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April 22, 2024 44 mins

Hannah Brown from The Bachelorette is with Jana and sharing everything about her new romance novel!

But we HAVE to discuss some Bachelorette drama while she’s here. Hannah is ready to reveal what REALLY happened between her and Jed the next day after getting engaged!

Plus… Jana takes a pregnancy test which could change EVERYTHING.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Wind Down with Janet Kramer and I'm Heeart Radio podcast.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
Okay, so we're back.

Speaker 3 (00:09):
Quick, name your most codependent friend. While you were filming
Christen n I was like Hi, I was like, Hi,
would you do in?

Speaker 2 (00:17):
Hi? How's your first day?

Speaker 4 (00:18):

Speaker 2 (00:19):
Checking in? On your second day?

Speaker 3 (00:20):
You would text anything and I'd be like hi, yeah,
go within four seconds.

Speaker 2 (00:25):
You guys, we have a special guest today, stunning special guests.
We've got my niece Ava joining us today. Yay, it's
our seventeenth birthday, so listen to this. Okay, So Ava
just turn seventeen today and I'm like, bless, what a
time to be alive seventeen But like, is it though? No?

Speaker 1 (00:47):
Oh well that's sad.

Speaker 2 (00:49):
But I wouldn't want to be seventeen in this day
and age in social media. I would give I would
rather be seventeen back then than now. I would say
that too. Would you there never have social media or
have social media? Never have social media? Thank you? That's
why I'm giving me.

Speaker 1 (01:05):
But would you would you get rid of it now
that you've had it?

Speaker 4 (01:09):
Now? No? Because I tried deleting social media, like I
deleted Snapchat and I was just left out of everything.

Speaker 1 (01:14):
Yeah, so I'm hearing that about the whole Yeah, I
didn't so my kids some are on social media. However,
the Snapchat was a no for me. Yeah, but then
I gave in for Caden and high school because apparently
that's how everyone communicates.

Speaker 4 (01:28):
Yeah. I think I have like three of my friends numbers.
Other than that, it's just all Snapchat.

Speaker 1 (01:34):
I was like, wait what He's like, that's just how
everybody communicates, and I'm like, this is not cool.

Speaker 2 (01:38):
I don't like Snapchat doesn't have like forums of like commenting,
do they.

Speaker 4 (01:43):
No, that's just like more Instagram TikTok.

Speaker 5 (01:46):

Speaker 2 (01:46):
See that's where I'm like, I will not give kids
until high school. We were to have that conversation.

Speaker 1 (01:50):
So Snapchat is the one there where they get in
trouble because it gives away because it goes away.

Speaker 4 (01:54):
Yeah yeah, there's like unless you screenshot or save it
in the chat, like it's no proof.

Speaker 2 (01:59):
But like if you could never have Instagram or any
of those things, you wish that you never.

Speaker 4 (02:04):
Yeah, I mean if no one else had it, then
I'd be fine without having it, But with everyone having it,
I feel like I kind of have to, Like, I mean,
I don't have to my kids.

Speaker 2 (02:12):
Gonna hate me, because that's just it's gonna be it. No,
I think we're resurrecting old school parenting our generation. Yeah,
there's a lot of just going to be a straight
Now is she going to hate me? No?

Speaker 4 (02:21):
I mean I know a lot of people who don't
have social media. O great, But I mean I didn't
get I was allowed Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok. I kind of
had it anyways, but.

Speaker 1 (02:31):
I candle and then there's that just so y'all, y'all, No,
that's what happens.

Speaker 4 (02:38):
Yeah, I think I downloaded Snapchat in seventh grade and
I wasn't allowed to have it, and I kind of
delete it on and off my phone.

Speaker 2 (02:45):
But now that's why I'm getting Life three, not like
you're sixty. I'm doing Covenant Eyes. I have devices.

Speaker 1 (02:51):
I have Safer Kid and it alerts me when ever anything. Now, granted, yes,
I have allowed my kids to have Instagram, which is fine.
Everyone can judge me or whatever. But I also have
their accounts and I go on it daily and I
get notifications anytime they get anything. So for me, I
could control that one Snapchat, I don't know well enough.
I can't control it. I can't. That one scares me.

Speaker 2 (03:13):
So the reason I won't do that is because I
don't want to control, I mean for me, because it's
two for my past. I don't want to look. I
don't want to control. I'd rather just them not have it.
So I don't even feel like look at it, you
know what I mean, where it's like that way, they
don't feel like I'm invading or or like I don't know.
I'm like, it's just I'm out. So I had a.

Speaker 3 (03:29):
Mom friend who thought she was monitoring their Instagram, but
they also had a different Instagram.

Speaker 2 (03:34):
Oh for sure, will and she like the.

Speaker 3 (03:37):
One we were all seeing was like Hallelujah, church girl,
praise and worship, and then the one on the side
was like wait, I'm sorry, and we get one more
inch on that skirt.

Speaker 2 (03:45):

Speaker 1 (03:45):
Well, that's why I think the other stuff so important,
like what they're downloading, like you can get notifications on
what they download and stuff, because they will do all
kinds of things and what works for I mean, if
I'm paying for your phone, then I have every right.

Speaker 2 (03:57):
Amen, that's my opinion.

Speaker 1 (03:59):
If I'm paying for your phone and I can look
at your text messages, I can look at what you've done.
I can do whatever I want, and I do and
I don't. Some people get more leeway in my house
than others.

Speaker 2 (04:08):
Well, those that don't need it, or those that show
you that they don't. You probably don't.

Speaker 1 (04:13):
So there's just different.

Speaker 2 (04:15):
Do your parents look at your phone?

Speaker 6 (04:18):

Speaker 4 (04:18):
Not no more. But my mom has an app where
she like can control my phone. So yeah, she sees
like everywhere, Well, she has Life through sixty two, so
she can see where I'm at all times. Yeah, and
then she can see every app I download. If I'm
like at school or I have to study, she just
will shut off my whole phone completely.

Speaker 2 (04:33):
Good on.

Speaker 1 (04:34):
I do that too.

Speaker 2 (04:35):
I love that. That feels really good to me. Okay,
so I have an announcement to make.

Speaker 1 (04:40):
I just it's like, somehow I'm not surprised Cat.

Speaker 3 (04:44):
I'm always like on the edge of my seat, and
Cat soays like, here we go.

Speaker 1 (04:47):
I mean, I got no clue where we're going with this.

Speaker 2 (04:48):
But never you can't even get it.

Speaker 3 (04:50):
Sometimes it's that she's switched shampoo, and sometimes it's that.

Speaker 1 (04:54):
We changed it's important or literally you can't get it.

Speaker 2 (04:59):
Nope, No, I took a pregnancy test.

Speaker 1 (05:04):
You're not telling us on there so it was negative.
There's no way.

Speaker 3 (05:08):
I don't believe what Kat just said. I don't believe
I would not tell us. Oh, there is no way.
And you're an actress, dammit, go.

Speaker 2 (05:15):
Cramer, go. So I was late. Can you continue? For
the love of Jesus, I feel like.

Speaker 1 (05:24):
Some minutes last, I need to know the whole story.
This is why I haven't asked. I've been tempted to ask.

Speaker 2 (05:30):
Of course you've been tempted. I'm just going to wait.
So we had a little whoopsie. Speaking of seventeen. Speaking
of seventeen, this is for you. You have to be
careful because sometimes guys just forget Okay.

Speaker 1 (05:47):
Let's guys. I can't okay, okay, seventeen I know, but
so your mom just shut off her phone.

Speaker 2 (05:58):
Podcast she should have your.

Speaker 5 (06:01):

Speaker 2 (06:01):
But you know, you have to be careful.

Speaker 3 (06:04):
You know what I mean.

Speaker 2 (06:04):
They have to you have to be very careful. And
I'm very much like I am not careful. Well I
don't know so anyways, but something and it just happened
to be the actual day that I was ovulating that
when I started counting, I was like, oh my god, this,

I'm going to be pregnant, like no doubt, and so
that that like that morning when I was literally like
something took over my body because I was just like what,
because I'm like, if I wanted, if we were to
have another baby, I want to be able to have
a be on when we discuss it and we have
a conversation and when we talk about it and we
really sit down and go, Okay, are we going to

do this again? Remember that seventeen There's a lot to discuss.
That's right, Yeah, continue, please gone. So I was obviously
not very happy because that was just kind of like
that conversation was just not had. And again he's always
so careful, so like I wasn't like mad at him
because it's like he's never happened like that before. It

was just like this, it's literally never happened before.

Speaker 3 (07:13):
It's always wild to talk about this stuff too. It's
like we all know what we're talking about.

Speaker 2 (07:18):
And it's also just like bless you allen, but it's
never happened before, like ever, He's so careful so well
at least once before. Go ahead. So then Jace takes
this little rock and he goes out of nowhere. I
mean literally out of nowhere. Dear God, I want to
have I want my mommy to have another baby, and

praise to this rock. And I was like, throw the
rock outside shop the rock a real rock and a
hard play. I was like, oh my god. I was
like between like the freak thing that's never happened, like
minus that one time, then like the rock incident. I'm like,
oh this is I'm so going to be pregnant. So

then for two weeks after that, it was just like
I had to really like think about I'm on set,
you know, kind of worrying about it too. I'm like, shoot, okay,
I'm gonna have almost like Irish twins are going to
be like almost like eleven months apart, like you're apart.
I'm like, oh my gosha, I'm like, how am I
going to do this? Just trying to like figure it

all out. But then and then I was like, so
then I started to freak out. I'm still not not
freaking out, so we have because we haven't gotten to
the end of it. So then I take a test
and I see a faint, faint, faint faint just like
my first test, faint faint line right, I can see
it sounds like I don't see it. I'm like, there's

a lie. It's a lie. Cramer, I see a lie.
I'm freaking out. But and I'm late, so I'm like,
oh my god, Like this is how it happened with Ruman.
I had a faint little line and then I was pregnant.
So I was like, I'm totally pregnant, and who knows,
maybe the faint was like a little maybe, I don't know,
who knows. But then like three days later I started

my period. Okay, so and then and then I'm like,
it's been like ten days. I have like I can't
stop leaving, but anyway, all over the place. I know,
it's been like all over But I literally was like,
but then when I got my period, this was the
breaking news. I was like, I kind of want another.

Speaker 1 (09:26):
This was coming.

Speaker 3 (09:28):
My pelvic floor was holding its breath the entire conversation.

Speaker 1 (09:31):
Every woman kind of does that a little bit though, no,
a little bit like you don't really want one, but
then the thought of like you might be, and then
there's a I think there's a like a just a
little bit of disappointment, like maybe I did one.

Speaker 2 (09:43):
It was I like, I kind of I didn't want one,
and this is Alan and I have since had the conversation.
He's like, we should be excited your period came, and
I'm like, but now it made I had to I
was thinking for two weeks that I was pregnant or
like maybe pregnant. So I'm like I had to really
kind of like go through and I got to a
place where I'm like, I would love another one with

you on the right timeline. I was like, but I'm forty,
and that's that's the piece that stops me is I'm like,
if I was younger, I would have another one in
a heartbeat. If I was thirty eight, i'd have another
one if I was Because I'm like, I keep envisioning
like this girl. So those the past two weeks, I
was like, I had these visions of like a little girl,
and I was like, if it is, it's a girl,

like I just know it, you know, and like so
I started to like kind of like visualize it.

Speaker 3 (10:30):
I have a theory about miss this okay, the lateness. Okay,
So I've always thought that soul's float before they land
to make you do exactly what you're doing, which is
like trying it on in your brain, so I'll catch
you in a month. But if you're going to do that,
we need to know was are we still going to
get married far away?

Speaker 2 (10:47):
And we've got a lot so I think, like, so
that's like because I'm like, he's either going to get
a snip like in the next month or two or
like you know. But I'm like, I don't think my
body could handle another one, and he doesn't want to
do ivah, So I think it's done. I also wanted one.

Speaker 1 (11:05):
Does he want to He.

Speaker 2 (11:06):
Said he'd be open to it, but again, it's like
my age and my pregnancy is like it'd be my
fourth sea section, which would be they say you should
stop at three. Gets dangerous, Yeah, I gets dangerous. I
already had like a quite traumatic like stuff that like,
so I think my body says no, but like this
little soul like I'm like the what I was thinking

of those two weeks, I was like and like to
have roman like when the kids leave, like then he
has a sibling and I don't know, but I'm like,
it's the age it's stopping me. So I think it's
I think it's done. But there was a piece of
me that was like, if I was younger, I would
go more for sure. He doesn't want to do sarrogate.
I've already said. I was like, well how about we
try and do a surrogate and he's just like, I
don't want to do it that way. I was like,
all right, like I respect you know. Yeah, I'm like yeah,

So anyways, that's it. M hm, protect wrap it up.

Speaker 3 (11:53):
Oh gosh, save yourself from one of those needs marriage.

Speaker 2 (11:59):
I mean someone needs to say I'm gonna.

Speaker 3 (12:02):
Be the one that's okay, Yeah I would. I would
have more kids if I was younger. I just feel
my body really went through it this time.

Speaker 2 (12:10):
That's kind of the same thing. Yeah, I was thinking of.
But anyways, that's my that's my one story. And now
ave us here and she's young and seventeen and I
just got this like facial done in my face that
I'm gonna I was like, I'm gonna look like a
zoo animal. Your aunt's gonna look like a total zoo
animal tomorrow. I wish I looked like a zoo ann
to be young. Well, it's like, if I was seventeen,
what would you do differently? First of all, you want

to wear sunscreen so that you're not lasering and sprain.

Speaker 1 (12:36):
That's a good way.

Speaker 3 (12:37):
Twenty three years from now, I would say I would
more than I would have more faith in my own guts.
I don't think I trusted my gut enough good one
With boys, I knew what I knew what I knew,
But then I got distracted, which is with the age.
You know, did you really know that at seventeen? Because

I didn't.

Speaker 2 (12:58):
I was so so boy crazy with like even when
Matt would like make me cry and I was like, no,
choose me, like I was still I didn't see that
the like, oh, that's not how it should be at
a zero percent.

Speaker 3 (13:12):
Zero Yeah, I don't think it was more. I don't
think it was as like in depth as that. I
think I just knew what was good for me and
what wasn't good for me, but I kept choosing maybe
what wasn't good for me. Warp Tour was a thing
at a tub top. His name was Josh, and I
was like, oh my gosh, we get tota late. Just
keep calling each other.

Speaker 2 (13:26):
On our flip phone. Yeah, I don't. We didn't even
have flip phones then right seventeen, we didn't have got
the bad orange.

Speaker 3 (13:37):
Yeah that like first phone Yeah yeah, yeah, that was
like as big as a throw pillow.

Speaker 1 (13:41):
I mean I wasn't like crazy crazy boy crazy. I
mean I dated and stuff, but nothing major. I think
mine would be more about friends and like not taking
things so personally, not being a part of when so
and so is being mean to so and so, like
never being a part of that, Like just being stronger
and like the whole friend situation would be mine.

Speaker 2 (14:04):
It's hard.

Speaker 1 (14:05):
Yeah, I look at it now with like my daughter,
and I'm like, oh, well, they're just trying to fit in.
I'm like, man, can imagine if like people didn't do
that and they were just nice to everybody.

Speaker 3 (14:13):
That's one thing I think about your generation I really
admire though, So for me, I feel like y'all are
just a little more sure of yourselves.

Speaker 2 (14:20):
Yeah do you think that? Yeah, yeah, you're a little
less bs.

Speaker 3 (14:24):
It feels like to me, which I love. For you, Yeah,
we were really trying to fit into a bunch of boxes.

Speaker 1 (14:29):
It's funny. Speaking of we were talking about social media
earlier and I was watching I watched my daughter and
her friend's tiktoks as they all know, and I, you know, whatever,
but everyone's been really nice.

Speaker 2 (14:45):
I've been shocked the comic girl's changed.

Speaker 1 (14:48):
And maybe it's fake. I don't know, but when I
look at these, it is literally like all like, oh
my god, you're so beautiful. Oh my god, and then
they are all responding like no, that's you.

Speaker 2 (14:59):
You're beautiful.

Speaker 1 (15:00):
And I'm like, I do feel like that's a little
bit of a trend we didn't have.

Speaker 2 (15:03):
But is that not?

Speaker 1 (15:04):
But is it not? I mean maybe different people are different,
but yeah.

Speaker 4 (15:08):
There's definitely lots of fakeness, especially like with girls on
social media. But I mean, yeah, like people I've like
never talked to, they'll like comment like, oh my god,
you're so pretty.

Speaker 2 (15:18):
Yeah, and I'm like, there's like a lot of but
you are so pretty. Yeah. Maybe they're just truth tellers.

Speaker 4 (15:23):
But then it's also like there'll be people who are
like who will say like one thing like oh my god,
you're so pretty, but then they'll like be talking talking
about it.

Speaker 2 (15:30):
I just want you to know. That's kind of yeah,
all of life. Well, speaking of lots of girls competing
against one boy, we've got Hannah Brown on oh Yeah,
The Ultimate Competition, The Ultimate Competition. She's got a book out,
so let's take a break and then get her on.

Hey girl, Hi, it's Janna Catherine Kristen. And then my
niece Ava is joining as well. Okay, amazing, it's a
little girl's wine down today.

Speaker 5 (16:10):
I love this. I'm glad I can join.

Speaker 2 (16:13):
Thank you for coming on. I so a few things.
I was opening up, you know, the mail or whatever,
and I open this box and I see this book
and I'm like, oh, like, this is like so cool.
And I'm like, you know, I love the cover and
I'm kind of like I opened it up just to
kind of you know, read a little bit of it,
and I'm like, oh, this is like right up my
alley and I look and I'm like, Hannah Brown. I

was like, no way. And then I'm like, wait, is
it a is it a like a truth s terer?
Like I know you wrote that your your memoir before
and I'm like, does she do another one? Then I
was like, oh my god, this is so cool. It's
like totally not It's like she's like really an author,
and like it's like how cool is that?

Speaker 6 (16:51):
It's It's been really cool. Yeah, this is something that
I've always wanted to do. But yeah, it's definitely. I
think it's like combine Finding my World as a romance
novel and people you know, followed my journey and I
continue to follow and support me on.

Speaker 5 (17:08):
My journey to love.

Speaker 6 (17:09):
So you know, this is another love story that is
definitely connected to me, but it's a whole it's a
whole new one for people to enjoy.

Speaker 2 (17:19):
No, I mean, I'm I've gotten through a couple chapters down.
It's a great but it reminds me of you write
like Emily Giffen. Oh, I love that.

Speaker 6 (17:27):
That is That's an honor because those were like some
of my very first Her books were some of my
very first when I got into the genre. So that
is definitely a very sweet praise from you, So thank you.

Speaker 2 (17:41):
No, I mean, it's it's really really cute and I
like it a lot. So was it something where you're like, Okay,
what made you shift that direction? I know you say
you always want to do it.

Speaker 6 (17:52):
But yeah, it really was that. Like I mean, I
think the first time I had a call, like the
first meeting I had when I got agents, after I
was on a few of the reality TV shows I.

Speaker 5 (18:03):
Was on there what do you want to do? And oh,
my god, I don't know. I mean like I.

Speaker 6 (18:07):
Had just like the world opened up to me in
a different way. But one of the things that I,
you know, had a dream about, Like in my kitchen,
my parents' kitchen in Tusco's, Alabama, I.

Speaker 5 (18:19):
Remember talking to my mom about how.

Speaker 6 (18:21):
I would love to, like one day, really work hard
and be able to do a novel, write a novel,
because I've always enjoyed reading and writing. But so this
has been like my first real dream come true. So
it was something that we talked about a while ago
of this this happening, but finally the right like I

had a great team that I had a lot of
help to figure out, like how do I even make
this change? Like what do I need to do to
be able to make this happen? And we've been working
on mistakes we never made for about two years now,
but it has It's it's been a dream and something

that you know, I was working towards for for a
really long time.

Speaker 2 (19:08):
It kind of reminds me of two I don't know
if any of you girls have seen the movie, but
anyone but you.

Speaker 5 (19:14):
Have I seen that movie.

Speaker 2 (19:15):
I feel like I am I saying it right, am
I saying that right anyone, but you have you seen it?
Afa we're watching it tonight. It's it's like the it's
Sydney Sweeney, Sidney yes, and I feel like I've seen
that dude from it just came well, I mean it
kind of just came out, but it's on Netflix now.
It reminded me of the old school How to Lose

a Guy in ten Days. It was very it was
like the best romantic comedy that I've seen since since
back then. Like it's so good. Like we're watching it tonight,
like hands down, Like I've been so excited that it's
coming on Netflix because we just watched it in the
hotel like a couple of weeks ago, and I was like,
this is so good. But it kind of reminds me
of that where it's like that missed interaction kind of

mess but then the world's kind of come back together.

Speaker 6 (20:02):
Yeah, because they're not like full like there's these classic
romance trips like enemies to lovers, because Emma and Finn
aren't full enemies. Neither were like Sidney Sweeney and Glenn
Powell's character, they have like a there's a connection.

Speaker 5 (20:17):
Onto each other.

Speaker 6 (20:18):
Yeah, just the miscommunication that's made there to be that
like tension, and you know, just like in that that movie,
they go on the journey to see if they can
ever figure it out and be able to be together
in any type of amicable way, And Emma and Finn
kind of have that similar thing. Like in the book

they're they're best friends, Sybil it's getting married and said
they're both there for the wedding weekend, and Emma's very
type A and just she feels like.

Speaker 5 (20:51):
It's her duty to be like she would be.

Speaker 6 (20:53):
She's a great maid of honor, she's got she got
everything down like written in.

Speaker 5 (20:57):
The schedule, but she's just kind of can be intense.

Speaker 6 (20:59):
And Sybil is a runaway bride, and so of course
she takes it on herself to be able to like
fix it and to save her best friend from making
a terrible mistake. But like she could deal with Finn.
I guess she's like, I can do this. But then
it's like now they have to go on this journey together,

and now they're like stuck in a car on a
road trip trying to find their friend. So they have
to have this like force interaction, and that forced proximity
to really like work through their stuff. So it's fun.
I think it's a great like Beatree with the.

Speaker 5 (21:35):
Yeah summer coming up. I think people really love it.

Speaker 3 (21:38):
Is there any part of you that is Emma or
is there a Finn in your heart or world?

Speaker 2 (21:45):
Like where did these two come from?

Speaker 5 (21:47):
So Emma is definitely a part of me.

Speaker 6 (21:51):
The whole idea of writing this book, like where did
they come from? I really wanted it to be centered
or around actually like a group of women, kind of
like that sex in the City vibe of like we're
really invested in the way that these the Core four
and six we never made what they're called, how like

their love story with each other, how we wreak them
and then their individuals love stories. But this book follows
Emma's and Emma is a part of me, just like
the other girls that you meet in this book for
the first time are a part of me as well.
And it's just me if I was like more of

those few characteristics.

Speaker 5 (22:37):
Or times in my life, like what would I be?

Speaker 6 (22:39):
And I would be an Emma Because I feel like
even though this is different than my first book that
was it was a memoir, there still has to be
truth to write from somewhere, like I cante just sit
down at a computer and write about something I don't
know at all, even if it is like really creative.
That's hard for me probably for you. Well, like writing

a song, like you have to write from somewhere that
is that it is true, or seeing from somewhere that
you can relate to. So to be able to do that,
had to infuse myself into these characters or experiences that
I've had. So when it comes to Finn, he really
isn't one person. I think he is a He is

parts of some of the I say, like the greatest
hits of my life, of like the guys that that
I've had relationships with miscommunication with. But he's not as
much of like a part of one guy is where
he really is just a mixture of different situations that
I've had.

Speaker 2 (23:48):
Could could I ask a question about the Bachelorette or
are you just like done talking.

Speaker 5 (23:52):
About you can totally ask me?

Speaker 2 (23:54):
Okay, So, and I really want to hear too about
you know, obviously you're engaged. I want to hear all
about that. And I want to, you know, just because
because that's the he he you know, he got the
final final Prize final rose all of that. But I'm
curious because when I watched the show, you know, obviously
we all kind of saw like went down what went
down in the end, and then you had a thing

I guess with Tyler too, And I was curious because
when I watched it, I looked at it and go,
everyone was loving Tyler, right, and like, he's this guy
that stepped out of GQ magazine pretty much, and like,
you know, was it did your mind kind of shift
in a way where it was like you wanted that
out a little bit with Jed too, to be like, Okay,

this happened, and then to be like, because Tyler was
kind of the guy that everybody loved versus Jed, does
that make sense or no.

Speaker 5 (24:46):
Totally it does? It does? I think.

Speaker 6 (24:51):
I was really confused at the end of who I
wanted to be with, and then I started finding out
little things about.

Speaker 5 (25:00):
The relationship that I had chosen, even though it was
like hard, like I was like wanting to run.

Speaker 6 (25:06):
I wanted to change my mind at the last minute.
Then I didn't. I was like, no, this makes the
most sense. Jed makes the most sense. And not that
I cared for I cared for them. Gosh, the last
the last three guys in my season I really did
like have feelings for And it was tough because I

just like sent one guy home, Peter, and then two
days later I had to get engaged and on the
day that I get engaged, have to send somebody else home.
So it's really hard because like those phillies just don't
go away after you just decided to get engaged to another.

Speaker 2 (25:41):
Person, right, and naturally what good person wouldn't have that.

Speaker 5 (25:44):
Yeah, So like that was like really like hard already.

Speaker 6 (25:49):
So it wasn't like I got engaged to Jed and
didn't like stop caring about Tyler.

Speaker 5 (25:55):
You know.

Speaker 6 (25:56):
And then when literally like the next day, I start
getting like something's not right here, that was really tough
because then I'm like, what did I just do? And
so it wasn't And then it of course was hard
to see everybody like, you know, really be on to

somebody else that you're that you're internally like, I don't
know what I just did. And then of course I'm
behind the scenes having this heartbreak that then people are
also kind of seeing some Yeah, it was just it
was real.

Speaker 2 (26:33):
It's like no, no, wait, no, no, no, no, gig Hudi,
I want you back, like no, no, no, But I'm
just kidding.

Speaker 6 (26:40):
Ultimate any of those relationships, like they weren't fully flushed through.
Like the people will ask, you know, what do you
what do you think would have happened if you would
have done something else? I'm like, I don't know, because
I didn't. You only know these people so much. I
mean genuinely, I probably only spent in total, maybe forty

eight hours with the person that I got engaged to
when you stop actual hours, probably not.

Speaker 2 (27:12):
Even wild wild Yeah that's crazy. I didn't know that.

Speaker 6 (27:17):
Yes, like nothing, there's nothing to like make a really
big decision to people who like who have had really
successful relationships out of them, like kudos to them, because
it's a lot of work.

Speaker 5 (27:28):
After the show.

Speaker 6 (27:29):
I feel like like you're just seeing literally like the
first few days with the person actually like what those
feelings that you have.

Speaker 5 (27:39):
It's a lot of work afterwards, totally.

Speaker 3 (27:41):
It's also a lot to sort through because like in
the first forty eight hours, the first forty eight like
there's this like you have this no one.

Speaker 2 (27:49):
Died Christa, you know, well someone well loved it.

Speaker 5 (27:53):
Yeah, there was there was an engagement death.

Speaker 3 (27:55):
I do feel like there is this like like we're
all still in the rose colored glasses, like the lusty
like also intriguing, right, Like new people are intriguing. You
want to know, Like you seem like such a genuine
sweet person that I'm like, of course you probably really
wanted to get to know who these people are. So
now you're like trying to sort through and they're all
best foot forward, right as they should be. Yeah, right, So.

Speaker 2 (28:20):
Then you're trying to decide, Wait, I'm going to spend
the rest of my life with someone, but like, also,
what's your favorite color? I mean I love Jed, but
you know, like he's like trying to like seduce her
with like singing like songs and stuff. It's like none
of that is like you know, you know, the country life,
I do it, got me, got me three kids.

Speaker 3 (28:38):
I mean I still feel like I'm like, wait, we
only knew each other forty eight hours. So much of
what you're saying so relatable. I mean, we're all in
like we think we found our person, and we did,
but then you've got to like really get to know someone.

Speaker 5 (28:49):

Speaker 1 (28:49):
But also I mean they're sorry not to cut you off,
but like I mean, even if you only knew him
for a couple of months, you spent hours with hours
every time you're with me, and no one else like
they're there's no way to even really compare that.

Speaker 3 (29:02):
No, I'm saying, like, I don't know how you would
do it, because like I got to like court and
love and see and FaceTime and and only one person.

Speaker 1 (29:10):
Yeah, that's a lot, Like that's crazy.

Speaker 6 (29:13):
Yeah, I think I think it's it's I'm so thankful
for the experience made me learn a lot about myself
and and love and what I what I want and
what I don't and even you know, now I can
look back so compassionately for myself with people there, it's

it's a it's a tough thing. But also had a
lot of cool experiences, but the relationship part, but I
did not know how to do very well because I
do think I had a hard time at first, but
then I did open my heart and then I mean,
any breakup is it's tough, especially if you just you

don't know why you're fully breaking up with people. It's
you got to make a decison of what feels the
best in that moment, and then then you've got to
like actually No, it's it's just hard. It's just overall
like a hard experience that.

Speaker 5 (30:13):
I learned a lot.

Speaker 2 (30:14):
From well, and I feel like it took like from that,
it was like a couple of years that you were
almost like trying to find like Hannah in that, you know,
like there was COVID.

Speaker 5 (30:26):
I had a hard time.

Speaker 2 (30:27):
Yeah, well, and it's it's it was kind of like
again outsider. And I can only say that because I've
you know, we've all had our journeys where we can
look outside and go, Okay, I was trying to find
myself through divorce and messiness and all the things, you know,
all the things, and then but so you can see
it in other people too, and it's like she's gonna
get there, you know what I mean. And then when
unfortunate things happen, like stupid video. You know, there's just

even things that happen, you're just kind of like you've
done a beautiful job though of like recreating yourself, and
you know, you have your podcast, you've had your book,
you've got a beautiful new relationship. So it's it's been
a joy to kind of watch you go through it
too and like come out on the other side. Like
still unapologetically you and beautiful and kind, and so I
just like I want you to see like know that

like from the outside people that really like you know
genuinely you're doing you did an amazing job like through
all of it.

Speaker 5 (31:17):
Thank you. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (31:18):
I think sometimes when you get knocked down all the
way to the bottom of like you thought everything was
going to go one way and it goes completely different,
that's where really the growth can happen and you can
really become who you're meant to because all of the
like labels and the ways that you viewed yourself are
all stripped away. So it's like, okay, well now I

can just who am I and how do I want
to actually go out in the world. And it takes
a lot of hard work and like really soul searching
to figure out, like how did you get yourself in
a place to feel so lost, lonely needing love and
validation in these certain ways, And it's it's now I

can really read the blessings of doing that that hard
work that I did all myself, and it feels great.

Speaker 2 (32:10):
And then Adam comes along, you know, and I think
that's beautiful too, because it's that's kind of how I
feel about Alan. I'm like, if he would have come
in in the middle of the mess, we would have
never been where we are today. He had to get
the the healthy, healed version of myself.

Speaker 6 (32:25):
I would say, Adam, kind of he still kind of
met me in the mess, but I was in a like, Hey,
I don't know if you want to be with me right.

Speaker 5 (32:34):
Now because I am still like healing.

Speaker 6 (32:40):
There's a lot I don't know about love and how
to show up in this, but like he was like,
I'm in I want to be with you. And he
saw all the good part He saw all the good
parts of me and stuck with me. And he's gone
through he has seen me at you know, some of
my worst moments, but it's just like loved me. It

supported me through, it encouraged me, and I think we've
just been able to grow together in a really beautiful way.
But I think for me, it actually was really great
to see somebody who I was so like lost and
hurting and having to like rebuild just my own worthiness

in myself after a lot of things didn't go the
way that I thought they were going to go. And
he decided and said he's still he loved you, even
loved that version of me. And that's such a like cool,
like unconditional like love that I've been able to experience.
That For a while, I thought, you know, people can

only love me if I miss this or the Bachelora
or those are the times that I'm worthy of love.

Speaker 5 (33:47):
But what is it when you're.

Speaker 6 (33:48):
Just like an actual, just like absolute mess and somebody
says like, no, I love you and I choose you.

Speaker 5 (33:55):
It was just a really.

Speaker 6 (33:56):
Really great reflection of true love with Adam, and I'm
so lucky.

Speaker 2 (34:03):
Well, and it shows you too that everything at all,
everything always happens, you know, for a reason. So the
journey that you went on was to get you here,
and everything that you're doing, it's like those to me
are always the God wings, totally along the way, totally.

Speaker 3 (34:17):
I love that so much, Hannah, if you could tell
seventeen year old Hannah, because we have Janna's niece here
and we did a little like if we were seventeen,
what did what we wish we would have known or
said to ourselves or what would like what would seventeen
year old Hannah tell sweet seventeen year old girls everywhere,

but including this stunning one in our chair.

Speaker 6 (34:40):
Oh, you don't have to like try to be worth it,
you already are. I think that was something for me,
Like I thought I always had to prove and be
like good instead of just like be Hannah like I wanted.
There was so much that I thought I had to

hide about myself and maybe the sadness that I felt
to be able to be good, happy, sweet Pianna and
really pushed all those other parts of myself that I
thought weren't worthy or wouldn't be loved away and like
it's just it's just with that I've gone on a

big journey. But like some of those parts are make
me who I am, And just because they don't like
always look good and perfect to put together doesn't mean
that they're not worth.

Speaker 5 (35:36):
Like holding space for.

Speaker 6 (35:39):
And yeah, I think I would just really like want
to tell myself, like all parts of you are like
what make you you, and you don't have to like
hide and put on a smile and pretend like things
are okay.

Speaker 5 (35:54):
But like people that love you are going to like
love it all and be there for it all.

Speaker 2 (36:00):
Yeah, I love that. I love that too. So how
are you enjoying Nashville By the way.

Speaker 5 (36:06):
So I've been here.

Speaker 6 (36:08):
I think it's just like now you're like this week
or last week or something.

Speaker 5 (36:12):
I'm like, I am liking it. I've missed the beach
a lot.

Speaker 6 (36:16):
That's been That's been really tough for me because I've
moved to your room in Santa Monica. I'm from Alabama
but lived in Santa Monica for like four years, like
right by the beach, and it was amazing. I think
I'm like made for that type of life, Sylie, and
people are like, I'm like the fast face. I'm like no,
I'm like, I want to be at a beach town
where people are just like hanging out.

Speaker 2 (36:37):
Okay, we're doing our best to make you feel at home.

Speaker 3 (36:39):
With all the traffic that we're giving you, We're just
trying to give you California type traffic here in Nashville.

Speaker 6 (36:44):
Oh my gosh. Well see that's why I just I
stayed on the West side. I didn't get in all that,
and now I have to be in all this traffic. Yeah,
It's it's just been shocking.

Speaker 5 (36:52):
Like how.

Speaker 6 (36:56):
I think I'm from a small town in the South
and now like has really blown up. So it's been
it's been a very different thing. Now I'm like in
the middle of it all, living like closer downtown.

Speaker 5 (37:08):
But it's been really good.

Speaker 6 (37:10):
The community is awesome and people are just so sweet,
and we found a church and just like I've just
met like just really kind people, like at my gym
and at church, and it's it's just it's been it's
been really sweet and I love it because I'm also
close to my family and like three and a half
hours away, so I've been able to like see them

a lot more driving distance.

Speaker 5 (37:34):
So it's been good. But like I did not like
the winter at all.

Speaker 2 (37:40):
And that wasn't even a winter. We only have that one. Yeah,
that was that was a very tame winter. So oh
that makes me sad, I mean global warming maybe.

Speaker 3 (37:50):
Yeah, get that Santa Barbara or Santa Monica or Santa something.

Speaker 2 (37:54):
Just like every other year. It might be bad next year. Maybe.
Where you're all from, well we're in the Franklin area, okay,
but I'm from Michigan, so I'm but I moved to
California when I was eighteen, so I lost. Like, I
don't like the winners either. Yeah, this is as cold
as I mean. I don't know how No, I.

Speaker 1 (38:11):
Don't know how I'll do that. But yeah, but I'm
from here, so I'm used to the I.

Speaker 2 (38:15):
Have been debating a Boca move. Don't kill me. I
would love it.

Speaker 5 (38:18):
Let's go.

Speaker 2 (38:20):
I feel like, did that come from I've just been
kind of like looking into it a little bit like,
you know, I's so me though, you know, like to move.
But if I could get all my friends to move to.

Speaker 1 (38:32):
I am not moving to Boca.

Speaker 2 (38:33):
I am a great Did you hear that my U
hauls in your drive bike person is gone. I'm from
Michigan too.

Speaker 5 (38:41):
I love it.

Speaker 2 (38:42):
I would think it's great. Yeah. Yeah, well let's get
together at some point in this you know, Nashville world.
But everyone, please please go get mistakes we never made
by Hannah Brown. It is available May seventh. Girl, Thank
you so much for coming on really pre shade it.

Speaker 5 (39:00):
No, it was it was so.

Speaker 6 (39:02):
It was so nice to be just just hanging out
with the girls. And yeah, I appreciate you.

Speaker 2 (39:09):
Appreciate your girl. Thank you soon All right, bye bye girl. Yeah,
you would never move to Florida. I thought you liked
It's not that I would never in Florida. I h

I'm monking.

Speaker 1 (39:34):
Two things, yes, second thing, have you seen my hair?

Speaker 2 (39:41):
You would do anything in Florida? Yeah, therapy. Can I
call you a poodle?

Speaker 1 (39:48):
Yeah, you would have to. I'd be Monica from friends,
but also we'd be broke. My husband's job is in Tennessee.
Oh you can sell his licenses in Tennessee.

Speaker 2 (40:00):
Hard just start all over?

Speaker 5 (40:02):
How hard is.

Speaker 4 (40:05):

Speaker 1 (40:05):
Real estate is not something you want to just like
once you've built it, unless we create, like move and
selling boat. But also, I mean, I think that's awesome,
and I'll come visit you a lot. I'm just visiting us.

Speaker 2 (40:20):
You're visiting us.

Speaker 1 (40:21):
Sorry, but Christian's there, I'm Marty.

Speaker 2 (40:26):
Did you move to Florida Ava? Do you like cold weather?

Speaker 4 (40:29):

Speaker 2 (40:29):
No, we almost moved in.

Speaker 4 (40:32):
We were going to move over the summer to Florida.

Speaker 2 (40:34):
Oh we didn't go to welcome you guys. My feeling
and my lips are finally coming back. I had a
panic attack today when I got my laser done because
they put the numbing cream and I was like.

Speaker 5 (40:46):
I can't feel my lips.

Speaker 2 (40:48):
I've got them vizziling back because I am nineteen. You
and anything else? Did we miss anything? We've missed so much?
Definitely going back on the Road soon girls June. Oh, which,
by the way, so the other movie came back around.
Oh geez, We're not going on the road again girls. No, no,

we are, but they had so did you see the
text message where it was like, oh, Jane, are you
talking to the director? Yes, because what happened was is
they wanted me to do this movie in London. It
was a Christmas movie. I really want to love Brian.
I wanted to go do it, but it was five
days after I wrapped this last movie, and I'm like, mentally,
I've been literally bruised, like I've had bruises from like

I'm just I need I need a beat. Like. So
he's like, well, we can push it two weeks and
I'm like, I cannot reschedule my wind down dates. So
I've forfeited doing another movie. So yeah, because I'm like,
I can't. I can't reschedule a second time. I can't
do it. So I was like, if you can move

it to the week after wind down.

Speaker 1 (41:58):
In the world, would that work?

Speaker 2 (42:01):
London just already being nestled in and then nestled in.
I know, this has been fun. Ava. I love you.
I'm glad you're here. What do you want to do
this week. I don't know. I told her. I was like,
I was like girls going to like rain and be cold.
It's not like fun pool weather, but it'll be excuse

for her to come back another time. It's also warmer
than probably home. And I remember when I was seventeen,
all I wanted to do was get tam, which is
why we're laying there to do until forty. I know,
because like, what are seventeen year olds like to do?
It on social media? Sleep? Oh, sleep, shop shop.

Speaker 4 (42:43):
I wake up, go to school, sleep, take a nap,
go to work. But then I also like coach kids too,
and I babysit for a family, so very busy.

Speaker 3 (42:52):
Well, if you have any spare hours, seventeen, she's here
to visit, not work.

Speaker 2 (42:58):
I'm I'm just here for two days.

Speaker 1 (42:59):
I'll take you for six hours.

Speaker 2 (43:02):
There's a couple of spare hours. Well, she just helped
me and Alan push up the The golf cart died
on the bottom of the so us three had to
push up. That's amazing. He has a truck. Why don't
you just latch it and pull it? Oh my, well
too late now he did say that, but I was like, no, no,
we got it. But the funny thing was is I'm
pretty sure I wasn't doing anything even though I was.

I was doing a full plank from my feet and
then my arm's there and then like when I let go,
it didn't move it all. So I was like, okay, support,
It makes me nervous that if anyone let go that
you'll just be right. And then he goes ava when
I say, hurry up and put the brake the pea break.
Why are you saying that? Why are saying that? Are
you gonna let go? Because if you're gonna like go
and I'm gonna run off, Because if you're gonna let go,

you're gonna learn that I haven't been doing at your back,
Cramer or I know same seas. Oh my gosh. Also
the flight we didn't get into like one in the
morning because we got delayed in because there was our
airplane wouldn't land in the thunderstorm, so it got rerouted
somewhere else than we like had to find a plane.

But it's all good. Someone from refuge was there from therapy,
and I was like, I'm about to need therapy and
about when the baby starts crying. But everything is fine
yah wait I just I'm seeing you guys in so long,
so this episodes super long. Love you guys,
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