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April 15, 2024 45 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
You are.

Speaker 2 (00:05):
What I call Hey, Hey, it's way up. But Angela yee,
I'm Angela yee. Oh mayno's here?

Speaker 3 (00:17):

Speaker 1 (00:19):
And else is this? Who excuse me?

Speaker 4 (00:28):
I was here like two weeks ago.

Speaker 5 (00:29):
Okay, it feels like a long time.

Speaker 4 (00:31):
You know, it's not here.

Speaker 2 (00:32):
But speaking of who's gonna be here today? From the
play Super Freak The Rick James Story, we have Stokely.

Speaker 5 (00:39):
He's a lead singer man condition by.

Speaker 2 (00:41):
The way, Jakarius Johnson, who executive produced the play, and
Ty James, who is Rick james only daughter.

Speaker 5 (00:48):
So they I'll be joining us today.

Speaker 4 (00:49):
And when I tell you I heard that play is good.

Speaker 5 (00:51):
Actually, Super Freak the Rick James Story.

Speaker 2 (00:54):
When I tell you the stories they're gonna tell today,
boy listen, it's uncensored. Oh if you want to go
see a play that is not for kids.

Speaker 1 (01:03):
I want to see that making that's pretty bad.

Speaker 2 (01:07):
Yeah, yes, indeed he's playing Rick James, the lead singer Stokely.
He's also a solo artist. He has a couple of
solo albums out as well. All right, well, let's start
this show off with some love and positivity because after
that it's going downhill. All right, there's gonna be a
lot of beef that we're going to have to discuss
today whether or not you like it. Rick Ross is
still going right now, still going right now. Do you
want to know who wrote sickle modes the verse for

DrAk On? He's just still going. But anyway, let's spread
some love.

Speaker 5 (01:33):
Eight hundred and two ninety fifty less Shine of Light.
It's way up.

Speaker 6 (01:39):
Turn your lights on, y'all, spreading love to those who
are doing greatness.

Speaker 1 (01:43):
The shine light on.

Speaker 2 (01:48):
It's time to shine a light on, all right, it's
way up by Angela. Ye, Myo's in the building. Know
Jasmine's hair.

Speaker 1 (01:55):
I'm not.

Speaker 7 (01:57):
I'm on.

Speaker 2 (01:58):
It's going to be a great week, guys. And let's
get into Shina light And today I want to shine
a light on gymnast Morgan Price. She is the first
athlete from an HBCU to win a national collegiate championship.
She goes to Fisk University and she is the first
USA Gymnastist collegiate national champion from an HBCU. Nice Now,

originally she was going to go to Arkansas, but then
the coach from Fisk University was like, do you want
to make history? And she has made history. She was
also on CBS Morning. She was on mcguil king and
here's what she said.

Speaker 8 (02:33):
I made the decision to switch just to inspire the
younger generation, so that younger African American girls can see
that HBCU gymnastics is a thing and that we can
compete with the best.

Speaker 4 (02:44):
Of the best.

Speaker 2 (02:45):
Okay, Fi, I love that. Congratulations to Morgan Price. All right,
who do you guys want to shine a light on?
Eight hundred and two ninety two fifty one fifty by Tobia.
Who you want to shine a light on?

Speaker 1 (02:56):
Well, it's really on lou In the loove of my life.

Speaker 5 (03:00):
It can still happen.

Speaker 7 (03:01):
Okay, past half a century and I was finally able
to recognize we recognize each other.

Speaker 2 (03:07):
So I'm about to relocate and everything. What for somebody?

Speaker 7 (03:12):
Yeah, I found somebody.

Speaker 1 (03:14):
I found the love of my life.

Speaker 2 (03:15):
And look, Mano still waiting for his So he has hope.

Speaker 1 (03:18):
Yeah, hope is there. Mayo needs work?

Speaker 2 (03:21):
Wow, how are you gonna wear when you're right? When
you ate right with this?

Speaker 1 (03:25):
Hey, it sounded like a shot.

Speaker 2 (03:29):
No, it sounded like she's right by Toba.

Speaker 1 (03:30):
No, we love you, may thank you, but you need work.

Speaker 9 (03:34):
Broke steadily.

Speaker 1 (03:35):
He's yeah, I got it, we got it. We gotta
start from somewhere, right, Babby, that's right, that's right, an
awesome job. Where are you moving to this morning?

Speaker 5 (03:44):
Where are you moving to?

Speaker 1 (03:46):
Charlotte, North Carolina?

Speaker 2 (03:47):
Right outside of Charlotte, And it's gonna work.

Speaker 1 (03:50):
I feel it.

Speaker 2 (03:51):
Yay, all right, but congratulations, check back in, okay, thank you,
have a great day you too. That was shining light.
Eight hundred and fifty fifty is a number in case
you couldn't get through. And when we come back, we
got to get right into the fire. We'll talk about
this beef that's been happening all weekend. And it feels
like Rick Ross is in his element now. He cannot
wait to keep it going. But people are choosing sides.

It's way up.

Speaker 10 (04:14):
Going, way out out with Angela yee. They say the rooms.

Speaker 6 (04:19):
From industry shade to all of gossip out. Angela's feeling that.

Speaker 2 (04:26):
All right, it's way up, am Angela yee. Jasmine's here,
just brand, I'm my own brand. Mano's here. I'm glad
we're all here because this is a very important day
to talk about what is going on now.

Speaker 5 (04:39):
Drake over the weekend, there was a track that came out.

Speaker 2 (04:41):
Our producer Dan sent it to us, by the way
and was like, I'm not sure if this is real
or AI because everybody was speculating, but it is real
and there's a real version that got put out. Academics
was streaming it live while it was happening. And so
let's discuss some of the shots that we're taking on
here now. Future and metro Booming on the album and
we don't trust You in the song we Don't Trust You.

Speaker 5 (05:01):
Here is what Future had to say about Drake.

Speaker 1 (05:04):
You're a number one fan, Donald Tree. It's a don't
understand talking of feed.

Speaker 11 (05:10):
I don't need another faith.

Speaker 2 (05:11):
Friend, all right, so he called them a number one
fan dition, hellow talking acting like a fed I don't
need another fake friend.

Speaker 5 (05:19):
Well, here's what Drake had to say briefly about Future.

Speaker 1 (05:22):
I can never be.

Speaker 11 (05:23):
Nobody number one fan, your first number one.

Speaker 1 (05:26):
I had to put it in your hand.

Speaker 2 (05:27):
It's a good response, A good response.

Speaker 1 (05:30):

Speaker 2 (05:30):
Metro Booman, of course, is at the center of all
of this, right front center, and so he had some
words for metro Booman too quickly.

Speaker 11 (05:38):
Gi him on love in a City that you find it, Mitchell,
shut your ass up and make some drums.

Speaker 4 (05:44):
WHOA, that's really funny.

Speaker 2 (05:45):
That's a harsh make him seem like a worker, like,
just shut up, mix drunks, just do your job, all right. Well,
that was definitely a harsh one. Now Kendrick, of course
everybody was talking about and there were a lot of
shots taking that Kendrick. I mean, he talked about his
shoe size being a size seven. I believe, hisp squeak
shoe size is a little like an eight or nine.

But are you it's not a seven though, No, it's
I don't think it's a seven, but you know that's
you know, a guy's shoe size seven.

Speaker 5 (06:12):
What's the shoe size?

Speaker 10 (06:13):

Speaker 1 (06:13):

Speaker 5 (06:14):

Speaker 2 (06:14):
All right. In addition to that, he had some more
shots and Kenjack, here's what he had to say.

Speaker 11 (06:19):
For one, five need a verse, You better make it witty.
Then we need a verse for the Swiss these top
save drop, you better drop and give them fifty.

Speaker 2 (06:28):

Speaker 4 (06:28):
That was nice.

Speaker 2 (06:29):
So Sizza, of course she got a little shot out
and she responded like, now why am I in this
with that infamous meme the drop man give me fifty
and he's talking about top Dog. Top Dog, who is
the CEO of TD top Dog Entertainment where Kenjack was
signed before he went independent, and the drop man give
me fifty is referencing you know, I don't know if
this is true or not, but top Dog getting fifty

percent of Oh, yes, anybody was wondering what that's about. Yeah,
so we're trying to break it all down so everybody
knows what's happening. Now there are some more shots that
Drake took at Kendrick and J Cole is also mentioned
in this.

Speaker 11 (07:05):
And if Sean y'all got did not start to be
with us, this being brewing in a pot now heating up.

Speaker 2 (07:10):
I don't care what cold think.

Speaker 1 (07:11):
That Gosh was weakest.

Speaker 5 (07:12):
Top Dog is in this yet again.

Speaker 2 (07:14):
Okay, now, I don't know who called top Dog trying
to piece it up, but I don't know if he's referencing.
Maybe J Cole probably did that because he did have
TD performers, yeah, you know, at his Dreamville festival, So
not share what that is. But he also alluses that
this is just the beginning at the end of this
to let people know that there's more to come. And
djhu Kid, who is fifty cents DJ. He also posted

a meme that said more coming soon.

Speaker 12 (07:39):
He gave it to him first because it has the
whole kid drop on the old.

Speaker 1 (07:43):

Speaker 2 (07:44):
All right, so we're gonna play Drake's full disc right now,
and then after that we're going to talk about Rick
Ross because that's a whole another situation. Rick Ross did
a whole dis recommend. Know you feel like he had
this in the stash. Yeah, I like, but we'll discuss
all of that and you guys get ready to call
in because we want to hear what you have thought. Sorry,
eight hundred nine fifty one fifty is way up.

Speaker 10 (08:02):
I said, let's get it. Let's good way yep, what Angela?

Speaker 6 (08:07):
He is back to set off your work day.

Speaker 2 (08:10):
All right, it's way up, am Angela. Ye, Jazzman brand
is hair, and Lena.

Speaker 4 (08:13):
Is here ye yes, And.

Speaker 2 (08:16):
We're trying to figure out all of the things that
are happening with Rama.

Speaker 4 (08:20):
I mean, I need a flow chart.

Speaker 5 (08:22):
And Drake did have to put out it.

Speaker 2 (08:23):
He put out a meme from kill Bill and Uma
Thurman was like, let me know if you need smel
But he feels like everybody's coming for him now. But
he definitely is responding, yeah, back to everybody. Also that
song and unofficially they're calling that song push Ups and
Rick Ross got some shots on there too. We didn't
get into the jet because Rick Ross had a full response.
So here's what Drake had to say on push Ups

about Rick Ross.

Speaker 11 (08:44):
I might take your latest droller couple lack on Ricky.

Speaker 5 (08:48):
Okay, okay, got some shots there, now, little shot.

Speaker 4 (08:51):
It wasn't so bad.

Speaker 2 (08:52):
Rick Ross fire back very quickly and he had a
lot of things to say. And you know, when Rick
Ross goes at you on social media, he does not
let up. I mean, he was calling him a white boy.
He was talking about his BBL. He going the whole
those job.

Speaker 4 (09:04):
He's callinghim BBL Drake.

Speaker 5 (09:06):
He's calling him BBL Drake.

Speaker 2 (09:08):
And so here is some of what Rick Ross had
to say on his disc track getting Bullied.

Speaker 13 (09:13):
Don't walk up on me because the clip is fully
to get to be still, don't want to push me.

Speaker 2 (09:17):
I'm like, really woody, all right. So this this is
called Champagne moments, by the way, And in addition to that,
he does also talk about Drake's alleged nose job.

Speaker 5 (09:28):
But Drake says he didn't get one, but we'll discuss that.

Speaker 1 (09:31):
You never want to do.

Speaker 13 (09:33):
That's why you had an operation to make you know,
a smaller.

Speaker 2 (09:36):
So he's saying that he unfollowed Drake because Drake sent
a season desist to french Montana. I remember when french
Montana was up here. He was talking about the song
with Drake and remember that.

Speaker 1 (09:47):
Yeah, I can't remember what he said French.

Speaker 2 (09:50):
Later he said they're gon It wasn't Drake supposed to
be like eping.

Speaker 5 (09:54):
French Montana's said something about that we need to pull
that back up though.

Speaker 2 (09:57):
All right. Well, Drake then put out some messag between
himself and his mother and it says, obs, the internet
is saying, you got a nose job. You look the
same to me in the kitchen today. I can't believe
you would get one without me, because you know I
always wanted one. Don't tell me that you got tattoos
without me. And now this too. And Drake's response to
his mom was, I would have got us a two
for one deal if I went my It's coming from

Rick Ross, the guy I did songs with. He's gone
loopy off the Manjyro. He hasn't eaten in days, and
it's turned him angry and racist. He's performing at proms
for money. It's bad. Don't worry, we'll handle it.

Speaker 1 (10:27):
I like that part right, then we'll handle it.

Speaker 4 (10:29):
He's sorry.

Speaker 1 (10:30):
I got that. Yeah, don't worry about it, Mam, I
got this. It's like that.

Speaker 2 (10:34):
That was his response, and you know, of course, Rick
Ross went on his Instagram Live to say, I just realized.

Speaker 5 (10:41):
BBL Drizzy called his mommy on this.

Speaker 2 (10:45):
You have that? Okay, here it is.

Speaker 13 (10:47):
BBL Drizzy called his mommy on me. He shared their
text messages between each other. Uh, Cupcake, Drake, tell your mama,
you stayed out past your curfew, white boy. But anyway,
big nose, but you had twenty five percent body fat,
would have carved down six piece stock well close forty bands.

Speaker 4 (11:09):
Oh my gosh, jesus, I mean.

Speaker 2 (11:12):
What is going on?

Speaker 4 (11:14):
He say he called his mommy on me.

Speaker 2 (11:16):
Well, Birdman posted with Drake and said I'm riding with
you for life. I got your back, surprise party and
cash money official. So you know everybody is Lincoln too?

Speaker 5 (11:28):
Yeah yeah, yeah.

Speaker 2 (11:31):
Because he know him and Birdman already don't get along.
It's just crazy right now. Active But it did make us.
Forget all the women fighting. Now, let's focus on you guys.

Speaker 5 (11:41):
About Diddy too, Yeah for a second, didn't.

Speaker 4 (11:43):
Like, Yes, no one's talking about me right now.

Speaker 2 (11:45):
He's probably call him, but like, go ahead, go but
remember Drake and Didny got into it? Didn't Drake? Didn't
Diddy slap Drake previously allegedly. But we want to hear
what you guys think. Eight hundred fifty I'm just giving
you the information that's coming in. There's a lot more.
We want to hear what you guys been thinking over
the weekend. Are you team Drizzy? Are you team Rick Russ?
Team Ken Drake? I don't know.

Speaker 5 (12:07):
Call us up? Eight hundred two nine two fifty fifteen.

Speaker 10 (12:10):
Wa up with Angela ye more?

Speaker 2 (12:13):
Now all right, it's way up. I'm Angela ye Jasmine brand.

Speaker 14 (12:16):
His hand, I'm my own brand.

Speaker 2 (12:19):
Mana is here morning, Yes, and we are talking about
what is going on. The guys are fighting, the girls
are fighting.

Speaker 13 (12:28):

Speaker 2 (12:28):
Rick Russ has done a whole disc track aimed at Drizzy,
at Drizzy and everybody is choosing sides now, Mana, you
didn't think this was a new song. You feel like
I feel.

Speaker 12 (12:39):
Like he had that waiting I feel like Ross knew
that this was going to get like this, and he
just had it in the cut because if you look
at how fast he posted it, it was like two
hours later.

Speaker 4 (12:48):
I just feel like he had it too fast.

Speaker 1 (12:50):
Yeah, I just feel like he had it ready, Okay.

Speaker 2 (12:52):
And so he had said that he unfollowed Drake because
of French Montana sent the cease and desist. But you know,
French Montana and Drake still appear to be cool with
each other. They follow each other, So I don't know
if friend had a problem. And they've all worked together
so much in the past. But I'm not sure what
you guys think. I saw some people are saying they

thought Rick Ross did a great job responding.

Speaker 5 (13:15):
And you know how Rick Russ is. He's not gonna let.

Speaker 1 (13:17):
Up, right, it ain't just the music.

Speaker 2 (13:18):
It's not just the music. He's going to go on
social media, he's gonna go live, He's going to be
posting NonStop. And I thought that Rick Russ and Drake
were actually more collaborating, right.

Speaker 1 (13:29):
I would have never thought.

Speaker 12 (13:30):
I would have never seen this coming because I felt
like they was like really cool something else something. I
feel like it's deepening, just the something else happened, something
something else.

Speaker 2 (13:39):
And I also saw conspiracy theories about you know, Drake
when it comes to Kendrick dming Kendrick's now wife who
was then his girlfriend at the time, and he does
a reference Whitney, that's he that's Kendrick's wife.

Speaker 4 (13:51):
That's a little personal.

Speaker 2 (13:52):
You know, on on his discheck too. But we want
to see what your thoughts are about everything. There's a
lot going on, Rob, what are your thoughts?

Speaker 1 (13:59):
I'm rocking with Rake Man, Drake. Don't no smoke from
nobody like that.

Speaker 5 (14:03):
Okay, that is true.

Speaker 2 (14:04):
At least he didn't just say I'm not gonna do nothing.
He responded to everybody.

Speaker 4 (14:08):
He said, line them up.

Speaker 11 (14:09):
They should have learned that from me because he could
have got ugly for drake situation.

Speaker 5 (14:13):
He ain't duck that right, Thank you, Raw Raw, Hey Angel?

Speaker 2 (14:19):
How are you?

Speaker 15 (14:20):

Speaker 2 (14:20):
How you doing?

Speaker 13 (14:21):

Speaker 2 (14:21):
Listen, We've heard a lot going on. There's Ken Drake,
there's Rick Russ, there's Drake. J Cole has removed himself.
What do you think there's future, there's metro booming. Who
you're riding with? Who's winning?

Speaker 16 (14:31):

Speaker 7 (14:32):
This is so messy, It's all random, Like I feel
like this Ben Brewin, like they should have been saying somethingthing.
This is very much sassy coming from Kendrick, Like this
drap was just very much sasty. And I'm so glad
that Drake dropped ate all of them up. I don't
know what they're gonna be able to say after this.
He said, he didn't even unleas the whole clip.

Speaker 2 (14:53):
Yeah, you put up a good point because everybody's like,
where did this just nowhere?

Speaker 1 (14:57):
I mean it was Rando and then y'all this is Drake.

Speaker 4 (15:03):
Yeah, but like but like Maino said, it probably was brewing.

Speaker 14 (15:07):
And that's what that's the public as fans.

Speaker 7 (15:11):
Being off with a map for three hundred and fifty
five days and you you just got to come back
with a Drake did all.

Speaker 2 (15:17):
Right, Well, thank you for chiming in. Thank you, Hey, Tristan, how.

Speaker 15 (15:21):
Are you good?

Speaker 2 (15:23):
So what are you thinking, Tristan about all these disc
tracks and things going back and forth?

Speaker 1 (15:28):
Man, Drake is the go I'm riding with Drake Drake.

Speaker 5 (15:32):
Okay, what did you think about Rick Russ?

Speaker 1 (15:34):
Is this you're just jealous?

Speaker 2 (15:37):
Okay? You think he's just jealous?

Speaker 4 (15:38):
Nobody's riding with Rick.

Speaker 1 (15:42):
Everybody. So it's like, at this point here on the dog,
how are you going to not root for the dog?

Speaker 2 (15:46):
It's interesting because on social media I saw a lot
of people riding with Rick Ross.

Speaker 1 (15:50):
Yes I heard that, heard that really rap?

Speaker 5 (15:53):
Okay, all right, well thank you for chiming interesting.

Speaker 2 (15:56):
I appreciate that. Thank you. What's good?

Speaker 13 (16:00):

Speaker 2 (16:01):
And what's good? What do you think about all the
beef going on? Who you rocking with?

Speaker 7 (16:07):
Well, I'm not.

Speaker 3 (16:07):
Rocking with anyone.

Speaker 7 (16:08):
It makes us look so bad?

Speaker 1 (16:10):
Why I love it? Hip hop? Always?

Speaker 7 (16:14):
I hate it?

Speaker 4 (16:15):
So she signed with Jay Cole, she's on the all right,
so you're with Jay Cole.

Speaker 2 (16:18):
Let me make sense. Though, I do like Jig Colder.
I'm gonna like j Cole Mighty did the best thing,
like you know what I'm then.

Speaker 1 (16:28):
They just always been competitive, it always, you know.

Speaker 7 (16:35):
If it's only about trying to get exposure, more exposure,
I'm games.

Speaker 14 (16:42):
But if it's serious, I'm not liking it.

Speaker 4 (16:44):
You don't want it to turn real?

Speaker 2 (16:46):
No at all?

Speaker 4 (16:47):
Yeah, none of us too.

Speaker 2 (16:48):
All right, Well, thank you for chiming in.

Speaker 4 (16:50):
I'm might a little tussled though, bye tussle.

Speaker 2 (16:53):
All right, Well, listen you guys, continue to call us
in case you can't get through. Eight hundred two nineteen
fifty one fifty as a number were played in last word.
You can also go on the iHeartRadio app and click
that microphone and leave a message that way. And when
we come back, we have yet and let's talk about
kay sanat this guy. I want to see what you
think about this. If you got caught laying up in

bed with somebody, didn't pay them the money you was
supposed to pay them, and then they posted you online,
can you be mad?

Speaker 5 (17:19):
It's way up?

Speaker 10 (17:20):
Sure, she's about to the lid ab off this spot.
Let's get it. Angela's feeling that yee te Come and
get your tea.

Speaker 5 (17:27):
It's way up. I'm Angela.

Speaker 2 (17:28):

Speaker 5 (17:28):
Jasmine brand is here on my own brand. Mano is here.
Great morning, all right, let's get into some yet.

Speaker 2 (17:35):
I feel like all morning we've been talking about all
the beef flying back and forth.

Speaker 4 (17:39):
I love it too, fy you do, Yes, I'm exhausted.
Yes that's great.

Speaker 2 (17:43):
All right, Well you do have the Jasmine brand. That's
why this is great for business.

Speaker 4 (17:46):
I love them to tussle too. I told you that,
all right now.

Speaker 2 (17:49):
Twitch streamer Kai Sanat has responded there were some pictures
and messages of him that were leaked and he wants
to take the person responsible to court. Okay, And he
told his viewers that he feels like this is, you know,
basically cloud chasing.

Speaker 5 (18:05):
Here's what he had to say.

Speaker 17 (18:07):
It's so dump clout chasing, reere that's going on right now, bro.
And you know what's so crazy? You know that it
was in the beginning of twenty twenty three. I'll see
you in cold.

Speaker 2 (18:19):
All right. So, according to him, this woman who posted
these pictures of him in the bed, this is old
news and this is from twenty twenty three. Here's what
he had to say about what he did for even
more revenge.

Speaker 1 (18:31):
So, Leila, I have bought your domain.

Speaker 17 (18:34):
Every time somebody types in Piava Rush, anytime somebody types
in laylo Red, the first website that they will click
on is all the lies you've told me, or the
crimes you've vumped, or the dump you just put yourself
in to fuck up your life.

Speaker 4 (18:51):
He's loud.

Speaker 2 (18:54):
I know he was embarrassed too. He was so sleeping,
so peaceful.

Speaker 4 (18:57):
I don't like I don't like to take a pictures
people when they sleep.

Speaker 1 (19:00):
I don't like that. Yeah, I don't like that.

Speaker 4 (19:02):
You gotta pay it. First of all, you need to
be paid. Yes, you need to be paid up front.

Speaker 1 (19:05):

Speaker 2 (19:06):
You know he denied the rumors that he paid a
five thousand dollars. He so receipts revealing that the only
thing he did was get her an uber. Okay, that
was it, and that uber was fifty dollars, so that
couldn't have been a black car. Now she has responded
to his uh, his live and here's what she had
to say.

Speaker 18 (19:22):
Ain't no fingy. You was supposed to pay me my
other half to keep quiet.

Speaker 1 (19:27):
You did it.

Speaker 4 (19:28):
I hit you up. You didn't want to respond.

Speaker 18 (19:29):
You thought I was gonna take the little chump change
that you paid me not to say nothing. No, any
all my sons always taking people to court, are ready
to take you to court.

Speaker 1 (19:37):
Little p Diddy Junior.

Speaker 4 (19:39):
You're talking about you trying to stay me to one
of your own.

Speaker 10 (19:41):
Eat and all that.

Speaker 5 (19:42):
Don't forget about I got all that.

Speaker 2 (19:44):
I ain't even told them what you paid me for.
I'm sure they'll love to know.

Speaker 14 (19:49):
Oh okay, this is getting very what we would love
to know.

Speaker 2 (19:53):
Jes missie, you just said it was wrong.

Speaker 5 (19:55):
Now you want to know, well.

Speaker 14 (19:56):
I mean, it's already here, so it's nothing we can
do about it. She's already done it, so we needed
we just don't tease. Let's just give us the details.

Speaker 5 (20:02):
Well, DM Jasmine, all right, yes, M the Jasmine brand.

Speaker 2 (20:05):
All right. Now. Nelly has announced that Apple Bottoms is
coming back. It's not a comeback, though, he said, don't
call it a comeback. Did you ever have some apple
bottom jeans?

Speaker 4 (20:13):
I think I did. I definitely had the boots with
the far I'll tell.

Speaker 5 (20:17):
You I still have some, all right.

Speaker 2 (20:20):
And Megan Fox is saying that she's never had more
people text her until after Love is Blind when Chelsea
said that they look alike. If you guys have watched
Love is Blind and recalled that, Chelsea said that she's
been told that she looks like Megan Fox. According to
Megan Fox, she's saying that everybody was hitting her and
she doesn't watch to show. But she did say in general,

nobody deserves to get bullied. She said, I don't think
she deserved that. I think people went way too hard.
And she said I did see a picture of her
one hundred thousand percent people have told her, you kind
of look like Megan Fox. So I believe she's telling
the truth. And I hope she still has that sparkle
in her eye. I hope the world didn't steal it
from her. She said mine died long ago from being
bully for twenty years, so I hope that didn't happen
to her.

Speaker 5 (21:02):
Best wishes and blessings.

Speaker 14 (21:04):
Can I just say when I squint, she kind of
does favor her like it could be her cousin.

Speaker 5 (21:08):
It's just hard to compare yourself to and you just.

Speaker 4 (21:09):
Can't like, no, you can't not on a TV show.

Speaker 5 (21:12):
All right, Well that is your yeete.

Speaker 2 (21:13):
And when we come back, we have under the radar
and this is not good news, and we want to
send some love to New Orleans. There was a mass
shooting that happened overnight. One woman was killed and eleven
others were injured just before midnight. And we'll give you,
guys those unfortunate, really sad details.

Speaker 5 (21:28):
It's way up.

Speaker 6 (21:29):
It's in the news that relates to you. These stories
are flying under the radar.

Speaker 2 (21:33):
It's way up. But Angela ye, I'm Angela yee. And
Jasmine Brand is here yes, and Mano is here. I'm
always here, and let's get to these under the radar stories.
And I do have to start with a really sad story.
This is in New Orleans. Shout out to everybody in
New Orleans. Unfortunately there was a mass shooting and this
was at the Club Republic Nola, which is a really
popular club.

Speaker 5 (21:53):
I've been there, you know many times.

Speaker 2 (21:56):
And five adult mills and six adult women were among
the people did by gunfire, and unfortunately one woman was killed.
Now one person, Kelsey Hold of Nashville, said, I saw
people pouring out of the club. I feel awful for everyone.
And officers responded to the shooting when they arrived. That's
when they found one victim fatally shot ling on the
sidewalk and other victims also with gunshot wounds. So prayers

to everybody in New Orleans, anybody who was affected by this.
Is really awful to hear that this happened. All right,
and DC has ranked the hardest working city in the
United States, of course New York City is number ninety nine.

Speaker 5 (22:32):
Of course, I'm shocked. I feel like I want them
hard enough for the whole.

Speaker 14 (22:36):
From I've lived there for an Okay, you're right, I'm
a transplant, not an implant.

Speaker 19 (22:43):
Oh my goodness, see what you do?

Speaker 2 (22:49):
All right, Well, DC number one hardest working, So shout
out to you guys in DC. All right, in Detroit,
I mean, people are not happy about this Detroit Hollywood sign.

Speaker 4 (23:00):
It's not a Hollywood sign. That's the problem.

Speaker 2 (23:02):
It's supposed to Yeah, it's supposed to be Hollywood style.
They're calling it like a what's that temu?

Speaker 4 (23:07):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, put this up right.

Speaker 2 (23:10):
Yeah, it's a four hundred thousand dollars sign. And residents
think that it's really ugly. It's so bad that some
people are even doing distracks about it. All right, here's
what Cash had to here's Cash's distrack.

Speaker 1 (23:22):
One thing I'm gonna do.

Speaker 6 (23:23):
I'm gonna state the fain't the sign that we're warned
you to take it back?

Speaker 12 (23:27):
And there we go thinking we are about the get
order us to sign off and win.

Speaker 18 (23:33):
Isn't that bad?

Speaker 1 (23:35):
They put it like this. The difference is in Hollywood
it's up high.

Speaker 4 (23:38):
It's really high.

Speaker 14 (23:39):
You can't the access it like that. But Hollywood sign
is not nice though. It's rugged and this this is new,
you know, I think.

Speaker 1 (23:46):
Put it right there on the side of the highway
like that.

Speaker 2 (23:48):
It's yeah, I don't know.

Speaker 4 (23:49):
It's a little people.

Speaker 2 (23:52):
And I know they were trying to get ready for
the NFL Draft that's going to be happening April twenty
fifth to the twenty seventh.

Speaker 5 (23:58):
They wanted that sign before the draft.

Speaker 4 (24:00):
Wait minute, it's coming off.

Speaker 2 (24:01):
Yeah, oh wow, and they have it all right, Well
that is you're under the radar, and you know, we
do have the Way of Mixed. At the top of
the hour plus from Super Fake the Rick James story,
we have Ty James Stokely, who's the least singer from
Make Condition, also and Jakarius Johnson, who's the executive producer.
Ty James, by the way, is Rick James's only daughter.
This is going to be an interview yet, don't want

to miss. It's way up.

Speaker 18 (24:23):
She's like the child like they Angela Jean like they
Angela Jean Man.

Speaker 6 (24:27):
She's spilling it all.

Speaker 10 (24:28):
This is yeaty way up.

Speaker 2 (24:32):
It's way up. But Angela Yee, I'm Angela Yee. And
Jasmine brand is.

Speaker 4 (24:36):
Here, not just any brand on my own brand.

Speaker 2 (24:38):
News in the building right always always, and let's start
it with some good news and yee tea shout out
to our girl, Candice Diller Bassett. She is expecting her
first child with her husband, Chris. This is something that
she has been wanting for quite some time. She's spoken
about it on Real Housewives, she's spoken about it when
she was guest hosting up here.

Speaker 5 (24:59):
And here is what she said.

Speaker 20 (25:01):
You always tell me how great I am with words. Surprisingly, though,
when the time came, the perfect words just didn't exist.
I am so ready to laugh with you for the
rest of our breaths.

Speaker 5 (25:14):
All right, so congratulations.

Speaker 14 (25:16):
Yes, can I just say something? She had two secrets
she was holding when she came up here.

Speaker 4 (25:20):
I know you're good.

Speaker 2 (25:22):
She's good.

Speaker 5 (25:22):
She was holding them secrets.

Speaker 2 (25:24):
Yeah, all right, And speaking of Real Housewives, you have
a secret that you were holding?

Speaker 14 (25:29):
Yes, exclusive, yes.

Speaker 4 (25:32):
Okay, all right.

Speaker 14 (25:33):
Well, first of all, we broke the news that Robin
Dixon was out at her Housewives of Potomac, and the
second person that's out is Mecca. She was the movie
on the show. She only lasted one season and she's out,
so she won't be returning. That was quick, Nika, So
here's she didn't spend a lot of time on the show.
We don't watch Potomac, but she was I don't watch
she had a lot of conflict with Wendy.

Speaker 2 (25:54):
Yeah, and people thought they were really going to get along. Yeah,
it had backfired, didn't work out all right, And Robin said,
I will not be returning for season nine of the
Real Housewives. It's reality. The network did not invite me back.
I was fired for lack of better words. I will
not sugarcoat the situation and say, oh, I'm walking away
and this is a break or anything like this. This
is a network decision.

Speaker 14 (26:13):
I expect or respect her honesty, right right, because you
know she's nothing last forever, right And let me tell you,
everybody is so mean in the comments to all of
the house well.

Speaker 5 (26:24):
Yeah, oh she was like, ooh, it's all hurts my heart.

Speaker 4 (26:27):
Tough crowd, all right.

Speaker 2 (26:28):
And Gordon, in the meantime, was talking about his issues.
And here's another secret that we did not know that
we found out on the reunion. He's also had been
diagnosed as bipolar. Here's what he said.

Speaker 3 (26:42):
I have been diagnosed with the mental illness bipolar one.
And the difference between bipolar and bipolar one is really
the degree of manic that you have. If there was
a bipolar two or three or four quite frankly, I
would have those.

Speaker 2 (26:58):
Wow, yeah, I had to go through. And I think
we've all seen how his wife Mia, their whole situation
played out.

Speaker 14 (27:05):
And now what makes sense though, I mean, it makes
sense as to why it was such a hard you know,
marriage and why she left and you.

Speaker 2 (27:13):
Know, right because it's a longer conversation, but that is
you knows of it.

Speaker 9 (27:17):

Speaker 14 (27:18):
Yeah, and then that's why allegedly he was kind of
forced out of his business because he was dealing with
this you know, mental health issue that he didn't was
kind of denial about, all.

Speaker 2 (27:27):
Right, And I just want to end it with this
great news. There's going to be a bronze Tina Turner
statue built in her hometown in Bronsville, Tennessee, where she
was born. So shout out to that because you know,
I let me some Tina Turner, Yes you do, I do.
So I just wanted to make sure that we acknowledge that,
all right.

Speaker 5 (27:43):
A legend and that is your yeatie.

Speaker 2 (27:45):
And you know it's a Monday. Now, there's a lot
of beef going on in these streets, and so let's
see what happens with this Monday May innovation Originally he
was going to come at you jazz. Not he was,
but I think they need some positivity.

Speaker 5 (27:58):
But I cannot wait to hear what this mony day
it's all about.

Speaker 10 (28:04):
It's way up, way up, break the break them down
more now.

Speaker 2 (28:12):
Up with Angela ye, angela ye. Jasmine's here, yes, ma'am.
But right now it's all about that Monday.

Speaker 1 (28:20):
And let me tell you. I don't know who need
to hear this. I don't know who needs.

Speaker 12 (28:24):
To hear this out there, but I'm gonna tell you
just like this, with a lot going on, war is
sometimes good. War is good because war brings about a
greater peace. Sometimes without out, without a good war, sometimes
we don't have the right peace. You understand.

Speaker 19 (28:41):
It's just like bills.

Speaker 4 (28:43):
No, that's not what he means.

Speaker 12 (28:45):
Sometimes you gotta it can be a war words, it
can be with it sometimes in order the bill you
got to destroy first.

Speaker 1 (28:51):
You gotta out with the old and with the new.

Speaker 5 (28:54):
Wow described that.

Speaker 1 (28:57):
You have to Sometimes war is good.

Speaker 4 (28:59):
How we know wing war is necessary.

Speaker 1 (29:01):
Right now like in the rap games.

Speaker 4 (29:02):
Necessarily Okay, lyrical war.

Speaker 5 (29:05):
Okay, this lyrical word is necessary.

Speaker 1 (29:06):
It's not going on. It's a lot happening in rap games.
It's a lot of war. That's war, world war.

Speaker 2 (29:11):
It's a lot of rebuilding a lot of relationships getting
shifted around.

Speaker 12 (29:15):
Sometimes it's necessary sometimes people Lloyds is displaced.

Speaker 5 (29:18):
Sometimes what do you do when people take subliminals at you?

Speaker 1 (29:21):
I don't I don't know about that. I don't know.

Speaker 5 (29:26):
That's what wars good.

Speaker 1 (29:27):
That's war's good because when you do that.

Speaker 2 (29:30):
Let me ask you this, you think slapping somebody is
worse than punching them.

Speaker 1 (29:33):
Is more disrespectful?

Speaker 12 (29:34):
Because the thing is we need to find a better piece, right,
So sometimes it has to go there to get to
find the greater peace.

Speaker 2 (29:41):
Okay, right, And of course I mean figuratively, the war
of the words, the battles, the hip hop, the lyricals.

Speaker 5 (29:48):
Yes, yes, just to be clear on what we're talking about.

Speaker 2 (29:50):
We're talking about this the hip hop wars and the
beef because people have had issues with each other and
now it's all bubbling over to the top. People have
been talking about subliminals to quice some time. Now everything
gets put on.

Speaker 1 (30:00):
The But after chaos comes what less there you go.
Clarity is after chaos.

Speaker 12 (30:06):
So sometimes even within yourself, sometimes you're going through turmoil.
You're going to chaos and after that you find you
find peace.

Speaker 2 (30:13):
It's like when your stomach is bubbling and where did
you feel like? Okay, yeah, a strange is good.

Speaker 1 (30:22):
After me?

Speaker 2 (30:27):
All right, Well that is your mondaynovation attack. I don't
think he means like bombing, like nobody talking about better.

Speaker 12 (30:37):
I'm talking about a lot going on in the rap game.
That's why I was inspired by that.

Speaker 1 (30:41):
Drake Ross.

Speaker 5 (30:42):
Anybody you want to come, you want to let us know.

Speaker 12 (30:44):
I'm trying to figure out I was gonna go at Jasmine,
go Dan, He's it's over there.

Speaker 1 (30:50):
He's he's at war right now.

Speaker 2 (30:55):
Actually, yeah, okay, well that is your Monday innovation. I believe,
And let me come back ask you. Eight hundred fifty
one fifty is a number you can ask us our
war winning, your advice givers on ice, but you can
ask us anything. Eight hundred fifty one fifty is way
up everybody.

Speaker 10 (31:12):
Hey, everybody since.

Speaker 6 (31:14):
With it's relationship or career advice, Angela's dropping facts, so you.

Speaker 10 (31:17):
Should you should know.

Speaker 2 (31:18):
This is what's up his way up at Angela. Yee,
I'm angel Lagee. Jasmin's here, Yes, Mayo's.

Speaker 19 (31:24):
Here the advice.

Speaker 2 (31:27):
Giver and we have another Jasmine on the line. What's up, Jasmine? Hey, hey, gard,
what's your question for ask ye.

Speaker 16 (31:35):
I've been working at my current job like a little
over a year, but during that time I gave birth,
so I was like out for a couple of months.
I started back work and my check isn't checking like
it used to. I have a kid now and I'm
trying to figure out how do I ask my boss
for more money?

Speaker 1 (31:56):

Speaker 8 (31:56):

Speaker 1 (31:57):
What is it?

Speaker 5 (31:57):
Why is that easy man?

Speaker 12 (31:58):
Just go to work one day when all black I
can say, listen, sir, run me my coins.

Speaker 4 (32:02):
No, not.

Speaker 5 (32:04):

Speaker 2 (32:05):
I want to say this though, right I understand that
life is lifing and you have a lot of expenses.
You can never ask for a raise because you need one.
You have to ask for it because you deserve one,
and that's what people respond to. And so I've been
in situations before where I had to negotiate for myself,
where I had to ask for a raise, And the
main thing.

Speaker 5 (32:25):
Is to show what makes you deserving of a raise.

Speaker 2 (32:27):
What are the responsibilities that are on the table for you,
and how have you been fulfilling them? Are you doing more?
You can also let the let your boss know. Look,
you know, I know that I was out and I'm
back and I've been doing X, Y and Z. Because
sometimes your boss doesn't know clearly the things that you're
doing in your every day.

Speaker 5 (32:44):
Do you work from home or do you work in
the office.

Speaker 2 (32:47):
I work from home, okay, So that's why it's even
more important for you to be able to show, Look,
since I came, here's what I've been doing, Here's what happened,
Here's how I've improved these numbers. People need to see
what the effects of the extra work or the going
above and beyond you've been doing. And if it means
that you have to take on more responsibilities, you can
also let your boss know, Look, I know that I

make X, Y and Z. Now if I agree to
do X, Y and Z, or what can I do
to make sure that I can get the salary that
I want? And also have in mind what is that
salary when you're negotiating okay, and it's not listen and

this is you saying and always started off with, Look,
I enjoy what I do.

Speaker 5 (33:32):
I love this job. Here's what I've been doing.

Speaker 2 (33:34):
And make sure you have documentation to show that you're serious,
make an appointment just to talk about that, so that
it's not just say, hey, you have time to talk
right now, let's set up an appointment.

Speaker 5 (33:43):
Let's have this conversation.

Speaker 2 (33:44):
If it's something that you can do in person, wouldn't
be a bad idea. If not, you know, do it
how you need to do it. But remember, it's never
I need a raise, it's I deserve a raise. And
here's why.

Speaker 4 (33:54):
Okay, thanks you, congratulations.

Speaker 2 (33:57):
Yeah, congratulations on the baby. All right, take care hun
you too? All right? All right, well that was ask ye.
Eight hundred two nine fifty one fifty is a number.
And when we come back, we have from Super Freak,
the Rick James Story.

Speaker 5 (34:12):
It's a play. It's been going to cities near you.
It was just in Brooklyn this weekend.

Speaker 2 (34:17):
We have Tie James, who is Rick James's only daughter,
Stokely who is playing Rick James in the play, but
he's also the lead singer of MC condition, and Jacarius Johnson,
who executive produced the play.

Speaker 5 (34:27):
All here in the building. It's way up.

Speaker 10 (34:29):
Turn you vib it, way up with Angela yee.

Speaker 13 (34:33):

Speaker 5 (34:34):
Now, what's up? It's way up with Angela Yee.

Speaker 2 (34:37):
I'm Angela Yee and as a person who loves going
to the theater to see Broadway plays, off Broadway plays,
plays in general, to celebrate that type of art. I'm
really excited to have the team that is behind us
and in front of Super Freak The Rick James Story
here with me today.

Speaker 5 (34:52):
We have Jacarius Johnson Entertainments. All right.

Speaker 2 (34:56):
We also have Tie James, who is Rick James is
but also the president of the estate. Yes, yes, what's up?

Speaker 1 (35:04):
What's up?

Speaker 2 (35:04):
And we have Stokely who is starring in the play,
but also you know him from ment condition. So first
let's talk about Superfreak the Rick James Story. It's a play,
just to be clear and so people can see this.
The play's been on tour. I know you guys were
in Detroit. I actually heard a lot of things about
it from when it was in Detroit and that it's
very you know, not censored. Let's just say, because you

can't have a Rick James story and censor that.

Speaker 19 (35:27):
Yes, absolutely, we have to give it to you real
and raw, just like he would like it. And I
think we've definitely accomplished it.

Speaker 2 (35:34):
So Jackrrius, what made you decide to get on board
as executive producer, Well.

Speaker 9 (35:39):
Met Tye, and Tye is fantastic, just an incredible human
being and most importantly her passionate about her father's legacy.
And the more I read about him, the more I
realized that we really don't know the man. You know,
he was relegated to kind of a Dave Chappelle skit
and an Award show statement. The truth is he was
so much more than that. And that's what this play

with music. I would call it more of a musical
because it has all his hit center right it uncovers
the man, you know, the journey, the conflict, and everything
that he embodies.

Speaker 2 (36:12):
Right now, we are talking to ty James, the daughter
of Rick James. Sacarius Johnson, executive producer, are super freak
the Rick James story and Stokely, he's playing Rick James,
but he's also the lead singer of Men Condition. Stokely,
I've had some amazing reviews about you playing that lead
role just because of the abilities that.

Speaker 5 (36:29):
You have for you.

Speaker 2 (36:30):
How intimidating is that though, because it is Rick James.

Speaker 1 (36:33):
A musical hero. We're just talking earlier.

Speaker 15 (36:35):
I'm like, man, just so thrilled about this whole experience
and it's been amazing.

Speaker 5 (36:41):
What would you say has been the most challenging part
for you.

Speaker 15 (36:44):
Diving into just trying to embody the character, the essence
you're trying to get because you know, he's an amazing
You can never play a person and he's his own
thing on Ryland, so you get as close as you
can and trying to just embody you, like I said,
get the essence of what he was.

Speaker 2 (37:01):
And there's also a lot of other famous people who
cross his path that are going to be featured in
this play when people see it as well. You know
clearly he had a hit song with Smokey Robinson. He
also wrote Eddie Murphy's whole album, and everybody knows that
infamous story about how that was in bet with Eddie
Murphy and Richard Pryor one hundred thousand dollars that he
couldn't put out some music, and then he went right

to Rick James, and Rick James wrote Eddie Murphy a
whole album.

Speaker 5 (37:26):
You know how crazy that is?

Speaker 2 (37:28):
Did Richard prior ever pay.

Speaker 5 (37:29):
That one hundred thousand dollars?

Speaker 1 (37:31):
Do you guys know me for you That's a good
question right all the way?

Speaker 2 (37:38):
Todd tell us some Rick James stuff, because I feel like,
you know, there's things that maybe you learned while on
this journey, even of doing the documentary, that you were
surprised to find out. So for me, it's just always
a learning experience when it comes to my dad, because
there were so many facets to him, I would like
to just emphasize the fashion and just the vulnerability that

he gave to men to be able to explore themselves freely.
All Right, we're talking all things Super Freak, the Rick
James Story, and when we come back, Ty James is
gonna give us some insight on what it was like
growing up as the daughter of the iconic Rick James.
It's way up, turn up.

Speaker 10 (38:18):
You vibe it way up with Angela Yee more Now.

Speaker 5 (38:23):
What's up his way up at Angela Yee. I'm Angela Yee.

Speaker 2 (38:25):
And we have Dacarius Johnson, the executive producer of the
musical Super Freak The Rick James Story also Stokely he
plays Rick James. He's also the lead singer of Mint
Condition and Ty James the only daughter of Rick James,
and she's also managing his estate. And you have some
early memories too. I mean I remember seeing that you
were like step over women in.

Speaker 19 (38:45):
The Oh god, how embarrassing at like fourteen, fifteen years
old on the way to school walking over like naked girls.

Speaker 5 (38:55):
Like but like it's normal.

Speaker 19 (38:58):
You know, they've been partying all night. I was like,
oh night.

Speaker 1 (39:03):
You gotta get this.

Speaker 4 (39:04):
Excuse me.

Speaker 5 (39:08):
So what were your early memories of him?

Speaker 2 (39:10):
And then like even dealing with your mom and then
I'm sure she probably had a tough time.

Speaker 5 (39:14):
Being a woman, you know, dealing with Rick James. What
are your memories of that?

Speaker 19 (39:18):
So he didn't come into our life until I was preteen,
like twelve thirteen.

Speaker 17 (39:25):
My mom she.

Speaker 5 (39:26):
Kicked up dust early.

Speaker 19 (39:28):
So that's how they really met because my mom did
all types of things that you.

Speaker 2 (39:33):
Know, we're not gonna even talk about on it. You
can come and see it in the place in the short,
long story short.

Speaker 19 (39:40):
They met at a orgy, so let's let's just start, ok,
and you can imagine the outcome. And he actually they
shared two children, so they're you know, with serious love
and I'm very, very proud of that. But you know,
he had to do what a man has to do
when sometimes when you're chasing your dreams, you have the

freedom to leave, you know, the home, you know, and
then it's just the woman's responsibility to make sure that
the kids are coming up. So you know, I had
to do a lot of forgiving in my mind on
both behalfs because I'm mad at her because like, wait
a minute, this man is a multi millionaire.

Speaker 1 (40:20):
We live in the hood.

Speaker 2 (40:21):
We live in the ghetto, Like you better.

Speaker 5 (40:23):
Go get something hello, Yeah, And you.

Speaker 19 (40:27):
Know, with him, it's like, how could you abandon your family?

Speaker 2 (40:30):
Right now we are talking to Ty James, the daughter
of Rick James, Zacarius Johnson, executive producer as Super Freak
the Rick James Story and stokely he's playing Rick James,
but he's also the lead singer. I've mad condition what
was it like when he did come back into your life?

Speaker 19 (40:43):
Basically from like rags to riches almost that knock on
the door was definitely life changing. Right we were literally
wiss off to New York in the next couple of days.

Speaker 5 (40:55):
I can't even imagine what that must have felt like
for you.

Speaker 19 (40:58):
This man didn't even know who who his kids were
because he hadn't seen us. So we had a flight attendant,
you know, accompany us on the flight, so I see
him looking around like because of course we know who
did you don't know who? It was really really crazy
to going outside and it's like pick a car now.

Speaker 2 (41:21):
Earlier, you guys did bring up Dave Chappelle. So got
to ask you those Dave Chappelle sketches with Charlie Murphy
talking about Rick James.

Speaker 5 (41:30):
You know, we look, did you find them funny?

Speaker 19 (41:35):
Oh my god, My dad and I would sit on
the couch just cracking up because it's not just that,
it's so many of those incidences that have occurred, and
that's real life. That's really how they interact with each other.
These guys just walk up to each other foulst like

are all serious, Like my dad is messed up multiple
things in Eddie's home, and just like, oh.

Speaker 2 (42:02):
Yeah, I tour the couch, yes.

Speaker 1 (42:09):
Out front.

Speaker 19 (42:10):
It was always something and you know through that they
they found comedy. They had a dynamic that you can't
even it's irreplaceable, like the love they have for each other.

Speaker 2 (42:21):
All right, now, how can people find out these days?
So they can go see Super Freak the Rick James story.

Speaker 9 (42:26):
They can go to Super Freak, Rick Jameslive dot com.

Speaker 5 (42:30):
This is Ty James.

Speaker 2 (42:32):
Oh I just want to say you are so beautiful
as his daughter, like I see your I see his features,
but beautiful, like just to see you and see how
you're handling business. We love a boss woman, so like
are amazingly beautiful too.

Speaker 19 (42:48):
Congratulations on the show, me asking if I like girls?

Speaker 2 (42:55):
All right, Well, thank y'all so much, honestly, like, I
really appreciate it. Make suw y'all go back to check
out the documentary and then also go see the play
when it comes to a sitting near you or travel.
That's a nice trip to plan around to go see
it with everybody. You could watch the full interview on
my YouTube channel Way Up with You and when we
come back, you guys have the last word.

Speaker 6 (43:14):
Take up the phone, Tapian to get your voice heard.

Speaker 10 (43:18):
What the word is? Here's the last word on Way
Up with Angela Yee?

Speaker 2 (43:22):
What's up his Way Up with Angela Ye, I'm Angela
Yee and Maino's here, Jasmine Brand is here.

Speaker 4 (43:27):
I'm always here and I'm always glad to be here.

Speaker 2 (43:30):
You're so much more fun on a Monday than Mano
by no, I am yeah, we're having drinks. Yeah all right, Well, anyway,
you guys, thank y'all for tuning in as always. Also,
if the Super Freak Rick James Story musical comes to
a city near you, make sure you go and check
that out. So thank you to our guest today Jacarius Johnson,
Ty James, who is Rick James's daughter, and Stokely who

is playing Rick James in that musical. Also shout out
to my girl Chanta from the d Hello Chante and
the Clever Curation Group.

Speaker 5 (43:58):
She has a new show that's a two V show.

Speaker 2 (44:00):
It's called Set a Circle and it's their newest performance platform.
So for all of you people who love Detroit music,
make sure you check that out. Congratulations Chantelle and MA
know you good.

Speaker 1 (44:12):

Speaker 5 (44:13):
Are you gonna be here tomorrow?

Speaker 1 (44:14):
Why not?

Speaker 5 (44:15):
I want to make sure because tomorrow we have to.

Speaker 1 (44:17):
Get everybody's going to be here.

Speaker 4 (44:19):
I'm definitely gonna be.

Speaker 5 (44:20):
Getting swabbed tomorrow for African Ancestry.

Speaker 18 (44:22):

Speaker 4 (44:23):
I can't wait to do that.

Speaker 5 (44:24):

Speaker 2 (44:24):
So there you have it all right, and you guys
get to have the last word because it's all about you.
I cannot wait to hear what you guys have to
say about all of the beef between the guy rappers.

Speaker 7 (44:35):
I'm here for the whole Drake, Kendrick, j Cole, all
them beef, Like this is what we needed right now.

Speaker 6 (44:42):
We need the men to stand up.

Speaker 1 (44:44):
Get it in.

Speaker 7 (44:45):
Jake Cole, you not out of it, Pull you back in.

Speaker 17 (44:49):
Let's get it.

Speaker 11 (44:51):
From Minneapolis.

Speaker 7 (44:52):
And I was just wondering, like all these people are
always fighting all the time, and it's so silly.

Speaker 4 (44:58):
Like is it even real?

Speaker 17 (45:00):
Do you think they're just making it up or they
really find it.

Speaker 9 (45:03):
It's just so crazy.

Speaker 10 (45:06):
Going way out with Angela Yee

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