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June 5, 2023 60 mins

Welcome back to our show! It's a new season, and we're elated to welcome Nelson Franklin (Robby) to the show. Nelson tells us all about wearing the green spandex suit, the dangers of inquiring about Max Greenfield's workout regiment, and what it was like to "sing" with Zooey. We recap the troubled time of the loft mates as Jess deals with being fired, and Schmidt tries to woo Cece back with a danger-themed party.

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Ring ring ring ring man, I please speak with Zoe.

Speaker 2 (00:07):
Oh hello, Lamarn let's patch in Hannah.

Speaker 3 (00:10):
God, I forgot what it was like working with you, guys.

Speaker 1 (00:28):
Let's see here. Sorry you guys. I was looking at
Schmid's penis cast in the background. No, I just have
photos of his penis cast as a motivational background. I'm
looking at.

Speaker 2 (00:43):
Should we have a moment of silence or yeah, okay,
not yet? Should say grace, Lord Almighty all our father,
we thank you for or mother the image or mother,
we thank you for the image of Schmidt and his

penis cast for inspiration for this episode. Yeah, okay. We
would like to welcome our very distinguished guest, Nelson Franklin.
Thanks for being here.

Speaker 4 (01:17):
Yayyah, what a pleasure, what an honor.

Speaker 5 (01:20):
Thank you for having me.

Speaker 6 (01:21):
We have a fantastic show today. We are recapping episode
one two. We have a fantastic show today. We are
recapping episode two oh one.

Speaker 3 (01:33):

Speaker 2 (01:35):
I probably should have interrupted you. We're recapping episode two
of one real by relaunching our lives. We're relaunching our show,
the show every show.

Speaker 6 (01:54):
Yeah, and we have someone you may know him as Robbie,
but we know him as missed.

Speaker 2 (01:59):
Nelson, right, Robbie. Also, you know spoiler alert, my justice
third cousin. That was a nice twist, which makes a
lot of sense. What's up, Nelson, How you doing.

Speaker 5 (02:16):
I'm good, I'm good. I'm very well. I'm so happy
to see you guys.

Speaker 1 (02:18):
It's been likewise, yeah, yeah, it's been a very very
long time, my friend. Before we get into the recap
of exactly what this episode is, tell us how did
you how this come about? What were you doing in
that moment when you got this call of the greatest
the greatest job your life.

Speaker 5 (02:35):
I know you're joking, but it is one of the
greatest jobs, definitely of my life. It was so fun,
you know.

Speaker 4 (02:40):
I was just doing the audition thing, and I was
dating my wife Georgia back then, and we had planned
a trip to New York. We were going to take
our first trip together out of town, and we had
friends in New York, and and then I blew the
trip off to do New Girl instead.

Speaker 2 (02:58):
I got that she forgave you.

Speaker 4 (03:01):
She went without me and had a great time, and
then that gig turned into a seven year job.

Speaker 6 (03:07):
So I don't regret it for one Wow, did they
just say it was just two episodes.

Speaker 5 (03:11):
Yeah, it was just two Yeah.

Speaker 4 (03:12):
I was just there to you know, make schmid angry
for two episodes.

Speaker 2 (03:17):
There you go. Yeah, it was a good yeah. And
you were doing a lot of other like shows that
I feel like at the same time, right, making Blackish
and a couple of other shows too.

Speaker 5 (03:27):
I don't think I was on Blackish yet, but I think.

Speaker 2 (03:30):
You got a because of us.

Speaker 5 (03:33):
Right, that's it. That's exactly.

Speaker 2 (03:36):
We saw you on New Girl and we think you've
got a future.

Speaker 5 (03:42):
We saw you dancing awkward.

Speaker 3 (03:44):
It was the Green Spandex.

Speaker 5 (03:46):
That was the second one. Yeah, yeah, that.

Speaker 6 (03:48):
Was the Halloween episode. Later they put you in that
Green Spandex. One of the funniest things where you see
Max Greenfield break multiple times on the camera, just trying
to it together while while you sit there and take
his insults and he just can't handle it.

Speaker 2 (04:05):
Is that the first time you saw yourself in green
span x.

Speaker 4 (04:08):
That's but not the last, because then again I did
it again on New Girl.

Speaker 5 (04:12):
Oh no, I was in a red jumpsuit, not a
green one.

Speaker 2 (04:15):
Well, everyone loved it so much. They were like, let's
pretty this back.

Speaker 5 (04:18):
What have you?

Speaker 3 (04:20):
They were very happy.

Speaker 4 (04:21):
I'm very tall, so my crotch was at eye level
for Max all the time when he was sitting.

Speaker 1 (04:29):
Folks, if you're if you're just tuning in, uh, this
is season two of Welcome to Our Show, and we're
gonna switch things up a little bit. We're gonna do
things a little bit differently. We're going to not only
have a little sit down chat with our dear friend
Nelson Franklin, but he's also going to help us recap
this episode. You know, sometimes we'll just recap it episode,
sometimes we'll have an interview. But this time we're going

to combine the best of the both worlds. So I know, Nelson,
we're doing it because you're here.

Speaker 2 (04:56):
And we know how good you are recapping exactly.

Speaker 1 (04:59):
We've seen all other recaps, so let me tell you something.
A plus man a place.

Speaker 2 (05:04):
Remember when you did that recap thing.

Speaker 3 (05:06):
We liked it.

Speaker 5 (05:08):
Private recaps. This will be my first public recap.

Speaker 2 (05:12):
Yeah, you get paid big bucks to privately recap.

Speaker 5 (05:16):
I'm a personal recapper.

Speaker 1 (05:18):
Recap up, recap up. We don't do the e R
on the show. The uh So the flatmates, they're struggling
with major life changes. Jess gets fired from her job
as a teacher, the only profession she's ever considered. But Jess,
you know, it's Jess, and she always tries to see
that the glass half full. After all, if you don't
go to work, you don't have to put your boobs

in boob jail.

Speaker 5 (05:41):
Boob jail were my favorites from this.

Speaker 1 (05:43):
It's a thing that we always say around my household. Yeah,
now that's.

Speaker 2 (05:47):
A boot jail. I'm just going to say it is.

Speaker 3 (05:50):
It really is.

Speaker 2 (05:51):
It's a great description jail because it's like you're not free, you.

Speaker 1 (05:56):
Know, not frue. Speaking of things that are not free,
Schmidt's penis definitely not free in this episode. Yeah yeah,
but it's functioning now mostly and he and he wants
to celebrate with with a danger themed party. He ropes
in Nick as a bartender, and Winston is determined to
get Nick to craft the fruity explosions that make him

get weird. Uh, that's just a Winston thing. La Morne
does not do that.

Speaker 2 (06:24):
Lamourn doesn't like fruity drinks at all.

Speaker 1 (06:26):
You got, I don't. I don't don't put up even
a smoothie.

Speaker 2 (06:29):
Only yeah, it won't even drink a smoothie. We've seen
him drink a smoothie for sure not.

Speaker 5 (06:36):

Speaker 1 (06:36):
Jess also convinces Schmidt to hire her as a shotgirl,
but the term is lost in translation and just shows
up as a cigarette girl from the thirties. Uh in
her O two's bathing suit. It struggles to keep up
with the more experienced half brain girl Shotgirl Casey played
by Parker Posey literal half brained, half brain. Just she
says that that she has brain damage.

Speaker 2 (06:59):
Uh, not Parker, but the character.

Speaker 1 (07:02):
The character.

Speaker 2 (07:03):
The character is a genius.

Speaker 1 (07:06):
Literally a genius graduated on my t now uh.

Speaker 5 (07:10):

Speaker 1 (07:10):
Nick tries to keep Jessic's spirits up by being mean
to her, which is very strange or kink, I don't
know what that is. Winston brings a box of fruit
so Nick can get to work, and the overall party
is a huge success until c C arrives, which I
also thought was strange and uh, and then we could
see Schmid's real reason for throwing the party. Now she
hasn't spoken to him in months. As Schmidt goes to

make his move, c C introduces her new boyfriend, Robbie
Robby Robby Robbie. He is not what Schmidt has expected.
He's not rich, super fit. Sorry that's what they said
in here. I didn't say that. Or Prince Charming. Sorry
that's what they said in here. I didn't say that.

Speaker 2 (07:49):
But you yes, playing a part. It's acting.

Speaker 1 (07:56):
Uh now, all those things it makes Schmid's It's makes
Schmid a little crazy, you know. So he decides to
spend fire as a way to win her back. That
was dumb. Instead, he almost kills Robbie and uh cecy
let Schmidt down easy by saying we're too similar to
ever work out. Schmid's crushed, but he's not giving up.
Jes eventually must feel her feelings. It sucks to be fired,
but as Nick reminds her, life will get better again

and then it'll be shitty. That's life, and that's what
happened in episode two to one relaunch.

Speaker 2 (08:25):
Hey, do you remember the song? I remembered so well
that sexy girl all around the road. Do you remember
the song? There's like a song I had to do
a dance too, so I heard it like a million times.
I don't think i've heard it like before or since.

Speaker 4 (08:44):
But the show, I remember, you're up on the table
with Parker dancing on the table.

Speaker 2 (08:49):
Yeah, I never thought in my life that I would
get to do dance on a bar with Parker Posey.
But I didn't dream enough.

Speaker 1 (08:58):
We've always said that about you, Zoe. You don't big enough.

Speaker 2 (09:01):
I don't. I probably don't. Should I should have been
thinking and that should have been on my vision board,
but it wasn't.

Speaker 1 (09:10):
So let's dive right in. Uh this episode directed by
Steve Pink, written by K Cannon. Uh in the In
the beginning of this episode, Uh, something strange happens to
just she gets she gets fired.

Speaker 3 (09:24):
Yeah, yeah, she gets sheeted.

Speaker 5 (09:26):
She gets fired, Yeah, but not for me, not for me.
Thing she did it was just layoffs, right.

Speaker 6 (09:31):
Yeah, and the worst presentation of how to get fired.
She's bad news and then there's bad news and then
a sombrero.

Speaker 2 (09:40):
And then a tiny and then a tiny hat.

Speaker 1 (09:43):
Yeah yeah, all right?

Speaker 5 (09:45):
From the Lost and Found Box, Well, would.

Speaker 2 (09:47):
You guys pick from the Lost and Found box weed?

Speaker 1 (09:50):
I know there's always weed in there, Not for me though,
from from my from my friends, your grandma, she does
have not anymore. You know she's she did, but you
know what I mean? Yeah, thanks, Nelson, Well.

Speaker 5 (10:06):
You can smoke one in her honor. I guess.

Speaker 1 (10:09):
Now she left over a bunch of joints.

Speaker 2 (10:11):
It's like a pristine thing with the smell, right, Yes,
so you remember her.

Speaker 1 (10:19):
My question is this if you when this happened in
the episode, were you was this? Was this the Was
this a plan going forward? Did they have a conversation
with you saying, oh, we're no longer going to make
you a teacher, We're going to switch up your profession,
or is this just a way to get to something?
What was it? Did they pitch anything else?

Speaker 5 (10:38):

Speaker 2 (10:38):
They were trying to figure out how to just change
things up a little bit, you know, have a shake up,
shake up the whatever, fish tank. I don't know. And
so they they said they were going to have me
lose my job and then I was going to be
jobless for a while and I would then find another

weird job, I guess. And I'm gonna have to remember
via watching the show which job that next one is?

Speaker 6 (11:10):

Speaker 1 (11:11):
Like, were you about to be Winston and have a
million different career paths?

Speaker 2 (11:14):
Yeah? I mean I think they liked I think this
show is like always about drifters, you know, not drifters,
but like kind of people who are drifting in and
out of relationships, and jobs and you know kind of
figuring it out, like they don't have it figured out.
That's part of the problem that makes the show, you know,
work right, you know, I guess that the dramas created

around and so gotta get ess fired. She has a
good job and she's content, Like you can't get her
in those situations where she's weird and awkward and she
loves being a teacher, Like that's I mean, I always
thought that was like one really like key parts of
that character was that she just loves being a teacher.

She loves the kids. It's and you know, taking that
away from her really kind of throws her into a tailspin.

Speaker 1 (12:05):
Yeah, it's interesting because I do you end up being
a teacher? And it's interesting because in this one, it
your love for being a teacher is almost like a
relationship in you know, and obviously people are coupled off
on the show when people come and go in relationships,
but your job on this one is like being in

a relationship because we feel it so much that you
lose it and then it's kind of like we hope
that it actually comes back, you know, in a weird Yeah, Yeah,
my character loses jobs and It's like, well, fuck that job.
I didn't want that job, and what a real passion
was you know? This one is definitely a character.

Speaker 2 (12:45):
Yeah, yeah, I think I think Whinston's looking for the
thing and Jess knows it, but she just can't quite
find the job, you know.

Speaker 6 (12:54):
Yeah, her journey. We're on the journey you speaking of
a journey. I honestly he was so shocked because I
remember the multiple calls that would happen.

Speaker 3 (13:03):
I'm in video village with.

Speaker 6 (13:07):
What's the name of the department that says they're in
decides how many times you can say the word penis and.

Speaker 2 (13:11):
Butt standards and practices, Yeah.

Speaker 6 (13:15):
Those guys, Because I was like, ah, it was a
real like fast dive into vigorous nipple play. I literally
was like, this is network television. How did that get
green lighted? Or green light And then I remember Finkel
once being like, oh, we've said butt too many times.

Speaker 3 (13:31):
We got to cut some butts out of here.

Speaker 2 (13:33):
I was like that it's a number of times things.
It's actually really funny. They're like, you can say that once,
but not more than once, and then they had to
It was like I remember there was one where they
were like you can hold a sausage, but you can't
say dong while holding the sausage.

Speaker 4 (13:50):
Man, and that the dude would come by at least
on other shows I was on the standard practice, I
would come by physically be there to check it out. Yeah,
it was always like a weird like we.

Speaker 2 (14:00):
Had we had a gal. She was not weird, she
was really cool, but she was like, guys, you know,
we can't can't say dong more than once.

Speaker 1 (14:12):
The three departments that are that are strange that I
find on set because one has been added recently with
the with the the State.

Speaker 2 (14:19):
Of our World Intimacy Coordinator.

Speaker 1 (14:22):
Well one one one is intimacy coordinator, one of the
standards and practices, and one the COVID compliance people with
the stick or you're talking to coastal like couple of
a stick and like move you and like make sure
you're six feet apart. Sometimes you're like, oh man, this
is my good friend. Like we don't give a down.
You gotta stand far apart. And then the intimacy coach
when you're like you're doing a scene even if it's

not even if it's not like it's like network, it's
like network intimacy you're not doing anything, and they're like
right there, like, hey, listen, if you don't mind, just
when you waste, waste a little bit, put a pillow
right there. And it's so creepy to me, And it
takes away from any level of act thing that you
planned on doing. You know, have you had that experience
any of you?

Speaker 2 (15:04):
I haven't had anc coordinator on any sets. Event I
guess they were maybe they were more like worried about
you or something. Just dude, yoh yeah, it was just
for you.

Speaker 3 (15:20):
There's no department.

Speaker 5 (15:22):
Yeah, yeah, it was.

Speaker 2 (15:24):
Actually a pigment of your imagination.

Speaker 3 (15:27):
Wait, Nelson, did you have to deal with one?

Speaker 5 (15:29):
There was an intimacy coordinator, but she died twenty years ago. Yeah,
I did.

Speaker 4 (15:34):
I did this show on Stars called gas Lit last
summer and I did a scene with with Dan Stevens
where we went to an orgy and they were like,
I'm not even kidding, like a hundred fully nude men
and women there, and so they had to have like
six intimacy coordinators, like all around the room.

Speaker 5 (15:53):
They all had like.

Speaker 2 (15:53):
Like background intimacy coordinator were also naked.

Speaker 3 (15:56):
We're all naked. Yeah, if you're.

Speaker 4 (15:59):
Naked and they would so instead of calling you know,
rolling action or whatever, it would be like rolling and
it would be like robes and then six people would
get all the robes from all that and then they
would be like and it was a crazy thing, but
it worked great.

Speaker 2 (16:15):
Not no, I do. I don't think it is good.
I do think it's good to have somebody making sure
because there's a lot of weird you know, gray area,
I think, and to make have somebody there making it clear.
I think it's a good thing.

Speaker 6 (16:28):
I think it's helpful because I've definitely had moments where
somebody didn't know where the line was the line and
you're like, what are you?

Speaker 3 (16:35):
What are you doing? No one obviously sat and explained
this to you.

Speaker 1 (16:38):
What are you talking about? I'm opening a condom? What
do you mean, sir?

Speaker 3 (16:43):
Oh my gosh.

Speaker 6 (16:44):
I think like, well, I think a lot of female
you know, doctors hasn't experience that before, like what is happening?

Speaker 1 (16:52):
So what I found to be interesting about this episode is, well,
Schmidt Will Schmidt obviously he's getting his cast, you know, removed,
and he wants to throw a party in celebration of that,
a danger themed party, and he you know, the gang
is all there like we normally are. However, on this one,
I was actually shocked at how inconsiderate Cecy's character was.

Speaker 6 (17:18):
You know what, I kind of agree with you. What
a wild thing to show up You didn't say you
were coming. You show up to your ex boyfriend's spot
with your new boyfriend that you don't say you're bringing.

Speaker 3 (17:31):
It was shady. Yeah, it was weird.

Speaker 1 (17:34):
And he got his cast off ready to go.

Speaker 3 (17:37):
You know, it's a strange move.

Speaker 1 (17:40):
Did you feel that was strange in that moment? Did
you were? You were? We just like, oh, this is
the script, let's do it. I didn't You didn't know
that it was like a character trait of yours to
be an asshole.

Speaker 6 (17:49):
I don't think I've put a lot of deep thought
in it, though, I do think it's something that's quite understandable.
This guy that you really like who dumps you and
then invites you to his party to be like, hey,
guess what my penis.

Speaker 2 (18:01):
Yeah, i'd say you're pretty justified, and.

Speaker 3 (18:03):
Yeah, to be like, fine, guessing I'm not interested.

Speaker 6 (18:08):
You don't me And she says that. Ceci says that
during the party, she's like, you're you don't me. So
unless you want to address that, I'm letting you know
that I'm good. So it's a bit of a shady mood,
but also a justified one.

Speaker 1 (18:23):
My thing is this, like, how do you pitch? How
do you pitch Robbie Like, Hey, we're gonna go to
this party. Uh my my ex boyfriend got his cast
removed from his penis. I want you to be there
to celebrate it, like it's free. Now.

Speaker 5 (18:37):
Robbie's not a normal person, He's happy about everything.

Speaker 4 (18:42):
Oh great, I'm so glad it's penis.

Speaker 2 (18:43):
Is the is the Is it clear that the parties
like for the penis cast coming off like in the
invite or does it just say like relaunch danger.

Speaker 1 (18:57):
I think he mentioned it in the beginning. I think
he says something about out celebrating, but I mean.

Speaker 6 (19:03):
Yeah, tapless post, do you feel like Schmidt would be
very specific in sharing that information it also? I mean
it's it's I think the reason why Nelson everybody fell
in love with Robbie so much, like the audience fell
in love with your characters so much, because you're the
most confident secure Robbie's the those confident secure person ever,

and you see it established so quickly in this episode,
and then when you came back for the Halloween episode
where he's just so cruel towards you and she just
keeps trying to head butt you, and you just keep
your hand there, still loving him, totally secure in your
relationship and in yourself. It's an amazing you're a He's
an inspiration that Robbie.

Speaker 2 (19:48):
Yeah, Robbie would never have a relaunch party for his penis.

Speaker 3 (19:52):
Cast coming unthreatened, just unthreatened by life.

Speaker 1 (19:57):
Never left.

Speaker 4 (19:59):
Unbreakable. He's like a sort of like a hipster Flanders,
you know what I mean, Yes, that's true.

Speaker 5 (20:08):
Just like a more bearable Flanders.

Speaker 3 (20:11):
Either way, I get help but love them.

Speaker 2 (20:13):
Like a lot of it's kind of feels timeless and stuff.
And then there are things that date the show, but
like the Schmidt's list of invites for the girls from Lululemon,
his badminton partner, his financial planner, his urologists, Philip Seymour Hoffman,

ri I p a writer from crank Yankers, and obviously CC. Yeah,
so some some things in there that that date date
the show.

Speaker 6 (20:46):
Yeah, but I feel like it's gonna be as this show,
you know, goes on and on and on. I think
it's always so nice when you like shout out one
of like the greats, and so you know the kids
will be like.

Speaker 3 (20:58):
Philip seymour Hoff, phil how body of work? They discovered
it through New Girl? How weird?

Speaker 5 (21:05):

Speaker 3 (21:05):
How cool?

Speaker 2 (21:06):
Yeah, I hope so everybody. Actually one of my favorite
actors ever.

Speaker 3 (21:11):
Yeah, one of the best of all.

Speaker 4 (21:13):
I'm a little surprised that Schmid is into film. I
thought he was gonna say somebody like, you know, to Cruiser.

Speaker 2 (21:19):
You're like, who's that? Who's that?

Speaker 1 (21:23):

Speaker 2 (21:24):
Uh, stand up? That was really big? What's his name? Cook?
Dane Cook? That just felt like a Schmidt. Schmidt would
like ads at.

Speaker 5 (21:40):
Least you know.

Speaker 1 (21:43):
Joe Piscopal, you know what I mean? Joe.

Speaker 5 (21:48):

Speaker 2 (21:49):
New Girl director Eric Appel also uh wrote on crank anchors. Guys,
crank anchors if you don't if you've never seen it,
right show where they crank called people and then they
puppet they animated with puppets.

Speaker 1 (22:08):
Yes, so, uh it's who there was stuff? Did we
talk about this before? Where there was someone else on?

Speaker 3 (22:16):

Speaker 1 (22:16):
There was also a New Girl writer who wrote on
crank anchors or am I tripping?

Speaker 2 (22:22):
Maybe it was I mean they I think they had
to have a lot. It's funny because it's like improvised,
but they have like writers. I randomly was in one
of like the sessions watching the Crank calling years ago
and they were like, they're just there live writing like

alts and you know, kind of responses to kind of
supplement the uh, the improvisation.

Speaker 1 (22:51):
Like our show in a way though we had Yeah, just.

Speaker 2 (22:55):
Like our show, we brought an unsuspecting people. We had
lots of comments.

Speaker 1 (23:06):
Question So this is an episode where we realized and
I may have spoken about it before there there was
like an evolution to my character where I was getting
more and more uncomfortable on the show and getting I
guess finding out who my character was gonna be. And
I remember there was you.

Speaker 2 (23:24):
Were the unsuspected they brought in, and you're like.

Speaker 1 (23:31):
I thought I was an interview for something, just to
create a character. That's kind of how it felt, you know,
especially Big popping in on the second episode. But we
rerealized thanks to a note from Jake Kasden, who was
screaming out more girly. I think this was the episode
when I was the Fruit and Drink and I kept
from the episode not. Well, it's a big meme that

It's like a big memorable thing where I you know,
I look at I'm having a free drink in my
hand and I say naughty or whatever. Memorable moment and
we and we talk about it. We talk about the
kind of drinks that Nick likes to make, the ones,
the ones that Winston likes to drink. Now, are you
a drinker? What do you what? What is in your cup?
What do you what's your go to?

Speaker 5 (24:12):

Speaker 4 (24:13):
My wife and I like to make cocktails. We have
a very robust bar in our house during the pandemic,
you know. But I'm a I'm a whiskey guy. I
like to have Manhattan's and stuff like that. My my
wife is a Martine drinker. But I am notoriously like
super sweet drinks that give you a headache later.

Speaker 5 (24:29):
I love it.

Speaker 3 (24:31):
All the syrups, all the syrups.

Speaker 2 (24:33):
How about you guys, Little mourn and Hannah, what do
you guys? Do you drink?

Speaker 1 (24:39):
Grony Kick lately? Vartier?

Speaker 2 (24:44):
You guys are so old fashioned? Now you you guys
are old fashion.

Speaker 1 (24:50):
I'm a father, now, you know.

Speaker 2 (24:52):
Yeah, so you got to drink old fashions. I picture
you in smoking jackets with cravats.

Speaker 5 (24:59):

Speaker 2 (25:00):
How about you? Hannah? Your wine wine? Right?

Speaker 3 (25:02):
Nice class of cold white wine.

Speaker 2 (25:06):
That's me too. I don't like red wine me either,
I don't like it. I like white wine or rose.

Speaker 5 (25:13):
Me too, was my favorite.

Speaker 1 (25:18):
How do you know of this one?

Speaker 5 (25:19):
Oh? Yeah, you don't know. Maybe the correct pronunciation. I think.

Speaker 1 (25:23):
I was actually shocked to find out because Hannah and Joey,
you remember this one. Hanna would always talk about how
wild her knights would get.

Speaker 3 (25:30):
Favorite thing to talk about every chicken.

Speaker 2 (25:34):

Speaker 1 (25:35):
Yeah, but this one, this one is this is this
is why cy is why something. Yes, but this is
why it's different from the other times that I've told it,
because I was just Hannah just informed me that all
those times when she would come and she would clear,
her and her husband would clear a bottle of a
couple of bottles of wine. I thought it was red wine,
but she'd be like, no, we like went through a

bottle of white wine, which I never thought.

Speaker 3 (25:59):
It really really like took them for like a loop.

Speaker 1 (26:03):
What I like on a sunny day outside drink and
you're like at night down in bottles of clear stuff.

Speaker 7 (26:09):
I didn't first of all, we're a downing bottle, so
you know they're playing categories like you said, they weren't
either categories and they ordered wings.

Speaker 3 (26:21):
I know drink white wine.

Speaker 2 (26:26):
Even hear from the wine experts, does white wine compliment wings?

Speaker 6 (26:32):
And also can you drink it in the evening, I'm
gonna say, yes.

Speaker 2 (26:37):
Yes, I drink it. That's the I don't drink red wine.
So if I'm drinking wine, it's gonna be white wine, yes,
and it will be chilled.

Speaker 3 (26:46):
You're so shocked by it was so funny.

Speaker 6 (26:48):
You're like, wait, what just after dark?

Speaker 1 (26:53):
Better than that?

Speaker 5 (26:54):
You know what I mean?

Speaker 2 (26:57):
We are better than that?

Speaker 3 (26:59):
Yeah, the best. That's right, Thank you so much.

Speaker 1 (27:03):
Speaking of the best, let's go talk about the best
of our products that are sponsoring our show. We'll be back.
Welcome shoes and we are back, and we are back coals. Thanks.

Those are all my products, you know you had mentioned.

Speaker 2 (27:31):
That all manufactured by Learn Yes.

Speaker 1 (27:35):
Right here, the Great State of China. So, Nelson, you
talked about witnessing uh Zoe and Parker dancing on on
a you know, doing the whole thing, you know what
I mean, a performance situation. What else about this episode?
Do you remember what else about this, like did you

find me be interesting or shocking about our show? There's
a lot of things that we've fine to be different.
When people come on our show, they go, I didn't
know you guys did things this way or that way.
What are your thoughts on this one?

Speaker 5 (28:07):
Yeah? I had a great time.

Speaker 4 (28:08):
You know, this is this is over ten years ago now,
and it was He's still pretty early in my career.
I hadn't really done too much stuff, so this is
a big deal for me, and I was very excited
to meet everybody. And I remember, you know, the whole
time I was doing that episode, Max had his shirt
off for the entire like three days I was there,
never put a shirt on, and half the time.

Speaker 5 (28:29):
He was really greased up and glimmering and all that.

Speaker 4 (28:32):
And so I had said to him, like, hey man,
just really casually, you know, I was.

Speaker 5 (28:37):
Like, dude, how many how often? How many days a
week do you work out?

Speaker 4 (28:42):
And he looked at me super offended, like a crazy
thing to ask him, And he was like, every.

Speaker 5 (28:48):
Day, dude, Sorry, even on Sunday. He's like every day.

Speaker 2 (28:56):
Dude. Even Mark Wahlberg takes a day off. Yeah, even
Mark Wahlberg he goes harder than Mark Mark. I worked
with him and he worked out twice a day, four
I have to work out three, okay, dedication. But he
would take a day off and eat like eat normally

like I think, not just chicken rust or whatever. And
he would also take a day off workout.

Speaker 4 (29:24):
So Max Mark perfect name. Yeah, say instead of instead of.

Speaker 3 (29:34):
Did you do you remember your first day on set?
Do you remember the first thing you shot? Did you
feel nervous at all?

Speaker 4 (29:40):
Very nervous because I had to do like a stupid
little dance when I came in. It would like they
like cut back to me dancing like an idiot or
whatever song was playing, and I was like, oh man,
at least people are looking at me. I'm gonna dance,
I mean the precious kind off because I'm supposed to
look down.

Speaker 5 (29:53):
But like I remember that in the audition.

Speaker 2 (29:55):
Well, you're such a cool dance, so you don't know
how to dance?

Speaker 3 (29:58):
Like, would you have to do the dumb dance in
the audition?

Speaker 5 (30:02):
Yeah? They made me do that.

Speaker 4 (30:03):
Wow, most out of everything I think, And it even
said like in the stage direction he does some super
lame dance or whatever, and I was like Yeah, I'm
just trying to dance the best I can, and this
is perfect.

Speaker 1 (30:13):
Till this day, till this day. That's what I hate
the most about acting is when they say, all right,
this is the dance scene and I have to have
to do that many times and my skin crawls. I
get I get such anxiety and I usually back out
of it. But on this one they put me on
a stage at the end and had me singing and dancing,
which I did not like.

Speaker 6 (30:36):
The tag Yeah, well it's funny because it's a full
circle thing, right because it starts with Jake in the
shower singing dlight screw is in the Heart, which he
really committed to.

Speaker 3 (30:47):
The to the bad good singing.

Speaker 2 (30:50):
I remember somehow, like Liz was like more excited about
getting the rights to that for Jake to sing than
almost anything I can think of. Like she was like,
we got grooves in the heart, like Jake's gonna saying.
And then Jake was really annoyed. He did not want to.
He was like, this is so stupid.

Speaker 5 (31:10):
Yeah that's good. It's such a perfect choice.

Speaker 2 (31:13):
Yeahs advantage of like everything Jake Johnson has to offer, right.

Speaker 5 (31:18):
He wanted to sing Springsteen or something.

Speaker 2 (31:20):
And yeah, but no, it's just saying d light.

Speaker 6 (31:26):
I couldn't figure out Lamarne at the end if you
were trying to do bad singing, but you just can't
because you're a really good singer.

Speaker 1 (31:33):
Yeah, I have one of the greatest voices of all time.
That's just what people say. Yeah, that's that's also just
how people feels. They always talked about it. It's always
invited me to be on her album. Numerous times I've declined, but.

Speaker 2 (31:50):
There's not a lot of it.

Speaker 1 (31:52):
Just go with it. It's fine, it's fine. Don't be
embarrassed by that. I'll do it one day. But I
actually hate that. I used to do musical theater, and
I know I just the dumber the better. And I
think they might they may have auto tuned some stuff
for me.

Speaker 5 (32:10):
Well I had to, you know, I had to come
back and sing on your show.

Speaker 4 (32:13):
I had to sing Toto with you, Zoe, And of course, yeah.

Speaker 5 (32:17):
They got somebody to sing for me. Thank god.

Speaker 2 (32:19):
It was it was our It was our composer, no
way big he's Oscar winning composer for our show. He
didn't win an Oscar for her show. For he did
the score for Black Panther. So that's what you want for.
But he's saying your part in uh, saying that I.

Speaker 5 (32:41):
Can't believe you. Guys are surprised and nobody knows it
wasn't me.

Speaker 4 (32:44):
This is amazing that I'm getting away with this all
these years because now it's over.

Speaker 2 (32:49):
Oh you did a very good job. Wow, I sinking it.

Speaker 4 (32:52):
Thanks, thanks, and you did a good job actually singing.

Speaker 2 (32:56):

Speaker 1 (32:57):
The reason why we brought you on the show today, Nelson,
is so you can yourself. This is your moment to God.

Speaker 4 (33:06):
Well, you know, Apple EarPods are my preferred way to
record my voice.

Speaker 2 (33:13):
The microphone is not. It's not right. I don't want
my vocal chain. It's not.

Speaker 5 (33:21):
My right. My producers are not gonna let me sing
without my proper Yeah, you.

Speaker 2 (33:26):
Need permission from your label.

Speaker 1 (33:29):
I was actually shocked to realize that none of the
members in Toto were black. I was like, I thought
they were black this whole time. Yeah, I just I
made those voices and they're talking about Africa, So I
was like, oh.

Speaker 4 (33:45):
Miss, they missed the rain in Africa playing that they're
down there all the time.

Speaker 2 (33:49):
Also, none of that song. I mean, I love the
song but doesn't make a lot of sunset once you
break it down, like if you sing that song karaoke
and you start reading the words what I can't Oh.

Speaker 1 (34:05):
Did they say I blessed the rain? Yeah?

Speaker 5 (34:10):
I think it's one of each, or they switch, or.

Speaker 2 (34:12):
It's like about a flight and you're talking about like
a flight and like you know, and then all of
a sudden, I missed the reins and we're like, wait, what.

Speaker 3 (34:22):
I missed them? Or bless them?

Speaker 1 (34:23):
I thought they were saying bless this whole time.

Speaker 5 (34:25):
My memory is that they say bless and miss. I
can't remember.

Speaker 2 (34:31):
Yeah, I'm not sure if it's blessed or miss. I
guess even the Internet doesn't know.

Speaker 1 (34:37):
You know, if you're just tuning in, if you're a
member of Toto, please call in.

Speaker 2 (34:41):
Yeah, all the moments that listen to this podcast, please
call us.

Speaker 1 (34:46):
H what do you say?

Speaker 3 (34:47):
It's bless Are you sure that?

Speaker 2 (34:51):
Because sometimes the Internet has it wrong?

Speaker 5 (34:53):
I don't.

Speaker 2 (34:54):
I mean somebody has like transcribed the lyrics, you know.

Speaker 6 (34:57):
I seem to cure what's deep inside and of this
thing that I've become.

Speaker 3 (35:02):
This isn't real.

Speaker 1 (35:04):
I say, you've been in Africa and make you do something.
You know what I'm saying, to do something.

Speaker 2 (35:10):
I bet Hannah, Hannah, you've been everywhere. Yeah, Hannah's like
a travel blogger. I actually don't know travel as much
wanderlust as you I do.

Speaker 6 (35:24):
I remember having that conversation with when with Jamie Lee Curtis.
I was talking to her because we were going to
h Jesse and are going to India, and she was like,
I love India and she was talking about all this
stuff and I was like, wow, have you ever been.
She's like oh no, no, no, no, She's like I
have zero wanderlust zero.

Speaker 3 (35:41):
And I was like, you should really go, it's really beautiful.

Speaker 6 (35:43):
She's like no, And I was like wow. I love
people who know themselves that well, right. I don't feel
like they have to pretend to go like.

Speaker 3 (35:52):
Well maybe or I could. She was like, oh no, no,
thank you, no wonder lust at all. I was like wow.
I was like no, I have to.

Speaker 5 (36:00):
I have to.

Speaker 3 (36:00):
I got to be somewhere at all times.

Speaker 1 (36:02):
You have to.

Speaker 2 (36:03):
I love to travel, and I'm like really specific about
like where and like what type of place, Like I
don't just want to randomly go places, you know.

Speaker 1 (36:13):
I found it interesting that that Robbie had never left California.

Speaker 6 (36:18):
Yeah, that was a great life.

Speaker 4 (36:22):
People hit me up later about that because you know,
Robbie ended up turning into being like a cool bass
player because I say, I've never left California, but then
I did go on tour with Santana later, and then
I also said.

Speaker 3 (36:32):
You're not in a band?

Speaker 5 (36:33):
Yeah, I just hate music. What's up with me? Yeah?

Speaker 6 (36:35):
Yeah, yeah, a little a few inconsistency.

Speaker 2 (36:40):
Well there's he never left California at this point, but yeah,
maybe touring was like after like in the break you know, yeah,
in the break around.

Speaker 3 (36:50):
That was my question for you, Nelson, because I feel
like in.

Speaker 6 (36:53):
Every episode, especially in this season, you just you just
have to sit there and take a lot of personal attacks, yeah,
from from Max about.

Speaker 3 (37:04):
All parts of you all the time.

Speaker 6 (37:07):
Did you know that was going to be part of
the job when you're actually there on the receiving end
as an actor?

Speaker 3 (37:13):
How does it?

Speaker 6 (37:13):
Because I had to take a lot of that from
Max too, but it was usually all about my culture, right.
There was always some weird like Indian brown skin thing
coming my way, And to be very honest with you,
it didn't really phase me at all that.

Speaker 4 (37:26):
Humor in Asia, right, Like, yeah, my thing is like,
as long as it makes me laugh, I don't care
what he said. Who's that Liberty shell liberty bell shaped
guy over there? And you know this is like, you know,
over ten years ago. So I'm watching the episode last night.
I was like, oh, man, I was so much thinner
back then, and they still call me fat. You know,

that's fine.

Speaker 5 (37:48):
I don't. I don't mind that kind of thing at all.

Speaker 4 (37:49):
It's it's funny as long as its funny. I don't
care as long as well written. You know, I don't
have any like, I'm not getting offended by any of
this stuff.

Speaker 3 (37:56):
Come on, Yeah, it's weird.

Speaker 6 (37:58):
It's always so weird when things like that kind of
of happened. I feel like, as I watch it and
you're a friend with someone, you're just like, how do you.

Speaker 3 (38:05):
Feel about them? Because they're obviously grossly exaggerating thing? Right,
that's right. He's pissed off.

Speaker 6 (38:13):
He's trying to be mean, he's trying to just like
grab at straws. That's part of the character, and it
just makes him look terrible. But so he's a weird
thing to just sit there and take it. I think
That's why I love the character of Robbie so much,
is that he's just like, oh you poor little sad
man negativity story.

Speaker 5 (38:29):
Did you did you ever hear that story about home alone?
There's that there's real quick.

Speaker 4 (38:33):
This is this one part where mccauay culkin's like looking
at a like his family's gone. He's looking at a
picture of his older brother, Buzz his girlfriend, and she's
like super ugly and apparently John houstdn't sorry.

Speaker 5 (38:47):
It was they didn't want to be mean to anybody.

Speaker 2 (38:51):
Chris Columbus, I'm.

Speaker 5 (38:53):
Talking about it.

Speaker 4 (38:54):
He didn't want to be mean to any young girl,
so he had Buzz dress up like a girl and
took a picture of him and that's girlfriend, So nobody.

Speaker 2 (39:04):
I have such a hard time being mean to people.
I don't like mean humor very much. But the show
I'm doing right now is like I'm I have to
be mean, but it's kind of like fun to step
out of my comfort zone a little bit.

Speaker 6 (39:18):
We've gotta talk about brands. That's one of my favorite
things that they kind of like jump into in this
episode is what's the brand of every character? And I
love the fact that when they get to you more
and when they get to Winston's character, they're like, you're
just Winston, like holding up to the fact that we still.

Speaker 1 (39:33):
Don't know.

Speaker 3 (39:36):
Figure it out.

Speaker 1 (39:37):
Yeah, Winston's brand is is Winston, which I thought, you're right,
and it made, uh made a lot of sense at
like I don't know yet exactly. And then towards the
end we got to we got we got to see
a glimpse of what that meant. And I think actually
after this episode we start to see a lot more
of that, a weird uh off off the off, the rails,

a little bit of a character. I think the next episode,
the next few episodes, we start to see a little
bit more of that. We introduce all kinds of prank
Sinatra stuff and you know, different jobs and things like that.
And that's the same for your character, Nelson. When you
come in like like we said, you are this jobless
person who's not a jobless person, less traveled person who

doesn't like music. Is that something? Who is that something
that was discussed or did you just get a script
one day and realize, oh I'm different.

Speaker 4 (40:30):
Yeah, No, nobody ever talked to me about what I
was going to become or who this person was I just,
you know, they just.

Speaker 5 (40:36):
Sent me the script. But I will say that I
you know, I'm a big fan of writers in general. Guys.

Speaker 4 (40:44):
You guys had some really really good writers on that show,
and they were always very true, very cool.

Speaker 2 (40:50):
A lot of them too. I think we had like
one of the biggest writers rooms.

Speaker 5 (40:54):

Speaker 1 (40:54):
Yeah, we were only rivaled by the Wu Tang clans.

Speaker 2 (40:58):
That we had like such a huge writer's room, Like
it was just stacked full of amazing writers.

Speaker 4 (41:03):
And these are all people I ended up working with
many other times later in my life too.

Speaker 2 (41:07):
Oh that's nice.

Speaker 5 (41:08):
I did my last TV show on NBC was this
Josh Melmoth.

Speaker 4 (41:11):
Show, and uh, and I just became good friends with
Noah Garfinkel and stuff, all these guys. But point my
point being is they would come to me and say, like,
this is what we're thinking.

Speaker 5 (41:21):
Do you like that?

Speaker 4 (41:21):
Do you want to change anything? They were always very
open with me about it, and I'm like, you know,
this is early in my career. I'm like, I'm not
gonna I'm not the boss. You tell me what he did.

Speaker 5 (41:28):
But uh, they were always really cool about it. And also, I.

Speaker 4 (41:33):
Mean it started off this Robbie just started off literally
as like a prop to annoy Schmidt. That was the
only purpose. So I wasn't looking too deeply into it
past that. You know, it's just everything he's not and
doesn't appreciate, you know. But then later I had, you know,
it got much more sort of deep and complex and stuff.

Speaker 3 (41:51):
That was.

Speaker 6 (41:51):
It's so funny because you were kind of given a
hard job and you did it so beautifully. Because Schmidt
was such a beloved character that would automatically think that
the audience wouldn't like you no matter what you did.
They wouldn't like you because they love him so much
and they root for him so much.

Speaker 3 (42:08):
But you just like kind of.

Speaker 2 (42:10):
A beloved and kind of like like somebody that people
like make fun of too. I don't know, it's like
some beloved like you know, in the same way as
some other beloved.

Speaker 1 (42:22):
You know, Jesus, he's not us.

Speaker 2 (42:24):
Like like Jesus Christ.

Speaker 3 (42:28):
That's right. I agree with that.

Speaker 5 (42:30):
He's pretty high maintenance.

Speaker 4 (42:31):
Yeah, people, now that I'm now that I'm thinking about
that story I told you about how Max said I
work out every day.

Speaker 5 (42:37):
That's such a Schmid thing. There's a lot of.

Speaker 3 (42:41):
It's a lot of crossover.

Speaker 2 (42:42):
I just remember in the first it was the first or
second season, I think. I think actually he worked out
a ton between the two seasons and got more fit,
and it was like he came back. He was doing
CrossFit every day, and I just remember like walking past,
like a little fly in the wall thing. I was like,
pass and he was talking to some guest star and
he goes, yeah, uh, look up Paleo diet. I was like,

oh my god, you are well, you're dedicated.

Speaker 1 (43:16):
He what's interesting? And I want to ask you the
same question too. You have a very uh it's really
funny and a very specific demeanor on our show, and
your delivery on our show is that with Max? For example,
when Max was coming in the morning, he would just
kind of be like be super early and he'd be groggy,

and he'd he'd say, you know, hey, what'd you do yesterday.
I'm like, oh, I went out. He's like, oh, cool, cool, cool,
all right, And he'll go on this trailer and he'd
crank out fifty thousand push ups and then you would
hear he would have his bands in there, and you'd
come out as Schmidt, a completely different person to be weird.
You know, you you your brand of comedy is is

very dry and so funny. It's like, is that is
that something that you enjoyed doing the most? H Do
you like getting crazy and like broad and ever and
big and wilder?

Speaker 5 (44:09):

Speaker 4 (44:09):
I would love to do that too. I mean I
and I have done that. Uh, and it's really special
for me. But my sort of you know, neutral point
is sort of like a like a low energy type.

Speaker 5 (44:18):
Of But the thing, here's the thing about Robbie.

Speaker 2 (44:21):
Good baritone, you know, a nice uh what do they
call it, a vocal fry A little yeah, yeah, good
radio voice. You know.

Speaker 4 (44:32):
I did a lot of high school theater too, and
they would always musical theater, and they would always have
to tune the songs down like.

Speaker 5 (44:37):
Three octaves for me to be.

Speaker 4 (44:40):
Here's the thing about Robbie, which I don't find in
many other roles ever, is that he's he's simultaneously the
straight man and also like a character at the same time.

Speaker 5 (44:48):
You know, it's because because Schmid is so big.

Speaker 4 (44:53):
And I loved it when then when they made Schmid
and Robbie friends who are sort of cooperating, that was
so fun for me. And and that's a perfect example,
like I got to play everything down because Schmid is
so big, no matter what, it doesn't matter my weird
character quirks. It's like it's not gonna be anything compared
to That's.

Speaker 1 (45:12):
That's one hundred percent tri we don't You don't see
that often the person who gets to play the straight person,
it was also the character that's every kick.

Speaker 2 (45:20):
But that's the special thing about this show. I think
every single person like played a version of a straight
person sometimes and a version of a of a like
sort of more over the top character. It's like everyone
had like the quirk that made them the kind of
crazy person in the scene or could make them a
crazy person in the scene, and then also had the

ability to be like this, you know, the straight man.

Speaker 1 (45:44):
And also something I find interesting about this show too
is that every guest star, and I'm not just saying
that because you're here, every guest star could have their
home spin off of that character to go off and
to lead their own series, missed.

Speaker 2 (45:59):
Out on a on a real opportunity.

Speaker 1 (46:03):
Done it.

Speaker 3 (46:05):
I want it?

Speaker 6 (46:07):
Yeah, I want to know more about Parker Posey's character,
her whole life and backstory.

Speaker 3 (46:12):
That was a.

Speaker 6 (46:12):
Super because it wasn't like she had a huge role
in this in this episode, but it's so memorable because
she just got so weird with her PhD, her pretty
heavy drug problem. I thought was super funny. Did you
know her from before Zoe or did Is that the
first time you'd met.

Speaker 2 (46:32):
I didn't know her before that, But I did see
her again a few years later at a film festival
and we had a really fun time hanging out. But no,
I hadn't met her. But like, I don't think it
would be a surprise that she is one of my heroes.

So only it's like super surprising. She's like she was
just like the like cool, funny, interesting actor who you know,
made great choices and you know, just you know, when
I was like in high school, I just like Parker

POSI was like it.

Speaker 5 (47:18):
You know her Invested show is like one of my
favorite things.

Speaker 1 (47:22):
Oh my god, have you Lost in Space? Have you
seen her and Lost in Space?

Speaker 2 (47:26):

Speaker 3 (47:26):
Yeah, she's so great, so great.

Speaker 6 (47:29):
That's the one I think about this show Party Girl.
We got to come on Party Girl.

Speaker 3 (47:33):
We were just like, how are you? How are you here?

Speaker 5 (47:37):
You guys got a lot of big names on that show.

Speaker 2 (47:39):
It was amazing, we really did. It was incredible.

Speaker 5 (47:41):
I love.

Speaker 6 (47:43):
Yeah, it's really wild because I guess I realized when
you came on, because this is, you know, the first
episode of season two. Had you watched any of season one? Like,
did you watch the show?

Speaker 5 (47:51):
I'm not sure if I had. It's so hard for
me to remember.

Speaker 1 (47:54):
Bye Bye Nelson.

Speaker 4 (47:57):
It's one of my favorites now, like White Man, George
and I watched through it like five times at this point.

Speaker 5 (48:03):
But at that point, I don't know. I don't remember
what I was watching ten years ago, eleven years ago.
It's crazy.

Speaker 2 (48:08):
Who can remember these things?

Speaker 6 (48:09):
YEA the platform for you to just jump say to
broke Yeah, don't even say two broke girls.

Speaker 2 (48:19):
What if that was like our enemy?

Speaker 5 (48:22):
I just assumed. I just assumed that it was.

Speaker 2 (48:26):
Girls we had we had no rivals, you know, but
but but we could just invent we could invent rivals.
It was like I was like, I feel like we
were never up against other shows that were like the
same genre at once.

Speaker 1 (48:43):
It ended up becoming Brooklyn nine nine. I want to.

Speaker 2 (48:46):
Say, no, Brooklyn nine nine was on our same network,
so it was our like lead in or no, we
were there leading or they would show us back to
back we they were like our allies. I'm talking about
like their networks playing at the same time usually be
like a drama or news.

Speaker 5 (49:06):
I can't remember what day of the week it was.

Speaker 2 (49:08):
That none at nine, so there wouldn't be a nine
o'clock news.

Speaker 5 (49:13):
What day was it.

Speaker 1 (49:14):
What day of the week was it Tuesdays?

Speaker 5 (49:16):
Tuesdays at nine?

Speaker 2 (49:18):
Yeah, I think it was. I think it was like
some drama on one of the other major networks, and
then I think there was like maybe a reality show anyway.

Speaker 4 (49:33):
You know, there's a lot of like young people who
are fans of New Girl because of Netflix and stuff.
Now them hearing us.

Speaker 5 (49:40):
Talking about tuning in at Tuesday at nine must be
the craziest thing. That's like, I think it's still on.

Speaker 6 (49:47):
Yeah, you know, I think it's a Netflix show. I've
had a lot of people think it's a Netflix show.

Speaker 1 (49:53):
Oh yeah, the Netflix show Girl with the Girl.

Speaker 2 (49:59):
Right now, we're gonna go to break. We're gonna hear
about some stuff and we're gonna come back in a second.

Speaker 1 (50:12):
Welcome shoes.

Speaker 2 (50:17):
Hey, we're back. We're gonna go, and we're gonna go
gingerly into Nick's closet.

Speaker 3 (50:25):
Find this box.

Speaker 2 (50:27):
We're crawl into the back of that dirty old closet
and we're gonna open the box of memories and we're
gonna get a memory. Nick's box is brought to you
by Hyundai. When it comes to your journey, Hyundai is
thinking of every mile. Nelson, do you have a favorite
memory from a New Girl?

Speaker 5 (50:51):
Favorite memory from New Girl? Dang? I remember. There's two
things that come to my mind.

Speaker 4 (50:57):
One of them is the first time I did episode
where Max and and me were when Robbie and Schmidt
were friends. I was like trying to spy on CC
at a restaurant and Schmidt like catches me and it
comes over. He's like, are you spying on it? And
I had an idea for a joke and I was like, oh,
kind of be funny. It would be funny if I
if I said this, and but I'm not gonna, and

Max was like you should do it, and I'm like
I was like, no, no, no, I'm not, I'm not gonna.
I was too scared to bring it up. And then Max,
out of his own the kindness was hard. He like
brought me over to Jake who was directing, and was like,
listen to this joke. Nelson wants to do it's really
funny and you should put it in, and I told
him and then and now it's in the episode. And
that was the first time I like ad lived something
on TV that was a long time.

Speaker 5 (51:37):
It was.

Speaker 4 (51:40):
It's like, I'm like wearing a hat and I'm trying
to spy on Ceaz And then at the end of
the scene, Max goes, He's like, do.

Speaker 5 (51:47):
You think she saw me? And I said, yeah, you
don't have a hat on.

Speaker 4 (51:56):
My other memory was we did it we did that
Christmas episode where we were all dancing out there in
the street with Megan Fox.

Speaker 8 (52:04):
Was it was this was this was like season six
or something, and uh, it was we were shooting this
like joyous nighttime Christmas episode the day after or like
the same week.

Speaker 5 (52:25):
Maybe it was the day after Trump got elected, the
day after.

Speaker 3 (52:28):
I remember this, so I remember that.

Speaker 4 (52:31):
I don't want to make it about that or whatever,
but I just have a very visceral memory of like
having to turn on the smiles.

Speaker 5 (52:36):
And then as soon as we cut, just like going
back to the.

Speaker 4 (52:40):
And Aaron was directing that one, and she was the
most upset out of everybody.

Speaker 5 (52:44):
Obviously, it was crazy and.

Speaker 4 (52:47):
That was also the day where that was also the
day where we were we were all standing out there
in the street.

Speaker 5 (52:51):
I remember there's a picture of us.

Speaker 4 (52:52):
All standing there and my little Santa hat on the
whole cast standing on the street for that Christmas episode,
and we're all getting the picture and I'm standing next
to it Megan, and she said she's kind of looking
at me like like this, and and I heard her
like quietly, stay to Max, like this guy supposed to
be And.

Speaker 6 (53:13):
I met and.

Speaker 5 (53:14):
Sorry to to Jake and and Jake was like, yeah,
he's on the show. He's on the show.

Speaker 4 (53:21):
And she turned to me and and she was like, really,
how long you've been on the show. And I was
like six years. And that made Jake laugh a lot,
because I was, you know, I just.

Speaker 5 (53:30):
Didn't care about anyway. That's all those are. Those are
fun memories. I don't want to put shade on anybody.
I don't want to know that.

Speaker 6 (53:36):
By the way, the confidence of that response is where
you see a Robbie Nelson overlap.

Speaker 3 (53:44):
I'm going to very sweetly tell you I've been here.

Speaker 2 (53:47):
I had never ever watched the show before, never seen
the show, stepped in with no research.

Speaker 1 (53:55):
We got to have her on next and ask have
you seen the show?

Speaker 2 (54:00):
Have you seen the show? I think maybe we'll get
you know, we can clear up some uh you know,
some of these gossip rumors about how she didn't know
who Nelson Franklin was.

Speaker 4 (54:13):
All right, I don't expect Megan Fox and know who
Nelson Franklin. That's another universe.

Speaker 1 (54:17):
There's hey, hey, hey, hey, you shut up.

Speaker 2 (54:22):
You shut up right there, everybody knows.

Speaker 1 (54:25):
Everybody knows who you are, bro.

Speaker 6 (54:26):
That's right, that's right, everybody knows, mister Franklin.

Speaker 2 (54:29):
Thanks for bringing out Nick's box. Hyundai remember from shopping
to buying to owning, Hundai has your back. Like our
favorite memories, taking a Hyundai on your journey will keep
you feeling safe and more. Learn more at HYUNDAIUSA dot com.

Speaker 1 (54:46):
By the way, your bit in Jimmy Jimmy Kimmell, I
have to say, is one of the funniest things because
I mainly when I saw that guy, I thought, man,
you know who he looks like. It looks like Franklin.

Speaker 5 (54:58):
That's a while a month of my life there. When
that came out with.

Speaker 2 (55:01):
It, what was it? I didn't see it.

Speaker 3 (55:04):
It's so funny.

Speaker 5 (55:06):
You know it's got George Santos like this.

Speaker 2 (55:08):
Oh yes, Oh my god, did you play him on?

Speaker 5 (55:11):
I did? Yeah.

Speaker 4 (55:12):
Yeah. It was sort of like this like three week
period where people are coming out of the woodwork saying
that I look like this guy, or he looks like me,
whatever the case may be. So yeah, kim Will had
me on and I did a bit. It was super fun,
it was wild. I think I'm going to do it.

Speaker 5 (55:27):
I think I'm gonna do some more too talented.

Speaker 2 (55:30):
Tune in to Jimmy Kimmel to see Nelson Franklin played
George Santos.

Speaker 6 (55:35):
Not that there's any question, but Nelson Franklin is such
a talented actor that they sprung this like ten page
monologue that he has to basically do on Kimmel Live
running around with nobody else, and they offered a teleprompter
right because they literally gave it to like an hour
and a half two hours before, and he said, nah,
I got this and went and memorize the entire thing

and did it just by himself and ran, I mean,
you're so talented and amazing and people should uh should
recognize if you were.

Speaker 4 (56:06):
You would have done the same thing. Because they were
talking about putting a teleprompter. It was a steadycam shot
all throughout these hallways, rocking around, and they were gonna
put the teleprompter on the steady cams.

Speaker 5 (56:14):
Poor guy.

Speaker 4 (56:15):
I can't be like looking at it. It would have
been it would have been psychotic. You would have done
the same. You guys would have killed it too.

Speaker 1 (56:20):
Sure, well, you did a great job.

Speaker 3 (56:22):
He did a great job.

Speaker 1 (56:26):
Yes, I did real.

Speaker 3 (56:30):
Yes it is, it's very real, Okay. On my bear hunt,
there's a bear.

Speaker 6 (56:36):
And of course there would be because it's the launch
of a brand new season, so there had to be
an actual bear, not a refrigerator bear. And it's right
there on Tanya's desk, the vice principal's desk.

Speaker 5 (56:48):
I forgot to pay the bears.

Speaker 2 (56:51):
I just never do. It's Hannah's bears area.

Speaker 6 (56:54):
It's my job, and I love it so much. It
makes me so happy hunting for bear. I to drive
myself doing it. Yes, that's right, Hannah.

Speaker 1 (57:03):
I'm not gonna lie to you. I'm shocked you found
it this time because you've been slacking. You've been slacking.
You haven't found that slack. I found it every episode
there's a beer. I found them all. I just didn't
want to say anything to the fans. You know what
I'm saying. You last couple episodes have not found this one.
I'm like, damn, Hannah, all right, thank you.

Speaker 3 (57:19):
So much, not me questionional.

Speaker 1 (57:24):
It was like, I don't funk with bears.

Speaker 6 (57:28):
Now it's time to open up Schmidt's Sexy mail Bag,
a segment brought to you by Hulu where I answer
a fan question.

Speaker 3 (57:35):
My favorite thing to do. I love answering fan questions.
Please keep sending them.

Speaker 1 (57:39):
I love it.

Speaker 3 (57:41):
So this week's question is.

Speaker 2 (57:44):

Speaker 6 (57:44):
You spoke a lot about your hair for the show
on the podcast. I was wondering if there was ever
a time when you wanted to switch it up a
New Girl, but couldn't. I know a lot of actresses
do a big change after playing a role for many years.
Just wondered if you'd ever felt locked in to the
CC hair that's from Sarah h in Texas. I love

my banks, I love my bangs, I truly do. I
have actually tried to grow them out once. I feel
like a few years ago after New Girl and I
was like, no, this is terrible, this doesn't work for
me at all. I recently announced I started cutting my
own bangs. Took ten years to get that confidence.

Speaker 3 (58:30):
I love it.

Speaker 6 (58:31):
I love my banks. I do remember on the show
once I talked about this on the podcast where we
slicked my bangs back for an episode where CEC goes
to a nightclub and I was wearing like this red
leather dress and we were like, oh, let's make it
a little rock and roll, and the powers that be
on the.

Speaker 3 (58:48):
Show were very displeased.

Speaker 6 (58:53):
That was a very signature of cec look to have
the bangs, the long hair, so the character could not
really stray from it, which I understand. There's that comfort
and the familiar. But know me as Hannah, I love
my bangs, so I never felt locked in or restrained
by it. And if I ever have a moment where

I'm just like, what would I look like, I just
swoop them to the side, y'all.

Speaker 3 (59:17):
I swoop them to the side, and I feel like
a whole new person.

Speaker 6 (59:21):
I mean, okay, So this has been a great first episode.
Back into season two, Nelson, you want to sing us
out to Grooves in the Heart?

Speaker 4 (59:29):
Oh yeah, yes, I was gonna do it.

Speaker 5 (59:51):
Somewhere between Jake and the Morning.

Speaker 2 (59:56):
Thank you now, the third time.

Speaker 1 (59:59):
Pleasecome back, come like, subscribe by our merch Now.

Speaker 2 (01:00:06):
Do it. You've been listening to Welcome to Our Show,
a New Girl recap podcast. Welcome to Our Show is
a production of iHeartRadio, hosted by Zoey Deschanel, Lamurne Morris,
and Hannah Simone. Our executive producer is Joel Moonique. Our
engineer and editor is Daniel Goodman. But Welcome to Our

Show theme song was written by Zoey Deschanel, performed and
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