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March 30, 2020 29 mins

One of The Seventh Daughter's distinguishing features is its music, and this episode presents a selection of original and adapted music created for the podcast by Rob Gal. Featuring performances by Minka Wiltz and Flournoy Holmes.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
They say the seventh daughter can read minds, conjure voices
from the grave, cause spirits to rise and frolic in
the dark. I'll do all that, so you shall. It
is the family trade. M m m m mm hmmm

m r j ch ch ch ch ch. I do

love you, Paul. You have to believe that m M

comes with the joking kind he mayor while stream come true.

B b b b b b b b b b

b are so please, please, if you'll let me stay

and let me dream, just another hour, just a few
more minutes, let me be the woman I wish I
could be. You did it once, I felt so true.

You can do it again, only make it less longer.
I can't live his life but darker. It was so

warm there. The light was golden, and my skin never
felt warmer than when the sun the sun was shining
on me. There he was standing in a pond, at

the edge of a pond in the sun. And I
saw someone I know I haven't seen for years, and
I was talking to her. She was holding something, and

it was what is the color of the fee of saying?
It is a fathershipful man? Good? Is a bid would

for having faith and I, oh, my de is the

color a free us apart that was shut for ah
is a cris wor for face all see mm hmm

mm hm. Can you feel it's all around now? Yes?
Why are you hiding your face? I can't look at it.

It's too powerful to burn me alive. I don't not
harm you if you treat it with the proper respect, trying.
Would you like to hear it? Our? Would you like
to learn what if you got to teach you? Yes,

then you must allow it to come inside you. You
must allow it to push show you. But I don't
understand what it is now. You cannot understand what it is.
It is beyond comprehension. But if you are willing you

to rumber yourself choice, I'm right. I don't think I care.
You are stronger than you know. THO raise your hand
from before, O God blind No girl, Only if you

open your eyes will you begin to see? H t

m m m hm m m m hm m m

m m. You are my daughter, but you are so
much more. You are yourself. You are Samson, Salome, Mai,

the Gollumn, the Goddess, all rolled into one. You are
fire and brimstone. Made flesh. May you live to conquer
all who stand in your path. Amen, m M who,

m O P s U, m m m m boom,

m m m hm m m m m. There you

may now open your eyes. The Seventh Daughter is a
production of I Heart Radio
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