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May 15, 2024 46 mins

Greg reacts to Doug Gottlieb being hired by UW Green Bay and why it is a boom or bust move, talks to Mike Randle of FTN Network about the great offseason both the Big XII & SEC has had, what to expect from UWGB, & programs finding stability, & players in the portal cashing in on the lack of solid options remaining for big time teams, & Greg recaps Tuesday's college basketball coaching and player movement

Podcast Highlights

3:13-Reaction to Doug Gottlieb being hired by UW Green Bay

16:50-Interview with Mike Randle

40:41-Recap of Tuesday’s coaching and player movement

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
More probably low Welcome to Loving Las Vegas because because
he's with myself. Credits Peeterson now for the decent family podcasts.
He's got an excellent podcast for Gus joining me. In
segment of two, we're going on Mike Randall aboard. He
does an absolutely tremendous job over an FTN network and
FtM bets. We're gonna be chatting with him about some
of the big transfer moves that we've been seeing over
the last few days, a few programs that have been

able to find some stability. I feel very much that
way about West Virginia. I love what they've been able
to do here in the offseason. We're also going to
be talking about how the Big Twelve and the SEC
have been fairing this offseason and some of the things
have gone right for them thus far. And we certainly
have to touch upon the big news of the day in
college basketball and Tuesday with our good friend and Doug

Gottlieb getting the head coaching job over at U to
be Green Bay, and I'm going to be touching upon
that in segment number one as well as I've got
a lot of connections out there in the Green Bay area.
I grew up in Ampleton, Wisconsin. For those that know,
that's literally less than and now were away from the
campus of UW Green Bay. None of us saw this coming,
and we're going to touch upon that here in the

first segment and then in the final segment, gonna give
you guys a recap of all the news and notes
that we saw in college basketball on Tuesday. If you
do have a question, comm at segment idea, what have
you for this podcast? You have one of two ways
vo frid thos in. First one is my Twitter sashak
simeline at you and Art forty one. Keep in mind
the letter'sum they mean us I'm atter sized per usual,
please you said he's sending the timeline. And the other
ways find an Apple podcast review. If you rate this

podcast right stars and is very much appreciated. From there,
you're able fire in whatever you'd like to hear on
this podcast via that five star review. And we have
to start right there with Doug Gottlieb deciding that he
is going to be taking the edd coaching job at
UW Green May And you can't blame Do Godley for
taking the job. He's been wanting to get into coaching
apparently for a very long time. I know that he's

had a few interviews with all their places, and I
didn't know you was actually a finalist for the job
last season before I went to one mister Sundance Wicks.
Butun for UW. Green Bay a big giant ball of
wax that you're opening up, because it would be one thing,
in my opinion, if you had a coach that was
like doing a weekly show, and a lot of coaches do.

That's where they have like their local Coaches show. They're
doing it with like the official affiliate from the local
Buffalo Wild Wings once a week, and I mean that show.
It doesn't take a lot of prep time. It's just
what they're seeing out there in practice. They're pretty much
giving a win one to the Gipper's speech for their
fan base, trying to rile everyone up and being like,
oh little Jimmy's looking good in practice and everything like that.

Like that's very common. It's much different when you've got
a three hour national radio show in which you have
to be there at the same time every single day.
And that's the biggest part of it. Because if Doug
Godleeb was able to do this on his own accord.
If he had to do it at like five pm
one day, if he had to do it at noon
the next day, if he could just pick his time

something like that, there wouldn't be as big of a deal.
But I could tell you from being a national radio
show host, you have to be in that chair at
that time, and with how much travel he's going to
need to do, he might not be able to find
a studio. Like just looking at the logistics of things,
and I think that the Fox Sports Radio team is
going to do an absolutely tremendous job. There are a
few people that work with me at vsin that they've

got some ties to Fox Sports Radio. The producers over there,
they do a great job. If anything of this is
going to really be rock solid and is going to
be successful, it's probably going to be the preparation that
Doug has for that radio show. He's in good hands there.
But that said, you just take a look at everything
that he's going to need to juggle, everything that he's
going to need to go through, I just don't see

how this is going to be successful. Like when he
adds out there to the Nutter Center, he's going to
need to by the way, that's the home of the
Right State Raiders. He's going to need to find some
sort of a random studio out there in the great
state of Indiana that is going to try to really
help him out with that radio show as well. Like,
I just have a very tough time thinking that that's
going to be successful. But I will say this as well,

there is a world where this actually not just works
out well, but this works got tremendous for UW Green
Bay because the one thing that UW Green Bay has
done with this hire, it's an incredibly volatile higher It's
not going to be one of these highers where it's like,
oh UW Green Bay they want like thirteen and seventeen
this last season and they had absolutely no headlines whatsoever. No,

this is either going to be very very good because
Doug Godlieb, he's got ties that all the other candidates
they don't have to the program. Like we were thinking
that maybe one of the D three coaches from the WAC,
which is the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. I still think
that our guy from uw Oshkosh and Matt Lewis should
have gotten more of a look for this. He won

a D three national title for my alma mater of
uw Oshcosh as an INTERIMAD coach UW. Green, may please
give him a little bit more of a look. That said,
I do think that as opposed to some of those candidates,
he's gonna be able to attract a wider talent pool.
He's going to have more ties. And I dug Godlieb,
it's not like he knows nothing about the game. You

can say what you will about his playing career and
the one time that he had his shorts on inside out,
he was actually a pretty darn good point guard when
he was in college. Now, I know that some people
are going to push back on that. You're seeing all
the people on Twitter sidshacks talk about the credit cards,
and well, that's not great, to say the least. I'm
not going to hold people just to their absolute worst
and worse moments. It's something that can't be forgotten about

as well. But we're going to try to be fair here.
You take a look at the best, you take a
look at the worst, and you don't necessarily hold people
to the fire for their absolute worse and terms of
their absolute best, you don't prop them up as well.
You try to take a middle ground approach when it
comes to all of it. That's when it comes to
everything that we're going to be seeing over at UW
Green Bay. It's either going to fail spectacularly or this

is actually going to be really really good for them.
With Doug gott Lieb as well, a lot of people
forget he's actually someone from the great state of Wisconsin.
His father coached at you Tow Milwaukee as well in
the nineteen seventies through about nineteen eighty, so he actually
knows a little bit about the coaching game as well.
It's not like this is going to be completely foreign
to them. I do take a look at the situation.

Do I think that it's going to work out. No,
but there is a world where it could. And I
take a look at UW Green Bay. They're clearly swinging
for the fences. They made a great hire last year
at Sundance Twigs, and this was the exact same team,
the exact same administration that did make that higher. So
maybe we're giving them a little bit short shrift right now.
Certainly when you see Doug Gottlieb hired as college basketball

coaching keeping national radio show, though that does cause a
little bit of pause there. We're going to talk a
little bit more about this in segment number two with
her good friend Mike Randall. He does an absolutely tremendous
job over ad FTN Network and FtM Mets and this
is a topic that I can talk very much about
trying to druggle being a national radio show host with
other obligations. So, like I said, do fire in those

questions if you have them. For this podcast at Gene
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Causation with myself, Greg Speeders and now part of the
Beatson Family podcasts, and it is always great to be
joined by this man as Mike Randall. He does an
absolutely tremendous job over at FBN Network. He is their
chief content officer there and sing a little bit of everything.
We've got the NBA Draft combine going on right now.
I know that he is very much at work on that.
He is getting set for some football as well with

the NFL schedule release coming out, doing a great job
on the NBA prop market as well. And then as
we know, he does a great job with the podcasts,
has screened the Screener podcast as well. You're able to
follow on Twitter slash x at Randall Rant altogether Mike.
Always great to have you board, Thank you.

Speaker 2 (09:34):
Great to be back with you. This is fantastic, So
much stuff going on right now the world of sports,
it never stops, and the Transfer portal giving us a
ton of fun as always.

Speaker 1 (09:42):
Oh, it certainly is. But what is even more striking
is my home state unw Green Bay making shall I say,
the most interesting hire of the offseason. Doug Gottliebu we
all know from Fox Sports Radio, has been a longtime analyst.
He used to play the game himself. He is now
the team's new head coach. And I do want to
get your thoughts here because I do honestly think that

there's some upside that a candidate from the state of Wisconsin,
like we were hearing Joe Krabanov, maybe one of those
D three guys, as Wisconsin has a very good just
D three conference in general, that they wouldn't be able
to get in. But at the same time, the dynamic
of hosting a national radio CHARRDA along with being a
Division one college basketball coach. Does me have my question

marks with us? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (10:25):
And Greg, I'm older than you. So I've been having
a lot of discussions on social media about this, especially
when it comes to people like JJ Reddick. The people
who don't have experience are going to argue that experience
is overrated and just because you have experience doesn't mean
you're going to be, in this case, a great coach.
The older people are going to argue you have to

have some sort of experience. Now, to me, the answer
is in the middle. I never understood different sport. While
the Yankees hired Aaron Boone, Aaron Boone was a mediocre
player with no managerial experience, leading the one of the
most elite franchises in all of sports. I've heard rumors
about JJ Reddick going to the Lakers again. He hosts

a podcast, no coaching experience and was a good pro,
a great college player, good pro. But I think there
has to be some experience there. Do I understand the
move for Doug Gottlieb, Sure, I do, and I think
that he can attract eyeballs and get an interest in
the program. But I find it very hard to believe
that someone can have sustained success in that position with

no coaching experience whatsoever coming from social media.

Speaker 3 (11:36):
There needs to be some sort of experience.

Speaker 2 (11:39):
Even these head coaches who've gone back to coach, like
a stan Van Gundy, they had coaching experience before, So
this one worries me a little. I do think Greg
it gives a shot in the arm to them, and
they had a great team last year of course, and
did real well with Sundance Wicks leaving. But I don't
think long term this is going to be a successful partnership.

Speaker 3 (11:59):

Speaker 1 (11:59):
I think the biggest thing is if it were like
a traveling podcast like Draymond Green has one. I honestly
think that's something that could work out. As we know
being in the media field, when you have a set
schedule in terms of the radio show that you need
to do, you need to be on from insert time
here to insert time there. I think that that's just
so much more different. If this were a little bit

more on his own terms, I'd be like, oh home,
I think that he could be able to get by.
But because I do think that it's a set time
every single day, that takes away from the attention that
he can bring to UW.

Speaker 3 (12:30):
Green Bay. And that's one of my biggest gripes.

Speaker 2 (12:33):
With this, Greg, look at how successful you have been
with your picks, and look at the time and effort
you put in to putting out your product for baseball,
college basketball, et cetera. The idea that anyone can be
massively successful without putting an an ordinate amount of time
in and any profession is completely foolish. Now, if he

has a very strong assistant coach group and has some
people who are really good recruiters, as you seen Cal
the Parry make some moves recently to bolster that, I
think it can help. But I think you have to
put the time in. The idea that he is going
to take over a Division one program and one of
the stipulations was that he has to keep his podcast

is very odd to me. And if I was an
elite player, what is the attraction of going there. It's
not like Doug Gottlieb was Larry Bird, who himself had
some bumps when he was trying to be a coach.
So I do think it can work if he balances
his staff then sells it the right way. But I
think it is a stopgap measure. I don't believe you

can just pluck people from media and put them in
to a head coaching job. Nor do I think you
can pluck people from coaching and just automatically make great
media content. I think there's a learning curve. I would
have liked it better if he had been assistant coach
a few years when he got out of playing and
went to his podcast.

Speaker 3 (13:54):

Speaker 1 (13:55):
Absolutely, Apparently he did a little bit of coaching at
like the mcab games, but other than that, not a
lot there. So I do my question marks as well,
and at the very least, it provided us with something
very very interesting to talk about on this Wednesday as
we do a Mike Randal that does great workover at
FTI Network. He is shown to be right here on
cost Coast soups. And certainly it's getting to be a

little bit of a desperation time for teams in the
case of w Green Bay not having a coach and
teams looking for players in the transfer portal as well,
because what is right now having a whole lot of
hubbub in the college basketball world is the fact that
Great Oafson Border became the highest paid player on record
in terms of NIL. Now I think that there have
been players that have probably gotten more money.

Speaker 3 (14:37):
I don't think that I'm making two.

Speaker 1 (14:39):
Shall we say, shocking of allegations here, But that said,
I do think that there might have been players that
were paid a little bit more than olso Bord. But
what we are seeing right now is that there's a
lot of teams that they're looking for that extra starter
or two, especially high level teams. And in terms of
the law of supply and demand, right now, the supply
of guys on the market feels like it's much lower

than the demand.

Speaker 3 (15:01):
And I think that it's going to be very.

Speaker 1 (15:02):
Interesting to see some of these top guys remaining in
the portal do get paid, because I do think that
there's going to be a lot of teams that are
going to be like Washington and try to overpay for
some of these guys.

Speaker 2 (15:13):
Yeah, I agree, I was surprised by that. I think
that was a great Osborn was a tremendous player, and
he was a tremendous college player, and I think I'll
have success at Washington for sure, a double double machine
that sort of player. About two million dollars for great Osibor,
it just seems a little high to me, Greg, and
it also raises the bar for other players like Coleman

Hawkins is still lurking. That's another player that has to sign.
Cam Christy Jalen Wells is still out there from Washington State.
You know, just off the top of my head, I
don't know what North Chardomir got, but I certainly think
you should get more than great Osibor. I like Gray Osibor.
But you're seeing teams, almost like you said, desperation reaching
the later people that are signed. There's an advantage to

the player for waiting that long. I don't know if
there's an advantage to the team because you have seen
the critical pieces that have come together, like a jonas
Ado going to Arkansas. You saw players like kay Tyson
go to North Carolina. Of course, Kansas put on a
clinic in the transfer portal. So I think the later
people Great Osibors contract helps them the players. But I

think teams are starting to get a little desperate now
and may start inflating the nil for a player who
maybe doesn't provide the return that they thought.

Speaker 1 (16:26):
Yeah, but I think that it is a little bit
of a balancing act with these players as well, because
I do think that a lot of players are going
to take a look at what we've seen with great
Osibor and maybe they aren't going to be signing in
late March early April. And I don't blame them because
it is sort of like a game of chess. It's
one of those strategy situations where the longer you wait,
as I was talking about in terms of law of

supply and demand, your demand goes up and the supply
goes down. And at the same time too, I think
that we have learned from a lot of these guys
that have signed like after June and I would say
in the July, August, September months, from really what we
saw over there with you Goton this past season with
Cam Spencer, a lot of these guys have flamed out
a little bit more. And I do think that that's

sort of that fine line that these guys are gonna
have to tread, because I do think that waiting a
little bit longer than a lot of guys did in
the offseason is going to help them be able to
put a little bit more money in their pockets. At
the same time, I think that if they try to
wait until like July and August, that would be a
detriment to themselves.

Speaker 2 (17:23):
And they want to find a team greg that they
can fit in and be a part of the team
that wins. The success that the team will always trickle down.
That's what John cala Parry sold all those recruits to
thirty six stars worth of recruits every year getting players
to come over. I always used to say it was
amazing Devin Booker came off the bench for him. But
what right now you're looking and you heard this from

Nick Saban. Players want to know are they going to
start and how much money they're getting. So those that
have been able to secure players earlier and build a
foundation having bigs, having rebounders, having shooters, and having that
balance aren't desperate. And those are the teams that I
think are going to really be prepared for success. Like
you said, right now is a huge advantage to the players.

But I don't know, because I think teams are going
to be panicking trying to put Jenga pieces together that
are out there. They may overlook the fact that it
has to work together like a jigsaw puzzle. Just accumulating
and stockpiling talent at this point may not produce as
many wins as if they were able to address it
earlier with a concrete plant.

Speaker 1 (18:26):
Yeah, I think that that is going to be something
so interesting to take a look at it.

Speaker 3 (18:29):
And I do think that that is a.

Speaker 1 (18:31):
Fine line that we are going towards in the same
age of college basketball as Mike Randall, he does tremendous
workover at FBN Network. He is showing to be right
here on costcos Soups and Mike. There's no question about it.
We have seen a lot of these big names really
come off the board. And you're alluding to a Kansas
They did in an absolutely amazing job in the transfer
portal end. Though they've suffered a little bit of a
loss or two here over the last week, it is

so about a tremendous offseason for them. We have seen
teams like Baylor grow out there and do a really
good job. But what have you thought of the job
West Virginia has done, Because I take a look at
their offseason last year just an absolute calamity. You knew
that it was going to be a rough year for them.
I do think that bringing in Darren Debriz at Tucker
Debries as a little bit of a combo platter has

been good for them, and I just look at the
moves that they've made. Bringing Joseph Yusufu is very successful
under Debris a f he ss go when they were
at Drake together. I think that this has been one
of the teams that under the radar has had won
the better off seasons. After my offseason, it couldn't have
fun any worse.

Speaker 2 (19:28):
Completely agree. And they have an identity now, they have
a coach, they have players who have bought into the system.
You've seen that when you bring players over that you
had success with, that is going to work. Tucker Devrees
is an automatic one. Usefu is fantastic. They know the
style they want to play there, they have support, and
that's critical. If you're leaving a program and joining West Virginia.

Let's say you're coming from a smaller program and now
you're going there, what you want to do is have
success in that first couple years because it's still a
feeling out period. You're still unsure if the new coach
and the new program is going to work. So having
that first year's success, which is why you've seen Louisville
go so excited with Pat Kelcey, is absolutely critical because

then you can start building your foundation for the future
years and for the recruits. So Darring Devrees was incredible
at Drake. He had a lot of success. You remember
that a couple of years ago they started sixteen to
oh and sixteen oh against the spread, something like that,
maybeen eighteen to oh. So I think it's a great move.
I think Devrez is awesome. I think bringing in players
that he worked with, particularly his son, was a very

smart move. And I am high on West Virginia. Whereas
we talked about it on the offseason coming into the year,
is very low in West Virginia last year. Now I'm
high on them because I think they have a plan.
I think they have players that buy in, and they
have success players who had success at a high major program.

Speaker 3 (20:51):
Yep, I'm right there with you.

Speaker 1 (20:52):
I think that this has been a great offseason for them,
and I just take a look all around the Big
Twelve and the SEC for that matter, because as we
know the West Virginia Mountaineers, they now become a little
bit more of a staple of that Big Twelve now
that you do have Texas Oklahoma both leaving that conference.
But I look at these two pro I look at
these two conferences, and I feel like they've had the

best offseason out of them all with all that the
SEC has had, especially with players that are returning to
the likes of Alabama them being able to get back
to somebody of their guys Grant and Nelson are turning.
I think that that's absolutely massive for them. And then
in the Big Twelve, we were alluding to it with
Baylor not necessarily picking up one hundred million billion guys,
but you pick up no Chad Omere, you pick up

Jeremy Roach. That's one of the best classes that we've
seen here in the off season. I feel like those
two conferences just head and shoulders have been above everyone
else here in the off season and just top to bottom,
bringing in town and having all their teams one through
in this case now sixteen. With those conferences doing a
really good job of just improving themselves this offseason.

Speaker 2 (21:52):
Yeah, they really have, especially Old miss too, bringing in
someone like Drey Davis, Sean Padula, Malik d came over
from Belmont. I think that's very under the radar, and
Mikol Browns Jones who came over from UNC Greensboro. You
see these coaches bringing in Baylor real solid, right, So
what you're gonna want with the Bears is you need
a big you need a guard. You want veterans, players

who win, who play both sides of the court. And
that's what I like to see is the coaches who
are the elite coaches are that for a reason, and
you see someone like Chris Beard, and you see those
coaches bring in players that fit their system, that are
exactly what they want. Scott Drew knows the players he wants.
He needs a big inside. He always has what the
dial of play is. Omeir fits that perfectly. Roach is

a good shooter, he's a leader. Point guards are very underrated.
You saw the success that it had this year, and
we've talked about coaches that have had sustained success. That
it goes back to the start of this conversation, which
is why I think Gottlieb is going to struggle as
much as Matt Paynter got criticized by both you and I.
He had sustained success and he finally got over the hump.

Bill self used to be criticized. Roy Williams came from
camp and was criticized that he couldn't get over the
humpy Wins three titles at North Carolina. So the coaches
that are successful have found a way to be successful
in the transfer portal. Kansas dominating, Beard doing great things,
Louisville doing a really nice job.

Speaker 3 (23:14):

Speaker 2 (23:15):
I'm not surprised that the cream rises to the top,
not only on the court, not only wins the losses,
but also in the transfer portal.

Speaker 3 (23:22):
You have no question about it.

Speaker 1 (23:23):
And there have been so many power conferences that have
been able to do a good job. But I want
to get your thoughts on one conference. I take a
look at it and still feels like it's a little
bit lacking, and that'd be the Big ten. I've just
been a little bit underwhelmed by this conference here in
the offseason now. I will say being someone from the
great state of Wisconsin, certainly the Doug Gottlieb player was
a little bit of a surprise in terms of that

state from Tuesday. But I look at Wisconsin, I actually
like the fact that they brought in John Donejay. I
thought that that fell right into their lap. Before that,
I was very very barrashed on them. That was a
very very nice gift. But that said, I take a
look at all these conferences nationwide and the one that
I take a luk Atterns the Power Conferences and I
say they've left something to be desired is just really

top to bottom the Big ten as. I feel like,
even though Michigan has done a great job, I think
that Michigan has very much revamped themselves. They do not
deserve any criticism for what they've done here in the offseason.
But Sanzad, I feel like there a been a lot
of teams that have just left a little bit on
the table. I feel he could have made more moves
this offseason.

Speaker 3 (24:21):
I agree.

Speaker 2 (24:22):
I am surprised by a couple things Michigan has done well.
I mean, Matt and I went back fifteen years and
told you Roddy Gale and Ohio State player would go
play for Michigan. I mean that just shows you what
Nil has done here. I am also impressed. I have
to admit, and you know, I hated Indiana last year,
but I think they've done a good job getting players
to come over to fit their system. He had trouble

with guards last year. He ended up bringing Omar Bollo
to give himself another big center. He had Knaan Carlisle
from Stanford came in. Luke Goodie comes over from Illinois.
So I do think Indiana has done a nice job
in the transfer portal as well. The problem, as you
mentioned it, the Big Ten didn't get splash players. They
didn't get high name with the exception of Ballo really

and some of the guys Dusty May brought over that
the SEC did and the Big Twelve did. They didn't
get the sexy names, the players who were hot shooters
the bigs inside, and that kind of speaks to how
the Big Ten is viewed by the rest of the country.
If they have success and they do well, that will
certainly change. But I agree even you saw like Doug
McDaniel leaves Michigan. I know he had a lot of

issues there. He goes to Kansas State. You know, I
think that's a place that he could really thrive, to
be honest, And someone like JV. McCollum, who leaves the
Big Twelve probably could have went to anywhere he wanted.
The Big Ten chooses to go to Georgia Tech. So
you're right, the Big Ten is not as appealing to
the transfer portal, which speaks to our criticism of the
Big Ten and how they're viewed in the transfer portal

as well. But when you have success, if you get
a group of core players there like Purdue, they will
find their way to get through. And maybe Dusty May
is the answer because he brings in the sex appeal,
the recent success, and he can come to Michigan and
sort of turn things around when they went from really
doing well under Howard to now struggling recently.

Speaker 3 (26:07):
Yeah, I been up until a few weeks ago.

Speaker 1 (26:08):
My lone concern with Michigan was that none of those
fa you guys were coming over with us. Bringing in
Flag Golden I thought was very big late in the
off season as well, just like getting great guests that
is big on this podcast. And Mike you're one of
the best. You do an absolutely tremendous job over at
After Network. You do a great job with your own
podcasts and screen the Screener podcast. It's so much more.

Speaker 3 (26:28):
So love to keep people at home. No, it's all
on dep for you and how people are able to
follow on and so speed and other platforms.

Speaker 2 (26:33):
On Exit Randall, rand FTN, Fantasy Join Us. We've combined
to one website. We have DVOA. We have our stats
hub rolling out which will give all the information and
all the incredible content that you would want for NFL,
NBA and MLB as well. Or PGA product is scolding hot,
so join us just in time for the PGA Championship.

Speaker 1 (26:52):
Absolutely no shorte of things going on. We've got some
great golf action, the UFC is getting hot and heavy, football, basketball, baseball,
you name it, they've got and Mike does an absolutely
tremendous job. So they take shim for joining me right
here on sup Style part of vs Family Podcasts to me.
Next is that time the podcast they give you a
recap of the news and us that we saw in
college basketball. Decide I went backular love me Las Vegas,

but with myself sagging Speeders and now part of the
Vison Family Podcasts. It is always great to be joined
by Mike Randall. He does an amazing job taking a
look at this great game that we all know and
love of college basketball. Every single time he joins the show,
he learns such good insights and did so once again today.
So big thanks to Mike for joining me in the
last segment. Now it is that time the podcast I

give you a recap of the news and we saw
in college basketball over the last twenty four hours for
Pepper nine, they were able to land a pair of
nice transfers. Javon Cooley is going to be coming in
out of Marason. They're going to be bringing in Zion
Bethay over to the program as well. At Chilling. He's
doing some work after he was an assistant over at
Grand Canyon, and these are two very big pickups. Now

for Zion Bethay, he was very limited last season. He
only got out there for three games for the Delaware
Blue Hens. He was able to put up about ten
and a half points one point three seals per contest
during the twenty twenty two to twenty three season, and
during that twenty twenty two to twenty twenty three season,
he was able to shoot about forty two and a
half percent from three point range. As I know that
he's the guy that's bounced around a little bit as

a little bit more of a Northeastern guy, and we've
noticed that with Ed Schilling, despite the fact that he's
got a lot of his roots out there on the
West coast, he has been bringing over a few guys
from the eastern part of the country. We shall see
if it's going to be able to pan out for
him as Bethay, he spent a little bit of time
at Saint Francis a lot Hofstra, but he's the guy
that's able to fly out shoot it. For his career,
I shot about forty and a half percent from three

part ins, so dude, like what you see there. And
for Javon Cooley, he should be able to help out
a little bit on the outside as well. Not as
prolific of a three point shooter overall for his career,
but last year he had a career year shot forty
seven percent from three point range for Maris, I don't
know if he's gonna quite shoot that again. Prior to that,
for his career, he had never shot above thirty six
are percent from three Partrach applied the team with seven

a half points, was able to jump in there about
four and a half rebounds per game man as relative
he slid size at six foot five, was a part
of a Marise team that was also one of the
better defensive teams in all of college basketball as well,
at top thirty team turns of points allowed on a
per possession basis. Going out about it, for Pepperdine, this
is a little bit of a rebuild for them. They
lose so many guys from a season ago, like Jeff
and Porter and company. You have a coaching change happens.

So it's very clear that mister Schilling is wanting to
put his fingerprints all over this program, and I think
that he's done a good job with it. He brings
in Aaron Clark from Weak Forrest as well. You've got
Alonso Foray, speaking of guys from the northeast part of
the country, he's over from Loyal and Maryland. He was
a six foot ten big man. I think that they've
done a really nice job here in the transfer portal,

and they're bringing in Mooto Ma, a nice point guard
from Pacific as well. So on all do like the
moves there. You have Abrimtiba, he was playing two seasons
go over at Coast to Carolina. Last year he was
over at South Carolina but just was not able to
get out there on the floor. Of really the last
two years he's played to combine six games. When he
was at his full forces with Coast Carolina a few

seasons ago during the twenty twenty one twenty two campaign,
was a nice facilitator eight points about five and a
half of sins per contest for his career has been
about a thirty one half percent three point shooter. He's
heading out over to Cleveland State and I feel like
this is a little bit of a missing link for
Cleveland State. And I think that this is also riticalized
the last two years, they were really running things through
Tristan and Aruna and they were doing a nice job

of just being able to set themselves up on defense
on offense, it felt like they were lacking a little
bit of pop. While Deba is not going to be
that go to score or anything like that, bringing in
someone like this in Diba who's able to do a
nice job and be able to do out the ball,
I think is going to be able to help them
out moving forward. And for Cleveland State, they're a little
bit silent on the front of the transfer portal. As
we know the big news for the horizon. They had

talked about that it's segment number one with our good
friend and mister Gottlieb. That said, for Cleveland State, I
feel like this was a pretty critical ad for them.
I do think that this is going to be able
to help them out moving forward. As outside of this move.
It just have been a little bit silent here in
the off season, as they also did pick up someone
like a Taj Slavoski from Kenesius, But that's about it.
Abdu Ousmane, he last season was over at Xavier and

was rock solid at Xavier six a half points, six
half boards, a little bit over a block per contest.
While he was at in where Texas he was a
relatively nice dominator Don Low as well. He's going to
be going to Oklahoma State. I have loved what Will
Lutz has been able to do with this program, as
I know that there were quite a few people scratching
their head about the hire. A few seasons ago he
was over at Texas A and m corpus Chrissy did

a very nice job getting Western Kentucky through the NCAA
Tournament eight season ago. Now I don't know if he's
going to be playing quite as fast as he did
at Western Kentucky. They were a top ten team in
terms of total possessions per game. And for Oozman, he's
used to being in a little bit of a slower system,
but did a nice job adapting to Xavier. Along with Lutz,
they're also bringing Brandon Newman for Western Kentucky as well,
and then you bring in Devo Davis form Markansas, a

Tero o'dean who really let all of college fastball in
terms of sea per game. I look at the roster
that they've been able to put up and I think
that this is just absolutely massive for them and for
cal Baptists. This is a program that is flushed with
a little bit of money. They have not made a
lot of splashes here in the transfer portal here in
the offseason. But speaking on the horizon lake, how about

them bringing in a guy from the Rise of the A. J. Brown,
who was at Wright State shot sixty nine percent from
for this last year. He was able to put up
twelve points about six rebounds. He's able to give you
a little bit of a block per contest. This is
the guy that's fully capable of being able to shoot
the three ball as well. This is a really nice
move for cal Baptists who they also bring in Data Hall.
He was a top scorer over at some cold Sea

of do Austin a few seasons ago. Adamussa is going
to be coming over from Charlton State as well. It
does appear to be very clear that this program is
looking to be a little bit more assertive than they
have been in the past years. I was very much
questioning the last few years while they were playing at
such a slow, controlled style, because when cal Baptists was
really able to come onto the D one scene and

they were able to just become a team that was
a little bit feisty out there in the whack, they
were having some very explosive offense. I think that aj
Brown is going to be able to bring that element.
Certainly not a guy that's going to be popping threes
or anything like that, but was a part of a
Wright State team as one of the most up tempo
in all of college basketball, and that probably needed to
work on a little bit of defense. Jao Attika just
was unable to find his footing at Wake four his

last two seasons was out due to injury. But many
people may remember a few seasons ago was one of
the better shooters from three point range while he was
over at Maris. During the twenty twenty one twenty two season,
shot forty one percent for three with fifteen points per contest.
He has decided that he's going to be heading on
over to Jacksonville State. And for Jacksonville State, it's very
clear that they're going to be heading in a little
bit of a new direction as Ray Harper is a

guy that I've always liked as a coach. But that said,
you can tell that things were starting to get a
little bit stale there that they just seemed to add
a little bit of offensive pop. As Jacksonville State was
very good on the glass, they were good on defense,
they just had absolutely no offense whatsoever. They have done
a tremendous job of being able to address that here
in the off season. Bringing in Tootica this is a
nice upside play for a guy that just is out

with injuries, but when he's been out there on the floor,
he has been a nice solid score. They also bringing
Marcus Fitzgerald, a double figure score from Tennessee State, buying
low on him to bar Franklin was pretty solid over
at Georgia Southern. So overall, I really do like these
moves for them. This is one that does make me
shake my head a little bit. For Michigan State, they
needed to bring in a big man in the transfer portal.

They are going to be bringing in the seven footer
and Simon Zapola, who was over at Longwood this last season.
Guy was only able to get out there on the
floor two seasons ago over at Utah State, and in
credit recred it is too he was probably warranting more
minutes that he got over at Utah State. That said,
for Michigan State, they're bringing in the guy that had
nine points and five and a half rebounds in the

Big South a season ago, a relatively solid shop blocker,
and if they're only planning on utilizing him for like
ten minutes of five fellows, that's perfectly fine. That said,
if this is one of their big ads, says the
only other guy that they have brought in here in
the offsea with Frankie Feddler, who I did like that end.

Speaker 3 (35:02):
He comes in from Oma.

Speaker 1 (35:03):
He was a nineteen plus point per game score, a
guy that's able to really stuff the sad geet. I
think that that is a relatively solid gift for them.
And I said, I do take a look at this though,
and man, you're hoping for a little bit more in
the transfer portal than that. You're hoping for things like, oh,
I don't know, Louisville, who they just bring in another weapon.
They've got Kashan Priyor was the top rebounder last season
over at South Florida coming into the fold for Louisville.

Speaker 3 (35:25):
My goodness.

Speaker 1 (35:26):
This team has been very active in the transfer portal.
I count eleven transfers they're coming in. They bring in
Abacar Treori, who is a guy that was averaging north
of ten points eight plus rebounds per game over at
Long Beach State. You've got a few Charleston guys and
Kobe Rodgers, James Scott Rainsmith who are going to be
coming over along with the coaching regime of Pat Kelcey.

Ali Khalifa is probably gonna red shirt this season, but
he's someone that at six foot eleven is able to
pass the balls available pop three's. Chuckie eppern is guy
that's able to average double figures. Javon Hadley is coming
in from Colorado. This team is becoming Noah's. They've got
two of everything. Caseean Pryor is the guy that's able
to pop it from three as well. At six foot
ten thirteen points eight poorts, he fits his Pat Kelsey style.

I absolutely love this pickup for them, and this is
a solid pickup for Niagara, they're going to be bringing
in Josiah Davis, who was playing at Tennessee Tech this
last season. Tennessee Tech did not have a whole act
a lot of success this past season, but Davis was
able to do a nice shall being able to elevate
the seam. He was able to look about thirteen points
per contest through and there about two and a half assists,
four and a half rebounds. At six foot three, he

doesn't have like immense size, but someone that began his
career over at West Virginia. Now for Niagara, they are
not going to be the same three point shooting team
that they were a season goal. It was just absolutely insane,
like they couldn't hit threes to save their lives at
home and on the road. They just turned into the
Monstars from three point range. But they bring in Josiah Davis,
it was clear that they need to addressing down low.
They bring in a guy in Jalen Martinez that, though

he didn't see a lot of minutes over at UC Riverside,
I'm relatively high on him. They're also going to be
bringing in someone in Jehari Williamson, who was a little
bit buried for a bel Paraiz. I think that he's
going to be able to bust out a little bit
and let's call it what it is. Greg paulis just
nos college basketball in general. I think that this is
going to be pretty rock solid for them. And you've
got a Georgia Tech transfer in Abrima. Sukos decided that

he is going to be going to New Mexico for
T Seiko. Hopefully I said one of those two correctly.
He just was not able to see really a whole
full out of minutes this past season. But it's very
clear that New Mexico they needed to beef up just
a little bit in general, and I do think that
this is going to be able to help them out
six to six. A little bit of a combo guy
that he's not going to go out there and be
super versatile and really lighted up from three part range.

He's capable of shooting threes, but he only shot about
twenty nine percent from three part ranges past season. But
for New Mexico, it is very clear that they're looking
to be able to have what they had down lowing
seas ago when they had JT. Top and when they
also had Nellie junior Joseph, and I think that this
is a step in the right direction for them. They've
also got coming into the fold Philip versus Covid Shin
Hopefully I said that correctly, the gentleman from Arizona. They

also brought in a ticky Ali, a ticky not a
primary scorer, but a guy that was very good down
low for BYU as well. So I like what New
Mexico has been able to do. Losing Jamal Mashburn Junior
is a little bit of a loss, but he wasn't
necessary the most efficient of scorers. And I do think
that moving forward, this is going to be a team
that's going to be pretty rock solid on defense. Nikita
quts A Natowski he has decided that he is going

to be going to Notre Dame. Typically i'd be a
little bit critical of transfers like this, but Notre Dame
under Mikesh Shrewsbury, they've got a very clear style and
a very clear just identity in general, and I think
that kuts Anatowski fits that. At six foot ten last
season over at MoMath, he was a rock solid player
with nine and a half points state boards. There's really
one of the few guys for that team. I was
able to do a good job. I'll be able to

hit the glass, and it's very clear with what they've
lost here in the offseason that Notre Dame needed to
bring in there a little bit more size. I do
think that they're going to be able to do a
pretty solid job. I'll be able to play some defense,
and they would like to probably have a little bit
more versatility. Quts A Natowski not a guy that's going
to be able to pop it from three point range.
That said, it does feel like Michael Shrewsbury in season

number two, he's going to have a lot more work
with then he did in season number one. He sent
a nice job hitting the recruiting trail, and Notre Dame,
even with them not having necessarily the guys that he
would want, not necessarily having the full allotment of talent
that necessarily fits his system, they were still able to
eke out a lot of wins.

Speaker 3 (39:15):
A season ago.

Speaker 1 (39:16):
Here in the off season, Notre Dame has up been
overly active in the transfer portal, but bringing a man
to Loco that's going to be able to help them
out as well, this is going to be a big
one for Canisius. Canesius lost a lot in the offseason.
Tray Dinkins was a primary scorer for them, and they're
going to be looking to six or six COPA to
be able to help out with coping with that. He
was able to log about twelve points four boards per contest.

Not a guy that's going to be really able to
dull out the ball. I think that that's a big
question mark that we're gonna have for Canesius. But this
is a guy that's able to do a nice job
stretching the floor. He's able to fill multiple positions in
terms of the way that he guards on defense and
for COPA. I think that he's going to be able
to help out a lot with the loss of Frank
Mitchell as well. A guy that was able to do
a nice job in terms of being able to pull
into their rebounds for COPA. He was able to give

this LU program right around about four boards per contest,
and he's got versatility shot thirty three percent for three
but he also took about six and a half threes
per contest. He's probably not gonna be asked to do
quite that many for this program. So I do think
that just having a little bit more shall we say, efficiency,
being able to take more good shots and fear bad ones.
That's going to be able to help him out. So

I do like that, and I like this pickup for Oklahoma.
Mohammed what you he was over at Alabama this last season.
He actually began his career over at West Virginia. Just
was unable to really get out there on the four
too much this past year three and a half points,
two and a half rebounds per contest. But as a
former top tinner recruit, he has decided that he is
going to be going to Oklahoma. For Oklahoma, they did
a nice job to be able to beef up the backcourt.

You're bringing Kobe Elvis into the building, as he was
very solid over at Dayton. They bring in a nice
sharpshooter and Bryson Goudai and Duke Miles and someone that's
able to handle the ball. They really added a lot
download and wug you. He was playing at one of
the more up tempo systems in all of college basketball.
Not a guy that's really going to light it up
from three point range or anything like that. That said,
I think that he very much fits this porter mooser

style for Portermoser, He's got a lot of guys that
they're able to play fast. Now you've got a guy
that's able to play slow as well. So I do
think that All in the Oklahoma has a nice blend
of guys, and I do think that it's going to
work out for them. And season number one in the
SEC you've got Noah am houserp is playing over at
Grand Canyon and he is going to be heading on
over to Coast of Carolina. For Coast Carolina, it's a

program that's in quite a bit of transition, as they
were under the tutelage of Cliff Ellis for it felt
like one hundred million billion years. And for Coast Carolina,
they just haven't necessarily been too active in the transfer portal.
Here in the offseason, they're clearly trying to bring in
whatever they can. But that said, I do think that
this is a step in the right direction for them
because along with bringing in Amouser, they're also bringing in

nos Brown. Nos Brown was a guard that just was
a walk on over at Oklahoma State, was regularly unable
to get out there on the floor at six feet tall.
I do think that he's going to translate into being
a little bit more in that point guard spot. But
now with Justin Gray coming over, I do think that
he's going to be able to do a nice job,
be able to help this program moving forward. Justin Gray
in his own right was a very rock solid player

over at Wake Forest and coaching over at Western Carolina
the last few seasons. Bringing in a seven footer in Amhauser,
I do think that that is going to be able
to help them out a little bit more. And I
do think that for Coast of Carolina it's going to
be a little bit of a rough rebuild for them,
but I do think that they are on the right
path here and linden Wood is now on the right path.
It has been a rough first two seasons for them

at the Division one level, but linden Wood being able
to bring in a guy like Reggie Bass, I think
that that is massive. As he last season was over
at ken State where he was able to log about
eight points per contest, but over at Central Michigan he
was the MAC Rookie of the Year two seasons ago.
During the twenty twenty two to twenty three season, he
was able to log for the team about twelve and
a half points per contest. He's a relatively solid three

point shooter. I'm not going to call him an amazing
three point shooter, but over the course of his career
for mister Bass, he's been able to shoot right then
neighbor about thirty three percent from three points. This past
year shot thirty four and a half from the outside,
as some active hands has been able to give you
by Aco for contest. Linden Wood all of a sudden
looks like a team that's building something in the OVC.
They have to deal with the archaic rule of not

being eligible for the NCAA Tournament this year because they're
in transition from the D two program. But that said,
for Lindenwood, you tell that last season they just didn't
have a lot of depth. They didn't have a lot
of bodies that were reliable for scoring. They've only brought
in two transfers, but bringing in Markeith Browning, who is
a nice facilitator over at UW Milwaukee, to pair with
Reggie Bass, You're gonna need to get a lot more

download for Lindenwood. But this is a very nice start
out there in that backcourt. And then this one is
a little bit of a sneaky one, but I like
this international gentleman and what he was able to bring
to the table over at Campbell last season as Lerinus Vesterius.
Hopefully I said that correctly. He was over at Campbell
this last season. He has decided that he is going
to be transferring on over to Mercer, and Mercer has

brought in a lot of guys via international roots, and
I remember Felipe and all these success that he was
able to have. For Vesterius, he doesn't have quite the
size of Felipe Haas at six foot six, but he
reminds me a lot of them. Last year shot forty
two percent from three part age for Campbell. He was
able to put up about ten and a half points,
gave out about three assists per contest, chipped in there

a little bit over a seal per game. He's like
two or three inches shorter than us, but has that
exact same sort of skill set. And I take a
look at what he was able to do towards the
back half of the season for Campbell and it really
did impress me, as he was able to put up
a double figure amount of points in each of the
last thirteen games of the season, and if you take
a look at things from January fourth thoughts, so the
turn of the calendar, the last nineteen games of the season,

he was having twelve points per contest on fifty percent
three point shooting, four and a half for rebounds, three
and a half asist. This in my opinion, might be
one of the more unheralded and one the more underratar
pickups in the transfer portal. And for Mercer, they've done
a nice job here in the offseason. Petres Bajimas, who
comes over from Dayton, he was a little bit buried
on the bench. He's the guy that I think is
going to be relatively rock solid. Cam Brian is a

six foot seven, a little bit of everything sort of
guy that is going to be coming over from Georgia Southern.
So I do like what he's going to be able
to bring to the table, and I do think that
this is going to be a very rock solid season
for them, and hopefully we can make this a very
rock solid for all of you guys. Our commitment to
you is making as much money as humanly possible this
college basketball season, and I will be with you guys

every single day on this podcast and if you do
like hearing from this time podcast Ghost Got Soups. You're
able to subscribe wherever your podcast Apple Podcasts, Google, by Spotify,
sit you're in tune it. If you have a question,
comment segment idea, what I have you for this podcast?
You do have one or two ways we have for
those in first one is my Twitter slash x timeline
at you and under scorty one. Keep in mind learnsm
the mean does that matter? So as for usual, please
send these into the timeline and the other ways. Find

an Apple podcast review. If you rate this podcast, I
serves it is very much, appreciate them. From there, you're
able to fire on whatever you'd like to hear on
this podcast via the five ser review fake Thanks again
to Mike Randall. It does great work on red FDM
network at FDM bets for joining me and last segment's
coming at you guys every single day on this podcast.

Speaker 3 (45:54):
So I'll be back because he wants to get them out.
Thank you so much for getting it
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