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March 19, 2024 45 mins

Lunchbox is doing 2 Weeks of Kindness so he's giving strangers compliments, hear how they reacted! Then find out who has a restaurant etiquette question and wants to know if it's rude to ask this. Mailbag: Listener's boyfriend got beat up at a bar and now our listener is less attracted to him. Any tips for our listener to get through this situation?

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Mom transmitting.

Speaker 2 (00:11):
What's up. Welcome to Tuesday show morning. We're gonna go
around the room, as we often do a check in
with everybody, and I do a little intro if you
need at the show, and then they go away and
and I feel like the intro is a little uh,
little playsetter, so you can learn a little bit about them, right,
That's why I write them. Yeah, For example, Eddie's at
first he found out he has dyslexia after taking an

on air test. And when it comes to math and numbers,
well you know the rest. Hey, I want to ask
you guys, like what do you all love so much?
Because I realized the other day I cut my grass
and after I was done, I just sit out sound
was like, this is beautiful. So you don't mean like
actual foundational family. You mean something random?

Speaker 3 (00:50):
Yeah, like if it's pizza, if it's whatever, the smell
of whatever. But because me, it's not even the smell
of fresh cut grass, it's just fresh cut grass.

Speaker 2 (00:58):
I love golf. Maybe that's why I love golf so much.
And maybe I was thinking. I'm from South Texas. We
cut grass all year round. It wasn't like here where
we have a winner, where we don't cut the grass
for like more months. So maybe that's just a part
of my childhood that I love so much. But I
love fresh cut grass. I love cereal so much, a
special type of cereal. There are lots of cereals that

I love, and there's a ranking. Sure, I have lots
of cereals, but I just love cereal. I could eat
cereal for breakfast. I could eat cereal for a snack.
I could eat cereal after lunch as like a lunch dessert.
Can't eat it for lunch because that's my tastes that
changes in the day. And for dinner. I can't eat
cereal because I don't eat breakfast for dinner. Huh. But
I could eat it as a dessert. Oh, I love cereal.

Speaker 1 (01:41):
You laundry.

Speaker 2 (01:43):
You love doing laundry, laundry.

Speaker 1 (01:44):
I love laundry.

Speaker 2 (01:45):
Can do for you?

Speaker 1 (01:47):
No, I do it. I love vacuuming.

Speaker 2 (01:50):
You're crazy, you know you don't. There's no way, Yes
I do. I have said this for no but you
don't like you love it like you look forward. I
can't wait to get home a vcuum. Nobody loves it.
No I did.

Speaker 4 (01:59):
It's very therapeutic for me, And maybe because I remember
my mom is.

Speaker 1 (02:05):
Very therapeutic for her.

Speaker 4 (02:06):
She would always vacuum and like do lines and one
thing that's like it. At my house, I have a
hardwoods and my vacuum doesn't make any lines, and it
drives you crazy because I can't see it on the
wood and I miss seeing those lines like my mom.
It's something you can ask.

Speaker 2 (02:20):
Okay, I have some therapy that you can do at
my house today if you want to do it, absolutely,
and when you're done. At Bobby we have therapy all
the way around for all the lady.

Speaker 4 (02:27):
You want to do it, well, maybe it's I mean,
I'd be happy to do it.

Speaker 1 (02:31):
I love the smell of fresh laundry.

Speaker 2 (02:33):
You haven't seen our pile. You're vacuum. We got lots
of therapy for you.

Speaker 4 (02:38):
Well, I mean, that's about weird. It's not like I
just love everything. I don't like cleaning the bathroom.

Speaker 2 (02:43):
That'd be weird. Let's go over to the lunchbox. Did
I even do your your line? Oh no, no, that
was Eddie say, yeah, that was the what do you love? Lunchbox?
What do you love? Oh?

Speaker 5 (02:50):
I love At the end of the day, when Bobby
says you guys are cut.

Speaker 2 (02:53):
That means we can go home. I'm like, yeah, I
love that, and I love hilarious. I never think of
that as like the bell at three o'clock. Yeah, it's
like counting down, dude, It's like come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (03:06):
But usually when you say that, we still have a
podcast to do, so it never means me. It's like
I have an after school detention. Like that's true, that's
true for.

Speaker 1 (03:14):
You, but after school detention you don't get paid for.

Speaker 2 (03:16):
That's true too, well, knowing one with the school analogy. Yeah,
but also it kind of hurt my feelings. Oh really, yeah,
I little bit.

Speaker 1 (03:25):
You've hired him to do this.

Speaker 2 (03:27):
Okay. I didn't think about that because I do go Okay,
everybody is cut except for Eddie, right, so I have
to stay back sometimes.

Speaker 4 (03:35):
If we have the countdown, I have to stay back,
but I'm happy to do it.

Speaker 2 (03:38):
Thank you. Here what she loves countdown laundry and vacuum me. Yeah,
all right, we're moving on over to lunchbox. He thinks
the TV show in Cis Sydney is really bad, and
every time he reviews it he gets more and more mad.
It's lunchboll.

Speaker 6 (03:51):

Speaker 5 (03:51):
I've been out here just being nice to people. I mean,
this world is just such a sad place. People are
angry all the time. So I'm just trying to, you know,
cheer people up up. And so I went out and
just random people. I was just pumping them up.

Speaker 2 (04:04):
So Lunchbox is holding on very tightly to the idea
that he could be kind for two weeks. We had
some issues yesterday on the show. I mean we told
him if he could go two weeks straight, we're just
being kind. We'd pay for him to go drive this
Lamborghini around racetrack. It's not cheap. It's like five hundred bucks.
And so he's trying as hard as he can. And
so now, what do you want to play this? Oh?

Speaker 5 (04:23):
Yeah, the first one, my wife was going to get
coffee at a coffee shop. I was like, let me
go with you because I got to see how good
this boris is.

Speaker 2 (04:30):
Here we go. Oh you crushed it, man, that was great.

Speaker 5 (04:34):
The smooth, poor, quick, efficient, everything you did was awesome.

Speaker 2 (04:38):
No problem, man, have a great day. You did a
kicking the butt job right there. Did you tip him?

Speaker 1 (04:45):
No words?

Speaker 2 (04:48):
Yeah, he was kind though I think the guy probably
thought like, wow, that's very nice. There's a cup right
there with that, they'll take a dollar. You can put
a dollar in, you know. Words of affirmation, right, yeah, here,
what not? Everybody's love language. I hear you.

Speaker 5 (05:00):
Yeah you have another one. Yeah, just some dude in
the grocery store. He was on the cereal aisle. I
was on the cereal aisle, and.

Speaker 2 (05:06):
I hit him with it. Can I just tell your
sweater is straight fire? Yeah? That means it looks good? Yeah, yeah,
it is straight fire. Dude like I'm in you're so yeah,
I just want to take you his sweater looks fire.
I appreciate it. So I wasn't trying to be weirder.

Speaker 5 (05:22):
Yeah, straight fire.

Speaker 2 (05:25):
Keep dressing like a g I think he thinks it's
weird that it's a forty year old man saying straight fire.
Well he was like a seven year old man. Okay,
you have one more? Are you done? I know I
got one more.

Speaker 5 (05:37):
Of My kids had to go to the dentist, you know,
I get the teeth cleaned. So I had to hype
up the dental hygienist and look at.

Speaker 2 (05:44):
The way she's cleaning. She's doing such a good job.
Your teeth are going to be so clean because she's
so good, so good.

Speaker 1 (05:52):
Thanks for being my height.

Speaker 2 (05:53):

Speaker 5 (05:55):
Well, I can see the sparkle on your teeth because
she's so good at cleaning.

Speaker 2 (05:58):
The great job. It just sounds like you called a
number that starts a nine hundred. Yeah, and that tone
of that person's giving you jolly's. I think that she
looks so hard, you're so cold.

Speaker 3 (06:10):
I think the last two for sure thought he was
hidden on him, the gutten, the cereal guy and the.

Speaker 2 (06:15):
High sweater firesweater guy. Yeah. Oh, lunchbox, Hey, you're trying.
That's all that matters, right, I.

Speaker 5 (06:20):
Was just trying, just trying to be nice, one day
at a time, one person at the time.

Speaker 2 (06:24):
All right. Moving on, the Morning Corny after Dark is back.
After several listeners asked some of them are so bad
these Morning Corny Is after Dark you have to listen
to them on the podcast. It's amy.

Speaker 4 (06:33):
So this is like a sweeter or not thing for
the guys in the room. Because my friend went out
on a first date with a guy that.

Speaker 1 (06:38):
She met a while ago, and on the.

Speaker 4 (06:41):
Date on an app no they met like working out
or something, and on the date, he said, you know,
I've thought about you a lot ever since, like all
the time, you're looping through my mind like a pretzel.

Speaker 2 (06:55):
How many dates? Take one?

Speaker 4 (06:56):
This was on date one that he said this, Why
the pretzel and why I guess a press?

Speaker 2 (07:01):
I been thinking about them talking? Okay, so he since
they met, he's been thinking about her like a pretzel.

Speaker 1 (07:07):
Yeah, like that's how he described it in her brain.

Speaker 4 (07:09):
But she took that as oh, like he's thinking about
them being a pretzel.

Speaker 2 (07:13):
You know, that's all I thought. The part that was
weird was him saying he thinks about her all the time.
They never been on a date. Oh okay, that seems
a bit aggressive and like he's gonna put you in
a basement something. The girl doesn't want to hear that,
Like I've been thinking about you the whole yes, but
not not during the first date.

Speaker 4 (07:26):
Okay, I gotcha, Like ever since we met, I you
looved through my brain.

Speaker 1 (07:30):
Like a pretzel.

Speaker 2 (07:31):
The pretzel's weird though.

Speaker 4 (07:33):
That's what I didn't know if this is because she's like,
I don't I didn't know whether or not to think
the pretzel is a sweet thing or not, And she's
trying not to overthink it. But then kind of the
really sweet part is the next day she gets a
text message from him, and all it is is a
pretzel man.

Speaker 2 (07:46):
He's going hard with that. He's going he's going a
little too hard in general, like after one date, even
during one date. Aside from the pretzel thing, that's too much,
it's I can't stop thinking about you. I thought about
you so much since we met before on our first day,
that's what that's weird. Secondly, I'm not weirded out by
the pretzel, like the wrapped our arms and legs. That's

not weird to me.

Speaker 1 (08:09):
Well, I know, but he didn't even mean it that way.

Speaker 2 (08:11):
It's just too early to be saying I think about
you all the time, regardless of whatever it is.

Speaker 4 (08:16):
I know, But now he has this emoji that's like boom,
she knows while he's thinking about me.

Speaker 2 (08:20):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (08:20):
I'm kind of starting to think it's sweet.

Speaker 2 (08:22):
So all I's gonna do is send the pretzel. Well,
he should have said, if you're gonna go forward, he
should have sent a bunch of pretzels to her real one,
because like the second time Caitlyn and I ever went out,
she was like we went on a date and we
found this chip. She's like, man, these they don't they
only really have these in Oklahoma. I haven't seen these
in forever, some random chip. After the second time, I
went out and so I sent her whole case of

those chips Baller because I thought it was I thought
it was funny and I was thinking, but it wasn't
like I think about you all the time like a pretzel.
I was like, hey, no, you've been looking for these
and had them deliver to her house and it was
the whole box of those chips. And I know she
was never gonna eat all those chips, but I just
remember she said that little thing about those random chips,
and I went and found them. But I wasn't like
the first time we met. If i'd have been like

ever since I met you for ten seconds, I think
about you like a freaking pretzel, she'd have been.

Speaker 1 (09:08):
Out right, that's the way this. Yeah, this is complicated.

Speaker 2 (09:12):
Uh yellow flag? Oh okay, Morgan, Yeah, I think it's
a yellow fly.

Speaker 4 (09:17):
I do think it's super sweet and I love the
inside joke that.

Speaker 1 (09:20):
They now have, but a little strong for the.

Speaker 4 (09:23):
First date, like maybe a second, third date, you could
you could pull that off.

Speaker 2 (09:26):
Don't be going full kool aid man on the inside
until you spent some time together. Because cooler man bust
through and he's in the house. This guy's like, we
just met. Thought about you every second. Pretzel.

Speaker 1 (09:36):
Do you still do things like that with Caitlin?

Speaker 4 (09:38):
Like if she said something, will you like send her
a case of something that's funny?

Speaker 2 (09:40):
You ask? We're married? No, you let yourself.

Speaker 1 (09:46):
Don't be ridiculous.

Speaker 2 (09:47):
I know I don't do anything anymore. Well, I couldn't
actually do that because we live together. Someone had delivered
to the house. I tried. I tried to, but you know,
we're together all the time, and it does become a
little different. I'm going to try to do stuff, but
not like that trying to like us courting. Yeah, that's
a hardcore, full core press.

Speaker 4 (10:03):
I get it.

Speaker 1 (10:04):
I think that that's the shifts for everybody. I was
just curious because that.

Speaker 2 (10:07):
You just set me out to fail there, And you
know what, Okay, Mike, go ahead or no, Ray, whoever's
doing it, Gray go ahead from Mountain Pine, Arkansas.

Speaker 6 (10:14):
Work Pretzels through his mind a lot for him. That's
a constant thought. Bobby Bones, thank you, very much, all right,
Ray and I have been on more than one day though,
that's okay. On eBay, someone.

Speaker 2 (10:25):
Has listed signed Bobby Bones guitars and I'm not sure
I signed them. It's in a blue marker. They're offering
them for twelve hundred bucks. Blue marker, right, Mike, is
like a light blue. Yeah. Do you think I signed these?
They said you signed them? Is that your signature? You

know your sign I know my signature, and you can
easily like take it from something and put it somewhere else,
even with AI at this point, so it says there
are two signed Bobby Bones guitars on sale. One's fifty
hundred bucks, one's thirteen hundred fifteen.

Speaker 4 (11:00):
Pretty tall.

Speaker 2 (11:01):
Are these legit? You don't have Tom, you don't have
any too much. You'll have to be rude like he
is that way over the story, you know, depend with
the story.

Speaker 5 (11:09):
What a rip off?

Speaker 4 (11:10):
No, I'm just thinking I got a guitar with your
signature on it for doing a work event.

Speaker 2 (11:16):
I didn't sign it for you. You got it because
they gave it to a bunch of people on.

Speaker 4 (11:19):
I know, but like it's if you had given it
to me, I'd like when it would tell you something
signed to me exactly, but I don't want to sell it.

Speaker 2 (11:26):
It's like it says hello and thanks for the interest.
According to my notes, this was signed by Bobby when
he appeared on Good Morning America here in New York
in June of twenty eighteen. Please let me know if
you have any further questions. Oh, I go back to
that day. Do you remember that?

Speaker 1 (11:38):
Were you there in twenty eighteen?

Speaker 2 (11:40):
It must have been after that? Was it after? I
want Dancing with the story Book tour? But what I've
all I'm gonna say is I don't I need to
see like on video of them if you're out there
anything about buying it. First of all, it's way overpriced.
I'll sell you one for Amy told her, yeah, two
and fifty, and that's because the guitars were two forty nine.
But I would hold off on buy if anybody's listening,

because I don't know this is real.

Speaker 3 (12:04):
You don't remember them, like when you go to those
shows they make you sign anything just for fun.

Speaker 2 (12:08):
I'm going to say this, and I know Aymy's going
to laugh at me because it's just this, But people
ask me to sign stuff all the time. I remember
if they ever signed.

Speaker 1 (12:15):
Yeah, and I think that is an okay answer. That's
why would I laughed.

Speaker 2 (12:19):
You you almost lost your breakfast because I read a
story about a guitar that guy's.

Speaker 1 (12:24):
Selling fifteen hundred dollars a.

Speaker 2 (12:26):
Lot of money, and it's a lot of money. I agree.
That wasn't the point. I'll say, don't buy it. I
need to message them anyway. That's the point I found it,
wanted to share it. I don't think that's I don't
know that I signed those. What are your thoughts, Mike.
I think it's the blue that kind of throws me off,
Like you would remember signing a guitar like that in blue,
two of them and look at the two and see
if it's exactly the same. If so, I didn't do

that because everyboy station is the same and similar, but
not exactly because there's so much scribble in my signature,
so we could look at that.

Speaker 4 (12:57):
I mean, but if it was around Dance of the
Star's time, that was a whirlwind, like you had a
lot going on.

Speaker 2 (13:02):
Yeah, I don't. I don't know that. That's all. I'm
getting insulted by something I brought to the show. I'm
done with it. Let's open up the mail bag.

Speaker 7 (13:09):
You friend the name mail and he's reading all the air.

Speaker 2 (13:12):
It's something we call Bobby's mail bag. Yeah, hello, Bobby Bones. Recently,
my boyfriend and I were at a bar. The guy
came in started harassing us and other people, and we
stood our ground, but eventually the guy got in my
boyfriend's face. My boyfriend's a pretty strong guy, works out,
he's tall, he has muscles, so he's always been masculine
in my eyes, and I'm proud that he did not

back down. I'm proud that he stood up for me. However,
the guy harassing us took one punch of my boyfriend
and the gut, and my boyfriend went down and did
not fight back. He just laid there. Luckily security came
and broke it up and we all got kicked out.
He's just been so emasculated in my eyes. I haven't
told him, but I could tell he's embarrassed, and he

knows He's not the same in my eyes. No matter
how hard I try to hide it. I still love
him just as much, but it has affected my attraction.
How do I get over this? Will I get over this?
Should I tell him? Is there anything I can do
to fix this and make him a man again in
my eyes, signed Gosh, girlfriend of a bad fighter. This
is crazy. So her association with masculinity and everybody has

a different one, is somebody who can fight and defend
themselves a barbarian that is not that's not everybody's, but
it is some people's. I would hope to God that's
not mine. To my wife, I don't think it is.
I don't think that you know, everybody to jump on it.
I was. I know, I was saying that, and I
was there's no reason for you guys to attack me
when I'm attacked. Yes, you're good there, dude. Okay, everybody

needs to shut up because you know I was saying that,
so you guys wouldn't. Fine. I don't think any but
I mean I think I could, but.

Speaker 1 (14:45):
There's no expectation none. Right, you said it.

Speaker 2 (14:49):
I think a teenager who maybe junior like young middle maybe,
So if that is her direct association with masculinity, that's
going to be. I would hope that she can mature
out of that though, and understand that and being a
man is also a weird thing because whatever the turn
that the phrase is and what it means I know

a lot of women that are like, like, be a man.
There are a man like have the qualities that we
associate with that term being a man, man up, like
being responsible, sucking it up, like just get through at
work hard. But I know a lot of women that
are like that. So it's not even just a man thing.

Speaker 4 (15:25):
The fighting. Some women find it very manly to not fight.

Speaker 2 (15:29):
No, they don't. They just look for other things that
are manly about the man.

Speaker 3 (15:33):
You would find someone manly if they were, you would no, no, no,
I don't want to fight you right now.

Speaker 2 (15:36):
You wouldn't go that's so hot that he did he
fell down. No, But you may have other things that
if they that they did, you think are manly. But
you wouldn't think him going oh and falling down. He'd
be like, that's man.

Speaker 1 (15:49):
Okay. I'm just saying from the beginning, like, no fighting.

Speaker 2 (15:52):
If you saw him responsibly pre fight, go I will
not fight you. M I don't know dude even that.
Here's the thing.

Speaker 3 (16:01):
Though Connor McGregor loses fights, Mike Tyson loses, but they
also throw punches and hurt the other person.

Speaker 2 (16:08):
The gun went down like a ton of bricks, that's
embarrassing regardless. I just it sucks for him and her
that that's her association with what a man is supposed
to be to some people. It is, but some men
just aren't built big and strong and aren't but they
are very smart, or they're strategic, or they hire people
to defend them, like me when I was gonna So

it's going to be difficult for her to get through.
What I encourage her to do is she kind of
needs to reassign what she considers to be a man.

Speaker 4 (16:36):
Yeah, and write down all the other amazing qualities you
like in him and focus on those.

Speaker 2 (16:42):
I mean, he didn't die, No, he didn't. He took
a punch and he survived it. Yeah, and he's embarrassed.
Maybe you need to set up a fake fight for him.
He doesn't know he should do that. Well yeah, I know,
but he won't. But then she sets it up and
then they fall and he has his confidence back. It's
like back to the future. It's like there's a Fresh
Prince episode. Yeah, that sucks. I just encourage you to

value the things that actually matter long term, not this,
and it will be tough if that's what you're into.
Some people are into fighters. Good luck the dudents. It's
just the opposent of me. Yeah, my wife, My wife
don't think I'm a fighter, right, yeah, okay, I just
beg that. All right, that's the mail back, closing up.
We got your game mail and we read in on their.

Speaker 7 (17:26):
Now let's find the clothes Bobby's mail bag.

Speaker 2 (17:29):
Jeam on the phone right now is Debbie in North Carolina. Debbie,
what's up?

Speaker 8 (17:35):
Hey, Bobby?

Speaker 2 (17:36):
Are you pretty good? What can I do for you?

Speaker 8 (17:39):
Good morning, studios. My husband and I have been married
for fifty one years. I actually called you on January
the twentieth, wanting you to wish this a happy anniversary,
but I didn't get through.

Speaker 2 (17:49):
Holy crap, you've been married fifty one years. That's amazing.

Speaker 8 (17:52):
Eifty one years. We dated all through high school. I
got married when I was a senior in high school.
Everybody said that's not going to last. The guess what
fifty one years later and we're still going.

Speaker 2 (18:03):
Yeah, I hear you. That's okay. There's a lot to
unpack here in a beautiful, beautiful way. So, first of all,
a senior in high school, how old was he?

Speaker 8 (18:10):
He was on nineteen Okay.

Speaker 2 (18:12):
So he was out of school a year or so,
you were a senior in high school? And what year
was this that you got.

Speaker 8 (18:17):
Married in nineteen seventy three.

Speaker 2 (18:21):
That didn't seem like that long ago. It felts like
high school was quite young to be married in nineteen
seventy So did anybody say, hey, wait one year until
you get out of high school? Of course, were you pregnant?

Speaker 5 (18:30):
Were it?

Speaker 3 (18:31):

Speaker 9 (18:31):

Speaker 8 (18:32):
Absolutely not. Okay, I had my first child when I
was twenty Good for you?

Speaker 2 (18:36):
So fifty one years? And what would you say in
you guys' relationship, because man, that's a long time. You've
been through the ups and the downs. You've been in
the stock market crash, stock market peak, Like, what what
has been the key to you guys getting through all
the hard things so that all the great things are
as great as they can be?

Speaker 8 (18:53):
I think probably a lot of patience, a lot of
forgiveness and determination.

Speaker 2 (19:02):
And love. Do you think that? And I've only been
married two and a half years at this point. Do
you think after being married fifty one years that movie's,
TV media books make marriage seem a bit overall more
romantic than the hard work that has to be put in,
Like some people will go, well, you know what, if

I'm just not full of all the time lovedovie, heart's
around my head, then it's not supposed to happen. But
what you're saying is, after fifty one years, you've learned that,
sure that can happen some but mostly it's not about that.
It's about the work you put into it. Am I
right on that?

Speaker 8 (19:35):
You are absolutely right. You hit the nail on the head.
It's not all loveydovy all the time, and you just
have to be very determined and know that you're not
giving up. There's a lot, a lot to be gained
by just sticking with.

Speaker 2 (19:47):
It fifty one years savvy? Do you ever think about
ending it at any point?

Speaker 8 (19:54):
I didn't need it. I think at one time.

Speaker 2 (19:57):
Like right now practice on air telling the story, Wow,
and we stuck it out.

Speaker 8 (20:02):
We've had some very hard times and a lot of
good times, but we wouldn't have gone there.

Speaker 2 (20:08):
And so I imagine have you moved around a lot?
Like did the family grow like one kid, two kid,
that kind of thing.

Speaker 8 (20:14):
We have three children, seven grandchildren. Everyone's kind of leaving
right around us right now.

Speaker 2 (20:20):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's awesome.

Speaker 8 (20:21):
It's awesome.

Speaker 2 (20:22):
Well, congratulations on fifty one years. So cool, that is.
I doubt I'll even lived to fifty one, right, much
less be married for fifty one years. Was much stressful
on myself. That's crazy. Well, I'm sorry we couldn't get
you on the air back in January, but I hope
this is your fifty one, fifty one years three month anniversary. Congratulations, Absolutely,

I love it, Thank you, hope you have a great day, Debbie.
It's time for the good news.

Speaker 7 (20:47):
Producer Ready.

Speaker 3 (20:52):
Andre has been spending the last five years building up
his food truck. He serves the best gumbo in Milwaukee. Man,
this food truck is so good and now he's like
booming all over the city. He was parked the other
day though, just finishing up dinner. He's about to close
it up when he heard the tires squealing coming closer. Boom,
somebody ran into the food truck, destroyed it. Good thing,

Andre was okay, But this food truck was toast, completely toast.

Speaker 2 (21:18):
That's funny.

Speaker 3 (21:19):
But the community toast. But the community they gathered together.
They said, we need to help Andrea and his gumbo.
So they started a crowdfunding campaign. They raised up to
fifty thousand dollars to help Andrea fix his food truck.
And now the Gumbo's back in the city.

Speaker 2 (21:35):
It must be really good gumbo. Yeah, the best in Milwaukee.
How great. I don't think it's a lot of gumbo Milwaukee.
It's really far from gumbo Land, so it must be
like the only good gumbo in Milwaukee. But how grateful
would you be a people that you don't even know,
amazed came together to help, like straighten your life back out. Amazing.

Speaker 3 (21:49):
And if you live in Milwaukee, Andrea's truck is called
Gumbo Valley, go check it out.

Speaker 2 (21:53):
It's got to beig denit it right now. However, still
the Gumbo's great, great story, that's what it's all about.
That was telling me something good. We're gonna play a
game name that sound. But what I need everybody to
do is pinch your nose Eddie Amy Lunchbuck, and don't
blow your ear drums out. Blow just enough to clear
your ears because you have to do some real listening here.

Oh I have to get a little that was too hard, Okay, good,
just a little. Yeah, we all have I like ear problems.
After this, I'll play you a sound. All you have
to do is name it. These are all sounds from professions,
all jobs. Name the sound. It can be a tool,

or it can just be something, just generally, so I
need to know what exactly it is. I'll play the
sound from a profession. You name the sound. Here we
go write your answer down number one. Okay, okay, and

yeah and for the wind, Amy, dentist, that's the profession.

Speaker 1 (23:06):
Yeah, that's a sound.

Speaker 2 (23:07):
Drill. But I can't give that to you construe a dentist.
And I just said, you have to name that the profession.
You said, name the job. I said, I'll tell you
a sound from a profession. You have to name the sound.
It could be a tool.

Speaker 1 (23:19):
Oh I thought I heard name the sound of the profession.

Speaker 2 (23:22):
Okay, you know what If you put dennis, I'll give
it to you this time, but you know specifics. You
guys aren't listening. You already followed directions. Just popped your
ears for no reason.

Speaker 1 (23:29):
I have a feeling that lunchbox also put yes, of.

Speaker 2 (23:31):
Course, because he doesn't stand up for you ever. Dentist Eddie, drill,
dentist drill, So Eddie, I would also not allow yours.
Why not drills? But since we're kind of on the
line here anyway, you need to be more specific.

Speaker 1 (23:45):
So what were you specific?

Speaker 2 (23:46):
Dennis drill?

Speaker 1 (23:48):
You need both words.

Speaker 2 (23:49):
It's a dentist drill. It's not a black and decker.
Is there a difference between a black and decker and Dennis?

Speaker 4 (23:54):

Speaker 2 (23:55):
There is.

Speaker 1 (23:56):
Do you call this game? Name the profession?

Speaker 2 (23:58):
I said sounds for professions? Okay, we got it. I
don't know I might have said that, but now we
got it. Nobody was penalized. Okay, here we go. Okay,
I know for a fact I said I'll play you
a sound. All you have to is name it? Got it?

Speaker 1 (24:10):
And I heard name the profession?

Speaker 2 (24:11):
Next up? Number two?

Speaker 1 (24:24):
What y name that profession?

Speaker 2 (24:26):
No it's not a professional.

Speaker 9 (24:28):
Oh my god.

Speaker 2 (24:29):
See okay, this makes me feel better because she just
isn't listening in general.

Speaker 1 (24:32):
Brier, Yes, I am.

Speaker 2 (24:33):
You just said name that profession. No, play it one
more time, please, Okay, okay, sorry, profession all sounds.

Speaker 1 (24:52):
And ADHD good gosh.

Speaker 2 (24:54):
Okay, so we don't say the profession?

Speaker 1 (24:57):
Got it?

Speaker 3 (24:58):
Okay, something's wrong today.

Speaker 2 (25:03):
Amy hammering a nail, Eddie.

Speaker 3 (25:06):
Okay, I'm gonna do profession and the sound. So I'm
going to do a railroad spike. Hammer working on the
railroad lunchbox.

Speaker 2 (25:14):
I put hammer and nail. It's hammering a nail, Amy,
and lunchbox. That's not a railroad spike. That's big big,
that's a big old' nails. What that is? That's Eddie.
You don't get that one.

Speaker 1 (25:26):
Okay, what you get for going profession?

Speaker 2 (25:31):
But you try to go twice? All right?

Speaker 9 (25:33):
Next, I'm in one more time.

Speaker 2 (25:53):
M for the wind. Yeah, put it in there. He
was doing out to something this morning. I don't want
to say anything. What do you have, Amy, I have.

Speaker 1 (26:05):
A carpenter saw. I don't know the exact name.

Speaker 2 (26:07):
But I could draw it a carpenter saw. Yeah, okay, Eddie,
it's just a saw. Man, it's a saw. Lunchbox, I
have a saw. You put your hand on and pull
it back and forth. You wrote all that down. That's
what I could have done. Yeah, because I don't know
the name, Mike, who gets a point? I'll give it
to everybody, Okay, everybody, it's fine. It's sawing wood. It's sawing.
It's literally would and I needed to know what you

were sawing, but I didn't get it. And this game
is terrible.

Speaker 1 (26:30):
Well, what is the carpenter saw anything would.

Speaker 2 (26:33):
That's true. Carpenter deals with would.

Speaker 5 (26:35):
And when you take that saw in your hand and
maybe back and forth, what do you saw?

Speaker 2 (26:38):
Would? Don't have to be a carpenter that's doing there.
So you just talked yourself out of it, but you'll
start get.

Speaker 1 (26:42):
It next up pretty sure they only work with wood.

Speaker 2 (26:55):
This game is making me like you less. I got it.
I got all of you.

Speaker 7 (26:58):
I got it.

Speaker 2 (26:59):
I'm just like you all know why I like you
all little bit less? After the game, I'm in. We're
inn win Amy, Eddie hair clippers, lunchbox, hair trimmer from
the barber. I will accept the answers. Beer trimmer, clippers,
Eddie lunchbox get the point. Yes, that's a little bit
wheat lunchbox for Amy and Eddie.

Speaker 1 (27:19):
Three ohoh, I feel like those are strong clippers.

Speaker 2 (27:22):
Those are tiny wheat. The hair was thick, all right.
Next up here we go, I'm in whoa uh huh oh,

I got it. I'm in lunchy, im in the wind.

Speaker 5 (27:51):
Amy, sandpaper, Eddie sandy wood lunchbox, sand paper.

Speaker 2 (27:55):
It's sand paper lunchbox and Amy gets the point. Eddie
does not because I was too specific. What was that though?
That was what just as sandpaper ring. Okay, we're gonna
keep going. Oh my gosh, I'm too specific. That's three more.
Next one. What the that's a profession? Next up? Yeah, okay,

that is okay, I got it. Sounds from professions.

Speaker 1 (28:45):

Speaker 5 (28:47):
That is an ozarka bottle in the work flourish work office,
work force. I was trying to say, an ozarka bottle
in the work flours.

Speaker 1 (28:57):
Amy, big ozarka jugs of water.

Speaker 2 (29:00):
Oh, that's what you meant about, was arka water? Big?
Like yeah, like one of those things like a little bottle,
get oo, the refiberator eddie, big water jug is what
I wrote down. Scuba diver? What you want to hear?
Scuba diver again?

Speaker 6 (29:13):
Just here?

Speaker 2 (29:13):
You go play it again? Please, ray that's a Scooba diver.
It's like, okay, next one, last one? Hit it?

Speaker 9 (29:29):
Huh you hear that one?

Speaker 2 (29:33):
You got it, buddy, one more time. I don't think
we do that. Hold on, that's not what I think
it is. I don't think you can put that in
this game. Well he tried that twice. That's saying a

little joke twice. First one. Yeah, we gotta give it
to him. He just laughs, so he moves on. Can
you play it one more time? No? I know, no more?
All right, we'll go with everybody in. Yeah, man, I'm
gonna go to lunch first.

Speaker 5 (30:10):
Yeah, that's a Navy seal sneak it up on someone
to chop their head off.

Speaker 2 (30:13):
Very specific. That is sneaky, because sneaky. That guy needs demoted.

Speaker 1 (30:21):
Amy a manual well lever.

Speaker 2 (30:26):
I would like to pull water up from the well. Oh,
got good, guess, Mike. What's the score? By the way,
lunch bucks by Amy four Eddie three, So this is
worth five Eddie. I don't know if it's profession, but
I'm gonna go with torture chamber scary. Whatever that is scary.
I'm gonna bet that's not a profession, at least not

one that's openly you know, sought after. I don't think. Yeah,
it's a jacking a car. You had well.

Speaker 1 (31:00):
Water with the middle.

Speaker 2 (31:02):
Speaking of the same maneuver lunchbucks on that originally Ray which
to play jack and a car one more time? Now,
do you hear it? Yeah? Okay, I hear it. You're
champion with the best of yours lunchbox. Wow.

Speaker 5 (31:15):
Yeah, what happened to you. So we were out to
dinner as my family and another family. So there's a
total of nine of us. So we go and they
tell us it'll be about thirty to forty five minutes. Cool,
no problem, put our name on the list. We hang out,
blah blah blah hour and ten minutes go by and
kids are getting angry. You got kids, and we're like,

all right, so we go ask the hostess. She goes,
you're just waiting for that table right over there. Once
they're up, that's your table. And we look over and
it's a table. They already have their to go boxes
on the table, but they're just sitting there lounge and talking,
hanging out, and we can't sit down until they get up,
and they've already obviously finished eating because they have their
food and to go boxes on the table. And so

I'm like, man, is it okay to go up to
them and say not to be rude, guys, but is
there any way you could take this conversation outside because
we are got kids and we're waiting on that table
right there.

Speaker 2 (32:12):
The hostess said, that's our table when you're done. That's
a good question, because I think we've all been in
that scenario. It's a good question to ask, Sure, how
would you feel the off that was done to you
if you were just sitting around with your buddies and
someone's like, hey, could you guys get up? We need
to sit there.

Speaker 5 (32:25):
It depends how they say it and what the how
the communication goes.

Speaker 2 (32:29):
If they're rude about it, how would you communicate it
or would you have your wife go do it?

Speaker 5 (32:34):
Usually you probably send the wife, but my wife is
terrified to do anything and would not do it. So
it was gonna it's gonna be up to me. If
it's gonna happen, it's gonna be me.

Speaker 2 (32:41):
Okay, I'm sitting down a meating I'm talking to my friends.
Can you believe that said that's a great dinner, but
it's in ever for two hours, just catching up with
each other. Oh oh yes, sir.

Speaker 5 (32:48):
Excuse me, I'm sorry to you know, interrupt, but we
have like two families we're waiting and eat. We got
like hungry kids, and they said, we can't sit down
until you guys get up.

Speaker 2 (32:59):
Is there any way.

Speaker 5 (33:00):
You guys could take this conversation and just kind of
chat outside because I see her to go boxes so
you're done, eatie?

Speaker 2 (33:06):
Would that be okay? I get Itaically, it's kind of
cold outside. We haven't really caught up with our friends
here in a long time. It was a little cold.
It was windy. Yeah, so we don't want to go outside.

Speaker 5 (33:16):
I mean, there's nothing to do, so I'm just asking.
Is it okay to ask it?

Speaker 2 (33:22):
I don't think I would do that ever. I've never
seen that happen. And I wait at tables for a
long time. Maybe you could have the wait staff go
over just ask them and to be like, hey, I'm
like you guys, how much longer are you guys gonna be?
I don't know, it's just a way the answer is,
I feel like that's not ship.

Speaker 4 (33:40):
That makes me feel like anytime you have to like
I think originally he said, you know, hey, not to
be rude, but I feel like anytime you have to
start a sentence.

Speaker 2 (33:48):
With that, I mean he's not being rude though he
sit down. You could always get you guys lies with
the honey than vinegar and walk up and be somebody
be like, hey, would you take twenty bucks? We're waiting
on that. Can I give you twenty bucks? See, you
guys can get up. I got it. What you send
your kid, you send one of the kids to go.
Excuse me, mister, are you guys almost that tiny Tim?

Speaker 3 (34:08):
We've been waiting for an hour and a half to
sit down, and we're waiting.

Speaker 2 (34:12):
On this table. Dude. Of course they would be like,
you know what, son, we'll do it. I don't know
that they will. I don't feel like that's an ass
that you can make. What you guys do, I went
for the ass. I brought my four year old with me.

Speaker 5 (34:25):
Oh, he took tiny Tim to the table, and I
took his little friend with us.

Speaker 2 (34:30):
So two four year olds next to me.

Speaker 5 (34:32):
I said, hey, guys, I'm I'm not trying to interrupt
your dinner, but it looks like you're done eating.

Speaker 2 (34:38):
Who do you go up to? How you pick the
person you're going to talk to?

Speaker 5 (34:40):
I just went to the one that was at the
end of the table, the first well, no, he was
on the just the first seat, the closest to you, Yeah,
closest to me. I said, man, these little guys are
really hungry. And the hostess said, we are waiting on
this table, so is there any chance you guys could
like continue this conversation? Outside and they look around. Oh yeah, sorry,

I didn't realize we've been sitting.

Speaker 2 (35:02):
Here that long.

Speaker 5 (35:03):
And they got up and they cleaned the table and
boom we were in within three minutes.

Speaker 2 (35:06):
Oh wow, after that worked? It worked? And what did
you learn from this? Hey?

Speaker 6 (35:13):

Speaker 2 (35:13):
Just ask for what you want and you'll get it. Well,
not necessarily, but it doesn't hurt to ask. They can.

Speaker 5 (35:19):
The worst they can say is well, they can say
a lot worse than no. But I was gonna say no.
But yeah, they say yes, that's good. It went out
and we sat down and I mean we ordered within
I mean the waitress came up to you, guys, get
something to dream, right, No, we need to order because
we've got some hangery kids.

Speaker 2 (35:32):
Well, also, those people are being kind of rude to
the wait staff as well, and that if someone's sitting
at the table the way staff's not making any more money,
Like they made their money and now they're just sitting
in tables where other people can come sit and eat
and they can make tips off them too.

Speaker 1 (35:47):

Speaker 2 (35:48):
So I would just say from this segment, everybody be
aware to not hang hang, hang too long if the
place is packed.

Speaker 1 (35:53):
Yeah, self awareness, Yeah.

Speaker 2 (35:54):
Good for you, buddy. Yeah, I'm surprised though that you,
being a celebrity and all, you had to wait an hour.
Well you want to know why.

Speaker 5 (36:00):
It's because half the restaurant was closed because they were
having a rehearsal dinner for a wedding.

Speaker 2 (36:05):
Then want't you get online and give them bad review
like you did the other one?

Speaker 5 (36:07):
Yeah, I mean nowhere on their website did they say, hey, havel,
these restaurant's go be closed for a rehearsal dinner tonight.

Speaker 2 (36:13):
I'm kidding with everybody. He just loves to give bad reviews.
It's good to know, though, Good job. Yeah, and you
were kind about it. I was kind man. Excuse me
keeping that kind street going. Here's a voicemail from Sherry
in Maryland.

Speaker 8 (36:26):
I just have a question about the Luke Comb's song
Where the Wild Things Are?

Speaker 7 (36:31):
It was number one and it's never on the radio.

Speaker 1 (36:34):
Why is that?

Speaker 7 (36:35):
Thank you love the show.

Speaker 2 (36:37):
I mean it was on the radio a whole lot.
Luke Combs songs tend to fly off the chart super fast,
I would say. I mean it's only number one because
it was on the radio. Like that's how a number
one radio song makes it number one? As it's played
so much on the radio in the morning. We don't
play a lot of songs, so maybe you don't hear
it as much here until it gets like top three.
But no, it was all over the radio. And then

what happens does Luke puts out another song in that
all kind of takes the place of the old song.
He has kind of filed through pretty quickly because they're
so big. But Fast Car kind of plays more than
all of those. Oh yeah, like a lot, because that's
like a power. Sometimes I play at the same time
and it just sounds like because people love their loup coms.
If you turn one side down, you get that Fast
Car on the other ear, you get where the wild

things are? Uh, here we go playing other on Please.

Speaker 7 (37:20):
Hey. I've listened for many years now, and I don't
follow on any social media or anything, but you happen
to pop up on my TikTok the Bobby Bone Show
TikTok Dead, and I just want to say.

Speaker 5 (37:32):
Damn you looking good.

Speaker 7 (37:34):
You worried about all that weight? She came in.

Speaker 8 (37:36):
It looks good on you.

Speaker 7 (37:37):
You hold it well?

Speaker 2 (37:38):
Who's she talking about now? Bobby talking about? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (37:42):
Because Bobby got vulnerable and admitted.

Speaker 2 (37:44):
I remember the I told you about the medication, right
you did, and don't how the camera weighs. Yeah, but
the promise I can't like shake the way I mean
the medication added it like a pounds a month supposed
to a thing. I was like thirty pounds a day.
But then after that it was like now I can't
get rid of it. So I'm just here. Nah, dang, dude,
you look good. I don't even care that much and
I do like it. Thanks. Thanks? All right? One more.

Speaker 7 (38:05):
When Eddie took that baseball card from his son, he
said that he was going to give it back to
his son and was supposed to report back the next day.
Did he actually give it back to his son, Eddie, Yeah,
I give it back to him, of course.

Speaker 2 (38:20):
Are you lying? Nope, Okay, no, I mean.

Speaker 3 (38:23):
It kind of hurts a little bit though, because that
car is probably worth about fifteen bucks and now it's
probably like ripped up and folded a couple of times.

Speaker 2 (38:31):
Yeah, he just needed to be like us and as
an adult, be like I wish I want to throw
away that card. Yeah, that's sentil all of us deal
with now and.

Speaker 3 (38:37):
If we ever meet Dion Sanders, I'll never have that
car to get signed.

Speaker 2 (38:40):
That's okay. I gave you a bunch of cards. Was there,
Dione in there? I don't know, I've gotta look. Yeah,
your emotion Amy's pile of stories.

Speaker 4 (38:49):
So imagine your work and you're stressed out and your
boss says, hey, just think happy thoughts. Because apparently that's
what's happening at Amazon. Workers are the pressure. They're feeling stressed,
and they are encouraged think happy thoughts.

Speaker 2 (39:03):
Yeah, I think i'dn't want to think about me punging
them in the face. Yeah, that'll make you happy. I
wouldn't do either. I wouldn't. I wouldn't think happy thoughts.
Someone told me that, and then I would probably wouldn't
put them in the face. But maybe that's my happy thoughts,
punching them in the face.

Speaker 4 (39:15):
Well, they have their zen booths and their warehouses, and
so you're supposed to go into the booth.

Speaker 1 (39:19):
They're supposed to be.

Speaker 4 (39:20):
A quiet, peaceful place where you can, you know, have
your happy thoughts.

Speaker 2 (39:25):
What I would imagine too, is it is a structured
time for you to go get in the booths as well,
like you're one fifteen minute break for fourteen hour shift
or whatever it is, because we have heard about how
hardcore it is at Amazon some of those places. Yeah,
so I imagine it's not free time to go into
the booth at any time and think happy thoughts, and
that would be a sad thought.

Speaker 1 (39:43):
But I do think sometimes our thoughts are pretty powerful.

Speaker 2 (39:45):
So not as the only way, absolutely not. We crushed,
like you really put in a really hard days work
the resources you have. I think the bathrooms are like
super far away. They couldn't go to the bathroom, so
they'repeing in like bottles. Oh man, I think I could
be making the whole thing out, but I feel like
that's the story. Okay, what else?

Speaker 4 (40:03):
Okay, well, a story that I don't know if it's
made up or not speaking of, but maybe one of
our listeners in Canada can let us know, because apparently
in Toronto there is a huge problem with car thefts
right now, and police are saying, look, these are breaking
into homes. They're trying to beat you up to get
your car keys, So just make it easy on them.

Speaker 1 (40:21):
If they break into your home, leave your car keys out.
That way, you don't have to get hurt to get
the car keys.

Speaker 4 (40:28):
Or nothing bad has to happen. Just make it easy,
make it.

Speaker 2 (40:32):
Easy for them. I don't mind that logic. And here's why,
because if they do break into your house looking for
your car, they're going to probably go beat the crap
out of you and then take the car. Anyway, if
someone never breaks into your house, they're not even gonna
know where the car keys are. It feels it feels
a little backward. It's just weird. So it just leaves

like some cookies out and yeah live on the front porch,
like like the Halloween candy. It's like a few. But
I mean, if that's really happening to the point where
people are breaking into houses, maybe the thing is, let's
work on our security systems or or neighborhood watches that
kind of thing. But I do get it. If someone
does break into your house, it's better for them to
take your freaking car than to beat the crap out

of you and maybe kill you.

Speaker 1 (41:16):
Yeah, like go ahead and put it like, here's my wallety.

Speaker 2 (41:18):
Here's my go that hard everything.

Speaker 4 (41:22):

Speaker 2 (41:22):
If that's really the thing that must be happening so
much for them to make that kind of.

Speaker 4 (41:27):
Statement, Yeah, it was apparently a statement that was made
in a community meeting to prevent the possibility being attacked
in your home.

Speaker 1 (41:34):
Leave your key fobs at your front door.

Speaker 2 (41:36):
I don't know, I need that's just the TRUEAU. Let's
get him on the phone. You know who that is? Anavian? Yeah,
I don't know. He's he's basically their president. Oh yeah,
all right, what else?

Speaker 4 (41:45):
And Bobby, your virtual reality goggles. We've been talking about
the new ones that you have, or any virtual reality stuff.

Speaker 1 (41:52):
People are now hacking into that.

Speaker 4 (41:54):
And you think you're experiencing your own VR situation when really.

Speaker 2 (41:58):
They've knocked in your door to kill you and take
your car.

Speaker 4 (42:01):
Yeah, you're in someone else's VR and they're controlling everything.

Speaker 2 (42:05):
Okay, here's the thing. Take your goggles off the end.
But you don't know, Yes, you do.

Speaker 1 (42:10):
No, it says, it says.

Speaker 4 (42:13):
A recent study has shown that hackers have the ability
to make you think you're actually in your VR, when
in fact, your VR is connected within their VR and
they're controlling your entire VR world without you knowing it.

Speaker 2 (42:26):
Just lift them up on your forehead if all that
goes away. But it's not like mine, but you do
know it because you know it's not the exact thing
that you've asked to be put up on the screen.
I don't know what VR they're talking about, like the
Apple things that I have, Like I watch the Patriots
documentary on the screen, and I can keep or a
basketball game and I just keep like Twitter to the right,
Email to the left, and it's all just there. All

of a sudden. If it's like at hacker on my Twitter,
I'm like, well, that ain't mine. I take the goggles off.

Speaker 4 (42:56):
Well, Meta says that they are looking into this study
to examine any vulnera abilities that they may have.

Speaker 2 (43:01):
Now, if they hacked in and like got my information,
that would be different. But they can't really trick me in.
Oh my god, what do I do? I'm so now
you're sacking the goggles off?

Speaker 1 (43:10):
Is there ever a time?

Speaker 4 (43:11):
I mean, I guess, is your v are connected to
credit whatever?

Speaker 1 (43:15):
Told your world?

Speaker 2 (43:15):
Do you live in in your vo in the same
exact world? Okay, I take my goggles off, I give
my hopp to the goggle world. I don't even play
games on them.

Speaker 4 (43:23):
Okay, But is a credit card attached to your Goggle world.

Speaker 2 (43:26):
Only because it's Apple pay?

Speaker 1 (43:28):
Okay? I don't know.

Speaker 5 (43:30):
Just be careful, so you're not going to the store
and stuff in these goggles, Like where in your.

Speaker 2 (43:34):
The virtual reality world where you're like, have a little man?
I haven't anything virtual reality? Why you may can? I
don't know. Avatars mine are used basically to take a
lot of things that I do in a lot of
different places and just put them all in the same place.
I thought, you can buy a real estate in that world. Okay,
so that also is different as well.

Speaker 1 (43:54):
Real estate.

Speaker 2 (43:57):
He got im ford have ground you can actually step on? Yeah?
Right now? All right, that's it. That was Amy's pile
of stories. It's time for the good news.

Speaker 5 (44:15):
The mule Guard family and Brighton, Wisconsin are sitting around
their house when all of a sudden they get a
notification something on their security camera and next to their garage, like,
uh oh, we got an intruder. And they pull it
up and no, it wasn't a bad guy. It wasn't
a burglar. It was Kevin Baking the third, a pig
from a farm down the road. And they were like, oh, no,

how did he get out? What are we gonna do?
We gotta get him back. So they call the local
police department and they're like, hey, we got this pig.
We don't want to scare it. We want to make
sure it goes in the right direction to get back
to the farm.

Speaker 2 (44:48):
What do we need to do?

Speaker 5 (44:49):
So they set up an escort and they put out
oreos and marshmallows all the way back to the farm,
so Kevin Bacon the third could get home safely.

Speaker 1 (44:59):
Oh man, what happened to one and two?

Speaker 7 (45:01):

Speaker 2 (45:02):
You know what happened in one and two? Yeah, that's
where you went with that. They took the Kevin out
of there. But they're also no, yes, but they're also
the third people. We don't go what happened to one
and two? That's true?

Speaker 1 (45:14):
Well, they maybe passed away natural calls.

Speaker 2 (45:16):
Maybe the pictures all alive. Yeah maybe.

Speaker 5 (45:18):
I mean in this family could have easily had a
lot of bacon, but they said, nope, got to get
him back to the farm.

Speaker 2 (45:23):
Also, if you were to put oreos and marshmallows leading
from my house to wherever that farm is, you'd find
me there too. Are you following it?

Speaker 1 (45:30):

Speaker 2 (45:30):
That's great, great story, that's what it's all about. That
was telling me something good.
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