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July 1, 2024 37 mins

We talk to Jason Aldean about his song "Let Your Boys Be Country," his Toby Kieth tribute at the ACM's and more. Then, find out if Amy's hiring a dating coach and if anyone else on the show would consider hiring one too!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Wake up, Wake coming in the mall and.

Speaker 2 (00:05):
It's turn already on.

Speaker 3 (00:07):
And the Dodgers.

Speaker 4 (00:08):
Here ready, and the lunchbox mor get too, Steve Bread
out and trying to put you through FuG He's running
his Wig's next bit, the Bobby's on the box.

Speaker 5 (00:20):
So you know what this.

Speaker 4 (00:27):
Is the Bobby Ball.

Speaker 3 (00:30):
On the Bobby Bone Show. Now Jason, Jason.

Speaker 5 (00:33):
Wants out, Buddy, Hey, what's up, Bobby? How you doing?

Speaker 3 (00:35):
Man good Amy wants to ask the first question.

Speaker 1 (00:37):
Go ahead, Jason, what do you eat for breakfast?

Speaker 5 (00:40):

Speaker 3 (00:41):
That's it?

Speaker 6 (00:41):
No food, it's I eat.

Speaker 5 (00:43):
I'm not a big breakfast guy. So if I do
eat breakfast, like, I don't know, I try to. I'm
I don't want to like cook a lot. So I'm like,
I'll eat like some eggs and maybe like some avocado
and some bacon, or say, if I eat breakfast, but
most of the time it's just it's just coffee. Can
you cook very little? I'm more of a grill.

Speaker 3 (01:02):
Master, Okay? Do you take pride in your grilling? If
people are coming over? Will you do the grilling because
you think you're good at it?

Speaker 5 (01:09):
I don't do it because I think I'm good at
I just do it because I think by default I'm
the only person that's gonna do it in our house.
So you know, I mean I can cook, you know,
steaks and those kind of things on the grill. You know,
I'm not a guy that's gonna go in there and
cook you up a five star meal that's really gonna
knock your socks off, you know. I'm a steak and

potato kind of guy.

Speaker 3 (01:30):
Well, Eddie on our show, if even if we're grilling
at my house, like he thinks he needs to grill
because he thinks he's the best, Like this is weird
masculine pride. No, no, I'm just the best, right, it's weird.
The goody it's actually really good, Jason, It's damn good.

Speaker 5 (01:45):
All right. Well, at least it's validated Eddy. There you go.

Speaker 3 (01:47):
Yeah, yeah, Jason, al Dean's on with us. I haven't
talked to you since ACMs and you did the Toby
Keiths tribute. I was gonna ask, I don't know where
you need to be mentally to have a good performance there,
because obviously it was sad. A lot of us knew
Toby and in different ways, and you had a relationship
with Toby, Do you want to actually be feeling it
or is it like you want to not feel it

so you can pull off the performance and actually pull
off a great performance.

Speaker 5 (02:12):
Yeah, I mean I think it was a little bit
more of of that. You know. I felt like Toby
deserved a great tribute for the career he had, and
you know, I knew it was going to be a
big night for his family and people that were going
to be there, and to be honest, man, I just
I just didn't want to like mess it up, you know.
I wanted to go out and give him a you know,

a send off that he deserved and so and especially
with us kind of changing the song up like we
did too, it's like you just don't know how the
people are gonna take that, you know what I mean,
that they're gonna like it or not like it or whatever.
So you know, I think for us, it was just
trying to do something cool and different and something to
honor him and and the family and his wife texted
me that night after the show, which which was really

you know, the icing on the cake for me. It's like,
if you have proved and I'm cool. So it was.
It was a really great night man, I had a
good time, and to me, it was just like I said,
just trying to, you know, make sure we did it
justice and get through it and make it special for him.

Speaker 3 (03:12):
And after there's a performance, especially on television, I'm sure
you're curious like how did it go? How did it look?
But is it different when you walk off for you
like how did that go? It's it's kind of a
different question to ask about a performance that isn't totally
you related, right, Yeah.

Speaker 5 (03:25):
I mean I felt like when we when we finished,
you know, I came off and you know, I think,
you know, it's like I felt like we nailed it
the way that I wanted to do it. Now, whether
or not people were going to like the version, I
don't know, but I felt like what we were trying
to do, you know, I accomplished that and felt really
good about the version that we did, if that makes sense.

Speaker 3 (03:46):
Last time I saw, I guess pre that you had
big muscles. So how's that going?

Speaker 5 (03:53):
Well, I don't know, did I?

Speaker 2 (03:55):

Speaker 5 (03:55):
No, I had big muscles.

Speaker 6 (03:57):
Oh yeah, No, I witnessed this side stage. I think
we were well you saw on it at iHeart Country.
I did witness you backstage turn and look at him.
It's almost like you didn't you were like, oh, there's
general right now.

Speaker 1 (04:07):
Maybe you touched it and you were.

Speaker 3 (04:09):
Like, dude, I was like, how about that? And he
was like, why are you touching me? Yeah?

Speaker 5 (04:11):
Yeah, well you know, you know, adaman as I quit,
I don't know. I was a big wine drinker, so
I love drinking wine, especially at night, and so I
just kind of cut out all that and stopped drinking
as much, just cutting out a lot of alcohol and
at night especially, And man, it's crazy how much just

that for me. That and soft drinks are my two things,
So cutting out all the sugar and stuff, and for me,
it just you know, I was able to get back
to normal where I probably should have been. And so yeah,
I mean I'm feeling good right now.

Speaker 6 (04:50):

Speaker 5 (04:50):
It's been like that since I kind of started that
this year back in January or whatever. So it's been good.
I feel good and definitely clothes fit better, that kind
of stuff, So it's it's kind of nice.

Speaker 3 (05:01):
What about when other men like myself grab you're without
permission and be like how about that, and they like
squeeze you do you like that?

Speaker 5 (05:07):
Yeah? That's a little weird, but yeah, yeah, I.

Speaker 3 (05:09):
Felt it was a little weir, but you know, I
was feeling it in the moment. I have three final
questions for you in your house, and you know, at
times we get to see like your bowling alley or
whatever as people put on social media, even yourself, like
what is the coolest memorabilia you have in your house?
I don't.

Speaker 5 (05:25):
I mean, I think for me, it's just you know,
I'm a sports guy. So I have a lot of
sports stuff. I mean, all all my stuff from over
the years, plaques and those kind of things. I mean,
those are things to me that are like irreplaceable. But
you know, but I'm a big sports guy man, so
I have like I'm actually out here looking, but I
have like a Michael Jordan's sign basketball and a Mike

tyson son boxing glove and you know, just those kind
of things that that I've just kind of gotten over
the years and collected and just I don't know, like
I said, I'm not a big art guy or you
know those kind of things, but I love sports, and
so I have a Kobe Bryant you know sign jersey
that I got from him before he passed away. Like

stuff like that that I think is really cool.

Speaker 3 (06:11):
Yeah, that is awesome. Two questions left. Do you ever
get too close to the fire on stage?

Speaker 5 (06:15):
Uh? Yeah, actually the one at I think it might
have been one of the first iHeart festivals we did
in Austin. You know, same kind of thing as this year,
where the stage kind of rotates, and so I was
going around the side to go out for my show
and one of the Pyro things came up and basically
like almost hit my hat. It almost hit me in

the face. And that's the one time I remember getting
a little too close to Pyro. But I didn't know
it wasn't my show, so I didn't know where the
pops were going to be, and when I walked out,
I almost walked right into one. So it was that's
the closest I've come.

Speaker 1 (06:49):
Did you talk to somebody about that?

Speaker 3 (06:50):
Just a reality show? He's going to go onto a show,
he does no idea where the fire is coming from. Yeah,
I think.

Speaker 5 (06:56):
I think it might have been like one of the
very first ones that that I Heart did and it
was just bad timing on my part.

Speaker 3 (07:04):
So yeah, Highway Desperado tour just kicked off. It's been
it's all the way until October. You guys can get
tickets at Jason Aldean dot com. Has a lot of
great special guests from Laura Alanta, Haley Witters, Chase, Matthew
Austin SNeW DJ Silver. Final question is because we're you know,
play it's it's your twenty eighth or twenty ninth total
number one, which is awesome, Like congrats on your career.

You're not dying, but we'll say say congrats on your career.
They here, what this song that's going number one?

Speaker 5 (07:32):

Speaker 3 (07:33):
Why when you heard this one? I don't know why
did it resonate so much?

Speaker 4 (07:36):

Speaker 5 (07:36):
I just think for me it was it was my son,
you know. I mean I think for different songs and
films are just it hits you for a different reason.
And for me it was just you know, my son
and like what the what the world kind of looks
like for him moving forward as he gets older. And
I don't know, I just for me, it was just like, man,
he's little, Just like let him be little for now

and not have to worry about all the crazy stuff
that's going on or that he might have to do
with down the road. And I don't know, man, it
was just at the time where I heard the song,
it was just something that you know, I could relate to.
I grew up like that and now having a son
of my own and kind of won that same thing
for him. It's was really my wreathing for cutting the song.

And I think once when we did that, I think
there was a lot of you know, moms and dads
out there that that kind of felt the same way
about that. And so it's been great for the song,
and it's been great.

Speaker 3 (08:31):
Hey, Jason, congrats and there is Jason Aldan will play
that now. Let your boys be country. Jason. Good to
talk to you, buddy, see us soon.

Speaker 5 (08:37):
Thanks. Bobby.

Speaker 3 (08:38):
Yeah, let's do the news. Bobby's It's night. Your passwords suck.
We're told this all the time. People have one one
one one one two one two, T four went, tod
four well woke with saimaybody enemy to run you guys.
According to a new study, some eight character passwords can
be cracked in as fast as seventeen seconds. Hackers can

guess about forty five percent of the passwords period within
one minute. All they need is a little bit info
about anybody. Wow, because we're so lazy. Only twenty three
percent of passwords are so good that it would take
longer than a year to crack by a person just
going which is wild. We just assume no one's gonna
try to hack us. Let's be honest, we don't think
that our passwords are so good. We assume that no

one's gonna pick us to hack.

Speaker 6 (09:24):
And here's the thing, Like I have to keep it simple,
or I'm just not gonna get back in, or I
keep having to enter my email address to reset my password,
like every time, you know, you.

Speaker 3 (09:33):
Don't have to do that. You can get a password.

Speaker 1 (09:35):
Manager I have, I have, I have last pass.

Speaker 3 (09:37):
You can remember the password your passord manager like legit.

Speaker 6 (09:40):
Probably every time I open up my last pass, it's
like log in and I'm like.

Speaker 3 (09:45):
Oh gosh, you know they say don't reuse passwords that
you'll really I'm not saying anything. I have like five
that run in different places. I have different ones and
different versions, but it's not like we don't use the
same situations.

Speaker 7 (09:59):
Do you have pass sports where you look at it
and you're like that just looks like a foreign language
or do they kind.

Speaker 3 (10:04):
Of look like a word? And I accept some of
mine that are like, do you accept this password expert?
We're saving my phone because I know when I log
it on my phone, it's gonna have it saved already.
Oh that's a good idea. Don't save passports and web
browsers don't. It doesn't matter what they tell us. We're
not going to change it. But most people, if someone
sits down and tries to hack you, they can hack
you within seventeen seconds. I like that because we're not

using the things that the tools are giving us to use.

Speaker 6 (10:31):
Yeah, no, I get it, but I've started to incorporate
the exclamation point and so.

Speaker 3 (10:35):
Good for you. Yeah. Yeah. The filthiest cities in America Houston,
Las Vegas. Oh, now this is like literal, like pollution,
living conditions, overcrowded residences, junk yards, access to public restrooms.
All of these like real data, not just someone driving

through and picking Okay, Houston, Vegas, Trenton, New Jerjersey, Newark,
New Jersey, Detroit, Reading, Pennsylvania, Baytown, Texas, and San Bernardino, California. Baytown, Texas,
those are the dirtiest. And I'm proud to say Cleana
cities number one. Faybe, Arkansas. We finally won what's that say?
Number one, we finally won something. Let's go. We don't

have to spend money to hire a coach for this one.
We just wanted from being good and cleaned a lot
of public restrooms. There every restroom in Faytbe's public. Any
house you want to go into, any des Moines, Iowa two,
Sioux City, Iowa three, Roanoke, Virginia, Wilmington, North Carolina, d Luth, Minnesota.
Those are the Clana Cities. Congratulations National champions, Fabelle, Arkansas.

That's my one thing I get to hold onto forever.
Peeing in the pool? Is it okay to pain in
the pool? Yes? Experts say no. When urine combined with chlorine,
it forms chemical compounds that are harmful to your face.
These compounds especially irritate your eyes, your skin, and your
respiratory system and could lead to bad breathing problems. It's

better to hold your bladder and pee instead of peeing
in a pool. Because the old age old theory of well,
the chlorine's gonna kill the p does not worry. It
actually combines to hurt you. Oh boy, that's from the
Cleveland Clinic.

Speaker 7 (12:15):
Well, I'm not worried about US, mainly the kids. All
the kids are doing it. No, you're you know, your
pin on the pool too. I've done you know every time,
you know, you're holding your pea just to get to
the pools and if I'm drinking. A Texas hospital is
the first in the US to use holograms for doctor
patient consultations, which is cool because I have like zoomed
with my doctor.

Speaker 3 (12:36):
But it's called like telehealth. Telehealth. It's basically zoom. That's
different than a.

Speaker 2 (12:41):

Speaker 3 (12:42):
This is a person, it's not AI. A hologram is
like a boy.

Speaker 6 (12:45):
So they're really there speaking to you, but they just
send their hologram.

Speaker 3 (12:49):
You're talking about like Star Wars. Hold on, you guys
are confusing me. A hologram would be like if there
was a plate on the ground and that plate above
it full body of the doctrine. He's actually there, but
it's like a ghost doctor. It's a recording not so.

Speaker 6 (13:03):
He is controlling what comes out of his hologram's mouth
or she.

Speaker 3 (13:08):
Yes, it's a live size hologram of the doctor that
performs real time consultations with patients. It's a better version
of zoom.

Speaker 1 (13:14):
So they get to be just at home.

Speaker 3 (13:16):
It's in their you see if they're wearing pants.

Speaker 8 (13:18):
Like when you go to a concert in the hologram,
the person is not really there.

Speaker 3 (13:21):
Two point concert if you've been to with a hologram.

Speaker 8 (13:23):
But like Tupac, he's not really there. That's what a
hologram is.

Speaker 3 (13:26):
But that's also not live. No, a hologram can be
either one. A hologram is not defined by somebody that's
dead and isn't doing it.

Speaker 6 (13:31):
No, I get it, but I mean they have their standard,
like you have your cutout here from eBay.

Speaker 1 (13:35):
It's you in a suit. That's alo I know.

Speaker 6 (13:37):
But but but you get to pick your outfit and
you show up the same way every time, like they're
not looking at you in real time?

Speaker 3 (13:43):
Yes they are. What it's a camera. We made it
this far. This is the one hospital, guys. You guys
have made this stupid. This whole sag is stupid. Now
you guys have run it for me.

Speaker 6 (13:52):
No, I would figure you get to dress your hologram.

Speaker 3 (13:54):
Saying only Tupac shows up on a hologram, Amy saying
you don't get to pick your clothes on a hologram.

Speaker 6 (13:57):
But I just figured, do you have a standard look
it's like.

Speaker 3 (14:00):
A better version of zoom.

Speaker 7 (14:01):
But bones even in Star Wars they're like, it's not
even live, it's a movie.

Speaker 1 (14:06):
Well, this is weird. I don't like it.

Speaker 8 (14:08):
Yeah, it's better than do you telehealth?

Speaker 3 (14:11):
Do you zoom? It's the same thing.

Speaker 2 (14:12):
What the doctor actually there?

Speaker 3 (14:13):
But the doctor will be there here?

Speaker 1 (14:15):
But why do I.

Speaker 3 (14:17):
Because he's not in the actual room the same way
you have telehealth. He's in his office. You don't have
to drive to him thirty minutes. He's there, just like
if you were sitting in the room.

Speaker 8 (14:24):
But why the hologram? If if he can be there,
why are you putting a hologram there keeps you from
having to go into the doctor's office.

Speaker 3 (14:30):
But that is what telehealth is, so why that's what
I'm asking a better version of telehealth? OK? Before tell
health was the phone?

Speaker 8 (14:35):
Would you rather be talking to a hologram or talking
to a person.

Speaker 2 (14:38):
On zoom first?

Speaker 3 (14:39):
And the same thing. It's really the same thing.

Speaker 1 (14:43):
No, I get it, But I just think that the
hologram should take it.

Speaker 3 (14:45):
It's a live full body instead of a live head
and shoulders.

Speaker 1 (14:48):
I'm with you.

Speaker 6 (14:48):
They should take just a live face and put the
face on guy predetermined outfit.

Speaker 3 (14:53):
I'm shocked. I'm so. It's like, why would you sit
mail an envelope when you send it on a horse?

Speaker 2 (14:58):
Like the fact that you guys would talk to a
hograham than a human.

Speaker 3 (15:01):
It makes no one saying they'd rather talk to a
hologam than a human. But what it's doing is allowing
doctors to get to places where people can't get to them.

Speaker 1 (15:07):
They could do that on Zoom they can, but this.

Speaker 3 (15:09):
Is a better version of zoom. But to be the
old version of zoom, you could have said they can
call them on the phone. That is this exact conversation.
Tenuress Okay, but.

Speaker 6 (15:17):
In my house, tell me this. Do I have to
have a hologram generator that has to come out of something?

Speaker 3 (15:22):
It's just like the laptop though, and again just help me,
help me. A comprehensive study is determined that multivitamins do
not help people live longer. What so the daily doesn't
taking a daily multi vitamin, you know what makes people
want to die? Having this conversation with holograms.

Speaker 1 (15:40):
But here's my thoughts on that.

Speaker 6 (15:42):
I feel as though I feel better taking my multivitamin,
so therefore, mentally I feel better, and that's going to
help me live longer.

Speaker 3 (15:49):
Taking a daily multivitamin does not help people live any longer,
may actually increase the risk of death in an early death.
A major study is found M's Weird Research in the
US analyzed health records from four hundred thousands with no
major long term diseases to see whether daily multivitamins reduce
their risk of death over two decades. Rather than living
long or people who consume daily multivitamins were marginally more

likely than non users to die in the study. You
know what, prompting the government researchers to comment that multivitem
in use to improve longevity is not supported. They're not
saying it kills you. This is what i'm This is
what I think. Let me go next level with my theory.
They're not saying a multivitum it kills you. What they're
saying is people take multivitamins probably think they're taking it
for a specific reason that's already affecting them, so they're

taking it trying to fix them. But that doesn't actually
do any better for them, and what they're worried about
fixing doesn't get really any better, and they die earlier.
Because of whatever that issue is. Okay, so multivitamin isn't
killing people. If you would talk to your holgame doctor.
If you tell you about that's it. That's the news.

So tell me what does a dating coach do? And
why would you spend money or even think about spending
money on a day coach.

Speaker 6 (17:00):
Well, my niece presented this to me. She just thought like, hey,
I was reading this whole article, and it looks like
something that older people that have kids in careers and
they're busy and they don't really know how to enter
the dating world because maybe yeah, they've been married for
a long time. It helps you come up with your profile,

like how do you market yourself online?

Speaker 1 (17:23):
And then maybe could even if.

Speaker 6 (17:25):
They have a matchmaking side of it, also set you up.

Speaker 3 (17:28):
On dates and you pay somebody for that.

Speaker 1 (17:31):
People do. It's the thing.

Speaker 6 (17:33):
I'm not yet, She just I'm not yet.

Speaker 1 (17:37):
But then I.

Speaker 6 (17:38):
Thought, well, why would I need to pay a dating
coach when I have all of y'all and you could
give me advice or help me.

Speaker 7 (17:45):
No, Like I see, I think like if I were
to start dating like tomorrow, I would be like, okay,
we go get shakes at the burger shack and like,
how do you meet to a movie?

Speaker 3 (17:54):
How do you meet?

Speaker 1 (17:55):
Where are you meeting?

Speaker 3 (17:56):
I don't have no idea, So I did a coach.
I think you just get on an app, done that
and fumble around, done that, like you have and do
everything wrong until you learn how to do it right.
Haven't you can ask your friends profile?

Speaker 1 (18:08):
Since I got on, what's.

Speaker 3 (18:10):
Your profile picture? Like? What are you doing in your
profile picture? It's got to be red carpet somewhere right? No?

Speaker 6 (18:16):
No, no, no, it's got to be you with a celebrity. No, no,
I have a variety.

Speaker 3 (18:21):
I have something your main a profile picture, profile picture,
A I haven't.

Speaker 1 (18:26):
Have to look. I haven't even logged on in a minute.

Speaker 3 (18:29):
That would be number one bones. Wouldn't you say, get
like some celebrity pictures?

Speaker 1 (18:33):
No, I don't know. I'm not trying like I'm a.

Speaker 3 (18:36):
Still shot from her in the movie. I would say, No,
guys aren't really looking for that flex. Guys are looking
to see if you're hot.

Speaker 6 (18:44):
So I know that I have a variety of Like
where one picture where I was out with friends and
I so I.

Speaker 3 (18:51):
Have to cut every face out.

Speaker 1 (18:52):
I clarified a little bit.

Speaker 6 (18:54):
Then I have one of me with a hat on
and no makeup, like I tried to hot show.

Speaker 3 (18:58):
Why would you put that gains? It shows you're not
going first, but it shows you're not going to attract
the biggest fish with authentic bait. It's like, Hey, I'm
gonna go and bite me. I'm gonna really end that
may Well. The debate's like, oh look at me, I'm
so fun eat me.

Speaker 6 (19:14):
There's absolutely no way I'm showing up on a date
and they're going to be like what, You're not going
to show.

Speaker 3 (19:20):
Had and no makeup either, and you have.

Speaker 1 (19:22):
To trick us unless we go hiking.

Speaker 3 (19:25):
But why would you even do that the first date.
You're not going to show up with no makeup on
a first date. You have to trick us. It's not
lure us in and then devour us. But if you don't,
you don't get us in there, you can't eat us.
So you need to present the best version of you
as far as guys want to see. They want to
be attracted to the person first, and then secondly all

the other stuff matters.

Speaker 6 (19:49):
Well, Morgan said, even some of my when you answer
the questions like I just didn't answer that much like
I don't reveal enough, like I could be a little
more detailed.

Speaker 3 (19:57):
And even if you're write a pieceis if you're in
a hat and no make up very few dude, But
that's what because the're not gonna read, They're gonna read
the whole thing less attracted to you.

Speaker 2 (20:04):
Because Amy, i've nurse seen you wear a hat and.

Speaker 3 (20:06):
Also hat y. Yeah, I don't. I hope to think
I wasn't like this, but even I probably was a
bit Like, guys need to be attracted first physically. Women
deeper you guys are better than us. You can have
you can find things about guys initially, but if we're
not attracted you physically at first, it's never gonna work.
So you've got to put up and I am I
going to say thirst trap, but you need to put

up like slightly parched trap on a dating site where
they are they're only spending three seconds with you when
they're they're not investing a bunch of time to read
all of all of your notes. The picture with all
the friends though, like would never put a group picture
up in my top three, maybe fourth or fifth picture.
What if all the friends are hotter than you? Well,
that's why I wouldn't do that. You never want the
person to be disappointed, So you want to set the

expectation of who you are first. You get your ugly friends,
take a picture, or you gather your ugly friends.

Speaker 6 (20:51):
But looks are all relative. But I will say that's
been difficult when sometimes guys have up a big group
picture and you can't even figure. You're like, I'm no
idea which one and it is because they sort of
look the same.

Speaker 3 (21:01):
Your main picture has got to be your best physical
representation of you that you feel comfortable with.

Speaker 1 (21:06):
Yeah, I just guess.

Speaker 6 (21:07):
I also wear a hat a lot on the weekends
or around the house, like no makeup.

Speaker 3 (21:11):
So like, why you're not going to get a guy.
You're not gonna get a guy. Girls you eventually once
we think we know they're hot in makeup, we like them,
we're attracted to them, and then you do whatever. We
like it. We know you're hot.

Speaker 7 (21:23):
And if you're gonna go authentic, go full authentic. Get
you bird watching? Yeah, you and your kids pits.

Speaker 3 (21:29):
What a good point. Lets you have online data, but
what is your tip for her? As far as like
dudes who are looking they only three seconds? What kind
of pictures should put up.

Speaker 8 (21:41):
You got to put up a hottie, ay, like if
they have to look and like what is under that hat?
Like I can't really see under that hat. Oh, it
looks like she has nice eyes. They want to see
your face. You're hiding under a hat.

Speaker 2 (21:51):
Move on, that's not a good pick. Maybe go bikini.

Speaker 1 (21:54):
It's a cute hat.

Speaker 7 (21:55):
Maybe doesn't wear a bikinist thought you were one piece?

Speaker 1 (21:58):
I wear both.

Speaker 2 (22:01):
Do you have a bikini pickup?

Speaker 3 (22:02):
No, if you're going to put one of those, that's
like picture four or five, right.

Speaker 1 (22:06):
Well I don't. I'm not putting up a swimsuit pick
it's not happening.

Speaker 3 (22:09):
Okay, Well notice she didn't say bikini Morgan any vice raiming.

Speaker 2 (22:14):
Lose the hat?

Speaker 3 (22:15):

Speaker 9 (22:15):
I would say that your profile represents what you're looking
for in a person.

Speaker 1 (22:20):
So however you're setting.

Speaker 9 (22:21):
Up your profile is the results that you're going to get. So, like,
you want a guy who's chill and he's cool with
you know, or makeup, then that's probably what you're going
to be getting. If you want to hi more high
end type of guy, you got to make your profile
more high end.

Speaker 1 (22:34):
The result the prompts you're giving.

Speaker 9 (22:36):
Like, if you're not giving enough information, you're probably gonna
get some. Me doesn't talk a lot, doesn't give a
lot of information. You get what you put out.

Speaker 6 (22:42):
You know what I will never do and I don't.
I don't cringe anytime I seed. No, but on Hinge
at least, I don't know the other sites if there's
an option where they can send a voice recording. But
for entertainment, sometimes I just play them and I listen
and I'm like, what.

Speaker 1 (23:00):
Do they even stay in those answer questions accents?

Speaker 9 (23:04):
Like if they're from London, they'll make sure to do
it because you know, girls love an accent.

Speaker 6 (23:09):
That's like it'll be like, what's your love language?

Speaker 1 (23:11):
And they'll be like my love language? Ye. And then
you're just like the.

Speaker 9 (23:16):
Questions you answer a prompt as a voice, No, those
are cringey.

Speaker 3 (23:21):
You don't do that. Your front picture needs to be
whatever you're presenting to people to hire you for a job.
Even Okay, the second could be like we just did
because guys are gonna swipe off super fast. And you
want numbers. You want a numbers game, all right, just
get the coach.

Speaker 1 (23:36):
I mean, honestly, if you get a.

Speaker 3 (23:40):
Scholarship with this coach. We raise money, fund me some money.

Speaker 1 (23:43):
Okay, Okay, I mean we'll see.

Speaker 3 (23:45):
But if you don't log in though, you're not gonna
mean anybody.

Speaker 1 (23:48):
Yeah, I know, good point.

Speaker 3 (23:50):
I know.

Speaker 1 (23:51):
I I gotta log.

Speaker 3 (23:52):
In, see right now.

Speaker 6 (23:54):
Look, I'm gonna go to sign in and then I
haven't been in in so long.

Speaker 1 (23:59):
That's the problem.

Speaker 3 (24:00):
I got to look.

Speaker 6 (24:01):
But it got overwhelming for me, and now I think
I'm ready and heavy. No, I just think it got
over I just was like, I'm.

Speaker 3 (24:08):
Twenty five year old. Twenty five year old comes at
you and it's.

Speaker 6 (24:10):
The youngest that I have that you would consider. Has
messaged me is thirty two?

Speaker 3 (24:15):
Twenty five year old? Said what's up?

Speaker 1 (24:16):
No? No, no, that can't happen. Okay, Nope, not happening.

Speaker 3 (24:20):
How'd you feel about thirty two?

Speaker 6 (24:22):
I he invited me to coffee and I said, I
do you know?

Speaker 3 (24:25):
How? I said you?

Speaker 1 (24:27):
I said, I said, to you know how old I am?
Because I have my age in the profile and he
said yes. I think he said yes.

Speaker 3 (24:35):
Ma'am, yes, ma'am.

Speaker 6 (24:38):
And I said, okay, well I can I cannot. I
feel like this is just not gonna be a good fit.
I feel too old for you. And he told me
that I was limiting my chances or I should be
more relaxed and you know, have fun, like try things
like I just like, I don't think I could get

over the fact that you're thirty two and I'm forty three.

Speaker 3 (25:02):
If you hire dating coach, let us know so we
can laugh about it. Otherwise, just get active, put a
better picture up front. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (25:08):
Well, my hope is maybe I just meet somebody in
real life out but.

Speaker 1 (25:13):
Nobody I had that hope too.

Speaker 6 (25:14):
I've been met no one single person has ever. I
think one time at Bar Taco. I'm at the bar
and some guys on the blades of the bathroom and
he's like, you know, you might be the prettiest girl
in here or something.

Speaker 3 (25:30):
He said, you might be Yeah, I asked some trouble.
I was thinking, there's a possibility and a chance that
you could be the prettiest girl at this bar.

Speaker 1 (25:39):
Maybe dam I was like Okay.

Speaker 6 (25:43):
Then he left to go to the bathroom and then
I never saw him again.

Speaker 1 (25:46):
So I was like, okay, that's in a year. That's
the one person that's talked.

Speaker 3 (25:50):
To me hanging there. Okay, you got this. I'm gonna
take part in this segment because I feel like I'd
be a hypocrite if I don't. It's lunchbox. This segment idea.
He brought in some audio for it, but he wants
us to do my spouse or significant other is annoying
me because oh boy, so I will let you go first,
since this is your idea. Why is your wife annoying you?

Speaker 2 (26:10):
Oh my goodness.

Speaker 8 (26:11):
I haven't had a good night to sleep in like
three nights because my wife has like a cold and
I have never heard someone snore so loud, and I
am a king sleeper, can sleep through anything.

Speaker 3 (26:23):
You brought her snoring? Snoring kill you, She's gonna kill you.
I would never play this audio someways nose is stopped up.

Speaker 2 (26:31):
Oh it's more than stop up.

Speaker 8 (26:32):
It's like the the lumberjacks have moved into our loom
in the room and chopping down trees in the.

Speaker 3 (26:37):
Middle of the night.

Speaker 2 (26:38):
Listen to this.

Speaker 3 (26:42):
So bad that wakes you up. The guy who can
sleep through anything, Dude, that is so loud, and.

Speaker 1 (26:54):
I don't think you can claim you sleep through.

Speaker 3 (26:55):
Yeah, I don't think you're a seer there, because that
actually sounds pretty gentle, dude.

Speaker 2 (26:58):
It's like the house is rock and I am like,
this is so annoying.

Speaker 3 (27:05):
Okay, I will do one. My wife is annoying me
because and this is a constant with us. It's probably
a relatable debate. It's the temperature. She gets so cold
and I get so hot, and we are constantly and
she's great about there's a certain point when I can
turn the air down, but I can't turn the air

down the bedroom until she's all the way under the
covers because she wants to be. But she likes the
ear so much warmer than I like it. So it's
a constant, like battle of temperatures. Do you guys deal
with that at all?

Speaker 5 (27:35):

Speaker 3 (27:36):
Yeah, yeah, because yours always colder. My wife likes it colder.

Speaker 7 (27:39):
I'm from South Texas, so I want it hot.

Speaker 3 (27:42):
That would be the thing that I'm annoyed by most.
It's secretly. I'll look over and it's on heat in
the bedroom. I'm like, man, it's kind of hot in here,
and it's on heat. That kind of annoying. You like
it really cold though?

Speaker 1 (27:54):

Speaker 3 (27:54):
Yeah, I mean we sleep with our room ones. When
I get to my part at sixty one. Now that
is Antarctica. What are you doing?

Speaker 2 (28:04):
Yeah, that's not that's not good man.

Speaker 3 (28:08):
No, yeah, once she's under and I.

Speaker 6 (28:09):
Guess I think I've never even gone down that low
like Nevers, but I've never.

Speaker 1 (28:16):
Oh yeah, gone below sixty nine.

Speaker 3 (28:19):
Let's party, so yeah, that that's our deal there, Eddie,
want to jump in on this.

Speaker 7 (28:23):
I don't think I have anything even thinking about now, Okay,
I do have one.

Speaker 3 (28:30):
Okay, it was hard to get to right, like we
really made you dig deep. I don't really think about
good good.

Speaker 7 (28:36):
It annoys me when we have people coming over anyone,
even like the person that sprays for like roaches.

Speaker 3 (28:43):
I gotta clean the house.

Speaker 7 (28:44):
I gotta do And she goes hard for an hour
cleaning the house like for the orcan guy. Like I
don't understand, like what like it's okay if there are
dishes in the dish like in sync, like that's normal. Lightly,
but she needs to be spotless if anyone coming over
to the house.

Speaker 3 (29:00):
Well, if you respond this when people weren't coming over,
maybe we went't have roaches. Oh good point. Yeah, I'm
just kidding. I'm just kidding. That is relatable to Raymundo
do you have anything, Yeah, filling up the trash can. First,
do the thing where it's like, no, I don't right,
I thought for a while and yeah find oh okay, good,
thanks man. But yeah, filled up the trash can.

Speaker 10 (29:18):
It's almost she thinks that a trash guy comes from
outside and takes our trash for us.

Speaker 3 (29:22):
It's me.

Speaker 10 (29:23):
I'm the trash guy. She fills it up so full.
I'm trying to pick it up. There's cops falling out,
there's coffee grinds. I'm like, you realize, I'm the one
that deals with that, right, It's not an outside person.

Speaker 3 (29:32):
So she just keeps loading it on. Yeah, because the
trash guy's going to take it out the trash fairy
all of a sudden, Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, you're him.

Speaker 8 (29:39):
I feel you on that ray And then if you're
and they make it so heavy in the back of
rips as you're trying to pull it out of the
trash can, it's like, if you wouldn't put so much
stuff in there, you know.

Speaker 1 (29:48):
Oh wait, so y'all don't use the trash can.

Speaker 6 (29:50):
I'm confused, Like the men never use it, only well,
they're implying that the women are the only ones that
fill it up.

Speaker 3 (29:58):
I think what they're implying is, if I could speak
for the them, is that when it reaches a sensible limit,
they'll take the trash out. However, when their wife is
filling the trash can, there is no sensible limit. They'll
just keep filling and just expect it to.

Speaker 2 (30:09):
Be Yeah, they'll just keep going, keep going, keep going.

Speaker 3 (30:11):
What my theory would be based on what the words
they're saying, there.

Speaker 2 (30:14):
Is a sensible limit. That is a great term, Bobby.

Speaker 3 (30:17):
Anyone should be able to take the trash out if
that limit, yeah, instead of.

Speaker 8 (30:21):
Just packing it full and then you pick it up
and the strings are just ripping out of the bag
because it's so heavy.

Speaker 3 (30:25):
You have to call for help. Who I need you.

Speaker 2 (30:31):
To push down the trash can?

Speaker 3 (30:32):
Are you guys having your trash man man? Exactly? So,
I don't know. We don't deal with that one. I
would say. The thing that my wife hates to do
that she asked me to do is plugging chargers behind
like bedside tables. Like she hates pulling a thing, plugging
the charger in and pushing it back. I don't like
it either, but not that big of a deal where
She's like, I hate doing that. We plugged it in

and I'm like, I have to pull it, plug it in.
But for some reason she hates to.

Speaker 1 (31:01):
Do that to some pieces of furniture, I mean can
be heavy.

Speaker 3 (31:06):
No, No, I had to take real hard to find that
one too. I was digging deep last night trying to
find it. You have one annoying kind of like just
I know you're right, it's actually great. Yeah, not that,
but but it kind of bothers me sometimes.

Speaker 7 (31:22):
So she's the first one to go upstairs and go
to bed right always like I'm always the last. I'll
turn out all the lights or whatever. And every single
night when I'm walking upstairs, she goes, hey, will you give.

Speaker 3 (31:30):
Me some water? I'm like, you were downstairs too, but.

Speaker 1 (31:35):
If you know what's coming, go ahead and get her water.

Speaker 8 (31:37):
But she was downstairs and like if she if you
want why not?

Speaker 3 (31:42):
Well, if I were just saying theoretically speaking, if someone
were always need something, wouldn't they grab it? Could be anybody?
What do they grab it on the way up instead
of always relying on someone else to get it.

Speaker 6 (31:51):
But Eddie's the last one. He's turning out the lights
and if he's maybe.

Speaker 3 (31:54):
The last man in takes care of hydration for the house.

Speaker 6 (31:57):
I know, but maybe she's not thinking about it. But
he could just be like, you know what, I'm lady
in the kitchen. I'm gonna go ahead and bring her
glass of water. She typically wants one.

Speaker 3 (32:03):
And she wasted to get on the top of the stairs, like, hey,
will you give me some water?

Speaker 2 (32:08):
I got any chance you could teach her and be.

Speaker 3 (32:10):
Like no, no, no chance, no chance at all. Do
you know your wife ever? Ye? On things that are
trivial that you could actually do.

Speaker 1 (32:20):
That was weird.

Speaker 8 (32:21):
Yeah, yeah, Like, oh, I'm sitting on the couch and
I'm gonna let the dog out, and she's.

Speaker 2 (32:27):
Like, oh, while you're up, can you go to the
kitchen give me water? No opposite direction, Like that's the opposite direction?

Speaker 3 (32:32):
Oh you hit it with can interesting bodies not pointing
that way? Can that way?

Speaker 2 (32:37):
I gotta wait for the dog to come back in.

Speaker 3 (32:38):
Yeah, yeah, I got you. Cat you okay, okay, Well,
thank you guys. And that was very difficult. That was
hard to come up with them. We really asked a
lot of it, but thank you, and we did it
for the bit for the show.

Speaker 6 (32:50):
This is where I would love to have the wives,
which I know that's a part of the show. I
get it, but they could maybe even just text it to.

Speaker 1 (32:57):
Me and I'll share it. The one annoying thing about each.

Speaker 3 (33:00):
Of you know, they would have ten or ten They
can probably find them easy because we're dirt bags and
they're they're great, right, I mean they trust me. You
have a thesis on me in five seconds. But I'd
like to thank you guys. It's difficult sensitive. You guys
did a great job. Good job everybody, Bobby Bone show.

Speaker 2 (33:21):
Sorry up today. This story comes ups from Michigan. Amen
was at the Kroger grocery store parking lot.

Speaker 8 (33:28):
He was getting in the car and he's like, oh here,
let me put my gun in my waistband and oh
he shot himself. But he's not supposed to have a
gun because on parole Lake Cool No.

Speaker 2 (33:39):
So he tells his.

Speaker 8 (33:40):
Buddy, ay Man, take the gun and run. Take the
gun and run. So his buddy runs. The only problem
is he's on parole too, so then he got busted
for having the gun.

Speaker 3 (33:48):
Also, also, it's the waistband thing, right, I get it.
You On TV and movies they put it in their
back yeah, in their pants. You're gonna carry a gun
around for the most part, do like I do, put
it in my purse.

Speaker 1 (34:04):
And have the safety on.

Speaker 3 (34:05):
Not so cool? Yeah yeah, not as cool, right, But
also like if you're gonna carry a gun or put
it under your pants, like you and your strap, your
garter belt strap. I do that too, put it in
my garter you know. Okay?

Speaker 5 (34:16):
Is that it?

Speaker 6 (34:16):

Speaker 2 (34:16):
I'm lunch box. That's your bonehead story of the day.

Speaker 3 (34:20):
Eddie, did you see Inside Out Too? I did?

Speaker 9 (34:22):

Speaker 3 (34:23):
Yeah? Inside Out Too? I like one, and I haven't
seen all the Disney movies, but that's like the emotions
and stuff, right.

Speaker 7 (34:28):
One is I mean, the whole like thing, the whole
point of the movie is kind of deep, just like
all the emotions you have in your head. But they're
all different little cartoon characters, which I love.

Speaker 3 (34:37):
Yeah, I felt like it very much was for adults
as well. Fifty one percent kids, forty nine percent adults,
which is probably the highest adult ratio for any of
the cartoons that I've seen because I have kids.

Speaker 7 (34:49):
That's inside Out one, dude. Let me tell you about
Inside Out Inside Out two. So the little Girl, the
character she is now a teenager, so all the emotions
are like anxiety, jealousy, the new one, so like, yeah,
the teenage emotions so like I think the kids now
are even more lost.

Speaker 3 (35:04):
But the adults loved it.

Speaker 2 (35:06):
I thought it was a great movie.

Speaker 7 (35:07):
Liked it, and my kids were like the whole time
kind of like that's kind of good.

Speaker 3 (35:10):
But then when some like somebody would fart, they would
laugh like the cartoon and the farts kept them there. Right. Yeah, Hey,
Mike d when you review this for movie Mike's Movie Podcast,
what'd you give it? I gave it four point five
out of five. Not perfect?

Speaker 11 (35:24):
No, well, I would say the first one is perfect.
First one I would give a five. This was not
as good as that one. Really, yeah, but for me,
like I have anxiety and then representing anxiety, like I
wish this was a movie I had when I was
a kid, because I could have been like, oh, this
is what I'm experiencing.

Speaker 3 (35:37):
Will they do another one where she's going through menopause,
she gets older, she's having a baby. Yeah, like every
five to seven years they should have another one, a
different version. That's funny. What's the anxiety character? Anxiety? No,
but it's like what's its thing is like, I don't know. Yeah, yeah,
but with the best jittery, the.

Speaker 11 (35:56):
Kind of control everything in Riley's life. Oh yeah, we're
thinking it like, oh, here's all the scenarios.

Speaker 3 (36:01):
Oh I got to do this. If I don't do this,
this is going to happen. No, that's called healthy. That's
get kind of done.

Speaker 1 (36:06):
I would say. My kids went to see it too.

Speaker 6 (36:08):
My daughter's seventeen, and that's the first time I've heard
her come home from a movie and be like, you know,
say the word deep. And it made her think about
some things. And I feel like it was so glad
that she had that opportunity to see it. But my
thirteen year old son, he was like, I thought.

Speaker 1 (36:23):
It was okay.

Speaker 6 (36:23):
I got to think he understood that that's what, Well,
what's going on. But it's great for you know, my daughter,
for sure.

Speaker 3 (36:30):
Mike. Give it a four point five Eddie, Yeah, four
point five for sure. Amy.

Speaker 1 (36:34):
I didn't see it.

Speaker 3 (36:35):
Oh, you're the only kids, So my niece took my kids.

Speaker 6 (36:38):
And also I just didn't stay away from reviews, so
I wasn't even going.

Speaker 3 (36:41):
To tell you give it a star review.

Speaker 1 (36:45):
They went to see it. I didn't see it right,
I would say they came home and they were glad
they went.

Speaker 3 (36:51):
Thank you for that review. You're welcome. We will see
you tomorrow. Good eybody, Bobby MO. You can find us
on Facebook too at Bobby Bone Show. Um
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