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May 14, 2024 37 mins

Bobby talks about Young Sheldon ending this week but has never seen an episode. Bobby and Eddie were listening to Scuba Steve’s iHeart90's show on iHeartRadio yesterday and we listened to the message they left for him. We get into a debate on doing something you love even if you don’t get paid a lot for it - Is it always about the money? Bobby shares how he recently went in on a discussion with disgruntled radio people about a job posting.  We get into the best finales of all time as we try and figure out this Bingo ball cage that Bobby bought on Amazon.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
It's time for the Bobby Bones post show. Here's your host,
Bobby Bones. So Young Sheldon is ending this week. I
don't know that I've ever seen an episode of Young Sheldon,
but I saw a picture of Old Sheldon Jim Parsons
with Young Sheldon season one and Young Sheldon when it's ending,

and it's like a grown kid to adult. It's crazy,
it's funny, and it kind of it's not a real
good show. No it is. It is real, and the
kid's real. It's the same kid just played as the
whole time. Yeah, but you mean old Sheldon Jim Parsons. Yeah,
the player who the person who played Yes, And he's
with a picture of the kid when the show started

Young Sheldon, and a picture with the kid when the
show ended Young Sheldon. And that kid is what Mike?
How many seasons? Seven seasons? And he looks like a
full adult now fifteen?

Speaker 2 (00:55):
Oh he's a will.

Speaker 1 (00:56):
You turned Scuba's Mike down?

Speaker 2 (00:58):
That Mike?

Speaker 1 (00:58):
I can hear Scooba like given directions to like he
started show ending or.

Speaker 3 (01:02):
Something started the show when he was nine and he's fifteen.

Speaker 1 (01:04):
Now he's in a pretty adult looking fifteen but pretty
cool it's like the Biggest Loser if you only watched
the final episode where they busted the paper and you're like, wow,
there they are, and it shows them when the show
began on paper and they bust to it and they've
lost like one hundred and fifty pounds, Like, I feel
like looking at those pictures, is that so?

Speaker 2 (01:21):
Is this where the Big Bang Show would have started?

Speaker 1 (01:25):
It's pretty cool?

Speaker 2 (01:26):
Yeah, but no, no, I'm saying like, now that young Sheldon
is ending, is that kind of around the same period that.

Speaker 4 (01:31):
No, because he's not an adult in Big Bang Theory.

Speaker 1 (01:35):
Collegellege? Oh I thought they were in college. I think
they're there, Yeah, out of college. Y. He asked a
lot of dumb questions for this little set to start.

Speaker 5 (01:42):

Speaker 1 (01:42):
Oh yelled it's a show, and we're like, huh, yeah,
they worked at a college.

Speaker 2 (01:47):
I've never seen an episode.

Speaker 1 (01:48):
Yeah, but you yelled it's a show, and we're like,
we know you. Like I was like, it's not real, dude, No, No,
we know that it's a show. Eddie and were listening
to Scooba Steve yesterday doing nineties on iHeartRadio, Like we
worked out I'll do that and usually I'll just play
a playlist. But we put Scuba Steve's show on and
we listened to like Robin Show Me Love Right, and
then we listen to Mariah Carey and then we heard

Scuba Steve setting them up. Sound good man.

Speaker 6 (02:12):
Thank you for listening too, And I got your guys'
talk back.

Speaker 1 (02:16):
Oh you got it.

Speaker 6 (02:17):
I got I'm gonna play it on today's show around three.
I don't want to say because it is. Actually it
was probably the best talk I've ever got because.

Speaker 1 (02:24):
There was some here too.

Speaker 2 (02:26):
Okay, well you have it. I don't have to pull it.

Speaker 1 (02:28):
Okay, So we have this because we can talk about
it for our show too if you listen to our show.
And I'm not sure if you do it on the
Bob we need Morgan in here. But it's either on
the Bobby Bone Show channel. Is there a talk back
on that or is that our country channel?

Speaker 6 (02:40):
I think any any iHeart station or any show whatever
has that red circle with the microphone bottom right hand corner.

Speaker 1 (02:46):
Yeah, but how do we get it, Morgan? How do
we get the talk back to the Bobby Bone Show.
I have them on the back end. No, I'm saying,
how do we get if we're talking to a listener.
Do they go to iHeart Radio and they go to
the Bobby Bone Show or do they go to the
iHeart Country Live or how do they come to us?

Speaker 7 (03:01):
They come to us like I can see the iHeart
Country ones and I can see the Bobby Bone Show ones.

Speaker 1 (03:06):
So and if it goes to like a specific station,
I can also.

Speaker 2 (03:11):
Grab those locally.

Speaker 1 (03:13):
Let's just Scooba channel.

Speaker 2 (03:15):
So we left it live right now.

Speaker 1 (03:17):
Yeah, don't want to fall in love by Jane Child.
I don't know who that is. That must have been
out of Hits, Cuts or something like that.

Speaker 2 (03:27):
You forgot about type of artists too.

Speaker 1 (03:28):
They did play California Love yesterday. Yeah, and you made
a reference about who actually sang that California Love? Yeah. Yeah, Yeah.

Speaker 6 (03:36):
He's a huge influence on the nineties hip hop scene.

Speaker 1 (03:38):
Yeah, it's good. Wonder what the next song is? Whoa, Whoa?
Let me know when you get that up. You just
do it live from here? Yeah, play it. This is
Eddie and I left to talk back to Scuba Steve
as we're listening to a channel working out. Yesterday Bobby
and Eddie were listening to you I work out. We

love Scoo yoh, stub do that. No, we didn't do
Scuba doing that.

Speaker 2 (04:11):
That's part of the today.

Speaker 1 (04:12):
Yeah. So we were like, oh yeah, you could push
this button and talk to Scooba Steve. So we did.
And then that's us yelling as his channel is on
in the background and Echoey Jim.

Speaker 2 (04:22):
And while Kevin's like training and read.

Speaker 1 (04:24):
That's how we do it. Yeah, I wonder what's on
now on iHeart Radio. No doubt.

Speaker 2 (04:32):
That we're not doing it. What's that called butter webs?
Probably no, no, no, no, name that tune? What you just game?

Speaker 1 (04:40):
Oh that's not spoder webs. I haven't got it. When
I thought I missed it, dude.

Speaker 2 (04:46):
You'd be so good at that game.

Speaker 1 (04:48):
Yeah, I wish there was a way to play it faster. Yeah,
so check out our radio. Scuba Steve's on what time
it is?

Speaker 6 (04:56):
Uh one p eastern to about one?

Speaker 1 (05:00):
Sorry, I think all the time.

Speaker 6 (05:01):
The time does one eastern is when it starts ends
at six eastern so central.

Speaker 1 (05:05):
Noon to six uh noon to five okay, so Saturday.

Speaker 6 (05:11):
Yeah, six days a week, six days a week, dude,
it's killing me.

Speaker 1 (05:15):
It's a lot.

Speaker 6 (05:15):
It's a lot, because well my wife's like just just
mail it in and just some breaks, just make it
easier whatever. And I'm like, but then I do that,
and then I feel like crap, because I'm like, you
just never know who's listening.

Speaker 1 (05:26):
So I always want to go mail one in.

Speaker 6 (05:27):
Yesterday, yeah, I mailed in the Mariah Carry one and
that's the one. I was like, dang it, they're listening
at the one time I mailed it in because I
recorded at three am. And I'll say, that's exactly why
I need to always have something ready to go every break,
no matter what.

Speaker 1 (05:36):
But it's okay to forward promote something that's not mailing
it in, I know, but I.

Speaker 6 (05:42):
Feel like I want to do more than just like, hey,
this is Mariah Carry, this is umf oh yeah, and.

Speaker 1 (05:47):
He played Jesus Jones right here, right now. There is
no other place I wanna be here.

Speaker 2 (05:55):
It's quite the mix, which I really liked about it. Well,
it's the nineties, man, it's all nineties. I thought it
was just rock. Even an internet connection, all the podcasts
you want.

Speaker 1 (06:05):
And I noticed though listening, hold on, we're gonna get
that song played the game who was not on right now? Though?
I know, but I want to get song. It doesn't show.

Speaker 2 (06:14):
This is happy and.

Speaker 5 (06:17):
One wants you badly imaging.

Speaker 2 (06:30):
I like it.

Speaker 6 (06:32):
Baby, this is i Heeart nineties on iHeart radiole.

Speaker 1 (06:38):
Oh, it just doesn't show the song, by the way,
yea believable. My song said.

Speaker 6 (06:45):
You know who em F stands for?

Speaker 1 (06:46):
I found out every mother. No, it's EPs and mad Funkers.
Oh I thought it was every mother who. I like
that one better. Oh that's my winning song.

Speaker 2 (06:55):
Yeah, play that one a lot sometimes.

Speaker 6 (06:57):
Ill sometimes I'll say Bobby requested it even though you didn't.

Speaker 1 (07:00):
I requested every time. Good things you say, Yeah, Jams,
it was a good job, Scuba. The one break you
mailed in, we were like, can you believe he's mailing
this in? We talked about it the whole session.

Speaker 6 (07:10):
I bet you did. It eats at me. I get
stuck in my head and I think about things that
don't matter.

Speaker 1 (07:14):
But yeah, how's that going good? It's going well.

Speaker 2 (07:17):
I'm enjoying it. For me.

Speaker 6 (07:18):
It's great because we talked about a while ago. It's
kind of helping me find my footing as someone to
host where I've always been a part of an ensemble.
So it's kind of fun to get back into like
doing things solo. So I enjoy it.

Speaker 1 (07:29):
Do they pay you?

Speaker 6 (07:31):
I mean it's not for the money.

Speaker 1 (07:32):
They do pay me, yes, but it's not so you
do get something. I get something, yes, but it's nothing.

Speaker 2 (07:36):
Like, wow, man, this is changing my life.

Speaker 1 (07:38):
Well, if you mailed it all in, it'd be more. Wow,
it would be it'd be a lot easier. Yeah, if
I just mailed it in.

Speaker 2 (07:43):
And if you love it, it's never about the money exactly.
And I do love it, and I enjoyed it.

Speaker 6 (07:46):
And I have a little home studio and my downstairs
that I built and put together.

Speaker 2 (07:49):
And he's not right, what are you talking about? If
you love what you're doing, it's not about the money.
Bon Jovi said that in documentary.

Speaker 1 (07:54):
G Bonjovi made millions of million of dollars.

Speaker 2 (07:56):
He said, it's never been about the money.

Speaker 1 (07:57):
No, No, there's a different there's a difference.

Speaker 2 (07:59):
So you do for ten bucks a day if.

Speaker 1 (08:01):
I had all the money in the world yet no,
but you don't have all the money in the world.
Is what happens is if you love what you're doing,
you tend to work harder at it. And as you
work harder at it, you tend to be successful, and
with success comes whatever version of the spoils you're after.

Speaker 2 (08:16):
So it is about the money.

Speaker 1 (08:18):
Well, if you're doing something you love, it can lead
to whatever you deem as success. More time, off, you
get to dictate your schedule, it could be more money.
There are lots of things that one would have in
order to be considered a success to themselves.

Speaker 2 (08:32):
I always wonder what people meant by that, Like, it's
never been about the money, But that's only if you
have I want to get there, But if you have
no money, it's never about the money.

Speaker 3 (08:41):
When Bobby got into radio, it wasn't about the money.

Speaker 1 (08:43):
But I didn't have any money, right, so it didn't matter.
Like if I had a bunch of kids and bills
and I was like, I'm just gonna do It's not
about the money. I gotta do something for the money
because I got to support myself. So it's a good
side hustle. Okay, there was there's some radio person. It

was some I follow some on Instagram, some radio site,
and I follow a bunch of radio people. But it
was like talking about how low paying this job was
in New York and they just get on there complain
about other radio jobs and they're like, market one's only
getting paid this much. I would never take the job,
and I'd hardly ever apply to this stuff. And I
was I was just in a mood, I guess, and
I got on and goes, you know what. I would
go out apply for that job, and I would get it,

and I would kick butt so much in six months,
they'd promote me and I'd get out of this job
and have a better job. And then you can complain
about the job that I was doing then, and it's
because I took this job, and they're like, wella I
should get back to so dumb sounds cool. It's just
people complaining about what they don't have and doing nothing
about it except complaining about what they don't have exactly.

Speaker 6 (09:43):
And they never take a chance, and they're going to
sit up that wallow of negativity and never ever go
for it, and so screw them.

Speaker 1 (09:49):
So if you want to have me, go for it.

Speaker 2 (09:51):
So he has a job in New York? Is that?

Speaker 1 (09:54):

Speaker 2 (09:54):
No, who no, whoever? You were finding out?

Speaker 4 (09:55):

Speaker 1 (09:55):
No, no. And I wasn't really fighting with them, and
I gave up all I read it to you, Huh,
I can go back and find it I'm sure. Okay,
it says they wrote sixty five thousand dollars a year. Oh,
but I'm sure they'll pay you overtime while you prep
from home of your two hundred square foot studio apartment

in Jersey City. And there's a link to a WKTU
morning show producer job in New York. And this is
the person writing about it, and they say, imagine being
a seasoned professional producer and seeing this opening and thinking
this is the top. Also thinking there's no way I
can live off sixty five thousand dollars. And so I
just wrote underneath it, I do it, and I'd work
my way out of that low wage in a year.

Many times I had to hold two or three jobs
while doing this career. And then someone responds to me,
e Robinson dot Radio, Bobby, just don't First, it's easy
to romanticize hustle culture. No, no, know what it's hard
to do to actually do it. Yeah, it's easy to romanticize.
But if you romanticize yet do it, that's a whole

different ballgame. When circumstance has benefited one, well, what circumstance
have I ever had that benefited me? That was given
to me? Zero. I know anybody anything this show has
ever gotten or me has been to prove more, just
to get the base level. Like every single place I've
been to have had to prove way more before they

would give me anything. And even in careers, even doing television,
this company never wanted me to do television. They'd be like,
you can't, you'll be too far away from the show.
They never wanted me to tour. You can't, you'll be
too and then all of a sudden, you do it,
and you do it like, oh, you know that actually helps.
You should do more of that. But okay, let me
get back to this, sorry second, There is no romanticizing
what is in essence a toxic mindset. Yes, hard work
should lead one to success, but this pervasive mentality that

you have to destroy yourself for your goals. No, let
me say that again. No, especially not when you're being
taken advantage of crumbs for the rank and file. While
those are the top, eat steak, Come on, enjoy your steak, Bobby,
you earned it. But these others at least deserve a
club sandwich rather than crumbs. And I'm like, you gonna
you gotta eat crumbs before you get to the club
sandwich unless you're born with it, unless you're just born
to a rich family, or you're born knowing people, which

I wasn't. You're gonna have to eat crumbs in order
to have possibly a half piece of bread. Then maybe
get that bread. Then maybe you get a little little
meat sauce on there for a little bit, and then
maybe you get to those yet a little bone, little meat,
and then all of a sudden, yeah, you're having steak
for a minute, until they don't give you steak anymore
and you're trying to climb back up to steak. This
person's a freaking loser. But this is why losers. Losers complain.

Losers always complain about what they don't have, and you
don't have to be a winner, but like doers do,
and they don't talk about what they don't have. Yeah,
so I got into that and I was gonna reply,
and I was like, there's no need. You can't reason
with unreasonable people. And that's why this person will never
be a success, whoever they are, because hustle culture dictates

that's call that's all working, it's all going to work.
That's called showing up, that's called taking a job. That's
probably what you feel is not perfect for you right now,
just to get to a job that's a little better
for you.

Speaker 2 (13:02):
And that New York job sounds like a career opening.
Like if I was single, twenty six, twenty eight, whatever,
and I saw that, I'm like yeah, yeah.

Speaker 1 (13:12):
And they're also not saying you must take this job.
It's like, if you want the job, you can apply
for it, and here's the application. But like people like
that are I live in New Jersey. Take here's one
from jen O Radio. Agree one hundred percent. Really easy
for him to beat his chest.

Speaker 2 (13:29):
Who's that you?

Speaker 1 (13:30):
Yeah, yeah, I'm beating my chest going. If you don't work,
you're not gonna get anything. And you can cry and
keep getting nothing and then wonder why and you can
wonder your whole life until you die, or you can
actually go to work. You can show up to work.
So anyway, that's all losers. It's not even that you

do or don't. It's just if you try. And also
if you're not going to try and get in, then
don't don't talk about it. You can't be part of
the group that tries and fails if you're not somebody
who tries and fails, or you're somebody who hates on
other other opportunities that others may take. But yeah, people
don't want to work anymore. That's all right, though, I'll work, oh,

I replied with the laffy face, because I was like,
I'm tired. I just did a laughy face back, because again,
you can't reason with unreasonable people anything else. We gotta
take it mideral anything you want to say about that.
I almost took a job in New York. Right before
I took this job, I can't believe it, dude. It
was like so close to people were eating steak, you

were gonna take.

Speaker 2 (14:35):
No, it was like it was a job like that
though where it wasn't gonna be like a lot of money.
But I was like, I'll do it like that sounds awesome,
a news job in New York.

Speaker 1 (14:44):
No, while the people live in New Jersey, while the
people ate steak and you ate crumbs.

Speaker 2 (14:49):
I didn't say.

Speaker 4 (14:50):
The cost of living obviously is different everywhere. But the
right person that comes along, they're going to think, okay,
like this isn't ideally maybe where I want to be,
but this is still guaranteed money if I show up.

Speaker 3 (15:00):
It's a salary.

Speaker 2 (15:01):
Yeah, yeah, it's more.

Speaker 1 (15:04):
Regardless of the money. It just takes sacrifice to have
things that you want. If it's something you want, other
people want it to it's therefore it's not going to
be easy to get. So it takes sacrifice to do it,
and people want to cry about what they don't have
instead of going to work trying to get it themselves.

Speaker 2 (15:18):
And in New York you get in on the number
one market, Like you start meeting people you're in New York.
That gets you in New York. You can start networking
in New York.

Speaker 3 (15:25):
Why'd you opt not to take the New York job.

Speaker 2 (15:28):
Because Bobby we got hired here. It was literally the
same time when Bobby asked me to join the show.
I was in Vegas with one of our New York
bosses and he asked me how much would it take
for you to move to New York?

Speaker 1 (15:42):
How much to tell?

Speaker 2 (15:43):
I said, let me think about it, And that same
time Bob was like, Hey, you want to come work
with us? It's crazy. The timing was.

Speaker 1 (15:50):
Crazy, and he said, can you form a band called
the Raging Imbeciles? So if I could be in it,
I'm in. But I offered them raging idiots.

Speaker 2 (15:58):
It was so much that when I took this job,
that boss, because I mean, we couldn't tell anyone that
we were doing this job, Like we were coming to Nashville.
We couldn't tell anyone. So the New York boss is like,
when he found out that I was moving, He's like, really,
he just sent me a text. Was really question work
because he didn't know. I never told. I couldn't tell him. Funny,
you still talk to him.

Speaker 1 (16:17):
No, No, aren't that bridge. It's not a bridge run.
It's not a bridge run. All right, let's let's do
a midrole here. I have this. I bought this on
Amazon like weeks ago. Is that bingo bingo? But I
was just trying to find a way that we could
gamble the studio.

Speaker 2 (16:32):
Yeah, that's great, I love it.

Speaker 1 (16:33):
Isn't it terrible? That's what I do. I go home, like,
what can we do to play? It's not I just
love games, right, We're sure that plays a lot of games.

Speaker 2 (16:39):
I love gambling money, dude.

Speaker 1 (16:41):
I know, no, I hear you, but I'm saying, like
the general idea with we play a lot of games,
and that's on purpose. And we definitely didn't revolutionize playing games,
but we probably play more games in the EACHO. I've
heard in this right in my life because that's fun
to us.

Speaker 2 (16:55):

Speaker 1 (16:56):
And also my theory has always been because they would
do these things when we'd launch shows and new markets,
and they go, you gotta do things that everybody can
like hear you and relate to immediately, and you're like,
first of all, the culture has just changed, Like what
even is the morning show anymore? Half people listening live,
half people listening online. Some people. So it's like, play
freaking games. Everybody loves a game. It doesn't matter if

you're listening for the first time, like it could be
flipping through. It doesn't matter if I'm listening to podcasts
or radio or even flipping through satellite and I hear
somebody playing a game, I'll stop and listen. I don't
care who they are. So that's where that's kind of
where strategically that let's play a bunch of games comes from.
Every once in a while, Mike has to check me,
I'm playing too many games?

Speaker 5 (17:35):

Speaker 1 (17:36):
Really? Like, well, we played a game two segments ago,
and I'm like, what I want to do another one?

Speaker 5 (17:39):
I know?

Speaker 1 (17:39):
I like them me too, And He's like, well just wait,
if we can wait like another hour and a half,
we can play another game.

Speaker 2 (17:43):
Okay, Dad, So I bought what do you putting into
the balls?

Speaker 1 (17:47):
The balls? Yeah, and I'm assuming, oh those are up
to one hundred. Oh you don't want those?

Speaker 2 (17:53):
I'll be here all day, dude, hold on.

Speaker 1 (17:55):
One hundred, ten fifty seven.

Speaker 4 (17:58):
Well you could just like put them all in and
whatever you draw if you wanted to play one through.

Speaker 1 (18:02):
I'm saying, if there's a hole in it though, how
those got out? Because it doesn't look like there's a hole.

Speaker 3 (18:07):
And they asked something just fall out?

Speaker 1 (18:11):
Can you help me? He helped me? Somebody. I just
draw on and I needed see if you can put
those in there. I might go under my desk and
see if I can find the other one can help me.
That's what it's like to married to me.

Speaker 2 (18:24):
You help me, you drop another name.

Speaker 1 (18:34):
So it's not like normal bingo. Remember that hundred side
of ball we had to that's fine.

Speaker 2 (18:40):
Uh oh that was fun. The dice hundred side of dice,
and it was like, if it didn't land on your number,
you get a million dollars, but if it landed on
your number.

Speaker 1 (18:49):
You see that's funny. Yeah, like would you take that
in your life?

Speaker 2 (18:54):
Yes, you would, but I would only roll it like
a couple of times.

Speaker 1 (18:59):
But but you could do it? Is that what the
game is?

Speaker 2 (19:01):

Speaker 1 (19:01):
You normally do it as many times as you want to.

Speaker 2 (19:02):
Yes, like if you want to be a billionaire, keep
rolling it.

Speaker 1 (19:05):
But I guess the point is a number doesn't if used,
The number doesn't go away. No, odds aren't now one
in ninety nine.

Speaker 2 (19:12):
Correct, It just lives. But every time you roll it
you get the chance to die. Oh no, why not?

Speaker 1 (19:18):
No? Is that is that hole small?

Speaker 3 (19:21):
You can't figure out where the hole is?

Speaker 2 (19:23):
So lunchbox? How many times have we rolled that dice?
And never do we?

Speaker 1 (19:26):

Speaker 2 (19:26):
Maybe one time I.

Speaker 1 (19:27):
Remember doing it with you guys and I had to
pay some people out. Yeah, because it hits what I'm saying.
But sometimes it would be like the fourth roll, we'd
just be chasing a number.

Speaker 2 (19:35):
Well, that's still I don't think it's worth the risk.

Speaker 1 (19:38):
Man, one in one hundred, if it were a million dollars, Yes,
I think I would take it.

Speaker 2 (19:43):
Yeah, why wouldn't you? How many times?

Speaker 1 (19:45):
I don't know, I take it time by time, But
every time you should say forever, however, because eventually you're
gonna die. Well, every time is not affected at all
by the last time, Like there's absolutely no relationships.

Speaker 2 (19:57):
Correct, But is that roll your time? That next roll?
And it's all greed man, it's all greaty Okay.

Speaker 1 (20:03):
We have a numbers calculator game, random number between one
and one hundred. If it lands on your number, you die.

Speaker 2 (20:09):
I don't trust the digital It doesn't know what you're saying.

Speaker 1 (20:13):
Write down number, picking number two, okay, Eddie, picking number
twenty one. Hit it, Mike, numbers ninety seven. You would
a million million dollars.

Speaker 2 (20:22):
Hey, do it again?

Speaker 1 (20:24):
Wow, that's actually like two full huh.

Speaker 2 (20:26):
Like they don't even roll.

Speaker 1 (20:28):
How do they come out? Oh right, it goes into
that ball thing. Something happens there, oh something, okay, so
I think it probably goes you like that. You think
them out. I tried that. Sure, Hey what if it

was one in fifty no for two million?

Speaker 2 (20:54):
Yeah, I would do that one time. Okay, do one
to fifty one time.

Speaker 1 (20:57):
Oh my god, pick a number, ready for eight, lunchbox,
I'll do twenty eight. Go ahead, forty three.

Speaker 2 (21:06):
You were so close close. I wasn't close.

Speaker 1 (21:09):
We have a ten dollars machine. We can't figure out here?
What if you take this off then we go look
at it?

Speaker 7 (21:14):
Oh, one in twenty five for three millions?

Speaker 1 (21:20):
Would you do that? No, now you're getting too close.
One in ten for fifty million.

Speaker 2 (21:26):
No, that's really fifty.

Speaker 1 (21:28):
Million, ten ten. There are no cheer numbers for fifty million.

Speaker 2 (21:33):
No, I'd rather roll the one hundred and fifty times?

Speaker 3 (21:37):
Did you take out instructions?

Speaker 2 (21:40):
I don't think. Is there a CD in there where? DVD?

Speaker 1 (21:46):

Speaker 2 (21:46):

Speaker 1 (21:46):
So if I roll this, but how do I get
it to roll out?

Speaker 2 (21:51):
Lunchbucks? Take over my computer?

Speaker 1 (21:53):
Because it should, it should come out. I mean I could,
I could take over okay, but why okay.

Speaker 2 (22:04):
Because then the ball gets in it and.

Speaker 1 (22:05):
Then yeah, show us king check it out.

Speaker 2 (22:09):
Oh wow, you nail it.

Speaker 1 (22:10):
Yeah we did that, Eddie?

Speaker 3 (22:11):
Did you pop that in there?

Speaker 1 (22:13):
I didn't do anything. No, no, don't but blame me
for this, craps.

Speaker 2 (22:18):
It has to be open, right, Eddie. It's not grabbing
the ball.

Speaker 1 (22:23):
Grab the ball, it's not grabbing. So I just pull
one from the bucket. Then here, but nothing's coming out?
Are there too many balls in there? Maybe you bought
a cheap one. No, I for sure bought a cheap one.
You're gonna count them? Yeah, I have to?

Speaker 4 (22:40):
No, no, no, just I think you can just remove
some balls and only play with the second.

Speaker 3 (22:46):
Only play with the second.

Speaker 1 (22:50):
But even if you get one ball in there, what
if you do it like this? Okay, okay, go work
on that, because that's the other stuff.

Speaker 7 (23:04):
To talk about for what Well, yeah.

Speaker 1 (23:10):
But what won't get it done today? He's gonna to
dump them all in your hand, go one by one.
Mike has pulled up the YouTube video. Okay, here's the
wireless cage spin yep, and it gets in that ball
thing right, and then the ball thing flips. Though we're
not doing it right.

Speaker 3 (23:32):
You shouldn't have to take it out. It should come
with If it comes with all of those balls, it
should work.

Speaker 1 (23:37):
No, you're just you're not doing it right there.

Speaker 3 (23:40):
I couldn't find instructions.

Speaker 1 (23:42):
Okay, we'll let him do that anyway. I was talking
about the Young Sheldon finale and the list the best
finales of all time. I'll read you the list. Tell
me if you can remember the finale episode the Mary
Tyler Moore Show. No, oh, you wouldn't remember it. But
maybe on TV Land. I know, I've seen it. I
think she's leaving the office. Asner, the guy that you

did the report on. Yeah, he's in that show.

Speaker 2 (24:05):
Yeah, and then he got a show after that or
something off of.

Speaker 1 (24:08):
That spin off. A lot of them did. Roeg got
to spin off of that. Cheers at fourteen. I remember
the Cheers finale because they turn off.

Speaker 3 (24:16):
All the lines.

Speaker 1 (24:17):
Yeah, Friday Night Lights. Never saw it?

Speaker 2 (24:20):
Oh yeah, oh yeah, I remember.

Speaker 1 (24:22):
I don't want to spoil it, but man, I think
we're at the stage now where you can spoil it.

Speaker 7 (24:27):
He's stolen the touchdown and it's in the state championship.

Speaker 3 (24:31):
Is it muddy?

Speaker 6 (24:33):
And then it's like boom, it flips to the future.

Speaker 1 (24:38):
Legit do they win? I'm gonna tell you no, you can.
We're talking. I am not okay.

Speaker 4 (24:44):
Yeah, because people should go back and watch it.

Speaker 3 (24:46):
It's such a good.

Speaker 1 (24:46):
Show, such the way about Cheers, and I will send
my telling you the finale. Mash at twelve never saw it. No,
he used to come on before wrestling at some point,
which most shows did. Lost at eleven saw it.

Speaker 3 (25:01):
I tried. I made it since episode three, season one.

Speaker 1 (25:04):
The Shield.

Speaker 7 (25:06):
Oh my brother loved that show, and he he gave
me the DVDs and wanted me to watch it.

Speaker 1 (25:10):
Then my dog hate him. So that's a Fraser. I
think I watched Fraser. I think he signed off, but
then he signed back on. He did Star Trek the
Next Generation at a no Friends. At seven, I remember
that the keys put the keys down right at one
by one they put the keys back down on nothing,

battles start galack to get six.

Speaker 2 (25:31):
I've never heard of it.

Speaker 1 (25:32):
At five Seinfeld there in prison. Yes, at for the Wire.

Speaker 2 (25:36):
Yeah, such a good show.

Speaker 1 (25:38):
I'm not dude, if you have not watched The Wire, of.

Speaker 4 (25:41):
You, I know that you've been telling us you love it.

Speaker 1 (25:45):
Does it still hold up? Do? Or was it just good? Then? No?
It is still good. Okay, Mike, have you ever seen
the Wire?

Speaker 2 (25:51):
What what you?

Speaker 1 (25:54):
Mister TV guy? Have never seen the Wire? He's mister
movie guy.

Speaker 3 (25:57):
He says movie min movie Mike, not TV Mike.

Speaker 1 (26:00):
But he watches Simpsons, he watches one show, but he
watches movies. Well, this is like a movie, man, it's
a drama. You need to I'm sure it's good.

Speaker 3 (26:08):
Many seasons is it?

Speaker 1 (26:09):
I think it's four?

Speaker 3 (26:10):
Okay, maybe two to eight?

Speaker 1 (26:12):
So year, it would be six. Maybe it's three, but
it could be less five.

Speaker 3 (26:19):
You're telling me a show from twenty two years.

Speaker 1 (26:21):
Ago holds up, dude, Okay, try.

Speaker 4 (26:23):
It because I mean I would go back and I
would watch Friday Night Lights. I would watch Friends like
you're right, But the wire, like I don't even know the.

Speaker 1 (26:29):
Friends doesn't hold up. It's just good because it used
to be good.

Speaker 2 (26:33):
True, the wire holds up like.

Speaker 1 (26:35):
If the Friends came out, If the Friends, if Friends
came out today, it wouldn't be a hit. A lot
of things have to be adjusted. Sensibility, studio audience. That
crowd laughed the jokes. Eddie doing all right, buddy, Okay,
but that's basically half.

Speaker 4 (26:50):
We'll just try it worse because I don't think so.

Speaker 1 (26:55):
The wire four six ft under a three no twenty
four at two.

Speaker 3 (26:59):
Oh yeah, I watched.

Speaker 2 (27:02):
No No No.

Speaker 1 (27:03):
But there were so many seasons. It was weird u
e rs one. It was the best finales of all time.
Where's Parenthood on there? No, it's that's not on there?
And neither is like Roseanne the Original is a good one.
The Wonder Years was a good one. People were very
unhappy with some of those though they weren't happy with
Roseanne because the last few seasons were a dream. They
weren't happy with Wonder Years because Winnie and Kevin didn't
get together. They weren't happy. I liked the finale of

Game of Thrones. I liked finale Dexter. No, you're stupid,
not we.

Speaker 2 (27:33):
Oh there were.

Speaker 1 (27:37):
A different bag of balls.

Speaker 3 (27:39):
No, we're not.

Speaker 1 (27:40):
No, we're dumb. That's me. That's on me. I'm dumb.
Although I didn't put a single ball in there.

Speaker 3 (27:46):
You did start filling it up.

Speaker 1 (27:50):
You were like somebody, Hell, okay, so we put the
wrong balls in. We're gonna be here all day.

Speaker 2 (27:59):
Hey, we got lives.

Speaker 1 (27:59):
We gotta get to man, did you guys hear? Uh?

Speaker 5 (28:02):

Speaker 1 (28:03):
I watched limb Biscuit on TikTok do their live shows,
and Fred Rs is hilarious. He comes out either in
a full cowboy uniform or he comes out in like
a really bright colored sweatsuits. Super funny. Lyn Biscuit was
awesome back in the day. If you didn't get to
experience Biscuit and you hear them now and you're like
that seems lame, it wasn't was awesome.

Speaker 3 (28:19):
Musical show is funny he wears.

Speaker 1 (28:22):
He doesn't look like himself. He's in like full head
to toe bright colored zip up sweatsuits or dressed like
a cowboy, and they do all their Yeah have you
seen it?

Speaker 3 (28:33):
Is thing?

Speaker 1 (28:34):
I don't know that would be so cool to sea
limb biscuit play now for me that he still on that, buddy, I.

Speaker 4 (28:44):
Think that, yeah, because you're some person's green, some person's red.

Speaker 1 (28:55):
The ones with the numbers doesn't have numbers on them, numbers,
and well if they have numbers and letters, then it's fine.
The ones that go in the card are unnumbered, unlettered. Yea,
this is right, okay, but it says there are different
in the box though on the picture there's different. There's

white ones, purple ones. Who No, I was born this way?

Speaker 3 (29:27):
I don't know.

Speaker 7 (29:28):
Oh, those big red balls are the ones you put
on display to say these are already used?

Speaker 1 (29:31):
No, I think what no, no, no, no, you guys don't
know if like being go but how do you listen?
What happens with this is when it rolls and you
get the ball and you still a number, then you
put it in the car to show where it was.
There's not like its own separate ball. They're from a
different selection. Probably, I think I probably clicked a few
different things.

Speaker 3 (29:48):
It's two different orders.

Speaker 1 (29:50):
I don't know. I probably card them in the same box. Okay,
how much? How close? There's a red one still not
off the little thing down there?

Speaker 2 (29:58):
Give me, give.

Speaker 1 (30:00):
Me, but that red one wheneber was that?

Speaker 8 (30:05):
That is.

Speaker 3 (30:10):
Tiny print?

Speaker 1 (30:12):
Bro Okay, See, somebody picked twenty that had never won.
No one knows what it's like to.

Speaker 8 (30:22):
Be mistreated like I do, and that means you waiting
on you body.

Speaker 3 (30:33):
So once he gets it done, what's our plan?

Speaker 1 (30:34):
I don't know. I just wanted to have it. We
could gamble somehow. I'll make it interesting. I'll make it
interesting in the first game. No, because I don't get
to play. Who needs a new dolls? That's all them?
Roll it up.

Speaker 7 (30:54):
There we go.

Speaker 1 (30:57):
Now, the move would have been for you to take
to have a slight advantage is to like get rid
of a couple of balls and never pick those numbers.
Then you'd have I don't know, that'd be that'd be
a that'd be a shady but yeah, so that would
be the slight, slight advantage.

Speaker 3 (31:13):
What if he's like, dude, I did that and now
you just out in me.

Speaker 1 (31:16):
Well, I know you just deny it. So okay, sin
all right, first ball, Oh we got one.

Speaker 2 (31:25):
Remember I remember playing this and every single time they
would call a number, we'd go.

Speaker 1 (31:29):
Like, yes, yes, I twenty six, I two six. We'll
give us cards mail no no, when I play that round.
But so.

Speaker 2 (31:39):
Gosh, I remember lunch Box had a basket with such
a dobber it.

Speaker 1 (31:43):
Goes in sear five Nascar bagh seventy five is the highest.
All right, so I'll just give somebody ten bucks if
they hit the number today. That's it. This would be
the easiest one. Oh easy, go ahead, pick amy, pick
a number one or seenty times.

Speaker 3 (31:55):
Okay, thirty four.

Speaker 1 (31:56):
Lunchbucks forty two Eddie.

Speaker 2 (31:59):
I don't know why, but number two just popped in
my head.

Speaker 1 (32:02):
Thirty four forty two to two Morgan fifteen all right,
raymondo twenty two. All right? Your number is.

Speaker 2 (32:11):
It should come out in a little ramp down there,
you see it?

Speaker 1 (32:13):
It is? Yeah, I have it. It's a single digit too.

Speaker 2 (32:18):
Do I did that win it in the first role?

Speaker 1 (32:21):
It is less than five.

Speaker 2 (32:23):
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I got it.

Speaker 7 (32:26):
I got it.

Speaker 1 (32:27):
That's five or less. It's five. Oh fine. Now, if
you guys wanted to play where we all put a
little something in, I'd be in.

Speaker 5 (32:33):

Speaker 1 (32:33):
I like this one better, like that fun because it's
all my money.

Speaker 2 (32:37):
Well, let's start here. Let's see where it goes.

Speaker 3 (32:38):
What do you mean, so the game is we just
guess the number?

Speaker 2 (32:41):
No, you say you're gonna keep rolling until we get
the number.

Speaker 1 (32:43):
No, I did not say that. I'm not That was
the end of the game.

Speaker 2 (32:47):
Yeah, it's no fun.

Speaker 1 (32:48):
Shut it down. If everybody wants to put five bucks in,
we could spend it until somebody hits and everybody gets
the money open in five bucks. Okay, but you have
to have to have bucks.

Speaker 2 (33:00):
Yes, Venmo, I don't like that.

Speaker 1 (33:03):
Okay, I'll Venmo. We'll do universal Venmo. Yeah, no cash,
universal Venmo no cash, no cash, and Mike, you can
come spin it unless you want in, okay, because I
don't want to be accused of anything because I've been
told I was shady, would you agree, Yeah, yes, well
I have shady ideas, I don't follow through with them. Okay,
are you been morying you, Bobby? What are you moaning you? No,

you're ven milling whoever. Yeah, don't do you don't do?

Speaker 2 (33:26):

Speaker 1 (33:27):
Okay, Amy picking number oh Man twelve, Okay, I'm gonna
write it down Amy twelve, LaunchBox. I'm gonna do forty two.

Speaker 2 (33:37):
Eddie, let's go twenty one.

Speaker 1 (33:39):
You always go twenty one, I know, I mean, let's
go twenty one.

Speaker 2 (33:42):
Morgan, dang, I was going twenty two and still go
with it?

Speaker 1 (33:44):
Do ray? Are you at five bucks? Am?

Speaker 2 (33:46):

Speaker 1 (33:46):
Yeah, it's one in seventy five right, yeah, fifty six
and I'm gonna go with sixty nine sCOD but do
you want in? You don't have Venmo five dollars? No,
we don't do cash. This is this is his wife Vemo. Yeah,
you don't even he's go Venmo all right? Even dos No,
you can give me what you can give somebody five
bucks cash if we have it. I don't want it,
just have it.

Speaker 2 (34:05):

Speaker 1 (34:06):
Yeah, I mean, I don't know what we're doing, but
I'm in picking number one through seventy five three Okay,
first number to come up is the winner. Here we go.

Speaker 2 (34:13):
We're gonna keep rolling right till the winner.

Speaker 1 (34:15):
We're gona keeps one. Watch your camera on it. Mike
is rolling.

Speaker 6 (34:18):
I get my money to raid by the way, raise
get my five bucks.

Speaker 1 (34:20):
Okay, all right, First number, Mike is we got two
numbers here, seventy four, No winner, put it in your pocket.
Next number fifty eight, ray fifty six, no winner? Oh
you sure it's a six? Yeah? Next number thirty nine,

No winners after forty two?

Speaker 7 (34:46):
Oh ready, yeah, sixty five.

Speaker 1 (34:51):
Come on at sixty nine, No winner, you shure us?
Not fifty six? Thirty two? Oh you is up? Forty two?

Speaker 2 (35:00):
Winter, you're gonna do that every single draw? Yes, come
on twenty one, twenty No what so close?

Speaker 7 (35:14):
Sure it's not that sixty not come on seventy one,
s seventy one, twenty three.

Speaker 2 (35:26):
Around it, We're all around it. Hey, it's getting closer, Gordan,
it's getting closer.

Speaker 1 (35:37):
We got twelve, Oh my god, another one about one.

Speaker 2 (35:44):
That's my dollars from everyone you get.

Speaker 7 (35:48):
That's my sister and Forrest and I.

Speaker 1 (35:52):
You know, she was just like, look at her phone.

Speaker 3 (35:53):
You get thirty No it wasn't. I was looking.

Speaker 2 (35:56):
At amy double or nothing?

Speaker 3 (35:58):
Dash dash dash.

Speaker 1 (36:01):
You can do you get thirty bucks? So five from
each other? It's paying me. Please?

Speaker 3 (36:05):
Do you have my venmo?

Speaker 1 (36:06):

Speaker 3 (36:07):
Thank you?

Speaker 2 (36:08):
You send it one more and one more?

Speaker 1 (36:10):
No more?

Speaker 2 (36:11):
What's got too much to do?

Speaker 3 (36:14):
Well, it's a great day.

Speaker 1 (36:16):
What okay? Thank you? You want to risk it? Hey?
You want Amy? Do you want to risk it?

Speaker 3 (36:22):
Risk it for the biscuit?

Speaker 2 (36:23):

Speaker 1 (36:23):
No, you can risk it all right now.

Speaker 3 (36:25):
No, I just got it.

Speaker 2 (36:26):
Just you have to hear of the game. Just hear
the game.

Speaker 1 (36:29):
I'll go up against your heads up for all the money,
double or nothing. You get all of me, and we'll
do over under what thirty seven?

Speaker 3 (36:43):
And then what?

Speaker 1 (36:43):
Then fifty fifty game? You can pick over under thirty
seven on the balls.

Speaker 7 (36:48):
And so if it goes over or let's say under,
you pick under and it's under, Bobby will pay you
thirty more dollars.

Speaker 1 (36:54):
If you pick under but it's over, you have to
pay me the thirty bucks. Yeah, you'll have to.

Speaker 2 (36:59):
You can just keep your money, Amy, you still have
the same one.

Speaker 1 (37:01):
Yeah, great, I paid your husband X I got him
save this Amy's husband. We'll see you guys tomorrow.

Speaker 7 (37:11):
All right, bye, We're done, Bye, buddy.

Speaker 2 (37:15):
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