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May 12, 2024 23 mins

Happy Mother's Day! In this episode, we share highlight clips from the past week of some of the podcasts on The Nashville Podcast Network- The Bobbycast, Sore Losers, Movie Mike's Movie Podcast and Get Real with Caroline Hobby.  You can listen to new episodes weekly wherever you get your podcasts. 

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Speaker 1 (00:08):
Hello, Welcome to the Sunday Sampler. Clips from some of
the podcasts, for example, The Bobby Cast and Sore Losers,
Movie Mike's Movie Podcast, and Get Real with Caroline Hobby.
This week, Movie Mike Aga and his wife Kelsey shared
their best and worst movie experiences to recap the month
of April. Get Real with Caroline Hobby she talked to
artist Lily Rose. This week on the Bobbycast, I sat

down with Granger Smith for a super vulnerable conversation about
life after losing his young son. He shares what he
learned from tragedy and why he wanted to do ministry.
He even wrote a book about it. So here's the clip.
Let's get started. Here is a bit from this week's
Bobbycast with Granger Smith. When you speak, to speak or

your church, you appreach it, whatever, how are you defining?
Do you do sermons? Would you go yours a sermon?

Speaker 2 (00:55):

Speaker 3 (00:56):
It's mixed, like sometimes it's a church like literally this
this coming Sunday as a sermon, Okay, Sunday morning, But
it's not always. Sometimes it's a youth conference or whatever.

Speaker 1 (01:05):
When you speak and you leave that, what is that
feeling like? Because you have it set across from them
and got their specific nuance needs a reaction, but you
still just went and took your message in your feelings
and were vulnerable and shared to people who are needing
and wanting. That described the two. The difference between the two.

Speaker 3 (01:30):
Similar to concerts music. I could walk off from the
message and and think, man, I don't know if I
don't know if I did hit. I don't know if
that mattered at all. I think that might have been horrible.
And then there's other times I walk off and go
I think I nailed it. I think I nailed that.
It's interesting that it's I get the same type of feeling,

but I do know that the sword is sharper with
the message that I'm giving now as opposed to just
a a more generic I'm just going to play a
concert and make you smile.

Speaker 4 (02:02):
Which is great, it's great.

Speaker 3 (02:04):
I always thought of myself as being able to make
people take an emotional journey three minutes at a time. Yeah,
But what I know now is where the goal is
to really affect people on an intimate level, so that
if they are hurting past the point of I don't
even want to live anymore, then this could affect that

person in a positive way.

Speaker 1 (02:25):
And I think all are needed, and I think one's
more important than the other. And I don't think you're
even saying that.

Speaker 3 (02:29):
I'm saying, I'm not You're right, And I.

Speaker 1 (02:32):
Don't want to be a misconstrue what you're saying, because
I don't believe that your message and most people will
hear that. But I think all are needed, and sometimes
to be better at being able to have empathy or
understanding that comes with extreme difficulty. Like any of the
empathetic skills that I have, any of the understanding that

I have that I can help with, has always come through.
It's really crappy stuff happening, and even with you, like
a River the book and your tattoo says River.

Speaker 2 (03:08):
And you know.

Speaker 1 (03:10):
Your son and how that tragically changed your life and
your whole family's life, And you would never wish that
on anyone. The tools and the skills and the empathy
that you gained from that, that you could go back,

you'd never want to have to gain those if you
were to ask, No way, you don't want to gain that.
You don'tt it's terribly tragic. But what it seems to
me again from ten thousand feet up. You've taken those
that skill set, and now you're using it specifically the
guy you met with for coffee.

Speaker 3 (03:51):
You know what I told that guy in the brief
time the twenty minutes. I told you that I was
going to say only a few things that would matter.
And I told him something that's only been a recent
thought in my mind that I've worked through just recently.
And I've never said this in a public setting, and
I haven't fully unpacked it yet. But the truth is this,

if I faced God today and he said, I give
you river back, I give you your old life back,
but you don't get anything that you've gained from that
to this day forward, right, you don't get any of that.
You just get river and your old life. I would
say no, I'd say I can't. I can't go back there,

even to have river back, because I was broken so
much that the new growth that came from that death
really from me. I'm not even I'm not I'm talking
about just me. I'm a new, different person, and I
can't go back into that old self again because I

just see things differently.

Speaker 5 (04:58):
Now we're gonna do it live.

Speaker 6 (05:02):
Oh, the one shoot three Sore Losers.

Speaker 5 (05:07):
What up, everybody. I am lunchbox. I know the most
about sports. I'll give you the sports facts, my sports opinions,
because I'm pretty much a sports genius, y'all.

Speaker 6 (05:16):
It's Sison. I'm from the North. I'm an alpha male.
I live on the north side of Nashville with Bayser,
my wife.

Speaker 5 (05:21):
We do have a farm.

Speaker 6 (05:22):
It's beautiful, a lot of acreage, no animals, a lot
of crops. Hopefully soon corn pumpkins, rye. I believe maybe
a little fescue to be determined. Over to you, coach.

Speaker 5 (05:37):
And here's a clip from this week's episode of The
Sore Losers.

Speaker 6 (05:42):
Garts Just open, dude. They got dude bouncers. I'm like,
where did these guys come from?

Speaker 5 (05:46):
Where did they hire them from another bar? No, they're
all just new to the scene. They graduated just boom,
moved to Nashville. Boom, I'm a bouncer.

Speaker 7 (05:53):

Speaker 5 (05:54):
Here we go.

Speaker 6 (05:54):
That's the one thing you meet in capitalize on. We
should have probably picked up a bar shift.

Speaker 5 (05:59):
I would have liked to try bartending when I was
in my early twenties, and it would have been fun
for probably about a month. You wouldn't have been annoying
as hell, and I'd have been hammered.

Speaker 6 (06:08):
You'd behind the bar, you'd been good at it, You'd
have been damn good at it.

Speaker 5 (06:12):
Because I feel like, oh, they always want to buy
the bartender a shot, and I feel like, I'm yeah, yeah,
but but they allowed them to do a stow it
over their shoulder or pour it out before they do it.
But I would have loved to try bartending. It'd have
been so fun. Yeah now, no, thank you, I'm too old.

Speaker 6 (06:27):
I could still do it at Gars.

Speaker 5 (06:29):
Now I'm too old. I don't think it'd be fun anymore.
I'd be so annoyed with all the drunk ass people.

Speaker 6 (06:33):
But you know what, I can hook up, which I'll
need to talk to the Garths team where you would
be a celebrity appearance and you would serve for just
one night. That could work and I can be the guy.
I'll be handing you drinks. I'm like your side show.

Speaker 5 (06:45):
I like it, yeah, and then hear my bar back. Also,
you're the one that cleans the glasses, dips them in
the water, and when somebody wants to shot gun a beer,
that's when I come in. Because you didn't want to
drink while you're doing it. That's right. Now, I'm gonna
tell you a story. I was talking to one of
the dads the other day and his daughter is in
my five year old's class.

Speaker 6 (07:05):
It wasn't Jerry, was it.

Speaker 5 (07:06):
No Jerry. I haven't seen Jerry, but my kid. We
haven't seen Jerry's daughter in three years. And my son
has a postcard from when we went to Colorado last summer.
He found it yesterday in a book and he goes, data,
I'm going to mail this to her. I'm like, dude,
you I've told you she doesn't like you.

Speaker 6 (07:25):
I've told you your dad doesn't have thirty two cents.

Speaker 5 (07:31):
So he was telling me that he went to school
at Knoxville. He was called UT the University of Tennessee. No,
I don't know what it's not called UT. UT is Texas.
I heard you went to a school called Augusta. No,
that's Alabama. Okay, No, that's Tuscaloosa. Anyway, So he went
to the University of Tennessee, right, And he was a

bouncer at a bar, dope, and he said they were
having a football program gathering there one night and Peyton
Manning walks up and he starts asking everybody for idea
id's and Peyton's like, oh, I didn't bring my ID,
and he goes, no, ID can't get in, and he goes,

but ah, we're here with the football team, you know,
And he's like, sorry, man, no ID can't get in.

Speaker 6 (08:20):
Pull me up on the NFL website.

Speaker 5 (08:23):
Well he's still in college at the time. And the
guy looks at the dad and get dad, I know,
and he goes, uh, do you know who I am?
He goes, do you know who I am? I'm the bouncer.
He goes, I'm Peyton Manning, Dude, I play quarterback for
the University of Tennessee. He goes, yeah, and I'm Ben

and I bounced people out of this bar.

Speaker 2 (08:47):

Speaker 5 (08:48):
You guys get a dick of steel. And he's just like, yeah, yeah,
but I didn't bring my ID, and he goes, you
really don't know who I am. He goes, no, I
know who you are. Well, that don't mean I'm letting
you in my bar, and Peyton May was like, it's
not your bar. Oh damn, it goes I'm just with you.

Speaker 4 (09:06):
Go on here, man, hey, it's Mike d and this
week our Movie Mike's Movie podcast, my wife Kelsey and

I shared our best and worst movies that we've seen
in the last month. We do it every single month
to recap things that you should check out in theaters,
wait till they go on streaming, or just avoid altogether.
I also gave my thoughts on The Fall Guy with
Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt always giving you spoiler free
movie reviews. So here's just a little bit of our
best and worst, but be sure to check out this

full episode of Movie Mike's Movie Podcast. What was the
best movie in your opinion?

Speaker 8 (09:55):
From April Easy Challengers? I love Zundia. I thought it
it was so well done. The casting was perfect. I
liked the going back and forth in time. The cinematography
was great, like some of the shots where you like,
feel like you are the tennis ball, like I just thought, overall,
it was an extremely well done movie.

Speaker 4 (10:12):
And overall it was one that evoked a lot of
emotion in the audience. In our theater, there was a
lot of reactions during several different parts.

Speaker 8 (10:20):
One girl leaned over to her friend I could hear,
and she goes, what is this movie?

Speaker 4 (10:24):
It's one of those movies, and I was talking about
in my review of it that I was surprised by
not the level of nudity that it had, but the
level of male nudity.

Speaker 8 (10:33):
Watching HBO, which is yeah. I was like, I don't,
We're watching euphoria.

Speaker 4 (10:37):
We're used to seeing That's true, We're used to seeing
that at home more than we are in theater. Was
that jarring to you to see the male wiener and
the male butt in a public setting?

Speaker 8 (10:46):
No, because one time I took my grandma to a
movie and there was male nudity and I felt so bad.
If you can just imagine me me being like.

Speaker 4 (10:57):
Oh, it's just so much more assaulting, like female nudity
in a movie we don't really notice, which there's not really.

Speaker 8 (11:04):
No, that's not true because in Oppenheimer, all anyone could
talk about was always saw Florence Pews boobs.

Speaker 4 (11:08):
We also saw that in seventy millimeter Imax, so it
was the entire screen was just their boobs.

Speaker 8 (11:14):
People are always talking about female nudity, they're always talking
about should I go back to my free the nipple tangent, But.

Speaker 4 (11:19):
It's not as surprising when you see a wiener on screen.
It's like, WHOA, don't.

Speaker 8 (11:24):
Take serious right now saying that what weed? Yes, but
also like, this isn't a spoiler. It's in a locker
room context, like you kind of. It wasn't like you
was just like whipping it out right.

Speaker 4 (11:32):
It was a comedy thing.

Speaker 8 (11:34):
It was a locker room where you're like, okay, yeah,
like men are taking a.

Speaker 4 (11:36):
Shower, and there it is.

Speaker 8 (11:38):
We've just watched so much HBO in New Storia that
at this point I'm just like, there's another one.

Speaker 4 (11:42):
Like I wasn't as shocked by it, but just seeing
other people react to it, I thought one that movies
have kind of got away from having nudity in movies.
The R rating keeps some people away from seeing it,
and some people are still aren't fully comfortable with nudity.
So just to see it on a movie of this
scale commit to it, I was like, oh, yeah, some

people aren't going to like this.

Speaker 8 (12:06):
Listen. I was more offended visually shocked when they caught
off her head at the start of Napoleon.

Speaker 4 (12:13):
Yeah, the movie's very brutal, not a spoiler. It happens
pretty soon in the movie like that.

Speaker 8 (12:18):
To me, it was like cover my eyes.

Speaker 4 (12:19):
That movie as a whole had some pretty brutal violence,
not only to humans but also to animals.

Speaker 8 (12:25):
But this I was like, whatever, Yeah, I loved it.

Speaker 4 (12:28):
I still I stand by my four point five at
a five rating. What would you give it?

Speaker 8 (12:32):
You have it a five oh five. It kicked off
the summer blockbusters.

Speaker 4 (12:37):
I feel like April as a whole was a really
solid month. It was there were so many great movies.
For me, my best I think I'm still a little
bit too close to Challengers. I have a little recency
bias that I feel like saying that was my favorite
overall would be too soon to say that, although I
do have it on my list of potential best movies
of the year, like I already put it on that

list because I think it was that good. But for me,
I'm going to go best to Still Civil War because
it is the movie I've seen this month and have
continued to think about and go back to, and it's
one that right now I immediately want to go back
and rewatch it. Rarely do I go back and rewatch
a movie in theaters, just because we already go once
a week. It's hard to go back and revisit a

movie time while it's still in theaters because there's always
something new coming out that I need to go see,
but this is one that I can't wait until it
goes on to streaming, which it'll probably still be another
thirty forty five days. But I need to see it
again because I was expecting something different when we first
went to go see it, and now knowing what it is,
I think I will be able to enjoy it even
more and it could move up from the four out

of five that I gave it to a five, because
I do think it's that good, it has that much potential.
But in my head, I thought it was going to
be more about the actual Second Civil War going on
and more about the backstory, and what it really was
was about photojournalism and the implications that come along with
taking photographs of really awful things.

Speaker 8 (14:01):
Well, this is a great Seguay because I loved it,
but I'm going to give it my least favorite of
the month really because it wasn't what I was expecting
and I was so physically stressed during the whole thing.
It reminded me of how stressed I felt during Joker,
Like at one point, I like scrunched down in my
seat and hid behind the guy in front of me
his head because I just needed like a little break
from what was on the screen least favorite, not because

I didn't like it, but because my blood pressure was elevated.

Speaker 4 (14:24):
I think that's where we differ in I like stressful movies.

Speaker 8 (14:27):
You love a stressful I like.

Speaker 4 (14:29):
Movies that at times will literally keep me on the
edge of my seat.

Speaker 8 (14:32):
Which is shocking because you're already a high stressed person, Like,
why do you want to be further stressed. I think it's.

Speaker 4 (14:37):
Because I like movies that evoke an emotion in me.
To be able just to sit there in a room
and watch something that'll get my heart rate up. That's
a powerful thing. So I like feeling that. So that's
why I like horror movies. That's why I like really
intense thrillers. The way Civil War did that was with
really loud sound effects, which was by design of these

very visceral sounding gunshots and rumbles that while you're watching it,
when you're not expecting it just boom. And that also
adds to the level of anxiety that the characters are
going through. So the director Alex Garland was able to
also make you feel that stress as well, so I
find that to be powerful. But I could see if
you don't like those situations, how you would not have

a good time watching that movie, especially in theaters. I
think it would be different watching it at home because
it's not as loud, it's not as much you're engulfed
in it. So I wonder if people would still be
as stress watching that movie at home.

Speaker 8 (15:32):
It was one of those where I felt so stressed.
I didn't even want my movie snacks. I mean almost
that's my favorite part of a movie.

Speaker 4 (15:37):
You gotta have your snack.

Speaker 8 (15:38):
Couldn't eat it.

Speaker 4 (15:39):
So that's your worst, my worst.

Speaker 8 (15:41):
Favorite, your worst.

Speaker 9 (15:43):
Okay, it wasn't a bad movie, true least favorite for
my least favorite, But I'm gonna say worst is Rebel
Moon Part two, The Scargiver.

Speaker 8 (15:54):
I didn't even realize that was out. When did you
watch that?

Speaker 4 (15:56):
I watched it last weekend. But here's the thing. I
didn't finish it, so it's not a movie I will
give my full review treatment too, but I decided to
include it here because it was so bad. Now, the
first one came out and I was able to stomach it.
It's Zack Snyder and it's almost him trying to do
his own version of Star Wars. The first one was
all over the place.

Speaker 8 (16:16):
I watched like fifteen minutes of it with you, and
I was like, what is this.

Speaker 4 (16:20):
It's a lot of slow motion action shots, but some
of it actually looked pretty cool, and the story moved
along enough to make me complete that movie. But he
filmed these two movies together, put out Part one last
year and put out Part two this year. They're both
about two hours, so dude can't make a project under
four hours, apparently, And this one was so bad within

the first fifteen minutes I could not finish it, so
I kept going. I probably watched forty five minutes of
the movie before deciding there's no point in me finishing
this movie. The story didn't make sense. It was those
same visual things in the first one that were so
repetitive and so overused. I just feel like streaming movies
have really taken a dip in the last two years,
and it comes to creating the same level of quality

that you can go see in theaters.

Speaker 2 (17:05):
A Carol n She's a queen of talking and a song.
She's getting really not afraid to feel episode and soul,
just let it flow. No one can do. We quiet

carry Lyne his son from Caroline.

Speaker 10 (17:33):
Hey, y'all, it's Caroline Hobby from Get Real with Caroline Hobby.
And here is a clip from this week's episode.

Speaker 11 (17:41):
When it comes to, you know, choosing a genre, I
always knew that I wanted to write country music. But
I was so inspired by so many different artists, you know,
Bruce Fringsteening to Katie Perry to Taylor Swift to Ed
Sheeran to Sam Hunt. So it's just so really eclectic.
And I was like, I'm just gonna keep writing songs.
And and once I started co writing here in town

is when I was like, these are my favorite songs
I've ever written for myself.

Speaker 8 (18:07):
And it was country music.

Speaker 7 (18:08):
So you know, got to meet.

Speaker 10 (18:10):
Okay, so you came to Nashville, but you weren't You
hadn't done a whole lot of country music writing yet, Nope,
So how did you know that you needed to come
here and not like La or you know, New York
or I don't even know where else people go.

Speaker 11 (18:21):
Yeah, I definitely thought that it was going to be
like a either all La or split my time LA
in Nashville, just because I didn't know if I wanted
to be in country until Sam Hunt put that Between
the Pines mixtape on SoundCloud and I heard that and
I was like, that's country music and it includes all
the elements that I won my music, such ass from Atlanta,

so like the trap beats, I love rap, all of
the at o' eights and the synth bass and just
it wasn't you know, at the time, it was Cruise, Kiss, Tomorrow, Goodbye,
just broke country that I was obsessed with, but it
didn't I didn't see myself in that music. And when
Sam came on the scene, I saw myself in country
music and real storytelling. Yeah, the storytelling and just the

production and all of it. So I was like, kellyeah,
I'm moving to Nashville.

Speaker 10 (19:09):
And so Sam Hunt was kind of the catalyst. He was, Yeah,
and now look at you being on tour with him.
How did that even happen? I mean, I just love
it when people's dreams come true, like when you have
a full circle thing and I want to talk about
how you rose to fame because it was like overnight,
You're one of those, Like overnight, I can't even imagine
what that's like. Yeah, when it's literally overnight you went viral.

Speaker 7 (19:27):
It was crazy. But what is it like loving Sam Hunt?

Speaker 10 (19:31):
He's your inspiration for realizing that you can fit into
the genre musically, and now you're touring with him?

Speaker 7 (19:38):
Did He was it everything you hope? Sometimes people say.

Speaker 10 (19:40):
Don't meet the people that you like look up to
because it might be a letdown, but also it can
be great. How was that whole full circle moment meeting
him and touring with him and getting to be in
that energy field with him.

Speaker 11 (19:52):
Yeah, it was a really cool journey. Our first show
we did together was like August seventh of twenty twenty two,
and we just wrapped up with him this last weekend
mid April.

Speaker 7 (20:05):
So twenty four years you've been touring with him, Yeah,
over fifty shows. Y'all have hit it off so hard.
Y'all just can't stop, won't.

Speaker 11 (20:10):
So Yeah, he just continues to give me a chance,
and I'm so grateful for that. But he watching somebody
in my life go from an icon then to a
mentor to like a friend has just been a really
cool thing. And I learned so much out on the
road with him. Of his whole crew, they're just so kind.
And it starts with Sam really and it trickles down

to the band.

Speaker 7 (20:32):
And he's a great leader.

Speaker 11 (20:33):
Oh my gosh. He's just so nice to everybody really,
and he's out and about. You know, you've been on
just as many tours as I have and seen their
headliners and other acts that they hole up in their
bus or in their green room all day, and you
go to catering at any moment Sam's in there, you
go outside. He's playing with his daughter and throwing the
football with his band. He's hanging out with us, and

it was really cool to just see him be a
human being.

Speaker 7 (20:59):
He's just living his actual life. Yeah, on the road.

Speaker 11 (21:02):
He is truly just a country boy that wants to
sing songs every night. And it's, in my opinion, entertainer
of the year level stuff, best arena production I've ever seen.

Speaker 7 (21:09):
What do you love about it?

Speaker 2 (21:12):
His songs?

Speaker 11 (21:13):
You know, they they incorporate so many of those hip hop,
R and B elements that you know, I resonate with
see myself in but I like to I go wild
on stage, Like being on stage is my favorite thing
in the entire world.

Speaker 10 (21:27):
Like Lily Rose is different from Lily Oh yeah, what's
the little who is Lily Rose on stage.

Speaker 7 (21:32):
What is she doing?

Speaker 8 (21:33):
Oh, it's just energy.

Speaker 7 (21:34):
It's my favorite thing.

Speaker 11 (21:35):
If I had to choose between writing a song or
being like playing a show, it's playing a show every time,
and I just.

Speaker 5 (21:41):
I love it.

Speaker 11 (21:41):
I love interacting with the fans my band. It just
feels like a very secure place for me and something
I enjoy and and because of that, it's really cool
to watch Sam's set, knowing his whole catalog the way
I do, because there is an elevated element of It's
even heavier on stage at the show, and there's just

not a whole lot of dip and energy. And we're
my band and I we just sat out there at
front of house every now and just studied and I mean, yeah,
I just took notes and enjoyed it. We're all such
Sam fans that were like, we acted like it was
our first time seeing him every night, you know, So
it was it was a dream come true. And I'm
a big, big believer in this job that there's a

lot of uncertain deed, and I think in life there
are things that make you want more, and there are
things that make you say, if it all ended tomorrow,
I'm okay, because I got to do that. And that's
how I feel about being on tour with Sam, is
that if it all went away tomorrow and I lost
everything that has to do with my music career, I'm
okay knowing that I went on tour with Sam.

Speaker 10 (22:44):
Hunt like a full dream come true, full dream come true.
Does he know that it's a dream come true? Yeah?

Speaker 11 (22:48):
I tried not to be too sappy, and I wrote
him a letter at the end of the tour and
gave him a little box of cigars, But yeah, I had.

Speaker 7 (22:56):
I haven't really been able to process it yet.

Speaker 11 (22:58):
I haven't even made my end of tour posts, just
because you never get to tour with your number one
you're idol.

Speaker 7 (23:04):
And that's who you started with.

Speaker 11 (23:05):
Yeah, it's just been truly a dream come true. And
that's a huge, huge thanks to Sam and his management
and both of our agents for making that happen, because like,
I'd never never thought that would be a thing.

Speaker 1 (23:25):
Hey, thanks for listening to this week's Sunday Sampler. New
episodes are out each week. If you want to take
a few seconds and subscribe to any of those individual podcasts,
that would be awesome. It would help whomever the podcaster
is if you subscribe or your rate your review. Thank
you so much and have a great Sunday.
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Stuff You Should Know

If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.

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