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November 7, 2019 16 mins

Synøve Pan finally meets an emissary of the Deep and demands answers in her missing persons case. She gets far more than she bargained for.  

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Following it's a production of my aren't pointing off. This
episode contains depictions of strong violence, drug use, and sexual coercion.
A second oil age. There's power in making people wait,

in reminding them just who's the immovable object. After all,
It's a time tested strategy. I barely crawled out of
bed in time to grab my buzzing communit. It was
a calendar invite from half my In the end, he agreed,
without further discussion, I'd have my meeting with Asia Marsh.

I shot home a dose of basilisk and slid back
into my sweat stained clothes. The drug tightened my senses,
silencing the voices in my head, even as they brought
the ghosts of Atlas into sharper detail, the echo of
voices and footsteps that seemed to crawl the vents and
reverberate through the metal itself. I refused to give in

to their hallucinatory charms. Jack's tight lipped as ever brought
me to the summit room. It was, as best I
could tell, a small mess hall with all visible security
features ripped out. All the tables had been folded into
the walls, and a cramped stage accommodated whatever sort of

community theater made life easier on the Abystle plane. And
there I sat for an hour, my weapons sheathed and
my god slaying tattoos, covered with cap, kerchief and zipper,
you know, like a proper ambassador. I glowered at the

two empty chairs. I tried to pull up one of
Vaile's stories on my communits, but realized I'd never bothered
to download a fresh packet. All I had were fragments.
They were watching, of course, not you Dex this time,
but the other power here on Atlas station. I wasn't

sure how. There were no cameras, but the stage side
door didn't open until I started to pace. They didn't
walk in until I was good and agitated. The Naiads.
There was no denying their identity. Each was a paa

on of human beauty. The female, as if intentionally invoking
the mythic siren, wore a skin suit that clung immodestly
to every curve, unzipped to her stern um, Thick black
curls danced like seaweed around the flawless symmetry of her countenance.
Her male cohort wore a simple red track suit, though

it did little to conceal the statuesque musculature beneath his
skin was flawless, his jawline and lips like features carved
from stone. The couple took their seats, each with the
grace of a dancer, and without so much as a
single word, as if it was almost too easy to

roll my eyes at them. Mere physical charm was nothing.
Then I felt them reach out to me with the
waves of their psionic influence. Nereids are essentially tritons, or
a genetically modified variant on the species. They're augmented in

much the same way as recombined humans, only instead of
adapting a human to the deep, their change adapts a
triton for the surface and grants them certain nobilities, heightened reflexes,
increased strength, and above all, psionic powers. Everything I'd been

conditioned to counter and resist. The tattoos were supposed to
help too, visually and perhaps non visually as well, depending
on who you asked. Command had briefed me on the
science the highly specialized wave emanation that probably started as

a communication method in an aquatic species, but it's scary.
A sleep prepared me for how it felt to have
the pleasure circuit of my brain, teased and caressed by
their delicate pulsations. Their physical presence alone did nothing for me.
But as the waves intensified, I felt the remnants of

my sexual desire began to stir. It was something I
hadn't felt in years. The female nread reclined in her chair,
rolling her shoulder blades back and coiling as if to strike.
But my fingers didn't even itch for a knife. I

almost wanted it to happen. The male leaned forward, thick
fingers sliding over his knees, eyes breathing me in lips.
I flexed one of two phantom muscles in my body,
and a subdurmal dose of vasilisk exploded into my bloodstream.

The n area waves died away almost immediately. The mail
opened his mouth to speak. You just sit there and
look pretty. I'm here to talk with your boss, and
so you shall. Basia batcha gorbe via cuddlefish, Darya call

cuddle cat cuddlefish as nazera gin miss lay a cave
on a calm shad Zamonica said, I hope be Daniel.
How does your tackle me back? Fash mless sav don't

find bary b website at Hatman Emerus, Cuddle Cat, Cattlefish,
fresh bit Eat, Barret Tatty last on it now seek
me at off the Vote Room, Rise and shine at

Las Station. Here's to another safe and productive week. Let's
keep the lights on up top and that safety street
going as long as possible for those events of it right.
A few announces was to kick things off. First of all,
we are aware of the hub connection end technicians are
looking into it. Looks like I have hardware malfunction on

our end, but we'll have it up and running in
no time. I know, I feel you. I'm imagining to
catch up on Dress Wars two. I think Daphne's got
it this season, but we'll get everybody's sinking before the
week's out. Grid Teams six and eight, there's a schedule shuffle,
so please check in via communit before you report today.
A UV is working a double on Grid nine, so

please adjust travel is necessary. Arms three and four, you're
both in the ship in rec news. Game night is
moving to Thursday to accommodate our town, which I'm pretty
stalked about. Auditions begin this Thursday day, and yes, the
simple scripts are available until we're able to link back
up with the service, and what is this talk on

Tuesday on our Thursday. Well, it's happening. It's the least
we can do to make up for the connection issues. Yeah,

I'd never seen one of the encapsulated before. What stepped
into the room was more machine than flesh, a mechanical
quadruped coupled with a great glass egg. The legs were
highly articulated, but the cramped quarters of Atlas had to
prove difficult, for it was better suited for a flooded environment.

Within that bubbling tank, a faint humanoid body coiled like
a thing, preserved a periodic hissing suggested a highly specialized
life support system. Asia Marsh was a relic of the
days before the Naiads, back when the only way to
facilitate communication between the languageless tritons and the humans was

something more radical. The walker positioned itself before the stage.
A hologram emitter in the robotic bass unfolded an image
into the space between us. Shattered marble assembled into the
likeness of an abstract human. Thanks for penciling me in.

You can call off your GOONSPS don't to please you.
More names from ancient literature devoid of human language. The
tritons had always embraced the trappings of our sea myths.
They were coming on a little strong. They have relented,

but that will remain here for the duration of our meeting.
Do you know why I'm here more than you? I
think That's why I gave you a few minutes alone
with them, to feel out their powers, at least what

we're willing to reveal. And of course we finally have
the chance to experience the much doubted epathist conditioning. That's
not my business, of course, it is the Brooklyn disappearances,
nearly preat for a papist to test one of its

agents against marian zionics, the powers that be in you next.
You know full well that Peter Brooklyn absconded with his
triton lover. What No, there's You don't think it's possible.
You think every human subject we request is an unwilling participant.

Did he even tell you this was his second summons
to the Deep? I don't care how you package it.
I need to know where he is. M M. I
can tell you where he is, but that will do
you little good. He walks in the deep now within

a suit of proteus arm and arm with one. He
calls Alice. Your master's well as skew little about this
when you return where is he? You are a weapon's
test agent, Palm. Your master's considered you broken, and so

like me, you've been intervened upon by you deck technology.
Jesus Christ, just hand him over to serve a purpose.
Her naryed guards stood to either side of her, now
still unarmed but tensed to move. Part of my brain

tight with basilisk, mapped the surest ways to cleave each
creature's heart. Very well, that's it, of course, I told
you this was all mere pretext. I can arrange for
his delivery to the station and you can take it

from I'm sorry, who are you? I turned and saw
tabitha veil striding across the room toward us. Blonde hair
swept behind her. She lashed out her left arm, and
the flesh unfurled like sailcloth or a membranous wing, unfolding

from the semblance of a human arm, and then the
flesh tightened into a scimitar. I opened my mouth to
say something. She pushed me aside, and in horror, I
watched the blade slice Glenna's beautiful head from her shoulders.
Twin geysers of blood erupted from her severed arteries, and
her body fell to its knees. Opus rushed the attacker,

but the veil Thing ducked his grapple with inhuman speed.
It brought the claw like appendage around in a vicious
arc and sent his head rolling across the floor as well.
Blood fell like rain. I drew a knife in each hand,
flipped the left into throwing position, but the thing that

was veil awash with gore was already stabbing its weaponized
arm through the side of the egg shaped tank, shattering
glass and skewering the flesh within. The bodies finished tumbling
to the floor. The heads rolled to a stop, eyes
blinking like moth wings in lantern light. The veil Thing

withdrew the vicious limb from the tank and turned to me.
We have a story for you, m h. The second

oil age was produced by Robert Lamb, Alex Williams, Lauren Vogelbaum,
and Josh Stain. This episode featured Angel Masters as snov Pon,
Lauren Vogelbaum as Tabitha vale Gina Rikiki as Asia Marsh,
and Robin Bloodworth as kin Hoffman, supporting voice work by
Anna Hosnia Intro Altro, and supporting music created by The

Weirding Mondule. Learn more at Module dot bandcamp dot com.
Music for the Cuttle Cat Kittlefish Media segment Baby Duck
Bill by Jacob two Tou provided by King Deluxe Records.
Learn more at King de Luxe dot c A. For

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