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May 28, 2024 36 mins
Author and journalist Alex Berenson talks to Clay and Buck about blockbuster new emails that look incredibly bad for Dr. Fauci, plus all the latest covid scandal fallout. Trump's speech at the Libertarian convention. Fetterman gets American freed from Turks & Caicos. Mayor Pete's disastrous Sunday show appearance.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Third hour, Clay and Buck kicks off.

Speaker 2 (00:02):
Now our friend Alex Barronson back in the mix. He
is author of the sub stack Unreported Truths.

Speaker 1 (00:11):
And also you.

Speaker 2 (00:13):
Can check out Pandemia, which is book about the madness
of the pandemic and fauciism and all the rest of it.
And Alex, I'll just remind everybody it was on this show,
I would say, now three years and about two months ago,
right near when Clay and I started, where you were like, hey, guys,

the data on the vaccine shows that they really don't
stop you from getting COVID at all. And I will,
I will just it was only you know, it was
three years and two months. It was like July of
twenty twenty one, and I remember you were saying it,
and we let you say it, and we believed that,
you know, you knew what you were talking about. But
at the time that was a oh my gosh moment

for a lot of people.

Speaker 3 (01:00):
Yes, yeah, no, I mean it was. And look, as
we know, three years later, COVID he's with us, it
will be with us forever. The vaccines, you know, did
not change that. You know, no one's gonna get smallpox,
no one's gonna get polio, but people are gonna get COVID's.
That's the difference between a real vaccine and what was
sold to us in twenty twenty one. And the fact

of the public health and I know this is not
really what we're talking about today, yeah, but the fact
that the public health authorities and the you know, and
the and the media on the left won't just admit that. Okay,
just admit that, and then we can go from there, like,
admit that you promised something that didn't happen, and maybe
you'll get some trust back.

Speaker 2 (01:39):
Maybe, And they're not doing that at all. In fact,
what I'm just what we wanted to have you want
to talk about, I just play. I wanted to give
him the occasional victory lap here because you know, some
people were right, some people were wrong on this one.

Speaker 1 (01:50):
Alex was right, big time, bigly, huge correct, you could say.

Speaker 2 (01:55):
Al Alex Fauci's top advisor, Fox had a story on
this just last week, offering apologies and excuses for COVID
email revelations. This was up on the House What House
Oversight Committee hearing, and it turns out that some of
the top fauciites were hiding hiding email correspondence about all
this stuff. What can you tell us about all this?

Speaker 3 (02:17):
So this is really an amazing story. And I and
you know, we're really only I think actually in early
innings on this believe it or not. So look in
you know, the beginning of twenty twenty, COVID comes, you know,
comes out right in China and Wuhan, China. There's this
new respiratory virus. And almost immediately there's a concerted campaign

at the top of the US scientific establishment to say
this can't have come from a lamp. Yes, there was
a lab in Wuhan called the Wuhan Institute of Virology,
but no, it did not come from there. If you
say it came from there, you're racist or any Chinese.
You can say that Chinese ran discussing what market and
you know flaughtered animals live and you know, but that's fine,

but do not say this came from a lab. It's
not the result the lab work. And I mean, and
that was not that was not subtle. It was very
loudly proclaimed. Okay, So what we now know on on
the sort of scientific side, is that it's quite likely
that it did come from that lab. Okay, as anybody

with the brain sort of could have thought was at
least a real possibility at the time, because because as
John Stewart famously said in twenty twenty one, if there's
a giant chocolate leak in Hersey, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, maybe
it was a chocolate factory. Okay, maybe all the risky
work these guys were doing at this lab had something

to do with the emergence of this virus. Okay. So
that's part one. Okay, then part two is it turned
And this is what we're coming to now in twenty
twenty four, we still don't have evidence out of China.
We don't have you know, we're probably we're going to
get inside that lab or probably never being an independent investigation.
But what is coming out now is the is the

cover up of the cover up, okay, the US led
cover up of the Chinese cover up, which is there
were there were people at the very top of nih
and I'm not saying that they knew that they were
certain that this was a lab leak, but they were
certainly worried about it, and they knew they knew that
the US had funded research that looked very bad in

the light of what had happened in China, and they
went out of their way to discourage these you know, anybody,
any independent journalists, any you know, scientists from investigating this.
And then as people started to try to get to
what was happening inside nih and this is really what
came out last week. These people did everything they could

to hide their actions. They they deleted emails, they used
their Gmail accounts, try to have phone conversations instead of
you know, instead of anything that they would have to
turn over. And the guy you're talking about, his name
David Morens, David Morrin's a very long time advisor to Fauci,
more than two decades. And the documents, I mean, it's

very very rare to see documents this damning come out
where David Morens actually said, I'm not going to use
my official email accounts. I want to use Gmail. It's
not foilable. And you guys, the people he was emailing
with should do the same. And by the way, if
I have important documents, and this is the part where

we're just beginning to see the next step, if I
have important documents to give to Tony, to Anthony Asfauci,
that man at the center of all of this, I
give them to him in person or at his home,
or I use his Gmail account. So what that means
is that Tony Fauci, we need to know what documents

he got, and there are going to be people who
know that. There's going to be places these documents are are.
We just have to get to them.

Speaker 4 (06:03):
Okay, Alex, you're a former New York Times reporter. When
I hear everything that you just laid out, if we
had a truly honest and not propagate Ganda Leyden media,
wouldn't this be the equivalent of if you're a great
white shark, they're being just tons of chum in the water,

and this be something that an honest media would aggressively
cover and go after. At the time, Fauci was correct
me if I'm wrong, the highest paid employee in all
of the federal government. He's been testifying like crazy in
front of Congress. Wouldn't this be the actual perfect distillation

of going after powerful people. If we had an honest media,
wouldn't The New York Times, the Washington Post, these usual
supposed vanguards of protecting the democratic process, wouldn't they be
after this? So far it appears they aren't as a
former New York Times reporter, just analyze where we are

that that could be the case.

Speaker 3 (07:11):
Yeah, I know, you're you're absolutely correct. I mean, here's
an amazing thing. Okay, last week, the Democrats, it wasn't
as the Republicans on this House committee. The Democrats said
to David Morns, we can't believe this, we can't believe
that you said this stuff and that you did this stuff.
And one of them, a Democratic congressman from Maryland, actually

basically told them to stop testifying that he was, you know,
creating criminal problems for himself in doing so. I mean
he didn't come out and say that explicitly, but that
was definitely the subtext of what was said to David
Warren's blest week. So the Democrats are in front of
the media on this. That's what's so unbelievable, and you're
absolutely right. This is you know, COVID, COVID killed you know,

we we could talk about who died, but COVID killed
a lot of people in twenty twenty twenty one, millions
of people worldwide. That's absolutely the case. The US, you know,
US lab work or US funded lab work may have
had something to do with that we don't know, but
certainly there's very good you know, there's a lot of
circumstantial evidence. Tony Fauci is at the middle of all

of this. Now we know Tony Fauci and people close
to him appear to have gone out of their way
to have violated federal records laws. I mean, yes, how
is this not? How is this not a story that
every good journalist in the in the in the country
is not bang at. It's an incredible.

Speaker 2 (08:33):
Story, it absolutely is. I mean I'm seeing here. I
forgot to say. There's no worry about foyas. This is
one of his emails. I can either send stuff to
Tony on his private Gmail or hand it to him
at work or at his house. He is too smart
to let colleagues send him stuff that could cause trouble. Okay,
that's from Naiad nih from David Moraan.

Speaker 3 (08:57):
You think it's incredible, it's you know, look, I wrote
a stack about this. Like if you don't want to
read the House Committee report, which is thirty five pages
of just you know, one document after the next, read
read the stack. It you don't take you five minutes.
It's free. You can look at it. But and by
the way. There's something else when you go look at
the underlying documents. There's one hundred and fifty five pages

of emails that and a couple of like transcripts of
zoom calls that the House also released. The way they
that mourns and more is a huge fousheet. Partisan The
way he talks about Fauch is incredible. Fauch comes off
sort of like like a jeg or Hoover figure, like
he's incredibly powerful, he's touchy, you have to sort of

maneuver him. You can't tell him what to do. The
only people he will even pretend to listen to have
to have a Nobel prize at the you know, or
you know, or be like the head of a university.
He comes off, as you know, basically an egomaniac and
uh and you know, somebody who has to be handled
with kid gloves. And it is incredible to see this
discussion of him. And then there's another document and where

these where Morin starts talking about other scientists and basically
he categorizes them not by their intelligence or by you know,
the work that they've done, but solely by whether or
not they are pro or anti Fauci and pro or
anti being willing to look at the possibility of a
lamp weeks. It's sort of the worst kind of partisanship,

only this guy's supposed to be a scientist. It's really
amazing to see.

Speaker 4 (10:29):
Do you think, based on everything that you have seen?
Rand Paul has been beating this drum senator from Kentucky
for a long time that he feels very confident that
Fauci lied in front of Congress that there would be
perjury charges that would be justified. Do you think, again,
asking the same kind of question that I did about
the New York Times in the Washington Post, do you

think if we had a completely honest Department of Justice,
which sadly we do not, do you think Anthony Fauci
should base charges criminals for his testimony based on what
you have seen.

Speaker 3 (11:03):
I don't want to. I don't want to definitively say
yes to that, yet I think the investigation is going
that way. I think that Peter Dazac, who was sort
of this you know, this independent fan, this independent group
that was a conduit for money between the US and China.
I mean, it certainly looks like Dazac should face contempt
of Congress charges and other criminal churches more insane thing.

Whether you get to Fauci at this point, you know,
I think it's close, but I think I think you'd
want one of those guys to slip before you would
do that. It's all kind of irrelevant anyway, because the
Justice Department, as you say, look Andy Slavitt, who in
particular is a figure in particular interest to me. Flabbott
was in the White House, and he's the guy who

tried to get Twitter and ultimately you know, succeeded in
getting Twitter in banning me in twenty twenty one. He
has refused to testify before Congress, and the Justice Department
has said they will not prosecute him for contempt of Congress.
So so so the you know, the the Biden White House,
you know, they complained constantly about Trump politicizing the DJ.

They are you know, just as bad, if not worse.
They you know, so I don't think we're going to
see that at the moment with Fauci, unless unless you know,
Laurens actually flips or something like that.

Speaker 4 (12:18):
Okay, last question for you, and I mean again, I
think that if we had an honest media and an
honest Department of Justice. This would be such an unbelievable story.
What's the latest on the COVID shots themselves? Are people
just going to pretend that this whole era never happened.
It seems basically no one's getting boosters anymore. Stock prices
for Pfizer and Maderna to a large extent have tanked.

Where are we now on the actual shots?

Speaker 3 (12:44):
I mean, that's about right if you and it's not
just in the US, by the way, if you look
sort of worldwide. I mean, you know, our country like Singapore,
which had near total compliance with the first two shots
and the booster they you know, they're complaining the COVID
is coming back and saying that more than eighty percent
of people you know didn't get a booster in the

last year. I mean, and that's Singapore, you know, Australia,
same thing, the US, same thing people, you know. So
the sort of the back guard argument that the pro
vaccine people think, oh, well, we all have immunity now,
so you know, that's why COVID isn't as bad. We'd
like you to get shots, but don't get them. The
truth is the shots basically failed. Almacrom is more mild.

Everyone got it. And now people I think people are
just done with COVID. You know, we've talked about this before, right,
people are done with COVID, They're done with the shots.
You know, MR and As have sort of left a bed.
You know, a lot of people get sick, a lot
of people had bad responses to the m R and as,
and I think a lot of sort of at least
healthy people under fifty or sixty are left wondering whether

they would have been better off just getting COVID and
being done with it. So so yeah, we're done. We're done.
We're done with COVID, and you can see I think
also that that you know, there's been a couple of
efforts to scare people about first about monkey pocks two
years ago, a little bit about av and flu H
five N one in the last couple of months, and
I think, you know, whether they admit it or not,

people are pretty pretty cynical right now about what the
public health establishment is telling them. And how can they
not be when you see the behavior well.

Speaker 2 (14:21):
I mean, Alex, if you say, for example, still on
social media that the COVID vaccines you know, didn't work
as advertised or you still get dinged. I mean they
still cling to this or even if you say masks
don't work, they'll still sometimes give you like a fact
check or whatever. So they haven't actually backed off this stuff.

Speaker 3 (14:41):
Well but yeah, but when you say they, I agree
with you that the public health establishment hasn't backed off.
But in terms of you know, in terms of your
question who's taking this, who's listening, I think a lot
of people are in a you know, fool me in
twenty twenty shame on you pull me in twenty twenty four.
You know it's not happening.

Speaker 1 (15:02):

Speaker 4 (15:03):
We appreciate everything that you have done. Keep us updated
on how this goes. I would love personally to see
you sitting in the courtroom covering a doctor Anthony Fauci trial.

Speaker 3 (15:13):
It would be fantastic. I am going to talk to
Rand Paul in the next couple weeks, so that could
be an interesting conversation and I hope to put it
on the stack. But you know, he's done great work
and we just have to keep pushing on these questions.

Speaker 1 (15:27):
No doubt, and we will here as well. Thank you
for the time.

Speaker 3 (15:30):
Thanks a lot.

Speaker 4 (15:32):
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Speaker 5 (16:35):
Twenty four clay and bucks. Weekly campaign cliff Notes episodes
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Speaker 4 (16:46):
Welcome back in Clay Travis buck Sexton Show. Appreciate all
of you hanging out with us as we are rolling
through the government of the State of New York making
their case right now for why Donald Trump has committed
thirty four felonies relating to the business records case that
is taking place right now. Possibility of the jury getting

this case as early as tomorrow to begin their deliberations.
Question then out there, how long would the deliberations go on?
How long would the judge demand the deliberations go on
in the event that there is actual discord or uncertainty
or disagreement as to whether or not there should be

a conviction. And just another this a breaking news alert.
This is already out there, but from breaking nine one
one on X the Secret Service has met with New
York City jail officials regarding the possibility of President Trump
being convicted in a hush money trial. And they're citing
CBS News here, but this is getting out there and
they're not just talking them about the conviction. They're talking

about what happens if he's convicted and there's a sentence
of incarceration.

Speaker 1 (17:54):
Obviously, we'll talk about it.

Speaker 2 (17:56):
You know, there aren't that many people out there who
can see what's coming and help you prepare in a
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Last Election Plot dot com. That's Last Election Plot dot com,
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Speaker 6 (18:52):
Libertarians Libertarians at their three percent Donald Trump showed up
at the Libertarian uh you know convention this weekend where
they chose a guy who is firmly in favor of drag,

Queen Story Hour, and sort of a lot of the
transgender stuff in front of kids. So yes, uh, this
was they They liber Libertarians nominated Chase Oliver for president.
I thought this was really funny, though, clad I you
saw this. Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Rechtenwald confirmed over the weekend.

Forget who the reporter was it said this confirmed over
the weekend that he ate an edible before the press conference, saying, quote,
this was not some sort of major political scandal. Okay,
I wasn't found in bed with Stormy Daniels. I'm at
a Libertarian Party convention. Somebody, somebody offered me something, and.

Speaker 2 (19:58):
I would say, one of these guys, one of these
guys just like tripping on shrooves or something.

Speaker 1 (20:03):
I mean, you know, why not look a libertarian.

Speaker 2 (20:06):
It's you gotta go through a libertarian face, probably in college. Okay,
it's a good time to go through it. We were like,
why can't we all just like do whatever we want, man,
and like the government like not exists.

Speaker 3 (20:16):

Speaker 2 (20:17):
It sounds great, sounds great, but unfortunately the world's a
little more complicated than that. And I know that's a
little a little reductive and a little dismissive. But you know,
when libertarians lost me, I don't remember. I don't remember
libertarians going to the to the mat over COVID stuff
at all at all. They a lot of them were
really like, oh, the science. They were like, all right,

I'm a smart person who likes the science too, so
they all any libertarian who wasn't this is tyranny. This
COVID stuff is insane. I don't want to hear anything
because because they failed the ultimate stress test. But just
put that aside for a second. Trump, Uh, Trump was there,
and I just want you to hear this exchange, Clay,
this is great. They started to boo. Trump went to

Libertarian Party convention, which I'm sure is a great place
to find some really kind bud if you catch my drift,
probably some really excellent marijuana cigarettes. But here is Donald
Trump talking libertarian folks in attendance, and they got.

Speaker 1 (21:20):
A little salty, little saucy with them. Play nine.

Speaker 7 (21:22):
First time in US history that a presidential candidate of
a rival party will address the convention of a party
that is presumably gathering to nominate its own candidate. Now
I think you should nominate me or at least vote.

Speaker 1 (21:37):
For me, and we should win together.

Speaker 7 (21:45):
You heard those words nominate me or vote vote for me,
because the libertarians want to vote for me, and.

Speaker 1 (21:52):
Most of them will.

Speaker 7 (21:55):
That is why I'm committing to you tonight that I
will put a libertarian in my cabinet and also libertarians
and senior posts.

Speaker 1 (22:08):
Pretty good, that's pretty big.

Speaker 7 (22:12):
Oh, you can't keep going the way.

Speaker 1 (22:13):
You have for the last long.

Speaker 7 (22:15):
Decades and get you three percent and meet again and
get another three percent. Now you want to make yourself winners.
It's time to be winners. You have a lot of
common sense. It's time to be winner. Time to be winners.
Stop being losers. Join Trump. I'll make some libertarian senior
people my administration.

Speaker 2 (22:34):
This is what other politician, which other politician in the
country could go into a room like that, get get
booed resoundingly and then turn about half of it to
applause and make the people booing look like the imbeciles.
The guy who is their nominee was, my understanding, a
big masking guy. So the idea, to your point, Buck,

of so many libertarians being absent at the most important
moment of governmental overreach in any of our lives. That
they just abandoned the field and said, you know what, Yeah,
you're right. You shouldn't be able to go to church,
you shouldn't be able to go to school, stand six
feet away from someone put on a mask. They demanded governance,

and their entire philosophy is supposed to be, hey, let individuals.

Speaker 4 (23:28):
Make their own decisions. They didn't stand by their principles
at the time of COVID, when we most desperately needed
people to be willing to stand on principles, they were,
to a large extent absent. Libertarians were completely completely mia
during the COVID battle.

Speaker 2 (23:45):
That's just that's my impression of it. But I found
a lot of found you. I found you, mister sportsman
over here. I didn't know what the sec was. I
found you because you were like masking as stupid, open
up the you know, the sporting events should happen again.
And I found a lot of other people, you know,
and Carol Markowitz and Jordan Shacktell and and you know,
I go down the list. Jesse Kelly and I were

sitting around talking all the time about how crazy all
the mask stuff was, and Libertarians were Mia Man m
i A.

Speaker 1 (24:14):
They were. They totally.

Speaker 2 (24:16):
It was their moment to finally be worth something beyond
legalizing marijuana, which also, by the way, terrible. It's actually
terrible for the country. It's terrible for society. Put that aside,
you know, legalizing weed really important. Being able to breathe,
not with a mask on, not apparently that important. But
I think that Trump will get some of the libertarian
vote because look, I mean Rand Paul I think philosophically

is a libertarian, but he governs as a Republican, meaning
he realizes the world that we're in and has to
operate within the framework that we have. Because he's an adult.

Speaker 4 (24:47):
Some of them can get mad at me over this buck.
As you well know, if you are in a battleground
state and you vote libertarian, you are voting for Joe Biden.
I'm are you just if you're listening to us right
now and you're in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, maybe Georgia, Arizona, Nevada,

maybe even New Mexico, you don't have the luxury, in
my opinion, to go out. I think you're wasting your
vote in those states. Now, people say, oh, you voted
third party before, and I have, But I live in Tennessee.
People make mistakes. I live in Tennessee. The Republicans are
gonna win Tennessee by twenty points. If you live in

a state, if you live in California, or you live
in New York or whatever it is, maybe New York
gonna be a battleground state. Got to change my tune there.
Live in California, you live in Alabama, and you decide, hey,
you know what, I really care about this libertarian issue.
Do whatever you want, because we know how the outcome
of those states is going to be when it comes

to the presidential election. But I'm sorry if you're listening
to us in Wisconsin and you show up and you
vote libertarian and you would otherwise vote Trump. Now, if
you're a big Biden person and you want to show
displeasure with Biden, I hope you dive right into the
Libertarian party because that's a vote taken away from Joe Biden.
But if you're trying to make a decision, you're sitting

around right now and you're like, boy, I don't know
Trump or the libertarian candidate than Trump er RFK Junior
I think that you are putting the worst president potentially
of any of our lives into the White House again,
And to me, that makes you a loser. And I'm

sorry if that offends people, because I'm well, in this case,
you're helping to ensure that the worst president in any
of our lives stays in office. To me, that makes
you a loser. So that's the way that I would
analyze this as it pertains to the Libertarian, to any
other third party out there. And every time I say this,
people are widing in my mentions like, well, Trump isn't

perfect on I get it. This is the real world.
Every single candidate out there is not going to be
your night in shining armor and be perfect on everything.
Biden's awful on virtually every single issue. And oh, by
the way, his brain doesn't work, and we're in danger

of spiraling into World War three. This is not the
time for you to be sitting around going third party,
in my always humble opinion.

Speaker 2 (27:25):
Now, there have been times where we thought a brain
didn't work and maybe it was having some trouble, but
then it made something of a comeback. John Fetterman, Yeah,
John Fetterman, we.

Speaker 4 (27:38):
Caught as a transition that was by you, John really
well done. Helped procure the release of the American husband
slash dad who got got arrested in Turks and Caicos
for the couple of rounds of loose ammunition in his bag.
Coming back. He was lyrically five of these guys, Buck,

I didn't realize how many there were five different guys
caught up in the same charges. And Fetterman, my favorite
Democrat senator you talk about an upset, decided this is
wrong and put himself in the mix and got this resolved.

Speaker 2 (28:14):
Tell everybody Range for a bag for the Range bags
for everything else. Do a do not have a one
bag that you use, you know, one day for the
office and one day for the Range. It's not worth it.
You can get a bag on Amazon, you know, you
can get a Range bag for now thirty or forty bucks.

Speaker 1 (28:28):
Do not mix.

Speaker 2 (28:29):
In my opinion, And I've seen this, and I've been
through this before, and this was told me by, like
I said, an SF guy with decades of experience and
had been all over the world traveling through airports because
you know, in the specofs guys they'll sometimes just sort
of fly, you know, not necessarily military aircraft and anyway.
But Fetterman back to the point here, Fetterman helped get

him back. It's good work, good work by Fetterman. I mean,
unless I'm missing something. No, he got involved and used
some political pressure and brought back in them, brought back
one of ours, brought back an American. And he's really
good on the Israel stuff.

Speaker 1 (29:04):
I know.

Speaker 2 (29:05):
I'm sure he's a communist on a million other things.
And we'll say that when he says the bad things.
But Fetnerman may be the best Democrat senator in the
Senator right now. That may be the best Democrat of
all the senators, because I can't think of anything other
Democrat senators are doing worth a damn, So just throwing
that out there.

Speaker 4 (29:23):
No, there's a big piece on him in the New
York Times where he basically takes aim at the progressive
element of the Democrat Party and says that he doesn't
believe that they're right on a lot of things. I mean,
he's even said a lot of things that are right
on the border, I think. And he went to he
went into rehab. I guess it was technically treatment for

mental health related issues. At Walter Reed and he came
out and I don't know if he felt liberated in
some way, but he came out as the sanest Democrat senator.
And he's been right on a lot of things. And
this is an example this thing.

Speaker 1 (30:03):
I just I think I underestimated the guy.

Speaker 2 (30:06):
I'm not saying he's amazing on everything or anything like that,
but I think, go under it.

Speaker 1 (30:10):
I'll just admit it. I underestimated the guy.

Speaker 2 (30:12):
He's actually shown shown some ability to make the right
call on a few things, on a few things that matter.

Speaker 1 (30:19):
So there you go. I think I got that one
a little off, a little wrong.

Speaker 4 (30:24):
I did too, And this is an example of how
a senator can use his force to actually tangibly get
something good. We talked about the fact that Turks and Kkos,
there are five different individual men from the United States
who were being held in face twelve years in prison
over this issue, variety of different states. Fetterman went to

Turks and Caicos and basically said, this is ridiculous. Let's
get this solved.

Speaker 1 (30:50):
This is also why you know men's rea.

Speaker 2 (30:52):
And he just goes back to English common law, goes
back to the Constitution, and just a fundamentally just society.
You know, a total accident is a total accident. Yeah,
I know. There are some strict liability crimes and things
like that, the very few of them, and that's a
good thing. But you know, if you didn't mean to

do anything wrong and something happened, that should always at
least be taken into account. And in most cases, I
think it's hard to argue that somebody is a unless
they're you know, there's recklessness. There are things, but if somebody,
you know, forgetting to take your illegally owned bullets out
of your bag when you're at the range and you're
traveling somewhere else, there is no harm done to anyone,

there is no risk to anyone, and there's no intent
to break any laws, and that should all be taken
into account.

Speaker 4 (31:40):
Also, somehow they didn't get caught going to the island, right,
which is another part of this. They only got caught
returning after they had already arrived at the island, So
they went through TSA or whatever else and didn't get flagged.

Speaker 2 (31:54):
As messed up as our system is in this country,
you would, as an American, you would rather be in
our justice system, and nobody else does.

Speaker 1 (32:01):
I'll tell you that it's not and it's not even close.

Speaker 4 (32:04):
So all five of these guys got failed, arguably by
our TSA, because if they had gotten caught, the punishment
would have been far less significant. They would have never
gotten there with that ammunition. They somehow got through our
security before they were able to return. If you're a city, state,
federal employee, there's an online shopping destination deep discounts just

for you called gov x. Already got eight million members
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you hold full time jobs as a government service personnel member,
you're all eligible gov x dot com. It's got great
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sign up today at gov x dot com. Once you're remember,
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And they also give back to organizations that you will

be proud to be a part of. Visit gove x
dot com. Join a community more than eight and a
half million people. See if you qualify gov x dot com.
Use my name Clay, that's Clay. You get fifteen dollars
off extra on your first purchase. That's govx dot com.
My name Clay. Sign up Today.

Speaker 5 (33:34):
Twenty four a weekly podcast from Clay and Buck covering
all things election. Episodes drop Sundays at noon Eastern. Find
it on the free iHeartRadio app or wherever you get
your podcasts.

Speaker 4 (33:47):
Welcome back in Clay Travis Buck Sexton Show. Appreciate all
of you hanging out with us. A lot of you
traveling over the holiday weekend, probably still a lot of
you on the road now, and mayor Pete went on
over the weekend. Usually it's pretty safe for all the
Biden administration to go on. They have put billions of

dollars into trying to get you to get an electric vehicle.

Speaker 1 (34:15):
That's despite the fact that.

Speaker 4 (34:16):
It's still hard to charge, the amount of time it takes,
long trips, everything else not ideal. Is it going to
surprise you that the government has spent seven and a
half billion dollars to evidently only finish seven or eight
electric vehicle charging stations. Listen to Cut twelve.

Speaker 8 (34:36):
The Federal Highway Administration says only seven or eight charging
stations have been produced with a seven and a half
billion investment that taxpayers made back in twenty twenty one.

Speaker 1 (34:45):
Why isn't that happening more quickly?

Speaker 8 (34:47):
So the president's goal is to have half a million
chargers up by the end of this decade. Now, in
order to do a charger, it's more than just plunking
a small device into the ground. There's utility work. And
this is also really a new category federal investment. But
we've been working with each of the fifty states. Every
one of them is getting formula dollars to do this work,
engaging them in the first handful. Again, by twenty thirty,

five hundred thousand chargers, and the very first handful of
chargers are now already being physically built.

Speaker 1 (35:17):
I haven't set so much.

Speaker 2 (35:18):
First of all, he's so smug and such a honestly,
such a clown and so inapt and just sort of
shows you what the box checking, resume obsessed managerial class
presents these days, like somebody who just is constantly sort
of smarming and like I worked at you know McKinsey
or Bane or whatever, and so no one cares the

guy has done a terrible job obviously as Transportation secretary,
because we know who he is and we know he's
done a terrible job. Transportation secretary shouldn't be somebody who
you have particularly strong feelings about any respect. Also, though,
where it's going to be in twenty you're not going
to be the press. You know, you're not going to
be part of the administration. A new administration can holy

change focus and change funding. This thing of Oh, by
twenty to fifty, we're gonna be like zero missions. It's
just childish, it's just absurd. It's nonsense.

Speaker 4 (36:10):
Five hundred thousand charging stations by twenty thirty, as you mentioned,
they're not still in power. But to have spent seven
and a half billion dollars and only have seven or
eight of them, it feels like that should be a
bigger scandal than it is. I give it credit for
asking the question, but this is why the electric vehicle,
If you want to buy one, more power to you.

But this is why so many people in America are
not willing to make that choice. Particularly people have to
drive long distances on a regular basis.

Speaker 2 (36:37):
You have to remember the point for Democrats of spending
the public's money in this way. It's not to actually
do things for the public. It's to buy vote and
pay off their people.

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