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May 6, 2024 43 mins

Talkin' Jake breaks down how the Padres will use Luis Arraez and why he loves the fit for San Diego, other MLB teams that could end up selling at the Trade Deadline this July, and what he's observed in the NBA Playoffs


0:00 Intro

2:15 Padres Trade for Luis Arraez and I LOVE the Fit

16:15 Could the Toronto Blue Jays Sell?

20:05 Could the Houston Astros Sell?

24:20 Could the Tampa Bay Rays Sell?

26:10 Which NL West Team Will Sell?

30:40 Kentucky Derby

31:20 NHL Playoffs Have Been Fun

32:55 Knicks Series vs. Indiana Pacers Begins Tonight

34:10 Celtics vs. Cavs

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello, and welcome Awaken Jake, myself, Jake's story, Ellie, David Mendelssohn,
as we go through the wild world of sports, that's
not really true. There's usually a chunk of baseball and
we actually are in the sports apocalypse. NBA Playoffs is
in a really awesome spot. Some Kentucky derby this weekend,
Misstic Dan I did have to deal with about six

hours before the race lunchtime. My wife Jess said, I
want to look at the horses and I'll pick one.
She did pick Mystic Dan, and I did not bet
on it because there's a whole other app and I'm not,
oh yeah, to actually place a horse betting bet. Anyway,
it's really good finish if you haven't seen that.

Speaker 2 (00:46):

Speaker 1 (00:48):
More importantly for a lot of you, there was the
first big trade during the baseball season, Luis Araies goes
to the San Diego Padres. We'll talk about that at
a little bit and a lot of bit. And I
want to tease we might do a whole thing on
talking baseball this week. But Kenny Rosenthal had an article

come back, and I think the phrase that hook Jimmy
was we're a quarter of the way to the trade deadline,
which I feel wrong. I wouldn't it be like.

Speaker 3 (01:19):
I feel like we'd be like a third of the
way to the third way through the season.

Speaker 1 (01:25):
Nothing yet, It's never been a math pod.

Speaker 2 (01:27):
The article came out like a week ago.

Speaker 1 (01:29):
I guess either way, Well, we're sorting through it. I
have Kenny's article. The trade deadline is nearly three months away,
he says, so does he have? The season is one
fifth complete. Again, We're gonna leave the math for other people.
Either way, we will look into what that looks like

a little bit because a little spoiler, Astro stumbled again,
kind of unbelievable, blew another game at home? Can't doing that?
They're about to play the Yankees. My god, how much
would the Yankees love to try to bury their season
early on? Before we get to the ifs ands or

butts of it, let's do the Luis Arise train because
we just did a little bit of this on Talking Baseball.
If you have no idea, you were under a rock
this weekend.

Speaker 3 (02:20):

Speaker 1 (02:22):
Louis Arise traded to the San Diego Padres. I had
alluded to a Rise being traded to the Blue Jays.
I thought Toronto could really use a left handed bat
to help their talented lineup kind of get balanced out
a little bit. Dalton varshow has taken a leap early

on this year and they've actually slid him up in
the lineup. But I don't know, you always think of Springer, Guerrero, Baschett,
Justin Turner's been hitting because he's Justin Turner that you know,
with var Show maybe down if you could get a
rise in the two hole or something. I don't know.
It just kind of felt like the move Toronto has

been looking for in a fit. Instead, it kind of
went out to Toronto.

Speaker 2 (03:10):
West a little bit.

Speaker 1 (03:11):
And I don't know who's offended by that more, although
I will tell you I was sent a and I'll
text it to Beaves if I can get text savvy enough.
I was texted from one of my buddies a Toronto
newspaper that was very, very sad, because if you've been

following the hockey, the Leafs lost to the Bruins in
Game seven, which is a Toronto hockey tradition of sort.
With I'm I don't know how much I actually want
to research it because that's kind of not my lane.
But God, Toronto and hockey is like everything, and they've

just been an awful franchise, which I don't even know
what the equivalent of that is, like what's the worst
Nix and basketball? But they're having a moment. We're not
going to the cover of the Toronto Sun says we
stink and it's the Leafs a Leaf's player with his

head down in alec Manoa. So those are the vibes
in Toronto right now, and that's ken Rosenthal talks about
them primarily in his article. But Luis Rise there it is.
We're getting it on the screen for the YouTubers. Traded

to the San Diego Padres, who again very right handed,
very top of the lineup heavy. They trade over a
handful of prospects, led by Dylan Head, who, I'll be honest,
wasn't super on my prospect radar. I mean, Fangrafts has
his ETA is twenty twenty seven. I think the bigger

thing is the Marlins are going full rebuild. An atrocious start,
a tough division, a team that obviously has a limited
wallet by their choice that with this start of the
season they're gonna rebuild. Arise is a really tough player
to evaluate. Trade wise because he has one of the

rarest tools in the sport, the hit tool, but he
also doesn't really have a defensive position.

Speaker 2 (05:22):
He kind of only has the hit tool.

Speaker 1 (05:25):
If you are if if you are a war person,
I mean, Luis Arise kinda isn't gonna be the guy
for you. Like, I bet this is kind of obnoxious,
but no, it's a team that's probably laughing at this trade.
Is like the Milwaukee Brewers. Like the Milwaukee Brewers, we
see Luis Arise last year's batting champ, and you know,

is he is he the next Tony Gwynn. You know,
I feel like Milwaukee feels like any of their good
defensive players you can get the same quote unquote value
that Luis Arise is gonna get cause he's gonna hurt
you defensively, or if you put him at the DH spot,
you're kind of clogging the DH spot with a contact hitter.

So grab bag of prospects to Miami. Some people like it. Sure,
let's find out in four years if they got anything
in return for that. Trev commented funnally that Pablo Lopez
has paid off well for them, so maybe maybe the
Luis a Rise trail will be a jolly alivideo in

a little bit for now. He goes over to San
Diego a little four hit day on his first day
at the ballpark, Hey, how are you not too bad?
He played DH and then second base on the DH
Bogart's that day. So I mean, what to watch for
is how they're gonna use him. Fangrafts has their best
lineup with him at DH, and it's tough to argue against.

Fangrafts has them as Luis Arise leading off Fernando cronin
Worth in the three hole, who's been fantastic this year.
That's a big, big thing for them. Manny Machado, who's
now playing third base again, with that was.

Speaker 3 (07:10):
That was kind of what unlocked it for him because
my immediate tweet after was like, what are they what
are they gonna do with him?

Speaker 2 (07:17):
Manny is back to playing defense?

Speaker 1 (07:19):
So Manny is back. He had some elbow stuff going on.
Tough news for our guy, Tyler Wade a little bit,
but he's Manny Machado, so that's okay. Cronin Worth two
seventy eight, three forty seven and eight forty three ops,
one forty six ops plus, so really tough year for
him last year. Glad he's bounced back. And a reminder

at the Snakes game last year, he tossed the ball
to me. I thought it was an accident. I thought
I was getting in the way, and he goes, no,
I tossed that to you.

Speaker 2 (07:47):
What's up?

Speaker 1 (07:47):
Man? And I was like, all right, hmm okay, Jake,
didn't know you were that deep in the game. But
I appreciate you, uh and Padres appreciate how he's playing
this year because he was in a lot of trade
offers this winter as a quote unquote salary dump. Remember
that Yankee fans were daydreaming continuing that lineup. Profar who

has been their best player on the team, which is nuts.
And we'll just talk about that a little bit more
as we get to potential trade deadline stuff. Bogarts, who
hasn't fully gone this year. Jackson Merrill, who has won
over my heart and I think has easily been the
best Jackson, although Holliday and Chario have gotten more fanfare.

Campusano behind the dish, who's been solid and he's that's
eight hole Campusano and Hasan Kim who I mean took
down the city last year, led off a lot, and
I don't think he's struggling with the stick.

Speaker 3 (08:46):

Speaker 1 (08:47):
A one aw eight ops plus, a little more pop
than you'd think, a little less contact.

Speaker 2 (08:51):
On the ops plus level. Repeating the last two.

Speaker 1 (08:55):
Years, yeah, and again repeating last year may be with
you a reminder. And the Padres offense has been going
their second in run scored six and ops second in
batting average, so they may have made their strength more
of a strength. Again, let's see how they use a Rise.

I understand the DH argument, and that's you know, a
position you can get a lot of pop four and
there's not a lot of risk. They need Louis Rise
to hit. That's why he's on the field. Even if
you're hiding him at first base or second base, he
is out there to hit. And I think it does
depend on your team profile a little bit, like the
fact that you have Fernando Tatis, Manny Machado and Xander

Bogart's I think that gives you a little more flexibility
to go out and get a player like Luis Rise.

Speaker 3 (09:45):
I'm I like them as a team to use him
right Like I think, come up a playoff series, it'd
be a waste of everybody else for him to not
just DH and everyone else plays there their kind of
most natural spot, but during a season, their whole infield's
pretty versatile. If you need a Manny off day, right,

guys can go to third, like.

Speaker 2 (10:10):
I I like it on both levels.

Speaker 1 (10:13):
They've left themselves some options. I'm interested to see if
they ever mess with Croninworth because I mean, this is
a guy that came up and could play shortstop and
looked like a second baseman, and he played a little
bit of second base last year, not a lot of bit.
I'm surprised to see he's like not played third No. No.
One game in twenty twenty, which didn't exist. He did

play a chunk last year, so and it's tough, man.
I mean, has on Kim. The whole thing was we
want him playing shortstop. He's the best defender we have.
Manny Machado is an all time defensive third baseman, So
that's kind of on lock. But yeah, if they can
either use it as rest.

Speaker 2 (10:54):
Days insurance for any injury, right.

Speaker 1 (10:58):
If anyone goes down, it feels like you your chain
of command gets figured out whether there's a player available
at that position or you know, are are you willing
to go with Arise at first or second potentially, so uh,
I think for the Padres, the fit is great. You're
right handed heavy, and I think putting him at DH

if you need to is not a problem. I don't
think you're getting hurt by that. And the other thing
I usually come back to with with designated hitters and
I'm gonna have to look up his career stats on this,
but being a DH is hard, Like we kind of
ignore it and we're like, hey, go go put the

chunky guy out there that can hit homers. H If
you have a person that can be a good DH,
like I, I think that's more massive than we normally depict.
So as I hunt for a rise DH stats.

Speaker 2 (12:00):
I have his career numbers.

Speaker 3 (12:02):
There's a chance it's improved in recent years and it's
still a good number three batting average seven ninety nine
OPS for his career at that position, which not a
not a big drop off at all.

Speaker 2 (12:15):
His ethnically worse.

Speaker 1 (12:16):
His hitting stats are pretty standard across the board. Yeah,
DH left field, third base, which I wonder if they'll
tap into that if if Manny has any issues. That
is where his best hitting stats are from that's kind
of funny. But at every position in the lineup he's played,
whether that's DH, left field, second base, third base, first base,

he has an on base percentage of three seventy or higher.
That still matters, and that he's gonna be at the
top of the lineup in front of Fernando who. If
this team is going to really do something, they need
Tatist to be an MVP caliber type person or Machado
or Bogarts or someone. I mean, they're gonna need a
lot of these guys to be good. But the fact

that he can be at the top of that lineup.
He's kind of hit in the three hundreds, which he's insane.

Speaker 2 (13:08):
Not a lot of guys you just pencil that in for.

Speaker 1 (13:10):
And then the the on base percentage is gonna be
pretty much above three seventy, So there's not a lot
of ballplayers you can pencil that in at the top
of your lineup. The defensive stuff hurts, but I don't
think it hurts this team as much when they've invested
in a lot of other places, so interesting to see
how their lineup develops. They really didn't lose a lot

of top prospect capital, you know, Jackson Merrill we're familiar
with now. Campusano was kind of one of those guys.
Sallas is the like fourteen year old catcher that gets
we get a clip of him playing baseball every now
and then. Dylan LESCo not in my book, Uh, top

twenty six prospect, he's twenty six. I should have just
said that.

Speaker 2 (13:56):
I mean, Padre's fans will remind you.

Speaker 3 (13:57):
They just they just create new good prospect back sure
time they're they're they're good. They're good with how this
one they get them as close to for free as
you can.

Speaker 1 (14:08):
Musgrove goes down this weekend, which that hurts, but they
dealt with that a little bit. Last year. Michael King
had a big start for them. He kind of needed
that a little bit. Dylan Ceese has been great. The
Padres are really well set up. They're pitching has actually
been a little lackluster. But their second in the NL

West right now Diamondbacks and Giants are fifteen and twenty,
which like, really isn't a fun feeling. I did laugh
as we get to the Ken Rosenthal article. I think
it says on August eleventh last year, the Snakes were
two games under five hundred, so it is a reminder
with the new playoff format, as long as you're alive,

snakes alive, you're gonna be in the mix for this season,
which I think is a good transition to Kenny's trade
deadline article and conversation because yeah, I mean the prospects ay,
if you really want it, and I'm not sure Dan
Patrick show wants this. Who were now friends with?

Speaker 2 (15:14):
Who suck go?

Speaker 1 (15:15):
Dylanhead just came off as like dirty yead came off
as a naughty trade at first. If you're a Padres fan,
you have to love it. You got a guy that
won the batting title back to back years in different leagues.
He's gonna be at the top of your lineup and
he's gonna be hitting, which for an offense that's already

been electric. And if you've been a listener this show,
I'm all about the offense. You just need enough pitching,
and I think the Padres have enough pitching. If hasn't
fully clicked, let's see if they can find a hot
streak at some point they're at the Cubs, then they
host the Dodgers, but then they host the Rockies after that.
So as we saw with the Minnesota twins. We are

still very much in the part of the season that
if you can you can even get an eight out
of ten, you become like one of the better teams
in baseball. So with that, Kenny Rosenthal and part of
what I want to talk about, whether it's anticipating trades

or just sports talk in general, because I I was
laughing listening to I was listening to Simmons Orcillo. I
think around the NBA time, they're they're pretty strong, and
they were dream daydreaming about if the Nuggets could get swept,

and it's just it's that time of year. Man, we're
predicting playoff series or in baseball, predicting trade deadlines or guys,
seasons could go any direction. They were also saying that
the Nuggets could win the next four like we're in that,
we're in that time zone. What got you over there? Beabs?

Speaker 2 (17:00):
My brother not relevant?

Speaker 1 (17:03):
Okay, interested we'll close with that that. Kenny Rosenthal came
out with an athletic article that's talking about the upcoming
trade deadline and kind of the the highlight of the
article was Toronto because they have some serious trade deadline pieces.
Kakuchi has been electric this year. Bassett has been consistent

and you just know what you're gonna get. Justin Turner,
Turner Kermeyer. I mean, these guys are all in the
bucket of you basically know exactly what you're signing up for.
Jordan Romano and I mean the big tickets are Bashett
and Guerrero that Toronto hasn't locked up. Not sure where

Toronto stands with those guys. I'm pretty firmly planted and
Toronto won't be a seller this year. I could be wrong.
They're currently last in the American League East, but they're
sixteen and nineteen, which again a good week away from blank.

They do have two with Philly and then the Twins
in Baltimore, so not an easy stretch for them coming up.
Their bullpen has been the worst in baseball. They have
recently gotten some reinforcements for that, so hopefully that can
help out with that issue. Starting pitching, middle of the pack,
hitting kind of bottom ten. And it's again it's not

when the kids were originally coming up for Toronto that
you knew all their parents' last names. This version of
the lineup isn't what you expected to see with George
Springer originally as the big ad to that lineup. I
just think with the wild card and with Toronto, like,

for me, this is their final chance. And I guess
it's the point of the article that if Toronto is
in last place and there's not a lot of hoe,
your hand is kind of forced to sold. And you
wonder how many gms look back at the Angels last
year and are like, I can't have that happen. The
non show, Hey, trade time slash they traded for Giolito

and all these guys that they ended up just defangham.
If you're Toronto and you're either south of five hundred
or in last place, I think it's a conversation. I
think unless things truly fall apart, which I think they're
too talented to do that. Like their next four starting
pitchers are Barrio's Basset, Kakuci Gossman. Like this is a

team that always feels like they're gonna be ripe for
a wind streak. They just need to start coming. But
there are a lot of valuable pieces there. The team
that I've been trying to yell from the mountaintops and
everyone's just scared to do it is Houston. Houston lost
another series this weekend. They're in last place, the same

record as your Anaheim Angels. They're twelve and twenty two.
They're five games back of Oakland, who's a game under
five hundred. It has Houston's percent chance to make the
playoffs down to thirty nine and a half percent on
the year, and again, a lot of that is just
an in almost an unmatched history of what they've done

the past seven seasons. Without that history, if this Houston
team was doing what it was doing and it had
the Angels last seven years of history, their playoff percentage
would be one point nine percent. That's actually what the
Angels playoff percentage is with the same exact record. So,
as we've discussed, this is the team that deserves the

most leah et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. They're going
at the Yankees, who have the most wins in the
American League at Detroit Talented Ball Club. They are going
to see Scooball, who's one of the favorites to win
the cy Young right now, like they need to start
winning series and they just blew one to Seattle, and man,

if you want to see some real questions start to
pop up, Alex Bregman in a contract year, Like what
kind of return could you get for that? You'd like
to think it would be a big one. Could Verlander
be back on the table, Framber, I don't know. Ryan Presley,

I believe is in the last year of his contract.
Houston needs to figure it out soon. And I think
the number that they have to clear, if I'm just
being honest, is nineteen and thirty one. That's the famous
Washington Nationals number. I know even Jimmy was getting frustrated
with me because a couple seasons after that I would

use that number. And it's an outlier. Uh, but the
Nash I mean that team is a little bit of
an outlier, and Houston, with their track record, deserves a
little extra respect. They're twelve and twenty two, so they
would have to go seven, seven and nine math pod, Yeah,

seven and nine, which just a reminder like they haven't
been playing at that level. They're playing the Yankees. It
starts with Justin Verlander on the bump him versus heel.
That's actually kind of electric, but Verlander versus the Yankees
usually usually tends to go one way, so and not

out till they're out. They're still hitting a ton third
and average six and on base seventh and o ps.
But the starting pitching numbers are tough, the relief pitching
numbers are tough. That if they hit the deadline, would
really would really be an electric Would they actually do it?

Would they actually do it? You'd like to think they would.
I mean when it's it's not like this team doesn't
have h what how do I want to phrase it?
A killer heart? Like we Springer left, Correll left, Like
it's not this team hasn't been fully front office by heartstrings,

and like how.

Speaker 2 (23:28):
Could this guy go?

Speaker 1 (23:29):
Like Correll was the number one bad boy for a while.

Speaker 2 (23:32):
He was if you said, like face of the team,
who do you think it is?

Speaker 1 (23:36):
He was targeting Numero Uno for a bit there, then
they let him go easily. Springer was setting like leadoff
records for them, So they have shown the ability to
move on. It's just normally not really in a trade
trade kind of voyage. The other teams listed that I

thought were interesting by Kenny r. He listed the Rays,
which they just swept the Mets, and I think they're
about to play the White Sox, so we may be
talking about the six to zero Rays in their last
six coming up, and it shows again while writing these
articles is ridiculous. The other thing I was gonna throw
Kenny in front of the bus for, but it was
in front of all of us. Kenny mentions in this

article because it came out before the weekend is like
the Padres could be surprise sellers. They just bought a
rise and they could still be surprise sellers. So there's
so much in this baseball season that's yet to happen.
And for the Rays, I have to think they're gonna
figure out something in the bullpen because they seemingly do
every year. Yandy Diaz had been awful. He won the

batting title last year. A Rosarina had been awful, a
couple home runs in this series. He's in a contract year.
The Rays have had the injury bug. They normally do
have the injury bug, but we know they're a team
that sneaky loves to sell. So that was just a
head tilt for me. Like the Rays, do they have
the gump to use a John Boy word, if they're

around five hundred and they get the right offer for
an a Rose arena, would they be willing to pull
the trigger. I mean this is a team that literally
doesn't see like players faces.

Speaker 3 (25:13):
Yeah, like including the Rays in this group, Like if
they were in first place hundred win pace, they might
trade away some guys and be like they're probably right
still could like they.

Speaker 1 (25:23):
Are always seemingly playing for the next three years. So
I don't know. I have the Rays markdown as like
hyper interested in their deadline no matter what, like purecell
contending or in the middle. I feel like they're going
to be an electric deadline team this year because they

play by their own rules and they don't really care
at all. And then basically Kenny ended it with the
whole nl West, which it's just such a slippery slope
because if the Padres have to flip, they already bought,
so they'd be a classic by Cell team, which we
saw the Angels do a little bit of that last year.
The Giants again, their offseason ended up being massive Junghu

Lee Chapman so Lair Robbie Ray Snell that if they
have to sell, that turns into a tremendous disappointment and
how do you sell like that would probably be a
soft cell, which that almost feels worse. Sometimes My snakes
have their biggest payroll by forty million. They have had

the injury bug pretty good. Alec Thomas has been out,
Perdomo e Rod Merrill, Kelly's now banged up. Montgomery was late,
so there's a little more hope there. And again they
were what was the date, I think it was August
of last year. They were two games under five hundred
and then it all kicked in a gear. So it

seems like they're into this team, but they're also franchised.
That has to think about money a little more that.
I don't know if the Snakes see three teams ahead
of them and it doesn't look like an easy path
in the NLS to the wild Card because no one's
catching the Dodgers, they are disgusting. They just swept the
braves kind of handily. I don't know. At a certain

point a GM has to kind of swallow it and
maybe the spin there and Snakes fans you might not
like this part, but they extended their GM after last
year that maybe he thinks he has more leash. So
if you have a buy sell opportunity, you know a
lot of these gms are thinking about their job. He

already locked up his job with a historic run last year.
So does that give him a little more time to
be patient and come back some to think about, some
to think about, because normally a GM is basically instantly
on the chopping block, and I don't think Mike Haysen
is for them, So I guess, let me know, let
me know where your team is that, let me know

what you think they'd be looking for at the deadline.
Don't really just give me pitcher or pitching, because I
think you could do that for every team as always,
And I don't know again we are there's so much
of this season that's about to roll out injury wise
or performance wise that you know. I don't think Seattle's

run away with the West yet at nineteen and fifteen.
I know they're pitching has been incredible, But what's what's
a bad week look like for them? They're five hundred.
So that's where I mentioned the Kenny Rosenthal example of
Padre surprise sellers when they just surprise bought us. But
to anticipate this stuff coming up extremely daunting. Basically, if

you're looking to buy right now, you're checking out the
White Sox, the Marlins, and the Rockies. I mean, Oakland,
Are we doing that?

Speaker 2 (28:55):
Do you want.

Speaker 1 (28:56):
I mean, you know, they'll be selling pieces. JD. Davis
is just coming back for them, the one game under
five hundred Oakland Athletics who hung a twenty burger on
the fish this weekend. They've got their uh, they're doing
their whole West coast stretch coming up. They're hosting Texas
and then they're at Seattle in Houston. So let's see,

let's see if Oakland can do something with this hot start,
hot start for them, I should say, uh, that's most
of the trade stuff for now. Interested to see where
the next things come from. I would love. I mean
every year, I'm gonna be looting for an rooting for
an absolutely chaotic deadline. But even even thinking about our

Yanks just a little bit, Like you know, if Jason
Domingez comes back, DJ le Mayhew comes back, Uh, you know,
the Yankees currently have a packed outfield in DH DJ.
You can make the room for him. He's he has
an injury history and rizzos old. But I don't know,

give me, give me the most funk at the deadline,
and give me more trades that aren't even deadline related,
Like if you're Toronto, pick Baschette or Guerrero extend one trade.
The other team needs a little bit of a shake.
I don't think they're gonna sell though. They can't. They can't.

This was supposed to be it. They fired managers, like
if you're the front office, this is like, this is
your squad. We'll see.

Speaker 2 (30:35):

Speaker 1 (30:36):
Let's round off with some more around the world of sports.
I mentioned the horse racing at the start. It's a
fun event. I don't really have much with it. I
like the outfits and stuff. I'd like to go one day.
If someone hooks it up the right way. Looks like
a blast, good celebrity presence every year.

Speaker 2 (30:57):
People like it.

Speaker 1 (30:58):
Good for Louisville that yeah, I'll I'll love to get
there someday. Maybe maybe we'll set something up with DraftKings.
Hockey has been fun. If you're a hockey person, you
probably know more than me at this point, I again
enthuse you. If there's a game seven, turn it on.
I did watch Dallas when their game seven yesterday. I

watched the Bruins when when their game seven, Game seven,
and hockey doesn't get any better, and just hockey playoffs
in general, it's worth flipping on the channel. And we
do have a little bit of Rangers fever at the office.
They looked so fun the other day. Uh, what they
were doing on the power play was impressive, even if
you don't have a hockey eye, which sometimes I that's

where I get lost between the skill and the luck
of it all. I think hockey does too, but I
just I don't think it looks like a phrase good thing.
And if you look at you know, we did a
Bandwagon Blue Shirts episode if you know, you know, you know,
the the first Carolina goal literally knuckled it went off.
A Ranger bounced down, knuckled up, and then like lobbed

in over the shoulder of Igor the goalie. Which again.

Speaker 2 (32:15):
We're watching that here and I think we both said, like,
didn't know it could move like that.

Speaker 1 (32:20):
Pretty funky. Congrats all my Boston friends. They had written
off this team that had been so good the past
couple of years, but they'd had such playoff failures. They
almost blew another three to one lead. They do not
they're gonna move on. I obviously say it's through slight
gritted teeth. They're supposed to get rolled by the Panthers,

who are dominant team, and that's who the Rangers should
be playing in the next round. We're getting greedy as
New York sports fans because there's actually like a good
smell in the air right now because the New York
Knickerbockers are playing their game one tonight. Exciting time. They're
playing the Pacers. Some people think that'll be an easier

matchup than the seventy six ers, as they finished them
off on the road in Philly. I did buy a
Josh Hart jersey. I'm waiting for that to be delivered.
I promised myself that a while ago, actually did it.
They play such a fun brand of basketball. Their bench
is getting very thin, which has people worried. Between Bogdanovich

out for the season, they kind of need Deuce and
one of the bigs to be their bench. But honestly,
I think Indiana. I think everyone if you ask them,
would you rather play Indiana or Philadelphia, I think you'd
come back at Philadelphia or you'd rather play Indiana. At
an eighty percent clip if you're asking NBA people could

could be higher with that. You hope the Knicks don't
sleepwalk and put themselves in trouble. But a really exciting time.
With all that being said, in all my peacocking hockey talk.
The Celtics are looming and they're gonna face the Cleveland Cavaliers,
who they came back in a Game seven against the Magic.
Nobody watched that series, one of the most rudely treated

series ever. Game seven was at one PM on Sunday.
Not sure the night was open. What happened last night?

Speaker 3 (34:22):
Yeah, I was confused that like their Western Conference game
that going that was gonna be at night.

Speaker 1 (34:29):
But I was so we're starting playoff games at nine
to fifteen, but on Sunday, when this country treats sports
as a religion and most people use it to distract
from the Sunday scaries in their life. Sports were done
at ten to ten last night. That can't happen, especially

on like a beautiful sports WEEKND like Derby Sports Week,
and there's always big boxing. You need there should be
a crescendo there.

Speaker 2 (34:57):
That's that's how it ended.

Speaker 1 (34:58):
I had eight minutes of Dallas Stars hockey to finish
it off. We need to be better with that. I
need baseball to be better with that. If there was
a nightcap baseball game, Dodgers Braves should have started at
ten pm. Eastern Baseball let's talk. We'll figure that out.
The NBA Golden Goose right now is Minnesota and Denver.

The Tea Wolves went in and they won at Denver convincingly.
Anthony Edwards went off, Naz Reid off the bench was incredible,
Cat had a hot streak. Gobart had some crazy defensive
plays down the stretch. They seem like a hellish matchup
for Denver. And it's why I was laughing before between

Kenny Rosenthal, between Simmons and Rosillo. This series has the
ability to go anyway. Like if the Nuggets come out
tonight and Joker goes nuts and they look dom it.
You could see this Denver team who was dominant to
the finals last year. Could they run off the next four?

Speaker 2 (36:08):

Speaker 1 (36:08):
And we're laughing at the Wolves. Could the Wolves run
off the next three? And they were just they were
the nightmare that the Nuggets never wanted to see. I mean,
Joker has to deal with go Bear in Towns and
nas Reed, but those are some big bodies coming at
you all game long. I just clicked on all the

NBA's stats, like that's what I wanted to see, just
the season long stats. Why would I want that? Computer
doesn't know, talking to himself. The other part of that
is Jane McDaniels is one of the best defensive players
in the NBA. He's six ' nine, he's massive, and
his job is to lock down Jamal Murray and bother him,

and he did. So you've got bigs to throw at
Joker on defense. You've got a potential Murray stopper. You're
basically gonna make everyone else on the Nuggets beat you
and mpja Can and Gordon Can. But they need those guys.
I mean, the offense runs through them that both of
them normally don't shut down. And it's the beauty of sports.

It's the beauty of the NBA. Tonight's game in Denver. Uh,
we could be walking away and be like, whoa, the
Wolves are a nightmare matchup for them and Anthony Edwards
is the second coming or Nuggets roll up on them,
and it's like, ow I, this is just Jakie random

seeing a lot of sports, shooting from the hip, like
I have no actual data or info to back this up.
This series reeks of road, Road, Road Road, I got
Minnesota taken the first two. We're here, Nuggets, let's go,

Nuggets going to minnies and they take the next two.
I don't know, could be completely off, could be spoiled
in a couple hours.

Speaker 2 (38:07):
I just know I.

Speaker 1 (38:10):
Sometimes series fall into that, and I don't know if
it's playing the bad guy or I don't know if
it's just motivation, because that's one of the one things
you kind of can't really make up in sports. The
great coaches try to do it all the time. It's
what Saban was really good at. He had all the
best players in the world, but he constantly was trying

to motivate them to be better. And look at this.
They don't believe in us. It's like, no, they do,
You're Bama. But that motivation of trying to get the
road wins when it's supposed to be impossible. I don't know.
My chips are all in on Anthony Edwards forty three
seven and three two blocks if you like that seventeen

of twenty nine from the field. So again, I think
about what we could be saying on if what if
he gets locked up next game or he puts up
a he puts up a four for seventeen, which nobody's
immune to in the NBA. This series is probably going
seven it's the premier series in basketball. Basketball heads are

like gushing all over themselves. They can't believe they got
this in the second round. There's an argument these are
two of the three top teams, Like, you can't not
have the Celtics in there. Nobody really fully believes in
OKAC yet, just because they're so young, that series is
actually gonna be really good. I haven't been hyped for

that yet. Those are sneaky rivals, Like okay see in
Dallas are like neighbor cities. I've driven from Dallas Oklahoma City,
so you can do it.

Speaker 2 (39:51):
Yeah. They they the closest to each other.

Speaker 1 (39:53):
Uh, I mean San Antonio is pretty close to Dallas.

Speaker 3 (39:57):
I consider myself a good geography guy, but Texas geography
I don't got.

Speaker 1 (40:01):
San Antonio and Houston are tight. Then it's Dallas and
then okay See. It would be like if if that
was the Little Dipper of Texas basketball, Like it all
goes on a path.

Speaker 2 (40:15):
You look, look, pulled up a map. Dallas about about
the same distance from all of them.

Speaker 1 (40:21):
With uh, you know, with Luca and Kyrie. Kyrie has
made one of the most famous shots in NBA history,
and he's a Bucket. His highlights from the past series
were gross and Luca who you know, he was supposed
to be next still can be still very easily can

be next. It's where the NBA wins. I've said it
for a couple of weeks now that if you turn
on these games a night, you're either gonna see uh
an upstart Knicks team that has the city more bonkers
than it has been since the nineties. Like those those
mid twenty teams. Knicks teams were fun, but nobody like
believed like that whole Knicks former player section that's forming

at every game. That's pretty sick.

Speaker 2 (41:08):
That's been cool a little bit.

Speaker 1 (41:10):
High school basketball vibes.

Speaker 3 (41:11):
But John Starks literally looks like an aau Dad Starks
gets there.

Speaker 1 (41:17):
He kind of started it. He he made it cool
when it didn't seem cool.

Speaker 2 (41:20):
And he was on the Knicks that had a chance.

Speaker 1 (41:24):
Yeah right, And now look like they had a they
hold a whole squad there, they could.

Speaker 2 (41:28):
Have holds can be snuck in.

Speaker 1 (41:30):
I think they had like a full at least eight
man roster that if they wanted to run something. I
could see other teams looking at that and thinking it's
not cool. And I half get that, but the Knicks
need anything they can get. So you could put on
the te Wolves and the Nuggets, which is arguably better

than a chunk of NBA finals that have happened, a
resurgent Knicks team, which maybe that doesn't do anything for you.
And I get that. Luca Kyrie and what was the
best regular season team in the West and a little
bit of a spitting Midwest rivalry, or the Celts, who

might be the favorite the rest of the way in
their star power. And Donovan Mitchell, who did carry Cleveland
through that Orlando slog I'll tell you what, nobody believes
in them. Some of the worst odds ever in a
playoff series for Cleveland to try to upset Boston. I
don't believe in it. I don't know who does. Maybe
the men in that locker room. Good good, Donovan Mitchell.

Speaker 2 (42:35):

Speaker 1 (42:36):
So we continue the sports apocalypse. NFL takes a little
bit of break after the draft, but everything else is cruising.
So enjoy the sports world. Thank you for joining us,
Thank you for subscribing and viewing. Waken Jake is a
production of Dan Patrick Productions, John Boy Media, and Workhouse Media.

We'll see soon
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