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May 12, 2024 41 mins

Greg explains why conference realignment usually leads to volatile results for teams entering a new conference, talks to Justin Perri of Shot Quality Bets about the offseasons biggest transfer moves thus far and the importance of adjusting homecourt advantage for longer road trips with conference realignment & Greg recaps Saturday's college basketball coaching and player movement

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3:22-The impact conference realignment has had on handicapping home court

10:56-Interview with Justin Perri

35:14-Recap of Saturday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
If we're We're Funny Looking to Love Me Las Vegas
for Coscaci with myself Sagets Peterson now part of the
Vasa Family podcast. You've got a great podcast where he
has joining me in segment number two, we are gonna
have a board. One of our good friends, Justin Perry,
does such great workover at Shock while he bets along
with that, he's also got the show, The Justin Berry Show,

and we're gonna be chatting with him about just what
we're all seeing in terms of realignment, the latest of
which coming with the Whack losing a few teams like
Grand Canyon. They're gonna be losing Seattle in the next
few years to the WCC. As we know, the WCC
and those remaining PAC twelve teams in Washington State and
Oregon State have come to a little bit of an

agreement some of the things that he's taking a look
at in terms of the idiosyncrasies, in terms of just
some of the trends that he's do us with some
of these programs, how he's gonna be deciphering that if
there's anything with regards to like a departing team like
Seattle and Grand Kanyon, as in terms of a betting
perspective when it comes to this upcoming season as well.
And then it's gonna be diving in on some of

the top transfers that we have seen here in the
off season, some of the teams that he really feels
have done a tremendous job. I'll be able to maximize
this portal period. And then in the final segment, we're
gonna get you guys a recap of the news announce
that we saw in college basketball over the past twenty
four hours. If you do have a question comment segment
idea what I have be for this podcast, you do
have one of the two ways to feel far listen,

whereas one is my Twitter slash exs timeline at you
d under forty one and keep in mind learn cm
they mean does on matters, so as per usual, please
just send these into the timeline. Other ways find an
Apple podcast review. If you read this podcast five starts
and it's very much appreciate them. From there, you're able
to fire on whatever you'd like to hear on this
podcast via the five star view. And I do think
that it is really interesting taking a look at all
their relignment that we have seen in the off season,

as we've got a bunch of teams that are going
to be in new places because with like the new
look Big Ten, you're gonna have teams like ecla USC
going on over to Rutgers. And I was talking about
this on the podcast yesterday in terms of gauging home court,
you can no longer utilize a boiler plate three points.
And I do think the question becomes what to expect

out of these newer teams in their respective conferences, because
you've got challenges on both fronts. When it comes to
a team like Purdue having to prepare for Ucla, that
is something brand spanking new for them. It's something that
they've never dealt with me And while for Ucla obviously
she was on the other foot, they've never.

Speaker 2 (02:23):
Had to deal with Prdue before.

Speaker 1 (02:24):
And typically when it comes to teams going to new conferences,
what I feel like I've noticed is that it's either
demonstratively good or demonstratively bad. Like it's very rare where
you see a team flip over from one conference to another.
Let's say that they were USC for example, they had
a down year this last year in the Pac twelve,
but overall over the last five or six years. You

take last year on the equation, solid pack twelve team,
not the best team in the PAC twelve, but a
solid team. It's very rare that they go over to
a new conference and they're right there. Maybe they have
like a down year here and there, but they're relatively solid,
not terrible, not amazing. There once in a while, competing
for a second week trip to the NCAA tournament. Once

in a while they're a little bit down, but typically
they're somewhere in the middle. Like typically I've been finding,
it's either really really good or really really bad, like
even something these scenes that have come up from the
DJ level to the D one level. We saw Bellerman
and like your number two in the Atlantic Sun be
able to win the conference tournament like we have seen
some of these seeds be absolute lightning rods and their
respective conferences. Liberty was not able to buster this past

season over in Conference USA, but keep in mind when
they went from I believe it was a big South
of the Antlantic Sun, they completely ran that conference. It
was just not even fair to all those other teams
we've seen the new look OVC, it has been completely
overrun by more say, won the few teams that remained
from the OVC when you saw Belmont and Murray State

defect a few seasons ago. So I think that it
is very interesting to be able to dive in on that.
Like you thought that Houston was going to be taking
a step back when they went from the American Conference
of the Big Twelve, and yeah, they lost a few
more games than they would have been conference if they
would have stayed in the American But I mean that
was a big giant leap and they still were able
to earn a conference regular season crown. Obviously things go

awry for them in the NCAA Tournament. But I do
think that every single set of circumstances does have its
own challenges. Both do have just their advantages and disadvantages.
You should be taking a look at every one of
them individually, and I do think that it is going
to be very important to be gauging home court moving forward,
much like I was talking about yesterday, as conference or alignment.

It does cause for, in my opinion, a lot of volatility,
and you can find some if you're playing like conference
futures things like that, where there's not many books out
of here on lovey Las Vegas. That unfortunately do those
of you that are listening out there more in the
Midwest that have access to places like Bette Rivers, Draftings,
Sanduel what have you.

Speaker 2 (04:52):
You actually have way more options.

Speaker 1 (04:53):
Than someone the I I do does And personally I'm
not too much of a futures player anyway, but that
set being able to take a look at some of
these zultte conferences, I do feel like you can find
some tremendous value on some of these lesser teams because
I do feel like it does lead to a lot
more volatility. So did want to lend my thoughts there,
and coming up next, let's get the thoughts of another
very intelligent college basketball voice in Justin Perry on this front.

Also take a look at some of the top transfers
that we've seen this offseason as well. That's up next
right here on because because.

Speaker 2 (05:20):
He's with myself, Greg gaate s Peterson, now my apartment
of family's not going.

Speaker 1 (05:33):
Ever bragu welly Las Vegas, because he guess with myself
Greg gabs Peterson now part of the Decent Family podcast.
It is always great to be joined by this man,
as Justin Perry. He does an absolutely tremendous job over
at shock qually Bets taking a look at this great
game that we all know and love. I know that
he does a great job on so many different fronts,
the hosts of the Justin Perry Show, which that does
a great job looking at a little bit of everything,

whether that be basketball, baseball, you name it, he does it.
He's also contributing for those our baseball fans over at
Pitcherless this year as well. Here we'll follow Justin on
the old Twitter slash cks at his first and last ame,
Justin Perry. That last name's spelled pri the number eight
all together and Justin always pleasure, my friend, Thank you, Greg.

Speaker 3 (06:13):
Always a pleasure to be here. I love talking to
little college hoops, even in the offseason, honestly, maybe especially
in the off season. A lot of great stuff going on.
Things you got to know if you want to stay
ahead for next season.

Speaker 1 (06:24):
Absolutely, and I think that it was very interesting what
we saw over the last few days in terms of
realignment and expansion, as Grand Canyon, along with Seattle, they
are going to be leaving for the WCC as the
entire West Coast landscape is going to be interesting because
Washington State and Oregon State. They are currently like affiliate
members as of right now. What's going to be happening

with them in the next few seasons that is very
much in limbo as well. But how do you take
a look at just what's happening with regards to some
of this realignment on the West Coast and do you
think that this is something that could linger onto the
court a little bit this year or is this more
something to take a look at for twenty twenty five,
twenty twenty six and moving forward.

Speaker 3 (07:04):
You know, I definitely think it's something you want to
look at maybe with the teams that are set to
move more so than like you know, any of the conferences.
Other than like this doesn't really impact WCC this year,
It doesn't really impact the whack this year. It could
be something we see maybe with some teams moving in
terms of how they approach this specific season. Oregon State,

Washington State. Like you said, right that two year affiliation
deal expires in twenty twenty six, they're probably not staying
with the WCC after that. It's going to be very
interesting to see how that all unfolds. But for now,
maybe maybe looking for those teams to be a little
bit less focused, but again, you know, when it comes
down to actually making my bets, you know, come November.

I don't think that's necessarily going into a game by
game handicap unless we start to really see something come
about with those players maybe not wanting to be there,
but you know, I don't know. I think they all
have a chance now to move up, right, Like these
colleges don't necessarily view this as a bad move of
something that they don't want to endure. They're trying to
increase their standing, get into better conferences. I mean, you

know a lot of arguments being made between the WHACK
and the WCC, but I think this is a good thing.
I don't know if it really creates an environment where, oh,
we want to go win in our last year, or
if they're just becoming more future focused so have a
little hesitancy. I think it's a really fun part of
the equation to sort of figure out. And you know,

maybe when we get into the years where there's new
teams these conferences. I personally have an opinion that you know,
new teams like after they transfer, conferences, especially on the road,
can really get baby brothered, which is very normal these conferences.
You're not usually accepting a team that's going to come
in and win everything. I mean, there have obviously been
some instances. FAU looked great this year, but it's a

very special instance. So especially at this mid low major level. Yeah,
I'm not really expecting anything too crazy, but yeah, maybe
when they do get to the new conference, looking to
fade them as they endure new environments, new road trips,
new matchups, especially on the road. It's hard. It's hard
to win in conference on the road, especially when you're
the newest number.

Speaker 2 (09:12):

Speaker 1 (09:12):
Absolutely, And I do think that that's such an interesting
dynamic to look at as Justin Perry does great workover
at Jockqually Betts. He's joining me right here on Costa
soops because I bring up the fact that the WCC
is expanding and that's gonna be nice in a few years.
But I mean, all these conferences, with regards to the
Power Conferences, they look brand spanking new because with the
BAC twelve, the BAC twelve is no more. You've got

two teams remaining, and as we were mentioning, you've got
that little bit of affiliation with the WCC. The next
few seasons but when it comes to the Big Ten,
you're gonna have these teams like Ruggers having to travel
out to the West Coast. You're gonna have USC and
also UCLA having to travel to like Wisconsin, what have you.
And just how do you take a look at that
dynamic because just the blueprint that we got from the

Big Twelve this last season with teams like Central Florida,
by you coming in is it felt like those teams
like Central Floor like BUYU, they actually did a very
good job of holding their own at home, but as
you were mentioning, it feels like on the road is
where it really takes something out of them.

Speaker 3 (10:11):
Yeah, it's definitely going to be tough for both I
think sides of the Big Ten now right, because this
isn't the same thing as a mid or low major conference.
This is a power conference. These teams have the highest
level of resources, the best ability to prepare for this,
the most tenured and experienced athletes who have likely been

very involved traveling around the country and playing basketball. So
I think this is going to be really interesting. I
think it continues to give home court advantage in the
Big Ten a huge bolster just in general because Now
not only are you going to have to go out
to those locations, and not only are those you know,
Western teams going to have to I mean, you see
a lego at a Penn State, that's gonna be crazy.
That's crazy. Now those players that maybe who have been

in the Big Ten, and maybe these coaches that have
been in the Big Ten, now they have to factor
in West coast travel, these West coast trips. How does
it look when they're getting back from a big West
coast trip. When you do play on the East coast,
we know very often it's hard to go east. So
I'm very interested to see how teams do returning from
the West. I'm very interested to see how the Western
teams do going east. I do expect a program like

UCLA to probably hold its own and maybe a little
bit better than USC that can be a little bit
up and down in terms of the players that they recruit.
But it's going to be another very fun year in
that conference. A lot of great home teams. I mean
we saw all season, you know, Nebraska was elite at home.
Purdue holds home court very well, Maryland holds home court

very well. Michigan now gets Dusty May I expect them
to be very well coached at home and probably have
a little bit more energy around that program. Great home
court environments, I would expect that when we say here
next year talking about this conference and how it all went,
that home teams probably will have a favorable spread record.

Speaker 1 (11:53):
Oh, I'm right there with you, and we've seen it
over the last few years in general. And something I've
had to do with my handicapping is if you're just
biler plate number for home court advantages three and in
this and age of college basketball, I just can't go
with the boiler plate number anymore.

Speaker 2 (12:06):
I have to very much base it by this situation.

Speaker 1 (12:08):
But a lot of people view that as sort of
that shall we say, media and that average number.

Speaker 2 (12:14):
I have to take a look at it.

Speaker 1 (12:15):
And in the Big Ten, I was awarding a whole
lot more than three points for a team that you
were mentioning, like a Purdue, even a team like a
Wisconsin they always played different at the cool Center rather
than on the road, whereas a conference like the Metro Atlantic,
where from time to time you can go on the
subway to travel to a road trip. And that's something
where I do think that that needs to be very

much tweaked, and I do think that when it comes
to gauging old court this year, more so than ever before,
it needs to be on a little bit more of
a sliding sale. I don't think that anyone can have
a boiler plate number anymore for home court because it's
a whole lot different jumping on the subway to travel
to a game rather than having to go across three
time zones.

Speaker 3 (12:54):
Yeah, just a bit, just a bit. I think we
do see some variability. We've seen it in the ken
Palm numbers this year. A NEC specifically right very low.
I think the biggest home court advantage in the NEEC
this season was around two point four lowest one point seven,
while you go into something like you know, the Mountain West,
and you had New Mexico with like one of the
top five strongest home courts at around four point three,

and then all the way down to something like Fresno
State at two point five, which is still better than
the best in the NEEC. So that's pretty fair. I
do think, you know, if you want to zoom out
and be really basic about it and call it three,
you know, with your eyes squinted from ten miles away,
from the game. Sure, but you know, no, you and
I we share the same philosophy, Greg. We like to

get very granular and there does need to be that
sliding scale, you know. And I think it's probably even
a little bit more than just what ken Palm says.
I personally find Ken Palm's home court numbers to be
a little bit diminished compared to what I feel we
do see in terms of like the magnitude. So I think,
like you know, talking about a fairly Dickinson. Yeah, it's
the three hundred and fifty ninth best home court advantage

last year. It probably shouldn't even be one point seven.
It should probably be pretty close to zero. And it's
just being sort of nice and generous giving them a
one and a half. I mean, that's nothing. We'll see
how it goes. I think there's also a big familiarity factor.
Of course, it can go either way, right Like the
Missouri Valley teams going to Drake or going to Bradley.
Bradley is the one that leads to MVC in home

court usually, so going to Bradley's, even though they do
it every year, it's still tough, Like it's still just
such a good environment. So I think you need to
find like a balance between which are just historically tough
places to go play in the conference, which teams just
hold home court very well. The environment is a big deal.
I mean, Bradley, they care about their basketball, while if
you go to like Belmont Illinois Chicago, it hasn't been

exactly this huge part of their culture. So I think
there's a lot of play assigning it a you know,
arbitrary three is probably going to get you in a
bit of trouble, and yeah, you're not going to lose
five points, but you still can be an easy one,
two three points off depending on the conference. So that
type of disparity can make or break a season. So yeah,

I would be very careful, and I would analyze home
court pretty cautiously.

Speaker 1 (15:09):
Yeap, I would say so as well, it's going to
become more and more critical as things get more and
more spread out.

Speaker 2 (15:14):
In the same age of college basketball.

Speaker 1 (15:16):
As Justin Barry does Turmamendous worked over at Chocko, Wally
Vess has showed me right here oncas hoops, and I
know that this team is going to be getting a
lot more than three points for home court. That'd be
Saint John's and you're a man that's out there in
the great state of New York. I know you're a
man that's surcing for the Saint John's program to be
able to get back to the glory years. But what
have you made out of their moves the last few days?

Bringing Kadari Richmond who was so good over at Seaton
Hall this last year, and Daveon Smith who, as we know,
he became a triple double machine over at Utah towards
the back half of the season. Because while these guys
are both ball dominant, I feel like both guys have
elements of their game to where they're going to play
very well with one another.

Speaker 3 (15:54):
Dave On Smith top sixth percentile in passing, a top
twelve percentile and steel rate the three point efficiency is
not great from him, but I don't see him taking
a lot of shots from outside a true like on
ball creator. I think that's something for Smith that I
expect Patino to work with him a lot on is
how he plays off the ball. That's what Patino can

sort of up his game with and I'm assuming it's
what they brought him in with this idea of it's
like Okay, we can up your game. We can sort
of get you know, those those movements. Try you open
a little bit more. And then Kadari Richmond another great passer,
incredibly tough inside, a really strong block presence, really solid
at getting his own shot, you know, gets to the

free throw line a good amount and can hit those shots.
Does take a little too many mid range shots, and
I definitely have a little concern with how Patino plays
that he might encourage that a little too much. But yeah,
I mean these guys, I've heard some people talking that
they're a little too similar and they're going to bump
heads a little bit. I think we get it figured out.
I think Rick Patino gets it figured out. Richmond probably

going to operate a little bit more on the post
on the left block. He's been very very strong. I
expect to continue to see that. I mean, you know,
the other way I think that they work together really
well is really just getting Smith to come off the
ball on like an off the dribble three point shot,
getting available off that maybe a dribble handoff type of thing.

It should be interesting, not one hundred percent sold. I
really did want omir. I'll tell you the truth. Over Smith.
I thought Omir and Richmond would have maybe worked a
little bit better. But of course the Miami transfer shows Baylor,
which is understandable. I'm interested to see how it goes.
I mean, again, this is a big shift for what
I think Smith played in the system that he comes from.

But I expect Kadari Richmond to be a seamless move over.
Of course used to the Big East a little bit
of drama and the poach, but I think they just
definitely liked what they saw in terms of like honestly,
when when he dropped eighteen against Saint John's in the
sixty eight sixty two win over my Johnny, so that
was a good performance. I'm sure they really did see

some great stuff there. But he's going to need a
little work. I'm excited to see how they do with,
you know, keeping Joel Soriano around. I have some faith Greg.
I don't know if they're going to win the Big East,
but I think they'll do better than last year, maybe
more so in the past season. I feel confident about
them getting into the tournament. I mean, you know, one
of the teams, along with Seaton Hall, that probably had
the biggest claim to being upset about their you know, denial,

but who knows what they get in and they have
to play that Colorado State team instead of Virginia. I mean,
it was a tough Colorado State team. I'm excited. I
do think Kadari Richmond is a very good player. He
had a bunch of great performances over the course of
the season. Smith, you know, a little bit more up
and down, and we'll see how he does adjusting to
New York. It definitely could be tough. It wouldn't be
shocked to see him struggle in the non conference a

little bit, but should be a very formidable team in
the Big East. Would not be shocked to see them
competing for a top three seed for the Big East
Tournament come March.

Speaker 2 (18:56):
And I feel very justified in saying this.

Speaker 1 (18:59):
I think that they would have been able to score
more than the amount of points that we saw from
Virginia in the NCAA tournament if they would have played
against God and if they did not, that would have
been pretty darn said. As Justin Perry does such great
workover at Chalk Quality. Bess is joining to me right
here on casseups and I know that you were alluding
to it. Not Chad omer going to Baylor. I thought

that that was one of the best transfer moves that
we have seen in college basketball thus far this offseason.
But what are some other moves that are popping out
to you? Because I do think that the Omier move
that is without a question going to be absolutely massive
for what we're going to be seeing out of Baylor
moving forward, and just how you look at things, we'll
have been some of the teams have had the best
transfer portal hall this far in the offseason.

Speaker 4 (19:39):
For your money, man, it's been a very I mean,
how it's hard to keep track. I think the biggest
transfers the probably top five. Maybe of course omit Omir
going to Baylor, of course.

Speaker 3 (19:51):
But you gotta mention John old Davis going to Arkansas
not getting into Michigan because of transfer credit issues. I
don't believe he's graduated yet, so it can be very tough.
Michigan's very stingy about letting players in. We saw, you know,
Vlad Golden get into Michigan because he's a grad transfer.
And then also Danny wolf Is the undergraduate coming from
Gail has a little bit more maneuverability because those credits

are a little bit more accepted. So Jonald Davis rebounded
just fine. He's probably the biggest get of the season
Arkansas playing for coach cal coacc Player of the year
six ' four eighteen point six point three rebounds and
a steal per game. And that's that's not a joke.
That's a big one for sure. A little bit of
older news now. But obviously Tucker Derees going with his

dad from Drake to West Virginia is a big transfer.
I'm very excited to see. I mean, you know, West
Virginia tried to pull together this year, did not go
well Jessee Edwards and did not pan out for them,
So I think it'll be a better year for West Virginia,
like the coach as well. Of course, a little bit
different coaching scenario after you know, the Bob Huggins saga
this time last year. But yeah, Aj Storrer another really

big one going to Kansas. That's a big one man,
six ft six wing, seventeen points a game. He can
kind of do it wherever. He's a great shot maker.
And then yeah, I mean joining oh mer Man Jeremy Roach,
that's gonna be a heck of a combo. I mean,
he played under coach k and then he played under
John Shier and three times All ACC Honors, fourteen points

and shot forty three percent from three. He's pretty good.
You know he's gonna slot in for ray J. Dennis
and play that same role. I'm really excited for what
Baylor is going to look like. I think those are
the big ones. Of course, Omar Balo going to Indiana
is interesting, but I don't really see that changing very
much of what Indiana looked like. He might just continue
to take bad shots. Of course, really good field goal percentage,

but the fact of the matter is that you need
to almost be better than sixty five percent shooting when
you take the shots that he does. Go one more
for you, Greg, Zeke Mayo and honorable mention Robbie Avila
and coach Shirts of course, but Zeke Mayo going from
South Dakota State to Kansas and man, did we see
what these guys Talalton connect coming out of that same

conference going to Tennessee becoming the dude Watch out for
Zeke Mayo doing that same type of thing. I mean,
this Kansas team is coming for a berth in the
final four. If they've ever looked more ready. I don't know.
I mean, Bill self is so talented at bringing this
talent together. It's gonna be a lot of fun. Hunter
Dickinson staying. Is that correct? Yes he is?

Speaker 1 (22:23):
He is.

Speaker 2 (22:23):
That's great, cold man.

Speaker 3 (22:25):
So, yeah, you're gonna have furfey is He didn't go,
did he? He's staying?

Speaker 2 (22:28):
I believe it.

Speaker 3 (22:29):
Yes, right, So you're gonna have Furfey Dickinson store Mayo
like this team has got to be at the top
with Alabama to be right in it at the end
of the year. In my opinion, Well, obviously, see how
Yukon does. I mean, you know, Bill self has the
tenure of the pedigree. He's shown he can do it
this roster. As long as they stay healthy, I would

be shocked if they're not into the second weekend of
the tournament. Shocked.

Speaker 1 (22:53):
Yeah. With the Kansas Jayikes, I think that they are
in for an absolutely massive year. I'm in total agreement
with you there. I like the moves that they've been
able to make this offseason, and it just feels like
they've got more depth this season as well, which was
very much eluding them last season as well. That ended
up being there undoing, So I think that they're in
for a great year, and we're away's in for a
great year when you're a board on this podcast, justin

because you do such a great job taking a look
at this wonderful game all twelve months of the year.
But on top of that, you're doing a great job
with the NBA Playoff front. I know you're doing amazing
work taking a look at baseball and so much more.
So love to get people at home know it's on
top for you and how people can fall on on
social media and other platforms.

Speaker 3 (23:31):
My pleasure. Thank you so much. And it's definitely grind
you know how it is. It's a lot of work,
but it is the best work possible, having a lot
of fun, contributing over at pitcher lists and of course
doing some of my own baseball handicapping, you know, betting
every single night, I got some plays up, got a
discord run and got my own you know, the whole
nine yards. So we do all that and then of
course shot quality never sleeps, so that's you know, my

main gig. I do a lot of stuff in NBA.
Right now, we're actually going to start WNBA Live betting
and prop very soon. My live show that we do,
Chop Quality Live Betcast, is running every Monday and Thursday nights.
We're picking the best games in the night. We're streaming
for forty five minutes, using our proprietary data to make
live betting picks, and just having a good time with it.

So it's been a lot of fun, and obviously, you know,
it's been very successful. Shot Quality Live I think is
the future of live betting, So having a lot of
fun showing that off, helping build it into a next
generation tool is one of the most proud accomplishments I
have in the betting industry. So obviously always fun to
come talk a little bit about that, talk about the
data that we have because you know, not really anyone

else is logging every single shot of every single player,
every single position, every single close out, every single thing
you can imagine is all imported from video, analyzed by
our proprietary systems. Then we create our own expected numbers
so that we can evaluate the game at a different
level than everybody else.

Speaker 2 (24:53):
It is on a different level, and it is a
supreme level.

Speaker 1 (24:55):
As justin he does such a great job taking a
look at this game of asketball, does great work on
so many different fronts, and every single time he joins.

Speaker 2 (25:03):
The show, I feel like we get smarter.

Speaker 1 (25:05):
So big thanks to Justin for joining me on Go
Seeps now part of the Vison Family podcast and coming backs.
Weekends are a little bit slower the weekdays, but still
saw quite a bit of movement in terms of college basketball.
So we'll give you a recap of last twenty four hours.

Speaker 2 (25:19):
Next every Magyar.

Speaker 1 (25:28):
Bobby Las Vegas because Good Seeps with myself Greg ups
Peterson now part of the Vson Family podcasts. It is
always a pleasure to be joined by our good friend
Justin Perry, who does such great workover at chalkbally Bets
taking a look at this tremendous game that we all
know love of college basketball. Every single time he joins
the show, I do feel like we get quite significantly smarter.
In delivered so much good insight today, so big thanks

Sam for joining me in the last segment. Now it
is that time the podcast I give you a recap
of the news and notes that we saw in college
basketball over last twenty four hours. It's been a little
bit slow going for Danny Sprinkle in the transfer portal
for Washington. I have a feeling that they're still holding
out hope that one great OASA board is going to
be following mister sprinkle On over from Utah State over

to Washington. But that said, they do pick up a
nice player from the WCC. They're gonna be bringing in
Tyler Harris. There have been a lot of Tyler Harris's
thatad have went through college basketball, but for this mister Harris.
He was over at Portland this last season and was
a rock solid player at six foot eight shown in
the mid thirties from three point ange eleven point seven boards,
a block, a steal per contest. He's able to guard

multiple positions. This is a big pickup for a Washington
team that's been a little bit slow coming out of
the gates for them. I like the pickup of DJ Davis,
but in the Big Ten, I think that they're gonna
have a little bit of a tough time competing. Lewis
cot Wright isn't a bad guard coming in from a
Rhode Island, but when you're gonna be happy to go
up against night and night out, these rocks alid Big
Ten teams like Michigan State, like fordwe I think that

it's going to be a little bit tough bringing Tyler
Harris step in the right direction. But I know they're
Our biggest big man is Casey Abique, who comes in
from Oregon State, So still do have some question marks there.
If they're able to get great Osabor, this is going
to be looking a little bit better as of right now.
Do you want to see a little bit more from
our good friends over at Washington Eric Demmings, he last

season was playing over at Utah Tech. He was able
to log about seven a half points per contest, shot
about thirty four percent. He decided that he is going
to be heading on over to Mammoth and for Mamath
it's going to be a little bit of a fall
for them. They had Xander Rice and that was the
coach's son from a season agoing man. He was putting
up twenty plus points per contest. But I did like
what I saw out of Demmings towards back half the

season last year. He was an all whack freshman while
he was over at Utah Tech, being able to elev
ad a program that we only just didn't have a
lot in general to be able to cheer about. They
were dealing with all sorts of injuries they were on
and we'll take care of the ball. And for Demings
did feel like towards the back half of the season
he was really able to get things going a little
bit more. If you take a look at things from

December ninth on, he was shooting from three orange bore
in that neighborhood about thirty four percent from three part range,
logging about seven points per contest, rolling out a little
bit more in terms of facilitation with about two assists
per game. So I do think that there's a little
bit of upside here for Demings, but you do have
to wonder where Mammoth is going to be in the
hierarchy of the Just Coastal Conference in general. I do

think that for Mammath it is going to be a
little bit of an updill battle for them. As for Mammoth,
they are losing. As I mentioned Andrew Rice and he
was misordo it all for the Seam and they lost
some of the antilery pieces like Nika kuts inn Atowski.
Hopefully I said that correctly guys like this, and for Mammath,
they just really haven't replaced a lot of those guys.
At this point, Demings is going to be able to
give them a little bit on the outside end, being

that he was a freshman last year. It's got a
little bit of upside. But you're bringing Madison to a
nice score over at the Citadel Chris Morgan with someone
that saw a few straight minutes over at North Texas
and that's about it. So Mommath clearly has still a
little bit of work to be done in the transfer portal.
We shall see if they're going to be able to
get that work in Isaiah West. He has decided that
he is going to be going on over to sam

I Amford. And for sami Amford, they did have themselves
a very nice night in the transfer portal on Saturday,
as they're also bringing in trade Ford. Trade Ford only
average about five points per contest a season goo over
at Mississippi State. He was rated by juco Recruiting dot
com as a top five junior college transfer when he
was playing at Howard College over in Texas two seasons ago,

was logging twenty five points six fours. Capable of being
a pop three set six foot four That is going
to be absolutely massive, and I think that that is
a textbook perfect fit for Sanford. And then for West
last season was seeing straight minutes. Over at Vanderbilt, he
was able to see about twelve minutes per contest. He
logged about three points per game. I think that he's
going to need to be a little bit of a facilitator,

not necessarily the most.

Speaker 2 (29:41):
Strong shooter in the world.

Speaker 1 (29:42):
But I know that there were quite a few of
the recruiting sites that were pretty high on Isaiah West
coming out of high school. I think that he was
a top two hundred guy when it came to two
four to seven sports and they're recruiting. He was actually
the number two prospect out there in the Great State
of Tennessee when he was coming out. So he should
be able to be a ultimately nice ad. And for Sanford,
they've done a masterful job being able to work the

transfer portal.

Speaker 2 (30:04):
Now they do lose guys like aj Stanton.

Speaker 1 (30:06):
McCrae, and at the very last minute you did see
a core, a core decide to enter into the transfer
portal as well. So we shall see if he's going
to be coming back to school or if he's going
to be going elsewhere. But for Sandford, Bucky McMillan. He
has done an absolutely tremendous job of being able to
run his system. It's one of the most just for
aenetic styles in all of college basketball. Or relies upon

being able to generate steals and being able to hit
shots and just a very fun up and down system.
They've already brought in. Colin Holloway was a nice score
over at Tulaye, the guy that's able to pop the three.
I do like what Sandford is doing and I do
think that they're going to be a power once again
out there in the Soacon. I think that this is
a nice move as well as for Vanderbilt. While they
do lose our good friend and mister Isaiah West, they
do pick up someone on Saturday and Kasejhani Right. He

was mister Right a season always. They have a long
about four points to and alf rebounds per game, someone
who very much has a lot of upside. He was
a McDonald's All American, just could not really find his
foot in general over at USC He's at six point nine.
It will be somewhat versatile. He's not a guy that
you want like hoisting up a whole bunch of threes
or anything. Like that, but he's got a little bit
of range in his game, and I think that this

is going to be a nice fit for Mark Bryington,
who I don't think that he's going to be trying
to run the same system that he had over at
James Madison a seas ago. I think that that is
very clear with everything that Vanderbilt has done in the portal.
But for right coming out of high school too, for
seven Sports rated him as the number fifty nine prospect
in his class. I do think that he is going
to be able to provide just a very nice high
ceiling in general for the Vanderbilt team. And just take

a look at the gets that Vanderbilt has had this offseason.
They're not bringing over pretty much anyone from James Madison
Sands Jaalen Kerry, but Jason Edwards was a top scorer
over at North Texas. You've got Chris Mannon who was
over at Cornell, and then a lot of guys from
slower systems like Devin McLaughlin a mid Temple's style over
at Boston College, Tyler Nicole as solid Sheuotover at Virginia Tech. Again,

I think that this is not going to look like
Mark Byington's teams back when he was over at James.
But I do think that this is going to be
a talented team that's going to be running a little
bit more of a traditional set. Bradon carrington eliast season
was a relatively solid score over at Minnesota. He was
able to log for the team about four and a
half points three rebounds per contest. He has decided that
he is going to be going to Tulsa and Dulso

took some nice rides forward eight seas ago. Like two
years ago, they were rememberable. He won the biggest fits
in all of college basketball. Ever, they were just absolutely terrible.
They were able to be quite a bit more respectable
this past season, and for Carrington, he actually took a
little bit of setback from when he was a freshman,
des way the fact that he didn't see any starts
as a freshman. Last year he saw ten starts in total,
but he was able to shoot more around thirty three

percent from three point range two seasons ago.

Speaker 2 (32:39):
Last year that was.

Speaker 1 (32:40):
Founded more around about twenty two percent from the outside.
We shall see where Carrington is going to be able
to go from here. He stands right around about six
foot four, and for adull Side, do think that Eric
Conkle is going to be able to get things just
a little bit more in line. In general, I do
think that with all the conference vald alignment that we've
seen in the American it's going to bode well for
them being a little bit more of a contender towards
the middle of the conference.

Speaker 2 (33:00):
But for Tulsa, they've got to get going.

Speaker 1 (33:01):
In terms of the transfer portal, I'm just gonna call
it what it is, because I think that this is
really like the first guy that they've been able to
bring in. They lose so many of their top flight
scores from a season ago. Losing a guy in PJ.
Haggerty to within the conference after he logged twenty one
points per contest is big. I think Kobe Williams is
out of eligibility, so lots of work to be done
for Tulsa. It's a nice step in the right direction,

but that's only one step as of right now. I've
been talking a lot this offseason about many of these
players not following their coach. This is a big one
that is going to be following their coach. Mark Freeman
is going to be falling Preston Straddling over from Moret
Say to James Manison, this is a tremendous gift for them.
For Freeman, that's always been right around about a mid

thirty three points year, but it's just a really good
facilitator in general. OVC Player of the Year during the
twenty twenty three to twenty four season Lodge fifteen points
three and halphasis a little bit over his steal per
contest two years ago. Last year he played a few
minutes in that game against Indiana and then his season
was done. So that was very brutal for him. But
with Mark Freeman back in the Fold, him being able

to reunite with Preston Stradling, I do think that things
are very much looking up for James Madison.

Speaker 3 (34:10):

Speaker 2 (34:11):
I don't think that James Madison is going to be running.

Speaker 1 (34:13):
The same system as they did a season ago as
Preston Stradling when he had Mark Freeman and all those
guys in the Fold when he was over at Moretza
run a little bit more of a slow traditional style.

Speaker 2 (34:23):
It was big that you saw a fewer turnovers this
past season.

Speaker 1 (34:26):
From Morehet Say, so I feel like he's really been
able to hone it in a little bit more and
being able to bring in a facilitator, a leader like
Mark Freeman is. I think that this is just absolutely
tremendous for a James Madison team that I feel like
they've done a solid job here in the transfer portal.
I'm not going to call it amazing or anything like that,
because they did lose quite a few guys from a
season goal, but they were able to retain Savior Brown,

Elijah Lashins, Everett, someone that was in the OVC back
when Austin p was there a few seasons ago, and
then in the Atlantic Sun as well, bringing in a
upside guy in Bryce Lindsay. I take a look at
what James Manson is doing and I really and I
felt like this was a missing piece for them. So
I do think that they're still going to be very,
very rock solid out there in the Sunbelt. You've got
Zion Harmon, who was at Theathune Cookman this last season,

was a very good top scorer, former top one fifty
recruit average fourteen to a half points for assists, one
point seven seals per contest. He has decided that he's
going to be going to seed in All someone that's
not going to pop the three of the world's greatest,
but that's not seen All style. When you play for
Shahim all Away, the three point shooting is a little
bit more of a bonus. I think that he's a
little bit of a light version of Kadari Richmond. He

stands right around about six feet tall. He'sactly to give
you the same amount of size that he did, but
at the same time, he's able to do a wide
variety of things. He's not afraid to get his nose
dirty on the defensive side of things. He is not
afraid to be able to mix it up, get some boards.
This is just a Shaheim Hallway sort of guy, and
I really like what seen All has been able to
do this offseason. While they do take some rough losses,

bringing it some like a Chauncey Jenkins who was over
at Old Dominion, a night double figure scorer there. Bringing
in Scotty Middleton I think is big. And then Gussy
Alden just was unable to see the floor over at Wisconsin.
But a six foot nine guy that should be able
to help out on the glass. I think that that
is going to be very very good in general for them.
Peter crow Vopak, hopefully I said that correctly. He was
playing last year over at Florida International. He was logging

about seven points per contest and did you forty one
percent from three point range? Jed around about six foo
four six foot five during the twenty twenty two twenty
three campaign. He has decided that he is going to
be going to Pacific. Pacific just has a long long
ways to go in general in terms of their college
basketball program. They're now starting to land a few nice transfers.
Jazz Gardner, who comes in from Nevada as a treo

seven footer, is a good one. Elijah Fitcher a six
and six guys that was able to see some okay
minutes over at to Paul, that's a nice git.

Speaker 2 (36:41):
And I do take a look at.

Speaker 1 (36:43):
What is being built here by Pacific and I like it.
It's gonna take a few years for Pacific to get
online like this team is about us.

Speaker 2 (36:50):
Thinky as a gets.

Speaker 1 (36:51):
They were a bottom team in terms of against the
spread record each other last years. We remember their last
game of the year, the absolute tailkit that Pepperdine laid
on them. Dave Smart certainly has his work cutout for him.
But I do think that Dave Smart is doing a
relatively solid job be able to build things up. He's
a guy that has went to the school of hard
knocks in general, has been all across the world in

terms of his basketball acumen. So I do think that
he's doing the best. They unt with a little bit
of a rocky situation. Jackson Edwards, he was last year
over at VL Paraiso. He was part of a rough situation.
He's decided that he's going to be going to Saint Bonaventure.
I do think that this is going to be a
nice ancillary piece for Saint Poonadventure. And when Saint Bonadventure
is really rocking and rolling, they've got some okay depth.

I noticed that Mark's Schmidt a few seasons ago did
not play much of rotation in general, but that was
because he had I still remember, like two years ago
last ninety nine point nine percent of his minute, so
that made things very limited, to say the least. But
for the Bonnie Sails played a little bit of a slow,
controlled style. They're already bringing in Chance More who was
a double figure score over at Missouri State, and then

when it comes to Jackson Edwards did not take over
the game by any such of imagination over at val Paraiso,
but actually began his career Murray State. Was able to
log about seven and a half points five boards, shot
about thirty eight percent from three point range last season
out there in the NBC. I think they can be
a little bit of a come off the bench microwave
a little bit of a score for a Saint bout
of Venture team that they do lose quite a bit

of their backward experience from season ago. I feel like
they should not be done here in the transfer portal line.
I think that they could use just a tap bit
more size as they do lose Jan Farrell. I think
that he's going by a name of like Isam Lewis
Stovesh or something like that. I completely said that wrong,
but I said he's going by a new name. It
used to be on Frell and being out of the
fold that Ha's heard them a little bit and they're

looking to be able to build that up a little bit.
And you've got Jayden Shooto. He just did not see
minutes over at Duke. He's a former top winner recruit
that during his career over at Duke was logging about
two points per contest and not see the four at
all A season ago. He's heating on over to Virginia Tech,
and I do think that Virginia Tech is going to
be able to unlock what he's able to do. He's
a nice three point shooter that sands righter on six

foot five. Defense is going to be a little bit optional,
but as we know, for Rginia Tech, this has never
really been a still art on the defensive side of things.
And for Virginia Tech, I think that they could utilize
him as a little bit of a replacement to Tyler
or Nicol who they lose in the offseason. For Virginia Tech,
they brought in a lot of nice scores here in
the offseason. Jordan Ivy Curry Well, someone that I believe
he was supposed to be going to Virginia Tech. He

then decides to go against it. That's been a little
bit of a what you might do, to say the least.
But Heizier Miller, who was over at Temple, is a
little bit of a doing all sort of guy. He
comes in ben Burnham. He was one of the top
scorers over at College of Charleston. He's going to be
entering into the program. For Virginia Tech, they need to
be a little bit better on defense. I think that
Toby Lawell, who comes in from VCU, he should be
able to hop on on the guys should be able

to help off that defensive acumen in general. So I
look at what Virginia Tech has been able to do
here in the offseason. I do like some of the
moves that have been made there. And he also did
see Tyler Johnson he was playing over at Louisville this
last season. He has decided that he's going to be
heading out over to Wake Forest. Had a nice freshman
year while he was over at Louisville, a former top
one fifty recruit that log data a half points three

and a half assis per contest. And when I talked
about coaches that they just get the most other guys.
We have really seen this over the last few seasons
from Steve Forbes at Wake Forest. He brought in someone
like an Austin car who I think he was like
the number three, number four score over at Delaware and
he turned him into a nice go to guy for
Wake Forest. Hopefully they play a little bit more depth

off the bench and they haven't past seasons because with
Tyler Johnson, I do think that might be a little
bit of a role that ice as whether or not
he's going to be in that starting rotation or not.
Concerning the fact that they bring in Omaha Blu who
is a former top twenty five recruit of Iowa State,
they also are going to be bringing in a little
bit more size down low Trayvon Spillers, and he's going
to be in competition with Devin Crosby for some minutes

in that backcourt as well. And wake Forest does return
a few guys, though they do lose Kevin Boopy, Miller Tosu.
But that said for wake Forest, they've done a nice job.
But you tooling here in the offseason. Forbes as a coach,
I think just year and in Eurout does a great
job with be a maximize the portal line. I feel
like he's been able to do a great job here
and we're looking to do a great job of begetting
he said for the upcoming twenty twenty four to twenty

five season, and when we are doing everything humanly possible
to give you the tools to be successful if you
do like daring from This Time podcast because because seems
you're able to see subscribe wherever Year podcasts, Apple Podcasts,
Google by Spotify, sit you're in tuning. If you have
a question, comment segment idea, what I have be for
this podcast? You do have one of two ways we
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as we're usual, please send these into the timeline and
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if you rate this podcast, guy starts it is very
much appreciating them. From there, you're able to fire on
whatever you'd like. You're on this podcast via that five
star V and like thanks once again to Justin Berry
of Shock Qually Betsberg joining me in live segment. Coming
at you guys every single day on this podcast. I'll
be back to you k to get tomorrow. Thank you,
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