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February 3, 2020 33 mins

Pearl (Elizabeth Hunter) enjoys success on the vaudeville stage, until a disruptive audience member (Troy Willis) attempts to derail the performance. This sparks the attention of two would-be benefactors: Harry Houdini (Andrew Benator) and a scientist performing psychical research: Albert von Schrenck-Notzing (Tim McDonough).

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
The Seventh Daughter contains scenes of realistic violence and graphic sexuality.
It is intended for mature listeners. Have you come seeking knowledge?
Do you wish to know the truth? Allow me to

show you. Close your eyes and follow the sound of
my voice. Allow it to lead you further into the past.
When I remove my blindfold, you may look into my eyes.
Don't just look at them, look through them, and you

will see what they have seen, and all my secrets
will be revered. The Seventh Daughter h m hm ye.

From the moment she was born, the seventh child of
her mother, all of them girls, it was obvious that
this child was special. No child's future ever seemed to
shine so bright. She was given the finest education, but
somehow possessed knowledge that even her tutors had not yet attained.

She had an uncanny ability to commune with animals, and
loved nothing more than to wander the shadows of the
forest or to pick among the stones of the village cemetery.
Pandora wears a blindfold not so she cannot see you,
but because her eyes bear the imprint of that dreadful tragedy.

She carries with her the gaze of Lucifer. To look
deeply into Pandora's eyes is to see reflected in their
depths the means of your own death. And for this
reason is the band of white lace wrapped around her
eyes soul. Without further ado, allow me to present to

you the youngest and most brilliant clairvoyant ever to call
forth spirits from the veil of the beyond, the seventh Daughter, Pandora.

This evening for your spiritual gratification, Pandora will offer a
demonstration of her mental prowess. She will call down from
the heavens, or up from the abyss, the wisdom of
the spheres, and will provide you with answers to the
questions that have burdened you, no matter how serious, And

to prove that her wisdom is a gift from the
spirits that dwell in the ether that surrounds us, she
will provide these answers, specific detailed answers, without having been
asked the question, wait, how could I possibly do that?

I invite those among you with a pressing spiritual need
to write it on one of these slips of paper
and seal it in the envelope. The ushers are moving
among you to distribute them. We only ask that, as
a token of your sincerity, you enclose a single coin
in the envelope with your question. Any coin will do,

though no copper police. It may be good for conducting electricity,
but we've found that the spirits traveled more effectively through
precious metals. These envelopes will remain sealed in full view
of the audience and will only be opened after she

has answered the questions. I'm going to provide answers. That's
right before or I've read the questions, Yes, exactly, But
you'll read the questions and communicate to me. We'll use
the alcohol trick. Swab it on the outside so the
paper becomes transparent and I can read the card inside. No,

I don't see how I can do it. Then, like
all good ducker in it is astonishingly simple. The secret
is the first question is a phony, but all the
other questions are real. All it requires is the brief
assistance of one stick in the audience. So we now
have a stack of envelopes. They are shuffled, and one

is brought to you. You press it between your palms
as if you're praying over it. Bow your head, close
your eyes. Now provide an answer. Wait, what answer? It
doesn't matter. Just answer a question, any question. So help me, God,

if you ever give an answer that in front of
a house. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm just confused. I
just okay. Answer. I called down the spirits of the
heavens and asked them to make me a fount of wisdom,
dislike the thirst of your lonely souls. I feel the

angels beginning to stir. I feel their breath upon my neck.
I hear their whispers in my ear. What do they
tell you, child? How Howard Howell? Mr Howell? And what
do the spirits wish to tell? Mr? Howell? I am

in a place of darkness, a tiny space. There's a
shiny disk here, thicker than a gold coin, but just
as precious. The shiny round object is hanging from a
gold chain. It is hidden inside a wall in a kitchen.
That is what Mr Howell wishes to know. Then our

stick stands up and says, my name's Howel, Mr Howe.
Did you submit a card to Pandora? I did open
the envelope. Pandora, read the Gentleman's question, andorra if you

please read the Gentleman's question the question on the card,
But it's impossible. Not the question on the card. I'm confused.
You already made up an answer. Now make up the
question where can I find my granddaddy Earl's pocket watch?

Did you write that? Mr Howell? I did? I did?
May I congratulate you on the recovery of your missing item?
You may be seated. The stick sits down and you
go on to the next one. Now what do I
do for the duration of the evening? You provide answers,

then questions for as long as the coins keep arriving.
So if we use the stick to put over the
first question, where do I get the second question? You
already know the second question, I do? You still haven't
figured it out. You're holding it in your hand. The
first question you received from the audience when you pretended

to read where is my grandfather's pocket watch? What did
that paper actually say? Oh? It said? It said what
is the capital of Wyoming? Signed Thomas Underwood? So you
throw that envelope away. Will the volunteer please place a
new envelop and Pandora's hands there you go. Hold it tightly,

my dear, concentrate, my child, Allow yourself to be a
vessel for the spirits and tell us child, the answer
to the question concealed in the envelope. Chyenne Shane. So
you understand that you always answer the question that came before,

but you pretend to be answering the one you've just
received but not yet opened. And it's the stick by
taking credit for the first question that allows you to
see the questions before you provide the answers. But what
if we get a question that I can't answer, find
a way, don't want to answer. If you need help,
speak to me in code. I'll try to respond. An

envelope has been placed in your hand, Pandora, reveal to
us now the truth that someone is searching for. My
vision is clouded. There's a darkening of the heavens. That
is my baby in heaven. So that the beacon of
that's the question. Bow your heads and close your eyes,

ladies and gentlemen, and to let the prayers of this
congregation always heaven. It's star is shrouded. Oh, my dear child,
there's no loss more painful than that of someone who
has lost someone precious. Come along, dear, allow the truth

to reveal itself. There is among you in the audience one,
who is I think it should fa an answer. To
relieve Pandora from the disturbance in the ether, I suggest
that we allow her to open this envelope and the
question in this envelope it's a hoax? What is it?

It's quite all right, my dear. I'm sure they meant
no harm. We can simply open. Then someone among you
feels that pretending to have lost a child is an
amusing way of testing my abilities, Well, I'm afraid your
test has failed, and I demand that you show yourself
and face your shame. Are you that much of a coward?

Show yourself, scoundrel, coward? I'm no coward, Yes, you not?
I who is deceiving these fine people being no curtain,
not until this fraud is exposed. If you're going to
put on a show for these good citizens, you can

do better than that. Give them a real show. Why
don't you start by getting out of these? Don't you
dare touch her? Let's see you get out of these,
your little witch. The girl's not an a statement, and
she's not a psychic either. You'll be given the key
when you are willing to drop to your knees and

beg for it and confess your sins. You see, ladies
and gentlemen, my name is hard Dean. I have come
here at the request of my brother, the Great Podiny,
who stand some more Chascape at the Riveling Theater on
Saturday evening. It has been Houdini's personal crusade to rid

the world of those who would betray the trust of
good honest Americans. Violinist, geese sharp, are you crazy? Do

it and hold it as long as you can. You'll
know when to stop. Well, what do you have to
say for yourself? Please? I didn't mean any horn. You
a little todd deceiving good honest people with your devilish tricks.

Please let me explain. I'm going to destroy you, tear
you to rippons, and everyone in this theater is going
to watch and when I'm finished their little plot. But
before you do, it's important that I show you something.

When I take off my blindfold, you can look into
my eyes and see that I'm telling the truth. Lucifer Scape,
you needn't be afraid afraid. Now you can look look closely.
Don't look at my eyes, look into my eyes, look

through them. Do you see it? See what? Give it
a moment passed through the brown eyes flecked with green.
Look for a face reflected in the dark pool beneath.
You see a face there, don't you? Is it my

left eye or the right? You must concentrate to see
it with both eyes. Whose face is that reflected in
the pool? Is it the left or the right? The
left or the right. You're sinking like a stone asleep

in the deep. The stone will slide through the depths
until eventually it settles on the bottom. Tell me, mister Harden,
will you do anything your brother, the common magician tells

you to do? If your brother Houdini told you to
jump off a bridge, would you do it a little louder? Please?
Would you do it? No? No, of course not. But
what about me? If I told you to step off

a bridge, would you do it? Leave your burden of
disobedience behind hardin? I command you? Now rise up and walk?
Start walking. That's keep walking for the lights. Stop. That's it,

Just like that. It's terrifying, isn't it, Standing on the
ledge looking out into all that darkness, the wind embracing
your face. But the guilty must be punished, mustn't they Yes,
the water will be cold Harden very cold. When you

first penetrate the surface, it will push the breath from
your lungs, and unable to breathe, you'll sink, sink like
a stone, and no one, not even Big Brother, will
be able to save you. Well, what are you waiting for? Goodbye?

Yah oh and Mr Harden take these to the bottom
with you. Any breathe are Roughie? Andy? Mm hmm, mother,

mm hmmm mm hmmm. Can you feel it's all around now? Yes? Please?
Why are you hiding your face? And I can't look

at it? It's too powerful to burn me alive. I
don't not harm you if you treat it with the
proper respect for trying. Would you like to feel it
our love? Would you like to learn what? If you
can't teach you? Yes, then you must allow it to

come inside you. You must un out it to consume you.
But they don't understand what it is. No, you cannot
understand what it is. It is beyond the rension. But
if you are willing you to under yourself choice, it's frightened.

I don't think I care. You are stronger than you know.
Raise your faith from the fog blind? No, No, only
if you open your eyes, Will you begin to see

where we have got to? Just lay her there. It's fine,
she's fine, just overcome by the heat. Thank you. We're
deeply grateful. What did you do out there? How did
you know? You? You crucified that bastard right in front

of everyone. I don't know. I just felt it, and
and then I knew if I could get him to
focus on me. No, there must be an explanation if
it was someone else, maybe but Houdini's own brother. No,

I didn't know what else to do. Maybe he felt
sorry for you. That must have been it. Didn't realize
how young you were until he got on stage, and
then he saw you had a change of heart. That
has to be it. I don't know a man like
that doesn't just lie down and allow himself to be

publicly humiliated. No, they're up to something. I think it
was me? What you I think I did it? Excuse me? Yes,
my card. My name is fried Hair Albert one shrink

not sink. Perhaps you've heard of me. No, I'm sorry,
but you'll have to excuse us. Pandora is under tremendous strain.
I'm a physician. The girl's fine, just over note I'm
a physician engaged in psychical research. I assist certain prominent

members of society in locating authentic mediums and spiritists. That
is a very noble calling. I wish you every client
of mine, a very important person who would be quite
interested in engaging your the girl Pandora for a private sitting.

I'm sure of it. Oh would he or she? I'd
rather not? She I beg your pardon, your client as
a woman. Ah, You see, the truth just flows through her.

It's hard to believe, but Pandora has ways of knowing
without thinking. Has the girl ever performed a cabinet sitting?
She has, but I no longer allow her to do
so because of the extreme physical toll it takes on her.
You see for yourself the price she pays with her

body and soul. Money she has performed the seance. That's
it's successful. Successful. A last time Pandora did a cabinet sitting,
the clocks in the room chimed thirteen and then suddenly stopped.

The table wrapped like a hammer, and teleplasm poured from
every opening of her body, like a fountain of life
cascading down her body. How soon could she perform I
told you she's so weak she shouldn't be performing here Nightly.
Person has to eat. We can't all sponge off of

prominent members of society. As much as we'd like to
help you with your research, we're in no position to
donate our services, no matter how noble the cause. She
has been probed by physicians and prayed over by ministers,

and none of them can explain her gift. All they
can do is acknowledge their They have never seen anyone
quite like her. They are mystified. They don't know what
to do, and what can we do? What can we do?
We have no choice. I help the girl regain her strength.

We trudge back to the theater and earn our crusts
of bread. It wouldn't take long. It's a twenty minute
cab right from here. In the evening, we would have
to cancel a performance. I can offer money. What you understand?
If I pay you, then that reduces you to hied entertainers.

Is there anything wrong with being an entertainer to question
the integrity of the girl's motives? You see what I mean?
M hm. That is quite a dilemma, isn't it. Well?
We wish you the best as you try to work
that out. May I speak to her? I'm afraid not,

but if I could just it's more to take a moment, broke.
You have my card, yes, I do, thank you. The
current is catching you. You feel it tugging at your legs,

starting to pull you downstream. You can struggle against the
current if you want to buy a little time, but
you'll exhaust yourself. You could try to swim for sure,
get out of the water and swear never to get
back in, or or let the current carry you. Navigate

the waters and prepare for the whirlpool that's waiting downstream.
I didn't think it would happen so quickly. Neither did I,
but you exceeded my expectations. It's time that we stopped
trying to find Corbo. He'll soon find us. It's time
to begin thinking about what we're going to do once

we reach him. We me you no reason to be apprehensive.
There are still things I have yet to teach you.
H m hmm. You don't open for another two hour.

I was told to come here. How Stone open for
another two hours? Okay. I was given this card and
asked to come here right Go around to the service
entrance and ring the bell. Look at the card. Mr
Houdini himself ring the bell. Someone will see you up now,
Thank you, thank you. Look, lady, the lobby don't open

till five. You want to get in, you go around back.
It's not what you think. Please take this card and
send my regrets to the gentle Wait there, all right,
Come on a visitor for Mr Houdini. Send her in

a hello, Mrs Rose Rose? Is that your first or
last name? It's my professional name, sort of like Houdini.
Rose is Rose is Rose. Then I invited you here.
May I get you anything? T I'm fine? Thank you?

Is the girl with you? No? I try not to
involve her in the business of our business. Wise, very wise, Well,
I wanted to speak to you for several reasons. First,
to apologize for the way my brother interrupted your performance.
Was he not acting under your instructions? Yes, but he

can be ah bit over zealous. I hope there are
no hard feelings. Secondly, I wish to compliment you and
the girl on the way you manage the situation. Marvelous. Truly,
most performers would have fled the stage, but she didn't.
She stood up to him. When I perform my escapes.

I have to be prepared for any eventuality. No matter
how thoroughly I rehearse or train myself physically, something can
and often will go wrong, and when it does, I
have to figure out a way to overcome it. There's
no time to think. It has to be instinctual. If
that instinct fails me, I die. Pandora has that very instinct,

and it's something that cannot be taught and learned. She
always maintained the illusion. She's not like other performers. Indeed,
she is not pandora professional name. I take it like Hoodini.
I would like to ask Pandora, through you, as her representative,

if she would be interested in a long term opportunity.
What do you have in mind. I'm interested in having
her become part of my act. I was thinking she
could perform her mentalist act as sort of a prelude
to mine. It's a basic mind reading, preferably without asking
for alms, and then afterward I would come on stage

and reveal the secrets of how her wonder as are performed.
The public is very interested in the exposure of the
spirit medium, so you want to try and expose her,
humiliate her, night after night, do what your brother was
unable to. If Harden had wanted to expose and humiliate her,
he would have, so why didn't he Because when she

faced him down on that stage, he recognized her talent
as a stage performer and decided that she would be
more valuable to us with her reputation intact. Rather than
devalue her in front of six hundred people, he opted
to humiliate himself. I should think that the girl owes
him a debt of gratitude. We owe him nothing. Harry

Hudini invites you to his dressing room, apologizes to you compliments,
you offers you an opportunity most illusionists would give their
right arms to have, and you respond with contempt. We
could guarantee six months of bookings out of the year,
and you might mention to her that I'll be returning

to Hollywood this summer to make another moving picture. You
would be invited to accompany her as her chaperone. Thank
you for your hospitality and your offer, but I'm afraid
i must decline. We are currently weighing an offer from
another individual, one who appreciates Pandora's talents, actually believes in her.

Oh no, You're not going to let her get mixed
up with believers, are you. I didn't raise Pandora to
perform as a fake. You yourself said she has a
talent that can't be taught. That's right, nor can it
be bought. I see you'd rather sell her on a
street corner. Yes, we've been watching you for some time.

On whose behalf? Are you trying to procure her? Your
own or someone else's procure her? I'm hoodie me on
whose behalf but my own? Would I possibly be asking
a certain blackbird? Perhaps black bird? What is that supposed
to mean? I'll see myself outs rose one moment plays

the whole seventh thought of business, considering the blackbirds proclivities.
You'll permit me to ask, is this really something you
should be involving Pandora in? Are you actually concerned about
the girl's well being? Shouldn't someone be goodbye? Mr Houdini? Oh,

and I do have one favor to ask. Could you
see your way to choosing a different song to introduce
her act? You see asleep in the deep is well?
It's my song? Lord lord, Oh, I must now replace

my blind hold as my vision begins to fade. Your
own senses will gradually return, return to the warmth in
the light of your own reality. The Seventh Daughter is

a production of I Heart Radio, written and directed by
Brett Wood, recorded and mixed by Rob Gal, featuring Mica
Wilkes as Rose and Elizabeth Hunter as Pearl. There you
may now open your eyes
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