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April 17, 2024 59 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello, and welcome to Waken Jake Myself, Jake's story, Ellie
David Mendelssohn on the ones, twos, and threes. We are
doing something exciting but might turn your head at first.
We're gonna do some off season tierless and if that
throws you off, because it's April seventeenth, we're almost four
weeks into the season. Well, this off season kind of

ran into the season between Snell, Monty, Jade Martinez, the
Boris four and I mean, how close was that Dylan cease.

Speaker 2 (00:32):
Trade to opening Day? Very close? Wasn't there another one
of those that was big? They were like about to
go to Korea and Anty was right before He's missed
the team flight. Yes, what was that? Did he fly?
He flew out solo? I'm guessing yeah. They probably went
out a few days early.

Speaker 1 (00:49):
That's funny and more so, the point is we did
a mid off season MLB Tierless, which you can go
check that out, and that was on December twentieth, I
think December twentieth, we did an MLB mid season Tierless.
We thought there would be a full off season tierless
close to before the season, but it kind of felt

like the off season wasn't getting done and then it
kept moving, so I wanted to do a follow up update.
We can get the tier list for you guys. The
categories we had was won the off season, good off season,
depending on youth to get better, which I think there

were complimentary pieces added, so we didn't want to knock
their off season, but they also shouldn't be necessarily docked
because they had a lot of young talent. Then there
was wins or feels like Charlie Morton's former team, which
I know that sounds like a not ideal grading category,

but there are some interesting teams in there. Braves Pirates,
Houston Ray's Milwaukee Giants were in there.

Speaker 2 (02:00):
At the time. We'll circle back on that.

Speaker 1 (02:03):
There was a nothing matters category, and then there was
a famous from Talking Baseball, what is you doing?

Speaker 2 (02:12):

Speaker 1 (02:13):
So I think the easiest way to do this is
that we are lucky enough we do our team profile
and projections as we lead up to the Major League
Baseball season, where we have our fans rank the top
thirty MLB teams and it'll give us a nice little
easy pecking order to see some of the later transactions

and what we missed, and I think a lot of
these early teams are easy to get out of the
way because at number thirty it is your Oakland Athletics
and they will remain a nothing matters. Yeah, their owner
reminder trying to lose and move the team. It's really bad.
Colorado Rockies a little bit of the same. They're off

to a poor star. They didn't really make other ads
that were ads. Sorry, Rockies fans. I think they know
nothing matters and they don't like that, and I want
to change that one day. It's my retirement job, Rocky's
front office assistant. The Washington Nationals BBD. They ended up

having a little late flurry, Joey Gallo, Jesse Winker, Eddie Rosario.
They've got bodies in Unfortunately it is a nothing matters.
Their expectations did not change. I am marking the Nationals
as a team to watch for next year. I think

by the end of this season their cj Abrams is
going up and up. They should call up Dylan Cruz
and James Wood in the outfield. Do they have another
young player? They're playing the third baseman. We fill in
with Lipscomb, Trey Lipscomb. They need a little more pitch,
but you can find pitching that I'm actually starting to
get excited for a little bit of Nationals next year,

but not of this year.

Speaker 2 (04:08):
They can There's a world where by the end of
this year they feel like Charlie Morton's former team.

Speaker 1 (04:17):
It's early only they could only hope. They can only
hope maybe Charlie Marton ends up there next year. They'll
need some pitching around retirement gig. The next team on
our team Profile and Projection list was the Chicago White Sox.

Speaker 2 (04:34):

Speaker 1 (04:34):
They were one of the kind of losers of the
offseason and they are one of the losers of this
regular season so far. It has been bad on the
South Side.

Speaker 2 (04:46):
In the north side. I always do this the south
side Southsiders, that says their jersey.

Speaker 1 (04:54):
Yeah, they're awful, They're awful. They are feeling it too.
Garrett Crochet has been starting and looking nice, but everything
else is really hurting.

Speaker 2 (05:05):
And yeah, when we.

Speaker 1 (05:06):
Did their team profile and projection, especially just on December twentieth,
when we did the mid season tier, they still had
Dylan Cease and now they don't. And man, they got
hurt early on. I think Eloy Moncata and Robert got hurt.

Speaker 2 (05:24):
Yeah, that was like their only hope. Like those guys
like doing anything and playing themselves into some value. They
do this still and cease trade without getting the padres
like like upper echelon pitching prospects, Drew Thorpe a nice prospect.
This their system is stacked.

Speaker 1 (05:42):
This isn't what this was supposed to be. But the
two and fourteen White Sox, who I think they set
a wreckout record for getting shut out. I think it
was five times in the first twelve games or something.
This was their lineup last night. Robbie Grossman leading off,
currently hitting one I believe, Andrew ben and Tendy currently

hitting one sixty nine, Andrew Vaughan currently hitting one seventy two,
Gavin Sheets cleaning up hitting, and then it's El Sosa,
which I'm not sure on the first name, Lenin, so
said Lenin The spelling gets me sometimes, Dominic Flesher, Shoemake Maldonado,

and Nicki Lopez mean, I don't know, man, that that
lineup is a tough look. Sorry, White Sox fans didn't
think we'd get caught up in that again?

Speaker 2 (06:36):
Did theirs drop? Because I love the sus trade? Ooh interesting,
nothing matters to what is you doing? Baby?

Speaker 1 (06:47):
I think it's still just nothing matters. Yeah, because it's
not like they they couldn't have an offseason that let
them compete.

Speaker 2 (06:56):
Yeah, there was not going to be a world where
they get higher than that. But it's been as bad
as start to the year as it can be. And
I didn't love to see trade when they had living.

Speaker 1 (07:07):
In a way, the White Sox are rebuilding, and I think,
what is you doing baby?

Speaker 2 (07:12):
Is supposed to be like what is actively like? Just awful?
Like you need to go a direction. Yeah, I'm kind
of not worried about it right now.

Speaker 1 (07:23):
Yeah. Next on the sheet as we chew down the list,
the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Your Halo's okay, So
they ended up they lost show. Hey, that one hurt
Jared Walsh, who ended up playing a little bit for

Texas to start the season. Geo Orchella Malibu, Mike. They
added a lot of bullpen arms, Robert Stevenson, Matt Moore,
Luis Garcia, Adam Simber. Nothing really on the offensive front.
I don't think Aaron Hicks.

Speaker 2 (08:05):
Our guys snow got in on a minor league deal
and made the team.

Speaker 1 (08:11):
Previously they were listed on nothing matters, and I still
think that counts.

Speaker 2 (08:19):
I think, yeah, I think it's still nothing matters. A
nice start, Trout's going I Taylor Wards, Taylor Ward, nothing
matters in Anaheim. Sorry guys, Oh they agree, So I'm
take back my apology. This is where.

Speaker 1 (08:37):
I think the conversation begins. Our people as the twenty
five picked the twenty fifth best team as the Kansas
City Royals, And now this is where I think a
little bit of egg can.

Speaker 2 (08:50):
Currently be on my face.

Speaker 1 (08:54):
We debated this during the episode, and maybe I was
going to sports talk. I think I leaned a little
too much into the jersey in the uniform because the
Royals have been since those winning teams twenty fifteen, they
fourteen fifteen, they have not been. It's been tough, like

this was supposed to be their window. Yeah, with like
Boobitch and Singer, I feel like there was other pitchers
that went by the wayside, Bobby Wit, Pascuentino, Melendez.

Speaker 2 (09:31):

Speaker 1 (09:31):
They had another group of like flame out outfield prospects
that it just never clicked.

Speaker 2 (09:36):
They had been intending and those years didn't go just
nothing happened.

Speaker 1 (09:41):
It just felt like they were supposed to start their
window one or two years ago. Like Kyle Isbel who's
still on the team. I you know, again not to
be shots fired, but I don't think he's panned out
to what they wanted him to be. The Royals got
there bidding done pretty early in the offseason. It was

Seth Lugo, it was Michael Waka, and then they added
some veteran depth pieces which were later. They added Adam Fraser,
always a favorite, and Hunter Renfro, who kind of was
the model of consistency. This is kind of a big

year for him to see. He ticked down a bit
last year and let's see if he ticks back up,
but at an age where that that might happen.

Speaker 2 (10:32):
Right, he's thirty two.

Speaker 1 (10:35):
But to slot someone in at eighth for the Royals lineup,
I think that's fine. They also had retooled basically their
entire bullpen. They brought in Will Smith. They added John
Schreiber late, so this was after that. They had already
signed Chris Stratton, Nick Anderson. So the roy got a

lot of their work done and I leaned pretty hard
into it doesn't matter. I mean, the Twins are still
the most talented team in the Central. The Tigers started
to get an upswing what people believed in them to
be for this upcoming season. That I fair or not,

I was a little skeptical. The Guardians are a well
run franchise and they are actually off to a hot
start twelve and five right now. But the team that's
a game behind them is the Royals, and I guess
where I was nervous. They They didn't make a ton
of improvements to their offense, and their offense scared me

a little more than the pitching. Bobby Wait is a
star of stars. Vinnie pas Guentino via fangrafts our friend
has been the number one player the last seven days.

Speaker 2 (11:58):
It's slow start and then earned has.

Speaker 1 (12:01):
Gone Uh so we love that for Vinnie salvi Perez
for what you're gonna get from a big boy catcher.

Speaker 2 (12:07):
Sure, MJ.

Speaker 1 (12:08):
Melendez also got off to a real hot start, has
slowed down a little bit, and Nelson Velasquez is twenty
five years old and hits with some pop that their lineup.
They are seventh in home runs and fourth and stolen bases,
currently twelfth in ops. The starting pitching era is number
two and the whip is one. So the Royals, which

was the most commented thing in the original video. I
did debate it, and hey, I am willing to admit
when I've been wrong. I think I was wrong here.
I think I leaned a little too much into the jersey.
Now I will say I got yelled at a lot
for our center field tierless for what I said, for

putting Julio and Robert on the same line. Well, injuries
and bad play. Why am I trying to get a win.
When I have a loss, I'll eat it. The Royals
don't deserve to be.

Speaker 2 (13:01):
On the nothing matters lines. They should be. Are they
depending on youth to get better? I think they're depending
on youth. Bobby WIT's still very young, because yes, if
I take that next step, if Bobby Witt doesn't take
a step, or.

Speaker 1 (13:18):
It was really good proved last year was real Vinnie Pascuentino, MJ. Melendez,
mikel Garcia, who's been leading off for them. With what
they did to their offseason to bolster their pitching, they
were depending on youth to truly get better. I mean,
Michael Waka and Seth Lugo have ceilings, but they were
also good last year. Like if Seth Lugo or Michael

Waka were slated in as a fourth starter on any contender,
you'd be like, that's a nice signing. They had a
good year last year. The price they got the mat
that ain't bad, So Royals fans, that was me snapping
so I could take a drink. Congrats to the Kansas
City Royals.

Speaker 2 (13:58):
They are currently our biggest climbers from the mid season
offseason tier list to now the off season tier list.

Speaker 1 (14:06):
The Pittsburgh Pirrats. When we did this originally, the Pirates
landed on was or feels like Charlie Morton's former team.

Speaker 2 (14:16):
I think that stays. I think so.

Speaker 1 (14:18):
Did they have any big ads from when we did
that in December? I don't think anything crazy.

Speaker 2 (14:27):
The Marco Gonzales flip happened, that feels moretiny.

Speaker 1 (14:31):
Rowdy to les was in December, Yeah, I don't think.
I mean, they just added joint Michael A. Taylor late
in free agency, which is a useful piece.

Speaker 2 (14:44):
But that's nice no matter how this season goes, that's useful. Uh.

Speaker 1 (14:49):
Chapman was in Texas or was in January. Again, I
don't think any of these. I don't think any of
these really changed them. They feel like Charlie Morton's former team.
I think that's that's easy. Next on the table, you're
Detroit Tigers. Hmm, okay, the Tigers. They end up Jack Flaherty,

Kent Tomyeta, Andrew Chaffin, Shelby Miller, who's been turning heads
early on this season. And I should have said this
at the top. I hey, there's a smile on my
face when I said we're doing off season tearless rankings
because we are three four weeks.

Speaker 2 (15:30):
Into the season.

Speaker 1 (15:32):
The fact that you get a little data use it.
If someone's got their tests next to you on the
table and you can see how confidently they marked the answer.
I don't know, it's extra data. They lost e Rod,
who else really hurt them? Matthew Boyd wasn't signed at

the time the Tigers landed.

Speaker 2 (15:59):
On Where's Detroit, Michigan? Good point. They were depending on
youth to get better again.

Speaker 1 (16:09):
It's it's kind of Royals esque, right, like they added
Mark Kanna really early. There's a depth line up piece
uh pitching they bolstered with Jack Flaherty and my Ada
and one or two other arms that yeah, I guess
they are more similar to the Royals and they are
off to a solid start as well.

Speaker 2 (16:31):
Adding Geo during spring training didn't doesn't change the landscape
of their dependence on youth.

Speaker 1 (16:38):
No, but I think, you know, I think he's currently
playing in batting about fifth for them, so that's something.
But yeah, I guess in hindsight similar to Kansas City.
In Kansas City probably got a little bit more work done.
So I think they are depending on youth.

Speaker 2 (16:54):
I think timeline's a little fuzzy, but I think since
we did the mid season, they did the Colt Keith
move and committed to him and all that, so they
are still depending on you.

Speaker 1 (17:09):
The Boston Red Sox. The Boston Red Sox, we hit them.
They are our first comeback what is you doing?

Speaker 2 (17:18):

Speaker 1 (17:19):
Team, and I think they stay. The Red Sox got
off to a hot start on their road trip. They
came back to earth a little bit.

Speaker 2 (17:29):

Speaker 1 (17:29):
Their big signing was Lucas Giolito. He ends up getting
hurt out for the season. I think we even had
that signing at the time and they were still a
what is you doing?

Speaker 2 (17:42):

Speaker 1 (17:43):
So it's hard to knock them more for those points.
Credit to the Red Sox. I mean they're pitching has
They are first in e ER and it's all guys
who have been there, I mean Theo Cutter, Crawford, Whitlock.

Speaker 2 (17:58):
Howk they still we have a slightly better idea of
what they is doing, but given that, it seems like
they have pitching plans top down organizationally. But so the
Chris adding a little more.

Speaker 1 (18:13):
The Chris Sale trade was after Yeah, von Grisham is rehabbing,
and I mean at least that was a sign from
the Red Sox that they were not in it for
this year.

Speaker 2 (18:25):
It's not a not a championship, but we're bus season
for sure.

Speaker 1 (18:30):
But I I think it's still a what is you?
What is you doing?

Speaker 2 (18:36):
Baby? The best I can offer them is nothing matters,
and I think in general they're still looking back, even
with how strong the pitching's begun the season. I imagine
that the most Red Sox mans are still saying, you
should have gotten more than just Gildo. They locked up Devers,

Hendrix's rehabbing with them, they locked up Bayo.

Speaker 1 (19:03):
They are nine and nine, which is currently last place
in the Al East and potentially could be that.

Speaker 2 (19:10):
Yeah, I don't know. I still think it's fair.

Speaker 1 (19:12):
I'm sorry Red Sox fans like, I know, there's now
it feels like there's a five year plan between locking
up Bayo endeavors, Duran looks like he's sticking around, Yoshida's
under contract, Kasis looks like he's.

Speaker 2 (19:26):
The real deal.

Speaker 1 (19:27):
But there's still they either need to bolster a lot
more in free agency or they're going to need a
couple more prospects to click. And hey, maybe that happens
this year, but for now, I think it is a
what is you doing?

Speaker 2 (19:39):

Speaker 1 (19:40):
And they just changed front offices after having a guy
that they said give him time, he didn't get time.
This is an interesting one, BBD. The Cleveland Guardians a
team that has been frustrating. They were depending on youth
to get better.

Speaker 2 (19:59):
I guess they just stay. I think so a lot
of that the group that that isn't the like four
guys in the lineup, you know, because they just are
all young. They deserve credit as a decent franchise and
they are banking on all of their young players. I
mean Kwan Jimenez, the Naylor Brothers, Will Brennan, Arius Rocchio, Florial.

Their whole pitching staff is young except Cookies Carrasco so yeah,
I mean they Yes, they don't really have a traditional offseason,
which is pretty lame. Uh, but they're kind of a
well run franchise. So okay.

Speaker 1 (20:38):
So currently three AL Central teams on depending on youth
to get better, and a little bit of credit to
the AL Central, the youth has gotten a little better.

Speaker 2 (20:47):
Uh, So happy for them. Cleveland guard Dogs leads to
the Miami Marlins. What is you doing? Baby? They will
stay there? Uh.

Speaker 1 (20:56):
They have been arguably the most disappointing team to start
the MLB season, a team without real expectations if you're
being honest. In that NL East with the Phillies and
the Braves, the Marlins made the playoffs last year. We
like a lot of guys on the Marlins coaching staff,
but they are off to an atrocious start expectation wise

in a team season. Right now, the Marlins are the
most disappointing team. Which sorry, Marlins fans, I know that's
not what you wanted to hear.

Speaker 2 (21:30):
But it's the truth. Yeah, they looking in hindsight, we
were all over them. So I'm a little proud of
us for identifying that pretty early in the offseason. I mean,
it did not get better and by the time their
TPP came around, I feel like we're all looking at
each other like, oh, they're the easiest. They kind of

game that made the playoffs last year that won't this year.

Speaker 1 (21:55):
Yeah, they got the benefit of the doubt on Like, hey,
I guess they made the post in last year. But
when we looked at their team and their pitching.

Speaker 2 (22:03):
Staff in spring training got ravaged. But Tim Anderson, Nick
Gordon and Emmanuel Rivera are the offensive ads since we talked,
and this team's concern has always been offense. So yeah,
I mean, their pitching staff still looks good. That's the
sick part.

Speaker 1 (22:23):
No Sandy, no Yuri, no Braxton Garrett, and their pitching
staff still looks good.

Speaker 2 (22:29):
And that's why it's a what is you doing? Baby?
You've got youngs, let's get hitters. You got a staff
and a half. Is that a rhyme? Trevor Ploof? What
is you doing? Baby?

Speaker 1 (22:42):
That brings us to your Saint Louis Cardinals, who they
were put on good offseason at the time. This is
a team that got a lot of their work done
early on. They said they wanted three pitchers, so they
went out and they got three pitchers. Sonny Gray, Lancelynn
and Kyle Gibson. Sonny has been good. Uh, he got

banged up for a little bit, a little hamstring. Lance
Lynn good good.

Speaker 2 (23:10):
We love that.

Speaker 1 (23:10):
For Lance Gibbie is throwing innings. He's gotten hit in
a few of these games early on.

Speaker 2 (23:17):
He's doing what they were banking on. The numbers will
stabilize over the course of more starts.

Speaker 1 (23:23):
But uh, since that episode, they did add Andrew Kittridge
in the bullpen. Okay, I'm not sure how much of
a game changer that necessarily is.

Speaker 2 (23:33):
For people, but his first seven innings this year have
been clean. Uh.

Speaker 1 (23:38):
They signed Keenan Middleton, but he is hurt strained forum yes, uh.
And then for this is where this team is, so
I don't know, kind of wild their lineup Basically, Mason
Wynn got at it as the starting shortstop, but he's
a real prospect, like top thirty prospect Jordan Walker officially

slots into the outfield large nupar just came back from them.
Victor Scott won the job out of spring training. Has
been struggling a little bit, but plays good defense, a
lot of speed. Can you can we still say because
at that point, going back to December twentieth, not a
lot of teams had had kind of really moved the

off season.

Speaker 2 (24:28):
No, it was we'd just gotten show Hay done, so
that that was holding up kind of everything.

Speaker 1 (24:35):
So had gotten done. We're holding up everything. Yeah, can
you say the Cardinals had a good off season? Still
they're off to an okay start. They are nine to nine,
which allat of the Red Sox is the last place
in the NL Central right now. How about that a

hardy NL Central. I'm inclined to say it was still good,
but from where we are right now, I think they're
depending on these young guys. Let's leave them on good offseason.
It's funny because if there was, they have youth, and

the youth can help them get better. But they are
still going to be dictated offensively by Goldschmidt, Aeronatto, Wilson Contreras.
Can you count Lars Nukebar and Brendan Donovan as young
guys twenty six, twenty seven, because I just read you
the top five in their lineup.

Speaker 2 (25:35):
There, they're the the cuspers in that group, because there's
definitely an old crap and a young crap.

Speaker 1 (25:40):
Here's what I'll say. I want to leave them a
good off season for now. I think if anything, they
would get slid to a Charlie Morton former team feels.

Speaker 2 (25:50):
Like, yeah, I don't know, I don't know. I want
to see them if all of those young guys stepped up,
that they would be a lot better. Every team can
say that.

Speaker 1 (26:02):
I want to see the other teams off seasons before
I make a big move or a big move on
that Red Sox. I might have left out Tyler O'Neill.
When did that trade happen? I still don't think that
moves them. Tyler O'Neill trade. And O'Neill's been awesome, he's
been great. Uh, he just got banged up. That was

December eighth.

Speaker 2 (26:25):
Okay, so that had already that had happened. Okay, so
no bonus. Look that move looks better now, looks better now?

Speaker 1 (26:31):
Is into it an interesting moved at the time The
New York Mets. We ended our episode by calling Jolly
Olive to get a Mets fan's honest opinion on what
it was. He a Mets fan, put them in nothing matters.
They did sign JD. Martinez since then, Uh, I think

if you look at the NL East through a scope,
with extra answers. Now Atlanta is going to be Atlanta.
The Phillies are going to be Philly. The Nats are meh,
Marlin's looking bad. The Mets are nine and eight. They

sneaky added a lot by the end of it that
I would have to look at some dates here. So
let's see Harrison Bader was in January, yep, been tracking
balls in center field for them.

Speaker 2 (27:32):
Slow start looking better. Now, let's see Sevey had signed
in November.

Speaker 1 (27:40):
It's fine. Sean Maniah signed in January. So currently we've
added Manyah, Bader Uh and Jake Diekman in the bullpen.
That probably doesn't move it for you.

Speaker 2 (27:55):
Jace Howser trade happened December twentieth, I think so. I
think it would have just happened either Jess new or
we just did not know they could potentially be an
upgrade team, Like what did what? Did I just say?

Speaker 1 (28:12):
They added a start at Sean Andiyah, a known quantity
starting pitcher, Bader who is a center fielder worst case
platoon best case like a three four war guy. Depending
on youth to get better. Feels dramatic. Yeah, enough matters

feels a little messed up too.

Speaker 2 (28:35):
I'm I would give them that Brett Baidy is twenty
four years old and off to a nice start this season.
It's nice that that's a footnote, but he and Alvarez
are the only like young dudes in their lineup. Jose
an Udo with a good start, yeah, he's kind of

nice with it.

Speaker 1 (28:56):
Let's upgree them to feels like a Charlie Morton form team,
because I don't know, could the Mets mess around and
make a wild card if the Marlins could last year.

Speaker 2 (29:08):
They survive enough, the centrals kind of eat each other
a bit.

Speaker 1 (29:13):
Sanga hasn't pitched for them yet. No, do they have
a timeline on that at all. It doesn't matter really,
but Jadie Martinez, so I don't know. We all kind
of assume the Mets would be trade everyone at the deadline,
and maybe they will, but that would still potentially be
a win. And if you add Jadie Martinez, who's a

really good DH baiter who's baiter and Sean Mania, who
had some numbers we liked when we diagnosed his his
season last year.

Speaker 2 (29:43):
And I think the three starts have been like too good,
one bad.

Speaker 1 (29:47):
When you pair that with the rest of the work
they've done in the bullpen rotation. I don't know what
you can bet Charlie Morton's former team.

Speaker 2 (29:55):
Congrats, they're a real team. The start the first week
went awful, but yeah, they bounced back.

Speaker 1 (30:03):
Credit to them now, the San Francisco Giants. Here's a
fun one for you, huh hmm, because they got a
lot of their work done pretty late after their TPP,
after their team profile and projection. We tried to push

off as long as we could because we thought they'd
be in the mix for one or two players. It
became a lot more so. They signed Jung Houley in December.
I think we had that one, or maybe we didn't.
I'd have to double check the date. Jorge Solaire and
Matt Chapman February and March, so those are Platinum Glove,

hard hitting third basemen and just a maller of baseballs.
And Jorge Solaire.

Speaker 2 (30:53):
February and March, those are significant. I think Jung Houli
had happened. I think so too. Yeah, it looks like
twelve twelve okay, but we didn't know what he was.

Speaker 1 (31:04):
We still don't, so I'm not gonna not gonna knock
that yet. Blake Snell in March, Jordan Hicks in January,
which the more we've diagnosed it, it's become one of
the more liked contracts. The San Francisco Giants. We had

them as a feel like Charlie Morton's former team. I
think it's good off season or won the off season.

Speaker 2 (31:34):
Let's put him in good good. You thought about one answer,
hard to say won the off season. Like they're a
team a level not off to like a crazy start
or anything. Fourth in their Division seven and eleven as
we're recording this, So saying they've won, I know a

lot of season's a bigger picture than that. I think
good off season is fine. I think good is fine.
But if we laid them next to the Cardinals who
are still there, Giants kind of blow them out of
the water, right, Definitely more fun off season.

Speaker 1 (32:13):
Matt Chapman so Lair, Snell, Hicks, Jung hu LEI compared
to basically three starting pitchers for three So I don't
know that's just in the back of our heads for now,
back of our heads for now, but man, the Giants
did a lot of work, and a lot of work
rate late Cincinnati Reds. I think they stay on depending

on youth to get better. They are depending on you
to get better. Although they made some nice moves and
we moved past the Frankie Montas signing pretty quick, but
they did jam Or Candelario. I think there could be
an argument for good off season. I think depending on
you to get better is very fair for that team.

Speaker 2 (33:00):
The core of what that franchise is going to be
moving forward. Their offseason is based on how the youth.

Speaker 1 (33:07):
But no, it's nice and I've enjoyed the Reds. I
love their young talent, I love their hitting. I also
loved their offseason. I can't believe I've become a Cincinnati boy.
They used free agency like the right way. They added
pitching depth. They added a first baseman with flexibility in there,
like they added what they were missing. That's what free

agency is supposed to be.

Speaker 2 (33:30):
So I don't know that that was my Reds madness.

Speaker 1 (33:34):
The Milwaukee Brewers one of the teams that I've fallen
in love with early on in this baseball season. Milwaukee
was a feels like a Charlie Bourton former team, which
is so true.

Speaker 2 (33:48):
My god, kind of inspired. The category played half a season.
There had a two to oh one era and eleven starts.
That's not real.

Speaker 1 (33:59):
By the way, none of that is real. It's just
how it feels. I think they're depending on you to
get better. I went on a rant about their lineup.
They have so many young guys contributing on that offense,
Bryce Terrang Jackson Cherio. Who's the guy I keep forgetting
the guy they they slide up to leadoffs sometimes because

he reminds me of Owen Miller, But he's not Owen Miller.

Speaker 2 (34:26):
Come on, Yaks Owen Miller, Oliver Dunn, uh Salthreelick, William Contreres.
You could do a sneaky young if you wanted to.
They've been balling second best offense in baseball. Uh. They
sad was she feels monumental.

Speaker 1 (34:45):
They're almost like a Cleveland esque type team. Uh, and
they have gotten better excited for their season.

Speaker 2 (34:54):
The Chicago Cubs.

Speaker 1 (34:58):
This is an interesting one to me. The Chicago Cubbies.
They landed on a what is you doing?

Speaker 2 (35:05):

Speaker 1 (35:06):
They were on the bottom of the list, and they
ended up getting some work done later in free agency,
including showed it Immenaga in January, who he has been
lights out that is looking like a winner from them.
Cody Bellinger was December.

Speaker 2 (35:29):
Yeah, and we were that was later excuse it was
later than that. The we were kind of putting there,
putting them there to say, like, go get Bellinger so
you can at least.

Speaker 1 (35:38):
Go back to I was I was going to get
back to even I think, knowing what we know now,
seeing what we've seen from Immanaga, they re signed Belly.

Speaker 2 (35:51):

Speaker 1 (35:52):
Also a trade that is currently paying off in droves
for them is Michael Bush, who I think homered in
five straight games.

Speaker 2 (35:58):

Speaker 1 (35:59):
Uh, top one hundred prospect that they got off the
Dodgers scrap heap.

Speaker 2 (36:04):
Essentially. I think they're a good off season. I was
thinking good off season for them.

Speaker 1 (36:09):
Look at that couple NL teams in the good off
season bucket, Saint Louis, you might have to come down.
We will see uh thirteen San Diego Padres, Mmm, Padres.
They obviously had the Juan Soto trade, which is gonna
dictate a lot of their offseason.

Speaker 2 (36:28):
They were a what is you doing? Baby? This is
interesting because.

Speaker 1 (36:35):
They had to they had to shed one Soto's payroll,
or that's what they said. But what they more so
meant by that was there was no chance that we
were going to resign one Soto, so we might as
well get usable assets for him.

Speaker 2 (36:50):
Get assets for him and be able to add to
the team without overall adding payroll to what we had
last year. So the only thing did they add after
that they signed Wandy Peralta, who we love well. The

Dylan Seas trade, Yuki Matt Suey.

Speaker 1 (37:14):
I'm trying to see if there was any other pieces,
and the Dylan cs trade, so I it's not a
what is you doing?

Speaker 2 (37:20):

Speaker 1 (37:21):
I mean they were clearly retooling. Jackson Merrill has won
over my heart in San Diego Padre fans hearts. They
have some youth in the lineup, I would but they're
depending on their.

Speaker 2 (37:36):
Stars to be stars, like.

Speaker 1 (37:38):
They're depending on Tatis, They're depending on boge Arts, Croninworth Machado.
I would say a Charlie Morton former team.

Speaker 2 (37:45):
I'm comfortable with that.

Speaker 1 (37:47):
Charlie Morton out in San Diego pitching eleven starts to
a two oh one era, not real same stats though,
I didn't think I remembered that.

Speaker 2 (37:57):
I like that for them. I think that's fair from
where they were. Yeah, and if a Charlie Morton team
isn't trading away their star but still trying to win
and improve. It feels like Charlie Morton's former team feels
like Charlie Morton.

Speaker 1 (38:13):
The Minnesota Twins. Uh okay, So they were big favorites
in the Central coming into the season. They landed on
depending on youth to get better. Interesting, that's a pretty
high tier on this list. Now they've had a slow start,
and I don't want to bury them for this.

Speaker 2 (38:34):
We put them there with the mindset of we knew
they were not planning to add payroll, so Sonny was
gonna be gone, and they were literally depending on their
youth to get better. But they ended up adding a
couple a couple older guys.

Speaker 1 (38:52):
We haven't done a lot of what teams lost, and
they lost Sonny Gray Kent to Mayada, a couple other
aren't Jorge Polanco in the Mariner's trade.

Speaker 2 (39:06):
Yeah, that's we kind of looked.

Speaker 1 (39:09):
At it as a positive way because the Twins seemingly
had the most talent in the division and maybe they do.
I mean, they have an argument for what is you
doing baby?

Speaker 2 (39:22):

Speaker 1 (39:24):

Speaker 2 (39:25):
They were the favorite in that division by a lot
and kind of still are but they added Carlos Santana,
which okay, not working so far, but what I trust
him to be a pro.

Speaker 1 (39:38):
What's the maximum you're gonna get from Carlos Santana, I
guess would be my statement.

Speaker 2 (39:44):
A couple of bullpen arms. They got Topa.

Speaker 1 (39:47):
I think in that that Mariner's train, and same with
Di Scalfani. I don't know, man, I hey, I mentioned
we have the three to four weeks of going back
to the Korea Series.

Speaker 2 (40:02):
I think I'm gonna go what is you doing? Maybe?

Speaker 1 (40:05):
Like I don't think they deserve to be Charlie Morton's
former team. We just put the Padres there and they
added Dylan Ceese and some bullpen. The Mets added a
lot of pieces. The Pirates are a Charlie Morton former team,
so and they've they're fun and I like them. I'm
gonna put the Twins on the bottom. Maybe that stings.

Speaker 2 (40:27):
Let's see.

Speaker 1 (40:29):
Let's see Seattle Mariners. Hmm, this is a fun one
because they're off to a slow start and I wasn't
in love with them.

Speaker 2 (40:38):
Uh. The Seattle Mariners were in what is you doing? Baby?

Speaker 1 (40:42):
Their off season did pick up and I started to
talk myself into it a little bit. Jorge Polanco January,
Mitch Hanneger January, Luke Rayley January. So those are three
significant pieces in their lineup. Their rotation didn't really need

to be touched. They added Ryan stannik Uh end of
end of spring training, and he's like, they're set up
guy closer now with Munyos. Maybe this is where I
might confuse or lose some people because they are off
to a bad start. I didn't hate what they did

with their overall free or off season. I didn't know
where they were going. Are they depending on youth to
get better? Are they depending on Julio to get better?

Speaker 2 (41:43):
Leo? They lost qualifies youth. They lost tay Oscar and Ahennio,
which again they were celebrated. They signed Mitch Garver, they
traded away Robbie ray they trade away Kelnick, which I hated. Yeah,
I don't think I can say they're depending on youth.

I don't think they are. I don't think it's what
is you doing? Baby?

Speaker 1 (42:08):
Like they had a plan. They want to strike out less.
They retooled. I like Corge Polanco that.

Speaker 2 (42:13):
The early returns on the retool are not what you
wanted they're still striking out too much, which was their
stated goal. But let's put them as a Charlie Morton
former team. I think they're Charlie Morton former team.

Speaker 1 (42:27):
He look good in those Mariner colors. I don't think
he's a Pacific Northwest guy. I think he's a Florida guy. Yeah,
so maybe he like signed a one year deal with them,
had a bad first half, got traded to San Diego.

Speaker 2 (42:42):
Lights out.

Speaker 1 (42:45):
You're either getting it or you're not. That brings us
to the Toronto Blue Jays, which they were what is
you doing?

Speaker 2 (42:54):

Speaker 1 (42:56):
They have the chance to sweep my Yankees as I
record the so credit to you Toronto. They added Justin
Turner in January, bona fide MLB hitter.

Speaker 2 (43:12):
We like him a lot. It was just felt a
little weird because it was so righty for the Blue
Jays they had belt. Felt like, if you're gonna do that,
just keep the guy that helped your balance. But he's good.
Yari L.

Speaker 1 (43:28):
Rodriguez he made his debut. I mean, we still don't
have a lot on him, but that was a January signing.

Speaker 2 (43:41):
I don't is it a what is you doing? Baby?
Were they one of Charlie Morton's former teams. Do they matter?

Speaker 1 (43:55):
Are they depending on youth to get better? It feels
like that's what they're leaning into with Vladdie and Bashett.
I know we don't think of them that way. They're
looking for Minoa. He's He's m I A right now.
They might be a Charlie mooreton former team. Where else

would you put them? I mean, if it all falls apart,
it's what is you doing?

Speaker 2 (44:23):
Baby? But I don't think it's all gonna fall apart.
Turner's been good. Turner's been great. I think gives that
money doing a different infielder. But let's put him as
Charlie Morton's former team. Because it don't feel the same

as the Padres.

Speaker 1 (44:45):
It's not nothing matters. It doesn't feel the same as
the Padres. I mean, you can't say the Padres had
a good offseason though they lost one, so traded one,
so traded away one.

Speaker 2 (44:55):
Sodo. That's really tough.

Speaker 1 (44:58):
I'm gonna put an asterisk on the Blue Jays. I
don't know how I feel about it. I wanted them
to do a little bit more.

Speaker 2 (45:06):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (45:07):
I I like the Blue Jays. I guess you hear
the hesitation in my voice, because sometimes Blue Jays fans
can be the meanest to us because we are Yankee fans.

Speaker 2 (45:17):
I like the Blue Jays.

Speaker 1 (45:18):
I love their pitching, their bullpen now that they got
uh Romano and Swanson back.

Speaker 2 (45:25):
I love their bullpen like I love eight guys in
their bullpen. And that's you know.

Speaker 1 (45:33):
Bassett just shoved. Barrios has been awesome this year. Kakuchi
Gossman has been the weak link.

Speaker 2 (45:41):
That I don't know.

Speaker 1 (45:42):
I wanted them to do more pitching wise, or hitting wise,
or at least a lefty. They don't care. You could
say the youth thing. But there's a lot of veterans.
I think it's Charlie Morton's favorite former team, and I
actually did think he pitched there, but he didn't.

Speaker 2 (46:01):
It just looked just feels like I had to double
check it felt like he did.

Speaker 1 (46:08):
I think we are on our final handful of teams,
Tampa Bay Rays.

Speaker 2 (46:14):
The Rays are the Rays. I don't. I don't what
you want to hear. They operate completely differently. Yeah, Morton
team Charlotte, former Charlie Morton team. Truthful. This time.

Speaker 1 (46:27):
We move on the Arizona Diamondbacks my snacks, So this
is fun.

Speaker 2 (46:35):
We like this. Uh.

Speaker 1 (46:39):
They signed Jordan Montgomery very late. He's yet to pitch them.
I think he's gonna pitch Friday. I think this week,
the nineteenth, it was originally slated. Yeah, he's pitching Friday.
Uh so that was a big one. E Rod had
already signed. He was December.

Speaker 2 (46:58):
Has not pitched yet. Where them moved to the sixty
day today, but that's fine.

Speaker 1 (47:05):
They had traded for Ahennio. They signed Jack Peterson, and
they signed Ranald Gridschuk to be a lefty righty platoon.
So Jordian Montgomery, who was supposed to be one of
the better pitchers in this free agency, uh, a DH platoon.
I think my snakes had a good off season and

that's where we had them.

Speaker 2 (47:27):
They're at least a good offseason.

Speaker 1 (47:30):
Yeah, I guess okay, I wanted to see that line develop.
Currently feels like Saint Louis is a bit of an outlier.

Speaker 2 (47:37):
They feel like an outlier. I'm curious to see how
we feel by the end of this if if the
Snakes feel like an outlier here, because there can be
multiple winners. There can be multiple winners. I guess I
like what they did. If you put the Snakes in
Giants side by side, how different does it feel? Because

they also traded for Robbie Ray, Robbie Ray, Snell and
Hicks like they had a pitching batman. That's a that's
kind of sneaky, crazy offseason. I'm gonna put them next
to each other.

Speaker 1 (48:10):
Okay, Uh, New York Yankees. I think we can say
it was a good off season. They had signed Sodo.
Are they traded for Soto at the time for do
Goo they got at the time for Dugo?

Speaker 2 (48:26):
Did they have Stroman yet? They didn't have Stroman yet?
Stroman's been good January MLB starter. Uh.

Speaker 1 (48:35):
I think the Yankees had a good off season, and
I think people around baseball believe that. And I guess
if I'm taking my lumps from Kansas City before people
thought I was being a Yankees homer by saying they
had a good off season for adding one Sodo, one
of the best players ever, and Doogie and Strow Okay,
running hot the Houston Astros. This is an interesting one.

Their big signing was Josh Hater, which we were like, damn,
And that came.

Speaker 2 (49:07):
After the episode. Yeah, that came after that was late.

Speaker 1 (49:12):
That their off season was pretty quiet. I think they
are a Charlie Mooreton former team.

Speaker 2 (49:20):
They certainly were last time, and I'm willing to put
them back. Yeah, you have to. You have to. They
are a Charlie Mooreton former team. You can't say it's.

Speaker 1 (49:30):
Not a what is you doing baby just because they
had a slow start, because everyone believed in Houston before
the season, and that they added a beautiful bonus point
in hater the Philadelphia Phillies. How about them? They were
in good off season. They didn't have a lot of needs.

I don't They added wit Merrifield after we recorded, but otherwise,
which is a nice move, solid, a useful piece.

Speaker 2 (50:04):
You know.

Speaker 1 (50:04):
Their big thing was re signing Nola. They extended Wheeler
if you want to put that in there.

Speaker 2 (50:12):
I do like that. I think it's just a good
off season. Yeah, they weren't good, They're still good.

Speaker 1 (50:19):
They retained what they needed. World Series Contender, retained what
they needed. The final teams, the Baltimore Orioles. They traded
for Corbyn Burns.

Speaker 2 (50:33):
Huh yeah, hmmm. They're still built on youth. Yeah. If
they aren't, Corn Burns is awesome.

Speaker 1 (50:48):
There's an argument for good offseason because they added Corbyn
Leaping Burns. We'll leave them at depending on you to
get better. We'll do a double check at the NBC
ol things feel. The Texas Rangers, we were kind of
waiting for them to make a late signing, like we
thought they'd be in on Monty or kind of a sneaky.

Speaker 2 (51:10):
It felt like a sneaky Seas team, right.

Speaker 1 (51:13):
They were in the mix on that. We heard rumors
on that. I don't think they got any bidding done.
Did they bring in anyone after record Jared Walsh as
a free agent, like minor league deal. They signed Michael Lorenzen.

Speaker 2 (51:30):
Yeah, d Robs in the bullpen after after.

Speaker 1 (51:38):
We had the Texas Rangers on depending on youth to
get better. That's interesting and kind of true.

Speaker 2 (51:45):
Van Carter.

Speaker 1 (51:46):
Yeah, they've done a lot of their work elsewhere. I
like it and seeing that seeing them next to Baltimore
and Milwaukee makes me feel better about it.

Speaker 2 (52:00):

Speaker 1 (52:01):
Okay, that worked out more than I thought. The Los
Angeles Dodgers. Here we go, people, your number two team
we had them has won the off season. I think
it'll be funny in a minute to see if anyone
else goes toe to toe with them, Sho Heo, Tani,
Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Taoscar, Hernandez, James Paxton, Tyler Glass.

Speaker 2 (52:23):
Now we knew a chunk of those.

Speaker 1 (52:29):
When we recorded last time, but we did not have
all of them. I still think they won the off season.
No one is selling Dodger stock. Ta Oscar was in January,
so that's a that's a twenty four and a half
million bonus ad.

Speaker 2 (52:48):
How many good things have you said about that across
different programs.

Speaker 1 (52:51):
James Paxton was January. God, that eight walk game was
tough to watch. I guess I want to put them
on one the off season and see if anyone deserves
to join them. Your final team, as rated by our
fans was the Atlanta Braves.

Speaker 2 (53:06):

Speaker 1 (53:07):
The Atlanta Braves again the Chris Sale trade, which seemed
fun for them because let's see what they'll tap into.
And he's looked trade and extension, trade and extension, he.

Speaker 2 (53:19):
Has looked Chris Sale.

Speaker 1 (53:21):
Ish Raynaldo Lopez was a move they got and they
were moving him to a starter, and I like, okay.

Speaker 2 (53:28):
We didn't. I don't think we even knew that yet.
No we just thought they signed him as a reliever.
He's been awesome. He's been one of the best starters.
Eighteen innings, one run, So.

Speaker 1 (53:40):
I mean kind of have to upgrade that. They got
kell Nick for free, that was in December, still young,
and they only had so many places to add on
that team. So, uh, we had the Atlanta Braves and
it feel like Charlie Morton's team.

Speaker 2 (54:00):
Should they be good off? I was thinking they're good.
I think they're a good off. They didn't do the
like fu move that would elevate you to won the
off season.

Speaker 1 (54:10):
They dodged doing an fu move which again could help
her her like instead of throwing a hundred mill at someone,
they got Sale and they're taking a chance on him
for a couple of years, which might work.

Speaker 2 (54:21):
And Rinaldo Lopez, Oh my god, what's that about? Uh?

Speaker 1 (54:27):
So we have all of the teams on a list.
I guess BBD, who if you had to pair a
team on one the off season with the Dodgers, who
would it be? Because right now on good offseason, So
these would be the teams that could jump up. Cardinals, Giants, Snakes, Cubs, Yankees, Phillies, Braves.

Speaker 2 (54:55):
I'm kind of between two that I would go for
a shout out right because we've gotten to cheat and
see a couple of weeks of the season, see what
what these offseasons have felt like early. It's hard to
argue many teams feel better about their offseason before two
days ago than the New York Yankees.

Speaker 1 (55:16):
Yankees feel pretty good one. So it's one of those
things you can flex.

Speaker 2 (55:20):
Is like even better than advertise. And I was saying
before they got him, like, hey, this is Ted Williams,
by the way, so he's won Soto, He's won Soda.
It went through my head, who's the other team. I've
been just into what the Snakes were about, the the

attitude there of like not resting on. You got to
the World Series and have a bunch of young players,
like I like that they reinforced heavily, but I don't
know if they have the move that you can say
is the one the off season type move. Montgomery is
one of the better starters out there. Monty was good.
We Montini Rod were like two of the four best

starters coming into.

Speaker 1 (56:06):
I haven't seen either of them yet. Yankees, you get
locked in on Sodo for Dugo, I mean needs needs
a shout out like that is a good major league hitter.
Stroman has been good. Can you say that Sodo Soto
for dou Goo and Stroman can go toe to toe

with Otani Glass now Yamamoto Taoscar.

Speaker 2 (56:37):
I feel like I'm missing someone. Paxton, Yeah, the I
think I would. I would say that the Dodgers won
it more. But man, Dodgy Yankees, Dodgers Yankees on top

of a graphic. I mean, our social team will throw
up on themselves. It's not the cars. Do the Yanks
go up? I wasn't expecting my takeaway to be that
they feel the most like they should go up, But

I kind of feel like they should go up.

Speaker 1 (57:23):
Put the Yankees up there. If people want to get mad,
screw it. I've had a tough weeks have been.

Speaker 2 (57:32):
They look a lot smarter for the show to stuff.
But I don't think they're quite won the offseason, but
they look smart for that one so far. I kind
of want to move the Cardinals down. I could be
talked into them being Charlie Morton pretty easily if you
said the word. I think so, man, they just feel

different from what else is there, very different, very different
and Charlie Morton's teams are pretty much universally like smart
that ain't bad, good spin on him always.

Speaker 1 (58:08):
I think this is the final list on top won
the off season, Yankees, Dodgers, get mad people, let's do
it good off season, Giants, Snakes, Cubbies, snuck in there,
Phillies with not doing much. I don't know they did
have a good offseason of Braves with a sneaky off

season depending on youth to get better, Royals, Tigers, Guardians, Reds,
Brewers Orioles, Texas Rangers, was or feels like Charlie Morton's
former team, Pirates, Mets, Padres, Mariners, Blue Jays, Ray's Houston
are Charlie Morton's former teams. Saint Louis, late to motion,

nothing matters, A's Rocks, Gnats, White Sox, Angels and what
is you doing? Baby Socks, Marlins, Twins, Hello, tell him?
Tell me what did me and BBD get wrong? I
could see it being a little mad at the Yankees,
but I also won Soto. I could also not just

ever so Twins, Twins and Socks could burn us. I
think a little bit, and I guess tell us what
else you think is gonna change. Maybe we should check
in on these come mid season or post trade deadline
and see where we landed. Uh hey, thank you guys,
have a great week, have a great rest of the weekend,

and we'll see you guys on Monday.
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