on a Sunday, and when we woke up,

both of us felt kind of weird and uncomfort for
the bowl. And that was unexpected because I was very
excited when I went to bed because I knew that
the next day this stuff was going to be delivered.
But we both felt weird and uncomfortable. So then when
we woke up and this was and again early in
the morning, we went downstairs and our dog Dolly was

throwing up and she's never done that before. We've had
her for a long time and she's never throw So
they bring the stuff to the house, We give them
a tour, and then Lauren and I had to run
some errands and so we got into our suv and
I was in the passenger seat and I got in

before Lauren and I heard and I was like, what
is that? And the first thing I thought was, is
there a bee? Let's loose in this vehicle, because you
don't want to encounter a bee when you're heading down
the highway at you know, sixty miles per hour. No,
it turns out the overhead lamp there in the car

started flickering and going zz and buzzy. Well, that's never
happened before. Then we went to our next destination. I
actually got out of the car before Lauren. And I
walked to the storefront and she said, wait a second.
She it's a long story, but I got to the
storefront before she did. And as I was at the storefront,

this family came out of another shop. And as they
were walking past me, there was this little girl who
looked like, I don't know, she was probably like eight
years old, and she dropped her cell phone right directly
in front of me, smack on the concrete. And so
her mom's like, oh, I hope the phone so came

to And then Lauren walks over and guess what, Lauren
had dropped herself all phone in the parking lot at
exactly the same moment. Fortunately both cell phones were okay.
Then again, this is kind of like neither here nor there.

But you know, everywhere we went, everybody wanted to do
the stop and chat. I've told you that Lauren and
I looked like the friendliest people in the world. Everybody
wants to stop and chat. Before we went home, we
stopped at a bar to pick up some food to go,
and this is one of those bars that has the
little gaming screens, and so Lauren put in her pin

and the pin wouldn't work, which has always worked. She
it's worked for years and years. The pin wouldn't work.
Then we came back to our house. We're like, what
this day is so bizarre. And then all of a sudden,
I hear Lauren. I can't say she shrieked. I wish

I could, but she didn't. Really. She was much calm
than I expected. And she goes, Josh, guess what's in here.
I was in the living room, she was in the kitchen,
and I said, a centipede And she says, yes, We've
never ever had a centipede in this house. We had

one in Puerto Rico one time, and that was a
big saga we had to deal with. But sure enough,
for the first time ever, there was a centipede in
our kitchen and so we had to deal with that. Now, look,
I know what you're thinking. You're probably thinking, this is
not good. Mister Warren. You brought all of this new

stuff into your house and this day like you didn't
feel good. The dog throws up, the light is going
out in the car, there's a centipede. But listen, here's
what I want. Here's the lesson of this. I actually
don't see it as a negative thing, and that is
because whenever there is a major shift and energy, good

things and bad things happen. But it's a matter of perspective. Ultimately,
nobody got hurt, nobody got harmed, nothing negative happened to us.
So it's just when a major shift of energy occurs,
you can expect that sort of thing. But I will

tell you this. When we were rearranging, we moved a
certain sacred object in our house and then some stuff
happened that was downright unsettling and spooky. But unfortunately we're
out of time, so I will tell you about that
on another podcast. Let's end this one on a positive note.

As always, take a deep breath and enjoy the good
fortune tone. That's it for this edition of the show.

Follow me on Twitter at Joshua P. Warren, Plus visit
Joshua pwarren dot com to sign up for my free
e newsletter to receive a free instant gift and check
out the cool stuff in the Curiosity Shop all at
Joshuapwarren dot com. I have a fun one lined up
for you next time, I promise. So please tell all

your friends to subscribe to this show and to always
remember the Golden Rule. Thank you for listening, thank you
for your interest and support. Thank you for staying curious,
and I will talk to you again soon. You've been
listening to Strange Things on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast,

a paranormal podcast network.

Speaker 4 (53:10):
Well, if you like this episode of Strange Things, wait
till you hear the next one. Thank you for listening
to the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network.
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